100 Best Things to do in Thailand

Once long ago the Siamese people lived in Thailand and they celebrated a great tradition, culture and lifestyle. They built temples, palaces and other amazing structures and are known as a mighty people too! Today the people there are called, “Thai” now. They are friendly and have a kindred spirit even to foreigners. You can do a lot of things in Thailand like visit the beaches, see the temples, go shopping in well-known markets, explore history and attend traditional festivals. Thailand offers great food (pad thai, pad see ew and more), a tropical climate, fascinating culture, majestic mountains and great beaches which is why it is among the best tourist destinations in South East Asia.

1. Visit Grand Palace

ancient 1822487 640

It’s a complex building located in Bangkok with highly sophisticated architecture. This Palace is famous because it has been the official residence of kings.

2. Elephant Trekking

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In Thailand at Mahawangchang Elephant camp trekking can be a lot of fun. In this camp you get to swim in the river with Elephants. And don’t forget to take your camera there with you.

3. Have a Thai Massage

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Thai massages are very famous all over the world. This style of massage is unique and perfect as it stretches the body and working in body pressure points. The whole part of this massage makes you feel balanced and at ease.

4. Spend an Evening in Nana Plaza

No trip to Bangkok could be complete without taking a trip to Nana. Nana Plaza is rumored to be the largest sex complex in the world, full of gogo bars and seductive girls you are guaranteed to have an interesting night.

5. Climb the Sathorn Unique Tower

Situated in the heart of Thailand. It was being built during the late nineties but due to the global financial crisis the building was never completed. This is not an official tourist attraction but a small payment to the security guards at the bottom will ensure you are allowed access.

6. Take a trip to Koh Phi Phi

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The Island situated in krabi known as koh Phi Phi. Best place to visit in Thailand. The beauty of this island is extraordinary.

7. Drive like a Local

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Scooter is a famous ride in Thailand. Mostly locals and tourists use the scooter to get around. It can be an awful lot of fun weaving in and out of the traffic whilst you explore places you would never venture on foot.

8. Eat Street Food

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If you are hungry and want fresh and delicious foods, Thailand is home to many different kinds of street food and every street in every city will have various different stalls selling their wares Thai’s rarely cook at home as the cost of eating out is so low compared to cooking at home.

9. Have a Water Fight during Songkran

lishui 989526 640

Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, it is celebrated each year in April across the entire country and runs from the 13th to the 15th, and water is traditionally sprinkled throughout the festival as it is believed it will wash away your bad luck and sins.

10. Visit National Park

Enlist a visit to National Park known as KhaoYai National park. This is the best place to Explore wild life. There are many waterfalls. Must pay a visit to National Park.

11. Take a Trip to WatArun

WatArun is Temple in tower shape. Colorful ceramic work, 79 meters tall and stunning views these are few features of this temple.

12. Visit Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Many Designer products available for sale in night bazaar. It’s a famous night bazaar, you are expected to barter with the street. There are shops on the both side of bazaar.

13. Full Moon Party

KohPhangan, a beach where stunning view of Full moon lies. Locals and tourist go there for chill out. When you need to take a break from the dancing you can take a rest in one of the surrounding bars.

14. Visit PhangNga Bay

This place has many caves, mountains and clean water. You need a lot of time visit this place because you will get lost in the beauty of this place. This place has stunning views although it is better to say breathtaking views.

15. Spare time for DoiSuthep

Make your journey worthy by visiting DoiSuthep. It’s a Temple and historical place. Go to DoiSuthep and explore the glory of 13 century’s traditions. Enlist a half day tour to this place.

16. Visit Railay Beach

railay 1574390 640

The stunning beaches will relax you like no other, there is not a single car here as there are no roads to drive on so it will just be you. If you are into rock climbing this is the place to be with some of the best instructors in Thailand plying their trade here.

