Best Innerspring Mattress

The Zinus Sleep Master 6-Inch Spring Mattress is our best innerspring mattress, which provides the best support for young adults and kids alike due to the heavy gauge steel coils. You get 2 twin mattresses for the price of one and it is great for the little ones. The innerspring mattress is very comfy and it is ideal for growing children for a bunk bed frame.

Our step-up pick is the Zinus 12-Inch Performance Plus Spring Mattress and the innerspring mattress is made with high quality pocketed coil springs as well as supportive sides so you do not sink into the mattress when you sit on the sides. The innerspring mattress is great for those with back problems due to the quality of the springs and the foam.

The budget pick is the Classic Brands Pillow-Top Innerspring 10-Inch Mattress and with enough softness and comfort, this innerspring mattress can easily contour to your body maybe better than a memory foam mattress with its adequate support. It is made with 13-gauge coils at 7 inches each on the coils and you will not feel the coils due to the thickness of the foam layers.

A Little Background

An innerspring mattress or a coil spring mattress is a type of mattress that is generally used for more traditional beds. Most people claim that innerspring mattresses are great for couples who want to achieve a bountiful sex life because of the additional bounce. Kids who like to bounce may also want an inner spring mattress so they can jump on it.
Most people today go for an innerspring mattress because they want less motion transfer due to the shock absorption and also because of the firmness and support that most regular foam mattresses cannot provide.
Generally, having a mattress is a case to case basis in terms of its texture and feel. Some people just have different preferences from each other. For instance, a salesman or a saleswoman who works at an office or a mall may want a firm mattress to alleviate their back and shoulder pain as a form of massage, so that they can have better posture as they relax. On the flip side of things, the elderly may want soft mattresses because they claim it to be less stressful on their joints and back.
Innerspring mattresses are well known not just for the price but also for the support and for the durability. Most innerspring mattresses have pocketed coil springs in their design and the overall package of an innerspring mattress is a good choice for family starters who do not want to break the bank yet enjoy a supportive and longer-lasting bed solution.
The coils of an innerspring mattress should be built to last because they will take human weight more than ever. Most innerspring mattresses are durable anyway, especially with the latest in technology. Most of them will also be fully covered and protected to avoid rusting and getting chinch or bed bugs due to the inadequate space and gaps. Most innerspring mattresses today are equipped with the best technology possible so they will last notably longer than you think they should.
An innerspring mattress usually has 3 layers that are sandwiched together, and usually, the spring layer is in the middle. It is important to have an innerspring mattress that has thick enough supporting layers to squeeze the springs and coils together so that they will not be felt when you sleep. After all, nobody wants to sleep on actual spring coils!
An innerspring bed mattress is usually made up of hundreds of coils in just one single layer and it usually depends on the size of the mattress that you order anyway. The number of coils and the gauge of the coils dictate how strong it will be to hold your body weight and support your joints and muscles while you sleep for total comfort and pain relief.
Having an innerspring mattress is generally more beneficial for people who sleep on their back but you may also benefit if you are side sleeper provided that it is not too high and the bounce is just right and the firmness is not too firm. Innerspring mattresses are great for their back support, nonetheless.
Innerspring mattresses are not just famous for being cheap, as most of them are also more durable depending on the kind of spring coils installed in them. Most spring mattresses tend to be stronger and more long lasting in general compared to foam because of the high quality materials in making them.
The fact that an innerspring mattress is not as totally dense as regular foam or memory foam makes it cooler in general. Even with the new technologies such as gel infused memory foam, some people still resort to the traditional comfort and coolness of an innerspring mattress because it helps alleviate muscle pains due to the spring support.

