Best Outdoor Gear


Camping is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in nature, unplug from city life and for many people, a great opportunity to take advantage of warmer weather. In most cases, camping is also an economically-friendly type of vacation. Whether you’re a few hours outside of your hometown or halfway around the world, camping is a specific type of trip that requires some specialized travel gear. It is unique from other types of travel in that you are required to bring your own accommodations.

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Emergency/First aid kits

To start, there is a difference between a first aid kit and emergency supplies. A first aid kit is intended to treat minor medical injuries whereas an emergency kit is intended to sustain life in extenuating circumstances. Both of these types of kits may be necessary when camping. Most humanitarian institutions such as the Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance recommend a similar list of products for each of these kits. In addition to these kits, many outdoor experts also recommend additional items such as a knife, water purification tablets, some form of rope, blanket and signal (e.g. light or whistle). Although we all hope we will not need the products found within these kits, in case of any accident or emergency it’s better to be safe and prepared than without resources.

Best for: backcountry, remote camping and extended trips

Sleeping Bags

We all know the importance of a good night’s rest. Comfort and warmth are two of the main factors to consider here. The type of insulating material as well as the shape of the sleeping bag contribute to how easily you will fall asleep and whether or not you stay asleep. It’s also important to know the nightly temperature of your campsite(s). Sleeping bags are marked with a temperature range at which the average person will be warm inside the bag. Keep in mind that there may be a few temperatures listed on a sleeping bag. That is because there is typically a different temperature at which a woman would be comfortable within compared with a man. Beyond a common stereotype, men and women do in fact feel differently at the same temperature due to metabolic differences. In addition, the altitude at which you make camp will have a significant role in the temperature range you select. For every 1,000 metres you ascend, the ambient temperature drops by about 10 degrees Celsius.

Down Insulation

Down comes from the layer of insulation found under the feathers of waterfowl such as ducks and geese. Down sleeping bags are light and pack down to a small, compact size. Under the right storage and maintenance conditions, down bags tend to maintain their loft (puffiness) over time and as a result, can last much longer than those with a synthetic filling. Carefully washing your bag after each use, storing it un-compressed and the higher initial expense may prove to be deterrents for some, however.

Best for: camping in dry conditions and a long-term investment

Synthetic Insulation

Polyester is one of the most common fills in synthetic sleeping bags. This makes them relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain as you can throw them in the wash. They also boast the ability to provide warmth even when wet. On the other hand, they are heavier and bulkier than their down counterparts and they generally have a shorter life span than down filled bags.

Best for: camping in damp conditions and for short term use

Mummy sleeping bags

Aptly named for their narrow, form-fitting shape, a mummy bag is designed to maximize heat retention by eliminating excess space between your body and the bag. Most have a hood with a drawstring to shut out even more cold. The close-fitting nature of the bag may be too confined for comfort for certain individuals.

Best for: winter, cold weather camping

Barrel sleeping bags

Slightly roomier than a mummy sleeping bag, this option is still classified as light and compact. Often considered the middle-ground sleeping bag option, it strikes a balance between heat efficiency and space for the sleeper to spread out.

Best for: campers seeking warmth and room to move around within

Rectangular sleeping bags

With its ability to be unzipped and used as a comforter or zipped together with another sleeping bag, rectangular bags are known for their versatility. They are the roomiest of all shapes and therefore, the least efficient in retaining heat.

Best for: warm weather camping and sleeping with others

Sleeping Mats

The sleeping mat is essentially your mattress (and box spring) while you’re roughing it. While a sleeping mat is humbler in appearance that your home setup, your choice will play a significant role in the overall enjoyment level of your excursion. Based on an average night’s sleep of eight hours, the average person will spend about one-third of her or his lifetime snoozing. That said, selecting the right sleeping equipment is crucial to your overall posture, musculoskeletal system and overall well-being. At the most basic level, there are three types of sleeping mats based on the materials used.

Air sleeping pad

An air pad is similar in concept and construction to some floating pool accessories. They need to be completely inflated by the user and will elevate you about two inches off the ground. Their comfort level, lightweight and compact nature are a few of the benefits of this particular selection. Air pads are likely the softest of all sleeping pad options and one study found that sleep subjects slept better on softer mattresses.

Best for: back and side sleepers; those who prefer a softer, body conforming base

Self-inflating sleeping pad

Using a combination of open cell foam and air, these types of pads are easier to inflate and slightly more durable than an air pad.

