Best Cooling Mattress

The Live&Sleep Resort Gel Memory Foam Mattress is our best cooling mattress, which is made out of 2.5 inches of medium firm memory foam with a good air flow. It also allows for less motion transfer due to its memory foam and the medium firm makes it ideal for both the elderly and the youngsters (and adults). The mattress has no chemical smell at all so it’s eco-friendly.

Our step-up pick is the Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory-Foam Mattress and the cooling mattress is great for pressure relief and temperature regulation so you get the best sleeping experience possible. Having a total of three layers of memory foam and gel, the included foam is quite resilient which doesn’t easily sag or get heavy. It is made with 3 inches of poly gel foam.

The budget pick is the Resort Sleep Queen Cooling Memory-Foam Mattress and having a medium firm, the cooling mattress can be a great way to improve your circulation while sleeping at night due to its air flow and good support. It will also fit any bedroom in terms of design and it is relatively easy to put together with your bed frame.

A Little Background

A cooling mattress is a type of mattress that is meant for the summer because of its unique cooling abilities. You will most definitely need this kind of mattress if you feel hot all the time or the weather is not very pleasing. Cooling mattresses are also best used for closed homes or warmer climates.
Like all mattresses, a cooling mattress should have a good maintenance procedure and inspection when you buy one. Checking the support of a mattress is highly important. Whether you have a spring or a memory foam mattress, you should know and inspect the mattress on-site if you are going to buy from a store or know if the warranty and replacement policies of the online store will cover these damages. Spring mattresses should be checked if the springs are all intact while memory foam mattresses should be checked for the firmness and if there are any signs of damage whatsoever.
Dust mites can also get into your mattress because of its fibers, much like in your carpet and in your upholstery and other home items. Therefore, it is important to always clean up your mattress and wash the cover as much as possible. The mattress cover should also be of high quality so that dust mites will not infest the inside of the mattress and make it heavier overtime. This will also improve the quality of your mattress, so that you have to replace it less often than you should.
Mattresses can take a long time to get replaced and this is why they usually have a warranty of 5 to 10 years, some even taking 20 years for high quality mattresses. Therefore, it is important you take good care of your mattresses beforehand. If ever you see signs of wear and tear and the firmness being lost, maybe it is time to replace your mattress altogether to avoid getting discomfort while you are sleeping.
Flipping your mattress can also save you more in dollars and expenses if you want to make the most out of your bedding. Flipping a mattress to its other side will mean that you can use the other side instead of just buying a new mattress again. Rotating is also a method if you have a box spring instead of a foam or memory foam mattress in your bedding. Both these methods can help you save up on expenses on having to replace your mattress.
Going on-site may be a hassle for most people who shop online, but it is actually a good thing if you ever want to buy a mattress. A mattress is designed to keep you comfort so trying it out first is important, more so because it is more expensive than most upholstery you may have at home. Mattresses put the definition in sleep and comfort so you need to be extra careful when choosing one for your needs.
Flipping a mattress is easy with one person but rotating can require another person to help. In fact, it may be best to have two people to work on a mattress if you intend to rotate it or to flip it to be able to use the other sides and maximize your purchase for the mattress more than its warranty or price value. In this way, you can spend less money having to buy another mattress.
There is really no right timing to change a mattress because it all depends on how you use it. However, it is usually more than the warranty period that your manufacturer gives, provided that you clean the covers often and you don’t let your pets or babies soil it often, or your kids jump on it often to ruin its quality. With normal usage, you get about 10 years of great comfort with any mattress.