How We Picked

When you want to have the best innerspring mattress, here are some considerations to know about:
Spring coil count: the innerspring mattress should have a sufficient number of individual coils in the mattress to provide the best support possible for your needs. Having an innerspring mattress that has a good number of coils means that the mattress will be greatly supportive and will not compromise you on weight distribution at al.
Type of spring: some innerspring mattresses can have a different kind of spring coil, such as Bonnell, other than pocketed spring coils. It is up to you on what kind of spring coil you want, but if you want to go for the Bonnell types then they are ideal for durability while pocketed ones are for lower price and good weight distribution.
Available sizes: consider having an innerspring mattress that has many available sizes, such as King, California King, Queen, Full, Twin and XL versions.
Mattress feel: do consider a innerspring mattress that is just right for the firmness or feel. It can be as firm as you want or as soft/plush as you want or you can go for a medium firm if you are undecided. Firm innerspring mattresses are great for bad backs and aches from sitting in the office while soft innerspring mattresses are great for those who can’t stand firm ones and need cradling support from injuries and surgeries, especially for seniors.
Certifications: having an innerspring mattress that is CertiPUR-US certified puts you to an advantage. Do consider this as this kind of certification means that your innerspring mattress is safe from harmful emissions, it is low on VOCs and does not contain, lead, mercury and other materials that are considered not eco-friendly at all.
Thickness: the usual thickness of an innerspring mattress is about 6 to 13 inches more or less. Do consider a innerspring mattress that is not too thick and not too thin so you can enjoy sleeping on the mattress without a lot of effort climbing on it.
Mattress top: you may get an innerspring mattress that has a tight top, pillow top or a Euro and box top. Do consider a innerspring mattress that has just the right kind of mattress top so that you will feel comfortable when you place the sheets over for a relaxing sleeping experience.
Cover material: the cover material for the innerspring mattress is usually made of soft fabric material but it should be of high quality and hypoallergenic. The material of the innerspring mattress’s cover should be easily washable and zippered so that it is easy to maintain when the time comes. A tightly knit innerspring mattress cover is also important to keep the bed bugs away.
Number of layers: most innerspring mattresses have 3 layers but some add more layers to enhance the support. Consider a innerspring mattress that has a good number of layers and an even distribution of weight and layers so that the springs will not easily bulge out of the foam layers when the time comes.
Spring coil gauge: consider having an innerspring mattress that has a good spring coil gauge or thickness to add to the overall support as you sleep on it. Do consider a innerspring mattress with a good thickness because having a weaker build can lead to an unsupportive mattress in the long run.
Intended usage: consider where you will use the innerspring mattress. Some may want it for a bunk bed, a trundle bed, a regular box spring bed or for the guest room. Some may even want an innerspring mattress for an RV, trailer, truck or a camper.

Our Pick

Zinus Sleep Master 6-Inch Spring Mattress

Our best innerspring mattress is the Zinus Sleep Master 6-Inch Spring Mattress in which the spring mechanism is a set of Bonnell coils made of high quality steel. The innerspring mattress is made out of comfortable foam material and it is a 2-pack deal of two mattresses in just one package.
Benig quite comfortable for the kids, the innerspring mattress will be holding up well for the many years to come and the foam is CertiPUR-US certified. In addition to that, the innerspring mattress also has a couple of layers of fiber padding that are quilted on the top to add to the plush feeling.
Fairly comfortable for kids and even young teenagers, the innerspring mattress can fit well on most trundle beds as well as different kinds of beds. This is a 2-pack you don’t want to miss in case you need two mattresses at once, especially if you have twins.
The innerspring mattress comes conveniently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your door so it is very easy to setup. If you have grandchildren and want the best bed for them then you can use them on a twin bed or a double deck bunk bed.
In addition to that, the innerspring mattress can also be used on day beds as well as different beds out there for the youngsters. It is backed by a 10 year limited warranty for your customer satisfaction.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Zinus Sleep Master 6-Inch Spring Mattress may have some flaws but not deal breakers, such as the fact that it can be a bit bouncy, like all innerspring mattresses anyway, so make sure you watch over the kids in case they bounce on it, for safety reasons. It is also not that much advisable for adults but can be used by smaller adults and some teens.

Step-up Pick

ZinusPerformancePlus 1
Zinus 12-Inch Performance Plus Spring Mattress

For our step-up pick, we chose the Zinus 12-Inch Performance Plus Spring Mattress which is widely available in Queen and King sizes. The innerspring mattress has a tight top so it is very clean and flat on its top so you will be sleeping very well without the worry of lumps and creases.
If you want something that is big and comfy then you can try this innerspring mattress. It is made up of 3 layers of comfort foam (1.5 inches), high density foam (2.5 inches) and base foam (7.5 inches). Likewise, it is a versatile innerspring mattress that can adjust to your body so you’ll be sleeping very deeply.
It also comes with a fabric quilting on the cover, combining foam and microfiber material for added comfort. The construction of the innerspring mattress involves individually wrapped coils to add a lot of support aside from the comforting foam layers so you get little to no motion transfer at all.
The innerspring mattress is quite firm but with a soft touch so you can sleep peacefully with almost no back pain all the way. In addition to that, you can also get a firm support up to the edge of the mattress for easy sitting on the bed.
In no time, you will be waking up with no shoulder or back pains with the use of this innerspring mattress. Most back and side sleepers can greatly benefit from this innerspring mattress due to the construction. It comes ready, compressed and rolled when it arrives on your door step.
The innerspring mattress is also made with CertiPUR-US certified foam so it is made without the use of harmful chemicals such as lead and phthalates, so it is a safe sleeping surface for you and your family. You can also add a mattress topper to this innerspring mattress to enhance its comfort. It is currently backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

