Best Rimfire Scope

The Simmons .22 Mag Truplex Rimfire Riflescope is our best rimfire scope and the click value is 1/4 inch at 100 yards and it has an adjustable objective. The eye relief is surprisingly good and it has great innovative features which are excellent and consistent. The mounts that come with the scope are easy to use. This rimfire riflescope has been made with high-quality optical glass and the exit pupil is at 10.75 millimeters. Coming in with rings, the suregrip adjustments are easy to use.

Our step-up pick is the Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rifle Scope and it holds zero at all settings while the field of view is at 42-12.6 feet per 100 yards. With exceptional clarity for price and quality, it is truly an awesome scope with good eye relief. The tube size is at 1 inch is great and it has a great look on the rifle. As a nice scope, it has longer eye relief than most and it has a smooth power adjustment knob. With a wide variety of hunting applications to apply this scope to, it has a fast focus eyepiece and serves its purpose as a great scope to shoot farther out.

The budget pick is the Tasco Rimfire 3-7x20mm 30/30 Reticle Riflescope and extensively tested, it looks wicked with no problems and it has an aluminum build with a beautiful design. Great for shorter distances, it works even on wet weather with raised adjustment tabs. Durability is great and it is a good upgrade from older models. With a bright view, the scope includes rings and has been built to last. The rings hold the scope in place.

A Little Background

A rimfire scope is a very helpful thing when it comes down to the accuracy given by a rimfire rifle so that you can hit your targets with great ease. It is important to have a scope that is very good when it comes down to accuracy and optics and the like to hit your targets with beaming accuracy.

How We Picked

In choosing the best rimfire scope, consider the following criteria first before you buy:
Quality optics – the rimfire scope should be very good in its optics and should have a good eye relief and wide field of view and it should have quality coated optics for better sightings.
Good size – the size of the rimfire scope should be just right for your rimfire rifle so you will not have problems in mounting it all in all.
Easy to mount – the rimfire scope should be very easy to mount so that you can be assured that the rimfire scope will stay in its rightful place on your rifle.

Our Pick

Simmons .22 Mag Truplex Rimfire Riflescope

Our best rimfire scope is the Simmons .22 Mag Truplex Rimfire Riflescope. As a professional rimfire scope, you’ll be pleasantly surprised for the great little scope which gets the deer and is of good value for the money. It works without draining your wallet at all. This rimfire scope has great quality optics and it is an awesome scope for the job and it doesn’t move during shooting.
Likewise, it doesn’t interfere with installation and you will praise its HD clarity. Great for the .22 magnum, it performs flawlessly with 10 ounces of weight. You can change magnification levels in a breeze and it works on 3/8 inch dovetail rails as well as weaver / picatinny rails. With a truplex reticle, it even works while wearing gloves and works well with the AO adjustments that are smooth.
The field of view in ft. at 100 yards is at 31.4/10/5 and it is also fog proof. This 3-9x 32 mm rimfire scope is shockproof ad has plenty of eye relief. Made with quality materials, it is a feature-rich scope with 3.5 inches of eye relief and is also the most reliable of its class that has been tested extensively.
The adjustment range is at 70 inches at 100 yards and it uses big-game optics for its build. With RF rings, you get an easy adjustment with the beautiful design of this scope. It locks tight to zero and it is able to give bright and sharp images with high contrast. With great durability, the entire magnification range is great and it comes with a complete set of mounting rings.
Being built to last and ruggedly built, the scope is also recoil proof and this scope is really clear. With a one-piece tube construction, it has a matte finish and is fully-coated with its optics. It is waterproof and has a lighter handling than most. It is great for acquiring targets and has an adjustable objective.
Ideal for a .22 rifle, it has greater strength than others and it has a good windage and elevation adjustment system. The QTA (quick target acquisition) eyepiece is great and it has great fully coated optics with durability overall.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some flaws but not entirely deal breakers about the Simmons .22 Mag Truplex Rimfire Riflescope include the fact that the ring mounts can have a bit of adjustment or you can just use your own ring mounts for the job.

