Best Water Ionizer

The M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer is the most powerful home water ionizer on the market, which makes this our best water ionizer pick on the list this year. It features the New 2016 Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technology with MAX plate which attracts many benefits such as power and compatibility. It simply puts down all other models on the market with its conveniently designed output with a pH range from 2.0 up to 11.5 pH and antioxidant potential levels that can be adjusted up to -800. The M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer is the best water ionizer for you if you’re looking for one that defeats the rest and functions with more power, bigger plates, and it’s user-friendly as well. It also features the highest antioxidant benefit, which is perfect for daily drinking along with its max plate technology, which is ideal to last for a lifetime. It’s the only water ionizer you’ll get with such an effective fluoride filtration system on the market.

This one right here is the best water ionizer that you’ll ever find with its super powerful features that are matchless and cannot be beaten by any other water ionizer on the market. You will be amazed to know that the M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer is one of the top water ionizers to be recommended in the Physician’s Desktop Reference and is endorsed by many professionals in the world. It comes with a customized pre-filter system that eliminates all sorts of toxins from your water, delivering pure water, so you don’t have to face any non-essential health or water perils for your family. It offers a lifetime warranty, two internal filters, a sleek new design, and a separate unit with voice-active integration that diligently notifies you of your water’s current pH balance. This best water ionizer surpasses all other models on the market, specifically with its Life GRID technology that increase the antioxidant power and pH of alkaline water as far as 15%, making it the toughest and most durable water ionizer plates ever made!

Our next best water ionizer is one that demands extra-power and excessive protection from its mechanism, but at a considerably higher price than expected. The Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer is the best water ionizer with many health benefits that bring safe, clean and enjoyable water with superior performance and durability. This water ionizer has 11 large platinum plates that are designed to effectively filter the water. It uses 750 watts of unexampled power that gives you a quick ionization mechanism, a feature that solitary amongst the rest water ionizers on the market to-day. It’s simple to use, easy to maintain and lasts for a lifetime for the best possible performance. It also comes with a multilingual service to help guide you through its settings and mechanism efficiently, as does it have an interactive display panel with touch screen technology and smart phone compatibility. Even though its expensive, it is designed for high end kitchens, compact spaces as well as for those enthusiast looking for a lead and BPA free best water ionizer on the market.

The New IONtech IT-757 Water Ionizer comes with platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates to ionize the water efficiently. It even has an active carbon filter to filter the water before the ionization process. It’s the most reliable and affordable one on the market with features that other similarly priced machines don’t offer. It is an advanced alkaline best water ionizer that uses a solid combination of both domestic and imported technology for flexibility and ease of use. It showcases 7 appealing levels of water pH which are 4 levels of Alkaline water, 2 levels of Acid water and pure filtered water. This ionizer supports pH levels from 4.5 to 11 with the maximum antioxidant value of -850V that way you can choose the antioxidant value of your choice. Its functionality is as easy as just pressing a single button and you’ve got brilliant mechanics at play to provide you the purest water now and forever. You can even test the alkalinity level and match it perfectly with the indicated pH level. It also features an active carbon filter which has a considerably less life span so you would have to replace them every 9 months to get quality water at your locality.

What is a water ionizer?

A water ionizer is used to improve the overall quality of water into safe drinking water, acidic water and alkaline water. A water ionizer is especially used at home to not only produce fresh drinking water, but also to alter the acidity or alkalinity of the water. Most advanced water ionizers have the capability to produce alkaline water that is considered to be extremely healthy and acidic water which is used for mainly home cleaning purposes.

What should you know before reading on

Even though the market value of the best water ionizer is considerably steep, you should know that the ideal water ionizer is an appliance that can be used for a really long time without the need for consistent maintenance, repair or any replacement. These are extremely reliable appliances used by almost every homeowner in the world. The different types of water ionizers will convey different price ranges also different features such as the length of warranty, number and design of the plates, power system, and even the filtration system. To consider each feature before buying the best water ionizer is fundamental to making the right decision for your home. Lastly, you want to buy from a brand or manufacturer with an impressive rating online. With the amount of features endorsed by water ionizer brands today, our researchers get how difficult comparing different ionizers must be for you which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best, extravagant, and within-budget water ionizer to suit your demands, among many others, to help you consider all contributing features of the best water ionizer.

