Best Contour Bra

Contour Bra1

The La Femme Contour is our pick for the best contour bra, which is made with nylon and lace on the underside. It has a hook and eye closure and has many colors to choose from.

Our step-up pick is the Wacoal Basic Contour and it has many designs to choose from and is great as a t-shirt lingerie. It can be easily hand washed, has a kicked in back design and is made with spandex.

The budget pick is the Calvin Klein Wire-Free and it is wire-free and is made with nylon and lycra elastane. It uses hook and eye for its closure and it has seamless cups.

A Little Background

A contour bra is a kind of lingerie that may look like your average type but acts more like the push up bra. In the sense, instead of simply (sometimes painfully) pushing your boobs together to create a nice cleavage, what it does is essentially correct or shape your boobs to become more round rather than being triangle like and pointy.

Many kinds of lingerie can also come in the convertible form, in which it has many benefits. If you are the type of person who goes around wearing different dress styles, this is something that you should have in your wardrobe or closet. In addition to that versatility, the fact that you can also remove the straps can make into party padding for your gown, dress or anything else.

How we Picked

For the best contour bra, here are some pointers you may need to look at:

Colors: as with all lingerie, color choice can also be a factor when choosing one for lovemaking as well as for going to a place where your bra needs to get exposed.

Cup size: the cup size, usually in letters, is an important aspect to look at when you choose a bra size. You should also pick one that goes along  with your band size.

Band size: the most common band sizes are 34, 36 and 38, in which cups can vary from 34B to 34C. No two combinations have the same fit, e.g. 34C is not equivalent to 34B.

Materials: the materials should be breathable even if it is a contour type, so that it will not mess up your day, especially if it is very hot and you sweat a lot.

Customizable: it should be customizable so that you can just use one lingerie for many outfits. It should have at least removable straps so that it will be easy to tweak into any kind of dress that you may be wearing throughout the day.

Strap type: whatever strap type it is, it should be sturdy enough and fully adjustable to your size, so that you can adjust it when your bra gets loose eventually.

Closure type: you can either have a back closure or a front closure. Back closures can be a hassle but you can adjust the tightness accordingly. The only downside to the front closure kind of lingerie is that it only has one hook set – three hook sets at the back make it easier for you to adjust the tightness of your band accurately.

Ease of wearing: it should be simple enough and easy to wear or put on. The straps should have strong and easy to fasten hooks so that they will not fail you throughout the day. It should have straightforward features as any lingerie would.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the La Femme Contour is made with nylon with lace underneath. It can be easily closed with the hook and eye closure and it is also a plunge type. It can be adjustable in many ways and the foam cups are comfortable.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only con but not a deal breaker about the La Femme Contour is that it may not be suitable for smaller bust sizes, but is good for medium and large ones.

Step-up Pick

As our step-up pick, the Wacoal Basic Contour is made with spandex and polyester and has non slip straps due to the kicked in design. It also comes with a camisole strap for ease of wearing and it is a full coverage lingerie that has a scalloped trim.

Budget Pick

As our budget pick, the Calvin Klein Wire-Free is made for easy hand washing due to the light padding that comes with it. It is also very supportive and is made with elastane and nylon. The durable hook and eye closure keeps it in place.

Best Contour Bra with a Deep Plunge

The Olga Women's Flirty has a deep plunge, which is perfect for party dresses. Its trimmed straps are made with satin that is very sleek. It can be great for enhancing your boobs and it is made with spandex and nylon.

Best Contour Bra for Workouts

The SYROKAN Women's Underwire is great for workouts, sporting and physical activities due to its high impact design. It has straps that are adjustable and do not stretch to keep it from riding up. The lingerie is made with polyamide and spandex with a hook and eye closure.

Best Contour Bra with Lace

For those who like lace, the Wacoal Lace Affair is a good choice. It is made with nylon and spandex and has a lace back and lining. The decorative straps are easily adjustable and the foam cup is pretty good when it comes down to shape retention.

Best Contour Bra with Nylon

The Wacoal Halo Contour has a kicked in back design and has a bunch of straps for the lacewing. It can be easily hand washed and is made of spandex and nylon. It has a stretch strap on its back as well.

Best Contour Bra with Underwire

The Warner's Cloud 9 is great for those who like underwire lingerie. It has lightweight pads so they are not very constricting. The front straps can be easily adjusted and the whole thing is made with spandex and polyester.