Step-up Pick

Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rifle Scope

Our step-up pick is the Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rifle Scope in which the magnification is at 2-7x. Using a nice piece of glass, it has a fairly large rear objective and is absolutely perfect. The objective lens diameter is at 32 mm and it has crystal clear optics with no apparent color issues at all. With great optics, the eye relief is at 3.9 inches and it is also easy to setup for the price.
Having fully multi-coated lenses, it also has a fine focus and it is truly a good scope for the money. Being mounted on a 10/22 is fine with its resettable MOA turrets. You can adjust the eye piece easily and the optics is good and clear. It is very nice and it has optimal performance. You can eliminate parallax on the reticle easily. It works for the 17hmr and has the ability to zero the turrets. It is brighter in the field and can give you quality for your money.
Completely redesigned, the rings will not budge and it is hard anodized in its build. With an all-purpose hunting reticle, you get a clear field of view that is easy to adjust. With a one-piece tube, you can focus at any distance and it has clear optics plus a v-plex reticle (MOA) that is tougher than most.
Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, it performs without a problem and can exceed the performance standards. The caps are aluminum and it is also nitrogen purged. It works well even on the highest magnification and it is equipped with lens caps. It works well as an o-ring sealed scope with excellent quality. It gives a more solid feel to ensure optimal performance. Likewise, the scope is clear and is also waterproof and continues to impress any shooter.
With clearer optics, it has a medium height scope ring. This scope on a Ruger American 22 rimfire fits great. It is also fog proof and is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Budget Pick

Tasco Rimfire 3-7x20mm 30/30 Reticle Riflescope

With quality optics, our budget pick is the Tasco Rimfire 3-7x20mm 30/30 Reticle Riflescope with a nice sight picture. Made for any mid powered air rifle, this 3-7x 20mm scope looks pretty good and it is a good little scope used for target shooting. With a 30/30 reticle, once zeroed out, it performs great.
It is very easy to mount and you don’t have to use a screwdriver. It looks solid and it is great as a first scope. It doesn’t fog and the scope is great with stunning HD clarity and fits well on any .22 for small game hunting. With quality materials, it has a large field of view and the magnification zoom level and control are great. It can be zeroed properly and the clarity is outstanding.
This scope is an affordable accuracy upgrade and is a perfect match for the rifle that you have. With variable-power performance, it is a good scope for the price and delivers a bright and clear picture. It comes with scope rings and works well on a sunny day with added versatility.
It features coated optics with lens caps and it can be used to shoot pigeons. It is great for shooting longer distances and can deliver for bright and clear images. The wide view of this scope is great and it also works on a 22 lr. With a gloss finish, the 30/30 reticle is functional and specially calibrated with little effort for shooting. It works well on the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster and has magenta multi-layered coated optics to give bright and clear images.
With duplex crosshairs, the light transmission is great and there are tightening screws on the rings. It is a great scope for the money with a one year warranty.

Best Rimfire Scope for High End Rifles

Leupold 120617 VX-2 Rimfire Plex Scope

As an EFR scope, the Leupold 120617 VX-2 Rimfire Plex Scope is geat and it seems perfect for the parallax adjustment. A perfect scope with CDS, it gives a perfect focus that is not too big or heavy. It looks promising and is a wide wind plex scope with a mid height target elevation turret.
For the precision rimfire rifle, it has a matte finish and has 10 yards to infinity on its parallax adjustment. Being spaced at 1 MOA, the magnification of 3 – 9x is great to be able to shoot at greater distances. A highly recommended scope, it has the objective lens of 33 mm and using the elevation turret is a breeze for a rimfire scope with great accuracy testing.
Made with the highest quality materials, the scope is ideal for the short distance shooting and is situated above the bull barrel. With precision optical quality, it can eliminate shot displacement as an excellent scope for a high end rimfire rifle. It has been tested for durability and the glass seems very bright.
What’s more, the height is perfect and you are able to adjust the focus of the reticle. As a waterproof scope, it has standard vx-3 knobs and a great asset for shooting and hunting. It seems to be just right and you get absolute satisfaction with this scope. It has no aberrations and is an elegant solution. The windplex reticle works well with its optics.
As a target independent scope, you can adjust for holdover easily and it has a cantilever design. Great for shooting sports, it has better eye relief than most with outstanding quality – made for military and law enforcement.

Best Rimfire Scope with a Classic Design

Weaver Classic Professional Dual-X Rimfire Scope

The Weaver Classic Professional Dual-X Rimfire Scope is a truly professional scope with non-glare optics. Moreover, the eye relief is great and it has 2.5-7x of magnification. Being mounted on QD rings is easy and the quality of the glass is great.
Ideal for use throughout the entire range, it works on low light brightness as the objective lens is at 28 mm and works even at higher magnification. It can withstand the multidirectional recoil and has edge-sharp features in a perfect position. As a great rimfire scope, it has fully multi-coated lenses and zeroing it in is super fast. It can stand up to the weather and has optimum edge to edge clarity.
The types of adjustments in this beautiful scope are all easy to use with fully multi-coated optics. This rimfire scope has great optics with a fabulous scope and a much bigger objective thanmost for your rimfire rifle. The form factor is great and ideal for a Ruger 10/22 takedown model.
It holds zero very well and is the best in rimfire scopes – perfect also for an air gun. With spring-loaded adult airguns, it can survive the duskiest of conditions. With a matte finish, it has a 1 inch one-piece tube construction. The glass is super clear and bright and is made with a lot of quality glass. As a good scope so far, the eye relief is very good and it is also waterproof.
The glass is crystal clear and it’s well made while the adjustments are repeatable. As a fog proof scope, the reticle is fine and crisp and you can tell this is a very high quality scope. With variable and fixed power models, it is slim and shockproof with its looks and functionality.
All your shots are a joy with this scope just as expected and the scope is very well made. With a dual-x reticle, it is solidly built with a nice low fit. The construction feels solid to see a full view with 1/4 inch adjustment at 100 yards. You will not be disappointed with this good field grade scope with clear optics.
Having quick-detach rings for a good compact scope, this particular scope is bright and clear with 11.5 inches in length. The only thing you need is to find a good mounting solution and the optics is clear and bright. This lightweight scope in a lightweight package is great and well finished and it only weighs 9.75 ounces.

