100 Best Things to do in Hong Kong

Tradition and modernity meet in this cosmopolitan world city. From nightlife and nature to Chinese culture and traditions, Hong Kong is a perfect symbiosis of “old” and “new” where worlds collide.

1. Visit Ocean Park (Aberdeen)

Ocean Park

A theme park and zoo combined into one mega fun house. Over a hundred types of sharks and arctic animals for your viewing pleasure and multiple adrenaline-pumping roller coaster rides not for the faint of heart. Not to mention the lively pandas, which are bound to amaze you with their voracious appetite (and equally quick digestion).

Plan to spend at least half a day here. Admission is free for holders of the HK ID card on their birthday.

2. Visit Hong Kong Disneyland (Discovery Bay)

HongKong Disneyland

Take pictures of your childhood Disney heroes like Mickey Mouse in the Flight of Disney Parade and catch the spectacular Lion King Performance. Relive your favorite Disney movies on the Cinderella Carousel and Tarzan’s Treehouse. End the day with a romantic fireworks display above the Disney castle.

Also plan for at least half a day to tour most of the attractions here. Over the holidays, the Christmas decorations are beautiful.

3. Visit Po Lin Monastery (Tung Chung)

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

The temple houses the grand Tian Tan Giant Buddha statue which overlooks the entire monastery. There is also the grand hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas built in the Song dynasty architectural style housing five magnificent manifestations of Buddha.

A tour of the monastery takes 2 hours.

4. Visit Victoria Peak (Victoria)

Victoria Peak

Breathtaking views of gleaming skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour fill the eyes as you gaze down from the highest point in Hong Kong at 554 m amidst the crisp mountain air. The evening sunset over Hong Kong casts an otherworldly hue gleaming pink and golden hue over the city – truly lifting to the city into the sublime.

A visit to the peak takes 1 hour. There is a relaxing hike/walk you can do around the peak that has amazing views and will let you see most of Hong Kong and Kowloon on a good day. This is a easy hike that can be completed in an hour.

5. Cross Victoria Harbour on the Star Ferry (Victoria)

Star Ferry

Continue the almost century-old tradition of crossing the harbour between Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong on the classic star ferry of the 1920s. Enjoy a star-studded view of the city lights in the starry evening sky.

A crossing of the harbour takes only 15 minutes and can be faster / involve less walking than taking the train if you are simply planning to get from Hong Kong station to Tsim Sha Tsui.

6. Take an evening cruise on a Junk Boat (Victoria)

Junk Boat

Cruise along the Victoria Harbour on a traditional wooden junk boat with its trademark red sails as the sun sets over the cosmopolitan city. The evening skyline glitters unendingly with the lights of an ever-evolving global city.

Try an evening cruise for a romantic dinner by the harbour.

7. Visit Temple Street Night Market (Kowloon)

Hong Kong’s largest night market hawks everything from bags, jewellery to menswear and watches for the bargain hunter. There are even occasional street performances adding to the already rambunctious mood of the place.

Spend 2 hours exploring the market which comes alive after dark.

8. Visit Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade at night (Kowloon)

Take an evening stroll along the promenade which winds along Victoria Harbour. The nighttime spectacle of the city lights over the harbour captures the rhythm of a city that never sleeps.

Walking the promenade takes 1 hour.

9. Visit Hong Kong Museum of History (Kowloon)

4,000 exhibits and multiple dioramas outline the historical, cultural and natural development of Hong Kong from the Devonian period to conclude with the British Handover of Hong Kong to China.

10. Take an evening ride on the Hong Kong Observation wheel (Victoria)

Hong Kong Observation wheel

Catch Hong Kong’s evening skyline at the top of the world. This 60 m observation wheel lights up after dark like a Christmas tree casting a glitzy glow over the already sparkling panorama of Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island.

3 rotations of the observation wheel takes 15 minutes.

11. Take the Hong Kong TramOramic Tour (Victoria)

TramOramic Tour

Explore the city on a delightful 1920s “Ding Ding” tram while listening to audio tracks of the stories behind famous city landmarks. A mini museum on board details the historical metamorphosis of the Hong Kong tram.