Best for: back and side sleepers

Closed cell foam sleeping pad

This is the most basic type of sleeping mat. Constructed using a singular piece of dense foam with small, closed air pockets, a foam pad is durable and inexpensive.

Best for: stomach sleepers (due to its firm nature)

Three-season tents

To keep things simple, there are two major types of camping: car and backcountry. If you are not car camping, you’ll require adequate shelter to provide protection from the elements. There are two major categories of tents: three-season and four-season (or all-year). Three-season tents tend to prioritize ventilation and versatility. They allow for air flow in hotter months and are relatively lightweight.

Best for: camping trips in spring, summer and fall and multi-stop trips when the tent is being carried over long distances

Four-season tents

Four-season tents are comprised of heavier materials and include extra features to provide you the camper with more options and withstand harsher conditions. They usually are coated with additional waterproof layers. With less ventilation, they are prone to moisture build up within and can get a bit stuffy as they have fewer options to let air in. Due to greater functionality and by simply using more material, four-season tents tend to be more expensive that three-season models. Whether you pick a three or four-season tent, here are some tips for setting up your tent and keeping it in good condition.

Best for: camping in winter and/or extreme conditions

Fire-retardent tents

The vast majority of camping tents are flame retardant to comply with laws in some of the United States and Canada. It’s important to note that while we try to be responsible consumers, most products are imperfect. Greenpeace released a study that reveals the hidden hazardous chemicals in gear designed for the outdoors. While some retailers claim the use of some chemicals prolongs the wear of their products, reduces the need for frequent re-purchasing and in turn has a lower environmental impact, it’s best that you have all the information before making your decision. Finally, here are some tips to reduce your exposure to flame retardents.

Best for: most camping situations to potentially lower the risk of fire

Dry bags

Dry bags are fully waterproof bags used by many campers and travellers to keep everything from electronics to medication, currency to travel documents dry and secure. While most dry bags resemble a similar shape, there are several varieties based on the size (how much stuff you want to protect), material and closure type.

Best for: travelling by water (i.e. canoe trip) or camping in rainy, wet conditions

Vinyl dry bag

This durable material can stand up against very wet and rough conditions. It can be heavier and thicker than other types of dry bag materials.

Best for: durability, heavy gear, potential for internal and external abrasions

Nylon dry bag

A lighter alternative than vinyl, nylon offers peace of mind in the form of a more flexible bag. While offering protection from downpour or an accidental dunk in the lake, it can be easily crammed into a larger, main pack.

Best for: lightweight, flexibility

Zipper seal dry bag

This type of closure is easy to use, open or close. A press and seal type zipper is commonly used to keep water away from your items.

Best for: quick access to belongings

Roll top dry bag

A roll top has a higher level of waterproofness due to its sealing mechanism. By folding the bag’s opening down on itself and then securing it with a snap buckle closure, it keeps water out and can also clip onto other bags.

Best for: better at keeping water out; easy carry handle

Water filters

Even if you are camping in your home country, there is still the potential of harmful substances in the local drinking water. While the United States has some of the safest drinking water in the world, a 2016 Harvard study reveals dangerous levels of two industrial chemicals in millions of Americans’ tap water. Another study finds over 73 pesticides in U.S. groundwater that ends up in drinking water unless properly filtered. These are just two examples that make a case for purifying your water while you’re outside municipal filtration systems, no matter the country. Boiling water is the most highly recommended form of sanitizing your water but it is not always an accessible option. Water filters may eliminate sediment, bacteria, contaminants such as chlorine and aluminum and even heavy metals such as mercury to varying degrees. These filters are available in various formats such as personal straws, water bottles, funnel-type devices and pitchers.

Best for: camping in backcountry

Water purification treatment

Water disinfection is more effective at removing microorganisms than filtration alone. Keep in mind that disinfection involves the addition of chemicals. The three most commonly used ones are iodine or chlorine or chlorine dioxide. Be sure to thoroughly research your options as there have been claims of misleading consumers.

Best for: camping in third-world countries; where you suspect viruses in water

Aluminum cookware

When it comes to cooking in the great outdoors, your options are quite similar to those you would find in your own kitchen. Aluminum pots and pans are typically the most affordable material and transfer heat efficiently and evenly.

Best for: evenly cooked meals

Stainless steel cookware

Stainless steel is a heavier choice than most other cookware materials but boasts a tough, durable, scratch-resistant reputation. This is a good option for campers who cook a lot and don’t want to worry about being delicate with their cookware.

