Best AR Scope

The Bushnell AR Optics 223 Reticle Riflescope is our best AR scope and made for the AR platform, it can protect the inside with a matte finish. With a drop zone-223 bdc reticle, the AR scope has a second focal plane and a fast focus eyepiece. Being a waterproof AR scope, it is made for mid-range precision and is also scratchproof. With rugged reliability, the AR scope has been calibrated for 55-62 grain and 223 rem / 5.556 loads.

Our step-up pick is the Burris AR-Tripler Gen2 Pivot Ring Combo and cheaper than some other AR scopes, it is extremely clear and it has a flip to side push button. You will love the magnifier of this scope for its quality and reliability. With zero movement at all, the AR scope has quality and finish beyond compare. It works great along with the pivot ring combo set. With a magnifier for your needs, it flips to the right.

The budget pick is the AOTOP 2.5-10×40 Dual-Illuminated Tactical Rifle Scope and with an excellent value for 2 sights, the AR scope has an integrated weaver style mount and it has a dual illuminated mil-dot. The AR scope is very clear and it has a black matte finish. The red laser is great and the AR scope has ruby lens coating. With optical coating, it is fully milti-coated, it is ideal for a good setup with a rail mount.

A Little Background

Any AR scope should have the best kind of optics with the finest accuracy, reliable ease of use and tremendous amount of durability to be the greatest standard in your shooting needs. It is important and imperative for any AR scope to be a great and reliable scope offering the best of optics and the like.

How We Picked

In choosing the best AR scope for your needs, these are some pointers to remember:
Optics and clarity – the AR scope should have great optics and clarity so that you will be able to use it with great ease and in any situation whatsoever.
Ease of use and setup – the AR scope should be very easy to mount and to set up onto your chosen rifle so that it should be very useful overall.
Durability – consider an AR scope that is highly durable to put to the test and consider one that is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof and the like.

Our Pick

bushnellaroptics 1
Bushnell AR Optics 223 Reticle Riflescope

With a 30 millimeter tube diameter, our best AR scope is the Bushnell AR Optics 223 Reticle Riflescope which is equipped with optical precision overall and has a caliber-specific reticle. The field of view in ft @100 yards/ m @100 m is at 112/27 @ 1x / 37/9 @ 4x and it is also o-ring sealed. With 9.1 inches in length, the mounting length is at 5.8 inches or 147 mm and it is made with high durability aluminum alloy. The AR scope has great accuracy and only weights 16.9 ounces.
Having ease of use, the riflescope is rustproof and it is a 1-4x 24mm AR scope in which the eye relief is 3.5 mm. With fully multi coated optics, the aiming points out to 500 yards is great and it can be protected from elements. The AR scope can match every tactical scenario and it has outstanding close-quarters accuracy.
Changing the magnification is a breeze with the AR scope that is also nitrogen purged and it makes it fog proof. The aiming points out to 500 yards are a breeze and the AR scope is okay for expensive AR platform firearms. Being anodize finished, the bdc reticle is a big plus. With extremely clear glass, the target turrets are useful and the AR scope is very bright.
The exit pupil is at 13.1 at 1x and 5.2 at 4x and it has a wide field of view. With a 0.1 mil click value, the bdc reticle is very clear. A sealed AR scope with performance with pinpoint precise adjustments, it is shockproof and the scope stays focused with great accuracy and reliability. Having fully multi-coated optics, the finish is excellent and it can prevent the entry of dust.
The AR scope zeroes at 100 yards and it has incredible brightness. With easy to use bullet drop points, the scope is solid and can meet the average shooter’s needs. Being very bright and clear, the AR scope stands sturdy and it has really clear glass. Made for your gun competitions, the AR scope works like a charm with its clear glass. It is fast to use and holds zero just fine.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

A few caveats but not deal breakers about the Bushnell AR Optics 223 Reticle Riflescope include the fact that it might not do well for SWAT training or extensive operations, but will do just fine for average shooters and the like.