Best Contour Bra with Lycra

The Natori Women's Feathers is made with spandex, nylon, lycra and lace. It has adjustable straps, a deep plunge neckline for parties and easily contouring cups for style and comfort. Its lace panels are semi-sheer.

Best Contour Bra with Full Coverage

The Olga No-Side-Effects gives you full coverage, being made out of nylon and spandex. It has standard hook and eye closures and has a good side coverage. The straps on the front are easy to adjust as well.

The Competition

While others almost stood out from the rest, they failed to meet our expectations because they lacked in quality as well as the available sizes. They also did not have a good set of hooks, as many reported that they easily fail them.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are contour bras different from push-ups and padded ones?

A: The contour bra is a kind of lingerie that can be confusing to tell apart with other similar ones like push up bras and padded ones. However, here are the things that set them apart, as defined by their unique features:

1. Contour types are the ones that have a thinner padding, compared to the normal padded type. They are much more preferred by those who do not want padding yet want some coverage for their breasts. They are usually very breathable and can have a thinner design compared to the average ones.

They can also help your boobs become properly shaped. They may not be as supportive as the padded ones, yet they are very natural when it comes down to shaping your breasts in a more comfortable way. These designs tend to have a curve that goes smoothly for your boobs.

2. Push up types are usually meant for pushing your boobs to the middle so that you can create a cleavage. Contour types do not always create this kind of cleavage, as they go for a more natural feel for your boobs instead of painfully and awkwardly pushing them together as if squeezing them.

Unlike the contour type, the push up top has additional padding on the sides, making it much more functional for pushing together your boobs instead of letting them loose and contoured. The primary purpose of a contour type is to contour naturally to your breasts, whereas push up types are meant for giving your girls a little push.

Q: What are the different kinds of this type of lingerie and what are they used for?

A: These are the different types of lingerie that you can wear and along with that are their uses:

Type of Bra / Lingerie

What it is

Best used for


The balconette has a halfway coverage for your boobs, giving the impression of boobs peeking out of a balcony.

They are best used for occasions where you need to have a wide neckline top.


The bandeau is best describe as a simple piece of cloth that’s like blindfolding your boobs. They are usually meant for simple coverage and are often breathable and made of thin materials (e.g. no padding).

These are best used for those with small to medium sized boobs, because they offer a very small amount of coverage and support. They are good, however, for summer outfits.


The contour type is usually a seamless type of lingerie that can easily conform and contour to your boobs, regardless of the size.

The goal of this lingerie is to conform to your boobs, so they can be used basically anywhere, maybe except when working out.


Also called the multi-way lingerie, this is the one you should have if you are a fashionista or just like to wear different kinds of outfits. For instance, it can be converted into a strapless type, a racerback type or a regular strapped type.

The convertible is the best for those with a lot of different kinds of clothes and dresses, so they can pick out a style that best fits their current dress or gown.


The demi cup is known to be a common type of lingerie because of its cleavage option. Much like the balconette, the demi is quite sultry but it is more on the deep v-shaped neckline thing.

If plunge and deep necklines are your kind of thing, you’re best with a demi cup. They are also great for most cup sizes, anyway.

Full cup

They can offer the best kind of support because they are full cup in design (some are 3/4 cup in design but hey, that kind of counts). Essentially, they have the fullest of coverage and tend to be available in larger cup sizes.

Full cups are the best to go with if you are big breasted. If you ever want something that requires a lot of support, even without the cleavage, then the full up lingerie is for you.


For women who have gone through breast cancer operation (mastectomy), this is a good option. It has pockets for breast prosthesis so you can feel confident as a cancer survivor.

Like the name says, it is meant for those with breasts surgically removed due to problems like breast cancer.

Nursing or maternity

Nursing or maternity types are those that are meant for feeding your baby. The flaps that make those boobs easily accessible for your baby makes breastfeeding such a breeze.

Nursing types are, well, meant for nursing women for their babies. Maternity ones are meant for when you’re pregnant, since boobs tend to swell during that time.


This kind of lingerie is much like the full cup, except that it has a padding that pushes your boobs inwards to prevent sticking out too much.

The minimizing lingerie is ideal for those who want to reduce their boobs naturally – not everyone wants to have large assets, anyway.


The padded type can be classified into various kinds, in which can be of any strap type or cup type.

