Best Minimizer Bra

Minimizer Bra1

The Lilyette by Bali is our pick for the best minimizer bra, which has a keyhole design in the middle and is made with a hook and eye closure that is easy to fasten. It has a low cut design and is made with nylon and elastane.

Our step-up pick is the Wacoal Simple Shaping and it has a full figure design with adjustable straps. It has an easy to fasten hook and eye closure as well and can be hand washed in a simple manner. It is made with spandex, polyester and nylon.

The budget pick is the WingsLove Women's Minimizer and it is wire-free in its design so it is lightweight. It comes in various colors and gives full coverage with a floral pattern with its jacquard clothing. It is usually made for adding elegance to your wear.

A Little Background

Minimizer bras are lingerie that are meant for large boobs, since they will be the ones to cover your boobs and keep them from being too perky, in situations where having large breasts can sometimes be a nuisance. Girls, there’s nothing wrong with small sizes – anything in excess is bad. That’s why big boobs also face hard challenges.

Bras have gone a long way from history, and they are still vital for women today because of the good back support they have for sagging breasts. They are not just a fashion statement – they also offer the best kind of support for women of any size. They are usually either made with padding or no padding, but most women prefer those with padding for added confidence.

Whichever kind of lingerie you have for women, there can be many designs for the cups, such as a full cup style or styles that expose the cleavage of a woman, such as plunge or balconette. Full cups are great for when you just want full protection for your breasts, such as for when it gets cold outside. Plunge styles are ideal for when you feel hot or uncomfortable with a full cup design.

In addition to that, underwire can also get in the way because they tend to get rough or poke through if they are not properly fitted onto your body size. However, the idea is that it is usually padded so it gives small boobs a little more lift, and can add confidence to women.

How we Picked

For the best minimizer bra, here are the criteria you should know about:

Cup size: a larger cup size does not always equate to larger breasts – it should be combined with the right band size. The cup size can range from AA to A, B, C, D, F and many others.

Band size: the band size is an important part of any lingerie, just as the cup size. For you to have a large size, it has to be combined with a proper band size along with the cup size.

Color or style: this is usually depending on your preferences, as every woman may have a different favorite color (or colors).

Kind of bra: the kind of lingerie that you will have will also make a difference, as some minimizing ones can also fall into different categories, such as those that are convertible, have a racerback strap, seamed or seamless, with underwire or with no underwire, and many other categories.

Choice of materials: It is important that the denier of the fabrics are pretty high and the thread counts should also be good enough. Minimizer types need to be durable in the cup material.

Customizable: you can also potentially make a crisscross pattern from the straps and turn it into an instant racerback. Some can also have removable padding, but that’s another thing altogether.

Strap type: straps can either be shaped into racerbacks or into normal ones over your shoulders. Some can even have clear straps to make the illusion of going strapless. They should be durable, either way, so they won’t compromise on your breasts.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Lilyette by Bali is made with elastane and nylon which makes it durable, supportive and easy to clean. It has a low cut design and comes with an easy to fasten hook and eye closure. It has good underwire support and has a keyhole in the middle.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the only small con with the Lilyette by Bali is that its back is not that smooth, but this is a feature only seen in front closure types, anyway.

Step-up Pick

The Wacoal Simple Shaping is our step-up pick, which is ideal for round as well as east west boobs. It comes with a hook and eye closure and gives a full coverage. It is made with spandex, nylon and polyester and has a top cup decorative trim, as well as for the strap.

Budget Pick

The WingsLove Women's Minimizer is our budget pick, which has an elegant design due to the jacquard floral pattern. It is available up to G cup sizes and it has 5 colors to choose from. The straps are wide and cushioned for added comfort.

Best Minimizer Bra with Cotton

The Glamorise Women's MagicLift is a great choice if you want a full figure minimizer that comes padded and has straps that are easy to adjust. It is made with some cotton, polyester, elastane and polyamide, and it is great with support and comfort due to the cushion lining.

Best Minimizer Bra with Lace

The Wacoal Visual Effects has lace over it and is made with spandex and nylon. It has an easy to use hook and eye closure, a leotard back for smoothness and ease of adjustment for its straps. It can potentially reduce your boobs up to 1 inch.

Best Minimizer Bra with Microfiber Lining

The Olga Sheer Leaves uses microfiber lining and it has a leaf pattern over it. With ease of hand washing, it has good shoulder straps that can be easily adjusted, along with the hook and eye back closure. It is made with lycra, nylon and elastane.

