Best Vacuum for Carpet

The Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner is our best vacuum for carpet, which uses nylon bristles to thoroughly clean up your carpet while being cord-free for less tangling and accidents. With a soft dusting brush for your other home applications, it can also work well on tight spaces while being a vacuum that is hassle-free. You can trap even more dirt with this unit.

Our step-up pick is the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner and for vacuuming furniture, this vacuum can pick up a lot of dirt without leaving any allergens behind. It can be used almost anywhere in your home and it is a steering vacuum that can be moved from place to place with minimal effort. This vacuum for carpet is also cord-free for less accidents while spot cleaning.

The budget pick is the Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-free Vacuum and this vacuum for carpet is ideal for most hard to reach areas around the house and it also easily glides over various surfaces to clean up any mess that you have made or your kids or pets have made. It can also clean some parts of the stairs and it saves space when you store it after usage.

A Little Background

A vacuum for carpet can be of any type: canister, upright, handheld or stick vacuum. All of these types can be a big help when it comes down to cleaning up your carpet. Vacuums are generally a necessity if you keep a lot of carpets around the house. Using a vacuum cleaner for your carpet retains its shape and its fluffiness, making it look like new. Regular cleaning of your carpet also makes it last longer than it should, eliminating the expenses of having to buy another carpet.
All carpets are mostly designed to insulate the family members from the cold weather’s effect on the flooring. Most countries around the globe that have really cold weather resort to installing a fully carpeted system so that they can feel warm, especially during the winter months. For a carpet to be fully maintained as much as possible, you need to clean it regularly with the help of a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for carpets, especially those with rolling brushes for a deep and thorough cleaning action.
Carpets are often used by people daily when they walk over it, especially on homes that have fully carpeted floors instead of hardwood, tile or linoleum (over concrete) flooring. It is important for carpets to be kept as clean as possible so as not to get allergens in the air, causing people to sneeze inevitably.
In most cases, deep vacuuming also requires you to move around your furniture to fully vacuum all of the carpet areas in a specific room, which is pretty much of a hassle. However, this can be the case if you want a fully overhauled carpet that will look like new, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned for years.
Having a carpet that is well-maintained is important so that you don’t lose your investment overtime. Carpets can be expensive and this is why you should keep cleaning them as much as possible to avoid buildup of dirt, which can be a potential threat to the quality and lifespan of your carpet in general.
Pet hair and dander can be caused by excessive shedding of your dogs or cats, so it is important that you clean and suck up the stubborn hair that gets into your carpet’s fibers using a vacuum cleaner. Most vacuums have the capability to suck up those pet hair that other cleaning tools find hard to remove.
Most people become lazy when using a vacuum cleaner because of its bulky design and noisy motor. However, most vacuums today are a lot lighter, especially if you order a handheld vacuum cleaner, which is a lot more effective for apartment dwellers and the like.
Carpets need to beg groomed so that they will retain their fluffiness and will look good as new. Carpet brushes and carpet rakes are great finishing touches to your carpet when you have finished vacuuming them (or steam vacuuming them if ever).