17. Go Diving off The Coast of KohLanta

sea 258859 640

This Island having many dive shops and some of the most beautiful diving in the world is to be had in the sea surrounding the island. Worlds famous dive sites are situated around this island.

18. Take Part in the LoiKrathong Festival

loy kratong festival 1069280 640

Annually celebrated by locals in the night of 12th lunar month.. It’s a very interesting and strange festival. A Krathong is like a small floating basket in the shape of a lotus with a candle in it. The festival celebrates the Goddess of water for all the water that she has supplied over the last year.

19. Pay a visit to Pai

Get some rest is a necessary when you are on trip. Cheap accommodation, quality food and places to visit, you will find these facilities in Pai. Pai mostly known as romantic town. Spend 3 to 4 days to explore Pai.

20. Take a Trip to the City of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya needs to be on your Thailand to-do list. It’s ahistorical place and once this city was ruined in 18 century and ruins of the city are preserved in the historical park and are certainly worth visit.

21. Drink From a Coconut

In Thailand, coconut sellers you found everywhere. It’s very common in Thailand. They cut deep into the flesh at the top of the coconut and cut out a piece in the shape of a square. A straw is needed to drink coconut milk inside it.

22. Take shower at Erawan Falls

The water plunges over lime stone cliffs and into beautiful plunge pools, this has led to the landscape being sculpted by the water and it is truly beautiful. You can spend a whole day in the park trekking from one waterfall to the next, stopping to take a swim in the pools where the water gathers to cool yourself down.

23. Go wild on Khao San Road

I would be a crime not to pay visit Khao San Road.
Actually it’s a market where Beauty Parlors, Cosmetic Shops and Massage Parlors. There is also some fast food points.

24. Non-vegetarians must visit this place in Thailand

If you are a non-vegetarian, you must visit this place. There are many delicious dishes like grasshopper and spicy Locust. You will also find there some sweet dishes.

25. Take a long boat through Bangkok

thailand 1273965 640

Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River in Bangkok the long boat is a different way of experiencing the city’s culture. On pretty murky waters, you can do shopping, observe the Thai people at work and behold the epic monuments in the background.

26. Visit the reclining Buddha at Wat Po

buddha 340501 640

The reclining Buddha or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha which is it’s other name to the more profound enthusiasts. Over 141 feet long the golden statue is quite the sight to see! The temple was built to commemorate resting or at least that’s what its theme is for. Interesting isn’t it? Most temples are dedicated to gods and saints, but this one is dedicated to the act of resting. You’ll never see that anywhere else, but here!

27. Gateway to Heaven

giant swing 1545375 640

Bangkok’s Giant Swing is a gateway to Heaven according to locals. Thai men would form up groups and compete against themselves and launch their bodies high up in the air to try and catch the coin sack which is hanging from the top of the pole.

28. Nightingale-Olympic

This once famous department store is almost insignificant now. Long ago it was known for showcasing the post-war wealth of Thailand as well as selling foreign goods. Ho imported goods and weaver leather were the primary selling items here, but somewhere along the way the owners may have forgotten to redecorate and clean the place and, of course, update their stock inventory.

29. Catch the King Cobra in the King Cobra Village

king cobra 405623 640

This village is famous for snakes, especially the Cobra breed. Expert snake handlers would play some snake shows for entertainment. You can see local snake charmers perform dances and tricks with snakes like the King Cobra which is a fascinating sight to see. Grab a snake and take a selfi! Try to avoid the fangs though as they are lethal.

30. Travel in Floating Market

bangkok 1020850 640

Spend a morning on a floating market in Bangkok and you’ll find that it is a morning well spent. Pick up some spices and barter for some souvenirs. The boat guides you to the market.

31. Buy Harem Pants

When in Thailand buy a pair of Harem pants. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a male or a female, a local or foreigner everybody thinks it’s cool to wear one of these, so buy some for yourself. They come in a variety of different patterns and color schemes; plus they’re lightweight, easy on the walk and very comfortable unisex jeans.