Best Minimizer Bra with Underwire

The Delimira Women's Smooth is a good option for an underwire type. It has spandex and polyamide material and it has a cozy padding that will make the underwire much more subtle. The side wings also add support.

Best Minimizer Bra with Camisole Straps

The Olga Butterfly Effect comes with camisole style straps that are easily adjustable and are wide for comfort. It is made with spandex and nylon and it has a closure (hook and eye) at the back. Comfort and support can be achieved with the encased underwire.

Best Minimizer Bra that is Seamless

The Wacoal Slimline Seamless is made with an underwire design, with full coverage cups and a full figure design. It is made with spandex and nylon for the lining fabrics.

Best Minimizer Bra with Non-Stretch Gore

The Dominique Seamless Underwire is made with underwire and microfiber that is stretchable. The straps have a close set design and the end strap is easily adjustable as well.

The Competition

While others were promising for this list, they did not get included because they lacked in durability and were not comfortable enough to push or minimize your boob size with the help of its cups.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different kinds of lingerie and what are they used for?

A: Different lingerie can have a different purpose and feature. There are various kinds, such as the following, that you should know about:

1. Balconette - they usually have a decorative lace at the top and are usually elegant. Balconettes are typically found in the bedroom but they can also have their place at a party.

Uses: aside from special occasions, you can use them in bed with your husband or special someone.

2. Contour - they can also be called molded cups, as they mold to the shape of your boobs. Contour types are ideal for when you want to add some shape to your boobs. The contour type is not the same as the push up type, as it is only meant for shaping and not pushing your boobs together.

Uses: they’re great for nearly all boob sizes and good for most casual and formal wear.

3. Adhesive – they are basically silicone patches or pads that are worn over your boobs so that you can be able to wear a backless or strapless kind of outfit, e.g. those very revealing outfits.

Uses: for backless dresses, for wide and plunging necklines, and basically any sultry or revealing dress.

4. Bandeau – this type is meant for minimal coverage, as it is usually the one without padding and without underwire for support. Typically, it is worn for summer outfits as it is the simplest of all the types of lingerie that you can find out there. They are also good for when you want an alternative to a tube top.

Uses: this one is simply best used by women who don’t have large boobs due to its minimal support.

5. Minimizer – this type is meant for those women who want to shape and tone down their boobs if they are too perky and standing out.

Uses: for women with 34C and above size and want to tone down the perkiness of their boobs.

6. Novelty – this kind of lingerie is not really a lingerie, but more of a costume part, a prop or anything that is not really functional but more for its aesthetics. They can be made of anything, such as coconuts, seashells (think mermaids), leather and much more.

Uses: for superhero costumes, plays, traditional costumes and everything else that requires boob art.

7. Nursing – the nursing type is meant especially for those who are nursing their children. It gives the baby ease of access to a mother’s nipple through an easy to remove flap from the apex of each boob cup so they can simply feed their baby without any fuss.

Uses: it only has one typical use – for breastfeeding babies.

8. Padded – basically, any kind of bra, whether it is a demi cup, a full cup or a balconette, as long as it has padding then it falls into this category. The padded type can fall into either soft padding or hard padding.

Uses: they are the best for small to medium sized boobs for a fuller shape and added confidence.

9. Belly dancing – yes, don’t forget about the lingerie that is meant for belly dancing – they are typically lined with details like beads and all other stuff that shake when the woman shakes her body.

Uses: basically for belly dancing, but may also be used in other showmanship purposes like in clubs.

10. Bridal – also known as the corset, this type is meant for, well you guessed it, weddings. They are usually in one piece and can look like a tube type lingerie, and is basically in white or some other nude color closest to white. They are also usually designed to be strapless and worn comfortably and easily.

Uses: for weddings, or for other occasions where your dress might fit the idea of a corset.

11. Built-in – also known as sewn in padding, in most cases, if you have a top that already has padding, especially gowns, dresses and the like, you may not need to put on your lingerie anymore. In other cases, some swimsuits may also have this feature, eliminating the need for additional lingerie.

Uses: for when you want to wear something simpler but don’t want to use lingerie underneath.

12. Convertible – this is the type that has straps that can be simply converted into anything, such as a racerback, a strapless, a sports back or a regular set of straps, or maybe even a neck strap, if you wish.

Uses: for basically nearly every gown or dress type so that you can mix and match outfits in a breeze.