How We Picked

When you want to choose the best vacuum for carpet, you can try the following facts and criteria:
Roller brushes: consider a vacuum for carpet that is built with roller brushes so that it can deeply clean up your carpet. Having a roller brush for your vacuum cleaner is a big advantage because it will get the job done faster on getting stubborn dirt out of your carpet.
Attachments included: having a vacuum for carpet with a lot of attachments included is a good thing because it directly benefits you for convenience and versatility. Having an attachment means that you can use the vacuum cleaner not just for carpets but also for windows, blinds, bookshelves and so forth.
Suction power: consider a vacuum for carpet that has a good suction power that is not limited by its size or volume capacity. Furthermore, a vacuum cleaner that can be adjusted on its suction power means that it can also be used for cleaning curtains and bed sheets. Having good suction power for any vacuum cleaner is important to finish the job quickly with less passes required to get the dirt out.
Corded or cordless: you should consider if the vacuum for carpet is corded or cordless. A corded vacuum cleaner has more power but can cause accidents due to the dangling wire. However, a cordless vacuum cleaner can prevent those injuries but can sacrifice some power when you use it for rigorous tasks. You should consider the pros and cons of both to make sure you get the most out of your vacuum cleaner.
Type of vacuum cleaner: there are many types of vacuums to choose from, such as a stick vacuum, handheld, canister and upright vacuum cleaner. You should choose the right vacuum for carpet that is best for you and your needs. Upright vacuums are powerful but bulky while canister vacuums are flexible but can be less powerful for carpets. Handheld vacuums are usually the most portable of all but have limited power. Stick vacuums are the way to go if you can’t decide between a canister vacuum and an upright vacuum cleaner.
Easy handling: consider a vacuum for carpet that is ergonomic in its handles for less user fatigue. Having an easy to handle vacuum cleaner is important to get the job done without much pain, especially for people with arthritis or joint pains.
Size and weight: having a vacuum for carpet that has a decent size and weight is crucial for any unit because bigger vacuums can have bigger dust compartments, which makes it more convenient to maintain because you only have to empty it less often as compared to small vacuums. On the other hand, a vacuum that is small may be more portable and lightweight.

Our Pick

Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner is our best vacuum for carpet due to its amazing features and powerful suction. The vacuum can easily remove dust and dirt with minimal effort and it also has a brush bar for easy scrubbing while maintaining a good center of gravity for user comfort.
There is also a crevice tool for cleaning up the gaps of your upholstery such as a sofa or a couch. It can also clean on the initial pass as it cleans up more dirt and dust. You can also do some of your auto interiors with the use of this vacuum cleaner.
Working well for carpets, this unit includes a crevice tool for making it easy to get in between sofa gaps. The vacuum for carpet works up to 20 minutes of battery time and it is also capable of cleaning your car seats. As a motorized tool that gives you continuous suction all the way, it is a great cleaning companion.
Most furniture and curtains can be cleaned using the motorized attachment included in this vacuum for carpet. It can also work on hard floors and it can easily and deeply clean into the carpet as a vacuum with amazing power. It also allows you to release the trigger quickly for instant cleaning.
For homes with pets, this is a good vacuum for carpet that also removes pet hair. It also has sufficient battery power and it has no cord to plug in due to being a cordless vacuum for carpet. It works well on furniture and it is able to capture allergens for a healthier air indoors.
Great for cleaning in general, the vacuum for carpet is also an awesome companion for handheld cleaning due to the detachable mechanism. It comes with high-quality bristles that can sweep away dust loaded areas with its direct-drive cleaner.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only small con to know about the Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner that is not really a deal breaker is that it is battery powered, so it is not as powerful as corded ones and can have limited operation time, which is true for all cordless units anyway.

Step-up Pick

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner is our step-up pick for the best vacuum for carpet. It also handles low pile carpets just fine with its light and powerful build. The simple operation also makes it easy to maneuver under beds and the like. It has an easy dirt ejector to get dust out of the bin conveniently.
You can find this unit effective so you can achieve a deep clean into your carpet without much effort. As a hassle-free vacuum that has HEPA filtration for a better indoor air quality, it comes with 2 cleaner heads for a thorough cleaning method. You can also easily clean it up for less maintenance worries.
Bearing a powerful suction, the vacuum for carpet comes with 2 tier radial cyclones so you can have a very powerful cleaning method, alongside the direct-drive cleaner. The vacuum for carpet also has a soft roller cleaner head for a better cleaning capability. It also has a docking station for charging easily.
The vacuum for carpet can give you up to 40 minutes of cordless vacuum time so you can clean up spaces with a lot more time in your hands. It uses a quality lithium-ion battery that doesn’t easily lose it charge over time. The vacuum for carpet captures allergens and dust to make indoor air better.
You can also use the motorized floor tool for up to 25 minutes of machine runtime. The vacuum for carpet also consumes up to 7 minutes of max power mode. It can easily remove dirt with its brush bar power. What’s more, the trigger releases instantly with this vacuum for carpet for cleaning right away.
With high quality bristles that can easily suck away dirt, the vacuum for carpet will work with 110V or 220V so it’s okay for travel or international use. It has good battery power and can also be used for difficult places around the house. It has a soft dusting brush as well as 4 hours of charge time.

