Best Bra for Large Breasts

Bra for Large Breasts1

The Bali Passion Comfort is our pick for the best bra for large breasts, which is a minimizer made of spandex and nylon. It is very supportive and has a set of hook and eye closures. It can minimize your full boobs up to 1.5 inches.

Our step-up pick is the Calvin Klein Perfectly-Fit and it is made with elastane and nylon and uses memory foam for its contouring capabilities for your boobs. It also comes with double layer bonded wings to add support.

The budget pick is the Vanity Fair 71380 and it is a wirefree design that has a hook and eye closure. It can be easily hand washed, is made of spandex and nylon and has very sturdy straps that keep their place.

A Little Background

A bra for large breasts is something that can be hard to find for some women. This kind of lingerie is usually full on its coverage, but some women may also want one that has half or partial coverage, mostly for sultry dresses such as those with plunging necklines or the need for a balconette type lingerie. Whatever style you choose, the support capability of the cups is a crucial thing to have for any person with large assets.

Most often, the best kind of lingerie for this boob type would be the full cup or even the minimizer. The full cup is for when you want a decent coverage for your entire bust area and the minimizer is for when your boobs stick out too much and are too pointed and you want to minimize that feature.

This can make your boobs much more subtle but still gracefully displayed. If you feel like demi types, plunge or balconette types won't fit you, that is where you might want to try the full cup or the minimizer type. The cups are the most important parts, because they cover your assets.

Having large boobs is not always beneficial. There can also be inconveniences associated with big assets. For instance, lying down on your stomach is definitely uncomfortable, especially if you are used to being a stomach sleeper. Secondly, boys might stare at you awkwardly, which is pretty uncomfortable in public situations. Third, it is also much harder to find a properly fitting bra for your boobs because of its size, especially if you are a G cup and above.

Most people agree that having large boobs can either be due to genetics, weight or other factors. Most girls who massage them or have their partner massage them can have a better chance of increasing their bust size. Remember that boobs only tend to grow or fluctuate during teenage years and early adulthood, and they become fully developed by adulthood, so the only possible natural ways of increasing boob size is by massage or getting pregnant and nursing your baby.

How we Picked

If you want the best bra for large breasts, here are your criteria that you can try to base your decision on:

Cup size: for a cup to be considered for large boobs, you need to consider what band size it comes in. For instance, G cups may need to have a smaller band while others have larger bands. Simply giving a G cup as your size doesn't equate to large boobs automatically.

Band size: the band size refers to the measurement underneath your boobs. They can be somewhere betweeb 28 to 40 or more depending on your body shape and weight. The actual band size, measured in inches, is usually added 5 if it is an odd number and 4 if it is an even number.

Type of bra: for a big breasted woman, the type of lingerie is important to know about. For instance, a full cup type would be the best to go with. If you have a problem of boobs standing out too much, consider the minimizer. There are other types out there, such as demi and balconette, but you'd best be off with a larger cup that can support those girls better.

Design: the design refers to the details that are contained in the cups, wings, bridges and straps. The design should be pleasing overall if you intend to use it for lovemaking or you want to intentionally expose some part of it as your outdoor outfit.

Materials used: the materials that are often used in this kind of lingerie would be spandex, polyester, nylon and cotton. Each should have a good strength so that it will not easily give up on your large boobs.

Strap type: most of these lingerie will have a regular strap but some can also have various designs, such as a racerback or x-shaped design, as well as an option to be a convertible into a strapless design, which can be useful for an evening gown with a wide neckline on the top.

Lace or no lace: consider whether you want lace or no lace. While most women enjoy the style of laced undergarments and lingerie, some women may have potential allergies and itching due to lace, so they may be better off with lingerie that has no lace at all, especially for summer wear.

Customizable: aside from adjustable straps or removable straps, others may even opt for one that has removable pads in case they have asymmetrical boobs or in case they don't want to use padding at all for comfort needs.

Strength: Hook strength and ease of fastening are both crucial points when you want to pick lingerie for large breasted women, because they may have the tendency to tear apart due to the lack of support overall.

Color choices: like many lingerie, it should also have a myriad of choices for the color, other than the design. While most people go for nudes, some may also want other colors like black, blue, red and the like.

Ease of cleaning: consider one that is simple enough to clean and dry. It is mostly common sense that hand washing is the best option for any lingerie that is padded so that it will not deform and lose its stretch. Lingerie are considered delicates so they should be cleaned separately at the very least.

