Best Walkie Talkie

After putting in lots of effort and time in testing way too many best walkie talkies, we’ve come to realize that the latest two-ways radios have improved in terms of frequency options and radio ranges, and one such exceptionally designed model is the Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS Two-Way Radio. We recommend selecting this best walkie talkie over any other product available because of its water resistant quality combined with the direct call feature that allows you to make a private call to any member of your squad. Created to help you communicate better and faster at sporting events, adventures like trekking, skiing or hunting, outdoors, or simply to stay in touch with loved ones or members of the group, this best walkie talkie has a remarkable battery life that lasted for a good 11 hours during our experiment expeditions.
We can confidently tell you that the Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS Two-Way Radio proved to perform far better than all the other best walkie talkies that we reviewed. Where other units exhausted their limits by losing the signal, Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS was able to function quite efficiently making it possible for us to still understand everything said on the other end of the best walkie talkie. Packed with a caller ID, glow in the dark keypad, submersible/floating housing, and channel scanning feature, this best walkie talkie has proved to perform exceptionally well up to our realistic distances.

There’s always something better and more expensive than the best. And the Cobra MRHH500 Floating VHF Radio proves this point. This best walkie talkie has a Bluetooth technology that makes it an essential requirement once you know that such a product exists. With a VHF radio, NOAA weather channels, rechargeable battery pack, and BURP draining, that is all enhanced with an exceptional 3-year warranty, this best walkie talkie lived up to our extremely high expectations. We didn’t even have to use this product multiple times to determine its efficiency. It has a beautiful design that looks great under the sun and has a battery life that is considered to be ace. You will also be quite impressed with this best walkie talkie’s practical charging dock, power adapters for both wall and vehicle, mounting screws, hand strap, and most importantly, an alternate battery pack that we filled up with five disposable AA cells in case of unpredictable power shortages. But you haven’t yet read about the best feature of this thing. The device is well-equipped with a repeat feature, the Rewind-Say-Again Digital Voice. Now this particularly helpful feature is not present in many best walkie talkies on the market so this is a huge deal. Everything you need in a portable radio is handed out to you in this upgraded version of the best walkie talkie.

When products can be reliable and affordable at the same time, it’s a cause for celebration. We’re talking about the Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio, which is our one and only budget-friendly pick on the list of the best walkie talkie. This Midland model may be the cheapest-priced best walkie talkie we laid our eyes and hands on, but it’s definitely not the cheapest quality one. It has an advantage over all the other best walkie talkies on the list, even the most expensive and upgraded ones, with a maximum range of 36 miles. Every standard product comes packed with all the basic features and so does this best walkie talkie. With a silent working mechanism, caller ID, direct call feature, and auto-squelch function, this best walkie talkie will surpass all your expectations. We were quite fascinated with the device’s dual watch that enabled us to observe two different channels at once, and an X-TRA TALK power boost for increased signal power strength. Although the sound quality of this best walkie talkie was merely satisfactory with a few complaints regarding the transmission and volume, we were quite pleased with the way it worked. For the money, it is a pretty awesome handy device.

What you should know before reading on

Walkie talkies is slang for two-way radios. They are considered to be a very important part of many people’s daily lives. Not only used by security and military personnel, the best walkie talkies are also widely used by event organizers, company professionals, truckers, emergency units, shippers, retail stores, and also adventurers such as campers, trekkers, hikers, mountain climbers, etc. The list keeps on growing every year with all kinds of people using the best walkie talkie to do all kinds of different activities, both professionally and for fun. And what you decide to do with the best walkie talkie will decide what features you ought to be looking at in order to make a wise decision while buying the best walkie talkie. There are many features that rank higher in some walkie talkies that you might not even use for your particular purpose, so make sure that you don’t spend a huge amount of money on the best walkie talkie unnecessarily only because it ranks higher than the rest. Each and every technical specification, which we will discuss after this, needs to be considered before you click on the Buy Now button. So we would advise you to consider carefully and choose wisely.