Budget Pick

Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-free Vacuum

The Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-free Vacuum is our budget pick for the best vacuum for carpet. Great for most furniture and around the house, it has good suction capabilities and can also be used in the bathroom. It can also be used to clean table legs and you can carry it around effortlessly.
Able to clean some rugs, your shag rugs can be cleaned using the motorized tool. The vacuum for carpet can easily purify the air you breathe while it can also suck up dirt from hard floors. This unit is great for living room cleaning with its brush bar power for your carpets. It can easily clean cat hair and dog hair.
As a cord-free vacuum, the vacuum for carpet has a soft dusting brush for your upper upholstery and lamps. Its battery lasts a long time and it also works on low pile carpets as well as on narrow spaces. The vacuum for carpet has a runtime of up to 20 minutes and is very lightweight for an upright vacuum.
This vacuum for carpet allows you to easily dump the dirt when you find that its bin is full. With an instant trigger method for quick cleaning, picking up cat litter is so easy with this vacuum for carpet. Your sofa’s crevices and surfaces can make use of the included combination tool for cleaning them.
It is kind of quiet as compared to other vacuums and you can also enjoy a battery operated cord free experience as it vacuums corners and edges. With the added attachments for other parts of the house, the center of gravity is just right so it does not stress your arms at all while cleaning.
Able to handle tight gaps, the vacuum for carpet uses a direct-drive cleaner head. In fact, it has a handheld cleaning mode when you detach the wand. You can clean up throw rugs as it goes deep into the carpet and is generally great at picking up dirt.

Best Vacuum for Carpet that is a Robotic Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a robotic vacuum for carpet then you can try the iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, which uses the iAdapt Navigation technology as it automatically docks and recharges after it is done cleaning under beds and the like. It uses sensors to navigate its way through your house.
The robotic vacuum for carpet easily picks up dust and debris under most furniture and it has an easy clean button for you to turn it on when it’s convenient for you to clean up your house with a robot vacuum. It can adapt to your home and it can also clean messes in the bathrooms and under beds.
You can also use the vacuum for carpet for laminate flooring due to its versatility. With a 3-stage cleaning system, your home can stay clean with this robot vacuum. This ensures that your vacuum for carpet is not just a robot that goes around but also thoroughly and deeply cleans all parts of the house.
It also handles either carpet or hardwood and even walls can be cleaned using the spinning side brush. This is important because you would want a vacuum for carpet that is not just for carpet but may also be used outdoors in your patio or deck where you don’t have a carpet around.
The vacuum for carpet agitates and cleans rugs and carpets from pet hair using its included brushes. You can also set it to clean both downstairs and upstairs as it greatly adjusts to all floor types. With a low profile design for getting into every nook and cranny, it suctions floors effectively at only 3.6 inches tall.
This unit provides a thorough clean and it can also maintain kickboards conveniently. The vacuum for carpet gets the job done and it can also pick up large debris of dust from tiles and corners. You can also schedule the robotic vacuum for carpet up to 7 times per week for you to clean things up conveniently.