How We Picked

When you want to have the best cooling mattress, here are some criteria to consider:
Available sizes: a cooling mattress will usually be available in a wide variety of sizes, such as Queen, King, Twin, Full, California King and other variants. Choosing the right size for your cooling mattress is important and you should know the dimensions of your own bed frame so as not to pick the wrong size. Usually, most mattress manufacturers around the world follow the same sizing for the different categories so you will have less errors when choosing a cooling mattress for your bed frame in general.
Mattress type: most cooling mattresses are made of gel memory foam, although some mattresses can also have cooling gels such as the hybrid ones that are a mix of spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. Nonetheless, you should choose a cooling mattress that has a good quality of both the memory foam and the gel, or if it is a hybrid, the spring should be free from damages and danger zones.
Firmness: consider the cooling mattress that has the right firmness or plush type. Plush mattresses are great for the elderly who do not want to have a super firm mattress that may ruin their sleep and lead to pain in their back. On the other hand, people who are often slouching all day in their office may want to have a cooling mattress with a firm top so that it will help them massage their back when they sleep at night, to get rid of all the backache. You should choose the firmness or plush type of the cooling mattress according to your needs and whoever will sleep on it.
Thickness: a cooling mattress should be just the right thickness for your needs. The elderly and the kids will have a hard time getting up a mattress that is too thick or too high, but thicker mattresses may be a good thing for those who need extra support for their bedding especially if two or more people will sleep on it and if it will help them feel comfortable in any weather or season.
Mattress cover material: most cooling mattresses nowadays have a bamboo cover, which is a lot easier to wash and also more eco-friendly and less likely to get dust mites. Having a high quality cover for your cooling mattress is highly important because it will help protect your mattress from dust mites and wear and tear in the long run, aside from the fact that you may also put a topper on it.
Top style: the cooling mattress may come in a variety of top styles, much like with all mattresses, such as a pillow top, Euro style top, tight top and others. The top style will help you keep yourself more comfortable when you sleep on it at night or any time of the day.
Thread count (foam and memory foam) or spring count (hybrid): if you choose a cooling mattress that is made of memory foam or regular foam, you may want to have one that has a good thread count so that it will last longer. In the same way, if your cooling mattress is a hybrid then its spring count should also be of a good number to provide better extra support in the long run.
Certification: some cooling mattresses, like most mattresses today, are made of Certi-PUR certified materials, which makes them of high quality and that they have been tested without harmful chemicals such as flame retardants, PBDEs and various things that aren’t so eco-friendly and skin-friendly. Having a Certi-PUR certified mattress is a good thing if you want to save the environment and sleep peacefully.
Warranty period: most cooling mattresses, like all mattresses, have a very long warranty period, spanning from 5 years up to 20 years at the very most. If you order online then make sure that the return policy is less of a hassle in case you find it hard to sleep on. Most dealers do offer something like a 30-day free trial of a mattress if you want to buy it online instead of on-site.

Our Pick

Live&Sleep Resort Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Live&Sleep Resort Gel Memory Foam Mattress is our best cooling mattress that is great if you want a contouring comfort for your body at night. It also has antimicrobial properties so it is safe for the whole family whilst giving total support and back pain relief for the seniors and the adults.
With one 1/2-inch layer of gel infused visco elastic material, the cooling mattress is quite hypoallergenic so it is okay even for people with skin allergies. With a high density support base to make it sturdy, it is not too soft and not too firm. Likewise, you won’t get you tossing and turning often with this mattress.
Also, the soft knit cover made of washable and flexible linen material makes it easy to maintain yet soft to lay on. The thick profile also adds a lot of comfort at night at 10 inches in its total thickness. You can be assured of a deep rest like in a luxury hotel with this cooling mattress.
It might also complement with your bedroom furniture when you want to sleep peacefully and prepare for a long day ahead. Likewise, the cooling mattress is easy to unfold and roll out to your bed and it doesn’t use coils or latex so it is made with eco-friendly materials to enhance your sleeping experience.
The cooling mattress helps you stay cooler and sleep on a more breathable bed surface. What’s more, it ships compressed in a small box and is easy to setup and unpack. You will get a cloud like feeling with this cooling mattress due to its quality materials and CertiPUR-US certified foam.
Currently available in queen, king, California king, twin, twin XL and full, the cooling mattress efficiently cools your body to make you feel comfortable all year round. There is also a free visco elastic pillow to match it up. It is currently backed by a 20-year warranty with a 30-day sleeping trial.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some cons but not entirely deal breakers to know about the Live&Sleep Resort Gel Memory Foam Mattress include the fact that it may lack some instructions on putting it together, but there are many videos online or others who bought it to help you out, since it is relatively easy to setup anyway.

Step-up Pick

ClassicBrandsbr> Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory-Foam Mattress
Giving you great air flow, the Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory-Foam Mattress is our step-up pick with a cool gel memory foam which measures 2.5 inches. It is absolutely okay to use year round (summer or winter) and it is hypoallergenic due to its materials.
Coupled with visco elastic foam for the memory foam, it has a medium plush feel so it is neither too firm nor too soft. Being a CertiPUR-US certified cooling mattress, it is packed with good breathability, it easily conforms to a variety of bed bases and it is great for less motion transfer for sleeping partners.
You get a total of 6.5 inches of high density memory foam for this cooling mattress. It is also naturally antimicrobial while retaining good breathability and comfort and support all the way. Likewise, it is easy to setup and roll out and you can choose from Queen, King and a variety of other sizes.
As a pressure relieving cooling mattress, it doesn’t have too much of a bad smell when you unpack it (you should still wash it for sure). Moreover, you also get a detailed cover and a stretch top that matches most bedroom décor. The cooling mattress is also resistant to allergens for health reasons.
The whole cooling mattress measures 12 inches in total thickness and it also protects against dust mites due to its construction. Made with charcoal gray knit sides, sitting over the edge won’t get you to sink because of its stability and firmness without being too harsh on your back.
Totally great for relieving pressure points, the cooling mattress has a lot of conforming properties when you set it up. It comes rolled and shipped in a box like most mattresses and has a limited warranty of 25 years to back it up.