The tour takes 1 hour.

12. Visit the Chi Lin Nunnery (Kowloon)

Chi Lin Nunnery

Gaze at the stunning view of the world’s largest handmade wooden building built in the Tang style sans nails. Its cedar halls are filled with statues of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas while its bonsai courtyards are permeated with the fragrance of lotuses.

Visiting the nunnery takes 1-2 hours. Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal while you are there.

13. Visit Hong Kong Park (Victoria)

Over 8 hectares of modernity and landscape meet in the lush greenery of the park located in Central. Soak in the views of beautiful waterfalls and lawns while people-watching at the Tai Chi Garden.

14. Visit Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Sha Tin)

Over 10,000 Buddha statues fill the monastery which has a nine storey pagoda with halls and pavilions. Climbing up the 400 steps leading to the monastery is a test of one’s resolve to pay respects to Buddha.

A tour of the monastery takes 1-2 hours.

15. Visit Ninepin Island (Sai Kung)

Visit the rugged volcanic rock landscape with its countless hexagonal rock columns. Not only a marvel of Nature’s work, the island serves up a fascinating science lesson on geography.

The boat trips to outlying islands take 1-2 hours to finish.

16. Take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car (Tung Chung)

Catch a spectacular 360 degrees view of mountains and the South China Sea as you travel 5.7 km on Asia’s longest bi-cable ropeway between Ngong Ping and Tung Chung. Choosing the crystal cabin option allows an even more stunning bird’s eye view right underneath your feet.

The cable car ride takes 25 minutes.

17. Shop at Hong Kong Stanley Market (Stanley)

A lively open-air market selling fashion jewellery, souvenirs, and foodstuff, Stanley market is a must visit to pick up Chinese memorabilia and other trinkets. Expect to bargain your way through to the best price for your preferred merchandise.

Visiting the market takes 2-3 hours.

18. Visit the Kowloon Park (Kowloon)

The park is an island of tranquillity in the busy city with its lotus pond and basking turtles. Every Sunday sees performances of lion dance troupes and kung fu practitioners to the crowds’ delight.

19. Visit Tai O fishing village (Tung Chung)

Tai O

The iconic rows of stilted houses above the water are a photographer’s dream. Take a boat tour to visit the rare Chinese white dolphins or explore Tai O’s salt pans which once made the village famous for its salt production.

Visiting the village takes 2 hours.

20. Party at Lan Kwai Fong (Victoria)

A world-famous nightspot; Lan Kwai Fong is a heady mix of bars, cafes, and street performers. The rectangular-shaped bloc bounded by two main streets gets crowded with revellers after dark.

Partying at Lan Kwai Fong is a must-do for first timers to the city.

21. Visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple (Kowloon)

Housing the famous portrait of a Taoist deity, this temple is an amalgamation of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. There are five main structures representing metal, earth, water, fire, and wind while an open courtyard sees numerous devotees making food offerings and prayers.

Take 1.5 hours to visit the temple.

22. Shop along Nathan Road (Kowloon)

This main street of Kowloon is packed with countless shops, restaurants and cafes. Experience a slice of Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle and “old” Hong Kong through the old buildings adorned with tawdry neon lights.

There are also plenty of local food options in the area. You can easily spend half a day here.

23. Visit Man Mo Temple (Victoria)

Man Mo Temple

The temple pays homage to the Gods of Literature and War revered by students taking the imperial examinations in ancient China. The hypnotic incense coils with red prayers above a gold-bronze incense pot calms the mind and soothes the body.

Touring the the temple takes 1.5 hours.

24. Check out the wax figures at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong (Victoria)

Madam Tussauds

Get up close with your favourite Hong Kong Movie stars like Aaron Kwok and international celebrities David Beckham at Madame Tussauds. The incredibly life-like wax figurines are simply picture-perfect.

You can easily bundle a tour of Madame Tussauds with your tour of the Peak. The musuem is located right next to the peak tram station.