Best Vacuum for Carpet that is an Upright Vacuum

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright HV302 Vacuum

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright HV302 Vacuum is a great upright vacuum to consider for a carpet. It is ultra lightweight. With a swivel steering motion, the unit does well on carpets so it is great to maneuver around your house and around your furniture at less than 8 pounds.
The vacuum for carpet is so versatile that you can use it in multiple rooms due to its portability despite being an upright vacuum cleaner. Great for general home cleaning, the vacuum for carpet consumes only 500 watts of power and it also converts into a hand vacuum whenever you need it.
You can also use the vacuum for carpet around the litter boxes to remove dirt and kitty litter. Also great on stairs, it can also work for a creviced hard floor other than a carpet. It also comes with a handy crevice tool. There are also some rotating brushes and micro tools included with this vacuum for carpet.
As a versatile vacuum for carpet, you can also use it for car detailing at 30 feet on its cord length so you can reach more places. It is also capable of cleaning floor to the ceiling for an overall overhaul of your house with the use of its fingertip controls. It sucks up hair or fibers while you are cleaning.
The vacuum for carpet also has a wall mount storage hook for easy storage. It also handles bare floors other than carpets and works well even on small spaces. With a hard floor attachment, you can also use the vacuum for carpet for the driveway. There is also a washable microfiber pad for this unit.
With 2 storage options (wall mount or to the bottom of the wand), the vacuum for carpet gives you an excellent control all the time as a light yet powerful unit. You can pick up large debris of dust deposits as well as pet hair and the like with this vacuum for carpet.
If you want an easy way of maneuvering around furniture while vacuuming everything in your carpet then this vacuum for carpet is a good choice. It captures fine dust so effectively and it is backed by a 5 years limited warranty.

Best Vacuum for Carpet that is Handheld

Carpet Pro SCT-1 Teeny Hand Vacuum

If you want a handheld vacuum for carpet then we think the Carpet Pro SCT-1 Teeny Hand Vacuum is good for you. It is a powerful unit even for its size and it can also get into some ceiling vents just fine to get rid of dust with its extension hose. Bearing 600 watts on its motor, it works on most furniture.
The vacuum for carpet can clean up sofas and chair cushions in a breeze with the use of its various attachments that are included with the unit. You can also get into small spaces due to the small size of the vacuum for carpet and due to measuring 15 feet on its cord.
Great for small cleaning jobs and even if you want to clean the car, the vacuum for carpet also includes a crevice tool for you to get in between your couch or sofa. It is also an ideal vacuum for your workshop such as the garage or sewing. The vacuum for carpet comes with a 3-piece tool set for convenience.
The suction for a mini vacuum is superb as a portable vacuum along with a washable filter that is so easy to maintain. The vacuum for carpet also comes with a dusting brush for all your dusting needs while cleaning small areas. It is also capable of cleaning sliding door tracks due to its multi-tool attachments.
The vacuum for carpet will also fit into a vacuum space saver bag due to its size. It is a convenient hand vacuum in which you can get a lot of power out of a small unit. Great for the kitchen, it comes handy with tools and attachments to keep your area clean and out of dust and debris for allergy-free air.
Weighing only 3.6 pounds, the vacuum for carpet is super portable and is great for those with arthritis and cannot lift a big and bulky cleaner around the house. What’s more, there is a mini dusting brush that is included with this vacuum for carpet so you can easily clean up other areas of the house.
The vacuum for carpet comes with a 27 inches on its included hose so you can reach more places when you’re cleaning the house. As a hand vacuum that is corded, the vacuum for carpet provides you with more power even from a small unit.

