Best Scope for 30-06

The BD ACOG Style 4×32 Rifle Scope is our best scope for 30-06 and with real fiber optics, it is very well made and the magnification is at 4x. Being very good and sturdy as a scope for 30-06, you don’t need batteries with this scope and it auto adjusts to the light. How it works is a greatly renowned feature as a 4×32 scope for 30-06. It can fit any 5.56 AR and its objective lens diameter is at 32 mm. It is a true fiber optic scope for 30-06 and it is ideal for an airsoft gun.

Our step-up pick is the Hawke Optics Endurance 16150 5-15x—50 Riflescope and for exceptional clarity, it has quick focus lens and it has a parallax adjustment to infinity. What’s more, the reticle is great and it matches rounds that it is intended for. The turret adjustments are great and it has a 1 inch mono-tube chassis. It can shoot groups easily with superior strength and it is a 5-15 scope. You will love everything about this scope and it allows you to see more of the target.

The budget pick is the A-Aegis Optics 6-24×50 Hunting Rifle Scope and any hunting spot can be fine with this scope and its field of view is 28 ft @ 100 yards. The raised scope rings are really nice and it is also illuminated for low light situations. The zoom operates very smooth and its click value is 1/8 inch @ 100 yards. With clear optics, the tube diameter is at 1 inch and is also easy to mount to your rifle.

A Little Background

The 30-06 is a great shooting weapon for hunting and the like and it should come with a great scope so that you can definitely use its accuracy and great optics to depend upon in low light conditions and such. Having reliable scopes for your hunting gear should be a must if you are a serious person when it comes down to shooting or hunting and the like.

How We Picked

In choosing the best scope for the 30-06, here are some criteria to consider:
Mounting – the scope for 30-06 should have a good mounting procedure so that it can mount onto any 30-06 just fine without question at all.
Ease of operation – the scope for 30-06 should be very easy to operate, to sight in and to adjust whatever is needed to be adjusted at the current situation.
Optical quality – the scope for 30-06 should give you an optical quality and clarity that is beyond compare that will adhere to the situation at hand.

Our Pick

BD ACOG Style 4×32 Rifle Scope

Our best scope for 30-06 is the BD ACOG Style 4×32 Rifle Scope and if you want to find a rifle scope for the 30-06 that is great then this is an amazing scope. It greatly compliments the rifle and it has razor sharp imaging and it greatly meets most people’s requirements. With this scope, everything is crystal clear with much more light than most. Being light and maneuverable, its optics is brilliant and clear and the scope itself is very good. You will be amazed at the quality of this scope and it greatly minimizes reflections.
The reticle is so clear and the field of view is at 6° 15′ with the red illuminated crosshair. It is good enough with its reticle support and can be of great use to any shooter. The BDC of the scope for 30-06 is great and it has no batteries. Working great for an air soft gun, this ACOG style scope for 30-06 is great and the lens is very clear.
The fiber optic is pretty amazing and it is also nitrogen filled. The reticle illumination is great and it has bright daytime reticles. The cross hair of the scope for 30-06 is amazing and will leave you honestly impressed. With great fiber optics, the scope for 30-06 can work well in any bright environment and it fits and shoots perfect.
Able to collect ambient light at will at day, the scope for 30-06 holds zero the whole time and it can shoot and hunt just fine using its aircraft grade lightweight aluminum alloy. With very clear glass, the eye relief is at 70 mm and the scope for 30-06 feels like a real ACOG with much higher quality.
As an optical sight scope, the scope for 30-06 is very good with no structure damage at all. A great product for the .223 or 5.56 rifles, the glass and reticle are great and it illuminates without battery. The scope for 30-06 has top mark quality and it has adjustable windage and elevation.
If you want a serious and effective scope for 30-06 then go for this one as it is made very well and is extremely easy to adjust as a bang for your money. With multi-coated front lens, it is easy to adjust for sighting. It works well with the fiber optic and the reticle gets very bright. The scope for 30-06 is also parallax free.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The BD ACOG Style 4×32 Rifle Scope does have a few caveats but not deal breakers such as the fact that the recoil handling may not be as good as expensive ones.