Budget Pick

Classic Brands Pillow-Top Innerspring 10-Inch Mattress

If you want a well constructed budget pick then you can try the Classic Brands Pillow-Top Innerspring 10-Inch Mattress which is great for sleeping partners due to the lack of motion transfer to keep you sleeping in peace through the night. It uses individual pocketed steel coils to make it easy to sleep on.
Made at the right price, the innerspring mattress stands 10 inches thick overall so it is quite comfortable and it is available in nearly all standard bed sizes. In addition, it lessens motion transfer so it is great for couples and those who sleep with pets around.
In addition to that, the innerspring mattress has a detailed pillow-top cover that is quilted knit for durability and comfort. You can simply add a good sheet set to this innerspring mattress to make it just fine for your sleeping needs, depending on the season of the year and the weather outdoors.
Bringing you a good distribution of weight and support, the innerspring mattress uses 1 inch of comfort foam in its inner layers so you get the best of both worlds – from an innerspring solution and high quality foam construction so it is not too hot and not too cold.
Likewise, the innerspring mattress adapts to any bed base so it is greatly made for almost any box spring or bed platform to help you achieve that undisturbed sleeping experience and comfort every single night. It can also minimize friction due to the quality and construction of the coils of this mattress.
Made with decent cushioning layers for the price, the innerspring mattress is backed by foam layers that will help you sleep better. It also has a 10-year warranty to back it up.

Best Innerspring Mattress with a Gel Infused Layer

Olee Sleep 10-Inch OM Gel-Infused Mattress

For those who want a gel infused innerspring mattress then you can try the Olee Sleep 10-Inch OM Gel-Infused Mattress which is made up of 3 foam layers that work together to provide the best in sleeping comfort all the time. It also provides you with less motion disturbance so it’s great for couples.
The innerspring mattress can help you to sleep soundly all through the night, especially if you have trouble sleeping in general. It is made with gel infused memory foam so it helps you to stay cool in the summer and in hot weather, especially if you live in a small house with less ventilation.
Great for your neck and shoulders when it comes to alleviating pain in general, the innerspring mattress is also not too firm and not too soft so it is just right for most people who cannot decide between a firm and a soft one. It also gives you consistent temperature all throughout your sleeping experience.
Made with tempered steel for the coil springs, the innerspring mattress can give you proper back support with its high density foam 1 inch other than on its coil springs. It allows you to sleep with your husband, wife or pets without a problem and give you peace throughout the night.
The innerspring mattress is also not too heavy and easy to move into the bedroom. It also helps you to sleep cooler in the summer even with its memory foam layers due to the unique continuous coil design. In addition, it is great for its body conforming comfort and is available in Twin, King, Full and Queen sizes.
If you are a person who has back pain issues then this innerspring mattress can help you alleviate back pain. It will work on slats as well so you can have proper support from a spring mattress and yet attain an equal weight distribution when you sleep through the night.
This particular innerspring mattress can work on a box spring as well. With 7.5 inches on its spring base , it easily works on almost any bed platform due to its versatility. The innerspring mattress can work wonders on your hips and lower back if you often experience pain there. If you want to achieve an undisturbed sleep then this is a good innerspring mattress to consider. It is also backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Innerspring Mattress with a Euro Box Top

Night Therapy Spring 12-Inch Spring Mattress

The Night Therapy Spring 12-Inch Spring Mattress is a good innerspring mattress to consider if you want a euro box top cover mattress or just want a good bed in a general sense. It has a good firm feel so it is ideal for those who want a firm mattress to treat their back pains and get a nice massage-like feeling.
This innerspring mattress is also CertiPUR-US Certified so it is eco friendly, doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is low on emissions and low on VOCs. It is also made with high quality pocketed springs that do not deteriorate easily and don’t stick out easily over time on your surface.
If you are looking for good quality but don’t want to spend too much to achieve luxury and support then this is a good innerspring mattress to consider. It helps you achieve proper spinal alignment so it corrects wrong body posture if you always work in the office on a desk.
It is also a good pressure relieving innerspring mattress to consider that is supportive for your back. In addition to that, you get uninterrupted sleeping experience with the comfort and support of this innerspring mattress due to the mix of foam and the spring coils.
You also get motion separation with this innerspring mattress so it doesn’t really bother you even if your partner moves a lot (or if your pet moves around as well). This is important for those who do not want to be bothered by someone when sleeping together.
If you have back problems then this innerspring mattress can be sufficient for its quality of foam as well as the support of the coils. It is also fiber quilted so it is not too hard for its surface. In fact, it is also great for the elderly or disabled due to the comfort and design.
This innerspring mattress stays flat and secure no matter where you place it and no matter what bed framing you currently have. With no sinking or lumps at all, it is made out of high-density foam layers with accordance to the high quality coils. It comes compressed, rolled and shipped when you order it and it is backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