Step-up Pick

Burris AR-Tripler Gen2 Pivot Ring Combo

Made with the highest quality materials, the Burris AR-Tripler Gen2 Pivot Ring Combo is our step-up pick which is manually adjusted for tension. This AR scope swings in the correct direction and it is equipped with a large field of view. The eye relief is pretty good and it has been tested.
With an ar-qd 30mm pivot ring, the AR scope appears solid and it has a complete reticle image production that is glass is very clear. It mounts behind cqb optic and it is ideal for a right handed shooter. It locks in place and it has great optics with a quick detach lever. Having 2.5 inch of eye relief, the AR scope is your solution and it has quick release mounts.
It lines up perfectly with an eotech 512. The field of view is 44 feet at 100 yards and it has mid-distance transition with windage and elevation adjustments. With no adjustment needed, the AR scope has a quick detach pivot ring and clear and sharp optics.
With great material and workmanship, the AR scope has pretty good eye relief and it takes up 2 slots up on the picatinny rail. Without swapping weapons, the installation is easy with the AR scope with the push of a button. It is very clear as your partner optics and it has warranty for life.

Budget Pick

AOTOP 2.5-10×40 Dual-Illuminated Tactical Rifle Scope

Our budget pick is the AOTOP 2.5-10×40 Dual-Illuminated Tactical Rifle Scope and it is a great tactical rifle scope. You can attach a powerful flashlight onto this AR scope and it has red and green sightings. You also get a see through lens cap and it has a tail button switch.
Ideal for deer hunting, the AR scope is great for an ar15. It has a 4 reticle red and green dot and is ideal for target practice at a great price. With a 3 MOA dot size, the AR scope has anopen reflex sight with weaver and comes with Allen wrenches for mounting.
Great for hunting, the AR scope has a remote pressure switch and is outstanding with its barrel mount. With 4.2 ounces of weight, the click value in inches @ 100 yards is at 0.25. Great throughout the entire range, the AR scope has a 1 inch, 25 mm and 30 mm ring adapter set. With 4 unique reticles, the tube diamter is 1 inch.
With a 20mm weaver picatinny rail, the AR scope is great for coyote hunting and it gets the job done. Made for weaver-picatinny rail mount for 11 mm rails, it is pretty straight forward and the field of view at ft @ 100 yards is 32.5 – 8.9. Perfect for hog hunting, it has a lens cover and it has a 1 MOA click value.
As a fantastic scope, it comes with 4 cr2032 batteries. Reliable at the range, the AR scope is easy enough to change and this is an awsome scope with a cr 123 laser battery. With batteries for the scope, it has 2 scope mounts for 20mm and 11mm weaver. Reliable for varmint hunting, it has an Allen key wrench and it is not hard to figure out how to use it. With 2 cleaning cloths, the length is at 8.75 inches and it comes with the mounting tool and it maintains proper zero. Every function of this scope is great and you can’t beat this for its price. With manual instructions, it is a nice scope for the money.

Best AR Scope that is Made of Aluminum Material

leupold 1
Leupold 115388 Mark AR-MOD-1 Rifle Scope

With great polymers, the Leupold 115388 Mark AR-MOD-1 Rifle Scope has a not too thick reticle and it is fine for CGB. It is easier to maintain than most scopes and is made with aluminum that is solidly built. As a 1.5-4x20mm scope, it is ideal for running deer and is a great scope for its tactile power selector.
A p5 riflescope with much finer accuracy than others, the glass is clear and is very nice for its duplex reticle. With a mark ar mod 1 p5 dial, it is ideal for dual use and the reticle is crisp. With a matte finish, it is ideal for a mid-caliber gun. The eye relief is 3 – 4 inches and has great tactical optics.
With the best tactical scope at your hands, you can get precise in click adjustments. It can minimize the reflections of the sky and it has argon and krypton waterproofing that is of 2nd generation for the AR platform. With clear optics, it has a duplex reticle type and it measures 7 inches in its length. A good alternative, it has every millimeter of accuracy possible for 5.56 applications and for the MSR or AR.
Using a quantum optical system, it can zero without adjustments and you can gain some more precise shots using this bolt-action rifle for rapid shots. You also get daylight-visible green fire dot illumination and very clear optics for your AR service rifle.
Having a multicoated 4 system, you get an outstanding scope for the price. With 1.78 lbs of weight, it has elevation and windage turrets and it also has a 1 inch main tube. Great for gun competitions, it can increase light all in all.