32. Buy some ‘Designer’ Gear at Patpong

You may know Patpong as the red light district in Bangkok from street gossips; however, there’s more to this place than nude dancers and bare tushis. Since the local government re-established this area now as a shopping and entertainment center, more of the common people go there looking for items for sale. So don’t hold back if you bargain and enjoy partying in Siloam’s night-time hotspot.

33. Have a Fish Spa in Thailand

How do you relax in the most fabulous and royalty way? You do it with a fish spa, of course! Feel the fish tickle your feet as they remove the dead skin as well as the impurities off of them as you immerse your feet on the fish pond or specialized tank.

34. Have your Hollywood Moment

Visit Phi Phi bay and the Mayan beach and get your 30 minutes of fame, or at least a while if you post your photos in social media, because some of the famous stars have been here before. The James Bond film, “The Man with the Golden Gun” and Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach” were filmed here.

35. Temple of the Snow Queen

This modern and quite unique Buddhist temple in Chiang Rai looks like the dwelling place of the White Walkers (a zombie type monster) in Game of Thrones. The temple is called, Wat Rong Khun. The makers of the famous TV series, Game of Thrones would benefit a lot if they shoot some of their scenes here, simple because it will absolutely blend with the story’s theme. Plus the artists of this temple have a knack for the dark and gritty, because most of his artworks have a dark cartoonish look to them.

36. Fly Board in Koh Samui

thailand 1547511 640

There’s a new extreme aqua sport that’s fast becoming a favorite among water enthusiasts. Play superhero as you strap on these powerful jet pack that will allow you to flip and spin across Koh Samui’s bluish-green waters. You won’t regret the money you had to pay for this adventure as every penny counts to your enjoyment and you’ll have no boring moments here.

37. Be a Volunteer in a Women’s Prison

You can also offer your time and volunteer to help women rehabilitate and bring them back into the society as you teach them skills and other educational activities in Thailand’s women’s correctional facilities. This is an alternative experience than your average tours and you’ll be glad to know that you’re helping people.

38. Learn Muay Thai Martial Arts

sport 1450863 640

Just give an hour or two to Muay Thai but keep in mind that this martial arts could not be learned overnight. Still, it will be worth the while in learning the basic stuff. Mua Thai schools can be found almost anywhere in Thailand, so all you have to do is set aside time to learn in one of them and you’ll eventually become an amateur kickboxer.

39. Take a Yoga Class and Learn the Art of Relaxation

You can get yoga classes at a very peaceful and beautiful location called, Koh Yao Noi Island. The place is very conducive for meditation and yoga which is why the yoga organizers chose this particular island to practice and teach yoga. You’ll get into the Zen faster as there are no distractions around.

40. Hire a Moped

A moped is a modified scooter than can take up to 5 people at a time which might come as a surprise. It is the best option to take if you want to move around and save a lot on public transportation.

41. Hike to the Tiger Temple

At first you will doubt about what climbing 1,237 steps just to get to some silly temple would accomplish? But then you will remember that men have traded arms and limbs to climb Mt. Everest and have not regretted it. No, in fact, they are perpetually proud that they accomplished a great feat. The Tiger Temple is a much lesser feat by comparison, buy hey! It’s worth the sacrifice because you’ll get a great view from the top. Not to mention tons of photos and selfies to commemorate your climb, don’t you think so?

42. Meet an Inmate at Bang Kwang Prison

A weird tour is being offered in Thailand where you get the chance to visit Bang Kwang Prison to observe and even interact with the inmates. There is no need for paper works as this was done intentionally so that foreign tourists can visit the prison without any hassles, but they do keep security tight for your protection.

43. Learn Thai Dishes in Cooking Classes

Cooking classes apparently have become a thing for tourism in most countries, because it gives foreign visitors the chance to learn how to cook indigenous meals. Thailand is no different and you can find thousands of cooking classes all over the country. In time you’ll be a good Thai chef and you can impress your family and friends with your Thai meals.

