Best Kegerator

The EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator is our best kegerator, which is great for seasoned beer enthusiasts and it also offers easy refrigerator conversion. It is a decent brewing system for starters and has a spanner faucet wrench. Moreover, it gives you easy mobility due to its form factor.

Our step-up pick is the Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler and with its cooling technology, the kegerator is also equipped with a keg tapping kit to make it easy to setup for beginners. It also has a deep chill function for those who need to quickly cool a beer keg. The interior floor mat is made out of stainless steel material so it is very durable.

The budget pick is the EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator Cooler and the kegerator can fit US standard 1/4 and 1/2 kegs and it also has a chrome safety rail. Moreover, you can place the kegerator on the countertop and it won’t fail you. It is also okay to use from the kitchen to the patio due to its mobility.

A Little Background

Home brewing is never without a kegerator. It is a specialized fridge that is usually small and can be carried from place to place. When going for draft beer, kegerators are the way to go because they can specifically fit in beer kegs. Various kegerators come in different sizes depending on your beer keg size and how much you will put in there. The kegerator should also be in the right temperature to keep your beer from foaming too much.
The kegerator was designed with two things in mind: ease of dispensing beer and ease of cooling beer. Draft beer should be maintained at the right temperature or else it will lead to excessive foaming. In the same way, beer from draft kegs will be harder to dispense without the use of a kegerator. The kegerator has a faucet or tap that enables to you to access beer without a lot of mess created.
Kegerators can fall into different categories: at home, outdoors or for commercial needs. While most of them look the same, commercial kegerators are usually bigger with a lot more capacity. The home and outdoor kegerators look the same but outdoor kegerators are best for cold environments such as your patio or your garage, whereas home kegerators usually has a CO2 tank. Mini kegerators for apartment, dorm, condo unit or limited space areas are also available.
Actually, kegerators can be converted from freezers and fridges that have been unused. The problem arises if you are not very knowledgeable when it comes to how the draft beer should be maintained and how it should be tapped if you go for a DIY one. If you are maintaining a business then it is okay to just buy a kegerator from the store instead for heavy duty purposes. Otherwise, if you want to save a little bit then you can try making your own DIY kegerator.
When converting a fridge into a kegerator, you need to know some things before you DIY your kegerator. For example, the fridge should have sufficient space for your beer keg and should also have no freezer section at all or it should be easily removed with no cooling lines on it. Small fridges will do the trick, such as those from 4 to 5 feet in height.
To maintain the fresh taste of your draft beer in your kegerator, you must keep everything clean and well-maintained. To do this, you may need a special cleaning kit that can be used to clean up your kegerator in a way that will not break any of its components. This is important so that your beer will go through the tap without clogging and bad tastes.
A 12-pack beer can be okay for those who don’t need a lot of consumption of beer but for businessmen and those who consume a lot of beer then you can try draft beer in a keg and using a kegerator. You should consider a kegerator that is just the right size for your needs. A 12-pack beer might be great for those who don’t really consume a lot of beer, since kegerators can be expensive, but if you want to make a business out of it then kegerators are a great investment to consider anyway.
While kegerators are generally expensive, you can actually tone down the expenses if you go with smaller or cheaper beer kegs, especially if you don’t always need beer but want a kegerator. If you own a business then having a kegerator can be a great investment anyway.
When you’re planning a DIY kegerator, do consider one that is a full freezer only and not a freezer and fridge combo. This makes it easier for you take it apart and convert it into a kegerator. The controls for the temperature can be easily tweaked if you just have one big freezer instead of fridge.
Compared to regular bottled beer that you need to put ice on all the time, draft beer stays cool and consistent so you get the best kind of beer taste all the time with a kegerator and a beer keg. Bottled beer is cheaper but kegerators give you the best tasting beer.