Our Pick

The Bali Passion Comfort is our top pick, which is made with spandex and nylon and can minimize up to 1.5 inches as a minimizer lingerie. It can be easily hand washed, is made with a hook and eye closure and has an underwire.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only small con with the Bali Passion Comfort is that it has an underwire, which can be perceived as an advantage for some, yet a disadvantage to those who may not like an underwire due to comfort issues.

Step-up Pick

The Calvin Klein Perfectly-Fit is our step-up pick, which has memory foam for its padding. It comes with bonded wings to keep supporting your boobs and it has an easy to use hook and eye closure to fasten.

Budget Pick

The Vanity Fair 71380 is our budget pick, which is made of spandex and nylon with durable straps. The shaping is very smooth and it is wireless or wirefree. The contouring of the cups are very smooth as well for large boobs.

Best Bra for Large Breasts that is a Minimizer

The Lilyette Bali Women's is a minimizer that is made with nylon and spandex and has easy to adjust shoulder straps that are fully supportive. It can be machine washed without a problem and provides full coverage.

Best Bra for Large Breasts with Leopard Print

The Just My Size has a leopard print and a hook and eye closure. It is made with spandex and nylon plus polyester on the frame sling. The cushioned shapers are expertly hidden and the sheer window helps make it fashionable.

Best Bra for Large Breasts with Underwire

The Bali Women's One has an underwire and a hook and eye closure. It is available in many colors and is made with spandex and polyester as well as nylon on the top cup. It is a contour lingerie with full coverage.

Best Bra for Large Breasts with Front Closure

The Glamorise Elegance 1245 has a front closure and is made with spandex, nylon and polyester. It has lace ends on the cups and even has moisture wicking capabilities for sweating throughout the day.

Best Bra for Large Breasts with Back Closure

The Maidenform Comfort Devotion has a back closure like most lingerie and has adjustable shoulder straps. The foam cups are very comfortable and yet the whole thing can be easily machine washed due to its durability.

Best Bra for Large Breasts with Light Padding

The Wacoal Women's Awareness has light padding so it is pretty breathable for a full coverage lingerie. It comes with adjustable straps and can adapt well to various boob types.

Best Bra for Large Breasts that is Wirefree

For going wirefree, the Playtex Women's 18-Hour is a good choice. It has full coverage, has a hook and eye closure and has a back smoothing design to prevent creases. It is also seamless in design.

The Competition

There were others that did not make it to this list because they did not possess enough features to support large boobs, such as some people reported that the hooks were not that sturdy. For women with large racks, it is important to consider the durability and support of your lingerie before you buy one.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different kinds or types of bra?

A: The different kinds of bra or lingerie are the following, all with different aspects and designs:

1. T-shirt – this type is the one that has a seamless design and can easily fit onto your tight shirt or anything that will allow you to stay comfortable all the way. The design of this t-shirt type lingerie is intended to be comfortable and not very hard to wear all day. They are often seen around casual wear.

2. Sports bra – these are, well, intended for sports, physical activities, exercise, running, jogging, athletics, gym going and the like. They are usually not padded so they are a lot easier to take care of. They also tend to be softer and much more comfortable than padded ones due to the nature of their design.

3. Push up – the push up type is usually the ones that are worn by those with medium to small sized boobs. They are rarely seen in those that have large breasts and are ideal for those who don’t have a lot of assets and need a little push. They usually have a narrower bridge so you can use them with your favorite plunge neckline dresses.

4. Padded – you can consider a lingerie that is padded if you want extra support. For people with larger boobs, you can definitely get the support of padding. For medium sized to smaller sized ones, you can also benefit from padding for added volume, but make sure that the padding is okay for your size and not too small or too big for it.

5. Strapless – do consider this option if you want to use one that requires you not to show any strap on your shoulders, such as tube tops, party dresses and the like. If you have gowns that require a strapless lingerie, this is a good choice, since it does not have any annoying strap for you to take care of.

6. Halter – the halter lingerie is meant for halter dresses, which are commonly used for the summer season. If ever you do have a halter dress, this is the perfect lingerie for your needs.

7. Lace – those that are covered in lace are the ones that have extra designs. Usually, there can be many kinds of lingerie that do have lace as covering or for a design, such as balconette types, demi types and others that use sensuality on their design. Bralettes and shelf types are also among the ones that do have lace on them.

