Best Glock Sight

The Glock Factory OEM 6.5mm Night Sights is our best glock sight and as a very sturdy glock sight, you will be impressed by its feel as it is easy use in the long run. What’s more, it’s very well made and it gives you flawless performance as a perfect glock sight for anyone who wants to keep glock guns with a good sight.

Our step-up pick is the Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sight and proven to be tough, the glock sight works well in the dark and you can get the sight picture no matter the lighting condition. It is very easy to see with this reliable and authentic glock sight even in low lighted places. The glock sight makes it easy to see in the light and it is also applicable on a Beretta.

The budget pick is the AmeriGlo Special Combination Sight fits Glock and this glock sight is absolutely perfect and it is equipped with smart features and it really works for everyone as a worry free and reliable glock sight. It is very good with all of its features and it really works flawlessly as a glock sight for your needs.

A Little Background

A glock sight is a great accessory that most licensed gun owners have so they can perform better at night and aim at their target in the best way. Glock sights are mostly used at night or during low light conditions. Hence, they are mostly used by law enforcement agencies such as the police or the military. However, some gun enthusiasts or target shooters may also want to use them for legal competitions.

How We Picked

In choosing the best glock sight, here are the criteria we kept in mind:
Glock fitting: make sure it fits your glock (e.g. glock 19, 17, 23 and others) or make sure it will fit a lot of glocks out there and not just a few.
Easy installation: make sure that the glock sight is easy to install. However, it is still the best to install the glock sight with the help of a gun smith.
Brightness at day: the glock sight should provide a lot of visibility and brightness at daytime.
Visibility at night: the glock sight should be glowing in the dark to provide visibility for your target.
Durability: the glock sight should stay in place even when firing a couple of hundred rounds or so, and should be made out of a sturdy housing or body for durability purposes.

Our Pick

Glock Factory OEM 6.5mm Night Sights

Our best glock sight is the Glock Factory OEM 6.5mm Night Sights. Great for those who are starting out on keeping guns, the reliability of this glock sight is quite good and the sturdy material makes it well worth it for durability. It is well worth the money and great for those parents who need a glock sight for their glock gun.
It can work well in the dark as a neat glock sight that does what it says. Moreover, the metal construction of this glock sight is of top notch quality. Moreover, the glock sight is quite fast and easy in staying on target. As an OEM glock sight, it has a nice flat surface that is excellently design.
The glock sight will light up great during low light conditions and the steel construction makes it a great glock sight to consider. With a neat green dot design, it is relatively easy to install and it is also effective in all lighting environments. As a night sight for your glock, it is ideally used within low or no light conditions.
Your standard glock will look better with this very nice glock night sight. Moreover, it will work exactly as expected and it has a 6.5 mm rear as a glock sight that is straight from the factory of glocks. It is ideally placed in duty weapons and target shooting purposes and it is also easy to install.
A great upgrade to your glock sight, it has a front sight and it is also a better quality night sight than most others out there. It works great and it also comes with a screw for easy installation. This is truly a good sight to remember and it works really well as a glock sight that is also very solid in construction.
What’s more, it fits glock 17, 22, 19, 27, 23, 35 and many others so you will be very satisfied with the fitting of this glock sight. It works remarkably in the dark and it also allows for belt racking. This night sight set for glocks is a glow in the dark package that can work well on a g34. What’s more, the sight can easily glow green in low light.
There is nothing complicated about this glock sight when it comes down to installation and use. It is totally good for the money and you can clearly make them out in any lighting situation at all. The white contrasting dot is a great sign that the glock sight performs as expected. The glock sight is quite dependable without issues at all and it will also meet police requirements in your locality.
The daytime visibility that is given by this glock sight is superb and it is also quite bright at night. The glock sight can perform better than expected and it is also really bright at night. What’s more, the glock sights are interchangeable so you can expect the glock sight to be used on all of your pistols.
It will perfectly fit a glock 22 and it also works well and bright in zero light. Moreover, the glock sight can be used for for target shooting and is ideal for anyone with a listed glock. In addition to that, the glock sight will look great on most glocks and it is worth the money you invest it with. Great for defensive accuracy, the glock sight is durable for its all metal construction.
The glock sight will glow bright during low light conditions and they work just fine as a great option for a glock sight set. It is nice and bright and is a factory original from glock itself. As a perfect sight set, you can keep your firearms accurate with this glock sight.
If you have a sight pusher then the glock sight will be an easy install overall. It is not bad as a glock sight and it installs easily.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

A few flaws but not totally serious to say about the Glock Factory OEM 6.5mm Night Sights include the fact that it is not as bright as other expensive ones, but it is good for the money.