Our best pick: M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer

M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer

An apparatus is ideal for any use when it outperforms specific expectations set by other similar models on the market, and our researchers have found the best water ionizer that understands those expectations thoroughly and is designed for exactly that. The M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer is a powerful water ionizer the boasts of many superior features, one of them being the Max Yield Switched Mode Power Supply feature that is the most advanced system to possess for a water ionizer. It ensures that your water ionizer is generating the most pure ionized water faultlessly for always. With this system in place, you’ll never have to worry again about the pH balance or OPR levels of your water ionizer. The M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer features a Vitamin C Ceramic Block Filter Technology designed to remove 99% of chlorine and chloramines from your water. They know how harmful water additives can be for your family, so they ensure the best protective system in setting to produce the purest water possible with natural protection. You will be very satisfied with this best water ionizer that can detect the minutest amount of additives in water with its advanced UV Light Technology. With its free water quality reports, you can be rest assured and analyze your water demands and use the filters just the way that’s best for you and your family’s overall health. These quality reports identifies and finds customizes its filters to get rid of contaminants in your water immediately. All-in-all the M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer is the best water ionizer because it fulfills more than desired expectations for a standard water ionizer and provides the ultimate protection system that takes your water quality seriously, so you don’t have to consider shifting from one to another every once in a while.

Our step up pick: Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer

Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer

The Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer is a powerful, solid and reliable water ionizer, despite its extravagant financial value. With automatic control with built-in CPU ships, this machine automatically finds and controls the optimal mechanics using flow rates and water quality. It has a dual ultra filtration system in check to ensure smooth ionizing and filtering with strengthened titanium plates that are of Mesh Hybrid Medical Grade. It supports ORP levels up to -1050 and pH levels from 1.7 to 12.0. An easy to use machine with convenient display interface, voice-integration, and anti-virus protective measures that, clearly, is built to last enduringly. You can even produce strong alkaline or strong acidic water that is used for cleaning purposes with the Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer’s turbo function. It has forever guarantee with zero stipulations, one-touch technology, and a super water capability for premium antioxidant production. You don’t have to worry about the cleaning bit with this one as it features an anti-virus system for the electrolytic tank that controls the intensity of different types of micro-organisms to keep your ionizer in the essential condition thoughts its self-cleaning process. The titanium blades of the Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer are dipped multiple times in platinum only to make it stronger and more durable for your ionizer and extend the ratio of generating hydrogen efficiently. It’s better than any other conventional water ionizer of the same price range; this one produces healthy water with superior beneficial properties at faster, but efficient rates.

Our budget pick: New IONtech IT-757 Water Ionizer

New IONtech IT-757 Water Ionizer

The New IONtech IT-757 Water Ionizer is the within-budget pick on our best water ionizer list. There is so much to look forward to in this affordable water ionizer, such as the pH value range 4.5 to 11 and ORP value of -850 MV. It features platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates and a ceramic ion membrane, free filter, and a temperature resistant and non-toxic ion. With its automatic 10 second electrolysis chamber cleaning system that gets activated directly after each alkaline water use, this advanced water ionizer is the best deal to steal at such an affordable buy! Our researchers also noticed the most striking feature of the New IONtech IT-757 Water Ionizer which is its 7 color LCD display with a soft button control panel which allows you to pick 7 different levels of water pH easily. This best water ionizers is specifically designed to meet the highest drinking water standards without supplying exhaustive power aimlessly. Keeping that in mind, the transformer of this machine supplies 100% power to the electrolysis chamber for producing the best ion water, while maintaining a consistent and efficient water supply mechanism that will last you now and forever. For an affordable and best water ionizer, this advanced water ionizer is the product for you.

Also consider

Alkaline Iodized Water Machine

This one is an excellent alternative for the best water ionizer with a pH range of 3.2 to 10.0 and an ORP range of +600 to -420. It’s highly portable with a simple installation procedure that can even be taken to long vacations or holiday trips. Like most other water ionizers on the market, they don’t require a professional plumber to install as they’re extremely simple on the assembly. One of the most striking features of this water ionizer is that it directly connects to your kitchen faucet with its included 2 way faucet adapter. So, you can use your sink as you always do and with just a click of a button switch to the adapter to use the machine. The Alkaline Iodized Water Machine comes with a lifetime warranty and also a lifespan of filter element. It consists of 5 flat solid titanium platinum coated plates and a single filter that’s easy to replace. Providing an impressive flow rate of 1 gallon every 90 seconds, this best water ionizer works on 160W during intense operations and then 4W when kept idle. It even has an automatic reverse cleaning on both start-up and shut down so you don’t have to concern yourself about the cleansing of the machine. The Alkaline Iodized Water Machine is a great purchase and value of your buck offering powerful performance, preferred water, and exceeding durability.