Best Vacuum for Carpet for Commercial Use

Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 7 Amps

The Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 7 Amps is a good choice for you if you want a vacuum for carpet for commercial use or for your business. Including a brush roller for your carpet cleaning needs, it has a capacity of 10 gallons so it is pretty hefty. It can also handle oriental wool rugs just fine.
As a corded industrial grade powerful vacuum cleaner, the vacuum for carpet can be used just fine at the farm to clean up some dust and debris around. With its Quick Kleen fan chamber and its simple design, the vacuum for carpet can work well on almost area you need to vacuum around the house.
Measuring 12 inches on its vacuum width, it picks up dirt and sucks up everything with a wider path. It also has a chrome steel handle so it is built to last. You can also use the vacuum for carpet for laminate flooring and it consumes only 145 cfm of air and draws 7.0 amps of power so it is eco friendly.
As a commercial machine, you can use the vacuum for carpet for a large retailer shop for maintaining cleanliness. Greatly ideal for carpet use, it will not lose some suction over time and it can handle heavy usage due to being heavy duty. Moreover, its parts are simple to replace, making it less of a hassle for you to maintain and make repairs to this carpet vacuum cleaner whenever you need it.
You also get a shake-out dust bag with this vacuum for carpet. The chrome hood is just durable both for commercial and home use. The unit also uses a 3-prong plug for its corded operation. It also works for regular carpeting and yet you can use one for your business for maintaining a clean environment.
What’s more, the power cord measures 50 feet so you can reach more places and areas in your business to clean up dust and debris. The unit has a dump bag so you can get started right away on cleaning. The vacuum for carpet has a carpet height adjustment of up to 6 positions. It is currently backed by a 1 year limited commercial warranty for customer satisfaction.

Best Vacuum for Carpet with a Bag-less System

Eureka AirSpeed Pro All-Surface Bagless Vacuum

If you want a bag-less vacuum cleaner for carpet then you can try the Eureka AirSpeed Pro All-Surface Bagless Vacuum as it thoroughly deep cleans carpets and even works if you have a high pile carpet in your house. Its included deluxe stretch hose measures 12 feet long for a better reach.
As a bag-less upright vacuum for carpet, it does not nick or scratch bare floors due to its smooth operation and wheels. As a cleaning unit, it greatly reduces dust and allergens and also has an on/off brush roll switch so you can choose between carpet and hard floor cleaning.
Picking up pet hair in a breeze from any surface, the vacuum for carpet has a height adjustment with up to 5 settings. It also has an automatic cord rewind for easy storage procedures. You can also safely clean bare floors with the use of this vacuum for carpet as it picks up lint, dirt and sand and the like.
It also keeps dirt and debris from scattering while you do some all floor cleaning with the unit. Using air speed technology, the vacuum for carpet also greatly works on stairs for general vacuuming. It can move more air in the long run and its on-board tools also allow you to clean other places.
With 27 feet of cord, its soft rubber wheels provide mobility as you clean up some upholstered furniture in your home. With a quick and easy storage method, you can also just dial to turn between floor cleaning and extension cleaning. The vacuum for carpet can remove more dirt than others.
If you want to vacuum your home with a odor-absorbing HEPA filter then you can definitely depend on this vacuum for carpet which never loses suction. With a washable dust cup, it passed ASTM F608 tests for a powerful suction.

Best Vacuum for Carpet with a Bagged System

Eureka Sanitaire SC679J Commercial Upright Vacuum

The Eureka Sanitaire SC679J Commercial Upright Vacuum is our ideal corded bagged vacuum for carpet that is lightweight. In fact, the carpet height adjustment with up to 4 positions for your convenience. It is approved for high standards of cleanliness such as for public places and only weighs 13 pounds.
It draws 5 amps of current and is great for commercial use. It can go under low furniture without a problem and can clean under beds and desks as well. With a polycarbonate motor hood, this upright vacuum works on size F and G bags and can be adjusted to a wide range of cleaning options.
With over 18 quarts of dust capacity, this vacuum cleaner includes a shake-out bag that gets you started on your cleaning spree. If you want to ensure that your business is kept clean then this is a vacuum to consider on your list . it is capable of handling tough cleaning jobs without question.
The filter of this vacuum cleaner can take out 99% of pollens as it runs 600 watts on its motor. It is a great vacuum for the hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants).

