Best Firm Mattress for Good Sleep

The Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green-Tea Mattress is our best firm mattress for good sleep, which provides amazing edge support unlike other memory foam type mattresses. It also has green tea memory foam (green tea extract) so it is eco friendly. With a total of 3 mattress layers, the firm mattress gives you a smooth top to lay down in comfort and firmness.

Our step-up pick is the Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Cloud-like Mattress and made with natural plant oil to make it organic, the firm mattress has a comforting surface for sleeping and it is also made with high-density foam layers. It can greatly eliminate odors and bad smells due to the organic material, which makes it ideal for either your main bedroom or guest bedroom.

The budget pick is the Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Coil Mattress and if you want a firm mattress that has a clean and pleasant feeling without a foul odor then this is the one to pick. It also lessens motion disturbance due to being an innerspring mattress or a coil mattress. What’s more, the firm mattress is made with a soft knit fabric mattress cover that is breathable.

A Little Background

Sleeping problems mostly root down to the quality of the mattress being used. Gone are the days when people would believe that a mattress should be soft because more and more people believe in the effects of a firm mattress for relieving back pain. Firm mattresses help you align your spine so it actually helps your breathing to be regularized while you are sleeping, especially for back and stomach sleepers. It also helps with better weight distribution.
While expensive mattresses are okay to invest in, it shouldn’t be that expensive to own a mattress if you really just want something to lie down on and sleep comfortably. However, that does not mean that you should just settle for less. Name-brand expensive mattresses may sometimes have the same specs as a Chinese-made mattress so be wary of the pricing. There are some “class A” mattresses out there that are actually cheaper than the name-brand mattress you may find in the store.
Sleeping on a thick or firm mattress is beneficial because it will help you sleep better. The support from a firm mattress is sufficient to keep your joints and spine aligned well so that it will not be stressed too much in holding your weight as you sleep. Not sinking into the mattress means that you will be able to sleep better and breathe in a more comfortable way, reducing the likelihood of snoring and nightmares as well as tossing and turning.
Buying on-site may be a troublesome thing to do, but it is a better way of testing that you should be able to do with a mattress to avoid the hassles of returning the mattress. However, if you do prefer online shopping for a mattress, it should have a trial period and a reasonable exchange policy.
Most people do not know when to buy a new mattress, but that depends on how much it has been used. If you feel greatly uncomfortable in your current mattress and you have already flipped it over then that may be a sign that you are definitely in the right position to buy a new mattress. The lack of firmness and volume is also a factor to decide on a new one.
Back aches can be hard to treat generally. Some people prefer soft mattresses because firm ones can be painful for them. However, some people prefer firm mattresses because of their great support for sleeping. Both of them are generally helpful so you may be better off with a medium firm mattress if you can’t decide between firm and soft anyway.
A regular foam mattress is usually more popular because of its price but may not have the same benefits as a memory foam. Both can be firm or soft, but memory foam has the tendency to conform to the user’s shape, which makes it great for orthopedic purposes, whereas regular foam mattresses are great for general use.
Most people think that a memory foam mattress can be a threat to your health because it is a synthetic mattress that may be made of chemicals. However, it still depends on the chemical compositions as not all mattresses are made with too much chemicals.

