Best Composter

When composting helps lower household waste up to a huge amount but at the same time you don’t like the sight of decomposing waste in your garden or yard, then storing away this rot in the best composter like the Yimbly Tumbler Composter is an ideal solution. This best composter is a 2 in 1 unit with a red processing indicator that indicates the cooking bin while the other can be simultaneously used for filling. A pile of up to 37 gallons can be stored inside without you having to worry about over tumbling.
The moderately-priced Yimbly Tumblr Composter is armed with HDPE panels that perform the jobs of both absorbing and containing the heat in order to accelerate the process. We were able to easily rotate this best composter due to its light weight, despite the strong and stable steel base, which plays a huge role in making sure that the unit doesn’t tip over. We used both the exceptional separate turning chambers; one side had the finished compost while the other side was still cooking. We achieved a compost pile in less than 4-5 weeks; now this may seem like a long period of time but comparatively, it’s the best completion time recorded on our watch.

Top Pick: Yimbly Tumbler Composter

When a product is titled The Most Beautiful Composter in the World and that too with a highly competent price tag, how could our research team not be tempted to test it? And it turns out that the Envirocycle Composter is a pretty compact unit made of UV stabilized recycled plastic that does not take up more than 5 sq ft of space, making it perfect for urban dwellers. It does have a comparatively higher price tag than the rest, which is quite justified once you know that this best composter comes with a remarkable 5-year warranty. Our team of testers was quite impressed with the design of this best composter due to its horizontal frame, which made rotating the unit comparatively easier than the rest. We didn’t even face any difficulty while removing the barrel of the composter from the base, which otherwise can prove to be quite a tedious task. This best composter kept the organic waste neat, organized, and comparably pest-free. With the competent price comes an equally large-scale benefit; as opposed to other best composters on the market, this Envirocycle Composter can be kept outside even in the winter season.

For a cost-effective purchase, the Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin is another best composter for yard and food waste combination. It is supplied with a bin, which makes this budget-friendly option even more desirable. Built with a snap-on lid made of a weatherproof material, this best composter offers four convenient side doors so you can easily collect the partially processed organic waste and shift it to the tumbler for quicker results. Even before testing its air circulation ability, we were able to tell that it’s pretty sufficient. We were not at all worried about this best composter tipping over, as from the very beginning it provided a pretty strong and stable experience. As its totally affordable price suggests, this best composter is simply a plastic box with plentiful holes to carry out the breakdown and rotting process with four access doors to eliminate the older compost, so you know that it does the job pretty neatly and effectively.

What is a composter and why you should compost

To put it down simply, composters are bins made of recycled plastic with an attached lid and hatch. Unlike your wheelie bin, the best composter has the ability to contain the bad odor inside the unit and prevent it from spilling out. To better understand the meaning of the best composter you should know that in a city alone, over a 100,000 tonnes of waste coming from abundant households gets deposited in landfill areas throughout the whole country. So as a responsible and environment-friendly move, composters were created to help reduce this huge amount of waste reaching landfill sites by providing the opportunity to decompose all the organic waste in the most healthy, clean, and systematic manner right outside your home or in your backyard itself.
The reason why you should be buying the best composter and composting regularly is that this process doesn’t only lower the amount of waste being transferred to the landfill sites but it also serves as a brilliant solution to recycle all that yard and organic waste and turn it into a source of nourishment, enhancing the overall health of our planet and promoting a greener environment.
Organic materials that you can compost:
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Egg shells
• Coffee ground and filters
• Shredded newspapers
• Fireplace ashes
• Nut shells
• Leaves
• Grass clippings
• Or anything else that is grown in soil
Materials you should not compost:
• Pet waste
• Infected plants
• Meat remnants
• Fish bones
• Yard trimmings that have been soiled in chemicals.

Types of composters

Apart from the many types of best composters on the market, there are only two conventional types that are quite popular; the bins and the tumblers.
• Bins
These types of best composters are relatively larger than their counterpart, which means they can hold a larger volume of waste. Bins are an ideal choice for beginners or individuals who simply want to get the composting job done without putting in too much of an effort or thought.
• Tumblers
On the other hand, these types of best composters are considered to be entirely high-maintenance units. A bin is usually paired with a tumbler as part of a systematic procedure where all the organic or yard waste is stored in the bin and then later moved to a tumbler. These composters have a comparatively smaller capacity but a higher weather-resistant quality. Both the types of best composters are built equally motionless, although some tumblers can still be moved.

