Best Meat Grinder

The Homeleader 800 Watts Electric Meat Grinder is our best meat grinder, which prevents overheating due to the inside circuit breaker due to its design. With over 300 watts of rated power for an economical usage, it gives you an easy operation as a meat grinder that can be used for soups. It has a total of 800 watts of max locked power and has a safety switch.

Our step-up pick is the STX International Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder and the meat grinder is very easy to assemble and you can enjoy hours of meat grinding at home or in your meat shop with a circuit breaker for safety. It can help you process lean ground meat and it has a very nice appearance on any countertop. It is a size no.12 grinder and it can work continuously without overheating as a commercial meat grinder as well.

The budget pick is the Pictek Meat Grinder and Food Mincer and the meat grinder can be used to mince food easily and has a vacuum suction base so it is steady while it can easily grind meat. With a wide range of use for a meat grinder, you can easy to rotate the crank manually as a manual meat grinder that is easier to clean than most grinders out there.

A Little Background

Meat grinders are made for the initial purpose of grinding meat or cutting meat in smaller pieces. While you will only mostly see them in butcher shops, meat grinders can also be used at home if you want to make homemade burgers, spring rolls, dumplings and the like. Any kind of recipe that involves grinding meat can make the use of a meat grinder.
The main parts of the meat grinder that work to grind meat is the blade and plate as well as the screw. They are the most important parts of the meat grinder. The cover is important as well so that you can stay protected from the blade’s sharpness. The hopper is where you put in the meat for you to grind with the use of the meat grinder.
The purpose of meat grinders is to make your own meat products such as meatballs, hamburger patties and the like at the comfort of your own home. Instead of buying frozen meat that has been processed, it will be much more advisable and healthier with getting your own supply of meat products without much harsh chemicals or preservatives.
The meat grinder has so many purposes other than just for hamburgers and meatballs, for instance, you can also make sausages and anything that involves meat. You can process various meats in just one go with the use of a meat grinder, provided that the meat is okay to process. Most of the time, meat grinders tell you to pass an item twice for better meat product.
Meat grinders are more than just for meat. If you want to process vegetables, fruits and nuts, you can actually count on meat grinders to do the job. It makes the process of juicing, relishing and various other recipes that requires a lot of food prep easier with a meat grinder. If you are just creative enough, you can make your own recipes or look for one that uses a meat grinder for non-meat product recipes.
Operating a meat grinder safely is a challenge because it is very sharp, can lead to disaster and injuries and should be done with a conscious and alerted mind. Butchers are very used to using the meat grinder because they are part of the job. However, if it is your first time, be careful when handling the parts of the meat grinder, especially the blades and the auger or drill.
The meat grinder can be manual or electric while some can be commercially made and some are okay for home use. The commercially used meat grinder is usually large and made for restaurants and larger meat processing stores that sell in bulk or wholesale. Meat grinders that are for home use can be electric and are easier to operate.
Meat that has been stored in the freezer for quite a long time can make it prone to E. coli and different kinds of harsh and harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses and sickness to you and the family. This is why instead of buying frozen food, you can just process your own meat to prepare them on your own at home or with family without the dangers of freezer storage threats.
The tube of the meat grinder is where you put your meat product. While you turn the handle, the screw pushes in the meat and effectively grinding it through your machine’s cutting plate. Whether it is an electric or manual meat grinder, it uses the same principle in grinding meat in general.
Making your own homemade burger, meatballs or any kind of meat product that uses grinded meat is important and healthy. This is because you have the option to select your ingredients, where they come from and how much to add into your recipe. Meat and fat should be both on the right proportion so as not to get a lot of cholesterol levels yet leave a good taste for your meat.