Budget Pick

Resort Sleep Queen Cooling Memory-Foam Mattress

The Resort Sleep Queen Cooling Memory-Foam Mattress is our budget pick, which is a cheaper version of our top pick (which is the elite version of this budget pick). This cooling mattress is great for a cooler night’s sleep and its included washable fabric cover is quite soft made with flex linen.
Being an eco-friendly cooling mattress in terms of materials, it can also be installed in an RV due to its versatility for your box-spring or futon. It is also very comfortable due to being made of CertiPUR-US certified foam materials. You can also sleep on your side with this cooling mattress.
It allows you to stay comfortable as you rest or lay down with 2.5 inches of infused visco elastic with a layer of support. You also get therapeutic benefits from this cooling mattress due to the cooling properties. In fact you can top it with a bedding pad for getting the best out of it.
Great for the whole family with less tossing and turning (especially for couples), the cooling mattress is made of non toxic materials and retains a breathable feeling that doesn’t put pressure on your joints. The cooling mattress is also great for stomach sleepers other than side sleepers.
The cooling mattress is definitely made from high quality foam and not cheap ones so you get a feeling similar to a hotel bed. It is available in Queen and other standard sizes and it cools your body evidently with a hypoallergenic advantage for sensitive skins. As a good replacement mattress, it also comes with a free visco-elastic pillow (like our top pick) and has a 30 day trial.

Best Cooling Mattress with a Medium Plush Feel

Classic Brands Gel Memory-Foam 10.5-Inch Mattress

The Classic Brands Gel Memory-Foam 10.5-Inch Mattress is a cooling mattress with a unique jade-derived woven cover. It is soft but supportive when you lay down on it and it is also suitable for a camper. If you are sleeping on your back then you will benefit from its cooling properties.
Having a soft and plush feeling with no funny smell at all, the cooling mattress can treat lower back pain and give you a refreshing feeling when you wake up. Available in Full, Queen and other sizes, you can use the cooling mattress for a bed upstairs as it comes ships rolled and compressed and easy to unpack.
Ideal for great comfort from a gel memory foam, the cooling mattress gives you good relaxation with a firm but very comfortable feeling. The support base foam adds depth and makes it good for any bed base. You can also add an extra gel topper to make it more comfortable for your needs.
Conforming to your body temperature, the silky soft mattress cover makes it super comfortable with a medium plush feel to achieve a comfortable night’s sleep. The cooling mattress works better than coil springs and yet it also fits a box spring or a platform bed due to its versatility.
The cooling mattress only takes about 30 minutes to decompress. This makes it super simple for you to take it anywhere you want – to a trailer, to an RV, to your room upstairs and anywhere you like. When you sleep on it, the mattress conforms to your body like most memory foam types. It is backed by a 20 years warranty so you can return it if it gets uncomfortable.

Best Cooling Mattress for Trailers and Trucks

Road Premier Cool Gel Truck Mattress

If you want something to put to your camper then you can try the Road Premier Cool Gel Truck Mattress which is only 8 inches high and fits on most SUVs, trailers, campers and trucks. The foam used for this cooling mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and is a nifty truck mattress for camping and the like.
You can place the cooling mattress in a car without much problems and it will give you less motion transfer when you sleep out in the wilderness. It wicks heat away as you sleep and is great for the summer with up to 3 layers of foam so it is very comfortable.
Giving you a medium firm core for a good comfort and supportive feeling, the cooling mattress helps you achieve a cool experience when you are sleeping, relaxing or taking an afternoon nap. It has a good base layer to support you and a quilt top to make it comfortable sleeping on.
Having a quite comfortable design and feeling, the cooling mattress is made out of 2 inches on the layer of cool gel memory foam. It is also great in all climates due to the design and it has a soft middle layer to make it not too firm or rock hard.
Being made with foam that is low on VOC, with no ozone depleters, PBDEs and other harmful chemicals, the cooling mattress ships compressed and rolled so you can unpack it easily. It also has a firm bottom layer so it will not move from place to place.
In fact, the order of layers can be changed because you can zip out the cooling mattress out of its cover. You can attain a cooler sleep experience and yet have a firm seating with it due to its good construction.