Why the best walkie talkie

Nobody can ever overstate the importance of the best walkie talkie on a security mission or a camping trip. Most of the times, it’s just easier to use a two-way radio rather than struggle with your smartphone for better service in order to communicate effectively. And these helpful and super-efficient walkie talkies offer more than just better communication. Weather alerts and SOS signals are also provided by all of the best walkie talkies that we reviewed. Now since we’ve stated the importance of the best walkie talkie, let’s talk about why people use this handy device and why it’s so popular.
‘ Walkie talkie for the elderly and sick as they are often bedridden and need constant home care.
‘ Walkie talkie for military purposes.
‘ Walkie talkie for hunting since we all know what an incredibly popular activity it is among grown-ups.
‘ Walkie talkie for a fun family vacation on a cruise.
‘ Walkie talkie for all different kinds of adventures, such as hiking, camping, mountain climbing, trekking, kayaking etc. So, in this case, waterproof walkie talkies are more suitable.

What to look for in the best walkie talkie

What many don’t know is the fact that all walkie talkies, especially the best walkie talkies on the market, are manufactured with a specific range in mind. And the bigger the range, the better it is destined to perform. The next essential aspect about performance is the ideal weather and environment conditions that have to be met for the best walkie talkie to live up to its range limit. Upon studying, only theoretically, many best walkie talkies on the market, we’ve marked that ranges anywhere from 20 to 50 miles are considered to be the standard measure. And upon testing, practically, we found the real range to be slightly less than the asserted range limit, but that was alright because atmospheric surroundings are unpredictable.

When beginners plan to purchase this device, they often stick to the best basic walkie talkie they can find so as to avoid confusion. But we would suggest you to buy not only the best walkie talkie on the market but also one that comes packed with additional characteristics even if you’re an amateur. The best walkie talkie must have a headset jack for a hands-free operation. Walkies talkies are small devices that should be well-equipped with a vibration feature as well. Also, pick the best walkie talkie that comes with a keypad lock and keystroke alert so you don’t constantly keep pressing the talk button when you’re on the go.

Convenience and weight go hand in hand. Pick the best walkie talkie that doesn’t weigh too much as that will slow you down. Unlike some old best walkie talkies, the new, modern ones are manufactured with a charger and rechargeable batteries. But, nevertheless, ensure that you pick the best walkie talkie that works on disposable batteries, so you can easily change them if you’re embarking upon a longer adventure.

The best pick: Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS Two-Way Radio

Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS Two-Way Radio

We know that even though the Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS Two-Way Radio is quite reasonably priced, it has a comparatively higher price tag and that is solely because of the handy device’s longest maximum range dominance on the market. This best walkie talkie is created to conveniently access both free FRS and licensed GMRS frequencies. We didn’t have any trouble in sending an SOS signal through the built-in LED light in the case of an emergency. It comes with a headset jack so you can enjoy a hands-free experience. Although we had to test the sound once first to ensure that our messages were being transmitted articulately.
In terms of additional features, this best walkie talkie gives you the opportunity to secure your conversations with multiple privacy code options in order to easily maintain a closed channel. This best Uniden walkie talkie ranked the highest when it came to convenience and comfort. We were able to check the battery meter quite conveniently with the help of the backlit LCD display and getting notified in case of low charge was also not a problem with this best walkie talkie. Since the Uniden is a lightweight walkie talkie, it runs a high risk of getting dropped in water more frequently but that is something we were easily able to handle because of the device’s waterproof capability that also allows it to float. This best walkie talkie may be a tad higher on the price than the rest but, at the same time, the rest don’t come remotely close to how great this tool is for campers, trekkers, and the like.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS Two-Way Radio has a few glitches that we discovered after carrying out various lengthy experiments on this handy little thing. As mentioned earlier, this best walkie talkie made the whole hands-free operation a tad annoying as we had to use a trigger word each time in order to establish unbroken communication. Also, this Uniden radio is not guarded with an auto-squelch function, so don’t be surprised if ambient sounds interfere with your voice messages. But this particular flaw didn’t seem to bother us too much as we, like most adventurers, were exposed to calm and low-key weather and surroundings.
The absence of being able to make the experience more convenient by using disposable batteries brought us some disappointment with this best walkie talkie. But, since you care enough to read about its features and functionality, there will be no element of surprise in the middle of your adventure if you run out of batteries, so we’re pretty sure that it won’t bother you as much. The batteries may not be disposable but they definitely are interchangeable so keeping a few cheap spares on hand can go a long way, literally.