How We Picked

For those who want the best meat grinder, you should consider the following factors:
Manual or electric: most meat grinders come in either manual or electric in terms of design. Manual ones are the hand crank ones while electric ones just allow you to feed the meat through the hopper or tube to process meat automatically. It is important that you choose the meat grinder type that is best for your needs, as some are more suited to electric than with manual models. Electric models are easier and safer but manual models don’t consume energy but are more for the experts or those with more time on their hands.
Horsepower: 1 HP meat grinders are common and powerful. The horsepower of a meat grinder dictates how much power it will give to cut and grind your meat thoroughly without fail. Having more power for a meat grinder will make it easier to grind meat and will be helpful for those who make burgers and meatballs on a regular basis, usually for the purpose of selling them or using them for your restaurant or snack shack business.
Number of blades: most have up to 3 blades, which can cut up and grind meat easier. The number of blades and attachments on a meat grinder can tell about how powerful or diverse it is as a kitchen tool or meat processing aid. This is important in case you want to process different kinds or thicknesses of burger patty or meatballs. Some like it coarse but some like it finely grinded – it is just a matter of taste and preferences.
Stable base: do consider a meat grinder that has a stable base because this will make the kitchen tool safe and sound to operate on any table or flat surface. The base of the meat grinder is best to have a suction base so that it will be prevented from skidding and slipping off the table or kitchen countertop. This will lead to less likelihood of injuries in the kitchen due to the safety feature present in the meat grinder.
Safety features: the dangerous parts of a meat grinder should be fully covered so that your fingers will be protected very well. Other than the suction base, many other safety features should be present with the use of the meat grinder so that you will be able to do things in the kitchen without compromising on safety standards. The blades should be fully covered and if it is electric, it should have some sort of voltage protection and the like.
Home or commercial use: do consider a meat grinder that is meant for your intended needs. For home use, it should be just fine with easy to use control and also easy to set up. Most home models are also small to medium in size and can be electric. Commercial purpose meat grinders are mostly larger in size and are equipped with heavy duty motors, bigger hoppers and other parts that are made for rigorous meat cutting tasks. Electric and manual models are available for commercial use.
Body material: some meat grinders are made with high quality plastic bodies but some are made with stainless steel. Those with plastic parts are cheaper but are still usable, especially by home based cooks who want to make their own burgers and meatballs. However, if you want to go for commercial use, a meat grinder should be at least stainless steel so that it can be heavy duty and can stand up to heavy use and to the test of time.
Size of food tray: the food tray of the meat grinder should be able to accommodate as much meat as possible without the problem of clogging or jamming the machine. This is so that you can be able to process more meat or food in just one go to save you more time and effort in the long run. A large sized food tray is also a good thing for those who are running businesses and the like, such as a restaurant, snack shack or mini fast food chain.
Ease of use and setup: do consider a meat grinder that is relatively easy to use and to put together, especially if you are new or a beginner at meat grinding and / or making your own processed meat products at home. You should consider a meat grinder with user friendly instructions, complete diagrams on how to assemble, and also how to troubleshoot some problems.
Rated voltage (for electric models): many different countries in the world use a specific voltage system so you should pick one that is just right for your needs. Those with 110 to 120 volts are mostly for Americans while Europeans will have 220 volt systems.
Warranty cover: do know what is covered by the warranty period of the meat grinder, as to which part, where is the service center and how long the warranty period cam be extended.

Our Pick

Our best meat grinder is the Homeleader 800 Watts Electric Meat Grinder, which has a big capacity and it gives good ventilation to your meat overall. It is made out of a heavy duty motor and it has the ability to multitask for your needs. It doesn’t slide around and it is great at grinding fresh beef.
With non-slip rubber feet to keep things safe in the kitchen, it has all copper wires in its construction. It also has various functions to make meat products perfectly at home or in the business. With a sturdy gearbox, the meat grinder has a safe food pusher and can also act as a vegetable shredder.
It is wrapped with a stainless steel body so it is durable. There is an automatic protection for the motor to keep it safe. With a sausage attachment for your sausage making needs, the meat grinder can process ham, pork and the like for your different needs for gourmet or lunch.
The meat grinder is quite easy to clean and store and has big gears that won’t easily break down. With 3 cutting plates to grind meat coarse, medium or fine, the meat grinder can also work on vegetables and has a reverse function. It can let you choose whatever size you want for your meat.
It is versatile that you can also do some spices and ingredients with this meat grinder. It has lower noise than other grinders and can also act as a tomato juicing appliance. It is big enough for most families and can also make food purees. You can process turkey and chicken in this meat grinder.
Rated for 120 volts 60 Hz, the meat grinder has a detachable tray and it has big buttons that are easy to operated. It is backed by a 12-month replacement warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the Homeleader 800 Watts Electric Meat Grinder does have a few concerns, such that it is not as powerful as true commercial brands, but it is sufficient for small businesses and home use nonetheless.