Step-up Pick

hawke 2
Hawke Optics Endurance 16150 5-15x—50 Riflescope

Our step-up pick is the Hawke Optics Endurance 16150 5-15x—50 Riflescope and it is made up of 16 layers of fully multi-coated optics. The scope for 30-06 fits well in the .30 caliber family and this is a very nice scope with exceptional clarity due to its toughness or durability.
The scope for 30-06 is a 5-15x50mm riflescope with fully multi-coated optics and it has good weight and length for an air gun. With an IR dot reticle, it is all-caliber rated and it has a side focus. Moreover, it is very sharp and clear and you can get sighted in very quickly.
Using its glass etched reticle, you will really like the reticle and it has very tight adjustments for ease of use. With red illumination, the dot is the perfect size. With its mono-tube chassis, the scope is shockproof and equipped with a step less rheostat. The parallax is side focus and the eye relief is at 102 mm. The weight is at 626 g and it has a total brightness control.
With SF yardage markings for ease of use, the side focus control is great and the objective is at 50 mm. It has a 1/4 MOA that is low profile and through this scope, you will be able to work flawlessly with your high quality firearms. Having no-snag fingertip turrets, the center of the crosshairs is great and the reticle is not busy at all.
Using its fast focus eyebell, the scope is nitrogen purged and equipped with fine crosshairs. The length is at 328 mm and it has a high torque zoom ring for superior strength. With exceptional clarity, the field of view at m @100m / ft @100 yards is 6.9 – 2.3m / 20.8 – 6.8ft and this rifle scope is no different from top expensive ones. The threaded objective ocular is great and the scope is waterproof. You will achieve the full potential of the gun with this scope that can see very well and it also has a couple of optional accessories.

Budget Pick

A-Aegis Optics 6-24×50 Hunting Rifle Scope

The A-Aegis Optics 6-24×50 Hunting Rifle Scope is our budget pick and its magnification is 6 – 24x and is rated up to .308 rifles. The eye relief is at 3.52 inches and it works with a 30-06 well. The objective diameter is at 50mm and you will be satisfied with this scope as you can see in the dark with this scope.
The illuminated type is red and green and you can have it on a 223 easily. It is a nice scope for the price and it is an AOE scope for smaller firearms. With a durable all metal construction, the zoom is very nice as well. The exit pupil is at 5.1 – 16.9 mm and it has 40 cm in its length.
With complete controls for windage and elevation, the larger diameter of the scope is great and the illuminated crosshair is awesome. With 5 intensities of brightness for red and green, the scope has 630 grams of weight and it has easy focus controls. It also comes with a cr 2032 battery and works well at dusk as a hunting rifle scope with fully coated lens.
It catches lots of light and it has different levels of brightness. It works very nice on a 303 and has good focus and zoom abilities. It is inert gas purged and it is ideal for people who do a lot of hunting. The light feature is nice and it is designed for rail systems. As a fog proof scope, it is easy to sight in and it is also weatherproof. You can breeze through the woods with its very clear lenses for an excellent value.
As a shockproof 6-24x50mm scope, it has 2 high profile scope mounts and hitting trees won’t be an issue with this great scope for a good price. For a well built scope, this scope holds true and it can be an attachment to any picatinny or weaver rails.