Best Cooling Mattress with a Jacquard Cover

Best Price 11″ Gel Infused Mattress

Having a cool layering system within its construction, the Best Price 11″ Gel Infused Mattress is made out of a unique poly-Jacquard cover which makes it soft and comfortable. It does not lose its coolness due to being made out of a 1.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam layer.
The mattress is plush but also firm so you get the best of both worlds with a cooling gel experience. Its 2 inches of comfort foam is ventilated to help you sleep better. It also has no chemical odor when you unpack it due to being CertiPUR-US certified (free from harsh chemicals).
If you look forward to using this cooling mattress in summers in Florida then it will help you sleep comfortably. Its base layer is made out of high-density foam at 7 1/2 inches and yet it is not hard and uncomfortable. Made with a refreshing gel, it gives you support as a cooling mattress.
Being easy to setup by one person, it also has a non-slip bottom so it is great for wiggly sleepers. The memory foam also gives you comfort and long lasting durability due to the satin piping border. Great for a guest bed to keep them cool and comfortable, it is available in 11 inches and in 9 inches of thickness.
The cooling mattress is quite easy on your budget and yet works effectively for alleviating back and joint pains. With a balanced comfort, the cooling mattress is backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Best Cooling Mattress Made of Memory Foam

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Memory Foam Mattress

The DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Memory Foam Mattress is made out of 3 inches of gel foam and memory form, which works well to support pressure relief and alleviates lower back pain. With a medium firm feeling, it is ideal for those who a lot of trouble sleeping.
The white cover gives this cooling mattress a luxurious feel and yet a cooler sleep because the washable cover is zipped so you can maintain it easily. It also lessens heat at night, especially during the summer, due to its 2 inches of foam that gives a cool air flow and its infused gel beads within the mattress.
Moreover, the cooling mattress doesn’t smell too bad due to being made of eco friendly materials. With 5 inches of supporting high density base foam, it is sturdy enough for your bed or a guest bed. It is also topped with brown corner suede and a 4-layer construction to make it durable.
Likewise, the cooling mattress offers good support and very comfortable and it is also a great alternative to a box spring mattress. Being a CertiPUR-US certified, it is made without harmful chemicals and ships vacuum sealed for ease of unpacking. What’s more, the mattress has a fire barrier to keep it away from fire for some time. For a cooler night’s sleep, the cooling mattress is a good choice with 30 years limited warranty and a 120-day free trial.

Best Cooling Mattress that is Queen Sized

Best Choice Queen 10″ Gel Mattress

Having a medium firm, the Best Choice Queen 10″ Gel Mattress is a good choice if you want a Queen sized mattress to attain comfortable sleep at night or whenever you want. With sufficient ventilation so it doesn’t get hot when you sleep, the cooling mattress is made of high density polyurethane foam.
Using open cell technology to promote better air flow, the cooling mattress fits most standard sized bed frames and it also contours to your body due to being made of memory foam. Its poly-cotton cover is removable to make it easy to maintain and remain comfortable.
The cooling mattress relieve pains for the back, shoulders and neck and is made out of 2.5 inches of gel infused memory foam to keep you cool. Currently available in Queen and Twin sizes, if you are having back aches then this is a good cooling mattress to consider, which is CertiPUR-US certified.
It distributes body heat so it is great at keeping you cool and it is sufficient for relieving your natural pressure points for a cool and comfortable sleep. Side sleepers will benefit from this cooling mattress due to the comfortable feeling. It is also easy to unpack and measures 10 inches in its thickness.
As a gel memory foam mattress, it is very well made for its durability and materials. The cooling mattress is also quite easy to spot clean and it improves posture in general. The cooling mattress is backed by a 60-day warranty.