Step-up Pick

Our step-up pick is the STX International Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder and it has a locked motor wattage of 3000 watts. This meat grinder is sturdy with polished aluminum to protect it. You can process beef easily in this unit and grind up more meat as much as possible with its 3 speeds.
It has a stop and reset button for emergencies and has a sausage kit includes as well. You can also use it as a home meat grinder with 2 1/2 inch diameter for its ground meat output. Great for the perfect ground meat texture, the meat grinder has a powerful motor and can process lamb or goat as well.
As a kitchen grinder with enough heavy duty output power, it has a kubbe attachment as well and a 2-inch diameter feed tube for bigger food items and even for regular meat. You can find this meat grinder easy to set up and it has good torque as well.
With 3 grinding plates (fine, medium, coarse) are made of tempered steel, the meat grinder is ideal for the home kitchen and it can be washed by hand so it is low on maintenance. As an easy to clean after use meat grinder, it includes 3 stainless steel cutting blades and is also perfect for hamburgers.
Being built to last, the meat grinder comes with 3 sausage tubes for your other needs. It is totally great for commercial usage due to being heavy duty. What’s more, the blades can also be placed in the dishwasher safely. It is backed by a 3-year warranty for parts and labor.

Budget Pick

Our budget pick is the Pictek Meat Grinder and Food Mincer in which the blade can be removed. This meat grinder has a finger protector for safety purposes and can process both meat and vegetables due to its diverse functionality. It is also quite easy to clean and can help you make food recipes easily.
Made with food grade stainless steel blades, the meat grinder has a simple frame design. It has a meat pusher to help you with food and can also process garlic and pepper. It can be cleaned thoroughly due to its design and it does not clog at all. As a multipurpose grinder, all parts are dishwasher safe.
When handling meats, this meat grinder can help you out with the task. It can also grind nuts and the like and also grind pork. It is made with easy to clean quality ABS plastic and you will eat your greens more if you process veggies in this meat grinder. What’s more, mutton meat can also work on this unit.
With no rust problems at all, the meat grinder is both a meat and vegetable grinder due to its versatility for beef and veggies. It can be cleaned and used quickly and effortlessly to cut meat and other food items into pieces for easy cooking. You can also work on beans, garlic and fish. The meat grinder is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Meat Grinder that uses a Manual Mechanism

The Bellemain Manual Hand Crank Meat Grinder is a manual meat grinder that can be used to make meatballs and eat healthier foods such as burgers that are homemade. It can produce large enough quantities for most purposes and will be a great stepping stone to grind your own meat at home.
It is quite sturdy enough for most uses and it is quite simple to clean. You can also be adding fresh herbs to your meat with this meat grinder. It can handle both raw and cooked meats and can help you make fresh burgers in no time. The grinder comes apart for cleaning without much fuss.
It has a grinding blade included and can make tacos as well for family use or business use. It can make sausages and has a high resistance for meats. The meat grinder is quite stable and unmovable and has the stability to make it safe. It is made with heavy duty plastic and takes less than 2 minutes to learn.
One of the finest meat grinders out there, it can also grind chestnuts so you can make your favorite picnic salads. As an easy to use meat grinder to make healthy cuts of meat, it is also a very sturdy meat grinder that can be your new favorite handy tool in the kitchen at home.
Made with heavy duty stainless steel that is durable, the meat grinder gives you a simple hand crank operation, especially for the inexperienced when it comes down to using and operating meat grinder. If you want to make sausage at home then this is the meat grinder to start off with.
You can also make pasta sauces with this meat grinder due to its safety and versatility. It has a meat pusher so your fingers can safely operate the unit. You get full control with the use of this manually operated meat grinder and it is also easy to clean through the dishwasher. The construction of this meat grinder resists scratching and rusting and it has a strong suction base as well.