The upgrade: Cobra MRHH500 Floating VHF Radio

Cobra MRHH500 Floating VHF Radio

Specially designed to withstand tough weather conditions, the Cobra MRHH500 Floating VHF Radio is, quite surprisingly and ironically, incredibly light and easy to handle. This best walkie talkie is an ideal choice for vigorous adventures, which obviously makes it waterproof and floatable. So we carried out water experiments and are pleased to tell you that this best walkie talkie has the ability to hold off under water for a whopping 30 minutes. Next comes the BURP feature that instantly burps out all the water from the device. You will simply love the amazing Bluetooth technology which enables you to link your mobile phone wirelessly. Not only were we able to store the cell phone in the waterproof case, but we were also able to have a clear and loud conversation on it.
This best walkie talkie claims to have a maximum range of up to 20 miles under impeccable circumstances, and we easily managed to achieve a range of a little more than 5 miles over wide and clear waters. The sound quality is pretty impressive along with its flawless noise canceling microphone. The most striking feature, the Rewind-Say-Again gives you the most awesome opportunity to replay last 20 seconds of transmission along with missed VHF calls. Another upgraded quality of this best walkie talkie is its adjustable power setting for short and long range communication in order to best use battery life. And in any case, if you somehow exhaust the battery, there’s absolutely no need to worry as you will have a spare battery pack with you along with a charging dock and wall and vehicle adapters. With additional features such as access to NOAA channels and a safety tri-watch scan, this best walkie talkie has a pretty justifiable high price for an upgraded product with some great exclusive features.

The affordable pick: Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio


Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio

You will be surprised with how surpassingly valuable this inexpensive yet best walkie talkie will be for your wilderness and adventurous experiences. The Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio boasts a maximum range of 36 miles under undisturbed and calm environments whereas we experienced a bare coverage of only 1 to 2 miles in the mountainous regions. Providing access to 50 channels, incomparable to the other best walkie talkies we tested, the Midland device offers both FRS and GMRS frequencies.
According to our research team, who has performed many stress tests on this best walkie talkie, the reason why one should not be skeptical about buying this product is best described in two words; survival tools. This best walkie talkie has the ability to automatically notify you when the weather conditions are going to get worse. And its effective SOS siren quickly sends a distress and location signal to others so they can come find you quite easily in case of an accident or emergency. We were pretty bummed to find out that this best walkie talkie doesn’t have a noise-cancelling feature. But the device’s convenience level makes up for such a weakness. A lightweight design, various charging methods, backlit display, rechargeable battery, and 3-year warranty are some of the convenience elements that overshadow the flaws. This best walkie talkie is a waterproof device but it does not have the tendency to float, so we had to watch out while handling this thing around water. It is a pretty perfect basic model to carry out basic walkie talkie functions without making a fuss about anything.

Best walkie talkie for long distance

Motorola MR350R Two-Way Radio

The Motorola MR350R Two-Way Radio holds the upper hand with its exceptional transmission range of up to 35 miles under undisturbed atmospheric and weather conditions. This best walkie talkie for long distance is packed with 22 channels and a lightweight design that includes comparatively larger buttons, which made it very easy for us to operate the device while testing. We cannot overstate how magnificent and constructive the whole experience of using this best walkie talkie was, especially because of its excellent range and reception, even in crowded and compact places. You get access to 121 privacy codes and NOAA weather alerts to ensure security and prepare you for unexpected climatic conditions. Also, with this best walkie talkie model you get not one but two rechargeable battery packs, unlike the other best walkie talkies on our list. And if these features don’t help you seal the deal, then the totally reasonable price range definitely will.