Best for: cooking many meals over the course of the cookware’s lifetime

Titanium cookware

With its thin walls, titanium cookware heats up quickly. Its lightweight nature is coveted by campers who may have long portages and don’t want to be bogged down by any unnecessary weight.

Best for: those who want to pack light

Travel mug

A nice way to enjoy your morning tea or coffee while travelling is with a travel mug. Travel mugs utilize thermal insulation to keep your beverages at your desired temperature for longer, whether that be hot or cold. Travel mugs have a built-in vacuum layer designed to prevent the heat or the cold from escaping your drink to the surrounding air.

If smart gadgets are your thing, check out this travel mug that will cool your coffee to your specified temperature and then keep it there for hours.

Best for: preserving the temperature of your drink for an extended period

Insulated food container

More commonly referred to as a Thermos after the popular brand of vacuum food flasks, an insulated food container utilizes the same technology as a travel mug and insulated water bottles. This is a great option if you’ve made something hot for breakfast or lunch and don’t want to reheat it for a later meal. Be sure to read the label on your product to ensure you are consuming your food within a safe window of time.

Best for: keeping food hot for consumption within a few hours

Biodegradeable detergents

Cleaning up while you’re enjoying nature may cause you to stop and think. As it should! Most soaps contain chemicals that can adversely affect natural ecosystems (and your own body too).

So before you head out into the wilderness, consider picking up some biodegradable soap. While you still shouldn’t wash carefree with any soap, biodegradable or otherwise, there are many plant-derived soaps that at least have a good chance of breaking down in nature when disposed of according to their instructions.

Best for: environmentally responsible cleaning

Outdoor activities are always a fun way to spend the summer months. From camping, to hiking, to trail blazing, to cycling, hitting the beach, cross-country travel and many more, outdoor activities definitely count as one of the best ways to enjoy and relax after months or weeks of intense office work or school pressure.
Some of the most common activities include camping with the family or with friends or going on adventures to awesome and unique places such as caves, forests, rivers and the like and getting in touch with nature. For sport enthusiasts, some can even go rock climbing, hill cycling and many other activities. For kids, they may spend fun games and activities while camping.
To maximize your outdoor activity experience, you need the help of the best outdoor gear, which includes a wide selection of items such as camping tents, backpacks, ropes, utility knives, cycling helmets, sleeping bags and much more.

Best Portable Generator

If you live in an RV, camp regularly or enjoy tailgating, the best portable generator‎ will be important. You can even start our top pick wirelessly as it comes with a remote control.

Best Laser Rangefinder

Our pick for the best laser rangefinder is extremely useful for golfers and hunters alike, with technology that is cutting edge and easy to use.

If you prefer the old school equipment instead, get our pick for the best binoculars instead.

Best Portable PA System

Hosting an outdoor event? A birthday party? Get the best portable PA system so anyone can hear you from miles away.

Best Handheld GPS

For those who are physically active, our pick for the best handheld GPS or the best GPS running watch will come in handy. You can easily pair this with your smart devices to generate all the fitness tracking stats you would like.

Best Dog Pack

If you love to travel with your canine friend then you can depend on our best dog pack, the OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Pack. It has a vintage and rugged style and it measures 10 by 2 by 9 feet. This dog pack is ideal for taking your buddy on a trip. With the design, there are two zipper side pockets for convenient storage.
Yhis dog pack is a neat way to travel with your dog. The cotton canvas material is of high density and will not hurt your dog’s fur and skin but holds your dog firmly. It is generally ideal for medium to large size dogs. Also, the dog pack is recommended to be hand washed and hung-to-dry.

If you would like to observe wildlife out in the wild, be sure to get the best game camera.

Communications outdoors can be difficult with no cellular reception. Consider getting the best walkie talkie system.

Best Air Mattress

When it comes to camping and on-the-go living, air mattresses are some of the most dependable ways to sleep soundly through the night. We picked the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress for our best camping air mattress and it is ideal for tents and camping setups. This 78 by 58 air mattress is an ideal camp bedding which uses ComfortCoil technology which uses 40 internal air coils to give support to whoever sleeps on it.
The mattress also comes with an internal pump for on-the-go deflation and inflation with just one click. Moreover, this double-height Queen-Sized air bed makes it ideal for bigger tents for the whole family. The air mattress also easily inflates in just 4 minutes and it has a sure-grip bottom so the bedding stays in place. When it comes to durability, the flocked top is waterproof and super thick and padded with a 15-gauge puncture resistant material.
Also, the SoundAsleep Air Mattress is made only with eco-friendly PVC material. Its max weight capacity is 500 pounds and it also has cord storage and comes with a carry bag. The air mattress is indeed ideal not just for camping outdoors but also for guests indoors. It is also backed by a hassle-free 1 year warranty.