Best Innerspring Mattress that is Waterproof

Continental Sleep Waterproof Vinyl Orthopedic Mattress

The Continental Sleep Waterproof Vinyl Orthopedic Mattress is a great therapeutic and waterproof innerspring mattress that is also a fully assembled mattress that you can just easily use right off the bat. Currently available in Twin and Full sizes, it allows you to have a comfortable night’s sleep.
It is also clean and hygienic when it comes down to its outer design. In fact, people with bed-wetting problems can greatly benefit from this innerspring mattress. It is also fully sealed with no zipper so it is a lot easier to clean and it is also hygienic that fits well for hospitals and institutions alike.
Being ready for any room, it can also be used for a bunk bed and it is great for institutional and hospital use. In addition to that, the innerspring mattress has a waterproof vinyl cover so it is great for people with frequent accidents, such as the elderly and babies.
If you have a nursing home then this is a good innerspring mattress to use for both adults and kids. It is also a good choice for toddlers and young children because of its hygiene standards. It works just fine for people with incontinence concerns and offers a supportive foundation and adequate comfort.
Children with special needs can also get the right back support that they need with this innerspring mattress. It is also fitting for a personal care home due to its quick and simple cleanup. The back support is important for being a therapeutic mattress since it will be the reason why it will be comfortable.
Being an orthopedic mattress, it can support the spine easily so it will help with back pains and the like. If you want a innerspring mattress that is orthopedic for medical purposes, such as for surgery and the like then this is a considerable choice for you.

Best Innerspring Mattress for Queen Sized Beds

Beautyrest Silver-Plush 500 Queen Innerspring Mattress

The Beautyrest Silver-Plush 500 Queen Innerspring Mattress is designed for comfort and for those who need a Queen sized mattress. It also has reduced motion so that it will be great for people who sleep with another person, such as your partner, child or pet. It has a nice top padding as well.
The innerspring mattress consists of 4 layers of foams, including the AirFeel foam, GelTouch foam, AirCool gel memory foam and DualCool memory foam, which all work together to add to the innerspring support of the mattress. It also works well to provide a good sleeping temperature for you.
Measuring 11 1/2 inches in thickness, the innerspring mattress has a medium firm feeling to provide a good air flow as a Queen sized mattress. It will help you a lot in feeling refreshed when you get up every morning so you can get that undisturbed sleep that you want to have.
It also keeps the heat away so it is great for the summer season and for tropic climates. The innerspring mattress also has an open cell structure which further adds to its cooling effect. You can have the sleeping condition and comfort that you deserve when you wake up every morning with this mattress.
Made with a 15.5-gauge coil set in its structure, the innerspring mattress is easy to place on just about any platform bed. What’s more, the edge has sufficient stability so it is okay to sit on. It is also perfect for any box spring due to the design and the versatility.
The innerspring mattress allows you freedom of movement without being too uncomfortable. Moreover, it conforms to the contours of your body because of its memory foam technology. The innerspring mattress is backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

Best Innerspring Mattress for Twin Sized Beds

Wolf IDREAM Moon Dance 10-Inch Mattress

The Wolf IDREAM Moon Dance 10-Inch Mattress is your best bet if you want a twin sized mattress for twin sized beds. It is made with a stretch knit fabric quilt on top so that it will keep you as comfortable as possible when you sleep on it. What’s more, it is not too firm and has the right comfortable feel.
Counting to up to 288 coil units which are of high profile, the innerspring mattress has a firm feeling (medium firm) and it has the right amount of softness and firmness so it is a good balance between the tow. What’s more, the cotton inner quilt is quite soft and plush to provide you with hours of good sleep.
Being a comfortable and affordable innerspring mattress to consider, it comes rolled and packed in a box when it arrives to your door step. It is also backed by a 1 inch foam padding to add to its comfort. You can use it for a guest bedroom or for your main room and it remains super comfortable.
What’s more, the balance of the firmness and softness of this innerspring mattress is good for your back. It is quite elegant in design, providing great support with a good upholstered finish. You will most likely sleep very well on this mattress due to its quality. It has been greatly designed for twin beds, bunk beds and the like.