13. Push-up – this is the type that you would want to wear if your boobs lack in the cleavage department. What it does, compared to a contour type, is push the two of your boobs together to create cleavage.

Uses: for when you want to show off your girls and form a cleavage when you normally can’t.

14. Racerback – this is the type that has a strap that crosses at the back of each woman. The racerback is usually attached from a front closure rather than a back type.

Uses: for when you need a front closure or sporting lingerie and need a lot of support for your shoulders.

15. Shelf – the shelf lingerie is something you’d see in pornographic material – and in the bedroom. It is basically just underwire and no cups at all, giving your boobs super duper exposure.

Uses: for bedroom play, and maybe if you’re an adult video actress.

16. Soft cup – this one is most likely the choice if you do not like those with too much padding. It depends on an under band instead of underwire because it is meant for comfort purposes.

Uses: it can be used for most casual dresses and other instances you may not want underwire support.

17. Sports – the sports type can take all of your boob jiggling while you are using exercise machines, running a mile or so, or basically doing any kind of workout.

Uses: not just for sports, but also for other physical activities, workouts, dancing and the like.

18. Strapless – this one is used for when you want to wear a tube top or a very wide top that requires you to reveal your shoulders and the like.

Uses: they can be used for off shoulder types of gowns and dresses, and even deep or wide necklines.

19. Demi – the demi type is ideal for when you want to have a little bit of cleavage, though not as clearly defined as if done with a push up type. They can be great for those who want something to cover their boobs but on the sides only. It can be great for low cut dresses as well.

Uses: for when you have a wide top or low cut top where full cup ones wouldn’t work well.

20. Front closure – this one is typically seen in those that have a smooth back. They are basically closed and opened from the front in between each cup instead of at the back, so they won’t hurt your back in the process.

Uses: for when you need a quick change of clothes or when your hands have trouble reaching your back.

21. Full cup – also called full sport, this type is associated with big breasted women, but can also be worn by those who don’t have fully developed boobs.

Uses: for when you just need a basic bra for everyday use and for some formal or professional use.

22. Mastectomy – for those who have survived breast cancer, this is the option that they can get.

Uses: if you know someone who’s a breast cancer survivor, help her get her confidence back with this.

23. Male bra – yes, such a thing exists! Gynecomastia is a kind of condition that some men face in which they grow “man boobs”, which can be unsightly, in which case they need to conceal them. This kind of lingerie is similar to that of a sports lingerie but with the effect of the minimizer.

Uses: for men, as the name states, for pushing their man boobs back to where they belong.

24. Maternity – not to be confused with the nursing type, this one is used for women who are pregnant. When you are carrying your baby, your boobs tend to fluctuate at a faster rate because it is preparing your body for breastfeeding, in which case your lingerie needs to support your overflowing boobs.

Uses: to keep your boobs from sagging when you’re pregnant, so they can feel much more comfortable.

25. T-shirt – this is the type that you would wear over a tight shirt, so that it can prevent unsightly lines from forming and it can also conceal your nips. It can be in any color, but the most preferred is nude color. For a white lingerie, you need to have a thick shirt to make it less likely visible.

Uses: to act as an everyday lingerie or for casual use, such as for going to the grocery store.

26. Trainers – the trainers are also called “baby bra” in some other countries. In their design, they are mostly used for pre-teens and teens who have yet to develop boobs like adults.

Uses: for teens and pre-teens who still do not have fully developed breasts.

27. U-shaped – the u-shaped type or the u-plunge type is the one that has a u-shape in the middle instead of the regular deep plunge.

Uses: for really deep necklines that require you to hide your lingerie more strategically.

28. Underwire – this is the type that is used for when you want full support for your boobs. Designed for almost all types of boobs and sizes of cups, they are placed with underwire near the cups so you can have support and lift. Some underwire types do not have cups (see shelf lingerie above).

Uses: for support and durability throughout the day, to keep your boobs in place.

29. Vintage – also called the pointed or paraboloid type, they are the ones you’ve probably seen from Lady Gaga and / or Madonna back in the days. They are what they are – pointed and usually daring in design, but offer full coverage.

Uses: for full support, or for when you want to be like Lady Gaga, Madonna or a 1950’s pin-up girl.

30. Water bra – these things are simply pocketed lingerie in which you can put silicone gel or water cups onto the pockets so you can get a boob job without having to dig through your skin. They’re a really cool invention and a painless way of getting more boobage.