Best Vacuum for Carpet that is a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Clarke Comfort Pak 10-Quart Commercial Vacuum

The Clarke Comfort Pak 10-Quart Commercial Vacuum is a unique backpack vacuum for carpet that works on both hard and soft floors. With over 10 quarts of dust capacity, the unit comes with a crevice tool for gaps and a 2-piece aluminum wand for higher places, meaning it can be comfortable to use.
Also applicable for commercial usage, it cleans carpets in a breeze. Made for user comfort, it comes with a dust brush and it also includes a tool kit for your needs. There is a multi-surface floor tool for easy glide cleaning, which makes it ideal for most cleaning professionals.
Including an upholstery tool, this back pack vacuum cleaner is so versatile with its set of tools. It is also not too loud at only 62 decibels while pit picks up dirt and debris. Working on a variety of areas, changing vacuum bags is easy with this vacuum for carpet. It is backed by 2 years of warranty.

The Competition

Other vacuum for carpets are not very effective for carpets at all because they lack in rolling brush quality and also lacked in motor power as well as the proper attachments. Having a carpet friendly vacuum cleaner is important to accomplish your needs and keep your carpet safe and long lasting in quality over the years.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I vacuum clean my carpet?
A: There are tons of benefits when you vacuum your carpet in general. First, you get to fluff the carpet like it was brand new and secondly, you also increase the lifespan of your carpet in the long run due to proper maintenance that doesn’t break down its fibers.
Q: How is deep vacuuming different from a regular carpet vacuuming practice?’
A: The usual difference between deep vacuuming and regular vacuuming when it comes down to cleaning a carpet is that deep vacuuming uses more passes than regular ones, usually from 6 to 10, whereas regular carpet vacuuming is usually a single pass method.
Q: How does dirt, dust and debris destroy carpets when you don’t clean them?
A: The particles of dirt that gather in your carpet can not only produce allergens in the air that can cause hay fever or allergic rhinitis, but can also specifically target the fibers of your carpets and weaken them. The result is that your carpet’s life span will get shorter.
Q: Can carpet vacuuming also remove pet hair?
A: Yes, if you have pets around your house then it is a good idea to vacuum your carpets more often, and even more often than regular homeowners.
Q: Is vacuuming an easy task for the common homeowner?
A: Yes, but it depends on the type of vacuum you have because some vacuum cleaners are too big for certain people, such as seniors, to handle. It is important that you get a vacuum cleaner that is just right for your strength so as not to be tired easily when you are using a vacuum cleaner.
Q: What is carpet grooming and why do I need it?
A: Aside from cleaning your carpet using a vacuum cleaner, your carpet also needs to be groomed with the use of tools such as a carpet brush and a carpet rake. Much like brushing your own dog’s fur or coat, cleaning your carpet should be followed by grooming it to make it fluffier.
Q: Why should I vacuum my carpet slowly?
A: The slow motion vacuuming technique on a carpet makes it a lot better for your carpet because it will retain its fluffiness and will not easily dry out. Much like drying human hair from washing it, you should vacuum carpet at a slow pace and not make it seem like you are hair drying it with hot air.
Remember that the correct vacuuming techniques should be done in order to have a good and longer lasting carpet. Having a carpet that looks good as new will also last for a longer time so make it gentle on your carpet when you vacuum it.
Q: How can vacuuming carpets remove allergens in the air?
A: If you vacuum more often on your carpet then chances are, you will also eliminate the allergens and dust that gather in the air because most of them will definitely rise up in the air when the time comes.
Having your carpet cleaned thoroughly of dust and debris eliminates the instances of hay fever and allergies when you have visitors at home or if you have kids who often have allergies. This is why you should clean up your carpets regularly.
Q: Aside from dirt and dust, what else can get trapped in my carpet if I don’t clean it up thoroughly?
A: Your carpet can have mold, bacteria, germs and the like. If you have pets then you can also get dust mites in your carpet. This is why you should keep cleaning your carpet often with a vacuum cleaner.