Best Innerspring Mattress made of Organic Materials

My Green Mattress Natural Escape Organic

If you want an organic innerspring mattress then you can try the My Green Mattress Natural Escape Organic, which is GREENGUARD Gold Certified. It uses a natural flame barrier due to its eco-wool part and it offers good support for your back. You can also minimize pressure points with this mattress.
The top part has a decent amount of plush on it and it is backed by a supportive pocketed spring system. To give you a comfortable sleeping experience, this innerspring mattress is just right on its firmness and can be placed on any platform bed frame.
It is a medium-firm mattress and it is available in most regular bed sizes. Made with natural latex foam, the innerspring mattress contains 3 inches of natural latex to alleviate shoulder pains and neck aching. With no synthetic foams at all so it is organic, it is not too firm and not too soft.
Made with an organic cotton quilted cover and a pocketed coil base with 3 zones, the innerspring mattress can possibly cure your back pain. It is a good innerspring mattress for side sleepers and you also get a 100 nights for a sleep trial plus a 10 year warranty.

Best Innerspring Mattress for Kids Beds

Sleep Inc. 8-Inch Complete Comfort Mattress

The Sleep Inc. 8-Inch Complete Comfort Mattress is a good innerspring mattress that is great for your kids’ beds. It is made with soft foams to give you a great night of sleep plus the best kind of consistent support possible without losing the plush feeling.
It is made of hundreds of inner springs to help you stay comfortable when sleeping. Made with comfort foams to support you, this innerspring mattress is backed by a high quality foam other than its inner coil spring system. The whole mattress has about an 8-inch thickness and it is also backed by a 5-year limited warranty. You can definitely have this mattress if you want one for your kid’s bed.