Step-up Pick

Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sight

Our step-up pick for the bes glock sight is the Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sight and it works great and it is also easy to use. A great father and son bonding may start with gun practice so it’s just awesome to have this glock sight. It is also significantly nicer and lasts longer than most glock sights out there. It is positively functional and it is very effective as a glock sight.
The glock sight fits glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 31, 30, 32 and much more and it really works well for low light conditions. These sights are extremely dependable and are also military tested with a rugged construction overall. The glock sight works well with the lights out and the night sights glow true to their purpose.
With the perfect brightness, this is one of the best night sights out there that will be going strong through the years. Unlike the other nights sights out there, the glock sight can work well in any light condition and it is also made out of an all steel body that makes it super durable.
Most pistols can benefit from this glock sight as the set pieces are low profile. Moreover, you can’t go wrong with this glock sight due to its good visibility as well as the silicon rubber cushions that will make the sight totally impressive and leave you very happy.
The glock sight is also guaranteed to glow and it is equipped with shock protection for easy steadiness during 100 rounds or more. It gives you a good sight picture and you will be happy on how the glow works on this very bright glock sight.
With tritium-filled glass vials, the glock sight works well even in extreme darkness and it offers you the best of quick target acquisition. Moreover, it is one of the best glock sights in the market with an all metal construction and an aluminum housing.
With these night sights, you can easily fire thousands of rounds without getting your glock sight damaged at all. The glock sight is one of the best ones on the market for target shooting or defensive shooting as well. As far as aiming, it is great and superb in the day and at night.
With a guarantee of its glow for 12 years, the glock sight can really light up any night hunting or low light operation. The glock sight is one of the best lower profile sights out there with no need for batteries at all. With a rugged sight design, the glock sight is so greatly design.
Around the glowing dots, there are white rings for easy sighting. With an easy installation method, the glock sight is one of those excellent night sights with green lamps. The glock sight is guaranteed to give you superior daylight visibility overall.

Budget Pick

AmeriGlo Special Combination Sight fits Glock

Our budget pick is the AmeriGlo Special Combination Sight fits Glock and it’s a nice glock sight that it is so durable and this one is great in comparison to other expensive ones out there. You will not be sorry with the quality as it works well as a glock sight so it is reliable as a gun part that is relatively great for sighting in your target. It is made for your needs of firearm improvement.
As a beautifully made glock sight that is strong and durable, it is also very easy to set up and is capable of a lot of things. You can use this for hunting and it does the job very well. Moreover, it’s powerful when it comes to the design and appearance. It is a highly recommended glock sight in which the material is decent and solid overall.
The bar stock steel keeps the glock sight super durable and steady. You will love the sight set and it is able to give you a great sight picture overall even in pitch dark situations. The glock sight can be assembled in a very simple and hassle-free way with the help of a gun smith.
With a lot of practice, you can find that the glock sight will improve your scores. What’s more, the glock sight is reliable as the look and fitting is awesome with it. The special combination sights of this sight is made out of Swiss-made tritium. You can fire a few hundred rounds and it still retains the same low light performance that it once promised.
In most environments where the light source is quite scarce, the glock sight does it job very well. Moreover, the glock sight is quite easy to install and it can save money in the long run. Moreover, the rear sight is solid for its durability so it it’s unbeatable for the price.
This sight set can be used for law enforcement or for target shooting or for practice as well. The precision that you can get from this glock sight will help new shooters to practice better and improve their skills. The glock sight is also ideal military defense and similar operations.
Even free citizens who want to defend their homes will find this glock sight a huge upgrade for their glock pistol. It is definitely good for all of its features and for getting those close shots. It is also ideal for recreational shooters as a neat glock sight with just the right brightness levels.
You will be very happy with this glock sight and be amazed at how good these sights work. What’s more, the glock sight appears to be durable as it is made out of CNC-machined steel. The front sight works well for the price and is a great glock sight in low light shooting. The glock sight fits glock 17, 19, 23 and 22 among others and it also comes with a black rear sight.