How We Picked

In choosing the best firm mattress, you should consider the following factors:
Type of mattress: a firm mattress may me a memory foam type or an inner spring type, while some can be a gel foam type or a hybrid (spring and memory foam) type. Some can be organic, such as latex rubber, cotton and the like. Choosing your preferred type of firm mattress is important because it will dictate how much it will last, the pricing and the firmness. Most people choose inner spring for a truly firm feel but nowadays, even memory foam and regular foam beds can have firmness matching that of an inner spring firm mattress.
Certification and eco-friendliness: consider a firm mattress that has been CertiPUR-US Certified or even Greenguard Certified (especially if it is for kids). These certifications mean that it is low on VOCs, low on emissions, doesn’t contain phthalates, lead, mercury and anything else that is harmful to you and to the environment. These certifications are important if you want to maintain a safe place to sleep on for you and your family when it comes to choosing the best firm mattress.
Available sizes: consider a firm mattress that has many available sizes for the best fit for your bed frame or box spring frame, such as Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King and XL variants. Choosing from many sizes for a firm mattress is important because it will make fitting your mattress easier to your bedding or bed frame or box spring frame. Some brands may also sell a different name for the standard sizes but you can just ask them the equivalent of your bed size.
Mattress top: the mattress top of a firm mattress can be a tight top, pillow top, Euro pillow top or a Euro and box top. Having a good mattress top for a firm mattress is important because it will dictate how soft or hard it is. To get the effects of a fully firm mattress, you should choose a firm mattress that has a decent mattress top with it.
Number of coils (inner spring): if you want to go for an inner spring firm mattress then you should consider the number of coils, which indicates how much springs there will be in the mattress itself. This can tell you if the firm mattress is very supportive in the long run.
Number of threads (non-spring mattresses): consider a firm mattress that has a good number of threads, if it is not a spring mattress. Usually, the number of threads will relate to the cover of the mattress and this will dictate how much stronger it will be to cover your mattress from the outside elements such as dust mites, allergens and the like.
Number of layers: consider a firm mattress that has evenly distributed layers of foam or spring or memory foam, especially for hybrid ones, so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep at night without much worry or hassle. Usually, a firm mattress has about 2 to 5 layers of materials more or less.
Material used for the cover: the materials that may have been used to cover the firm mattress can be made of bamboo, cotton, vinyl, polyurethane or some other fabric material. Bamboo is a good choice because it is organic and great for almost any weather or climate. Cotton is a good choice for the summer because it is very cool.
Thickness: consider a firm mattress that has just the right thickness, which is usually from 6 to 13 inches on the average thickness. Having a firm mattress that is too thick means that it will be harder to get up and down from it but it will be great in terms of support. Consider the thickness that will not be too difficult for you and your partner, in case you are buying a couple mattress.

Our Pick

Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green-Tea Mattress

Our best firm mattress would be the Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green-Tea Mattress which is greatly conforming to your body shape while remaining firm. It is made with a soft knitted fabric cover and it is also a good starter if you never had a memory foam mattress or new to that kind of material.
The construction of this firm mattress makes it easy to move around for a better night’s sleep. There will be no transmitting movements for couples or even pets due to the firm mattress being made of memory foam for pressure relieving needs. This is important if you have a wiggly partner at night.
Being a CertiPUR-US certified firm mattress, it is extremely comfortable and its layer composition includes: memory form (2 inches), pressure comfort foam (2 inches) and base support foam (4 inches) for air flow. It gives you adequate support and it is also easy to change sheets on it.
Made also with natural castor seed oil, the firm mattress is an organic mattress that won’t break your bank due to its just-right price. It will also significantly reduce less tossing and turning while not sacrificing durability and stability. It also gets rid of odor and bacteria due to the organic materials.
The firm mattress is currently available in full, twin and other sizes and is also great for children’s beds. It gives you no smell whatsoever so it’s health for indoor air quality. The firm mattress spans 8 inches in thickness but also available in other thicknesses.
For your convenience, the firm mattress arrives compressed, rolled and shipped in your door step and you only need to wait for a while because like most mattresses, it returns to its original shape within 48 hours. The firm mattress is backed by a great 10 year limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not major disappointments, the Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green-Tea Mattress does have some concerns such as the fact that like most memory foams, it can get a bit hot so try to reduce the layers of bed sheets or adjust according to your climate or weather. This is true for all memory foams anyway, unless you have a gel infused memory foam mattress (cooling mattress).

Step-up Pick

Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Cloud-like Mattress

Our step-up pick for the best firm mattress would be the Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Cloud-like Mattress. It includes a total of 5 layers of foam, including microfiber (1 inch), comfort foam (3 inches), memory foam (2 inches), viscolatex foam (1 inch) and the base foam (5 inches).
Providing you with a luxury feeling that will not hurt your back, the firm mattress is made with memory foam as well so you can wake up refreshed as it conforms itself to your body when you sleep at night in a comfortable way. The fact that this firm mattress is infused with green tea and charcoal means that it is not just eco friendly but it is also great for odor reduction.
With sufficient resiliency for comfort and support for your back aches, the firm mattress has no lumps on the surface so it is just the right texture when you lay down on it or place more toppers and sheets on it. The firm mattress is made with a soft knitted jacquard cover is quilted to the first layer.
The firm mattress is currently available in Queen, King, Twin and Full sizes for you to sleep comfortably in any bed size. If you are a side sleeper then this is a good firm mattress to have. It is easy to setup up and arrives in a box conveniently to your door.
There is no hard smell when you setup this firm mattress so you can sleep well without the odors. It is also CertiPUR-US Certified for those who are looking for a memory foam mattress that is eco friendly. Being a certified firm mattress is important so that it will not ruin the indoor air quality of your home.
It also has a very durable cover that can be zipped and washed for maintenance, which is great for less hassle in cleaning it. Conveniently compressed, rolled and shipped, the firm mattress is backed by a 10-year limited warranty for your convenience.