The Competition

The innerspring mattresses that did not make it to our list lacked in support and in the quality of the coils. They were also reported to have less quality materials for the foam layers, making them feel cheap without comfort at all. It is important for any innerspring mattress to be comfortable and yet economical at the same time, without sacrificing support in the long run. Durability is also a must for any innerspring mattress that you should buy.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an innerspring mattress?
A: An innerspring mattress is a kind of mattress that uses springs in various forms to act as a bouncy bed layer. It is one of the most common types of bed mattresses out there, hence they are also generally the cheapest compared to foam and memory foam.
Q: What are the coils of the innerspring mattress usually made of and are they durable?
A: A coil mattress or an innerspring mattress is usually made of high quality steel or even titanium if you want to go for a higher quality brand. These mattress springs are usually of the best grade possible because they will need to support human beings sleeping regardless of weight.
Q: What are the usual layers that make up an innerspring mattress?
A: An innerspring mattress will usually comprise of a core, foundation and the comfort layer. The core is where the springs lie in place while the foundation keeps the spring layer sandwiched together. The comfort or upholstery layer makes the surface soft (or firm if you want it firm).
Q: Why are innerspring mattresses cooler than regular foam ones?
A: The major benefit of an innerspring mattress is that it is great for really hot weather because it does not get too hot unlike regular foam or memory foam. The construction of spring mattresses make them breathable and have a cooling effect.
Q: How do you determine if the spring coils are durable in an innerspring mattress?
A: The spring coil in an innerspring mattress will usually have a gauge measurement, which dictates how thick it is and how durable it will be to support your weight. In addition to that, innerspring beds with more coil counts mean more support all the way when you sleep.
Q: Which kind of sleeper or sleeping position would benefit more for an innerspring mattress?
A: A back sleeper would be much more comfortable for an innerspring mattress in general. They may also like some hybrid mattresses due to the added bounce coming from the innerspring layer. If you are a side sleeper then you will be more suited for latex and foam mattresses.
Q: Are innerspring materials more durable than the rest?
A: Most people agree that innerspring mattresses tend to last longer than foam or memory foam and this is why more and more people still value their innerspring mattress, which makes them still popular today.
Q: Which is cheaper: innerspring or memory foam?
A: An innerspring mattress is clearly the winner in terms of price range. While memory foam is expensive due to being a new technology that is not widely available to the rest of the world, a lot of people already know and have tried and tested innerspring technology, so it will be hard to beat, hence it has a low price.
The pricing of innerspring mattresses is what mostly makes it more marketable. Instead of expensive dense foam, innerspring mattresses are more popular and thus are cheaper to make. There are, however, still pricier versions of the innerspring mattress if you really want a longer lasting one with better materials for the coils and more coil count for added support all the way.
Q: What are the different kinds of spring coils on an innerspring mattress and how are they different?
A: An innerspring mattress will usually have a pocket coil set or a Bonnell coil design. There are others such as the offset, Marshall and the continuous, but the pocketed and Bonnell designs are the most popular of all, since they are great for support. Bonnell coils are the best in durability while pocket coils provide less bounce but even weight distribution.
Innerspring mattresses may come in either pocketed springs or a Bonnel coil design, and both of them are great in terms of support. Pocketed coils are the most popular because of their adequate support. However, some higher-end mattresses can use a Bonnel coil.
Q: Can kids use an innerspring mattress?
A: Yes, an innerspring mattress is one of the good choices for a kid’s bed, especially since kids like to jump. However be wary that if they like to jump often then don’t make the bed too bouncy for safety and make sure it has good support and durability.
When we were kids, we probably loved jumping on a spring mattress. This is why most kids who own an innerspring mattress bed will most likely do the same. For this matter, you should choose a durable innerspring mattress that can take abuse from your kid(s).
Q: When should an innerspring mattress to be replaced?
A: If you feel stiff when you wake up in the morning and often wake up with back pain then it might be time to replace your innerspring mattress. If you clearly see some springs getting out of the mattress then it is definitely time to replace it.
Q: How do I keep an innerspring mattress last longer?
A: An innerspring mattress should be kept in a box spring foundation, whether you have an old one that is still usable or if you should buy a new one. The innerspring mattress should also be turned or flipped when possible and the cover should be washed and dusted to avoid allergens and dust mites.
Q: Why is medium firm the best firmness for an innerspring mattress?
A: Not all people like super firm mattresses because it is bad for their joints and aches (and it can be painful at first). On the other hand, not all people like super soft mattresses as well because you easily sink in and reduce on your breathing at night. It is a lot healthier to go in the middle for treating lower back pain and getting a good night’s sleep.
Q: Is there such as thing as a “one size fits all” bed?
A: Of course not , since everyone has their own preferences in terms of levels of comfort. Some people prefer mattresses that are firm but some prefer them soft. Some people are heavier than others so they may need better support such as with an innerspring mattress instead of a regular foam mattress (or a memory foam mattress for that matter).
Q: Is it okay to try out a mattress on the floor?
A: Yes, trying out the mattress on a floor is actually one of the best ways to tell if the mattress will stay firm or soft depending on the way you want it to be. Mattresses, no matter what size or type, should be tested for longer hours so you will get the overall feeling and make a better choice in general.
Q: How do I prevent bed bugs from getting into my innerspring mattress?
A: An innerspring bed may catch some bed bugs, such as cinches, that can usually ruin the quality of your bed casing, can be a health hazard to your family and can also be a concern for your mattress quality. To prevent these bed bugs, you should purchase a high quality box spring encasement that is bug-repellent so that it will keep the mattress away from bed bugs. Don’t worry, most bed bugs like the cinch can only infest your home if you live in a tropical or hot area.
Q: How does an innerspring coil prevent corrosion?
A: If you are new to innerspring coil mattresses then you’d probably wonder how they do not get corrosion (for higher end mattresses). Vanadium steel is usually a great choice as a metal alloy so that it will resist corrosion. Some may also use alternatives like galvanized steel but it can be a bit harder to shape and not as ideal as vanadium for spring coils.
Q: Why do kids love to jump on the bed/mattress?
A: It is not just the bed or mattress that kids love to jump on: it may also be your couch or sofa or anything with a jumping surface. Kids love to jump in general because they are packed with a lot of energy due to their young age. Kids will need a lot of effort to release their energy before they can be put to sleep, which is why it’s so hard to tell off your child to stop jumping on the innerspring bed, because it’s generally fun for them!
Q: Should I let kids jump on the bed? Why or why not?
A: Jumping on any mattress or bed can sound fun but it’s actually not recommended because it will ruin the quality of your mattress and stain its durability. Even if it is an extra bouncy pocketed spring coil mattress, it’s still more advisable to get your child an actual trampoline instead of jumping on the bed.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, we think that the Zinus Sleep Master 6-Inch Spring Mattress is our best innerspring mattress because it is CertiPUR-US certified, made with high quality Bonnell spring coils, a 2-pack deal and is very easy to setup in general.