Uses: for when you’re thinking twice about getting a breast implant and want to have a safer alternative.

Q: What cup should I go for depending on my measurements in centimeters?

A: If you’ve only found a chart that states your cup in inches, you don’t have to convert each number – here’s a chart that displays typical band size and bust size measurements in cm, so you can find which cup you most likely probably belong to:

Band size in cm

Band size equivalent in inches

Full bust measurements (with corresponding cups) in cm











68 - 72






84 - 86

86 - 89

89 - 91

91 - 94

94 - 97

97 - 99

73 - 77


79 - 81

81 - 84

84 - 86

86 - 89

89 - 91

91 - 94

94 - 97

97 - 99

99 - 101

101 - 104


84 - 86

86 - 89

89 - 91

91 - 94

94 - 97

97 - 99

99 - 101

101 - 104

104 - 107

107 - 109

78 - 82


89 - 91

91 - 94

94 - 97

97 - 99

99 - 101

101 - 104

104 - 107

107 - 109

109 - 112

112 - 114

83 - 87


95 - 97

97 - 99

99 - 101

101 - 104

104 - 107

107 - 109

109 - 112

112 - 114

114 - 117

117 - 119

88 - 92



101 - 104

104 - 107

107 - 109

109 - 112

112 - 114

114 - 117

117 - 119

119 - 122

122 - 124

93 - 97



107 - 109

109 - 112

112 - 114

114 - 117

117 - 119

119 - 122

122 - 124

124 - 127

127 - 130

98 - 102



112 - 114

114 - 117

117 - 119

119 - 122

122 - 124


127 - 130

130 - 133

133 - 136

103 - 107



114 - 117

117 - 119

119 - 122

122 - 124

124 - 127

127 - 130

130 - 133

133 - 136

136 - 139

Q: Why did women have the need for wearing bras?

A: Lingerie has always been a part of a woman’s daily life and lifetime because of the following common reasons, some of which are true and some are just due to the mass media effect:


Most women claim that they get more support for their boobs, no matter the size, when they wear lingerie, especially for those with big busts.

Moral issues

In most cases, it is considered immoral or indecent for a woman not to wear lingerie in public.

Social pressure

Everybody’s doing it, so you should be doing it to – that’s the catch with most women who wear lingerie.

Dress codes

Most workplaces require you to dress properly, in which case going braless may not be a suitable option for you.


To hide your nips, it is mostly important to wear these kinds of lingerie, unless you already have a nip cover or pasties.


While most people think sagging can be prevented by lingerie, it’s not entirely true – sagging is natural and cannot be prevented, only delayed.

Boob sweat

Boob slapping with sweat while you are jogging to the next block is something that other people might awkwardly stare at you for.

Boob lift

Girls who aren’t confident with their boob size may want to add lift to their assets with the use of a push up lingerie.

Working out

When working out at the gym or sporting such as cycling, proper support is important to keep your boobs from excessively bouncing and jiggling all the time.


Nursing a child while in public places like malls can be awkward, and this is why special lingerie have been developed for them.

Q: What happens if I don’t wear them for a while?

A: Here’s what can happen if you stop wearing these lingerie for a while:

Freedom and breathability

They not only constrain your sleeping patterns but they may also compromise your blood circulation.

Fits some clothes better

If you’ve been in some trouble involving fitting certain clothes, you can actually fit them much better than when you previously wore your lingerie.

Makes your body easily move

You get more freedom with movement than when you did before your boobs were caged in. The good thing about this is that you can move quicker and there’s a new sense of freedom with you like you’re at home.

Option to try the bralette

Some girls may even want to try this semi-sheer type of lingerie instead of completely going lingerie-free.

Possible back pains

Take note that if your boobs are too big, you might get back pains since they can cause your chest and back to ache and strain themselves.

Being frowned upon

Not everyone is happy with having no lingerie, and some may even think it’s “dirty” or “irresponsible”.

Evaluate your life choices

This is when you start to evaluate – when should I go with this lingerie and when should I not? Weigh in your choices and opt for the best opportunity to wear them – or not.

Q: What are the different types of boobs?

A: Boobs or breasts come in various shapes and sizes, and you may need a specific lingerie type to correct them, such as with the following:


This is when one of your boobs is bigger than the other. Opt for lingerie with removable inserts or pads so you can customize.


The bell shape is usually found on most women with larger boob sizes, e.g. those with D cups or more. Consider full coverage types.