8. Adhesive – the adhesive, sometimes called stick on or silicone type, is the one that you will want to use if you want to wear something with a backless feature. This is also called a backless bra and is known to easily stick to your boobs without the need for wings or a band at the back, completely exposing your back and maybe even your shoulders and cleavage with super minimal coverage. For most revealing outfits, this is a must-have.

9. Softly padded – this one is your option if you do not like too much padding on it. Moreover, it can also be a great choice if you do want to have padding yet do not want something that is too thick. These usually come in the form of t-shirt types or those with very breathable and comfortable designs and fabrics, usually meant for medium sized breasts.

10. Bandeau – the bandeau is usually worn by those with smaller boobs as well as teens and pre-teens due to their comfortable nature, ease of wearing and their small support. They are nothing like a full coverage lingerie, but they are the best when it comes down to breathability. They can also be a great choice for those who want to go for a summer outfit.

11. Shelf or bralette – they add sensuality to any woman due to the unique design, roughly made of laces and the like. Shelf types and bralette types are usually the ones used in the bedroom with your partner – or while you’re at home alone and you don’t have any visitors around. Clearly, they don’t offer a lot of support but they can make you feel like wearing lingerie anyway.

12. Balconette – this type is the one to go for if you prefer a more classic image, more like a pin-up girl. This one has half or partial support but it gracefully adds some curve to your boobs, especially if you want a classic half cleavage. They are similar to demi lingerie but the catch is that the middle part is thick and straight alongside the cups.

13. Longline – the longline type is the kind of lingerie to use if you want to support your under boob parts as well, such as abdomen and belly button. They are similar to that of cami types but they don’t have a strap at most, while some do. They are meant to be worn underneath most gowns and the like due to their body contouring nature.

14. Sheer – these are mostly made with thinner material such a lace and satin, so they can expose some of your skin. Unlike bralettes, they cover your nips, so they are pretty okay and less awkward. The sheer is your choice if you don’t like the coverage of bralettes and yet still want something that is totally breathable and comfortable.

15. Racerback – the racerback is characterized by a crisscross or large x pattern on the back when you wear it. Most racerback types can be closed on the front, instead of the back, which is why you will mostly need them when you need to quickly change your clothes while at the beach. Bikinis and two-pieces usually make the use of racerback straps.

16.Demi – if you want cups that allow a good push of your boobs without being too fierce compared to that of a push up type, the demi is good for you. The demi covers about half of your breasts as well and it is much like the balconette except that it can have a plunge at the middle, which is great for dresses with long and plunging v-shaped necklines.

17. Underwire – those that have underwire are the ones that have more support for your under boob area. They are typically made with quality materials and are ideal for those who want absolute support for really busy days. They can get uncomfortable if you wear them for too long, so they are only meant for formal wear such as for parties and the like.

18. Plunge – if you have a plunge dress and you would like to show a little bit of cleavage, this is the best option for you. The plunge is similar to the demi type, but the catch is that the plunge is really deeper and compared to the demi, it is more suited for deeper v-shaped necklines for added cleavage action.

19. Front closure – if you have a racerback type then you will surely encounter something that has a front closure instead of the back. Most strapless types also usually have this kind of feature – it makes it a lot easier for you to open up your lingerie and take it off quickly.

20. Convertible – the convertible type is the kind of lingerie that you would want if you want to go for something that is versatile and can be fitted onto any kind of dress that you have. For instance, without the spaghetti straps, you can have a strapless option.

21. Bridal – they are usually white and made of lace and satin. They also tend to be more seamless and lightweight to wear, since they will be with you on your big day. Bridal types are usually custom made for the woman and are rarely found in department stores or shops out there. They are usually supposed to be very comfortable yet offer the best support, as it will be for a grandiose event, with nearly no room for mistakes.

22. Wireless – the wireless type is essentially the one that is the opposite of the underwire type – it has no underwire at all. This means that it is a lot breathable than the underwire kind and it is meant for some manner of support.

23. Full cup – the full cup is the kind that you would want for larger breasts. Also called the full support cup or type, this one covers your entire boobs so that you can easily conceal your epic boobage without anything spilling – so long as you get the right size for your cup size, band size and best needs. The full cup is one of the most common types out there, and are definitely meant for the best kind of support.