Best AR Scope with Red and Green Dot

Bushnell AR Optics 1x MP Illuminated Riflescope

With 1 megapixel quality, the Bushnell AR Optics 1x MP Illuminated Riflescope has great tactical turrets as an AR scope and it has an auto shutoff and a red / green t-dot. If you are shooting on autumn days, you can depend upon this shockproof AR scope that is of 1×32 mm. With cool factors, it can fit in the industry and it has 5 brightness settings.
As a non-magnifying red-dot scope, the AR scope is great for law enforcement and is also waterproof. With great value for the money, the eye relief is unlimited on this AR scope. If you want some budget optics and multi coated optics then this is the AR scope to have. The exit pupil is at 32mm and it is constructed very solidly.
Very usable with a blacked out finish, the AR scope has a zoom dot option. It fits nice and straight and it has a great sight with a matte finish. With an integrated mount, the AR scope couldn’t get much better than other AR scopes out there. The battery used is a cr2032 and it has 5.8 inches of mounting length.
With up to 10 MOA, the matte black finish of the AR scope is great and it is parallax free. It is a tactical riflescope in which the reticle is at 3 moa dot. As a fog proof AR scope, it is dry-nitrogen filled and it has 1x power. The dot lines up perfectly and the AR scope has 15.6 ounces of weight without any issues.
Having a 32mm objective lens, the AR scope is great for military experts with 6.75 inches of overall length. You simply can’t be beat it for its fast target acquisition and the AR scope can be effective for all needs. With an illuminated reticle, the click value is 0.25 @ 100 yards and the size of your aiming point is great with its rapid adjustment for fast target acquisition.
Ideal for close quarters, the AR scope works great in dim conditions and for tactical shooting instruments with great accuracy. The AR scope is ideal for closer shooting and it holds zero well. This is the sight for you if you want a AR scope that is very bright and is pretty terrific and works great.

Best AR Scope that has a Mil Dot Reticle

UTG 3-9X32 1″ AO BugBuster Scope

The UTG 3-9X32 1″ AO BugBuster Scope features a 1 inch tube and can be used right out of the box. With great RGB illumination, the AR scope has re-setting features and it has proper zeroing overall. The AR scope has quick and easy access to all of its features and it has an innovative side wheel control.
The AR scope is great with heavy duty rings included. It is used in the industry just fine and the AR scope has constructed target turrets. The flip-open lens caps are great and the AR scope is widely accepted in the industry for range estimating. The AR scope s fog proof and it has quick detach lever locks.
It can enhance accuracy and it is completely sealed with an emerald coating. The AR scope has an accommodating eye relief and the AR scope has quick detachable rings plus it can house in most critical parts. Moreover, the magnification range is perfect with perfect conditions.
With a parallax free view, the red / green dual illumination is great and the smart spherical structure (SSS) is a beautiful thing. The AR scope has maximum light transmission and the perfomance ratio is great with its true strength platform. The AR scope can handle critical cqb missions and it has great duplex cross hairs for all shooters.
The premium zero lockable mechanism can be great for most demanding tests and the AR scope has large field of view. Very useful tool for hunters, the AR scope has a wide angle front objective and resettable turrets and an accommodating eye relief. Being nitrogen filled, the AR scope has turrets and reticle adjustments. The optics is surprisingly sharp and it has a 2 inch sunshade.
With a 1/4 moa per click adjustment, it is a very good scope that is shockproof for maximum reliability. It is a no brainer with its range estimating mil-dot reticle for any weather conditions. With a RGB mil-dot, it is fully tested and is simply gorgeous for optimal aiming with a rotated reticle.
As a cqb scope, it has responsive windage and elevation adjustment and is great for versatile applications. It is capable for the most diverse of environments for maximum shooting performance. It has quick-detachable rings and it is rainproof. The lighted reticle works great and it has QD rings. Ideal for air gun applications, it has an adjustable objective from 3 yards to infinity.