Cobra Electronics CXT545 Walkie Talkie

If we have to compare, then we would happily say that the Cobra Electronics CXT545 Walkie Talkie has almost all the features that we were looking for in the best walkie talkie on the market. This remarkable device offers a maximum range of 28 miles, but only under the condition of a calm and controlled environment. We were able to secure a range of only 2 miles in the mountainous regions and even less in the city. But this best walkie talkie is specifically manufactured for long distance, which means camping. So you won’t have to worry about getting a much lower actual coverage range than its listed range. Apart from this, the hands-free two-way radio is loaded with a built-in LED to send an emergency SOS signal, portable quality to ensure added comfort while camping, rechargeable battery, charging dock, and USB charging cable for an upgraded user experience. Plus, this best walkie talkie is waterproof as well. So as far as the design and performance are concerned, it is as good as any other best walkie talkie on the market.

Best Waterproof Walkie Talkie

Olympia R500 Rugged Waterproof Two-Way Radio

Being an unfamiliar product on the market, we were pretty excited to test the Olympia R500 Rugged Waterproof Two-Way Radio. This best walkie talkie for long distance is considered to be the best pick in this subcategory with an unmatched 42-mile range. But we were unable to get an unobstructed reception within 1500 feet. So we did face some issues with transmission due to mountain terrain. The NOAA radio transmission feature and the waterproof and floatable quality of this best walkie talkie didn’t fail to impress us. After performing many stress tests, we found that the Olympia R500 has the ability to work quite efficiently even after being submerged in water for a certain period of time. With an incredibly long battery life, 58 channels, backlit display, auxiliary headset output, and some other great additional features, this best walkie talkie for long distance is a great outdoor adventure essential.

Best Motorola Walkie Talkie

Motorola MT352R Weatherproof Two-Way Radio

This best walkie talkie for long distance is created to endure severe weather conditions just like a soldier at war, on drugs. With a 35 mile range in an ideal environment, the Motorola MT352R Weatherproof Two-Way Radio gave us a 2-mile range coverage in the city, something that we achieved with the other best walkie talkies for long distance as well. What’s more striking about this Motorola model, unlike the Motorola MR350R (listed above), is its long lasting battery life and luminous sound quality when this best walkie talkie was in a decent range. We had the opportunity to charge this device using a mini USB as well. The performance of this best walkie talkie is quite impressive and seems even more so with the plausible price range of this thing.

Best walkie talkie for event planners

Olympia P324 Professional Two-Way Radio

Savvy event planners know how important it is to have the best walkie talkie in order to herd over concerts and other such action-packed affairs. And the Olympia P324 Professional Two-Way Radio is considered to be a champ in this arena. This best walkie talkie for event planners has a highly reliable quality with efficient channel scan and monitor functions. We tested this best walkie talkie several times to determine how great the security and convenience elements were and we were quite impressed with its 133 private line codes and battery saver function combined with a distinct low battery notification. Extremely lightweight in design, this best walkie talkie for event planners comes with headsets, rapid chargers, highly competent batteries, shoulder microphones, and carrying cases. We couldn’t have asked for any more special features than this!

Midland 75-822 CB-Way Radio

This inexpensive best walkie talkie for event planners may be an old-fashioned model but is created for more than just events. A perfect handy device for any individual when on the road, the Midland 75-822 CB-Way Radio is also a great option for truckers as well as for campers, hikers, and the like. Keeping the primitive design and functionalities along with the affordable price in mind, this best walkie talkie does a remarkable job by offering 40 channels with a maximum range of 4 watts output power. Unlike some other outdated best walkie talkie models, this one has the ability to search for channel activities by default and it also has the capability to store 5 channels in the memory for a better user experience. What we were truly impressed with is this best walkie talkie’s Automatic Noise Limiter and squelch control; these are features that drastically boost reception when you’re on the go. The emergency functionalities also proved to be helpful with NOAA weather alerts and a cigarette lighter adapter for mobile use in case of low battery life. We did find the quality of this best walkie talkie to be pretty much average due to its poor build but, nevertheless, it is considered to be a pretty decent product that covers all bases quite efficiently.