How We Picked

For the best kegerator, here are some facts and figures you should know about first:
Capacity or size: full, quarter or twin tap are the most common capacities or sizes that you can get for a kegerator. Small ones are ideal for small bars, home bars, mini bars and the like. On the other hand, larger ones tend to be ideal for mini restaurants to bigger restaurants and bars. You should consider where you want to use the kegerator and how many kegs of beer would you like to keep in there.
Digital thermostat: having a kegerator that has a digital thermostat ensures that you keep in check with your beet kegs to ensure that they are all cool and ready to serve. This is especially the case if you maintain a restaurant or bar that needs to keep some ice cold beers handy for the guests and customers when they arrive. The digital thermostat that is included with the kegerator can help you keep a good set of ice cold beer and also maintain your electric bill at the same time.
Bar handle: the bar handle of the kegerator must be high quality when it comes to its construction. This is so that the kegerator will be easy to handle in the long run and especially during busy times in the kitchen, apartment, condo unit, hotel room or mini bar.
Portability: the kegerator should be highly portable so that it will not take a lot of space wherever you intend to use it. Depending on your chosen size or capacity, it should not be too bulky to move around because the goal of having a kegerator is to have accessible beer whenever you need it.
Home or commercial use: you should consider whether the kegerator will be used for home or commercial use. The kegerator is built mostly for any kind of home bar but can also be used in restaurants, bars and the like and similar purposes. The size of the kegerator and its features can define whether it is specifically built for home or commercial use.
Durability: do consider a kegerator that is highly durable to make sure that it can stand for a long usage and for the many years to come. Having a kegerator at home or in your local bar can help withstand the harsh expenses of the electric bill by keeping your beer fresh and in the right temperature without leaks from the kegerator.

Our Pick

Our best kegerator is the EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator and it is capable of serving cold draft beer without a lot of problems. It is applicable for both home or commercial use as a kegerator and it is made with a sturdy stainless steel column to last for the many years to come.
There are also external/internal mounting capabilities for the CO2 cylinder with this kegerator. Great for those who need to maintain low temperatures, the kegerator can take up to a full sized standard keg (half shell Sankey) due to its great capacity.
It also has stylish black tap handles to make it easy for operation. It is rated for 115 V/60 Hz systems and can also fit two sixth kegs. It has a single gauge regulator and it has a convenient reversible door. Moreover, it is great for those who are looking for a reliable kegerator with a thermostat.
With a dual faucet tower design, the kegerator has a temperature range of low 30s to mid 40s degrees. You also get an external tank mount with this unit and it only consumes 105 W or 1.5 A of power. Moreover, it stands 48.5 inches tall as a kegerator with rolling casters to make it easy to maneuver.
You can expect that the beer and air lines are NSF-approved so it is safe to use and easy to clean. It has 2 chrome plated brass faucets for ease of operation. It has a tower and a chrome safety rail to make it great for both home and commercial use. The kegerator also includes a protective floor plate.
Moreover, you can fit a Slim-Pony Keg or a Pony Keg in this kegerator and the 2-piece drip tray will keep the beer foam out. In addition to that, this kegerator is for freestanding use only. However, it can also hold some Cornelius Homebrew kegs.
The kegerator can maintain a good flow on the beers so it will be great for a beginner’s kegerator. It has a 5 lb. CO2 cylinder included to get you started. The kegerator is backed by a 90 days labor and 1 year parts warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a major con, the EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator does have a slightly off packaging, but the kegerator really works nonetheless regardless of packaging and it is just the right price for most people who want to own a kegerator anyway.

Step-up Pick

Our step-up pick as a kegerator is the Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler, which is a complete kegerator system that has a stylish black faucet knob to easily operate it. You also get a bunch of easy rolling casters for this kegerator so it is easy to move from one place to another.
The digital temperature display of this kegerator is very accurate and the beer refrigerator includes many awesome stuff such as the ability to keep it locked to keep the unit from moving. You can fit in Miller, Coors kegs and Rubber kegs into this kegerator.
It stands 33 inches high and it has all of the draft beer dispense equipment needed for your beer keg needs. You can go for as low as 32 degrees with this kegerator and it also informs you when the tank is getting low on gas so it is very convenient.
Made with D system keg couplers, you can enjoy a nice glass of beer with this kegerator due to its intuitive push button controls. The kegerator is also great for your barbecue parties at home and its dispense kit comes with all the needed things for a kegerator setup. It comes with a 5 lb. aluminum CO2 tank ready to be filled in. with UL recognized components, it is safe with a chrome guard rail installed.
The draft tower measures 3 inch diameter, has a double faucet design and is made with chrome plated metal. The kegerator also includes a single gauge CO2 regulator. Moreover, it gives you a fan-forced cooling for your beer keg and it will also hold any full size keg for its capacity.
The kegerator can work continuously for up to 24 hours due to its power. It also has a 5/16 inch I.D. blue air line at 5 feet in length. With a greatly spacious interior for your beer keg to have long lasting coolness, the kegerator can be converted into a regular refrigerator as well and it includes 2 snap clamps.