East west

Your boobs tend to drift apart from each other. This is where a push-up type or a t-shirt seamless type would come in handy.

Side set

Less pointy than the east west, this one can be remedied with a balconette, since your nipples are mostly in the middle, anyway.


This type is mostly seen on small to medium sized boobs. You can go for a plunge type so you can create some manner of cleavage.


Looks similar to the bell type but the slope is slightly different. You’d best be in a plunge style if you’re in this kind of category.


Either you’re very lucky or you’ve gone through boob surgery – consider balconettes, or basically just about anything!

Q: What are the struggles of having large boobs?

A: Sometimes, having big racks doesn’t mean that you’re beautiful, attractive and lucky – sometimes, it means you’re the center of attention and the cause of trouble for some people. Here are the real struggles of women who have large boobs:

1. It’s hard to get that bathing suit that would fit you.

2. You can’t exercise as much as those with regular boobs.

3. You get more back aches than other girls.

4. People will judge you for having large boobs, just as they did when you have small ones.

5. Finding a lingerie that fits is nearly impossible.

6. The dreaded button down shirt or dress is something you fear.

7. There’s no hiding your boobs even in most casual outfits.

8. Getting pregnant can be much more taxing on your body.

9. It’s harder to fit a cross body bag on your figure.

10. Long necklaces get lost forever within that cleavage of yours.

11. Blazers can’t work properly because they only define your boobs.

12. You’re limited to not being capable of strapless, backless and the like.

Q: And what are the good points of having large boobs?

A: While there are downsides, there are also some positive things about having big boobs, such as:

1. They make great pillows – for yourself or for someone else.

2. They’re absolutely perfect for winter and rainy chills as a hand warmer.

3. Even if you’re bad at swimming, your chances of floating are much better.

4. You’re the center of attraction anywhere (provided this is your thing).

5. Most cultures think that having large racks means you’re bound to bear a child soon.

6. It’s good for getting other people’s attention if they’re not listening.

7. Some studies say you may live more, since boobs are made of healthy fat.

8. Breastfeeding can be something very golden for you.

9. It’s a sad reality, but women with bigger racks often get promotions, though.

10. You’d have bragging rights to most daring outfits, provided they’re the right size.

Q: What are the best ways to arouse women's breasts (by men)?

A: Men may be confused on how to play with a woman’s breasts in the bedroom. Some boys do it roughly, which can hurt women, especially in the nipple part. Here’s a guide to different boob categories and how to touch them without your partner walking out on you from pain:

Large boobs

Start with the outer sides near the underarms, because that’s where a lot of sensitivity hides. Go through the center – it may take a while, since large boobs are less sensitive than smaller ones.

Small boobs

Make sure you keep it gentle, as smaller boobs tend to be much more sensitive. They’re easier to handle when you’re doing your thing, and some men actually like them instead of big racks.


They are usually the least sensitive of all, so you can try getting her to lie down on her back, so that the nerves meet together for her to feel the pleasure (and pressure).

Boob jobs

If your girl has gone through breast implants, go through the surface, either with your hands or your tongue for added thrill.

After giving birth

If it’s not just her baby who will be sucking the milk, you need to be very supportive and careful, since mother boobs are super sensitive (and tired after breastfeeding).

In addition to that, here’s what you need to do around various nipple types:

Big nips

For those girls with big nips, they should be taken care of properly and with mild pressure only. They tend to be sensitive due to the nerve endings that are more present than those with regular sized ones.

Smaller nips

Those with small or regular sized ones can be stimulated using the areola, or the area around the nips, which can be a little sensitive as well.


If you have inward nips, prompt your partner to help them stick out so they can feel some pleasure, with the help of gentle sucking and licking.

Q: Does your breast shape have anything to do with your personality?

A: Women may tend to have various kinds of boob shapes, but did you know they may have a significant meaning to your personality? Here are some of them:


You tend to be loyal, sensitive, dreamy and easy to fall in love.


You tend to be innovative, independent and do things in your own way.

Green apples

You tend to have more determination and think about your decisions better.


You’re more interested in literature, arts and other aesthetics.


You’re more of a positive thinker and like to joke a lot.


You’re kind, generous and would like to help others a lot.


You tend to be passionate about your dreams, take courage in things and maybe even impulsive sometimes.


You’re wiser than most your age and yet you never forget to be sweet and you may not want to have fights with other people.