Best Glock Sight with a Green Dot

XS Sight Systems GL-0003S-5 Big Dot Tritium

The XS Sight Systems GL-0003S-5 Big Dot Tritium comes with a larger front sight and it also fits any concealed holster. The glock sight fits like a glove and can be setup quicker and easier than most glock sights out there.
With improved speed, the glock sight works well without any problems and it can get you to your target up close and personal. The acquisition of the front sight is very good and the front sight is one of the best on the market or fast target acquisition. Moreover, the glock sight is usable for target shooting and it is great for target acquisition.
With a mechanism that is easy to install, the tritium does all of the work in this glock sight for those who need it for self defense ranges. Moreover, the express rear design works well and it is ideally used for fast target alignment. These perfect sights are truly awesome sights made with a blued steel matte black finish.
The inserts are bright in this sight set and you will be very happy with the sight set for your glock. With the white big dot for the sight, the glock sight can fit glock 42 and 43 and it has a larger front sight as well. Any carry pistol will benefit from this glock sight and its white dot for sighting.
As a highly visible glock sight in most situations, it has a low profile design so you can put it on all your guns without problems at all. It reflects light easily so it is a great glock sight to consider. The express rear design won’t slow you down at all and it is a tad better than factory sights.
Offering the best visibility with the front sight, the glock sight is very easy to install and the low profile design gives it a good grade. The directions are written well and the white outline does its job in daytime and in low light.
You can expect an improved reaction time with this glock sight as it stays bright during the day and makes things easy to see under any light condition. The sight comes with the needed hardware kit for your glock sight to work well in all light conditions.
The rounded design makes the glock sight one of the best defensive night sights out there or as a simple alternative to factory sights. It works with many holsters and it does a really good job as expected. With a vertical green tritium bar, the glock sight gives you a quick acquisition of your target.
With a white ring during the day on the big front sight, the glock sight is ideal for encounters or for target shooting. What’s more, the express rear prevents obstruction of front sight when moving.

Best Glock Sight for Front Use

HIVIZ Glock Overmolded Fiber Optic Sight

The HIVIZ Glock Overmolded Fiber Optic Sight is a great front sight that fits almost all glock models. This one is very well made in comparison to other glock sights out there. It is so effective during daylight hours and it is a great front sight to consider.
What’s more, it is easy to install as a glock sight that ahs a black ramped post feature. With precision at distance, the glock sight is ideal for glocks of almost all kinds and it is great to use at an outdoor range. Moreover, the sight works well for all shooter levels.
It will fit easily on the glock with the help of a gun smith. The resin over mold design of this glock sight gives it an authentic and reliable finish which will instill durability in the long run. The glock sight works well in the day and in at night. With the highly visible front sight, the glock sight is one that uses a bright green lite-pipe mechanism for those dimly lit areas and situations.
As for the visibility, it works fine as a glock sight with the best precision sight alignment possible. It is also surprisingly secure whenever you fire a lot of rounds at once. The .120 inch in diameter of tactical bead size makes it just the right glock sight for most glocks out there.
The glock sight is super dependable in low light situations and it is also a winner at the range to give you more accuracy when you need it. Moreover, the glock sight improves handgun aiming and it is an excellent accessory for your glock. You will like the way this looks due to its defensive shooting applications and other neat features.
You can improve well with your accuracy with this glock sight and it is great at allowing light to pass through. It is more than adequate as a glock sight in which the sight is easy to acquire. As a tactical font sight that is considerable for the price and features, the glock sight is easy to acquire the sight picture.
Using your sights to shoot, the fiber optic of this glock sight is great that it can shoot during the day and at night with bright visibility. It is also very inexpensive as a tactical front sight to be used at night. It is totally an inexpensive front sight that has a green dot point shooting method.
It is a bright sight that can shoot better as a glock sight that works great. Moreover, it is awesome in all lighting conditions and the sight target shows up good. People with worsening vision can benefit from this high strength glock sight.
Even with many rounds, it should stay in place as a very bright and reliable glock sight that can give you the tactical sight picture that you need. With durable light pipes for stability, there are many applications you can use it for.
The glock sight fits well on a 26 glock and it is reliable if you shoot in light. In addition to that, it is incredibly tough if you like fiber optic sights. It is super easy to install and it is a great glock front sight that is super fast to acquire the target with. As a protected sight that is very bright, the green fiber is large so its usefulness as a tactical front sight is superb.