Budget Pick

As the basic version of our top pick, our budget pick is the EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator Cooler in which casters are included to make it very mobile around the house or kitchen. You can put this kegerator under your countertop and it is also backed by a metal floor plate for durability.
What’s more, the built-in drip tray is removable and is easy to clean for a hassle-free kegerator. It fights against corrosion and wear due to its design and it keeps your beer cold and tasty as much as possible. It can be used for your backyard and it gives you an easy loading and unloading experience.
As a reliable kegerator, this unit can also give your kegs some ultra low temperatures. It has a temperature range of low 30’s to mid 40’s and it is also ideal for home brewers who are just starting out. The kegerator can be used for Pony Kegs and Slim-Pony Kegs as well.
If you want a kegerator that offers a conversion to a refrigerator then this is a good choice. It offers you freestanding use for a kegerator and it also gives you more interior space. It is easy to put together and it comes with a 5 lbs CO2 cylinder for you to use.
With a reversible door, the kegerator also stands at 48 1/2 inches high so it is pretty spacious. It has a two piece drip tray to prevent dripping. It can give you a nice tapped keg of beer with a voltage rating of 115 V/60 Hz. For most beer enthusiasts, it is quite economical. It can also fit in Sixth Barrel kegs and Cornelius Homebrew kegs. You can easily use the drip tray to keep it clean and fresh.
As a great gift idea for Father’s Day, the kegerator gives your dad or grandpa a nice cold beer mug all the time with the perfect CO2 pressure. It also avoid drips and messes due to its design and only has NSF-approved beer and air lines. It has a 90 days labor warranty and 1 year parts warranty.

Best Kegerator that has an Auto Defrost Function

The Haier Black Brew Master Beer Kegerator has an auto defrost feature which can let you keep cold beer for as long as you want it. the design of this kegerator also minimizes foam and it comes in handy for your mini barrel kegs as well.
There is also an external tank mount on this kegerator for easy connection. The wheels come for easy mobility on this kegerator. It keeps the beer always on the tap and fresh to drink. As a kegerator that is quite easy to set up, it uses the standard American Sankey tap system.
With a CO2 tank included, the kegerator is so versatile that it also converts to a 6.4 cu. ft. fridge. It has an adjustable thermostat and it also stands 33 1/4 inches high. Moreover, you get freestanding applications for this kegerator for your glass of a good cold beer.
It has 2 wire shelves which are full width and its mobility casters are all very handy to keep your kegerator working in tip top shape. With a dual tap option, you can also depend on the chrome beer tower to dispense your beer as the kegerator works like it should.
Perfect for both indoor or outdoor use, the guard rail of this kegerator is very sturdy and the unit is very quiet as well. Made of high quality stainless steel, it has a worktop and cabinet that makes it durable and easily accessible. The kegerator also has an included tap system cleaning kit for maintenance.
With a stylish chrome beer tower, the kegerator also has a bunch of leveling legs for adjustability. It has a 5 year compressor warranty and 1 year labor & parts warranty.

Best Kegerator that has a Triple Tap System

The EdgeStar KC7000SSODTRIP Triple Tap Outdoor Kegerator is a triple tap kegerator that is great for outdoor use. It also comes with a CO2 tank that is ready for you to use. It has a dual gauge regulator and it is great when it comes to its designed front ventilation.
With a flush mounted cabinet, the kegerator is easy to clean and maintain. It has a 115 V/60 Hz voltage rating and is durable due to being made with a 304 grade stainless steel faucet. It has an air cooled beer tower that is easy to dispense beer from and the cold air is evenly distributed inside the kegerator.
Made with a stainless steel cabinet and door for durability, the kegerator has a professional handle so it is okay for commercial use, fitting up to 3 sixth barrel kegs. It has a safety lock for your needs and you can also keep your kegs as cold as possible with its design that can fit a 1 slim quarter keg.
The kegerator has a stainless steel top cover as well and it also accommodates slim quarter kegs. You can also use the adjustable thermostat for keeping the right temperature. Including some great draft components, the unit can be a handy and reliable small outdoor kegerator that has a reversible door.
Featuring interior LED lighting for a cool design, the kegerator also has a range of 32 to 60 degrees F for your beer keg needs. The reversible door works just fine and its stainless steel floor keeps the kegerator very durable. Its 4 casters are included to make sure it is very mobile and easy to move around.
The kegerator can fit your favorite full size keg and the drip tray will keep the beer foam at bay. In fact, reversing the door swing is super easy with this kegerator. It also has the capability to fit in an oversized beveled edge keg. The guard rail works just fine and the unit can also fit 3 Cornelius kegs as well.