Budget Pick

Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Coil Mattress

Our budget pick is the Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Coil Mattress and its top and bottom is packed with 1.6 inches of high-density foam. This firm mattress is excellent at relieving pressure even on a budget because of it is independently encased coils, which makes it a great innerspring mattress, too.
Great for the summer season when it’s hot or in colder months, the firm mattress is made with high-density foam for support and added comfort all the way. The mattress also works great for multiple surfaces and bed frames and it is low VOC so it is eco friendly and great for your indoor air.
The mattress coils measure 7 inches each and at 15-gauge each for better strength and support. Because the firm mattress is double sided, you can also flip it when needed. The firm mattress also meets 16 CFR 1633 (Federal Flammability Standards) so it is safe against most fires.
You can use the firm mattress for bunk beds and other types of beds with the right size. It also has a nice smooth finish other than the equal weight distribution so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. You can even install this firm mattress on a children’s trundle or bunk bed and even on platform beds.
The firm mattress is great at contouring to your body’s natural curves and it is also made with CertiPUR-US certified foam so it is safe for the whole family and for the environment. The firm mattress is good at relieving pressure points and is relatively easy to setup.
Also working well for box spring beds, the firm mattress is currently available in Queen, King, Twin and Full sizes. If you want to achieve a better night’s sleep without spending much then this is a good budget pick we’d like to suggest to you. It is backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Best Firm Mattress with Gel Infused Memory Foam

LUCID 5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The LUCID 5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a great gel infused memory foam firm mattress to consider that is CertiPUR-US certified. It doesn’t retain a lot of heat so it is great for those who feel hot all the time when sleeping. It is ideal for twin size beds.
The firm mattress is made with gel memory foam so it is great at cooling your sleeping experience and is great for bad back pains and the like. It also has a soft polyester cover to add to a cool sleeping experience and it is also safe for children due to the decent materials used for it.
It measures 5 inches on its overall thickness so it is not too thick and not too thin. Likewise, the firm mattress conforms to your body to relieve pressure points. Moreover, it is extremely comfortable to sleep on yet does not stain your indoor air quality.
The firm mattress also uses a dual-layer technology so it is great for keeping comfort without sinking into the bed. It is also good for a hospital bed due to being easy to move. Likewise, the firm mattress is made with 2 layers: a cooling layer (1 inch) and base foam layer (4 inches).
With no harmful odors at all, the firm mattress is also low profile so it is great for children’s beds as well. It is resistant to dust mites so it is friendly for your indoor air and doesn’t trap allergens. With an open cell construction to keep you cool, it produces no horrible smell and can be durable for years to come.
Made with cozy air layers to keep you comfortable when sleeping at night, the firm mattress is quite simple to set up and is long-lasting with its layers of foam, fitting well for both children and teens. For those who want a comfortable sleep environment, you can count on this firm mattress that arrives rolled and compressed for shipping. It is backed by a 25-year warranty.

Best Firm Mattress for a Twin Sized Bed

Home Life Comfort Sleep 6-Inch Mattress

The Home Life Comfort Sleep 6-Inch Mattress is our best bet if you want a twin sized firm mattress. With no squeaking at all so it doesn’t disturb you at night, the fabric and stitching of this mattress is just right and won’t break down easily. It fits any twin bed frame of standard size.
Moreover, the firm mattress can also be a great trundle bed mattress and will support your neck and shoulders greatly. It is also better on your back with its firmness and quality foam construction to relieve any pressure points. The firm mattress is also great for a guest bed other than your main bed.
Made with polyester layering for better comfort, the firm mattress stands 6 inches high in thickness and it is also great for the kids for their beds. It is firm and well made and has a decent cover. Giving off a comfortable and firm feeling, the firm mattress helps in equal weight distribution at night.
Being a comfortable and affordable firm mattress with adequate support and firmness, the firm mattress is made with high quality coils but each of them does not make any noise at all for optimal comfort, whether you watch TV from the bed or just sleep on it.
It is also a therapeutic firm mattress for your back and hips due to its independent pocket coils at 15-gauge each, made of 480-grade tempered steel. You can use it for the top bunk or bottom bunk of kids’ bunk beds and it will feel more comfortable than your usual mattress. It also has a great price and it comes compressed and rolled for easy shipping.