Best Rimfire Scope with a 30/30 Reticle

Tasco RF37X20 Rimfire 3-7x 20mm Riflescope

The Tasco RF37X20 Rimfire 3-7x 20mm Riflescope is ideal for shooting longer ranges and is an excellent value for the money. With nice clear optics, this little inexpensive scope is great and its field of view at ft @ 100 yards/ m @100 m is at 24′ – 11’/ 8 – 3.7.
Ideal for plinking and shooting, it will fit a Henry Ar-7 .22 and has a great eyeball focus for added versatility. Using the open sights is easy and it works well for 22-caliber shooters. With comfortable shooting experiences, the parallax setting is 50 yards or 45.7 meters and it is easy to acquire a target.
In fact, getting the scope installed is easy and conveniently simple. This 3-7×20 riflescope is great and is a very nice little scope to take plinking to the next level. As an excellent scope that is waterproof, it provides a new hue for your hunting objectives. Likewise, this is a fine scope and the power or objective lens is at3 – 7x 20mm. You will be pleased with its performance as it is fantastic for pellet rifles.
As a 30/30 reticle scope, you can zero the scope easily on the bull’s-eye targets and it has a variable-power performance. The parallax setting is at 50 yards and the rings are included for easy mounting. The weight is at 5.7 ounces or 161.6 g and the lens diameter is at 20 – 30 mm. Ideal for small game hunting, the matte finish is great and the body is fairly well built.
It will fit almost all Crosman rifles and can also work an indoor range. It is perfect for teaching beginners the know-how of a rimfire rifle or an air rifle. It has a one-inch advanced mono tube construction and is a great scope for the money. It is definitely good enough in any weather conditions and maintains accuracy like it should. With magenta layered lens coating, it is clear at the distance and has very bright optics.

Best Rimfire Scope with a Circle Reticle

Traditions Performance Firearms Rimfire 4×32 Scope

The Traditions Performance Firearms Rimfire 4×32 Scope has multi-coated crystal lenses and is a good buy for the money. All aspects of this scope are great and you get increased clarity with it. You will love the bull’s eye reticle and it is a great scope in low-light conditions.
Having a little red traditions badge for design, it is ideal for fast targeting and is also nitrogen filled. For a very good price, you will be pleased with it and you will really like this scope. It works well on an ar7 .22 rifle and the glass is very clear. With 3 inches eye relief, the reticle is clear and you will love the scope as it looks good on top.
The rubber fast-focus eye piece is useful and it has a heavy target barrel. The windage and elevation are as expected and it works at 60 yards. It is waterproof and woks well on a Marlin xl7 30-06 as well as any 22 rifle. This fog proof scope can draw you in much faster and the scope is accurate as a 4×32 scope.
For a budget scope, it is great and easily mounted on the barrel with a matte finish. It is a very good product and over the cross hairs, it is great. You will love this scope so much and it has a circle reticle. As a shockproof scope, it is good so far even for the Marlin 981t .22. You will love the reticle and it works great and it has a compact design with 1/4 inch MOA windage and elevation adjustments.