24. Maternity or nursing – nursing types have an open flap option, in which nursing mothers can easily use it for feeding your baby or newborn child. Also called the maternity type, this one is meant for lactating mothers so that they can easily feed their children even when on a public place, and still look fashionable. The materials that make up these kinds of lingerie are usually softer than the regular ones.

25. Transparent strap – for those who do not want to go strapless but want to conceal their straps at a debut party or a ball, you can consider this option. The transparent straps cannot be easily seen at night, making the appearance and illusion that you are not wearing straps at all – which is a great thing to fool and trick others that you’re basically wearing a strapless lingerie, but you’re not.

26. Silicone – the silicone type is also known as the adhesive type, but the fact that it is made out of silicone means that it is commonly worn around a dress in which you need to expose your back onto. The silicone is made of medical grade material and is safe around your skin.

27. Cami or built-in – these usually come as a whole package, both a cami or tank and a bra. If you do need coverage but you just want an all in one item, the cami is a great idea for you. This one is good for those who like to show off their curvy figures without the need to wear two pieces of garments at the same time and suffocate with too much padding.

28. Cupless – these are mostly for sultry purposes, as they have frames and whatnot but the cup is missing and there is very minimal coverage of the nipples. They can be found in very special lingerie stores and are not always in use by people – unless you want something to show off to your partner in bed.

In addition to that, here’s a chart of what kind of lingerie to wear depending on your boob condition:

Bust Type


Large breasts

Full cup





Soft padded








Push up


Full cup



Pregnancy and nursing

Maternity or nursing




T-shirt type



Small breasts

Push up





Sports and physical activity

Sports type

Casual and formal wear


Soft padded



Push up







Transparent straps




Q: Why should I wear one?

A: Most people argue that it is important for women to get this lingerie, because of the following:

1. It helps you hide your nipples from people who might awkwardly stare at you.

2. You can definitely feel more confident when you wear them outdoors or even indoors.

3. If you want to show off some cleavage then this is the best thing to wear at the party with.

4. The primary purpose of this lingerie is for support as an underwear and matched with your panties.

5. You can also add more depth and style to some of your items of clothing with this kind of lingerie.

6. Back support is one of the key points of this kind of lingerie, that’s why people wear them.

7. Your boobs bounce less often, which can mean that they can make you feel comfortable overall.

8. In most cases, boobs that are sagging can be corrected by this kind of lingerie.

9. Most women feel more beautiful when they wear this lingerie anywhere.

10. Your boobs tend to sweat a lot and this lingerie can help catch it.

11. They are important for going outside so people won’t easily disrespect you.

Q: When should I not wear one?

A: On the other side, most people argue as well that bras are not really important for women. Here are their arguments:

1. Not wearing one means that your boobs get perkier because breast tissues help enhance it.

2. It helps you achieve a sense of freedom when you go anywhere.

3. Bras are very costly so you can save more money if you use them less often.

4. They can free up wardrobe space since they need to be hung or folded and may take space.

5. There’s nothing like going natural to let your boobs free and breathe fresh air.

Q: What are the pros and cons of being busty?

A: While so many women around the world are so hellbent on having big boobs, those who have large assets actually complain and wish they had smaller racks. Here’s a list of pros and cons of having big melons, especially for those who don’t have them, to understand:



They make nice pillows

Not counting that scene in Carrie where her mom calls her boob cleavage “dirty pillows”, a woman’s breasts can be a great hugger and comforter for anyone, since they are soft, squishy and best of all – they’re natural (unless you get a boob job, of course).

Hourglass figure

Nearly every woman wishes to have curvy stuff around their body to make them look attractive – no matter where you come from. Filling up your shirt, tube top or any kind of dress is what boobs are all about!

For the bedroom

Nothing fills lovemaking excitement than boob squeezing. And let’s not forget those other positions that involve these watermelons (e.g. that one position that the Japanese call “paizuri”).

They’re fun to play with

Girls, be honest – there is nothing wrong with loving your boobs. It’s part of loving yourself and the body you’re in! Regardless of the size, boobs are just something fun to squeeze, even more because they’re yours to keep! Try it when you’re feeling down and need stress debriefing.

It holds stuff

From pens to other small and slim items, your boobs, provided that they’re the right size, can be an item holder right on its cleavage. If you think putting $$$ on your boobies is only for the prostitutes – think again! You can be practical and keep your stuff in there, in case you don’t have pockets (or your pockets are full and you’re on a rush).