Best Meat Grinder that is Electric

The LEM Products 1158 Mighty Bite Grinder makes meat processing easy and is rated for use on 120v systems. With enough speed and efficiency, this meat grinder consumes 500 watts with 1000 watt peak power so it is powerful enough. It has a heavy duty handle for your carrying needs.
Providing a good torque for grinding meat, it has a permanently lubricated motor so it is less of a maintenance with its aluminum motor housing as well. You can make gourmet burgers at home with this home meat processor and you can also choose between full and slow speed.
Moreover, this meat grinder has a pulse reverse feature and it is a good little unit to start off with. There is a meat stomper part in this meat grinder so it has many function. You can also use the oversized hole for larger pieces of meat for bigger batches and the many seasons to come for food prep.
Disassembly is super easy with this meat grinder to keep it clean all the time. With 3 stainless steel plates included with the meat grinder, you also get a total of 2 grind speeds. You can use it for restaurants and food shacks with ease.
Including a stainless steel knife, the meat grinder is absolutely okay for light commercial use and includes a total of 3 plastic stuffing tubes for your different needs. The metal gears are very durable to withstand the use of butchers.
Its meat pan holds up to 3 pounds so it’s pretty spacious. You will never buy ground beef from the store again when you use this meat grinder for sausage making and burgers. As an ETL approved kitchen appliance, it is a lot quieter than the rest of the meat grinders out there.
Also made for seasoned hunters, this meat grinder is quite the workhorse in the kitchen and its 5-foot power cord can be kept stored under the meat grinder’s housing. It has a 1 year factory warranty.

Best Meat Grinder for Commercial Use

The Tangkula Commercial Stainless Steel Meat Grinder consumes and holds 1100 watts of power when you use it with its powerful 1 HP motor that is also a copper motor. As a sized # 12 grinder that can help you prepare beef in minutes, it is for commercial use and is great for both home and professional cooks.
With a stainless steel body that is durable enough for a meat shop, meat bones can be reduced to a fine grit with this unit and this very solid grinder. Moreover, this specific grinder has a productivity rate of 396 lbs per hour so you get more meat in the long run for commercial use.
The meat grinder has been rated for 110 volt systems at 60 Hz and it is great for just about any food lover who not only wants to eat burgers at home but also want to eat healthy in their homemade burgers, meatballs and the like with the help from a meat grinder.
It can also be used to make raw dog food and can withstand years of use due to its design and durability. The meat grinder has an average blade speed of 200 rpm so it works fast. You can even use this meat grinder on a family farm due to its versatility. It can also work well for any local supermarket.

Best Meat Grinder that is Also for Vegetables

The Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder is quite easy to use and its included blades are fully enclosed for safety. Having the ability to process both meats and veggies, you just simply place your meat and it will do the rest of the job. For safety, it includes a meat pusher as well.
As a compact and lightweight meat grinder, you can also make sausages in it with its safe and ergonomic design. You can simply turn the hand crank with minimal effort to unlock the full potential of this meat grinder that can make burgers and other recipes for your family and friends.
It can turn meat into fine grinded paste for your recipes as a compact and portable meat grinder. You can also make meatballs on the go and they can be cooked in your style and taste with a healthier taste. It uses stainless steel blades to cut food and meat and has a user-friendly design.
Made with heavy duty plastic that is easy to clean, the meat grinder can make fresh gourmet burgers and it can also be easily dissembled for easy cleaning. You can also grind buffalo meats and also make meatballs in a convenient way with this manual meat grinder.
There is a coarse mincing plate for this meat grinder for your specific needs. You can also make sausages without injuries with the suction base. You can grind vegetables without much effort as the hand crank is easy to turn for most people.
A fine mincing plate is also included with this meat grinder for finer pieces of meat and veggies. You can also mince garlic with its versatility and its durability. The meat grinder can last for many years and is quite dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. You can also process fruits in it.

Best Meat Grinder with a Sausage Stuffer Kit

Perfect for making those larger batches, the KitchenAid KSMGBC Food and Meat Grinder is great at grinding raw meats and you can also process cheese and make your homemade hamburger just fine. Even firm fruits can work on this grinder other than your burgers.
You can grind a few pounds of meat with this unit which is specifically made for quickly grinding meats and even making meatloaf. If you are into low fat organic meat then you can use the coarse grinding plate to make homemade recipes. You can also make bread crumbs with this unit.
You can cut up vegetables easily and combining ingredients is a breeze as it cuts your food into small enough pieces for cooking. With a power hub attachment for your needs, you can also make homemade salsa on the go or use the hardwood stomper included in the unit.
This grinder lets you make your own blend of hamburger or even a homemade venison sausage with its fine grinding plate. It also processes dry bread while cleanup is a breeze because it is dishwasher safe. The machine grates hard cheeses as well and you can easily use cold meat to process it. the grinder goes with any KitchenAid Stand Mixer as an attachment and has a 1 year replacement warranty.