44. Go Green Mango

The Green mango R’n’B funk house is right at the heart of Koh Samui’s city and this is the place you need to go if you want to get your groove on. So put your party glasses together and drink to a toast as well as party all night.

45. Hire a Bicycle and Explore the “Dawn of Happiness” Sukhothai

sukhothai historical park 1925253 640

Sukhothai which literally translates to “dawn of happiness” in Thai was once the capital of the country. It would be a sin to not visit this place as this is where all of Thailand originated and there are a lot to see and learn from this place. The best way to explore Sukhothai is with a bike. It’s a slow yet very enjoyable ride that lets you see old monuments and landmarks in this ancient city. Make lots of stops to appreciate its beauty as you go and surely this will be a memorable experience that you will forever cherish.

46. Explore the Canyons of Pai

Although not as impressive as the Grand Canyon, the Canyons of Pai are still a sight to behold and it will leave you awestruck. You can find the canyons along the road to Chiang Mai about 8 kilometers away from the city. You’ll see how amazingly the deep sandy holes of the valley seamlessly blend with the trees which rises up and disappears at the base of the canyon walls.

47. A Hill Tribe Visit

The jungles of Thailand hides the enigmatic hill tribes. Get through the thick foliage and discover the indigenous peoples who are 100% self-reliant and live off the land which is amazing to say the least. Don’t forget to hire a good guide to take you to the place.

48. Visit to the Penis Shrine

It’s weird to see shrines and monuments honoring people’s private parts, right? Well, maybe in the modern times it is, but don’t judge people so easily, after all we do have porn sites too which is shallower than what the Thai people believe. You see penis and sometimes vagina shrines have been around for thousands of years dating back to the very first civilizations on Earth. Most are gone now and are only a relic of the pas, but this one has survived. The Thai people believe that if they offer a penis statue to the fertility goddess, she will give them a healthy baby and that’s not bad if you think about it.

49. Hang Over at Night Pattaya

Pattaya is the place where you wanna go if you’re looking for some fun. It’s got everything along Beach Road to Bali Hali Pier like go-go joints, bars and cabarets. It is the nightlife hub for both locals and tourists! The blaring music and all the neon signs make it attractive to people.

50. Enjoy a Bucket

In Thailand you could say that people are somewhat extravagant, because they prefer buckets over cups or glasses. You can drink your mango breeze and blue frog cocktail in a bucket full of them. Too much is never enough apparently.

51. Take Thai Language Classes

Keen on being able to handle yourself in a foreign country? Then learn its native tongue, so you can interact with people better, learn their ways and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even get smarter than they are.

52. Find out what’s Inside the Wat Samphran Temple Red Dragon

The Wat Samphran Temple has an unusual red dragon that had encircled itself around it. This is thanks to some great architectural work which made the site pretty impressive and has gotten worldwide attention. You can actually go see what’s inside some parts of the dragon, because it’s hollow. It’s pretty cool to take photos and selfies here.

53. Purchase a Custom-Made Outfit

Professional tailors in Bangkok will make you a custom-made suit that suits your taste in fashion and style. There are nice silk fabric for your custom suit and yet they are very cheap compared to the ones you get in the UK. Why settle for a swag look when you can be super cool and professional like James Bond who is quip with the girls?

54. The World’s Prettiest Lake

The wide lake 15km long and up to 5km In UdonThani, Red Lotus Lake bursts into a riot of crimson lotus blooms. is little-known by non-Thais but is a beautiful sight.

55. Play Football at the Beach

Make new friends at beach and play football. Locals tend to strike up one most nights and they are very friendly.

56. Feed the Monkeys at Ao Nang Beach in Krabi

Try to make friends with the monkeys at Ao Nang Beach in Krabi by feeding them with banana, bread crumbs, fruits and sweet delights. You’ll absolutely enjoy it.