Best Firm Mattress with an Inner Spring Construction

FurinnoCF FL07
Furinno CF-FL07 Comfort Bonnel Spring Mattress

If you want a firm mattress that has an inner spring construction then we suggest the Furinno CF-FL07 Comfort Bonnel Spring Mattress to you. It is great for its support for your body and is made with high quality coils that will not easily deteriorate and will not hurt you at all.
The firm mattress also meets Federal Flammability Standard CFR1633 so it is safe while maintaining good pressure relief. It is also durable in its materials without sacrificing comfort for adults and kids alike. The firm mattress can help you achieve good night’s sleep and it can also be installed in a child’s bed.
It is also great with its motion transfer reduction for a longer lasting comfort through the night. It is also a Certi-PUR Certified firm mattress so it is not just eco friendly but also good for your indoor air. The firm mattress is also quite relieving for your shoulder and back pains.
Currently available in Full, Queen, King and Twin sizes, the firm mattress is made with an extra layer of cotton so you can feel more comfortable. The whole thing measures 6 inches in thickness and it will definitely help you sleep like a baby. You and your partner will feel the difference due to less motion transfer and great support for the different parts of your body.
You can also install this firm mattress on a bunk bed and it may endure years of usage without easily flattening. Made for comfort and reliability, it is a good alternative to a memory foam mattress and is made with nested Bonnell coils with 13.5-gauge on each of the metal wires. Arriving vacuum packed and rolled, the firm mattress is backed by a 1-year warranty for manufacturer’s defects.

Best Firm Mattress with a Memory Foam Construction

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Mattress

The Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Mattress is a great choice if you want a memory foam firm mattress that is conforming to your body shape. It is also coupled with high density foam for a better night’s sleep as a budget mattress that is very comfortable.
Using memory foam, it gives no bad smell whatsoever when it arrives. It also spans at 8 inches of thickness to provide adequate comfort and support. It also fits in an apartment and supports you nicely with a refreshing feeling due to the construction. The memory foam is also available in a variety of sizes.
This particular firm mattress expands quickly so you can get a night’s sleep in no time with no comfort issues at all. The 3 mattress layers are comprised of: memory foam (2 inches), comfort foam (2 inches) and base foam (4 inches). You can also use this to help improve your deep sleep cycle at night.
As firm mattress that is quite comfortable to sleep on, it is also organic which uses BioFoam with natural plant oil. You can feel relaxed when sleeping because of the lack of harmful chemicals due to being CertiPUR-US Certified.
Overall, the firm mattress is also great for keeping kids from jumping off the bed since it doesn’t bounce. It is also a good mattress to put up in the guest room. It easily arrives compressed, rolled and shipped in a box when you order it.

Best Firm Mattress for the Summer or Hot Climates

Modway Aveline 8″ Gel-Infused Memory-Foam Mattress

As a great firm mattress in the summer or hot climates (e.g. Florida or California), the Modway Aveline 8″ Gel-Infused Memory-Foam Mattress can help you sleep soundly without a lot of discomfort because of its gel-infused memory foam that is made for hot or humid weather.
The firm mattress is great for aches and pains and it has good heat dissipation that isn’t present on your average memory foam firm mattress. It can reduce pressure as a cooling mattress and it will help you to sleep comfortably with no lead, mercury, PBDEs, TDCPP, etc. because it is CertiPUR-US certified.
Great for your head and neck, the firm mattress is comfortable to sleep on, whether you put it on your guest room or main bedroom. It is also well ventilated and great for your back and spine as it easily relieves pressure points. The firm mattress is also low on VOC so it is eco friendly.
Made with high quality open cell memory foam to help you feel ventilated, it also works well in bunk beds and can be used by two partners or even sleeping with pets. The firm mattress can help you improve your sleeping habits and also align your spine while you sleep at night.
Additionally, the waterproof soft cover is easy to wash for an almost maintenance-free handling. Good for alleviating pain on your hips and lower back and also reducing sweat at night, the firm mattress has no motion disturbance so it is not just for couples but also for back and shoulder relief.