Best Sleeping Bag

For those who cannot afford big air mattresses and only have limited amounts of tent space, you can go for the cheaper option – the Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag as our best sleeping bag for any camping setup. It has been made with 100 percent polyester and cotton and is ideal for camping on cool weather.
This sleeping bag can keep you cool up to 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit as it uses ColeTherm insulation as well as a polyester cover with a tricot liner to keep you comfortable. The sleeping bag measures 75 by 33 inches and the whole sleeping bag is machine washable. Moreover, it prevents insulation shifting using its FiberLock technology. Its height range is up to 5’11” and its roll control helps keep the bag locked into place.
Also, the Coleman Sleeping Bag uses QuickCord storage so you don’t have to tie it up. In fact, the zipper glide tailoring makes it easy to zip up. Also, the sleeping bag uses ComfortSmart technology so you can sleep soundly through the night. Backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, this is the sleeping bag to buy for any camping experience.

Best Mountain Bike

If you feel like you want to go cycling and feel quite sporty, you can go for the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike as our best mountain bike. It is indeed a great outdoor mountain bike for recreational, hobbying or sporting needs. For material durability, the frame is made of dual suspension aluminum which comes with a steel rear while the rims are made from high profile alloy with black bladed spokes.
In addition, the trigger shifters are Shimano EF-50 with Shimano Altus (24 speed) while the suspension fork (Suntour) is included with its front dist brake (Pro Max). The a-head system is a 4-bolt type with an MTB handlebar. With a reliable build, it is a great mountain bike for summer outings.
Going over its wheels, they measure 26 inches in diameter. The mountain bike by Schwinn is ideal for trailing or downhill cycling. It only requires some assembly and it can take weights over 300 pounds.

Check out also our pick for the best electric bike, best folding bike and best tandem bike.

For more specialized picks, you would also appreciate our recommendations for the best fixed gear bike, best road bike, best cruiser bike and best hybrid bike.

Best Bike Helmet

To complete your cycling experience, you need the best bike helmet, to which we would recommend the Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet. No matter what size your head is, this is a highly adjustable cycling helmet which has a total of 21 air flow vents to keep your journey cool.
In fact, the best bike helmet is a must-have for outdoor trailing as it can keep your head dry using its moisture-wicking inner pads. It also keeps you comfortable using its dial-fit adjustable system. In addition, there is also a quick adjust webbing so your helmet fits perfectly. It also has a built-in visor to protect against the sun. With reliable build, it is a highly modifiable unisex bike helmet that will fit most head sizes due to its adjustability.

If you are travelling with kids or pets, you may also want to get the best bicycle trailer.

Best Sport Water Bottle

Getting thirsty on the road is always a hassle if you do not have a packed water bottle. The sun can greatly affect your cold drinks and the cold weather may affect your hot coffee or chocolate malt drink. In this case, you need the Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle which is our best sport water bottle and is a great on-the-go water bottle that will surely quench your thirst after cycling, hiking or trailing.
Made with BPA-free material so it is safe for your health, the Hydro Flask Water Bottle keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours and keeps hot drinks up to 6 hours. Moreover, it has a standard medium sized mouth opening and has been given a powder coat finish and is available in over 20 colors and designs. The water bottle keeps the temperature of your drinks due to its double wall vacuum insulation (TempShield technology) and it can also take other sport caps and mouth lids.
This outdoor water bottle is a truly useful and reliable outdoor gear. Durability-wise, it has been made with 18/8 stainless steel and has a nonslip grip for a comfortable drinking experience on the go. It also does not give off weird tastes because it does not contain chemicals and it keeps your drinks pure on their taste as it is made with recycled materials so it’s eco-friendly.
The Hydro Flask bottle stands at 10 inches without the cap and 11.5 inches with the cap. It is recommended to be only hand washed with hot, soapy water then rinsed to dry. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this awesome water bottle is super ideal for bicycle compartments, car cup holder or backpacks and can also be used for your kids’ lunch packs on everyday school activities.