Best AR Scope with a Side Parallax Feature

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-223 BDC Riflescope

With a BDC reticle, the Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-223 BDC Riflescope is a really good scope and it is anodized finished. With target turrets, the field of view at ft @ 100 yards / m @ 100 m is at 31/9 @ 3x / 11/3 @ 9x and it is also o-ring sealed with an aluminum alloy finish.
As a 3-9 x 40 millimeter scope, the tube diameter is at 1 inch with rugged reliability and a side parallax feature that is totally sealed, clear and focused. With fully multi coated optics, it has a fast focus eyepiece and can withstand every tactical scenario.
With incredible brightness, it’s a good scope and the target turrets are great. The weight is at 21 oz and it is also nitrogen purged. A great scope for the price, the optical precision is great and it has a fast focus eyepiece. The rustproof scope’s length is at 12.2 inches and it can keep internal moisture away. Ideal for expensive AR platform firearms, the drop-zone 223 bdc ballistic reticle has high durability.
It points out to 500 yards and can protect from elements and the like. Being calibrated for 55 – 62 grain and 223 REM / 5.556 loads, the clarity is as good as expensive ones and it has reliability on the adjustment knobs. With aiming points out to 500 yards, it can resist dust or moisture and can work in any zoom with maximum accuracy and performance.
With a side focus parallax adjustment, the quality of this scope is great with its fully multi-coated optics. The mounting length is at 4.8 inches and it is also adjustable for its clarity and crispness. It is scratchproof and meant for the AR platform with windage and elevation adjustments. With long range accuracy, the target turrets are great with its second focal plane.
The side focus parallax adjustment and the fast focus eyepiece are both great at any distance. You can adjust the parallax easily and it has a smooth and firm variable zoom. With an excellent eye relief, the target turrets have a 1/4 moa click value. With a crystal clear sight, it zeroes at 100 yards and the eye relief is very good as well. You can pinpoint precise adjustments and it has a lifetime warranty.

Best AR Scope for the AR 15

Burris 300208 AR-332 3×32 Prism Sight

With the Burris 300208 AR-332 3×32 Prism Sight, the optics is clear and it has been made with the highest quality materials possible. The black reticle is great over any distance and the accuracy is spot on with this scope. You will be really pleased with this scope as it is made for extreme shooters. It has many brightness settings and the setup is well thought out.
For sport and target shooting, the AR scope is ideal for getting it zeroed in quickly. It is parallax free and the setup is well thought out in a battle situation and the like. It works on any gun that is applicable and it can be anchored to your gun with great ease. That accuracy that you have been looking for is on this 3×32 scope in which the magnification is great.
As a great scope, you can’t go wrong with its drop compensator. It has been rigorously tested and has great precise optical alignment that contributes to your accuracy. Its flip up covers are reliable red / green reticle is sharp. It has an accurate shooting system that has complete quality and reliability with a good sight. To enhance your shooting skills, it is properly aligned and is also under warranty for life.