Best Meat Grinder with a Mincer Attachment

Made with stainless steel blades, the Useful Manual Meat Grinder Mincer/Pasta Maker is the solution to homemade hamburgers and it is not too difficult to use and learn. Moreover, you can make bread crumbs and you can use it for bacon burgers. It easily minces veggies and is a great manual meat grinder with a sausage funnel attachment.
What’s more, it easily grinds nuts and veggies and is perfect for a very tiny space at home or in the kitchen. With an included plastic tray, you can also serve up fresh pasta or even crush beans with this grinder. You can set it on a picnic table for special occasions.
There are 2 screen plate included s for coarse mincing and fine mincing and you can easily process beef into burgers with this meat grinder. Made for baby food making, it is super stable with an included suction-locking pestle.
With a total of 2 pasta attachments (spaghetti and linguine), you can get creative in the kitchen. It also grinds turkey so the possibilities are endless with this grinder. It has a nice suction base and can process vegetables. It is an FDA-approved grinder with a recipe booklet included and a locking key.

Best Meat Grinder for Home Use

The BCP Home 1200W Electric Meat Grinder can cut and grind meat and food with your own flavors and recipes. You can easily make chicken sausage with this grinder that includes a meat pusher and a cover for safety purposes. With a 1200 to 1400 watt motor, you will get greatly ground meat with this machine that has been rated for 110 volt systems.
It has course, fine, and medium plates for your specific purpose. It is great for meat preservation and has plenty of power and is also great for game meat as it can also grind through chicken bones. Making burger patties on this machine is a breeze with its T-304 stainless steel and high quality plastic construction. It is also a CE listed meat grinder with a 60 day warranty.