Best Sunglasses

To protect your eyes from the sun, you definitely need a set of fine sunglasses, to which we would recommended the ever-loved Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses Unisex. Our best sunglasses for the summer have been made with polycarbonate lens and are a well-trusted brand of sunglasses all over the world even today.
Available in 38 colors and shades, it is an outdoor gear that will aid you from the harsh rays of the sun. It measures 18 by 55 by 145 mm and has been made with tortoise shell frames. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Unisex comes with a case and a cleaning cloth. Overall, it is perfect for going to the beach or any summer activity under the glaring sun.

Best Bike Rack

For those who often go cycling, you can depend on the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Mount Rack to carry your bicycles to and from your destination and your house. It can fit up to 4 bikes and fits into any 2-inch trailer hitch and is ideal for Class III or Class IV hitches.
The carrying arms measure 22 inches in length. The mount rack uses a patented tie-down system to keep bikes secured. The mount rack is very reliable. In fact, this bike mount rack is a must-have for on-the-go cycling. What’s more, the individual bike cradles all help to secure each bike individually.
Made from sturdy steel construction and given a black powder coat finish for durability, its carry arms can be folded for storage. The Allen Sports Mount Rack can be set up within 5 minutes and has a single key release system. It is also currently backed by a lifetime warranty and comes with a user’s manual and all the needed mounting hardware.

Other important bike accessories you should consider getting include the best bike lock and best bike trainer.

Best Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army knives are always a must-have for any outdoor activity including camping, survival and any wildlife adventure or trailing. For that, we greatly recommend the Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman II Knife as our best Swiss Army Knife. It contains 14 different tools including scissors, a wood saw, blades, corks and many more. This all-in-one Swiss Army knife is the best survival knife and has always been a favorite of travelers for generations and a must-have for any campers or survivalists.
As for the construction, the nylon handle has been given a matte finish. In fact, all tools and implements are made from high grade stainless steel. With a reliable durability, among its list of tools include: knife blades (2), tweezers, sewing eye, can opener, bottle opener, hook, scissors, corkscrew, reamer, screwdriver, toothpick, wood saw and a key ring. In addition, the pocket knife measures 3.5 inches in length so it is very compact to take along with you. What’s more, you get backed by a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects for this Swiss Army utility knife.

Best Activity Wristband

For on-the-go outdoor activity tracking and calorie burning, you can depend on the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband as our best activity wristband. This highly popular activity wristband is an ideal jogging and workout companion for those who want to stay fit and slim down. It is also available in 3 sizes and 5 different colors and can sync wirelessly onto any PC and up to 150 various smartphones.
The Fitbit Charge HR Wristband displays your daily stats, time of the day and call notifications and gives you wrist-based heart rate monitoring at heart rate zones continuously. It also helps you to track a lot of workout activity including steps, active minutes, calories burned, distance, floors climbed, heart rate and many more. In addition, the Fitbit Wristband comes with a silent alarm and a sleep monitor. This awesome wristband for monitoring fitness activities is very popular nowadays.

Best Climbing Rope

Whether you need it for rock climbing, mountain climbing or wall climbing, or even just regular camping or scouting activities, you can depend on the FMS Super Soft Triple-Strand Cotton Rope as our best outdoor / climbing rope. Available in a multitude of patterns and colorful designs, it is an ideal set of climbing ropes that is perfect for kids’ activities.
In fact, you can use it for wall climbing and camping as well. With a sturdy build, the rope set is available in many sizes and can be used for awning, crab traps, harnesses, hammocks, swings, curtains, tent line, handrails, decoration and many more. It does not contain harmful dyes or chemicals so it can also be used for pets and you can even use it for art projects.
Moreover, the rope set does not get damaged by UV rays compared to synthetic ropes so it is great for outdoor activities. In fact, the ropes are also capable of being machine washed, as compared to other synthetic ropes out there.

Best Kick Scooter

A favorite amongst kids, getting the best kick scooter will be a hit. It is hard to go to a mall or park without seeing someone on a kick scooter.

For the more technologically advanced, consider getting the best electric skooter. Otherwise, for more exercise, consider getting your child the best kids’ bike.

Get also the best RC truck, best RC quadcopter, best RC airplane, best RC helicopter and best RC car so you can have some fun outdoors.

Best Barefoot Running Shoes

Our pick for the best barefoot running shoes is easy to use, has good stability and is great for beginning and expert barefoot runners alike. Consider also getting the best trail running shoes if you are not yet ready to transition into barefoot running.