You tend to be naïve but you cover that up with generosity and honesty. You tend to trust people too much but you are hardworking and righteous.


You tend to blow up a lot in outbursts of emotions, both positive and negative. You’re always on point with your ideas and you like to do things independently.

Tea sachet

You tend to be sensitive and selective with friends, and you may even be perfectionist at some point in life.

Water bottles

You love to communicate with others and you also like to challenge yourself and others.

Lotus flowers

You have a heart for adventure, variation and you might be eyeing to be the next big online sensation or TV personality!

Q: Is sleeping with lingerie okay?

A: Most women have always wondered if it was okay to sleep with lingerie. But here are reasons not to do so:

1. It cuts off your blood circulation when you sleep at night.

2. Your skin can get irritated with the straps.

3. Nightmares and other sleep problems may happen.

4.Your skin can get hyper pigmentation due to constantly wearing these tight fabrics.

5. Your lingerie is going to smell really bad when you sweat.

Q: Which lingerie looks good with low back dresses?

A: When you want to wear a low back dress but don’t know which lingerie goes well with it, here’s a small guide for you:

a. A front closing lingerie with straps on the sides, but not touching your back.

b. Lingerie that are convertible into strapless types.

c. Backless lingerie that can be easily worn on your front.

d. Very thin straps and a clear back strap.

e. Use a silicone cup set in place of a regular lingerie.

f. A corset with a low back option.

Q: What are the ways to wear convertible lingerie?

A: Convertible bras or lingerie are more than just lingerie – they can be used for a myriad of dresses and occasions, such as the following:

a. As a spaghetti strap

b. As a racerback

c. As a strapless type

d. As a halter top (one strap)

Q: Are there good and bad points to an underwire lingerie?

A: While underwire has been frowned on, there are still women who find them useful. Here are the pros and cons of underwire lingerie:



a. If you’re lucky, quality ones won’t poke your boobs.

b. There are a myriad of colors and designs to choose from.

c. It gives you a subtle lift.

d. It defines your bust line much more.

e. It can go well with a lot of outfits today.

a. Fitting issues can happen, which can be troublesome.

b. Making your ribs suffer is something that happens with prolonged wearing.

c. They might poke your boobs.

d. They’re not ideal for boobs that are wide.

Q: Do wireless lingerie do better or worse?

A: The pros and cons of wireless lingerie are the following:



a. They won’t poke your boobs at all.

b. It helps with breathability.

c. It gives you a more natural look.

a. It might not give you ample support, especially for big boobs.

b. They might lose shape quickly.

c. They might form a uni-boob when not worn properly.

Q: How do you solve the problem of the high rider?

A: The high rider faux pas for boobs can be solved easily if you go for a smaller band size. It means that your band size is not properly fitted. For instance, if you are a size 36 band, you can go for a 34 band instead.

Q: How do you fix spillage over cups?

A: Boob spillage is something that can happen if your boobs are too big and can also create a uni-boob. For you to solve this problem, you might need a bigger cup, such as a D cup. Unlike with the high rider, this one requires a cup change rather than a band change.

Q: How do you fix boobs that are far apart with lingerie?

A: If your boobs are far away from each other, here’s what you can do: consider a full coverage or full cup lingerie or you can also try a push-up lingerie type. In this way, your boobs can be drawn closer to each other and you might even form cleavage (double gain!).

Q: When do boobs stop growing (at what age)?

A: Boobs may stop growing once you have reached the ages of 16 to 19 years old, right when adolescence takes place, preparing you for adulthood. Ultimately, it is not always the right number for everyone – some girls may still grow boobs along the way, but not as much as they did when they were still teenagers.

Q: Why do boobs ache and swell before periods?

A: Boobs swell during periods because of hormones during the premenstrual period. This is also the time where you also get other inconveniences like cramps and mood swings. The best things you can do are:

a. Minimize movement

b. Get OTC pain relievers

c. Do some workouts (even low impact ones)

d. Lessen sugar, salt, coffee and milk

e. Take time to rest

Q: Do men only love large boobs, or do they also like small boobs?

A: In a world where large boobs have been the norm for TV and movies, it’s sometimes intriguing to know that some men also like small boobs.

Yes, you heard it right – all men have their own way of things. Some men like them big and some like them small – each to their own suit. This is why women shouldn’t be ashamed of their small assets, as someone out there could actually love them!

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Lilyette by Bali is our pick for the best minimizer bra due to its low cut design, unique keyhole design and tough materials.