25. Shop at Apliu Street Flea Market (Sham Shui Po)

The best place in Hong Kong to find DIY tools, home appliances and consumer electronics at bargain price, you can find anything from rice cookers to secondhand laptop cases here.

26. Hike the Lantau Trail (Tung Chung)

This hilly trail takes you across the whole of Lantau Island and immerses you in the natural beauty of the land – views of the Big Buddha and gorgeous sunset at Sunset peak is food for the soul and mind.

Hiking the entire 70 km trail will take 2 days.

27. Visit the Hong Kong Wetland Park (Tin Shui Wai)

Enjoy this abode of Hong Kong’s natural wildlife as the boardwalk takes you past hundreds of mudskippers and other fauna such as birds and butterflies. Exhibits and galleries provide useful information on the reserve’s ecology.

28. Visit the Che Kung Temple (Sha Tin)

Join in with the crowds as devotees worship Che Kung, a popular Song dynasty military commander who saved villagers from a plague. Spin the wheel of fortune three times is thought to bring prosperity for you and your loved ones.

Visiting the temple takes 1.5 hours.

29. See the birds at Edward Youde Aviary (Victoria)

Walk through the tree canopy amidst the hues of golds, greens and reds of over 70 species of birds numbering 600. The birds fly freely throughout the aviary and their cacophony of chirping and squawking makes for a boisterous experience.

30. See the St. John’s Cathedral (Victoria)

Not only the oldest surviving ecclesiastical building in Hong Kong, the cathedral is a keystone of Hong Kong’s colonial history. Drop in to visit the stately prayer hall with its whitewashed gothic interior and worn wooden prayer benches.

31. Visit the Yau Ma Tei Tin Hau Temple (Kowloon)

Dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea, this temple with its wide cobbled entrance and nine-dragon wall pays homage to Hong Kong’s seafaring roots. With five adjacent buildings, it is easy to get lost admiring the strong cultural heritage left behind by the city’s forefathers.

Touring the temple takes 1.5 hours.

32. Visit Fa Yuen Street Market (Kowloon)

Fa Yuen Street Market

An open-air market specialising in footwear such as sneakers and sports shoes. This place is the hangout for youths looking to imitate their sports idols with the latest sports apparel.

33. Visit Peng Chau Island (Tung Chung)

Step back in time at Peng Chau as you visit this idyllic rural village with its three local temples and organic farms. There is even Tung Wan beach to relax at after a day of sightseeing.

Visiting the island takes 3 hours

34. Frolick at Big Wave Bay Beach (Stanley)

A local surfing spot – grab your board and head out to the waves at this picturesque beach surrounded by hills. There are also prehistoric rock carvings of animals which serve up a bit of historical flavour for the otherwise fun-loving beach crowd.

35. Shop along Hong Kong Hennessy Road (Victoria)

One of the busiest streets in Hong Kong offering anything from shopping, dining, lifestyle services. The many local shops selling consumer goods, such as computer accessories, and local delicacies like Hong Kong wonton noodles make it a great place to watch Hong Kongers go about their daily activities.

Spend 2-3 hours exploring the thoroughfare.

36. Trek the High Island Geo-trail (Sai Kung)

Hike alongside distorted rock columns and hexagonal columnar joints dating back to the early Cretaceous Period about 140 million years ago. The intrusive dykes cut into the rock structures at odd angles to give an abstract overlay to the island’s geography.

Visiting the trail can take 2 hours.

37. Have fun at Noah’s Ark (Ma Wan)

Based on the eponymous Noah’s Ark from the Christian Bible, the huge wooden ark houses animal replicas including giraffes and elephants. It is a great place for children to explore the history behind the ark and interact with various educational exhibits.

Visiting the park takes 3 hours.

38. Yuen Po Street Bird Garden and flower market (Kowloon)

Watch elderly Chinese men exhibit their beautiful thrushes and parrots as the air fills with their melodious birdsongs. Find everything related to taking care of your very own aviary from bamboo cages to birdseed.

Visiting the bird garden takes 1.5 hours.