What to look for in the best composter

There are a couple of factors to take into consideration while buying the best composter. You should know that not all composters will have all these characteristics but some of the best composters are supplied with at least most of them, so choose wisely.
• The best composter has the capacity to accommodate minimum 27 cubic feet of organic waste, which is the optimal amount required in order to develop adequate heat.
• The best composter should be built with a top or lid so as to keep the rodents away from the unit.
• The composter should be designed with a large opening so you can easily use the shovel to pile up the organic materials inside. And with a large opening, you can also turn or flip the compost quite conveniently.
• The best composters on the market are constructed with partly or 100% recycled or renewable materials, mostly plastic. Upon reviewing many best composters, we found that pressure-treated lumber, wood with a green tint, consists of harmful chemicals that have the ability to penetrate into the compost and wipe out the microbes. So stay away from composters that have even a hint of pressure-treated lumber.
• Air circulation is another important factor to consider when buying the best composter. So ensure that the one you pick has sufficient amount of air circulation vents or holes in order to achieve better and quicker results.
• Extreme climatic conditions, especially wind storms, cause composters to get blown over. So choose the best composter that is not only built comparatively stronger than the rest but also ranks high on durability.
• Lastly, physical appearance matters too. You don’t want your yard to look ugly because of the sad and cheap design of your best composter.

The best pick: Yimbly Tumbler Composter

Top Pick: Yimbly Tumbler Composter

Best composters like the Yimbly Tumbler Composter makes the whole process easy on you by reducing your effort to only spinning the unit on its axis in order to get the organic waste to mix and receive the optimum amount of oxygen to carry out the decomposing process effectively. The phenomenal aspect of our best pick, the Yimbly Tumbler Composter, is that it is equipped with 2 chambers; one to fill while the other is cooking. With a storage capacity of five cubic feet, this best composter falls under the price category of $100, making it not only the best but also the most affordable unit on the market, given its 2-compartment design.
While testing this best composter, we found the strong steel frame and useful built-in hand holds to be essential as they made it very easy for us to rotate the unit every other day. It is constructed with adjustable air vents and 37-gallon storage space that you will appreciate if you want to achieve quicker and better results. This best composter is a great option for amateurs as it is pretty easy to assemble with an even easier instruction manual. Also, it has a lightweight and efficient construction and, lastly, the smooth-working ability of the unit even when it’s full makes working with this best composter uncomplicated and convenient. So if you have a budget that is not too big or not too small, then this best composter should be your first choice.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

As a composter that is created to be filled with organic waste, it will, at some time or the other, contain unsuitable elements that won’t match up to its requirements, which might cause some kind of trouble in performance. So even while using the best composter, we have to accept this fact and use the unit carefully. But, apart from this drawback, there are some tiny flaws, albeit subjective, that you will note when using the Yimbly Tumbler Composter. People who have a knack of not putting different kinds of organic waste together should not use this best composter, as precaution is better than cure, as we noticed. This best composter has grips that proved to be a tad troublesome as they had the tendency to splash some collected water during the rains, so remember to turn this best composter lightly the first time. Our testers found the opening to be comparatively smaller than the other models but once they got well-acquainted with the unit, filling things inside through that small opening didn’t seem problematic at all. The last issue that you might have to deal with is this best composter’s domestic personality that tends to draw pests which leads to a stench and the formulation of a black liquid while spinning. But you should know that such a minor tragedy is quite common even when using the best composters so some getting used to will go a long way.

The step-up pick: Envirocycle Composter

Envirocycle Composter

If our best pick is not available or if you have a larger budget, then it is always a better idea to opt for the safest option. The Envirocycle Composter is two steps higher when it comes to price, but this best composter is also a pretty compact and powerful unit that can stand the test of time and, most importantly, can fit in small-sized spaces as well. Upon thoroughly testing this best composter, we found that it is built to carry a generous quantity of organic waste and even when it has been crammed to maximum capacity, this best composter can be moved quite easily.
The Envirocycle Composter is built in such a closely-packed manner that there is absolutely no room for rodents to enter inside. Our testers used a shovel to pile in all the organic waste and, unlike the Yimbly Tumbler Composter, the Envirocycle was able to provide enough opening space for the shovel to fit in. Since the design is a tad different from the rest, you’d think that the height is inconvenient but that’s not true. This best composter is extremely easy to access with an innate lifelong and environment-friendly characteristic due to its partly recycled plastic construction. Additionally, there is an extremely valuable feature at the base of this best composter that can be used for watering potted plants. Even though our tester had to make use of his own two hands to carry out the unloading process, as the opening of this best composter tends to make the unloading process slightly problematic, we would still rate this best composter as one of the finest on the market.

The budget-friendly pick: Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin


Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin

You will not find anything better at a price so affordable than the Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin. This another best composter is as sturdy as it is secured so you won’t have to worry about performance as well as raccoons making a huge mess of your compost. Don’t be fooled by the price; this best composter has the capacity to accommodate large amounts of organic waste. To make testing a more challenging experience, our team of testers told two 8 year olds to put this best composter together and, surprisingly, they did a pretty neat job. So you know how easy it is to assemble and use this little thing.
Unlike some other best composters on the market, the Redmon Green Culture Compost Bin doesn’t have a bad physical appearance and it also doesn’t increase the chances of your yard stinking due to the compost. One tiny glitch we would like to add to this best composter’s evaluation is that, more often than not, due to the abundant air holes in this best composter, we had to make it a point to manually stir the rotting waste in order to achieve better results. Given its price, this best composter has a generously wide design and once you start using it, all your doubts will definitely rot away.