57. Great Budget Rail Trips

Train trips are a great thing in Thailand, because they offer you good accommodation, food and fantastic scenery for more than a fair price that you’ll be surprised you’re paying so little for a lot of stuff. See rice paddies, villages, palm trees and other interesting things.

58. Visit the Gem Market

If precious or semi-precious stones are hard to come by in your area, then visit the Chanthauri gem market and get a few gemstones for a reasonable price. Fortunately, Thailand has a precious stone mining facility and it’s rich with sapphires and rubies that you will love.

59. Be the Guest for Thai People

People, People and people – the hospitality and openness with which they welcomes foreigners to Thailand is amazing. One small incident was i was near the border trying to find options to get to my bus station.

60. Learn to Give a Massage

Learn the tricks of the massage.. Take a class on how to give those back slapping, thigh cracking, and neck crunching maneuvers. Ask locally to find your nearest class.

61. Cheating is a Crime in Thailand

People can generally be trusted and helpful. Almost impossible that a normal Thai person would cheat you (of course if you are smart enough about the touts).

62. Visit Legendary Beach Bars

Looking for a place to relax and unwind each night (or maybe alternately)? The beach bars in Thailand are the kind of place that you’re looking for! They play soft ballads like Bob Marley’s music and other jazz tunes as well as offer you fine cocktails to sip on as you spend hours making friends with people and the staff.

63. Watch a Traditional Dance Show in Chiang Mai

Thailand is a place where tradition and culture never dies. You can join them if you are not a shy person.

64. Float in Bamboo Raft

What better way to see a bit of jungle life than hopping on board a bamboo raft and floating down a river. While it may not be the most stable of transportation, it certainly is the most fun.

65. Sip Afternoon Tea in the Treetops

A treetop treat in the jungle on the Thai island of Koh Kood that gives high tea a whole new meaning. Guests are suspended 15ft above the ground on Koh Koodi land in a giant man-made replica of a bird’s nest.

66. Try Jungle Whisky

Known for its powerful fermentation, the Thailand jungle whisky is not for the weak. Locals say that it takes experience to drink beyond one glass, because this whisky will give tears to your eyes and fire to your breath. No harm in trying one glass though, just brace yourself for the effects.

67. Watch Elephant Polo Match

It may not be the high adrenaline rush polo match that you know about, the ones that have horses in them. No, this is a much slower paced elephant polo match. It’s called the King’s Cup and all proceeds go to the elephant welfare.

68. See Vegetarians do the Craziest Things

If you’re intrigued about gruesome self-mutilation, then you should try attending the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival. It is a Thai version of the Chinese Taoist Nine Emporer Gods Festival, except it’s more graphic, so be warned. Since Phuket has got the most Thai Chinese population, you’ll see the biggest Vegetarian Festival there and that’s where you need to go. The unusual rituals attract thousands of spectators with participants piercing their skin with all manner of unusual objects.

69. The World’s Smallest Mammal

World’s smallest mamma is Kitty’s hog-nosed bat., weighing just two grams. Found in western Thailand, in limestone caves in the small Tenasserim Hills region in the Kanchanaburi Province, the bat is listed as “vulnerable” due to a dwindling population.

70. Take Tai Chi Classes on Koh Tao

Did you know that the Chinese martial arts of Tai Chi is teaching more than just mortal combat? In fact, it’s actually a function of exercise that helps make the body healthy. You can take Tai Chi classes in Koh Tao island as an alternative to the gym.

71. Visit the Macabre and Fascinating Medical Museum at Siriraj Hospital

You may want to prepare yourself for some of the things that you will see in this museum. Although it is an alternative to the regular museums that you go to, this one has pathology, forensics and parasitology samples all over it (preserved)! It’s well worth the trip as you only pay a $4 entrance fee to visit there.

72. Try out Wang Lang Market

If you want to immerse yourself to local Thai stuff, then go to Wang Lang market. Good food, Thai-inspired clothing and thousands of locals bumping into each other is what you’ll see there. The place is quite crowded which makes it more interesting.