Best Cooling Mattress for Pressure Relief

LANGRIA 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The LANGRIA 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a good choice if you want pressure relief from its gel memory foam that measures 2 inches in thickness. Great for spinal alignment, the cooling mattress is available as a Queen sized mattress with a medium firm.
What’s more, the cover is washable to keep it nice and fresh all the time. Made with gel beads to keep you cool, it conforms to the shape of your body and is firm but not hard. The cooling mattress promotes air flow and in general, gives you a balanced support, especially for side sleepers.
The cooling mattress is great with pressure point relief and it also has a pillow top memory foam mattress construction that makes it a cool mattress when you sleep. It is not too thick and yet has a soft top cover to promote better air circulation in the long run.
Likewise, the cooling mattress stands 10 inches thick so it is just right for its height. It sufficiently treats your uncomfortable pressure points and it also alleviates trapped body heat in any season of the year. Moreover, it prevents motion transfer so it is great for two people sleeping together.
As a CertiPUR-US certified cooling mattress with enough layers of support, it is relatively easy to unpack and it is also made with a non-slip fabric bottom. You can fit this cooling mattress on almost on any bed frame. Additionally, it ships rolled up, compressed and comes ready to setup.

Best Cooling Mattress with a Bamboo Cover

Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ Layered Mattress

For those who want a bamboo covered mattress then you can try the Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ Layered Mattress, which is temperature regulating and is made out of three layers of gel foam. As a high density mattress, it gives you soft cushioning and not too firm to sleep on.
The cooling mattress greatly eliminates pressure points and yet it does not hurt your joints. Measuring 2 inches on the gel layer, it generally reduces tossing and turning, which is great for side sleepers as a neat memory foam mattress with a good height of 13 inches.
Measuring 2 inches of high density foam, the cooling mattress is a good body forming mattress which feels like a cloud and it may also fit all body types. Measuring a total of 9 inches of comfort foam, it comes in Full, Twin, Queen and King sizes so you can choose depending on your bed frame.
Because of the lack of motion transfer, it is good for couples. Likewise, the memory foam is greatly contouring to the body and its soft knitted bamboo cover can be removed and washed so it is a lot easier to maintain. This makes it hassle-free when it comes to washing it over and over again.
In addition to that, the bamboo cover is eco-friendly so you can find it very easy to clean and also not smelling bad at all. Setting it up is super quick and takes about only 5 minutes to fully inflate to its 10-inch state. The cooling mattress is backed by a 10 year warranty.