Best Scope for 30-06 with a Ballistic Reticle

Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest Rifle Scope

As an hd5 scope, the Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest Rifle Scope has one of the slimmest oculars possible with its HD lens system with non-magnifying reticles for longer ranges of shooting. The recoil rating is excellent and it has T coatings that work well for precise shots.
The rifle action will be enhanced with this scope. Its scratch resistance and enhanced image quality are great. It uses lotutec external lens coatings and can be used for late evening operations. Working well for the .30-06,.308, and.270, it uses a rapid-z ballistic reticle and has excellent glass quality.
The optics is pristine with the bright and clear glass. It has numbered holdover lines and its waterproof rating is great. Mounted lower on the rifle, the wide magnification choice is awesome for long-range shooting. Easily mounted on the barrel, it has the shortest super zoom possible and mounting in the standard way is a breeze.
You can shoot out to 600 yards and it also has great moisture resistance. You can make decent shots with this scope and it is easy to adjust with the sleek design. The magnification choice is great and it is a 2nd plane scope with an attractive design. The ballistic reticle works well once you set it up.
It is one of the best scopes for the money out there with a low profile design that is pretty accommodating. It can be used on any operation at very early morning practices. As a 2-10x42mm scope, it uses a standard non-see through cover and can be used in open country. You will be very happy with it.
Using the rapid-z 600, it has a 2-10x power range and is made with high quality and clarity. Using a bikini style cover, it has a ballistic reticle that makes it a versatile scope for the shooter with great needs. Highly designed for standard hunting, this rifle scope is great for hunting in thick brush and the like. Being made for magnum rounds, the scope has a 5-year no fault policy and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Scope for 30-06 with a Laser Sight

Out Topper Tactical 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

The Out Topper Tactical 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope produces high optical clarity and its field of view is at 50 degrees. With 3-9 times magnification, the scope has a 650 nm reaching laser and its field of view is 13.41′ ~ 40.38′ @ 100 yards. With a a 40 mm objective diameter, it can take fast moving targets and it has a great capacity as the power of the laser is 2 mw wave.
With this 3-9x40mm scope, you get 100 m distance for the laser and it has three ag13 batteries for the laser sight. The aperture is at 22 mm and it has an illuminated reticle for your needs. The multiple brightness intensities are great and the scope’s diameter is at 40 mm. Great for any Cronus Paintball Gun, the rifle scope is great and its magnification is at 1x.
Being a shockproof scope, it is ideal for wide range shooting and its laser sight is very functional. It can work well on 20 mm and 11 mm rails for your convenience and the eye relief is unlimited. The waterproof properties of the scope are great and the holographic dot sight is very good. The eye relief is at 2.75 inches ~ 3.5 inches and you also get a compact red laser sight with this scope.
Coming in with 5 cr2032 batteries, the red and green dot sighting is of high optical clarity and it has a detachable red laser for convenience. With a high quality aluminum build, this tactical rifle scope is great for close quarter targets. It features 5 MOA brightness controls and it has been given a hard anodized finish for durability. With 20 oz of weight, the scope features multi-protection properties for longevity.
The reticle is illuminated and is also easily mountable. The fully coated optical lens is great and the weatherproof qualities plus the fog proof properties are both awesome. Choose between red or green sightings and the red dot sight is awesome. There are spare batteries are included and the laser is also equipped with a switch. As a dual illuminated scope, you get quick acquisition of targets in no time.