Best Kegerator that is made for Commercial Use

The Kegco Commercial Grade Three Keg Dispenser is a great commercial kegerator that you can use with its forced air refrigeration technology for keeping beer fresh for the demands of commercial use. This kegerator has a single faucet draft beer tower and is perfect for your daily ice cold beer.
With drip trays to keep the foam maintained, the kegerator is made out of commercial grade construction so it is okay for a local bar or restaurant. There is also a dual faucet draft beer tower made of stainless steel for your heavy duty needs of a beer dispense system.
This three-door kegerator is built to the highest standards with its attractive stainless steel construction what’s more, you can begin dispensing kegs right away for freestanding use with its easy to setup design. There is also a CO2 tank mount included for this kegerator and its rubber floor makes it simple to use.
With a digital temperature display included, the kegerator is also simple to keep its daily maintenance due to the design and the powerful cooling technology. The kegerator can keep mugs frosty as much as you need it and you can view the interior temperature in a breeze with its efficient design.
Ranging from 31 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the kegerator can fit in some quarter slim kegs and its line is cooled all the way so you get a truly versatile unit that will keep kegs cool. The manual stainless steel dial inside of the cabinet is also sturdy and easy to use.
This kegerator can fit in up to 5 gallon kegs and it stands 36.2 inches high for your needs of a large interior. The kegerator only uses NSF approved lines so it is safe and clean. Made with ozone-friendly materials, the unit also has a bunch of adjustable shelves for your other needs.
This beer dispenser is great for getting the direct cold air for your beer keg without getting a lot of impact on your electric bill. The kegerator is also great for your full size or pony kegs.

Best Kegerator for a Backyard Party

The Beverage Air Bm23-b 7.8-Cu.Ft. Beer Dispenser is great for the backyard and includes drip trays for easy cleanup. It can withstand heavy use as a kegerator and it can handle multiple kegs. You can enjoy cold beer on the go without problems with its stainless steel floor.
This unit is very reliable and you can get continuous cold air channeled within the unit. Its casters measure 4 inches each and can help you move your beer kegs without problems. It works without cracking the interior due to the durability and its chrome single faucet is well insulated.
As a professional beer cooler, the kegerator is made with heavy duty wheels for good beer on the go –great for parties and the like. The unit has well built floors and doorsills for your needs of a positive door sealing technology. It is a 7. 8 cu. ft. beer dispenser all in all with a single faucet draft beer tower.
The kegerator also has a self closing door lock to keep your beer keg fresh and cool. With a stainless steel top to make it durable, the kegerator also has a magnetic gasket so it can last for the many years to come. Its temperature control is excellent and it also has a sturdy black cabinet to top it off.

Best Kegerator that has a Twin Tap System

The SABA UDD-3 69″ Two-Door Beer Dispenser is a twin tap kegerator that features an LED light for a cool effect to see your beer keg. It has a side mounted evaporator that is quite space saving and it can fit up to 1/2 keg capacity (2) and it has durable stainless steel tops as well.
The kegerator features 2 tap towers and these towers give you a lot of convenience overall when operating the kegerator for a part or for a business. What’s more, its inner walls are made of stainless steel to add to its durable design.
It has a nice drain line as a cleanly designed 2-door draft beer dispenser for your needs of a kegerator. It has optional accessories as well such as the drip trays to keep your beer foam clean. It features 2 tap heads as well so it is a very handy kegerator to pour your beer from the keg.
The kegerator has a total of 23.3 cubic feet of capacity which can fit most sizes of beer kegs out there. The durability of this kegerator also lies on its stainless steel floor to make it stable for holding beer. The kegerator features high quality built two towers and ample amounts of interior cabinet space.