The runner-up: Good Ideas CW-2X Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler

Good Ideas CW-2X Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler

The second best option in terms of performance and price, closely knitted with our best pick, is the Good Ideas CW-2X Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler. This best composter is furnished with two 8 inch openings that made filling the unit convenient. Always remember that a black colored best composter has a knack of absorbing heat quite effectively, as is the case with the Good Ideas Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler. This best composter is constructed with weatherproof and 100% recycled material so you don’t need to worry about unnecessary damages. It has a valuable compost tea collecting base; a feature that you can enjoy in only a handful of best composters on the market.
Upon reviewing this best composter, we came to know how light and easy to move around it is. The strong lids are fortified into the rest of the unit so you get a pretty secure and hassle-free experience. The three handholds are built in such a perfect and convenient spot and manner that turning this best composter feels like a piece of cake. Despite the many special features and advantages found in this best composter, there is a tiny flaw that you might not appreciate. The two individual chambers do not offer a large amount of space, which means that you might have to purchase 2 of these units in order to get the job done quicker. It may be slightly costlier but the Good Ideas Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler will last for longer than you can imagine.

Best composter for small garden

Lifetime 60072 Dual Compost Tumbler

One of the most stately-designed units on the market, the Lifetime 60072 Dual Compost Tumbler consists of two chambers that you can use to compost organic waste as well as lawn and garden trimmings. This best composter for small garden is built with a capacity of 6.7 cubic feet, large enough to carry out the composting process effectively. We were quite impressed with this affordable unit’s highly reliable UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction that has the tendency to consume as well as preserve heat naturally in order to provide quicker results. The simple red/green markings proved to be extremely helpful in providing the basic information about which one of the 2 containers is full while the other is being used for loading all the organic waste. We tested this best composter for rust and corrosion, as was pointed out to us by its many reviews. But you will be surprised to know, as were we, that the manufacturer made some immediate improvements to the product before we began our research on this particular topic so nothing related to rust or corrosion showed up on our many vigorous tests. This best composter is a great product that saves you the time and effort of having to scoop and divide your compost in order to oxygenate it.


Worm Factory 360 WF360G Worm Composter

One of the best composters for small gardens, the Worm Factory 360 WF360G Worm Composter makes use of worms, which you can easily buy, to speed up the decomposition procedure. As you all know by now that after worms consume all the organic waste, they excrete certain substances that have proven to be rich in mulching the soil which leads to the disintegration of that particular pile of organic waste. Upon thoroughly reviewing this best composter, we came to a conclusion that it is an ideal choice for an amateur interested in vermiculture. The best part about this best composter is that it can be used for composting in your small garden as well as inside your home, if you don’t have enough space in your yard or you don’t have a yard at all. This vertically built best composter consists of strong eight trays of maximum capacity with a tightly secured lid. A sufficient amount of pumice is also provided with this best composter, so you get the opportunity to smear some of it on the trays to create an optimal compost environment. The amount of oxygen that enters this best composter’s leachate bin through the perfect amount of space left between the bottom tray and the risers is sufficient enough to carry out the process effectively. An accessibly-priced product, the Worm Factory 360 will not disappoint you at any level.

Geobin Compost Bin

The most budget-friendly pick for the best composter for small garden is the Geobin Compost Bin. An ideal choice to compost yard waste, this best composter is built with a pretty large capacity of 15 cubic feet. As you can see once you lay eyes on the unit, that air circulation will not be a problem at all as this best composter for small garden is supplied with more than enough vent holes all around it. The best composters in black color have the tendency to hold heat inside the unit pretty well, something that you will definitely be able to achieve with the Geobin Compost Bin. It may be the cheapest model on the market but it provides a great value for money. This best composter is built to stand the test of time so you can invest in larger quantity based on your requirements and not worry about durability. Upon testing this best composter, we did notice some stretching of the plastic but that did not tear up eventually. In order to avoid the plastic from straining itself in the same place again, we simply turned the compost, unwrapped it and reassembled it upside down and inside out. Apart from this minor glitch, there is absolutely nothing that can cause any kind of trouble, so you can be rest assured that you’re paying the minimum cost without having to compromise on maximum performance.

Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin

The ultimate black beauty on our list of the best composter, the Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin for a small garden is a fully closed unit with a remarkable capacity of 13.5 cubic foot. Suitable for both yard and food waste, this best composter falls in the price category of under $100. It is a stationary unit, which means that it will naturally hold the adequate amount of moisture needed to carry out the composting process efficiently. The stationary construction also ensures that bugs and other germs are kept away from the organic waste, which is also due to this best composter’s closed and compact design. We had to manually spin the compost, something that required additional effort on our part. But this exercise was made easier with the help of a compost aerator. We achieved best results in less than 5-6 weeks, the average amount of time. To top it off, there is an exceptional 25-year warranty on this best composter. Reasons to buy the Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin are aplenty with a single goal; to achieve a comparatively quicker and better performance rate.

Best composter for apartment

Green Cycler Kitchen Compost Bin

When it comes to buying the best composter for apartment, the Green Cycler Kitchen Compost Bin is considered to be one of the most reliable and multi-functional, as it has a built-in shredder too. This best composter with shredder disintegrates kitchen waste quite effectively and has the ability to accumulate organic materials inside the unit in a pest-free, odorless, and neat manner. We were quite fascinated by this best composter’s micro-ventilation system that helped in reducing odor-generating bacteria. The fact that makes this best composter fit for apartment is its dishwasher safe quality. We were able to achieve excellent shredding results due to this best composter’s strong crank arm that made hand operation and dual direction grinding easier. The Green Cycler Kitchen Compost Bin is a pretty practical unit designed with easy to use features that save you the trouble of having to cut up all the organic waste or wait for a long period of time to get the required amount of soil for the composting process. All in all, this best composter is a stylish and totally affordable unit for your countertop in the kitchen.

Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin

We have reviewed and tested many best composters for apartment and based on the results, the Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin has turned out to produce a comparatively better all-round performance than its competitors. This best composter, which is also the most inexpensive unit, is yet another indoor composter that looks exceptionally neat and stylish on the countertop. In fact, due to its reasonable 1-gallon size and well-balanced height that are built to accommodate comparatively larger amounts of organic materials for a longer period of time, you can place this best composter anywhere you like. Upon carrying out various tests on the stainless steel unit, we noted that the Epica Compost Bin is as long-lasting as it is indestructible. Scratches, cracks, or chipping are problems that you will not come across while using this best composter. The exclusive, dispensable, and easy to clean activated-charcoal filter plays a significant role in providing an odorless experience when using this best composter in the apartment. It does everything that the best composter is designed to do, nothing more or nothing less.

SCD Probiotics K100 All Seasons Indoor Composter

The only best composter for apartment that proved to formulate organic waste scraps for burial in less than half the time that the other units took to complete the composting process is the SCD Probiotics K100 All Seasons Indoor Composter. It is built with a convenient handle for added portability. With a maximum capacity of 67 cubic feet, this best composter for apartment is well-equipped with a useful strainer that allows all the moisture generated from the organic waste to be released properly in order to eliminate the possibility of waste damage. Like some other indoor as well as outdoor best composters on the market, this one too comes with a spigot which helps in passing on liquid compost tea that is effectively used as plant manure. This best composter comes with the useful Bokashi Bran that helps in significantly reducing bad odor. So if you’re looking to purchase not only the best composter for apartment but also the most pragmatic one, then we would recommend this model.

OXO Good Grips Compost Bin

Perhaps the smallest in size and the most compact in design, the OXO Good Grips Compost Bin, nevertheless, is an ideal choice for environment-friendly as well as budget-friendly urban dwellers who love composting. Don’t be fooled by its low-cost; this best composter is nearly unbreakable and carries out the whole composting process more effectively than any other mid-sized, mid-ranged models on the market. Our testers examined the design and structure along with performance and came across many phenomenal elements. The well-constructed, removable lid, smooth interior walls, contoured bottom, and rotating handle, all provide an enhanced user experience and most importantly, high-level performance scores. Our team of testers was quite impressed with how you can easily combat the issue of ventilation and filter deficiency by making it a point to empty the container every 24 hours. It may seem like a task but certain extra measures have to be taken when you want to purchase a low-cost product. We thought that this best composter for apartment might be a pretty wasteful unit to invest in, due to its small size and minimal cost, but only after testing it did we realize how completely efficient it is when it comes to composting.

Wrapping it up

Finding the right or best composter may be a difficult task but it’s not an impossible one. After carefully examining each and every characteristic along with measuring the amount of negatives against the positives, we decided to name the Yimbly Tumbler Composter as our best pick. Apart from everything else, this best composter performs the job of composting as it should be carried out. We can’t stress on how important it now is to add compost to the soil of our planet. And it’s always a great idea to recycle materials as close to their source as possible, which cuts down the cost, time taken, effort, money spent, and so many other important yet unnecessary procedures carried out to transfer household waste to landfill sites across the country. So whether you decide to select our best or budget-friendly pick, or the best composter for small garden or apartment, or even if you decide to build your own composter, it’s going to benefit you and the rest of the world in more ways than you can imagine.