The Competition

Other meat grinders did not make it to our list simply because they lacked in safety features that are important for any meat grinder. Many dangers can arise due to the improper use or non-durable parts so it is important that a meat grinder is not just working well but also totally safe to use and operate, especially for beginners at grinding meat at home or for a business.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a meat grinder and what does it do?
A: A meat grinder is a kind of device or kitchen equipment or even wet market equipment that uses a processing machine to cut and grind meat into finer pieces for specific recipes.
Q: What are the usual parts of a meat grinder and what do they do?
A: The common parts of a meat grinder include the cover, plate, blade, hopper, screw and pusher. You add the meat on the hopper and the pusher pushes down the meat. The screw, blade and plate do the grinding for you while the cover protects you from the meat blades.
Q: Why should I have a meat grinder?
A: The meat grinder can be used at home to make your own hamburger or meat product because it makes the process of processing meat homemade and fresh. You can also ensure that your meat products such as spring rolls, meatballs and the like will be fresh and just the right consistency for your recipe.
Q: What products can you make out of a meat grinder?
A: The most common meat products that you can make out of a meat grinder include meatballs, hamburger patties, sausages and many more. You can add these meat products to your own recipe or let them stand on their own.
Q: Can vegetarian people and vegan people also use a meat grinder?
A: More specifically, even vegetables and the like can be processed in a meat grinder. Surprisingly, the meat grinder can also grind vegetables, nuts, fruit and the like because of its diverse operations and options. Even vegetarians and vegans can make the use of a meat grinder, whether as a standalone meat grinder or as an attachment from another kitchen tool.
Q: How do I operate a meat grinder safely?
A: When you operate a meat grinder , you should keep your fingers safe. You can refer to the user’s manual of a meat grinder on how to operate it as safely as possible. The plate and the auger or drill should be away from your fingers as much as possible.
Q: What kinds of meat grinders are out there and which is the best for me?
A: The meat grinder can actually come in a variety of designs. The manual meat grinder is something that you will most likely see in a butcher’s shop. The electric meat grinder is more expensive but is great for bulk work. Commercial meat grinders are also seen in meat processing shops but not like those in wet markets. They are more used in larger supermarkets that process meats.
Q: What dangers can meat go through if I purchased them processed from a store?
A: Processed meat that has been in the fridge for a long time can be prone to E. coli and various bad bacteria that can harm you and your family. This is why most people take it as a good investment to make their own processed meats at home.
Q: How exactly does the meat grinder work in grinding meat?
A: The tube or hopper is where you put in the meat and then the meat is pushed with the use of the turning screw. The cutting plate and the blade define how your meat will come out. The bigger the holes, the bigger the pieces of meat in your grinding result.
Q: What is the meat to fat ratio and why does it matter?
A: The meat to fat ratio defines how much meat and how much fat there will be in the grinded meat mix. You should be considerate to not include too much fat but don’t leave it out because the meat will lose its taste. The 80/20 blend (80 percent meat and 20 percent fat) or ratio is the best and is well-recommended by butchers.
Having an 80/20 ratio with more meat and less fat is the ideal choice, as you do not want to have a lot of fat in your meat product. You should have a good mix of fat and meat to have a delicious and healthy meal.
Q: Why is grinding meat at home safer?
A: The benefits of grinding meat at home other than being able to control the freshness of meat is that you not only stay safe from E. coli but also steer clear of unwanted fats. You can control how much fat you can put inside your burger patty, sausage or meatball by grinding only the necessary amount. This is important for those who want to live e healthier lifestyle but still want to enjoy burgers nonetheless.
Q: Is it cheap to grind your own meat and burgers at home?
A: Homemade burgers are actually cheaper because most market prices tend to be overpriced depending on the demands of the market today. However, if you have a source of beef, chicken or any kind of meat and a meat grinder at home, you too can make your own homemade hamburger without the worry of the high price.
Q: What is cryovac wrapped meat and what does it mean?
A: Cryovac wrapped meat is considered a safer alternative to supermarket meat because they are a healthier option if you want to grind meat at home. Cryovac wrapped meat puts out the contamination that your meat product can possibly possess, so you can steer clear from those harsh bacteria that might make you or your family sick.
Q: Does grinding your own meat require a lot of time?
A: Like all kitchen prep work , grinding meat can take some time so it is important you do have a lot of dedicated and devoted time in the kitchen and that you are prepared to get messy in the kitchen like the butchers that work on your local meat shop or wet market. Grinding meat is not an easy task, especially if you are a beginner, but the results can be worth it once you do it right.
Q: What is the importance of putting your meat in the freezer for a while first before grinding it?
A: It may sound like E. coli but it will do nothing to contaminate your meat (that’s for publicly exposed freezers for mass production places, not on your small fridge). Freezing and semi-freezing meat is key to getting safe on the grinding machine because it will make the meat as firm as possible so that it will not be so hard to grind it into the meat machine. Nobody wants a wobbly meat piece into the grinder!
Q: Should I grind my burger meat fine or coarse?
A: It depends on how you will cook your burger , as burger can be cooked by searing or by grilling. When you grill your burger, it is better off having a finely grinded texture whereas if it will be seared, like your favorite fast food burger, it should be coarsely grinded so that it will not fall all over your mouth when you eat it.
Q: Can you also grind meat to make homemade hotdogs?
A: Yes, like making sausages , you can also make homemade hotdogs with the use of a meat grinder. You can choose whatever kind of meat product such as chicken or beef or even some pork. Homemade hotdogs are a better way to keep your kids excited for lunch, snack or dinner time without worrying about E. coli from processed supermarket food.
Q: Is there such a thing as a healthy burger?
A: Yes, if you make burgers at home with a meat grinder, you can choose the right ingredients and the right amounts for your own custom-made burger that is very healthy with your own ingredients. Aside from beef, there are many alternatives, such as chicken and turkey burgers, but it all depends on your taste and also your dietary needs.
Q: Is turkey burger healthier than beef burger?
A: It actually depends on the turkey part because you need to pick the turkey breast in order to get the best lean meat possible from the turkey. Otherwise, you will still have a fair share of white and dark meat, which means it’s not really healthier than beef burger either.
Q: Does chicken burger present a healthier option than beef?
A: Again, it’s all about the part so make sure that if you want a healthier burger patty, choose the breast part of the chicken, as with the turkey, as both are poultry. Lean meat comes from the turkey and chicken breasts (which are also the stuff that kids don’t like to eat in general). Nonetheless, poultry meat that comes from these parts make lean meat and thus healthier burgers.

Wrapping It Up

The Homeleader 800 Watts Electric Meat Grinder is our best meat grinder with 800w max power, a suction base and a sausage kit.