39. Take the Wisdom Path (Tung Chung)

Composed of 38 wooden monuments arranged in the infinity sign, the monuments are inscribed with the precious Heart Sutra espousing Buddhist truths for the wisdom mind.

Visiting the wisdom path takes about 1 hour by foot.

40. Stroll along the Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars (Kowloon)

Avenue of Comic Stars

Comic book fans rejoice! Find life-sized replicas of comic book heroes such as Cloud Riders to indulge in your comic book collection writ large.

41. Visit Sha Tin Park (Sha Tin)


Spend a quiet afternoon strolling through the park to relax the mind and body. The North and South garden lakes with adjoining Chinese pavilions bring to mind scenes from ancient China.

Visiting the park takes 2 hours.

42. Day out at Kowloon West Promenade (Kowloon)

Facing Victoria harbour is a stretch of promenade which serves as an excellent place to skate and rollerblade while enjoying views of the city on the Kowloon peninsula and Hong Kong Island. There are also bikes available for rent. Many people bring their dogs out to the park for some frisbee fun.

43. Shop at Mong Kok Ladies Street (Kowloon)

A woman’s paradise with over 100 stores selling women’s clothings, accessories, and jewelleries for her to shop to the heart’s content.

Spend 3 hours shopping at Ladies Street.

44. Make a wish at Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees (Lam Tsuen)

The wishing trees are thought to make wishes come true. Join droves of the hopeful in tossing red joss paper scribbled with wishes onto the trees.

45. Have fun at Clear Water Bay Second Beach (Tseung Kwan O)

A quiet stretch of sandy beach complementing the first Clear Water Bay beach, this beach is perfect for kite-flying and sun-bathing amidst the surrounding craggy hills.

Spend 2 hours frolicking at the beach.

46. Visit the Kowloon Peak Observation Platform (Kowloon)

See the whole of Kowloon city nestled in the verdant hills as you breathe in the fresh air at the top with the whole world at your feet.

It takes 2 hours to visit the observation platform.

47. Hike along Pui O reservoir (Tsuen Wan)

Trek around the quiet waters of the reservoir to rejuvenate the spirits and be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The reservoir resembles a flat plane of mirror quietly reflecting the surrounding greenery in all its splendour.

The 2.1 km walk around the reservoir takes 1 hour.

48. Hike Kam Shan Country Park (Kwai Chung)

War relics and macaques abound in this series of gentle slopes which still preserves a network of underground WWII bunkers. Soak in the natural beauty of the various peaks and hills and explore Smuggler’s Ridge which once served as a key military position in WWII.

49. Hike Tai Mo Shan (Tai Po)

Tai Mo Shan

Explore this paragon of virgin beauty as you hike Hong Kong’s highest peak. Splash joyfully in the clear waters of the Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls amidst the backdrop of the surrounding plantations and hills.

50. Visit the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (Victoria)

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

This museum explores the ecology of the planet’s seas and oceans and tells the stories of Man’s coexistence with the deep blue through his ships, ports and harbours.

51. Visit Repulse Bay beach (Repulse Bay)

Repulse Bay

Visit this resort-like beach for some daytime fun in the sun and gentle waves of Repulse bay. This crescent-shaped beach often sees yoga enthusiasts and many sunbathers with parasols lounging lazily in the day.

Spend 3 hours frolicking by the beach.

52. Visit Hong Kong Garden of Stars (Kowloon)

Garden of Stars

Check out the statues of famous movie stars Bruce Lee and Anita Mui. The complementary Starlight Cinema exhibition mural captures iconic moments in classic Hong Kong movies such as “Infernal Affairs” and “God of Cookery”.

Take 1 hour to visit the garden of stars.

53. Catch A Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbour (Victoria)

A Symphony of Lights

More than 40 buildings participate in this extravaganza of whirling, rhythmic, and morphing light and sound across such themes of Awakening and Energy to celebrate the spirit of Hong Kong.

The show which starts at 8pm lasts for 13 minutes.

54. Visit Chungking Mansions (Kowloon)

People and cuisine from the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia meet in this iconic landmark made famous by the arthouse movie Chungking Express. Explore its numerous blocks to find cheap branded goods and exchange currencies through the money changers.