Best AR Scope with Fiber Optic Sight

Beileshi Optics 4×32 Red/Green/Blue Rifle Scope

With upt o 4x magnification power, the Beileshi Optics 4×32 Red/Green/Blue Rifle Scope is certainly worth the money and its fiber and iron sights are provided. Made with real optic fiber, the AR scope has 32 millimeters on its objective lens and it is ideal for rapid range firing.
With xy windage, the AR scope fits all 20 mm weaver rails and it can be used without illumination and battery. With a quality compared to high end optics, the AR scope has a user manual and for any situation with poor lighting, it is impressive. With dual layer coated lens, the AR scope is an optical scope that is very easy to use.
As a triple illuminated scope, if your rail is standard picatinny then it can fit. It has a fiber optic sight and it fits 3/8 inch dovetail rails. With levitation click adjustment, this scope is great and it has quick acquisition of target. The 4×32 scope is great for weaver slots and uses standard ACOG cross hair pattern targets.
It is a shock proof AR scope that is great for close quarter battle or CQB scenarios. With red, green and blue lighting, it is great for mounting any additional accessories. With great recoil proof qualities, the AR scope has a cleaning cloth and it is an awesome looking scope. With a 16.4-ounce weight, the AR scope is fog proof and can act very quickly with its all metal housing.
Being nitrogen filled, the AR scope can make a precise shot. It comes with 2 Allen wrenches and is aesthetically pleasing with 6 inches of total length. The scope looks very perfect with easy installation and elevation and windage knobs. With a 30-millimeter tube diameter, the eye relief is better than most and it has two rails for mounting. There is no need to adjust the target and even after rapid fire, it holds zero. The 32-millimeter objective lens gives no problems and the the exit pupil is at 8 mm.
With 2 inches to 2.5 inches eye relief, the top fiber optic sight is great and you can have a flashlight to mount. The lens coating is green and it stays on target. The quick and precise acquisition is great to estimate the distance. It holds its zero as a beautiful scope with a 36.6-foot field of view at 100 yards.

Best AR Scope with a Rangefinder Reticle

Monstrum Tactical 3-9×32 AO Rifle Scope

The Monstrum Tactical 3-9×32 AO Rifle Scope is a great AR scope with 3-9 times adjustable magnification for target shooting and the like. The AR scope is an awesome scope for the price and the targeting out to 300 yards or more is great for a high-end scope that is sealed.
Perfect for any picatinny or weaver rail, the AR scope has adjustable reticle illumination and is also very easy to use. The AR scope is made with solid construction and it can compensate for bullet drop. With 5 brightness levels, the AR scope can accurately estimate the distance and it has nitrogen charged tube.
Ideal for target shooting, the AR scope has both red and green sightings and we would recommend it to anyone. It is a great scope for the money that can hit dead center bull’s-eyes. It has great visibility at night with cylindrical segments. The rings are 1 inch and it is a full-featured scope finished in black.
Great for low light environments with an improved sight picture, it comes with a set of lens caps and has a nice and clear glass. With an adjustable objective lens, the glass is optically clear and can meet shot sighting methods. The resistance to water and fog is great with locking turrets for sharper focus and elevation as needed.
With overwhelming in brightness on a rimfire rifle, the estimate range is great for the target image with no perceptible parallax that is intuitive. With 6061 aluminum scope body that is of aircraft grade the scope rings are great and the eye relief is about 3 inches.
Very suitable for hunting, the range estimation is great and the scope extends 0.4 inches holding up great. With a 3v cr2032 battery, the range finder reticle with markings is great. It is backed by a one year warranty.

The Competition

Other AR scopes did not match the quality that we need for the best AR scopes out there due to lack of optic quality and other ease of use and convenience. It is important for any AR scope to have great amount of durability and optic quality overall.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the AR rifle?
A: According to Wikipedia , an AR 15 or ArmaLite AR 15 is a famous assault rifle that is mostly used for military purposes and is known for its light weight feeling and reliability.

Q: What are some considerable tips for shooting with the AR 15?
A: According to The Shooter’s Log , make sure you focus on the front sight and practice a good trigger technique. A firm hold should be exercised all the time with the AR 15 to avoid recoil.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap it up, the Bushnell AR Optics 223 Reticle Riflescope is our best AR scope for those who absolutely need a scope for their AR 15 or similar rifles and the like.