Best Firm Mattress for a Queen Sized Bed

Synwell Sleep 10-Inch Queen Ventilation Mattress

The Synwell Sleep 10-Inch Queen Ventilation Mattress may be what you need if you want a Queen sized firm mattress in which the temperature is well regulated. It generally keeps you cooler at night so you can get less back pain and irritation. It is also in just the right firmness for most people.
It gives you a comfortable firm while being super comfortable as a memory foam firm mattress. It also comes with a cover that can be zipped and washed for maintenance purposes. Moreover, it comes with high resilience form so it doesn’t get flat too easily.
All of the foam layers are certified by CertiPUR-US so it not only gives you a great night’s sleep but is also eco friendly. The firm mattress also comes with a gel infused layer at 1.5 inches which makes it cool. The whole firm mattress is firm, but not too firm and is good for the guest room.
Overall, the firm mattress is good at contouring to your body and it is also suited for side sleepers. You can have it on the floor and it will still be soft and comfortable anyway. It is also made with a high density white foam at 2 inches for a good and even weigh distribution.
Bearing a lot of good durability, the firm mattress comes with 6.5 inches of an additional high density white foam layer as well. It is made of good materials and it arrives vacuum sealed on your doorstep. The firm mattress is backed by a 10 years manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Best Firm Mattress for a Full Sized Bed

Ultimate Dreams 7″ Verona Firm Mattress

As a full sized mattress, the Ultimate Dreams 7″ Verona Firm Mattress gives you a firmer feel than most mattresses out there without sacrificing comfort at all. Moreover, it is made with high density foam so it’s great if you don’t want an expensive memory foam or a corrosion-prone spring mattress.
It provides adequate comfort and it is made with a ventilation foam. Likewise, it is also great for college dorms and apartments and it has a zoned foam construction for better relief at night. In fact, all foams are US CertiPUR-US Certified in this firm mattress.
Working well for side, back, and stomach sleepers with extra support, the firm mattress has a Euro top and it remains very comfortable even after years of usage. If you want a good basic mattress with enough firm comfort then this is a good choice for you.
Its base support foam is of high density at 6 1/2 inches thick plus a comfort foam at 1/2 inch thick. The firm mattress has a good mattress style overall which is not too uncomfortable and not too firm like a rock. It will definitely help you alleviate your back pains and the like.