Best Scope for 30-06 with a Mil Dot Reticle

Visionking 1-10×24 FFP Mil-dot Rifle Scope

The Visionking 1-10×24 FFP Mil-dot Rifle Scope has a first focal plane reticle and the field of view is at 101 ft ~ 10.1 ft at 100 yards. For your precision shooting needs, the eye relief is at 5.5 inches to 3.8 inches and it is coated in a black matte finish. This 1-10x24mm scope has 530 g of weight and has been equipped with precision multi-coated optics.
As a FFP rifle scope, it has 269 mm of length and 24 – 2.4 mm of exit pupil. Being one of the most accurate tactical instruments out there, this rifle scope works well in the field and in any situation whatsoever. Using aluminum alloy for its material, this mil-dot reticle scope is nitrogen purged and it is one of the best on the market.
This particular tactical riflescope is also high shock resistant to 1800 g and is one of the most accurate scopes out there that is waterproof. It can be used on .22 to .308 and its objective lens is at 24 mm .Being nitrogen filled, it has a FMC green coating and it has fully multicoated optics for easy adjustment. With a glass etched mil dot, the clearest view can be achieved with this fog proof scope.
Having multicoated lenses, you can use it in bright situations with high durability and shock proof properties. The tube diameter is at 30 mm and it works well in low light situations with its distinguishing features. With a super wide zoom, the precise adjustment turrets are usable. With a cr2032 3v battery, the zoom power is great and it can compute elevation just fine.
With 1/2 MOA per click, the resolution is at 15 inches and it has cutting edge glass quality. With a waterproof body, it is lightweight with its high quality lens coatings. The focusing adjustment knobs are easy to use and the scope is fog proof with a compact construction.

Best Scope for 30-06 with Ring Mounts

freehawk 1
Freehawk 6-24x50mm Illuminated Red&Green Rifle Scope

The Freehawk 6-24x50mm Illuminated Red&Green Rifle Scope has an adjustable red and green dot and it is ideal for tactical training with its cross hair of highest quality. The front focus is just fine and it is made with double lens protection with its green and red laser sight. It comes with free mounts plus the adjustable reticle brightness is great.
As a 6-24x50mm scope, it is shockproof with an illuminated crosshair and it can fit on any weaver / picatinny rail. With a sealed windage property, the red and green optics are great and the scope is fog proof. The adjustment for the windage and elevation is easy and this great price will be a great value for your needs. This hunting rifle scope is made with hard anodizing lens and the eye rifle is at 75.94 ~ 81.53 mm. With a tactical lock, the gun scope has great target turrets as well with 2 scope rings.
For your combat kit, this is a must have for the best optics accessories out there. It is waterproof and the lock and zeroing options are great. With free weaver / picatinny ring mounts, the rangefinder lens coating is functional and the maximum light transmission is superb. The click value is at 0 ~ 1/4 inch @ 100 yards and it has a lens cover. Featuring multi-layer coating, it has heavy duty ring mounts and it helps you aim target and it can effectively avoid scratching.
The field of view is 3.98 ~ 16.24 meters and it has great maximum light transmission that is fast and accurately gives you the target. The tube diameter is at 25.4 mm or 1 inch and it has a mil-dot reticle that has superior illuminated qualities. With 3.52 inches of eye relief, the exit pupil is at 8.3 to 2.1 mm and it is completely sealed.
With level-5 intensity for red and level-5 intensity for green for lightings, it has a strong cardan joint platform and it comes with a cr2032 battery. It also fits standard 20 mm weaver dovetail rail only. There is a free lens cover and the magnification is at 6 – 24x. As a great AO rifle scope, it is nitrogen filled and for competing tactical shooters. The objective diameter is at 50 mm and is great for enhanced protection overall.

Best Scope for 30-06 with a Side Focus Feature

Hawke Sport Optics HK6425 Endurance Scope

The Hawke Sport Optics HK6425 Endurance Scope is a 4-16x 50 mm scope with a composite reticle design that adheres to any light condition. With an LR dot, it has virtually infinite adjustments and it has common ballistic profiles support. As an IR scope, it has a 30 mm mono tube chassis plus the reliable illumination control and the side-focus.
Great for common hunting rounds and for hunting and shooting, if you want to be parallax free then this is a glass etched great scope to have that is fully BRC compatible. The 50 mm height is great and the red illuminated reticle proves years of reliable use to keep you in focus.
With a stepless side rheostat that is infinitely adjustable, it is great for the .30 caliber family to make adjustments easy. With a 40 mm diameter wheel supplied, the side focus parallax control gives you no adverse effect. Working well for the.30-06, 7mm magnum, and the.300 magnum, it has 10 yards to infinity parallax in low light situations.
It rolls through its intensity and the scope itself is great and true to its settings. With a parallax wheel, it is perfectly centered for easier operation until sundown. Settings are repeatable and it is supplied with sunshade. The lens is very clear and it can give you access direct to the central axis. Any hunter can appreciate this very good scope for the money for their long range hunting purposes.
With a click-step reticle, it gives a more accurate operation at all target distances. Its low-profile turrets are reliable and you’ll be satisfied with the product.