55. Visit the Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum (Victoria)

The museum tells the story of Hong Kong’s key role in the founding of modern China and how Dr Sun Yat Sen drew from the wide civil liberties in Hong Kong to form his revolutionary ideas.

Spend 1 hour touring the museum.

56. Visit the Hong Kong Science Museum (Kowloon)

500 exhibits on topics like light, electricity, and magnetism explore the workings of modern science and technology. Explore the driving simulation and admire the 22 m tall Energy Machine.

57. Catch a show at the Fringe Club (Victoria)

The quaint circular building with its stucco exterior is a contemporary arts hub with regular art performances and photography exhibitions from celebrated photographers such as Christopher Doyle.

Each show can last up to 2 hours.

58. Explore the Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Sha Tin)

Marvel at Master Chao Shao An’s calligraphy and Chinese art masterpieces. The museum is a veritable collection of Chinese history and cultural art including glazed porcelain bowls and vases from the Tang and Qing dynasty.

59. Hike the Dragon’s Back (Stanley)

Rated as one of the best trails in the world; trek the Dragon’s back – a long winding beaten path with steep drop-offs into swathes of greenery on the sides – across the lush green hills to Shek O peak or fly kites, paraglide in the deep blue sky.

Hiking the 8.5 km Dragon’s Back takes 4 hours.

60. Horse Racing tour at Sha Tin and Happy Valley (Sha Tin and Victoria)

Horse Racing Tour

Explore the history and development of horse racing in Hong Kong and catch the heart-pounding horse races live.

This is also great for people watching as local Hong Kongers get very excited watching the races.

61. Hike the Tai Po Kau nature trail (Tai Po)

More than 100 species of trees ranging from Camphor to Fir makes this heavily vegetated nature trail an intriguing experience. Gentle streams along the way add to the tranquillity of the natural wilderness.

Trekking the longest 10 km trail takes 3 hours.

62. Visit Pat Sin Leng Country Park (Tai Po)

This country park offers two waterfalls at the Bride’s Pool and several massifs to complement the views of the breathtaking countryside and Plover Cove reservoir.

Hiking the 4 km trail takes 2 hours.

63. Explore Tai Long Wan Bay (Sai Kung)

Composed of four different beaches, Sai Wan (West Bay), Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan (Big Bay) and Tung Wan (East Bay), the combination of white sand and green waters brings you into a state of sun-drenched bliss.

Spend the entire day exploring all 4 beaches.

64. Hike the Lau Shui Heung country trail (Tai Po)

A short tidy hike around the Lau Shui Heung Reservoir brings one into fairytale-like secret gardens to be completely at ease with the virgin wilderness.

Hiking the 4.4 km trail takes 2 hours.

65. Stroll through the Nan Lian Garden (Kowloon)

A classical Chinese garden built according to Tang style with a resplendent golden pavilion and lotus ponds helps set the mind at ease as you complete the circular one-way route.

Visiting the garden takes 1.5 hours.

66. Visit the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence (Victoria)

Explore the various artefacts including uniforms of marine troops and models of attack naval vessels dating all the way back from the Ming dynasty to the current Hong Kong SAR.

67. Take the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak (Victoria)

Take the tram up Victoria Peak. The journey provides amazing views of the city and the mountainous regions in the distance – perfectly capturing the otherworldly beauty of Hong Kong as a global city.

Taking the tram to the peak takes approximately 10 minutes. Beware of long lines on weekends and public holidays though.

68. Visit the Hong Kong Clock Tower (Kowloon)

Hong Kong Clock Tower

A key landmark built in 1915 – this Clock Tower is an ode to the Steam Age and part of the collective history of millions of Chinese immigrants who passed through Hong Kong across the ages.

69. Walk the Central and Western Heritage Trail Heritage trail (Victoria)

This trail takes you from the eponymous Stone slab street past historic places where Chinese revolutionaries such as Yeung Ku-wan and Yang Heling lived and planned the revolution that would bring about modern China.