Best Kegerator that has a Single Door Design

The Midea WHS-209BESS1 Single Door Kegerator Dispenser is a single door kegerator that spans up to 5.7 cubic feet of interior space. Its black cabinet makes this kegerator a very useful, versatile and easy to maintain kegerator overall. In addition to that, this unit is also refrigerator convertible for your other uses and needs other than for beer kegs.
With this kegerator, there is also a quick chill button for your needs of emergency beer at the house or in your party or even in your business. The kegerator is an electronic controlled unit that can also be a beverage refrigerator for your other needs. The chrome guard rail is quite stylish on this kegerator.
As a decent beer dispenser, the push button digital readout of this unit is very easy to read and manage. This particular kegerator holds 1/2 or 1/4 kegs so it is very spacious. It can hold Miller and Coors kegs and its design also avoids spills and messes.
Setting the regulator for this kegerator is a breeze due to the simplistic design but with a large capacity interior. The kegerator has a 5 lb CO2 cylinder included to make things a little bit easier for you. With a stainless steel tower that is durable and free standing, the kegerator stands up to 35 inches high.
Being rated for 120 volts systems, the kegerator is also equipped with a stainless steel door to lock in the freshness of your beer keg. Its casters make this kegerator a super mobile unit that also includes wire shelves for your other needs. The actual internal temperature can be easily maintained with the use of this kegerator and the drip tray keeps the foam managed.

Best Kegerator that has Alerting Sounds and Alarms

The Marvel ML24BSP3RP Single Tap Beer Dispenser has unique audible and visual alarms for the door so it’s great for those who keep forgetting to close the door. With an elegant design, the kegerator is made for easier cleaning and has a right side hinge in its design.
Made with sturdy stainless steel material, the kegerator has a low boy coupler unlike others and can control spillage due to its design of a standalone or freestanding design. The kegerator, unlike the rest of the units out there is easier to store as a beer dispenser so you can just tap and swap easily.
Including a 5 lb CO2 tank, the kegerator is also greatly compatible with custom panels and can manage tall barrels as weld with its drain system the kegerator can be adjusted up to 1 inch for its overall height and it uses dynamic cooling technology. As a great addition to your home bar it offers a good temperature stability.