Best custom-figured water ionizer

Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11 Counter Top

The best water ionizer for those looking for a customized pre-filter system for superior water purity, the Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11 Counter Top is a weighty machine to purchase that has features so preeminent that it surpasses all other custom-figured water ionizers on the market. It is a product of Life Ionizers, a reliable manufacturer that is trusted and recommended by many doctors, and health care patients as being the best family investment in health. It produces alkaline water with the highest antioxidant oxidation reduction at the perfect pH level for daily drinking. It has a pH range from 2.0 to 12 and an ORP potential of up to -880 which boasts of a dependable feature that guarantees clean, safe drinking water for your family. It consists of a max plat technology which features 11 platinum coated titanium plates that answer for long life and safety. It is also one of the top best water ionizers to have been recommended and listed in the Physician’s Desktop Reference. The Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11 Counter Top has an SMPS power supply that is capable of adjusting up to 800W with MESH plates that feature energy frequency technology, laser energy technology and UV light protection against unwanted bacteria, additives, etc. This best water ionizer is also best for determining and filtering out the different kinds of pollutants found in unprocessed water such as benzene, chlorine, chloramines, etc. It is capable to remove these additives easily with its customized filtration system that is designed to eliminate even the minutest pollutant in your water in a natural and safe way. It also includes an exclusive Vitamin C ceramic block filtration with laboratory-grade chlorine and chloramines filters perfect for a best water ionizer on the market to-day.

Best counter-top water ionizer


Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer

The Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer is our best counter-top water ionizer on the market as it has tons of features to offer with a forever lifetime warranty. It comes with a pH range from 2.0 to 12.0 and an ORP range from +600 to -800. It’s especially designed for the counter-top as it can directly connect to the sink faucet or the water line that’s below the sink. It makes perfect ionized alkaline water with a number of superior health benefits once connect to the particular faucet. It allows you to produce fresh antioxidant rich water for daily drinking in unlimited amounts for your family with the added advantage of being placed on the counter-top, so easy navigation and access all along! If you’re looking for a water ionizer that can produce safe water at various pH levels for safe drinking, cleaning, etc. the Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer is the product for you. It even allows you to pick from a fine selection of acidity and alkalinity levels that promises you lifelong choice and customization. Another great feature of this best water ionizer is that it consists of an independent 3 filter system to go along with the 2 filter system in the assembled unit. It’s well worth the money with an impressive reputation, and it even has a BBB A rating online that speak for how powerfully dynamic and resourceful this machine is for a counter-top water ionizer. You get an SMPS power source machine with 60 days return policy with no restocking fee and lifetime warranty: the Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer is the best deal to steal on the market if you’re looking for appealing design packed with powerful mechanisms. This is a professional machine that’s unlike almost all of the other counter-top units because it’s flexible, safe, highly recommended by others and it’s user-friendly.

Best dual water ionizer

Crewelter Alkaline Water Ionizer With Dual Water Filter

Dual filtration units are highly versatile and reliable ones that offer much advanced filters to purify water naturally. Such is the Crewelter Alkaline Water Ionizer With Dual Water Filter that features a dual filter system to purify water by removing all additives/particles larger than 5 microns. It is the perfect combination advanced functions and excellent quality to make it a reliable addition in a health conscious home. It comes with 7 highly efficient titanium and platinum coated solid plates that deliver pH range from 3 to 11 and an ORP level from -500 to 800, insuring strong revivification. This water ionizer is built in dual water filters with multi layer construction that is capable of filtering all impurities larger than 5 microns from incoming water. This filtration system also includes activated carbon multi high density sediments and Vitamin C ceramic technology that ensures uninterrupted and impeccable filtering. Our researchers noticed that this water ionizer’s dual water filtration system is beyond compare amongst others with similar features and price. Another matchless feature of the Crewelter Alkaline Water Ionizer With Dual Water Filter is its automatic washing function turns on completely when the unit works continuously over 30 quartz even during automatic operating mode. You don’t have to concern yourself over its accessibility as it encompasses a large seven color LCD display, including voice integration system, for the pH and ORP values as well as to demonstrate water amount per minute, electrolysis status, contamination status, and self diagnostic error message. You don’t have to obsess over the minute details of different water ionizers when you’ve got this best water ionizer that does it all.