The padded type is best for women who need to have the appearance of larger boobs. They are different from a push-up lingerie, so they are best used under your clothing.


The plunge type is the one that is characterized by a deep center. It is similar to that of a demi type because of the sideway covers for your boobs, yet it has a deeper center so it makes your cleavage stand out better.

This one is meant for those dresses that require you to have a really deep and wide neckline to expose your cleavage in a much better way, without letting others see your lingerie.


A push-up type is what it is – it pushes two boobs together to create more cleavage. They can be a bit awkward and painful at first, but if you want added lift, this is the one to go with.

The push-up type is meant for those who want to boost their confidence and have small to medium sized breasts.


It is often characterized by an x-shaped back, although in some cases, the design can be a t-back or a sports back, not necessarily a racerback. It is found in most summer and sports lingerie.

The racerback type is meant for added security for when you move from place to place and don’t want the inconvenience of falling straps. Take note that usually, front closures are present for this kind of lingerie.


The shelf type is also known as the cupless type. They are mostly very bare and offer so little coverage due to being cupless. They can only be supported by underwires.

The shelf type or the cupless type is best used in the bedroom – or if you’re an adult video actress!


The sports type is usually a more supportive lingerie that has less discomfort due to the smoothness of the material. They stay and keep their place to maintain your boobs from excessive bouncing during jogging or cycling.

Sports types are best worn for, well, sporting. You can also take them to the gym and not worry about wardrobe malfunctions.


The adhesive type is also called the silicone, stick-on – whatever you name it. Basically, what it does is stick on its own onto your boobs so it can cover your nipples and some of your breasts.

The adhesive type is a good backless option for when you want to go with a sultry dress with backless and shoulder-less features.


The strapless is different from the bandeau, since the bandeau doesn’t have underwire and usually has little to no padding. Strapless types usually have more support than bandeaus.

The strapless type is meant for occasions where you need to wear a tube or whatever that requires no straps seen from your lingerie.


The t-shirt type is also a seamless type that is perhaps best to be worn with casual clothing. They are usually very lightweight and easy to care for. They can come in light padding so they are comfortable in general.

T-shirt types are best for receiving guests at home, walking the dog, taking out the trash, going to the grocery store or basically casual stuff.


These types are mostly rare, since they can only be found in specialty lingerie shops. The idea is that they cover only half of your boobs sideways and have a deeper plunge than the plunge.

The U-plunge is best used for really low (like, daring low) and deep gowns, dresses and the like.

Q: What should I keep in mind when going for underwire types?

A: Not everyone is good with underwire types, but if you do want to go for it, here are some things that you need to remember first:

1. They may not be ideal for supporting your boobs for when you’re pregnant or nursing. Because your boobs tend to swell a lot during this period, it is perhaps best to skip the underwire for now.

2. No matter what they tell you, they won’t easily cause cancer. If you wear them properly and responsibly, they will not constrict your boobs. You should not sleep with them. Just make sure that your breasts fit properly with your lingerie and you will be fine.

3. However, that doesn’t mean you can sleep with them – underwire can suffocate you. Like we said, wearing these lingerie can be a problem when you sleep – if you must sleep with lingerie on, consider wire-free types that are less suffocating. Breathing problems, sleep apnea and nightmares can happen if you sleep with super tight lingerie.

4. To make sure they aren’t suffocating throughout the day, they should be in your correct band size. The ideal way by which you should get this kind of lingerie is to go for the right band size and the correct cup size as well. Both need to be in the best measurement that fits your body, especially since underwire can be tough and suffocating if they are too tight around your boobs.

5. Do know that if you get tired of underwire, there are still many supportive wire-free types out there. If, for any reason, you do feel suffocated with underwire eventually, you can go for something less restricting, such as bralettes and the like.

6. If you’re going to a place without makeup (e.g. grocery store errands), go without underwire. If you want to go as casual as possible, no underwire would be the best for your needs. Underwire is best reserved for special occasions such as birthday parties, debutant parties, weddings, prom night and the like, in which your boobs need to stand out.

Q: How do I know my cup in centimeters?