Best Glock Sight for Night Use

Meprolight 9mm Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

Made with the highest quality materials, the Meprolight 9mm Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight can remain glowing for days and it has several combinations to choose from, such as the green-green, orange-green and yellow-green combinations.
The glock sight is ideal for night use and in the dark where the visibility is very low. It fits glock 9, 357 and much more and the setup is a piece of cake with this glock sight. The exceptional quality will help you in your sighting and it keeps your vials protected.
Giving you increased accuracy, the metal construction of this glock sight makes it a highly durable glock sight that can provide a good sight picture in the long run. It will illuminate very well in the dark and and it will look amazing as a glock sight set. It works well on a g19 and it is also bright and accurate for the price and quality and for less money.
The glock sight will look awesome for a lot of glocks out there and it keeps your accuracy as sharp as possible. Your gun looks better with this glock sight at night and it works great in the dark. Moreover, it is as good as OEM glock sights so you will not be disappointed at all.
It is not too bright even in low light and the sights are great for various uses. You won’t lose your target at all with this glock sight. It is quite are bright and is of great value and not too dim at all in low light. Moreover, installing the sights is easy.
Easy to attach onto your gun, the glock sight is one of the most awesome night sights out there if you are looking for night sights that are of quality value. It works great for those who need very good sights to have in the daylight view or night time on their handgun.

Best Glock Sight with a Laser

Trinity Laser Sight for Glock Pistols

Our best laser glock sight is the Trinity Laser Sight for Glock Pistols and it has a weaver mount and a sliding on-off switch. The glock sight can also be installed on rifles as well. It measures 5/16 inches at 7 yards of spot size and 3/4 inches at 25 yards and it is powered by 2 cr1/3 n lithium batteries.
With sliding power that is simple to use, the glock sight can be easily clamped onto your gun. The glock sight has a slick appearance and it will also fit picatinny and mil-spec rails as well. Likewise, the rear cap switch has an on and off feature for convenience.
The glock sight can be used both day or night and it can be easily installed onto glocks of various sizes. The sight for glocks can be easily turned on with the trigger finger and it is a low profile designed glock sight with the best alignment possible.
Fitting a glock 17 really well, the laser is built just fine and it also comes with the ability to handle wind-age and elevation. The glock sight also fits gen 3 and gen 4 glocks and it uses three ag13 lithium type batteries for powering it up (the laser).
Any weaver style accessory rail can definitely fit this glock sight for you to acquire targets easier and faster. Built with a great and reliable aluminum red laser, the sight is also fully adjustable with ease for those who need accuracy and brightness wherever they go.
The glock sight comes with an easy to use mounting tool as well. It fits under the barrel with an excellent fit and the wavelength of laser is at 635-655 nm. The operating temperature is from 10 degrees F to 130 degrees F and the red laser beam works well. If you have a rail under your barrel then this can work well. With an all aluminum construction, it gives you faster target acquisition.
It fits glock 17, 19, 20, 21 and others and other full size glocks. With the red laser attachment with a <5mw laser, it is coated with a hard anodized body that is of an aluminum construction. Moreover, you can mount this onto pistols and the like that has a minimum rail length of 1.75 inches. You can expect that it will match your weapon almost every single time with this tactical red dot laser sight. It comes with 2 Allen wrenches and is perfect for most glock compact pistols.