Awkward stares

Let’s face it – if you’ve got a big rack, chances are many people will look at you anytime and anywhere. There’s no hiding, unless you’re in a thick coat or jacket where your boobs won’t be easily seen. If you wear a revealing top such as a tank top, consider wearing a jacket or anything else to keep the peeps from peeping.

Children’s curiosity

Kids will be definitely loving squishy things – including your boobs! If you have many kids at home or around your workplaces, chances are, they’ll butt in your epic boobage and give them a nice squish, which you might not always like.

When they slip out

Nothing is more embarrassing than one of them accidentally getting a wardrobe malfunction (e.g. a nip slip), which is very unpleasant, embarrassing and devastating.

Eating/drinking problems

Spilling stuff on your boobs is a problem. Instead of falling into your pants, they fall onto your breasts, making you look like a pornstar in public.

People getting jealous

You’re doing nothing wrong and women stare at you like you stole their dreams. That’s what you’d expect from most women, especially if you encounter those with cup sizes of AA’s, A’s and B’s.

Q: What are the workout ways to naturally increase bust size?

A: While there’s no clear way to increase your boob size when you’re a fully developed adult, you can help enhance them by the following workout plans:

Wall press

Pressing yourself against a wall or any sturdy and solid object can enhance your chest muscles.

Arm circles

This can help exercise part of your chest muscles as well.

Arm press

This helps a lot in forming a nice cleavage and keeping your boobs from sagging.

Prayer pose

Most experts recommend this, as it can also help tighten your boobs and keep them from sagging altogether.

Horizontal chest press

This can also enhance your boobs and cleavage with regards to elasticity, firmness and perkiness.

Chest press extensions

Use 2 dumbbells to help your chest muscles develop properly.

Q: Are large boobs hereditary?

A: Yes, much like weight, large boobs are mostly predominantly dictated by your genes. So don’t be surprised if your aunties are flat-chested and you are as well. On the other hand, you may be lucky if most of your family members tend to have epic boobage.

Hereditary boobs don’t always come from your mom – if your dad’s mom or siblings are also big breasted, chances are you’ll get them, too.

Q: Will I lose my boobs if I lose fat?

A: Unfortunately, yes – boobs do lose their inches if you also slim down. However, the change is not all that big – one study notes that to move back an entire cup size, you would need to drop 20% of your original body weight.

This is why if you intend to lose weight, don’t lose it hurriedly if you are keeping some precious boobs on the line. Or, you can just embrace your plus size body – that works too! If you love your boobs so much and don’t really care about having a supermodel waistline, you can just consider slimming down slowly and getting a normal healthy lifestyle.

Q: What challenges do big breasted women often face?

A: The struggle is real with women who have big boobs, even though so many women around the world want to have them. For those who don’t know, here’s a list:


Nothing is grosser than boob sweat after a workout or party, especially within your cleavage.

No strapless

Big boobs cannot always fit into strapless types, because they lack support.

Not much color choice

Since your boobs are epic and large, the choice for color may be limited.

Trouble fitting

There’s nothing more stressful than shopping for the right bra size with big boobs.

Wardrobe malfunction

It’s real and it’s embarrassing – ask the girls who’ve been through that sort of thing.

No bralettes

Bralettes are mostly meant for mediocre boobs – not for your epic ones.

Buttons and zippers

Ah yes, buttons – the worst enemy of large boobs. Not even zippers can be safe!


Pendants? Necklaces? Your boobs will act like that sofa and swallow the remote control or your dimes.

They’re a “distraction”

If, by an unlucky chance, you decide to dress liberally and conservatives pass by, well, that could be a problem.


The reason why most track and field women don’t have larger racks is because boobs are added weight – they get in your mileage.

Loose outfits are a no-no

Because your boobs carry over those loose summer outfits, no matter how slim your waistline in, it won’t define it and you’ll look pregnant.

Strap lines

Strap lines are the worst, especially if you’ve worn your lingerie for a long period of time. They happen more to women with big boobs.

Eating and drinking problems

The problem with boobs in public is that they make you look like someone from an adult video series because you accidentally spill vanilla ice cream over your breasts.

Wearing a seatbelt or a cross body bag

That’s just nearly impossible if your boobs are too big – they could also get painful later on.