Best Scope for 30-06 with a First Focal Plane

Vector Optics Monarch 8-32X Rifle Scope

The Vector Optics Monarch 8-32X Rifle Scope is fully-multi coated and has a fast focus eyepiece with a first focal plane scope feature to eliminate glare. Made with high durability aluminum alloy, it is a very nice scope with a black matte finish.
Using fine package vector optics, this rifle scope has quality control for greater precision and it can maximize light transmission. Having a 30 mm weaver mount, it can shoot 100 yards to 300 yards and is shock proof up to 1000 g. it is water proof at 300 mm and 54 degrees and comes with a sunshade.
The diopter compensation is from -3 to 2 and the lens diameter is at 34mm. It is fog proof with an illumination system and great for any dovetail mount. The exit pupil is at 1.7-7.0 mm and it is also nitrogen purged. With an etched mil-dot glass reticle, the parallax is at 0.125 and the length is at 450mm. The eye relief is at 81 – 100 mm or 3.2-3.9 inches and it has a hammer-forged mono tube.
With audible clicks, the ocular length is at 56mm and it has a long eye relief to eliminate glare. The side focus range is from 15 yards to unlimited and the field of view in feet at 100 yards is 3.6 – 14.2. With k9 glass flip-up caps, it has 5 levels of green and red brightness.
Windage and elevation turrets adjustments are operated with direct high finger method and it has 15 MOA windage range and elevation range. It is fully-multi coated and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Best Scope for 30-06 that is Argon Purged

Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 PA Riflescope

The Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 PA Riflescope has a mil dot reticle and ideal for long distance shooters for calculating windage. The side knob parallax adjust is great and windage and elevation adjustment is superb. The shooting position is ideal for tactical purposes and the ranging ability is great due to the tall capped turrets for greater strength.
With 95 percent light transmission, bullet hold-over is easy. It comes with the ikonops kryptek brown baseball hat and it has a 30 mm tube with capped reset turrets. The range numbers are visible on this second focal plane scope that is shock proof. The eye relief is at 3.1 inches and you can target applications with a 6.5 – 20x magnification.
Tactical hunters can enjoy features like a mag bar. The field of view is at 17.4-6.2 feet per 100 yards and it has a quick magnification change for helping estimate range. With a 50 mm objective lens and fully multi-coated optics, it is made with aircraft-grade aluminum with XD lens elements and has a fog proof performance. It is argon gas purged with ARMORTEK coating and can work with its precision glide erector system. Being o-ring sealed, it uses precision force spring systems with easy field adjustments and is also waterproof.

The Competition

Other scopes for the 30-06 were clearly not as good as these ones because the lacked in optical clarity and were also a bit harder to adjust and were also deemed too expensive for their features. It is important for any scope for the 30-06 to be just right for its features and price.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the .30-06?
A: According to Wikipedia , it is a rifle round also known as the .30-06 Springfield cartridge and is mostly used by the U.S. army and is also a very ideal sporting round that has a bottleneck and rimless case type. It has also been used in much warfare in the world in history.

Q: Any tips in shooting with the .30-06?
A: According to Sniper Forums , consider the fact that the light barrel can heat up quicker than most so you should watch for it to avoid faults and inconsistencies. Make sure you put in some minutes to cool down between shots for better accuracy.

Wrapping It Up

In the long run, the BD ACOG Style 4×32 Rifle Scope is our best scope for the 30-06 for those who enjoy and live with this kind of shooting style.