Best Glock Sight for Low Light Conditions

Truglo TG23 Brite-Site Tritium Handgun Sight

The Truglo TG23 Brite-Site Tritium Handgun Sight is truly a bright sight with the white circle outlines. It is powered by the tritium for glow in the dark purposes and it will fit the bill for its features. You will never have to charge the tritium due to its maintenance-free design.
Ideal for glock, ruger, sig, s&w and others, the sight can low in the dark and give a clear white daytime ring. They are okay in daylight and you can take them to a gunsmith to install. It works well in low light and is a great handgun sight with a good sight picture.
In no light conditions, you get the best for both worlds as it works well on a g43. Wither day or night, this is a night sight to consider as it is bright enough. Moreover, it is very bright in the dark and it has unmatched visibility that would be bright in the day and night.
Giving you beautiful sights that are easily seen, it works in low-light conditions and does not require batteries. Fitting on a dovetail slot, it is sufficient for day use and very bright on nighttime and no matter the shooting conditions. It is easy to install and you will really like the sights in comparison to using a weapon light.
Due to its traditional tritium, one couldn’t be disappointed with these sights as they do well at night. Moreover, the night sights are great for those who want to remove the factory sights and replace them with daytime sights. It does not give your position away and is made with the brightest tritium available.
The durable sights can be taken to the range with no worries. Sights of this quality are rare and durable with the CNC-machined steel construction. It is very bright and is very easy to install. Moreover, it works in very low light conditions and it also works for an sd40ve as well as a glock 42/43.
Remaining visible at night, it fits standard holsters and can be installed with a sight installation tool on an everyday carry or glock. It works without being too bright and it is great for future use as well. These things glow and fit perfectly on most glocks.
It is to install and it is very bright in darkness. As a night visible sight, the installation is very easy and it is constructed of steel so it is very sturdy. It is very bright at all times even when you shoot 100 rounds. You can also use it for other firearms with proper tools as it is easy to pick up the target with.
The sight can glow bright ad night and it is a great upgrade the plastic sights. You’ll improve in aligning shots with this very bright sight and everything about these sights is awesome. You can use a brass punch to install it. It will really light up at night as a bright and accurate sight for day or night settings.

Best Glock Sight with Fiber Optics

Dawson Precision Glock Fixed Charger Sight

With a fiber optic channel, the Dawson Precision Glock Fixed Charger Sight has great fitting and is great for impact operations. As a sight set, the installation is fairly easy and its precision is superb. It is one of the best upgrades for glocks and has a black rear. It pays a lot of attention to detail and is a one handed manipulation glock sight which can be customized to your preferred color.
It attaches to a sight dovetail and it has a rear width notch that is useful. The robust sights is a charger and is a CNC machined and precise sight to consider with a black finish. The front sight can fit well and is also ideal for a rear dovetail. The fixed rear sight measures .225 x .125 and it gives you quick acquisition of targets in these sights.
Made of barstock carbon steel for durability, the fiber optic front sight at .205 x .105 while the front glock sight can be used with red loctite for stability as well as for secure mounting. These nice sights have fine serrations so it is great for precision and the like. The front sight nut driver makes it a definite upgrade for your glock and is better than aftermarket sights.
With an extra fiber optic rod, it is very bright outdoors and is a fixed sight. Various other sights are nothing with this sight as it is adequately bright indoors. The front fiber optic sight works well and takes less than 30 minutes to setup.
The fiber optic front gives you a great sight picture and also comes with extra fiber optic sights as well as a front sight and Allen wrench. There is also an included rear sight punch.

Best Glock Sight for Target Shooting

Vogel Dynamics World Champion Glock Sights

As a front and rear sight combo, the Vogel Dynamics World Champion Glock Sights is great for using it for competitions. It is by far one of the best sights ever as the sight can give you an improved head shot course section. This sight set has a really good construction and the red fiber optic is a big plus to give you a dead on target position.
The front fiber optic is thin and low profile and it is also dead on accurate with its point of impact. With an included screw, it is of excellent quality and works well on a standard pistol. The point of impact is improved and it has a more durable finish than others.
Designed by a world champion as a signature, your point of aim becomes better and the easy installation and construction makes it an equal balance of features as a sight set. It makes them unique among others. With a sight press, you can install this for accuracy for your glock.
It can keep the glare down due to the finish being a matte finish. It can guarantee you to become a great shooter. With a serrated 40 LPI rear, it is also ideal for the glock 30sf. There are two complete sights in this package which can be IDPA sights. The rear notch is wider and deeper and it also comes with a double set of screws.
These sights are awesome and are given a black nitride finish. Ideal also for the glock 17 gen 4, it has a neat fiber optic front sight and the top of the front sight is great for your local IDPA match. Moreover, it is ideal for high speed shooting and it also ideally fits glock 17, 19, 22, 39, 28, 27 and much more.
The rear dovetail fitting of this sight is superb and installing the fiber optic is a breeze. One of the best glock sights with a matte finish, the fiber optic rod size is at .040. It comes with a helpful hexagonal mounting screw and is great for IDPA matches. For rust resistance and for elevation, this is a great glock sight with a red fiber optic at 2 inches.