73. Live like an Ex Pat

Use the Airbnb app to visit Thailand and you’ll get a nice expat treatment. Airbnb is an alternative to hotels where you can live as a guest to locals or expats living in any country of your choice. It’s a really great experience!

74. Enjoy the Perks of being a Lady in Bangkok

If you’re a woman and you visit Thailand, then you’d want to mark your calendar for special days, because Wednesday is particularly important. Bars and restaurants give free drinks for ladies every Wednesday night, so you can have as much as you want every Wednesday and not pay a single dime for it.

75. Overheat at the HUGE Chatuchak Weekend Market

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest weekend market in Thailand. Naturally they only open in the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), but there are over 200,000 visitors that come here during those times and around 30% of the visitors are foreigners. You can get any item here for a low price and still bargain for them. The food is great too!

76. Get all Caught Up in the Thai Coup

The Thai coup d’etat is actually still in place, in fact, the military has taken control of the government following the approval of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Don’t be surprised to see the Thai army roaming around the streets or conducting check points, because it’s normal in Thailand these days. The people have voted for a newly reformed constitution though, so there may be a new government established soon and the military will give up control of the country. It may seem a bit messy but it would be great to take pictures of what’s happening around and post them on your social media wall or blog.

77. Get a Tattoo from One of Bangkok’s Finest

Bangkok’s tattoo artists are known to be the finest in the world, so getting a tattoo there would be quite the souvenir. It might be good to have your particular design ready before you try.

78. Go to Chinatown and Graze to your Heart’s Content

Want to sample great Chinese food and see a piece of Chinese tradition in a foreign land? It’s easy! Just go to China Town in Bangkok and you’ll find the place littered with Chinese restaurants all over.

79. Enjoy Free Aerobics in the Park

Go to Lumphini Park when you have time if you want to take free aerobics classes. The classes are actually open daily every 6pm, so you can choose to go there every day or depending on your schedule.

80. Learn some Thai

If you’re gonna stay for a while in Thailand, then you might as well learn a little Thai to get your bearings. There are also certain benefits that you can get if you could speak the language yourself, rather than just relying on a tour guide. Besides, your tour guide will not be around always, so you may have to deal with some locals by yourself and it helps if you can get on the same page.

81. Volunteer on a Tiny Island

There are some charity work that you can participate in as well! Volunteering to help Thai people rebuild their communities on coastal areas is one of them. The Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 caused a lot of devastation on the country, but the people are not giving up. You can inpire them with your kindness and be inspired by their resilience too!

82. Go Native in Chiang Mai

There are attractions in Thailand that lets you become a local for a few days and it’s really an amazing experience to be counted as one of them. You’ll get more than just a Thai outfit, you’ll be farming and going to temples to talk to Buddhist monks too!

83. Sail through Paradise

Thailand also has a long shoreline and many tiny islands gracing its coast, that’s why exploring the coastal areas and the islands of Thailand via a yacht is a must for your trip. You can enroll at a sailing school and learn how to sail for $1,500.

84. Journey by Rice Barge

Explore more of Thailand and try the river cruise for a change! You will take a ride in one of their infamous rice barge which is way more traditional than any other transportation around. You’ll get the chance to experience what rice traders see every day and see more of the outlying villages and temples in the country.

85. Tight Lines in Thailand

Because Thailand is not landlocked, seafood is one of their primary sources of nourishment and you can almost find it in any menu in restaurants and local homes. You could get a fresher take on seafood by hopping on to a fishing tour in Koh Samui!

86. Learn to Cook Thai Food

Love Thai food, then why not cook them yourself? You can enroll in one of their cooking classes where you’ll learn how to cook a variety of their dishes. You know what they say about Asian food – they’re delicious! You may even cook Thai food when you go back to your home country and surprise your family and friends about your cooking prowess.