Dirty carpets are often the haven of bacteria and viruses, so you should make it a habit to pass through your carpets with a vacuum cleaner to remove the instances of dirt and dust that can lead to bacteria-causing sickness.
Q: How does mold form in carpets?
A: If you live in high humidity areas then mold is certainly a problem that you must face with carpets. While most snowy areas in the world aren’t very humid, some places can have humidity beyond compare so having a carpet can be troublesome due to mildew and mold growth.
Carpets that grow mold and mildew should be taken care of with not just carpet vacuuming but more of a professional carpet cleaner service. To prevent mold from forming in your carpets however, regular vacuuming can be a big help.
Q: Which areas of the carpet should I vacuum more often?
A: It depends on where the foot traffic is , so you should consider the area with a lot of people usually going around, such as in the living room or in the kitchen, where food often falls to the ground. Always consider which area of the house with carpets need more cleaning due to foot traffic.
Q: Can carpets eventually lose fibers over time?
A: Yes, all carpets will tend to shed some fibers, much like human hair. There isn’t really a way to stop it, but there is away to lessen it, by keeping your carpet well maintained by cleaning and vacuuming it. Moreover, if your carpet is made of natural materials then it can have a lot of loose fibers, but this is normal because it will eventually result into a fluffier carpet surface later on.
Q: Why do some public places such as hospitals, schools and the like don’t have a lot of carpets around?
A: A carpet is usually a very tough thing to maintain because of the vacuuming and cleaning process. Thousands of dust and allergens can get trapped and it makes it uncomfortable for the air you breathe. This is why carpeting is a big responsibility for cleaning it up if you really want to feel comfortable at home.
Q: Is vacuuming enough to clean your carpet?
A: It depends on the pollution in your area as well as the traffic levels in your room or house. Most people can survive with just regular vacuuming but over time, you might need to get your carpet overhauled by a professional cleaning service, especially if it is pretty old and incapable of being cleaned with just a regular vacuum cleaner.
Q: Are vacuum cleaners harmful or beneficial to people in terms of indoor air quality?
A: While most people argue that vacuum cleaners can be unsanitary because they may have the tendency to bounce back or spew back allergens in the air, but it is only the case if you have an old unit. Most vacuum cleaners nowadays use HEPA filters, which trap up to 99.9 percent of dust from the outside world, so you can be ensured of cleaner indoor air, even in the city.
Q: How are canister vacuums different from upright vacuums?
A: If you have a carpeted floor then an upright vacuum cleaner would be the best way to go because they are more attuned to carpets and can be destructive to hardwood and linoleum floors. If you have a hardwood, tile or linoleum floor however (e.g. you live in a warmer climate that doesn’t need carpets) then you can try the canister vacuum instead.
Q: Should I dust before vacuuming?
A: Yes, because dusting your upper areas will save you more time having to repeat the process all over again for your flooring or carpet. When you dust your shelf or lampshade, the dust will fall to your carpet, so make sure you save the carpet for last.
Q: What is carpet shampooing and how is it different from carpet vacuuming and steam cleaning?
A: The carpet shampooing process is entirely different from just vacuuming the carpet or steam cleaning it with hot water. Shampooing your carpet is usually done professionally, but can be kind of a nuisance since you have to fully vacuum it instead of drying quickly like in steam cleaning. Carpet shampooing is ideal for low pile carpets, however.
Q: How should I safely clean a wool carpet by vacuuming?
A: If you have a wool carpet then you should consider turning off the brushes and beater bars so that it will not damage the loop piles on the carpet. This ensures that your wool carpet will last longer.
Q: Why do you need an on/off feature for the brush roll on a vacuum cleaner?
A: The brush roll feature is something you do not want to use when you are cleaning decks with hardwood floors or places with linoleum or tile floors, because it ruins the quality of the flooring. Brush rolls are only ideal for carpets and not for hard floors.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner is our best vacuum for carpet with up to 20 minutes of cordless runtime, one-pass cleaning and a crevice tool included among many tools.