The Competition

Other firm mattresses that did not make it to our list easily lost their firmness, had reports of broken springs upon delivery and the memory foam wasn’t very firm in comparison to other brands. It is important that a firm mattress should have a good firmness to be a firm mattress and the firmness should not run flat easily and should last for many years upon regular usage.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do more and more people prefer a firm mattress nowadays?
A: A firm mattress is great for support, especially for back problems, according to most studies. Unlike before when people wanted water beds and soft mattresses, people are starting to accept that a firm mattress can be greatly beneficial to help keep up a good posture.
Q: Is it wise to go for a name-brand expensive mattress in any kind of mattress needs?
A: A name-brand mattress can be okay but it is not generally better than generic or new game players in the market of mattress production, especially if you look at the specs and the price. Some cheaper alternatives aren’t so cheap at all because of their construction and quality.
Q: How does a thick mattress help improve your sleep quality?
A: A thick and firm mattress is helpful for your bones because it makes you breathe better when you sleep. Too much pressure on your bones due to the sinking mechanism of a soft mattress will lead to suffocation, especially for kids and infants. This is how a thick and firm mattress help you with proper sleeping posture.
Q: Which is better: a firm or a soft mattress?
A: That depends on your needs and especially your health condition, but it is good to have a medium firm mattress instead of something that is overly firm or overly soft. A firm mattress may not be everybody’s cup of tea but it is generally good for posture correcting. On the other hand, seniors are best suited for softer mattresses instead of hard ones because of a lot of pressure from a firm mattress.
Q: What is important to remember when you shop for a mattress on-site on a store?
A: Shopping on-site is probably the best solution for buying a mattress, although some may still want to buy it online if they have an exchange program. Remember that if you buy on-site, bring your bed measurements with you and bring the person whom you’ll share the bed with, such as a partner.
Q: How do you know you need to buy a new mattress?
A: There are many signs to tell if you absolutely need to buy a new mattress. For instance, you can test to see if it really feels uncomfortable or you get lower back pain from sleeping on it for a long time. Moreover, mattresses that aren’t too firm (for the firm ones) anymore means that it is time to replace it. The thickness also decreases in an old mattress.
Q: Why is a medium firm mattress the best for bad back aches?
A: A medium firm mattress sets the line and the best of both worlds in just one mattress. Having a mattress that is too firm can lead to serious stress on your muscles and shoulders while having a mattress that is too soft will lead to a loss of support for your back, also leading to back and shoulder aches and loss of breath.
Q: How is a regular foam bed mattress different from memory foam?
A: A memory foam mattress is usually pricier and unique because of its ability to retain the shape of the person who lies down on it, creating motion isolation, which is great for sleeping couples who do not want motion transfer. Regular foam bed mattresses don’t have much of that effect, and are thus cheaper and more widely available than memory foam.
Q: Is memory foam a safe mattress material to have?
A: It generally depends on the amount of manmade materials that are in memory foam. There are some stuff such as acetone, methyl chloroform among others, but they don’t have much effect on people because they are in very minimal and tolerable amounts. This is why the CertiPUR-US and other third party testing labs exist to measure if a memory foam mattress is deemed safe.
There are third party testing procedures and certifications that tell you if a mattress is safe and low on volatile organic compounds or VOCs as well as being lead-free and phthalates-free.
Q: What does it mean for a mattress to be CertiPUR-US certified?
A: The CertiPUR-US certification means that your mattress is generally safe from harsh chemicals such as PBDE, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, ozone depleting components and much more. It also means that it is low on VOCs (low emissions) and is generally eco-friendly.
If you truly want a mattress that is eco-friendly then look for the CertiPUR-US certified brand, which means that it has been tested and certified to be free of harsh chemicals that may otherwise be harmful for humans, especially kids. Most CertiPUR-US certifications are important if you want to buy a memory foam mattress but you are worried about the chemicals in it. Otherwise, you can just stick to an organic mattress or bedding solution.
Q: What does it mean to be Greenguard Certified?
A: A Greenguard certification means that it is low on VOCs or volatile organic compounds. It is generally safe for kids and is also eco-friendly with the concern for the environment with its choice of materials without a threat to your overall health.
Q: Which is better in terms of support: spring or foam mattress?
A: A may be generally better than a foam mattress or even a memory foam mattress in terms of support because it is great when it comes to firmness that cannot be easily replicated even with a super firm foam. Spring mattresses are also great shock absorbers so they are great for wiggling partners.
Q: Why do some people don’t like memory foam mattresses?
A: Some
possible issues with memory foam include the fact that it is expensive compared to other types of mattresses so it is not widely available around the world at your local store. A memory foam mattress is also not a thing if you live in a warmer climate, wherein you would just rather go for a water bed or a regular foam bed instead. Memory foam is only great for colder areas because it may get hot sometimes.
Q: What are the different kinds of mattress sizes to choose from?
A: A mattress can be of different sizes depending on your bed frame, such as King, Queen, California King, Full or Twin. Some can have different names, such as a Single or a Double.
Q: Is it worth it to buy a hybrid mattress?
A: Having a hybrid mattress may get you the best of both worlds in terms of memory foam comfort and spring support, but it doesn’t really give you the full support and comfort of both, so it may not be sufficient for those who really need one of the other. If you really want full support then go for a bouncy spring mattress, otherwise go for a memory foam or regular foam mattress if you want a soft and cradling feeling.
Q: What fillings may be usually used for a mattress?
A: A typical mattress may use cotton or a mix of organic fibers such as wool, hair and the like. Some use synthetic foam but it all depends on your budget, as organic materials are a lot more expensive.
Q: What are organic mattresses usually made of?
A: If you want an organic mattress then you may have a choice between wool or cotton or even latex. Organic mattresses are different from manmade mattresses such as box spring and memory foam and even regular foam mattresses. Organic mattresses are expensive but can be eco-friendly. Wool is ideal for cold weather while cotton is great for hot weather. Latex (natural rubber) is for adding bounce and stretching ability.
Q: Which mattress top is better: pillow top or plush?
A: A plush top means that it is comfortable and soft but not too soft, so it is okay for side sleepers but not for stomach sleepers. Pillow top, on the other hand, is great for kids because it will not easily sink in and can support them better without suffocation.
Q: Why is it better to have a sleep trial of a certain mattress when choosing one?
A: A longer period of trial sleep is better when choosing the best mattress for your needs so that you can decide if it is too firm or too soft for you.
Q: How does a firm mattress improve your circulation?
A: Blood circulation can be regulated better if you have a firm mattress because your body will not sink in and your joints and muscles will not get trapped. This will allow your blood and oxygen to pass through easier. Improving your circulation during sleep is important to avoid nightmares and bad back pains.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, we think that the Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green-Tea Mattress is our best firm mattress because of its 3 mattress layers, organic green tea extract material (and natural castor seed oil) for eco-friendliness, just-right pricing, good warranty policy and less motion transfer at night due to being made out of memory foam material.