A: If, like most countries, your country uses centimeters in bust measurements, it can be hard for you to find a chart that converts your bust size into a cup letter. Here’s a helpful chart for that, with a corresponding typical body size and an under boob measurement or the band size:

Body size

Band size

Cup classification and size (in centimeters)











62  to  67

77 to 79

79 to 81

81 to 83

83 to 85

85 to 87

87 to 89

89 to 91

91 to 93

93 to 95


67  to  72

82 to 84

84 to 86

86 to 88

88 to 90

90 to 92

92 to 94

94 to 96

96 to 98

98 to 100


72  to  77

87 to 89

89 to 91

91 to 93

93 to 95

95 to 97

97 to 99

99 to 101

101 to 103

103 to 105


77  to  82

92 to 94

94 to 96

96 to 98

98 to 100

100 to 102

102 to 104

104 to 106

106 to 108

108 to 110


82  to  87

97 to 99

99 to 101

101 to 103

103 to 105

105 to 107

107 to 109

109 to 111

111 to 113

113 to 115


87  to  92

102 to 104

104 to 106

106 to 108

108 to 110

110 to 112

112 to 114

114 to 116

116 to 118

118 to 120


92  to  97

107 to 109

109 to 111

111 to 113

113 to 115

115 to 117

117 to 119

119 to 121

121 to 123

123 to 125


97  to  102

112 to 114

114 to 116

116 to 118

118 to 120

120 to 122

122 to 124

124 to 126

126 to 128

128 to 130


103  to  107


119 to 121

121 to 123

123 to 125

125 to 127

127 to 129

129 to 131

131 to 133

133 to 135


108  to  112


124 to 126

126 to 128

128 to 130

130 to 132

132 to 134

134 to 136

136 to 138

138 to 140

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing this kind of lingerie?

A: For most people, it is a gift, but for some, it is a restrictive prison. Here are the different advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of this kind of product.

First off, let’s start with the advantages:

Gives support

The good thing about these support lingerie is that you can feel at ease with your dangling boobs as they can have a nice place to rest without being over bouncy all the time the entire day. Women with big boobs also need this kind of support, so as not to have a lot of back aches in general.

Lifts your boobs

Some who may have sagging breasts and those with drooping boobs can also benefit from them. In the same way, it adds confidence to the wearer, especially if she has small assets unlike other people. Lingerie types like the push up can definitely do the job you ask for pretty well.

Proper fitting feels good

The fact that it fits good when it has the right cup size and band size for your body means that it will definitely feel good around your boobs and your overall figure. There’s no comfort like the snug fit of a lingerie like this.

Designs look elegant

There are many designs to choose from, and you have to admit, most of them really do look decent and elegant at least. They can come in lace or no lace styles, so girls can choose which one suits their best comfort or styling needs. Color is also an option for this kind of lingerie.

And meanwhile, here are the disadvantages:

Straps and underwire are uncomfortable

The straps can get in your way and dig through the skin of your shoulders. This can cause some manner of discomfort for most women.

Sleeping in them is hard

Of course, we all know that lingerie like this can be hard to sleep with, given that they are restrictive and may not give you a proper blood circulation and breathing overall.

Choice of tops

Some tops are not very good with wearing lingerie at all, so they are better off without lingerie in the first place. If you have tops of these types, you can just go braless for that.

Wrong fitting can go bad

Likewise with good fitting, if you mess up with your proper fitting, things can be pretty bad for you. It will give you back aches, shoulder strains and the like.

They can be pricey

Let’s face the fact that boob covers are definitely expensive. They, along with your panties, are some of the most expensive stuff you can buy at a department store. That is why most women only have 2 to 3 of this lingerie on the average.

Hard to choose between types

The problem with choosing lingerie is the many types that you can choose from, because it can be so confusing at times.

Q: When does breast development start?

A: Most pre-teen and older young girls tend to develop their breasts at around age 12 or when they start to have their period. This is because puberty starts off at this time and a girl’s body is preparing itself for adulthood and for pregnancy later on in life.

Not every girl starts off in this age – there can be various cases in which girls tend to be late bloomers, mostly because of genetics, lifestyle and other factors. Girls shouldn’t be jealous of their friends because they develop faster – they will soon catch up.

Q: What’s up with a white bra and why are they disadvantageous?

A: If you think white lingerie are great for adding spice to the bedroom, think again – it does have a few downsides, such as the following:

1. It may not be that good with black, white or colored clothing. Anything that is white can be easily seen in most colors because it can stand out, unlike nudes.

2. Keeping them clean can be quite a chore. Cleaning anything that is white is really difficult, which is why only high end brands have white clothing.