Walking the trail takes 2 hours.

70. Visit Tsang Tai Uk (Sha Tin)

One of the best preserved Hakka walled village; explore the doorways, backend alleys and brick-and-granite walls. The huge open courtyard gives an overview of the old houses packed side-by-side.

Visiting the village takes 3 hours

71. Visit the Kowloon Walled City Park (Kowloon)

The park is a hangover from Hong Kong’s colonial period. The various old Chinese government administration buildings and Jiangnan-style garden brings a touch of preserved beauty to its sordid history as a former crime haven.

Walking the park takes 2 hours.

72. Take a Quarry Bay Tree Walk (Victoria)

The tree walk brings you views of fruit trees and passes by several wartime relics. This peaceful trek relaxes the busy mind for the visitor while getting some light exercise.

The 1.1 km tree walk takes 2 hours.

73. Take a Pok Fu Lam Family Walk (Pok Fu Lam)

A family friendly walk – this trail gives you a full bird’s eye view of Pok Fu Lam reservoir, also the first reservoir in Hong Kong, amidst the gentle forests and flower-scented air.

Walking the 3.5 km trail at a leisurely pace takes 1 hour.

74. Visit Lai Chi Kok Park (Kowloon)


This skatepark can be found teeming with skateboarders and BMX riders performing hair-raising stunts. Nearby Lingnan garden provides a diametric atmosphere of peace and beauty with its placid waters and Tang-style pavilion.

Visiting the park takes 2 hours.

75. Visit the Kwun Tong Promenade at night (Kowloon)

This lovely promenade provides fantastic night-time views of Hong Kong Island and is outfitted with special lighting and sound displays – adding to its evening mystique.

Strolling the promenade takes 1.5 hours.

76. Hike Ma On Shan Country Park (Ma On Shan)

The trail takes you through old miners’ settlements and panoramas of nearby Sharp peak and High Island reservoir. Rolling hills and groves of Taiwan Acacia underscore the park’s beautiful greenery.

Hiking the 4.5 km trail takes 2 hours.

77. Hike the Tai Tam waterworks heritage trail (Victoria)

21 waterworks structures from masonry bridges to pumping stations are covered in this fun educational excursion into the reservoirs and dams which supplies Hong Kong’s water supply.

Hiking the 5 km trail takes 2 hours.

78. Visit the Lei Cheng Uk Han Museum (Kowloon)

Explore how the ancestors of the Han dynasty once lived. This historically significant brick tomb houses various artefacts from coffin chambers to kitchen accessories such as food containers.

Visiting the museum takes 2 hours.

79. Visit the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (Victoria)

A contemporary arts cluster offering art programmes, exhibitions, and promoting the arts in Hong Kong – visit this centre to catch a glimpse of free art exhibitions by local artists.

Visiting the centre takes 2 hours.

80. Check out the Hong Kong Railway Museum (Tai Po)

The museum evolves constantly to provide new exhibitions in line with advances in Hong Kong’s rail network. There is also an educational corner and complementary attractions on future MTR extensions and the history of Hong Kong’s rail development.

Visiting the museum takes 2 hours.

81. Explore the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences (Victoria)

Delve into the inner workings of the human body and discover the symbiotic relationship between western and eastern medicine.

82. Visit the Police Museum (Hong Kong)

This museum tracks the history of the Hong Kong police from the formation of the first scratch formation to encounters with the triads. There are also showcases of memorabilia such as medals and police vehicles from different eras.

Visiting the museum takes 1.5 hours.

83. Shop at Causeway Bay (Victoria)

The crème de la crème of shopping in Hong Kong – find high end jewellery, clothings, and designer items at the countless number of boutique shops, shopping malls and department stores.

84. Explore the Aberdeen Harbour (Aberdeen)

Take a sampan ride out to visit Aberdeen harbour and Aberdeen floating fishing village. Catch a glimpse into the way of life of the boat-dwelling Tanka people against the backdrop of modern Hong Kong.

The sampan ride tothe harbour and fishing village takes 1 hour.