87. Kayak over the Andaman

The southwestern part of Thailand offers a great experience for snorkeling and kayaking. Lots of good spots for diving too! Hundreds upon hundreds of coral coves sprawling across the vast coastlines. All the fun in the beach and the sea you can find is there.

88. Go Scuba Diving in Koh Tao

Another great place for snorkeling and scuba diving is Koh Tao Island. The coral reefs surrounding it have lots and lots of marine life for you to explore and enjoy seeing underwater. Koh Tao is also considered a world class destination for divers, because of its rich sea life.

89. Go Tribal in the Hills

There are also alternative tours in Thailand where you can visit and be a part of the village in the northern hill tribes. You will learn their ways, eat their food, ride elephants like they do or ride a bamboo raft on the river downstream as a means of travel. You’ll quite literally experience off the beaten track.

90. Chao Ley: People of the Sea

The sea gypsies as they are known are the Chao Ley people. For some reason, they like to live by the sea or have their own houseboats which is odd. They have no interest in money, property or other material possessions, except for their boats and fishing nets. It would be an educational experience to meet with the Chao Ley.

91. Visit the Ancient Kingdom of Sukhothai

The Sukhothai Kingdom was the cradle of Thai civilisation – the birthplace of Thai art, architecture and language. It flourished between 1238 – 1438 A.D. and still remains as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand. It attracts fewer tourists though, because of its isolated location. So you can have the place to yourself if chance permits it.

92. Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son is a small town near the border to Myanmar and it has great attractions like the Wat Hua Wiang Temple which is an epic example of Shan architecture. The town is small so you may want to walk, ride a bicycle or a motorbike to get around. It’s also relatively quiet and has a calm ambience to it.

93. Phanom Rung

Visit Phanom Rung to see great temple ruins and be amazed at how good ancient Thai people were with their masonry work.

94. Kamphaeng Phet

Another great tourist destination is Kamphaeng Phet. This is the best way to sidestep the well-trodden track and visit the small town to see some great works of art and architecture.

95. Play Thailand’s Traditional Games

Play Thai traditional games like “Khi Ma Khan Kluay” or Banana Rib Hobbyhorse Riding, “Tang Te” or Hopscotch, “Khi Ma Song Mueang” or HumanHorseback Riding, “Ngu Kin Hang” or Snake Bites Tail and “Son Ha” or Hide and Seek.

96. Samut Songkhram

Samut Songkhram a marketplace by the river is also a favorite destination for most tourists. Go there by train, van or a rented vehicle and take Rama II Road. The train trip though will take longer, because there are no bridge tracks were it can cross, so it goes around the river to get to the market. Buy vegetables, see the swimming monkeys and check out the cool floating marketplace too!

97. Phetchaburi Province

Phetchaburi Province has temples and palaces, outlying jungles and cave shrines, as well as easy access to the coast. It’s still a sleepy little town even though it’s 2016 now and you wouldn’t have it any other way than that, because you’ll love the peace and quiet and simple life here. Don’t forgot to include this place in your list.

98. Khao Yai National Park

The third largest national park in Thailand, Khao Yai National Park is teeming with wildlife, forest, waterfalls, rivers and beautiful things. You definitely have to check this place out!

99. Nong Khai

The Temple of Kaewkoo that has two large statues of the Hindu god, Shiva is among the attractions that can be found in Nong Khai. It is also located near Vientiane which is the border between Thailand and Laos.

100. Um Phang District

The Death Highway in Um Phang District is the highlight of this trip and don’t be too concerned about the name of the road, because it’s not at all dangerous. In fact, it is the opposite and you’ll have great scenic views if you travel down this road for 4-5 hours. Originally, people were afraid to drive in this road, especially when cold mist blocks its path, thus the name. However, you will find very few road accidents ever occurred there simply because only a few travelers would go through the road as well. Tourists mostly rent a motorbike and drive up and down that road for the view. Public vehicles are rarely seen there.