Going down the stairs

Excessive bouncing may be sexy to look at, but it’s really tough for the woman to carry two water balloons, you know.

Wearing backless

Forget backless – the fact that you can’t wear strapless stuff carefully is enough pain!

Sleeping position

The only position you’re capable of doing is, well, the side sleeper. Back sleeping might give you nightmares, and stomach sleeping is, well, only a dream.

Q: At what age do boobs stop growing?

A: Most people believe that natural breast growth from a teenage girl ends in adolescent periods, around 18 years of age. This can vary depending on your genetics and many other factors, but generally, when you’re a full time adult, the only things you can do include breast implants, getting pregnant or getting squishy bed action with a significant other (or yourself!).

Q: What lingerie are best for big boobs?

A: You would be best for lingerie that have a 3/4 cup design or even a full cup design. The idea is to get a lot of coverage as much as possible. Common lingerie that have this type of cup include the full cup and the minimizer.

Q: How do I clean the lingerie properly?

A: To wash your lingerie properly, here’s what you may need to do:

1. Choose a good detergent that is gentle for your lingerie.

2. Wash and soak them onto a clean sink, bucket or basin for 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Rinse them properly and then hang them to dry.

4. If there’s no sunlight or hot weather, consider using a salad spinner for faster drying.

Q: Can large breasted women go braless?

A: Yes, there are some life hacks that you can do to go braless while outside:


Getting in layers copes up with your boobs not being covered by padding.

Cupped dresses

You can also grab a nice dress that already has a built-in set of cups in it.

Slips and linings

There are special dresses that have linings and slips, which can be good for this kind of activity.

Crop tops

These are a good option for when you want to go a little bit more fashionable.


They are also a great alternative to not wearing support.


There could be some ones that are properly fitted for your size, after all.

Nip covers

Nip covers are widely available, and they can be worn outdoors to cover your nipples.

Q: Are there foods that can naturally increase bust size?

A: Here is a list of common foods that are known to increase bust size in women:


It is high in estrogen, known to enhance your boobs. It is also good for protein.


Most people associate soy with breast enlargement due to the phytoestrogens.


Breast tissues can benefit more when you take seafood into your diet due to manganese.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are some of the most commonly regarded foods for increasing your boob size. They can be mixed with your salad or other side dish or meal.


They are also great for your breast tissue and they can be added to most recipes.

Q: Why does giving birth make your boobs grow?

A: In preparation for getting milk to your baby, your boobs are more likely to grow because of the production of milk. Actually , your breasts already start to grow when you get pregnant, so that by the time your baby comes, your body will be ready to give your offspring some nutrition.

Q: Do breasts grow more during your period?

A: Most experts agree that boobs do grow when you start your period, because this is the stage of puberty at work. In most cases, if you experience PMS or premenstrual syndrome, your boobs may tend to swell and ache, and your bras may get uncomfortable.

Q: What are the pros and cons of using padding?

A: Padding usage does have pros and cons when you use them, such as the following:



a. It can help boost your current cup size.

b. It gives your clothing a good shape and lift.

c. It covers your nips.

a. Not all are quality made.

b. They tend to be less breathable.

c. It’s an unnatural way of covering up your boobs.

Q: What materials make up this kind of lingerie?

A: Materials that are used to make this kind of lingerie include:

1. sewing pattern

2. hooks and accessories

3. fabric for the cups, straps and other parts

4. a sewing kit

Q: What are the pros and cons of breast implants?

A: Most women who feel small with their boobs tend to consider breast implants or getting a boob job. But before you do so, you should know about its pros and cons:



a. It adds confidence to women who feel they have smaller breast sizes.

b. It gives you the benefits of having big boobs.

a. As with all surgeries, they can have risks, such as capsular contracture.

b. They’re fake, so natural boobs are still way better.

Q: What are the standard cup sizes for women?

A: The most common size for women can be found on the following chart, in the case of the American population:

B cup


C cup


D cup and larger

Less than 1%

Q: Can sexual intercourse help you get big boobs?

A: While it is true that they may tend to swell just as when you do on your premenstrual period, they don’t necessarily get bigger with each intercourse – unless you get your partner to massage them, and you’re still in your teens to early adolescence.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Bali Passion Comfort is our pick for the best bra for large breasts due to being a minimizer and a supportive lingerie with its spandex and nylon.