Best Carabiner

For all-purpose harnessing, you can depend on the Mad Rock Super Tech Screw Carabiner for mountaing climbing, hammock setups and many more. It has a gate clearance of 19 mm and this carabiner is perfect for any climbing or outdoor recreation.

It also has a 24 kN major axis strength. This carabiner is a truly dependable piece of outdoor gear. It is also hot forged so it is highly durable. The carabiner only weighs 43 g so it is super lightweight and among the lightest of its class. It also has a keylock nose feature and also works for hammocks, dog leashes and the like.

Best Crossbow

Consider our pick for the best crossbow if you want something that is great for beginners and is easy to learn.

Best Compass

Traveling in the wilderness, you definitely need a compass to know where you need to go, especially during long and exhausting jungle or forest trips. For that, we recommend the best compass – the Ueasy Professional Multifunction Military Sighting Compass. It has been made from highly durable glass and metal and measures 65 by 53 inches. It is also completely waterproof and shockproof so you can use it in the worse situations and also has a luminous display so you can use it even at night.

The Ueasy Compass is a truly remarkable and reliable outdoor gear and this compass is the perfect professional camping and survival buddy. Conveniently, it comes with a reference table so you can estimate the scope and distance and also has a sighting window with sighting lines. For a professional direction tracking, you can definitely depend on this awesome compass.

Best Cycling Computer

For serious cyclists, you can depend on the Zacro Bike Computer Original Wireless Bicycle as our best cycling computer / speedometer. It has a big LCD screen that is easy to read with big number displays so you can easily read them while riding and it is also completely wireless and weather resistant. Simply put the sensors to your front fork and spokes.

The best cycling computer is your way to compute how much you’ve traveled on your bicycle. With a sturdy build and dependable information, it is ideal for mountain bikes, folding bikes, road bikes and many other types of bikes. The newer version has a stronger magnet and two more back-up batteries. It uses a 3-volt battery (CR2032) and comes with 4 cable ties. It shows your average speed, driving time, the current time of the day, traffic speed, total mileage, single lane mileage, max driving speed among others. It also has a sleep mode for conserving energy.

Best Hammock

Guaranteed to support up to 400 pounds of weight, the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is our best hammock which has been made with 100 percent nylon. This hammock is the perfect relaxation gear for any camping trip. It is made with 70D nylon taffeta that is breathable and with high tenacity and uses triple interlocking stitching for further durability.

Available in a multitude of colors and designs, this hammock is a highly acclaimed hammock due to its quality and build. It can be used on just about any outdoor activity possible and is super portable and lightweight when packed down into size. It uses aluminum wiregate carabiners to keep the hammock super sturdy and safe. The stainless steel snap (nautical grade line) links allow your carbiners to be attached to any tree, wall, boat mast, pole or anything else. The hammock measures 9 by 6 feet when fully unfolded.

Best Electronic Earmuff

If you go to shooting ranges regularly or enjoy hunting, having the best electronic earmuff will do your ears a lot of good.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the most important things to remember to be able to stay safe on any outdoor activity?
A: According to US Forest Service , you have to be in good condition to go hiking, camping or trailing out in the woods or in the mountains. If you want to stay safe, always travel with at least one companion for emergency purposes so that each of you can get help when one of you is hurt or in danger. Always know the weather ahead before going to camp, hike, and cycle or hit the beach.

Always set up camp before it gets dark so you can stay safe and avoid getting frustration and make sure you dress up properly for your outing so that you stay comfortable and safe. Always stay on solid ground and on developed trails because you never know when soil erosion could occur and always keep your equipment intact and make sure you’ve got all the necessary emergency supplies.

Also, it is important to know basic first aid treatments for injuries. Always walk or hike carefully to avoid slipping. If you are under the influence of alcohol, it is not safe to go hiking. Even if you think stream water is pure and clean, you should still think twice because not everyone’s immune systems are used to such water due to water-borne microorganisms, so if you must, pack purified water or pack a water purifier.

Q: How beneficial is camping for children and the whole family?
A: Children become more active and they also get more exercise and stay healthier because camping helps build self-confidence and self-esteem in children. Camping also helps unwind and unplug children from technology and the Internet. Children also develop a sense of independence when you take them to camp more often. Socialization skills and critical thinking skills are also improved during camping activities. Also, camping also helps your children to get in touch with nature.

Wrapping It Up

To summarize, outdoor activities are the best way to enjoy the summer, unwind from stressful work and get in touch with nature all around you. Summer is never fun without the safety and reliability of the best outdoor gear.

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