The Competition

Other glock sights were not as great as the ones we picked here because they are not too bright, not effective at low light conditions and are also flimsy in material. A metal construction is important for a glock sight to withstand firing for a lot of rounds.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about glock sights, here are some FAQs:
Q: How should you aim a glock factory sight?
A: By aligning the crosshair’s center just on top of the target and not too much above or too much below, at about 25 yards.
Q: Why is the glock pistol very popular among gun owners?
A: Because the glock pistol is easy to operate and it is also low in maintenance with its mechanism due to the polymer frame. However, the advantage can also be a disadvantage because it lacks some trigger safety, so a person using a glock should be totally responsible with operating guns.
Q: What is the Weaver stance in shooting with a glock pistol?
A: The Weaver stance is a holding stance that involve stretching one arm holding the gun and slightly bend the other arm.
Q: What is the single action style when aiming a glock?
A: It involves using the pad with the use of the first finger instead of going for the joint.
Q: What is eye dominance in shooting?
A: It is the eye that is dominant in shooting, which is usually either your dominant hand (e.g. right-handed have right dominant eyes) while some are cross-dominant (e.g. right-handed have left dominant eyes).
Q: What other glock sights can you install on a glock other than a night sight?
A: You can install a black on black sight such as the 10-8 sight.
Q: Is a 3-dot sight better than a 2-dot sight?
A: It
depends upon your preferences as some people prefer a 2-dot setup with no frills at all. Both are great sights but your gunning skills count the most.
Q: What belt should be used when you have a glock pistol on your holster?
A: You should use a ccw belt instead of a belt that is commonly found in department stores. It is important that your belt is strong enough to handle both your pants and your guns.
Q: Will straight glock sight pushers work on angled sights?
A: Yes, it will work on angled sights but angled sight pushers won’t work for straight glock sights.
Q: Which glock models are the hardest to shoot with?
A: The gives you a smooth operation when you cock or pull the trigger bar.
Q: Why do you need to check if the glock is unloaded before disassembling?
A: The glock can only be disassembled by pulling the trigger so make sure that it is not loaded.
Q: What is the difference between the glock pistol and the 1911 pistol?
A: The 1911 pistol has safety switches which makes it frustrating when in emergency situations whereas glocks do not have safety switches, which makes them easy to use but dangerous when pointed to any target.
Q: What is the importance of practicing on more than one gun?
A: It helps you adapt to any situation when it comes down to accuracy and grip, since all guns are different with firing and handling.
Q: How often should you check and inspect your glock pistol?
A: At least once a week , you should check your gun for signs of corrosion and other wear and tear signs.
Q: Why should the trigger guard be concealed in a glock holster?
A: This is to prevent accidental triggering when you accidentally pull up or drop your gun.
Q: Is it safe to place a glock in a cabinet or closet for storage?
A: Like all guns, you need a lock box or a safe to ensure that guns like the glock pistol will be safe and sound, along with the trigger lock.
Q: Is it possible to accidentally touch the trigger of a glock when holstering it?
A: Yes it is possible , so be responsible and make sure there is a trigger lock, guard or don’t touch the trigger at all and be careful holstering the gun.
Q: Why is two-handed shooting better than one hand?
A: Because it provides stability and accuracy for shooting with the gun.
Q: Do all pistols require being cocked?
A: The glock is an exception to that rule which makes it a ready to go weapon of choice.

Wrapping It Up

To summarize, the Glock Factory OEM 6.5mm Night Sights is our best glock sight that will help you be more accurate when shooting at night or in any time of the day and even in low light situations.