The Competition

Other cooling mattresses that did not make it to our list were not so very cool in terms of the cooling gel material because they weren’t so evenly distributed. Moreover, the foam quality of the cooling mattresses that were eliminated in this review wasn’t so good so most people return it due to discomfort and lack of good sleeping experience with it.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of support are available for a mattress?
A: A mattress will usually be in either boxed spring or memory foam type. The box spring is the most traditional of all because of its pricing while memory foam is a little bit more expensive. Memory foam is great for seniors who want better support for their back.
Q: Can dust mites get into your mattress?
A: Yes, a dust mite can be seen just about anywhere there is fiber, such as your carpet, your mattress, your pillows, your bed sheets, your clothing items, your upholstery and especially your pets.
Q: How do I know that my mattress needs to be replaced?
A: A mattress may be reaching its ripe years if you feel uncomfortable sleeping on it, the weight is usually heavier than it should, the mattress is not as firm as you would like it to be (or as soft for those who bought it extra soft before) and you feel a lot of itch whenever you sleep on it, regardless of weather.
Q: When should you flip your mattress?
A: If you see some slight sagging or discomfort when sleeping then maybe it is time to rotate your mattress. If you see that the mattress is still okay then you can just flip it over. Most mattresses can be flipped every three months or as needed. The only exception to this rule would be the box spring mattress, which needs to be rotated instead of flipped due to its design.
Q: Why is it the best to go on-site to test a mattress?
A: Because going on-site helps prevent the hassle of returns and you can also choose the kind of firmness or softness that you want. However, if you want to go on-site, always be sure to bring your bed dimensions with you so that your mattress will fit exactly.
Q: How do you properly flip or rotate a mattress?
A: A mattress can be flipped with just one person. You can pull one side to the edge of the bed, stand it upright and then slowly (if possible) lie it down to your bed frame. For rotating, you may need another person to help you rotate the mattress so that the head part will go to the lower part.
Q: Do all mattresses need to be flipped?
A: While some may claim that their mattress doesn’t need to be flipped or rotated, it is still upon your judgment if you want to rotate or flip it. Some people think that when a mattress is not needed to be flipped, it is of high quality, when it is really not.
Q: How many years is suitable for me to change my mattress?
A: It depends upon the warranty period but may also depend on how much you use it. Usually, about 8 to 10 years is enough to replace a mattress, or if you absolutely feel that the mattress you are sleeping on feels junk or uncomfortable.
Q: How can replacing a mattress improve your physical and mental health?
A: First and foremost, a new mattress will greatly improve your sleeping habits and will help you to sleep soundly, especially for the elderly who may have trouble sleeping, especially in worn-out beds. Most people replace a mattress to help them sleep better, especially those with anxiety disorders or who are of old age.
Sleeping on a new mattress has its many good benefits. First, you get rid of the dust mites from your old mattress and secondly, you sleep better with it. Most people who have anxiety disorders, insomnia and the like will likely fall asleep faster and deeper with a new mattress. What’s more, the comfort of a new mattress is a lot more welcoming than an old one due to its firmness (or softness if you prefer soft).
Q: What is a hybrid mattress and how do you make it last longer?
A: A hybrid mattress is one that is comprised of both spring mechanisms and foam layers. This makes it more ideal for those who want the best of both worlds when choosing a mattress. If you can’t decide or if you are on the fence when going for a spring mattress or a foam mattress then a hybrid mattress may be your best bet.
Hybrid mattresses are great if you want the benefits of a spring mattress but with the pros of a foam mattress. However, they are relatively new so they may need some special care when it comes to maintenance, in which you need to consult the manufacturer or the user’s manual on how to properly clean the cover or how to rotate or flip it when the time comes.
Q: Can sleeping in cool conditions improve sleep quality?
A: Yes, a bunch of independent studies suggest that people can have better REM sleep cycles if they sleep in cooler temperatures. This is why most people prefer gel infused memory foam mattress for cooling themselves while sleeping.
Q: How is a regular memory foam mattress different from a gel infused memory foam mattress?
A: A gel infused memory foam mattress usually has open cell technology compared to the closed cell style of the regular memory foam mattress. Open cell technology helps you feel more comfortable because it will make the bed cooler due to the improved air circulation around the room.
Q: What material is usually used for gel infused memory foam mattresses?
A: A gel infused mattress with memory foam usually comprises of soy gel layer, especially for mattresses that are eco-friendly. Most of these eco-friendly memory foam mattresses can be a bit more expensive, but they will be worth it due to the less likelihood of irritation.
Q: Can gel memory foam mattresses help with back pain?
A: Yes, most people who have back aches and similar problems tend to sleep better on a gel memory foam mattress than with a regular mattress because of the very fact that it goes with the shape of your body to relieve pressure from your back and other afflicted parts.
Q: Can memory foam reduce the effects of tossing and turning?
A: Yes, a memory foam mattress has the unique ability to keep tossing and turning noise and vibrations to a minimum because of the contouring design of the foam, which conforms to your body, allowing less motion transfer from one sleeper to another, which is perfect for sleeping couples.
Q: What material comprises memory foam mattresses?
A: A memory foam mattress is made of an energy absorbent viscoelastic material that conforms to whatever your body position looks like, hence the name “memory foam”. After you sleep on it and leave a “snow angel” of sorts like if you laid down on snow, it will return to its original shape later on.
Q: How many layers of gel are included in a memory foam mattress?
A: It depends upon the manufacturer but most memory foam mattresses with gel usually have just one layer of gel or have a bunch of thinner ones distributed throughout the sandwiched layers of the memory foam mattress, for a more even cooling technique for your sleeping needs.
Q: Do you need to purchase a topper for your memory foam mattress?
A: It depends on your needs but most people do put a memory foam topper to add more depth and comfort to their mattress, especially a memory foam topper. In addition, it also adds more layers and can also be a great support if there will be many sleepers in the bed. It can also help with the durability of your mattress in the long run.
Q: How is a pillow top or regular foam mattress different from memory foam mattress?
A: A pillow top or regular foam mattress is ideal for the tropics while memory foam is ideal for the cold climates. Regular foam mattresses are great for those who need a lot of firm support while memory foam is ideal for the seniors who want a softer surface to lie on. Pillow tops are also cheaper and more widely available in comparison to memory foam.
Q: Which can last longer: memory foam or spring mattress?
A: That depends on where you live and how often you use it , as spring mattresses are less ideal if you live in a highly humid place where springs can get corrosion. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses may also get softer much like regular foam mattresses. Generally, memory foam (and regular foam) mattresses tend to last longer than spring mattresses, making them more popular in the market today for extra savings (and for safety from the springs).

Wrapping It Up

In the long run, we think that the Live&Sleep Resort Gel Memory Foam Mattress is our best cooling mattress due to its medium firm (good for both adults and seniors), 10-inch just-right thickness and hypoallergenic CertiPUR-US foam.