Best Outdoor Electric Heater 2019

A cold night can ruin a party, but an outdoor electric heater can save the day. The Bromic Infared is our top pick because it can keep everyone at the party comfortably warm without wasting energy. Many of these 10 Best Outdoor Electric Heater 2019 can be mounted on the ceiling or wall outside and keep everybody in the party warm and comfortable.

Why Electric Heaters Are Perfect for Patios

Electric Heaters according to Sean McEvoy from HGTV, heat outside areas better than propane or gas-powered heaters because they can be hidden or easily incorporated in to the siding, rails, or ceiling of a patio.

According to the experts at Sylvane, many outdoor heaters also come equipped with cool touch glass so pets and kids can be safe from burns. Electric Heaters and gas heaters are low maintenance. Plus, they are a great source of heat for a small patio space!

How does an Infrared Electric Outdoor Heater work? Find out the science behind your patio heater:

Top Pick: Bromic Infared

Bromic Infrared

The Bromic Infared patio heater makes our top pick with its great heat range and smart control settings. This system heats the surrounding area with 4,000 watts of power. Our top pick has stainless steel construction that is covered by ceramic plating for heat insulation and style. The heated tubes within the heater give off a romantic candle-lit glow. The heat range on this heater is 120 square feet. In order to operate, the heater needs 230 to 240 volts of electric current. This unit weighs 20 pounds.
The key pro of our top pick is that it can be integrated with smart controls such as dimming features in lights and heating systems.

Runner-Up Pick: Ener-G+ LED

Ener-G LED

Our runner-up pick, the Ener-G+ LED, is an electric heater that is remote controlled. The heater can be mounted on the ceiling indoor or outdoors. This runner-up pick plugs right in to a 110-volt outlet and comes equipped with multiple heat settings: 700 watts, 800 watts, and 1500 watts. This heater also becomes a source of light during a cold night. The heater uses a 5,000-carbon filament light bulb and does not release any UV rays or carbon monoxide in to the atmosphere.
The key pros of the Ener-G+ are: the remote control and LED light feature.

Budget Pick: Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is a quartz heater that can be mounted on either the ceiling or wall. This budget pick heater comes with multiple heat settings: 760 and 1500 watts. It comes with an easy to control on/off pull switch. The heater is built with a long 80-inch cord and 3 prong head. The budget pick weighs 13.2 pounds.
The key pros of the Comfort Zone are: long cord for easy installation and multiple heat settings for a variety of weather climates.

The Contenders: Nomura Patio Heater


The Nomura Patio Heater is built for patio tables. This electric heater comes with a 72-inch power cord and a standard 110-volt head. The heater has a 1500-watt range and a 5,000 BTU output.
The key pros of the Nomura Patio Heater include: large range and heat efficiency. This electric heater can raise the temperature 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fire Sense Hanging Heater

Fire Sense Hanging

The Fire Sense Hanging Heater is made from stainless steel. The unit weighs 8 pounds and attaches to the ceiling. The heater does not emit UV rays or carbon monoxide in to the atmosphere. It comes with a 96-inch cord and operates on 110 volts. The best distance to hang this heater is 36 inches from the top of a table.
The key pro of the Fire Sense Hanging Heater is its sleek design.

Ener-G+ Infared

Ener-G Infrared

The Ener-G+ Infrared is an outdoor electric heater that is mounted on the ceiling. The heater is powered by a normal 110-volt cable and outputs 1500 watts. It also has an easy on/off pull switch for easy access. This infrared heater is eco-friendly because it does not release any carbon monoxide or UV rays. The heater requires an infrared bulb that has a carbon filament of 5,000.
The key pros of the Ener-G+ Infrared include: eco-friendly performance and water resistant technology.

AZ Patio

AZ patio

The AZ Patio is an electric heater that doubles as a small table. The table is 42 inches tall and 24 inches wide. It comes with a built-in stainless steel heater. The heater puts out 1500 watts and heats a radius of 15 square feet. The heater is equipped with an 8-feet long cord and two temperature settings.
The key pros of the AZ Patio include: table function and multiple temperature settings.

TPI Quartz

TPI Quartz

The TPI Quartz is a 120-volt electric infrared heater. It’s made from stainless steel and quartz. The unit weighs 10 pounds. The TPI Quartz comes with: chains for hanging the heater from the ceiling and hooks for durable mounting.
The key pros of the TPI Quartz are: energy efficiency and heat range. Because of its quartz core, the heater evenly distributes heat to the surrounding area.

Ener-G+ Wall Mount

Ener-G Wall mount

The Ener-G+ Wall Mount heater is an electric heater with 1500-watt power. The power is generated from a 110-volt outlet. The unit only weighs 9 pounds and uses a 5000-hour carbon filament bulb. The Ener-G+ Wall Mount comes with a remote control and wall mount installation.
The key pros of the Ener-G+ Wall Mount are: energy efficiency and high performance.

Lava Heat

Lava Heat

The Lava Heat is an electric heater that can be used outside and inside the house. A 1500-watt electric current powers this heater, allowing it to heat an area 10 feet from its base. The lava heat can also be used as a cool LED lamp. The Lava Heat comes with a remote control, wall mount, base, and stand.
The key pros of the Lava Heat include: portability and remote control settings.

Outdoor electric heaters are affordable, low-maintenance, and a breeze to setup? So, why crowd all your friends and family in to your stuffy house when you can party on your patio with one of the 10 Best Outdoor Electric Heaters.

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    Great post, I haven’t heard of AZ patio electric heater. Must give it a try next time. Right now I am using Fire Sense Patio Heater to keep the patio warm it’s doing good bit I am still looking for new one

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  2. The ener-g+wall mount, This is the second unit I purchased in the last 6 yrs and I do like them overall but around the 3rd year each of them burned up inside the control box, and quite a serious burn at that, both times. First unit burned up around the push button switch for switching the units light and heater on and remote signal. Second unit burned up quite severely at the pull cord switch box. Both times the cover melted and the separate individual units burned up quite severely. Luckily it did not create flames and start a fire. Also upon examination and both units I discovered a wire in each one, (mind you different wire in each unit) was quite pinched between the cover box and the securing screws inside the box. This could of played an impact in both cases, but calling the company beginning of week to discuss replacing the control box although I am way outside my warranty. Seems safety should prevail over just simply working and not working. (I have the units located as per instructions and do not use an extension cord for them) I like the light but do not want to pay 150.00 every couple of years for a potential fire hazard

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