3. They are actually rare to find nowadays, compared to black and nude ones. Because of these difficulties, most manufacturers no longer make white lingerie.

Q: What are the many risks of not wearing a properly fitted lingerie?

A: This kind of lingerie may have problems if you don’t have a proper fit for your needs, such as the following:

Doesn’t look sleek

You will lose the curves that you thought you’d have with this kind of lingerie.

Not enough support

The support will not be as decent as you would have on a regular lingerie of the same kind.

Can hurt your boobs

Because it does not support you well, it can also hurt some of your boobs and this can be characterized by underwire poking through.

Neck and back pain

If you get something that has a bad fitting, it can result in back pain because it does not support you well. It can also result in neck pains due to that matter.

Bad body posture

Because it does not support you well, your body posture will not be uplifted, which is one of the main goals of any lingerie.

Link to breast cancer

Most experts link breast cancer to lingerie that are too tight and have been easily damaged.

Q: How do I know if I am wearing a lingerie that is not properly fitted?

A: Signs and visual cues that you should look for to know that your lingerie may not be properly fitted for you could be the following:


If there are wrinkles that form on the cup of the lingerie, then that means that it may be time for you to change your cup size.

Using the last hook

The last hook is meant only for important situations when your lingerie is really old and loose. If you think that is the case then it might be important for you to get fitted again.

Straps getting loose

When the straps get loose no matter how much you adjust them, that is the sign that you need to replace them, as the band comes off loose.

The quadraboob

The quadraboob is characterized by spilling out your boobs in a weird way instead of creating a beautiful cleavage and curve.

The high rider

This one means that the back strap of your lingerie rides up your back, indicating that it is not properly fitted onto your band size.

Gore stands out of your rib cage

This is one of the most common signs – if the middle part of your lingerie does not sit down onto your rib cage, then that is an indication that it is an improperly fitted lingerie.

Shoulder dents

There could also be shoulder dents that could occur if you do not have a properly fitted lingerie at hand.

Poking underwire

Underwire from an improperly fitted lingerie can be a problem, and this is why some people don’t even bother to have underwire on them.

Lingerie squeezing through your skin

That is the worst thing that could happen – instead of supporting your boobs, it ends up ruining your skin.

Back and neck pain

You may also get back and neck pain due to the lack of support from an improperly fitted lingerie.

Q: What are the ways to wash the lingerie properly?

A: If you want to wash the lingerie properly without damaging it, here are some tips:

a. Consider a mesh bag for you to put your lingerie onto the washer without getting damaged.

b. Make sure you use a very low dryer setting or air dry it so it does not damage the elasticity.

c. Storing the lingerie should be done with them unfolded so that the cups won’t easily deform.

d. Use mild soap or detergent that is known to be great for delicate items like lingerie fabrics.

e. When storing, make sure you organize them according to color or type, if you have many of them.

Q: Which is true and not true about breast sagginess?

A: We looked into the facts and myths about boobs sagging, and here’s what we got:


True or Not True


Boobs can sag when you get older


There’s no stopping your boobs from sagging, no matter what you do, but you can delay it with a properly fitted lingerie or good posture exercises.

Lingerie can stop sagging breasts

Not true

Sorry to say but lingerie won’t really keep your boobs perky throughout your life, but they can be delayed in sagging. Breast tissues actually don’t work well if you keep depending on your bra all the time.

Exercise can make your boobs perkier

Not entirely true

This is not always the case, since what you are exercising for a boob workout is actually your chest and not your breasts, which are made of fat.

Nursing women tend to have saggy boobs

Not true

It’s the pregnancy that causes sagging, and it is only temporary – your boobs can go back to its shape later on after you finished breastfeeding and when you slim down.

Getting a tan and smoking contribute to sagging


Yes, if you smoke a lot and get a tan often, that can actually affect your skin quality and your breast health.

Q: Are there misconceptions about lingerie that I need to know about? What are they?

A: The misconceptions about lingerie can make your boobs feel uncomfortable and your budget wasted. Here are the misconceptions and what to do about them:

1. You can wear the same lingerie two days in a row – you should pick a different lingerie for the next day so that you can allow the other lingerie to rest and not get soggy or haggard.

2. Front hooks and back hooks are the same – no they’re not, back hooks allow you to adjust up to 3 levels, unlike a front hook.

3. Cup size matters most in a lingerie – not necessarily, as if you pick the wrong band size, you will have trouble fitting it in. Consider the band size first before the cup size.