85. Visit the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware (Victoria)

Explore multiple tea ware and ceramic collections including porcelain teacups and seals from Zhou, Ming, and Qing dynasties to more recent pieces from contemporary kilns.

Visiting the museum takes 2 hours.

86. Visit Sam Tung Uk Village (Tsuen Wan)

This walled village is a cultural treasure of furniture and agricultural tools used by the olden Hakka people. A hands-on exhibition allows visitors to experience for themselves the idyllic daily lives of the ancestors.

Visiting the museum takes 2 hours.

87. Visit the Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Kowloon)

A fiesta of orchestral and dance spectaculars – be entertained by world-class performances from the Hong Kong philharmonic orchestra and Hong Kong Ballet here.

For some great photo opportunities, head on to Heritage 1881 right across the road.

88. Visit the Goldfish Market at Tung Choi Street (Kowloon)

Explore over 40 shops selling an extensive variety of goldfishes and koi. The gold, red-scaled goldfishes are thought to be an auspicious portent of good fortune and luck.

Take 1 hour to explore the Goldfish Market.

89. Tour the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (Kowloon)

A melting pot dedicated to the fine arts through the offering of courses such as clay-making and photography and the hosting of regular arts exhibition. Explore its irreplaceable role in moulding the thriving arts scene.

90. Visit Fung Ying Seen Koon (Fanling – Sheung Shui)

This Taoist temple dominates the skyline with its enormous double-tiled orange roof. Every architectural element is imbibed with Taoist influences – from the pavilions and halls to the wall inscribed with the 81 chapters of the Taoist classic Tao Te Ching.

91. Visit the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market (Kowloon)

This wholesale fruit market comes alive after dark in a clamour of rowdy Cantonese bidding for the freshest fruits. Crates of fruits from apples, pear, and oranges come and go with dizzying speed to create a lively atmosphere.

Spend 1 hour at the fruit market.

92. Visit the Yau Ma Tei Police Station (Kowloon)

Be a police officer for a day at this old police station which is a grand three-storey block with a semicircular portico and corridor arches. Action movie buffs will be delighted to know the station was featured in the hit movie Rush Hour 2.

Visiting the station takes 1 hour.

93. Visit Pak Tai Temple (Cheung Chau)

This Taoist temple pays homage to Pak Tai, a Taoist deity, thought to have vanquished an evil demon king. There are three halls – with one housing a 3 m tall copper image of Pak Tai and others hosting artefacts such as copper bells.

Visiting the temple takes 2 hours.

94. Visit the Comix Home Base Arts Centre (Victoria)

Check out the public art exhibitions and concerts held at this school of the arts which has been a key incubator of the Hong Kong arts industry.

Visiting the centre takes up to 1 hour.

95. Visit the Hong Kong Central Library (Victoria)

A great place for bookworms – over 12 floors of books, multimedia tools and exhibits await the curious mind.

96. Watch the Jardine Noonday Gun ceremony (Victoria)

Honouring an age-old tradition where the gun is fired off every day at noon, this quirky ceremony adds abit of fun and excitement to the day.

Watching the ceremony takes up to 30 minutes.

97. Tea break at Tsui Wah Restaurant (Kowloon)

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a visit to a Cha Chaan Teng. Try Tsui Wah’s milk tea and crisp bun with sweet condensed milk for an all-Hong Kong style afternoon tea.

Spend a 1 hour tea break at the restaurant.

98. Visit Chater Garden (Victoria)

Chater Garden is a small island of peace in the busy city with its small pools and postcard-like greenery. Enjoy a short walk or even picnic by the many conveniently placed benches.

99. Visit the Urban Council Centenary Garden (Kowloon)

This garden with its Europe-style open square and fountain pools brings a delicate charm to the city. There are even fun fairs organised which turn up the European charm even higher.

Spend 1 hour people-watching at the garden.

100. Explore the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens (Victoria)

Explore this gem of ecology housing approximately 40 enclosures with over 300 species of animals from birds to reptiles. There is also a botanical collection of native flowers and rare flowers such as the Yellow Camellia.