The Competition

Other kegerators did not make it to our list because they did not have a lot of durability when it comes to the design and in the material used to make the kegerator. It is important for any kegerator to be stable and will not leak out any amount of coldness to make sure that the temperature of your draft beer will be just right all the time.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a kegerator?
A: The kegerator is a kind of small fridge or refrigerator that is meant for storing beer and keeping them cool. The kegerator is built to store kegs of beer. Home brewing is done with the use of a kegerator and it is the sole responsibility of a kegerator to keep your beer fresh as much as possible.
Q: How does a kegerator work?
A: The main purpose of a kegerator is mostly to keep the beer cool as much as possible at the right temperature and also to help dispense the draft beer from the keg without much problems. The kegerator has a tap or faucet to dispense the beer right into your beer mug without a lot of hassle.
Q: What are the different kinds of kegerators out there?
A: The kegerator has many variations depending on where you intend to use them. The common one is the smaller outdoor kegerator that can be lifted easily and is great for picnics.
Full sized home kegerators also work the same way but can be bigger and can house a full size keg. Commercial kegerators are even bigger because they are ideal for more draft beer inside, especially in a very busy bar or restaurant.
Q: Is it better to buy a kegerator or build a DIY one?
A: It depends on your needs and if you do have an available unused fridge or freezer at home. Most people say that they can easily convert a fridge and make it into a DIY kegerator but you need to have a lot of knowledge when it comes to its construction before you do so.
Beginners at making draft beer at home may want to get a kegerator instead, or if you own a restaurant or bar then you’d better be off with a commercial kegerator.
Q: If I’m going to DIY my own kegerator, what should I know about?
A: The fridge that will be used to convert into a kegerator should obviously fit your draft beer. It should also have a freezer section that can be easily removed, or have not freezer section at all. Knowing the cooling lines could also help you choose the better fridge to DIY convert into a kegerator.
Q: How do I clean up my kegerator?
A: The kegerator can be easily cleaned with the use of a cleaning kit that is specifically made for a draft system. This kind of cleaning kit can be purchase at stores and comes in a set depending on your needs. It is important to keep the kegerator clean when you have used it for a long time so that it will definitely give you fresh and great tasting draft beer all the time.
Q: Can draft beer in kegs save you more money versus 12-pack beer?
A: It depends on how much beer you consume on a regular basis or how much beer you need to produce. Most homes that don’t really consume beer all the time will just go for the 12-pack beer but those with regular beer consumption and can help you with keeping a nice keg of beer at home handy.
Q: Are kegerators expensive?
A: That
mainly depends on your beer keg but kegerators are indeed expensive. However, you can minimize the expenses if you choose cheaper beer kegs of your favorite brand. You can also skip the spending altogether and build your own DIY kegerator instead.
Q: What is the advantage of having a freezer only fridge over a ref and fridge combo for a DIY kegerator?
A: If you’re aiming for a DIY kegerator then it might be best to choose with the freezer only option because it does not require you to mess with the controls too often, in comparison to building a DIY kegerator out of a fridge and freezer combo.
Q: What is the advantage of draft beer over regular bottled beer?
A: Draft beer can be better than regular bottled beer because of its ease of getting beer from the kegerator. Moreover, draft beer is also a lot tastier and fresher due to its well maintained temperature versus on a bottle where you need to put ice on it.
Q: Can draft beer boost your immune system?
A: Yes, beer and draft beer does have benefits other than being an alcoholic beverage. It is great for boosting your immune system because it kills the bad bacteria away and helps with taking out viruses that might inhibit your body. Beer is a great immune booster if you often get colds or cough.
Q: Can beer slow down aging?
A: Yes, some studies do claim that it has vitamin E that makes your skin healthier and glowing and to keep you younger looking. This antioxidant is great for slowing down your signs of aging in general. Contrary to popular belief, beer is actually beneficial when it comes down to skin health. However, this is only based on regular consumption of beer and not going overboard.
Q: Does beer cause you to have a beer belly?
A: It depends on your consumption because consuming a lot of beer is basically like consuming a lot of carbohydrates from your regular grain food. To keep drinking beer but retain the shape of your body, you should just drink moderately and responsibly and you can also associate it with frequent workouts at the gym, running outdoors or any kind of physical activity to the avoid the beer belly.
Q: What causes draft beer from a restaurant or bar to get an ugly taste?
A: If the kegerator lines haven’t been cleaned in a while, that can have a bad impact to the taste of your draft beer. Therefore, it is important that the restaurant or bar should clean up their lines regularly to avoid the really bad tastes occurring in the kegerator draft beer, which might be caused by bacteria and the like.
Q: Can beer help with better digestion and bowel movement?
A: Yes, beer is actually great for those with bowel movement problems and digestion problems. Beer comes with soluble fiber, which is what you often get with pineapples and other fruits that are rich in fiber.
The fiber can sweep up toxins on your body to help you detoxify. While beer does contain carbohydrates, its soluble fiber can help with sugar and cholesterol problems anyway.
Q: Can beer have a good impact for your memory and brain processing?
A: Yes, moderate beer consumption is actually great for those who need to stay focused and alert. People who work on a physical or even mental job may want to drink beer to keep them focused and also have a sharper memory to keep them on the go.
Men who go on a construction work usually drink beer to give them more physical and mental power. However, don’t go overboard with beer – as it is still an alcoholic drink that might mess up your brain if you drink a lot of it.
Q: Does draft beer require you a lot of bathroom trips?
A: Not really , as compared to bottled and commercial beer. Bathroom trips on a frequent basis is mostly associated with super watery formulations of beer, e.g. those you can find in the grocery store and are widely commercialized. Draft beer is different, since it is handmade and crafter to perfection without a lot of extra stuff that you don’t need. Well crafted beer or draft beer straight from the keg or kegerator will usually taste better due to its great formulation – and leave you no problems with frequent bathroom breaks.
Q: What causes beer hangover from draft beer?
A: Most people believe that draft beer causes more hangover than regular bottled beer. However, you can avoid this by getting fully hydrated before you drink and while you drink.
You should also make sure that if it is coming from the beer keg, the lines of the kegerator should be as clean as possible to avoid the unnecessary things that could give you a lot of hangover and side effects from draft beer.
Q: Why do different beer bottle shapes exist?
A: Beer bottles actually have different shapes for a reason. The shape of the glass of a beer glass or container actually has an impact to the beer’s taste because of the flavors they are made for.
Different glass containers for beer have a different purpose depending on the kind or type of beer recipe you would put on them with your kegerator (or regular beer bottle). This enhances the flavors of your specific beer type.
Q: If my beer keeps on producing foam all the time, how do I minimize it?
A: You can minimize beer foam if your beer line is about 8 feet long and 3/16 inch in diameter, which is the ideal beer line size. The regulator of the kegerator should be around 5 to 10 PSI and the temperature should be somewhere below 40 degrees F but not too low. The kegerator line should also be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid clogging and the like.

Wrapping It Up

The EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator is our best kegerator with a CO2 cylinder, dual faucet and rolling casters to add to its convenience.