4. Push-up bras make you look beautiful – not all the time, you can sometimes wear unpadded lingerie or even ones that have thinner padding. Let the real you shine!

Q: What’s the difference between seamless and seamed lingerie?

A: Seamed and seamless lingerie both have their properties, and here are some of them:

1. A seamed lingerie is ideal for those who want lace, patterns, embroidery and lots of support. They are usually comfortable and are great for heavy clothes. You can wear them with motorcycle jackets, blouses and waist dresses.

2. A seamless lingerie is ideal for those who want absolutely no trace of unsightly lines on their dress or shirt. Also called a t-shirt lingerie, they tend to be on the comfort side and usually have no lace. They are mostly made of silk or any smooth material. They’re best with spaghetti strap jumpers, silk tops and t-shirts, especially v-neck types.

Q: Can you sleep in this lingerie?

A: While it can be tempting to sleep with a lingerie, most people don’t do it because:

a. It can be uncomfortable at night and can restrict your breathing.

b. It is linked to breast cancer, according to certain researches.

c. It can also decrease your blood circulation at night.

On the other hand, those who sleep with them argue that:

a. Given you don’t have underwire, you can sleep comfortably.

b. Big breasted women need them for support while sleeping.

c. Most people believe studies about breast cancer still need verification.

Q: What’s the average number of lingerie that I need to own?

A: Seriously, you only need a few of them, around 4 bras, which can be made of the following:

- two for everyday use (so you can rotate them and keep them longer lasting)

- one for sporting and working out

- one for converting into strapless, racerback, etc.

Q: What’s so good and so bad about front closure lingerie?

A: Front closure lingerie is good for:

- Quick lingerie changes (when you’re in a hurry)

- Women with arthritis hands

- Having a smooth back

- Women with bigger boobs

On the other hand, it is not good for:

- Adjustability (only one hook unlike 3 hooks at the back)

- Less lifespan for the lingerie

Q: What are the parts that make up the entire lingerie?

A: The different parts of the lingerie include the following:

1. Hardware – refers to the strap adjustment, sliders and rings.

2. Frame – this is where cups are sewn on.

3. Hooks – these can help you wear your lingerie either on the front or back.

4. Wing or band – this is what goes around your body to fit your lingerie.

5. Apex – the gap between the straps and cups.

6. Upper cup – the upper part of each cup.

7. Lower cup – the lower part of each cup.

8. Bridge – also called the gore, this is what connects the two cups.

9. Power bar – sits on each side of the cup for support.

10. Neckline – the area between your lingerie cups.

11. Underwire – if present, they are sewn under the cups.

12. Under band – sits at the edge of the band.

13. Underarm – the distant edge between the strap back and apex.

14. Front strap – the front portion of each strap.

15. Back strap – the back portion of the straps.

16. Eyes – they connect to each hook to fasten your lingerie.

Q: What should I remember or consider when going braless?

A: To go without this lingerie, you should consider these pointers:

1. Never wear silk – it makes you more prone to wardrobe malfunctions.

2. White shirts are your enemy when it rains – consider darker colors instead.

3. Don’t go without them at work – or any formal occasion whatsoever.

Q: What are the ways to make wearing this lingerie much more comfortable?

A: If you’ve been wearing lingerie uncomfortably, then maybe it is time to do the following to help build a better relationship with you and your lingerie:

1. Consider adhesive types – they can work well for a backless gown.

2. Get a bralette – they’re super comfortable compared to regular ones.

3. Wider straps help save your shoulders from pain.

4. Make sure you get fitted properly for a lingerie.

5. Always remember to keep your straps in check.

6. When shopping, go for a quality that can last for a long time (despite the price).

7. Rotating your lingerie can make them last longer and become more comfortable to wear.

8. Go for bra extenders that can be attached to your hooks.

Q: Why are lingerie so expensive?

A: Because it takes experts to make them. Designing lingerie can involve many steps, such as:

a. Providing good breast coverage.

b. Adding support to your boobs.

c. Hold your melons comfortably.

d. Take care of boob sweat.

e. Lift them up when they sag.

f. Handle really large boob sizes.

g. Push mediocre sized ones into cleavages.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, we think that the La Femme Contour is our pick for the best contour bra due to the nice lace design, easy to use hook and eye closure and variety of choices for colors and sizes.