Best Rimfire Scope for Plinking

BARSKA 3-9x 32mm Plinker 22 Riflescope

The BARSKA 3-9x 32mm Plinker 22 Riflescope works well for 22 rifles and for the 10/22. You can fine-tune your rimfires with this scope for target shooting. With sharp optical clarity, it is easy to sight in. With a striking performance, it is great for rugged outdoor conditions.
It works great and even dusty conditions are not match for it. With 3 to 9x magnification, this tactical picatinny scope is great for shooting a few rounds and general hunting. It is a very good scope with clear caps that can react to any environment. As a waterproof scope, you can do some plinking with it as it is fog proof with fully multi-coated optics.
Any day at the range will give you performance with this shockproof scope. It takes 3/8 inch dovetail rings and engineered specifically for rimfires. With medium profile rings, it has fully multi-coated optics and is also a nice 22lr scope with included rings and a black matte finish.
Greatly adjustable for windage and elevation, it is such a low cost scope with great performance. It is a good high value scope with better rimfire glass and 12 inches in its tube length. Coming in with a lens cloth, it works for rabbit hunting as the images are bright.
With a 1 inch tube diameter, it is trouble free in the adjustment knobs and mounting. With a 32 mm objective lens, it’s very nice and designed for plinking as well as shooting and hunting. With a 10.7-3.6 exit pupil, it can handle small game.
Having lens covers included, hitting consistent bull’s eye is easy even in low light. It has a 3.5 inches eye relief and with the feel of this scope, it will be more than enough. With a 0.25 inch click value, you’ll be happy with the image quality as the scope is awesome and great for the money.
Fitting 0.375 inch dovetail rings, it is very easy to sight in and adjust for the plinker. It includes mounting rings and is built for versatility and is very easy to install. This 3-9×32 fits any Ruger 10/22, has great appearance and has a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Rimfire Scope with a Precision Reticle

Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9×40 AO

With a quick focus eyepiece, the Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9×40 AO s very clear and the target is in sharp focus. Solidly built with an adjustable objective, it is fog proof and great for bull’s-eye target shooting with fully multicoated lenses as well as an air rifle.
A great scope for the money, it has good light transmission and parallax free viewing even when zoomed in to maximum magnification. The versatility is designed and engineered for your needs with parallax down to 10 meters. For the competitive shooter, you get confidence and precision and get immediately in sharp focus as the focusing is quick.
With a precision target reticle, it is easy to zero with 1/2 MOA clicks and an adjustable objective lens. It is waterproof has a large ocular and Nikon precision reticle. It is shockproof and has multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds. With a quick focus eyepiece, this scope is great for focusing at extended ranges with good contrast.
As an AO on a 22 magnum, it has a fine crosshair at any magnification and has a matte black finish. Great for .22 rimfire rifles, it has a matte precision reticle that works at any distance. With a variable focus, it has a target EFR where you can adjust your point of impact. With fully multicoated lenses, using this scope is a breeze due to the yard markings on the scope. With a 50-yard parallax setting, it has superior light transmission and variable magnification. This scope is bright and clear, close and distant and can provide maximum brightness with zero reset turrets.

Best Rimfire Scope with a Duplex Reticle

Leupold 113872 VX-1 Duplex Rimfire Scope

With the Leupold 113872 VX-1 Duplex Rimfire Scope, the eyepiece length is at 2.86 inches and is ideal for those looking for a good quality scope with very nice optics. With a field of view at 100 yards, its reticle is super fine with a generous eye box so you can see very well from the fine crosshairs
The objective length is at 2.15 inches and it can fit any 22 magnum rifle. The glass is nice and clear across all conditions and it has an objective diameter of 1.36 inches. It works with the ruger 10/22 takedown and the eyepiece diameter is at 1.36 inches. With a fine duplex reticle, it works well in low light conditions and has a fast focus eyepiece that is externally threaded.
With a tube diameter of 1 inch, it has a 28 mm lens and the glass looks better with its blackened lens edges. With micro-friction windage and elevation dials, it works well in the field and you will love the clarity. With 1/4 MOA increments, this high quality scope has a nice fine reticle and great at working mid-range with multicoat 4.
As a great size for a 22lr, it has a fine reticle and it increases amount of light with crisp and clear 2×7 power optics. All you need to do is to buy mounting rings. The internal scope parallax is set at 60 yards and it is built and tested. It is quite small but is great for better image quality.
The adjustments track perfectly and it has a matte black finish. This is a fantastic scope that is lightweight with a quantum optical system. The optics is brilliant and it doesn’t obscure the target. The scope is light weight and it maximizes the lens capabilities.

The Competition

Other rimfire scopes are not very great when it comes down to the quality because they are not very good when it comes down to the optics and the clarity of the sighting in of the rimfire scope. It is important to have rimfire scopes with great accuracy and optical clarity all in all to have more value for your money in the long run.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is rimfire ammunition?
A: According to Wikipedia , it is a different kind of ignition method that is being used by .22 rifles, .17 HMR and much more, and is significantly different from center fire ignition method.

Q: What mistakes do rifle shooters often make?
A: According to Outdoor Life , the scope should be properly mounted and make sure you have quality rings and bases to set the scope where it should be. THe rest should be stable so the rifle will be steady. The pulling of the trigger should be pressing and consistent and you should only shoot in good conditions. The shoulder pressure should be just fine and the barrel heat should be managed. Focus and follow through should be considered and always use the right ammo for the job.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap things up, the Simmons .22 Mag Truplex Rimfire Riflescope is our best rimfire scope for those who own rifles that use rimfire methods.