Best Easy Set Pool 2020

Not many people have a yard big enough or the money to construct an in-ground pool. Rather than sulk about it, buy an easy set pool that you and your family can enjoy in a matter of minutes. After testing more than 20 different products in search of the best easy set pool 2020, we found our top pick: the Intex 18 . The Intex 18 easy set pool is the perfect size for you and your family.

Easy Ways to Keep the Water Clean in an Easy Set Pool

River Pools compared easy set pools to fiberglass pools built in to the ground. In their article, they discuss how the water in easy set pools gets murky much quicker than fiberglass pools. The reason why is because the filtration systems of easy set pools are not as strong as fiberglass pools. Easy set pools are harder to clean and vacuum than fiberglass pools. To prevent this from happening, Trouble Free Pool recommends adding a half-cup of bleach to every 1000 gallons of water. You should do this once every day to prevent any algae build-up and keep the water in the pool clear. If you want an out-of-mind way of keeping the water clean, invest in a floater. Pool floaters are filled with chlorine tablets and slowly release the chlorine as it floats around the pool. This ensures that the pool will remain clear all summer long. But remember to always test the pH levels before letting any body swim, so everybody can have a safe pool season.

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Instructions on how to install your easy set pool:

Top Pick: Intex 18

The Intex 18 feet is an easy set pool that is great for families. This pool is our top pick for our list of the 10 best easy set pools because this pool measures 18 feet by 48 inches and takes only half an hour to set up. This size is great for kids learning how to swim. For durability, the Intex 18 is made with laminated PVC sidewalls and can hold 5,455 gallons of water. The system comes with a filter pump, ladder, drain plug, ground cover, and pool cover.

The key pros of the Intex 18 feets include: quick and easy set-up, a safe shut-off function, and easy maintenance. Our top pick is ready for swimming, in just half an hour. For set-up, all you need to do is spread out the deflated pool on smooth ground, inflate with air, and fill with water. The safe shut off function shuts the water pump off. With an easy to reach drain plug, the pool water can easily be changed and drained.

Step Up Pick: Intex Oval

Our step up pick, the Intex Oval, comes in a unique oval shape that is perfect for beginning swimmers. The pool measures 18 feet by 10 feet by 42 inches. The structure is made of laminated PVC that is reinforced with steel frames for rustproof durability. The system comes with a filter pump, cartridges, informative DVD, surface cover, and ground cover. Plus, this step-up pick can hold up to 2,885 gallons of water.

The key pros of the Intex Oval include: a powerful filtration system and quick installation. This step up pick comes with a super effective filtration system that constantly feeds the pool with hundreds of gallons of clean water. In just half an hour, the family is ready to swim with this easy set pool.

Budget Pick: Intex 12 by 36

The Intex 12 by 36 is our budget pick. This easy set pool is a 12 feet by 36-inch pool. The pool can hold up to 1,779 gallons of water and comes with a filter pump that can put out 530 GPH. For easy maintenance, our budget pick comes with a filtration system has a built-in safety valve for easy access and shut-off.
The key pros of the Intex 12 by 36 are: easy installation and storage options. This budget pick takes only minutes to install with an air pump and garden hose. The structure does not need sand bags or tools to install. The pool can be easily broken down and put away once the swimming season is over.

The Contenders: Intex 12

The Intex 12 pool is 12 feet by 30 inches and has a filter pump with over 110 volt power. The filter can exchange up to 530 gallons of water per hour. The pool can hold up to 1,485 gallons of water. The pool structure is reinforced by laminated PVC material for a durable leak-free pool.
The key pro of the Intex 12 is similar to other models with fast installation and a great filter. The system only takes 10 minutes to set up and always has a clean supply of water.

Intex 10

The Intex 10 can be inflated and filled with water in 15 minutes. The system comes with an easy-to-follow DVD for quick set-up. The pool can hold up to 1,018 gallons of water. The Intex 10 like many other Intex pools is made of laminate PVC, so the pool is durable and built to last.
The key pro of the Intex 10 includes its durability and quick installation.

Intex 8

The Intex 8 takes 10 minutes to set up and has a filter that can pump up to 120 volts. The pool structure is made of super durable PVC sidewalls and measures 8 feet by 30 inches. The system comes with a informative video, filter, and a selection of outlet fittings. The filter pumps in 330 gallons of water per hour, giving the pool a constant supply of clean water. This efficient filtration system won the Intex 8 a spot in our list of the 10 best easy set pools. The Intex 8 holds up to 639 gallons of water.
The key pros of the Intex 8 are: quick installation and efficient filter pump. The pool only takes 10 minutes to inflate and fill up. The filter pump constantly supplies the pool with clean water.

Bestway 3D

The Bestway 3D easy set pool takes only a few minutes to install. The structure has a built-in drain for easy disassembly. The pool measure 7 feet by 26 inches and comes with two 3D goggles.

The key pro of the Bestway 3D is the interior design of the pool. The pool has a cool underwater adventure painted on the inside of the pool, so any kid with a pair of the 3D goggles can have a great underwater adventure. The Bestway 3D is a great bargain.

Summer Escapes

The Summer Escapes easy set pool is 12 feet by 30 inches. This easy set pool has a ring structure that allows for quick installation and disassembly. The pool comes with a filtration system and replacement filter cartridge.
The key pros of the Summer Escapes pool stem from its easy to assemble ring design. Within minutes, the pool will be inflated and ready for water.

Intex Ocean Reef

The Intex Ocean Reef pool has a 30-inch wall with a 10-foot diameter. The system comes with a filter that can put out up to 120 volts, an informative DVD, and double-ended outlet fittings for continuous clean water during the swimming season.
The key pros of the Intex Ocean Reef include: its cool ocean reef design and effective filter secured the ocean reef pool a spot in our list of the 10 best easy set pools. The filter continually supplies the pool with clean water while the double-ended outlet fitting ensures that the old water will not contaminate the clean water feeding into the pool.

Intex Hello Kitty

The Intex Hello Kitty pool is great for kids 4-years and older. The pool is 6’ by 20’’ and takes only 10 minutes for installation. The pool is reinforced with laminate PVC for great durability. The pool can easily be filled with a garden hose and holds 234 gallons of water. The pool (without water) only weighs 6.4 pounds. So, it’s light and easy to store.

The key pro of the Intex Hello Kitty pool is its cute character and bright pink color.
Easy set pools are a great way for the whole family to enjoy a fun swim at home. Before going out and buying an easy set pool, don’t forget to check out this list of the 10 best easy set pools.