Best Gas Pool Heater 2020

Fall used to be the time where people would pack up or seal up their pools for the year. But wouldn’t it be awesome to enjoy a pool party in October or even November? With our top pick Sta-Rite SR400HD you won’t have to seal up your pool for the winter just yet! Check out our list of the 10 Best Gas Pool Heater 2020 to heat up your pool this fall or winter season.

Top Pick: Sta-Rite SR400HD

The Sta-Rite SR400HD is a pool and spa heater in one, earning the top pick spot on our 10 best gas pool heater list. The unit weighs 127 pounds and is ranked as one of the most energy efficient natural gas pool heaters in the market. The heater has an output of 400,000 BTU and weighs only 132 pounds. This top pick is both eco-friendly and economically friendly with its innovative Max E-Therm technology, such as an LED panel and low nitrogen oxide output. The LED panel allows you to view the temperature, current settings on the unit, and includes a troubleshooting feature. Like many Sta-Rite heaters, the SR400HD is coated with Dura-glass for true durability.
The key pros of the Sta-Rite SR400HD include: its ability to be installed with indoor and outdoor pools and LED thermostat control. The LED control can be easily read, shows the current temperature, and settings of the unit. This intuitive control makes the Sta-Rite SR400HD our top pick because of its efficient system for heating small and large pools.

Step-up Pick: Pentair MasterTemp 460737

The Pentair MasterTemp 460737 is an environmentally friendly propane heater with 400,000 BTU. This step-up pick features an easy manual shut-off for safe performance and uses minimal energy to heat a pool or spa. The unit is 36 X 30 X 25 inches and weighs 125 pounds. The system comes with a rust protected exterior, intricate draft system, heat exchanger made of finn plate, and control panel. These parts improve durability, performance, and efficiency. The system has a built-in digital control that takes seconds to learn. The digital panel shows you the temperature and various settings on the unit, allowing you to customize your pool heater for your needs. All of these great features helped the Pentair MasterTemp claim the step-up pick spot on our list!
The key pros of the Pentair MasterTemp 460737 are: high efficiency and environmentally friendly technology. The system has a low nitrogen oxide output and efficiently heats the pool with little energy. It’s energy efficiency is one of the best in the market.

Budget Pick: Hayward H200FDN

The Hayward H200FDN is our budget pick. This pool heater powered by natural gas. The affordable system is made with polymer header, finn plate, and a cupro-nickel heat exchanger. The Hayward H200FDN has 200,000 BTU and a unique air flow system that allows it to effectively heat a pool in a variety of weather conditions. Our budget pick also has built-in heat exchangers arranged in an innovative “v” shape that eliminates condensation and supports effective heating. The system comes with a simple LED screen that displays temperature and runs diagnostic tests.
The key pros of our budget pick branch from its innovative design. The materials used to build the system increases durability and the unique airflow design improves efficiency. The special “v” shape in the airflow system contributes to the system’s high-performance ability. The polymer head improves durability while the finn plated heat exchanger retains heat for a high-performance heater that can quickly heat up pool to the perfect swimming temperature.

The Contenders: Hayward H100ID1

The Hayward H100ID1 is the most affordable gas pool heater on the list. It has an output of 100,000 BTU and weighs 81 pounds. The system works on pools located above the ground. It has an easily controlled and safe electric-spark ignition. This quick heating process combined with the system’s one-of-a-kind heating technology that allows the unit to heat a pool in almost any weather condition. The Hayward H100ID1 takes minutes to install because the system is built with a 120-volt electrical cord.

The key pros of the Hayward H100ID1 include: high-performance and quick installation. The Hayward H100D1 can be set up and running in the time it takes for you to read this article. With 100K BTU and an innovative built-in heating chamber, the system is energy efficient.

Pentair MasterTemp 461059

The Pentair MasterTemp 461059 is a natural gas pool heater that can put out 125,000 BTU. The unit weighs 100 pounds and can warm pools above the ground and in the ground with 15,000 gallons of water or less. For easy settings, the heater has a digital temperature display. It’s digital features and performance efficiency secured the MasterTemp’s spot in our list of the 10 Best Gas Pool Heaters.

The key pros of the Pentair MasterTemp are: performance and efficiency. The Pentair MasterTemp’s compact design has great performance rates, allowing it to heat up a pool with 15,000 gallons of water in minutes. The unit has built-in eco-friendly technology, giving it a low nitrogen oxide output.

Hayward H150FDP

The Hayward H150FDP is a propane pool heater with 150,000 BTU. The H-series heaters weigh 141 pounds and have a low nitrogen oxide output. The innovative system is padded with finn plate and cupro-nickel tubes for fast and continuous heating. The unit is 32 inches by 27.5 inches by 29.3 inches.

The key pros of the Hayward H150FDP include: unique v-shaped heat exchangers and simple to use control panel. The unique v shape prevents condensation and ensures efficient proficient pool heating. The control panel allows users to easily change the temperature and settings while also running diagnostics to ensure high-performance.

Hayward H400FDN

The Hayward H400FDN is a 400,000 BTU gas-powered pool heater with low nitrogen oxide emissions. This eco-friendly system is durable and reliable with rustproof interior and exterior parts. For simple installations and set-up, the unit comes with voltage conversion functions and gas valve flow settings.

The key pro of the Hayward H400FDN stem from its versatile design, including plugs on the left and right sides, allowing gas, water, and electrical outlets to be connected on both sides.

Raypak Electronic Ignition

The Raypak Electronic Ignition is a natural gas powered pool heater with a digital electronic ignition. This ignition system allows the pool to be set to specific temperatures and heated quickly. For a durable, rustproof exterior and interior, the unit is decked out in PolyTuf powder, polymer heads, and copper tubing. The unit has a 406,000 BTU output and operates on 120 or 240 voltage.

The key pro of the Raypak Electronic Ignition is its specific temperature gauge. This system allows users to set a specific temperature that will be continuously maintained as long as the unit is on.

Natural gas vs. Propane gas heaters

According to Pool Supply World, natural gas (in most areas) is more budget-friendly than propane gas. However, natural gas heaters use up more energy to heat a pool than propane gas. The reason behind this fact is that propane gas has more energy in its chemical structure than natural gas. Before purchasing a natural gas or propane gas heater, Pool Supply World advises customers to research the price and proportion of energy used to heat the pool. After calculating this, customers will know whether the more expensive propane gas will be more efficient and cost-effective for their pool heating system or if a natural gas heater will be a better alternative. To find out more go to pool supply world

How to Prevent Energy Loss in Gas Pool Heaters

A recent survey by the US department of Energy has found that gas pool heaters are the most popular method for heating pools in the US. To prevent excessive energy loss the Department of Energy advises all pool heater buyers to create a simple formula involving: the size of the pool, efficiency of the pool heater, the desired pool temperature, and the average temperature of the month the buyer would be swimming in. After calculating this formula, buyers can make informed decisions and get the perfect gas heater for their pool.
To see the formula from the Deparrtment of energy website

To learn more about natural gas heaters, watch this short video!

Wrapping Up

Fall doesn’t have to be the end of pool season. Plan a pool party in November and check out our list of the 10 Best Gas Pool Heaters to quickly heat up your pool before the guests arrive.