Motorola RMM2050 Two-Way Business Radio

As far as the best walkie talkie models are concerned, every list is incomplete without a Motorola selection. So the best walkie talkie for event planners manufactured by Motorola is the Motorola RMM2050 Two-Way Business Radio. It gives you access to 5 license-free MURS frequency channels and is pretty easy and standard to use. As its name suggests, it is a business radio perfect for event planners. This best walkie talkie transmits messages loud and clear, even in mountainous terrains, if you’re planning to use it for adventurous activities. A multi-functional device, the Motorola RMM2050 is equipped with Channel Announcement with Voice Alias and Advanced Voice Activation that offer enhanced dominance over audio quality and overall performance. This best walkie talkie has an unmatched design that can withstand shock, wind, dust, and other extreme conditions. Our test results proved that this slightly high-priced best walkie talkie is easy to use with batteries that can last all day even when subjected to constant use.

Best waterproof walkie talkie

Cobra Electronics CXT1035R Floating Walkie Talkie

Our first selection for the best waterproof walkie talkie is this multi-purpose Cobra Electronics CXT1035R Floating Walkie Talkie. It provides maximum range coverage of 37 miles in ideal conditions, but much lower when used in reality. With access to both FRS and license-required GMRS frequencies, this best waterproof walkie talkie performed remarkably better on flat roads than mountainous regions. This best walkie talkie can withstand anything you throw at it, including throw the device itself. We were able to recharge the thing out and about, thanks to the micro-USB. We obviously love the fact that this best waterproof walkie talkie floats as well but we do have one complaint nonetheless. The Cobra Electronics CXT1035R doesn’t do a great job at keeping away other transmissions from other radios. A basic firmware update can easily fix this problem. But until then, we are quite pleased with this best waterproof walkie talkie with its valuable features such as the flashlight and rugged bright orange design combined with its competitive price range.

Motorola MS350R Talkabout Waterproof Two-Way Radio

And another superb Motorola model, the Motorola MS350R Talkabout Waterproof Two-Way Radio. This best walkie talkie is considered to be as favorable as our best pick on the list. It is an ideal choice for campers and hikers mainly due to its durable and waterproof characteristics. Our testers placed this best walkie talkie in water to check whether it floats or not and it does, pretty impressively. We feel obliged to tell you that the Motorola MS350R will give you a range of 2 miles under harsh and rough conditions. With an option of 25 channels to choose from, this best walkie talkie also gives you access to private channels as well as NOAA weather channels. One tragedy that we experienced while testing this device is that we were not able to send an SOS message in case of emergencies. But we chose to ignore that because we know that not every product is perfect. Although we did love the fact that this best walkie talkie has a battery meter that notifies you well before the battery life drains out. So you can safely opt for this best waterproof walkie talkie for all your adventures.

Uniden GMR-2838-2CK Waterproof Two-Way Radio

After selecting the Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS as our best pick, we had to list its exceptional waterproof version too. The Uniden GMR-2838-2CK Waterproof Two-Way Radio offers a range capacity of 28 miles in theory and 1.5 miles in reality, which is not such a bad thing as all the other best walkie talkie devices on the market sum up to the same. This best walkie talkie has a pretty solid waterproof build that can easily put up with rough rainy weather and such extreme conditions. Quite a generously affordable price places this best waterproof walkie talkie as the most desirable product on the market that makes all the special features, such as the 22 channels with 121 privacy codes, backlit LCD display, channel scan, headset jack, dual pocket desktop charger, rechargeable battery, 3-year warranty, and much more, seem like a blessing in disguise.

Wrapping it up

Now we all know how great and valuable the best modern walkie talkie devices are in our world even today. Modern technology has enabled us to communicate better despite being miles and miles apart. And the best walkie talkie models that we have listed have been put through a number of vigorous tests so that you purchase something that gives you more freedom and flexibility when it comes to exploring more and working better. Our best pick, the Uniden GMR5099-2CKHS Two-Way Radio, is capable of making communication easier even your group or family member is 50 miles away from you. And quite simply, we’ve listed the next two popular walkie talkies as well, the Cobra MRHH500 Floating VHF Radio and the Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio. The former being an upgraded version while the latter is a pocket-friendly selection.