Best versatile water ionizer

7 Plate Plus 7 Stage Dual Cartridge Water Ionizer

The 7 Plate Plus 7 Stage Dual Cartridge Water Ionizer is our most versatile pick on the best and as the name suggests, it has lots of unique performance, filtering, safety and durability features to offer such as its 7 stage water treatment with carbon pre-filter, and UF membrane with silver coated GAC for superior bacteria sterilization. It has 8 levels of filtration out of 1 is purified, 2 acidic and 5 alkaline for perfect multi-purposes water needs. The 7 Plate Plus 7 Stage Dual Cartridge Water Ionizer also features an advanced 7-plate technology that are platinum coated with titanium that are strong, efficient plates designed for consistent performance. It features 2 automatic self-cleaning modes which are real time refresh and dual automatic reverse polarity cleaning which monitors and cleans the containment firm automatically. This reduces the risk of unwanted damages and frequent repairs of the water ionizer once every once in a short while. The filters present in this best water ionizer come with a built in display counter that will notify you when it requires replacement, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them once in a consistent duration to avoid any major damages. Upon careful research, we found that this water ionizer filters 1.5 liters of water per minute and runs at a powerful yet well-guarded speed to provide superior quality water and smooth operations. As innovative as this machine gets, its variable selection touch-screen feature will not fail to impress you as it makes navigation and customization extremely simple and dependable. To top it off, the 7 Plate Plus 7 Stage Dual Cartridge Water Ionizer features a 2 year no questions warranty that guarantee no indemnity for a long time.

Best water ionizer for home use

Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7 Water Ionizer

The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7 Water Ionizer can easily be installed to your existent water supply. This ionizer is the best deal out there for home use that can benefit you and your entire family. This best water ionizer allows the flexibility to choose one of 4 variable settings for continuously producing ionized alkaline water: a feature that keeps health in control. For those demanding the water acidity level the same as the pH range, to get fresh and clear water, this water ionizer also consists of the non-ionized purified setting. Alongside that, for washing and cleaning purposes, there are 2 ionized acidic settings for water ionization to pick from if you’re opting for this home-driven water ionizer. In total, you get 7 different kinds of options to pick from for perfect water ionization. For long lasting ionization, this ionizer is made with 7 electroplates that are platinum coated titanium. The best feature that makes this best water ionizer perfect for home use is that you don’t have to wait for the water supply to be available any longer which means that you get a direct water supply with the aid of the ionizer’s in-built active carbon water filter. Another special and unique feature of this water ionizer is that it is capable of charging particles that is used to its advantage in the sense that after each ionization use, the ionizer simple reverses its polarity to keep the unit clean and contamination-free. Even the plates have an automatic cleaning mechanism ionizing technology as they clean themselves after every 10.5 gallons of filtering. The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7 Water is an energy efficient and user-friendly unit with a pH range from 4.5 to 11 and an ORP value of +600 to -850 with a intuitive backlit LCD and a promising warranty.

Best water ionizer for perfect cleaning

Tyent 7070 Turbo Water Ionizer

Don’t you want the perfect water ionizer that specializes in producing glistening water meant only for cleaning purposes only? The Tyent 7070 Turbo Water Ionizer has advanced water purification features with electrolytic antibacterial system to efficiently ionize water into alkaline water that is ideal for breaking down stubborn dirt, for washing and doing the laundry with. This best water ionizer is the perfect match for the particular buyer who likes to pay close attention to detail while cleaning. You don’t have to wait around to constantly keep checking to see if the water is ready because this water ionizer has a voice integration system in place to do that for you. It also has an automatic outflow to make the process easier. With this best water ionizer, you can choose pH levels that range from the lowest to the highest, acidity level to alkaline level, and much more! It provides ionized water from pH values 2 to 12, including turbo boost. Our researchers have also determined that this water ionizer is the upgraded version with much more advanced performance quality and longevity that gives you pH extremes without any chemical additives present in the water. It also has a touch-type automatic water supply with 7 color back lights. You won’t be any less impressed with this water ionizer as it’s got the kind of resources demanded for a best water ionizer for perfect cleaning. It consists of an anti-virus system of electrolytic tank that is specifically designed to extend life span and heighten the ratio of generating hydrogen. It even controls the propagation of additives, contaminants, micro-organisms and keeps your ionizer in optimal condition through its self-cleaning feature using flow rates and water quality. Such conditions are perfect for cleaning purposes on a daily basis and alongside that, with this ionizer’s diverse features, you get safe drinking water in condition other water ionizers are unable to produce.

Wrapping it up

When choosing the right water ionizer for you, ensure that you are aware of the comparable prices for the best water ionizer on the market. This is most important, because you will be using that particular water ionizer for many years in your residential or commercial space and that’s why you need to carefully consider the diverse features you’ll be in dire need of. Water ionizers are great choices for almost everyone space that requires constant use of water. Alkaline water has its own stellar benefits in different circumstances. As you can see from our detailed guide, there are many excellent water ionizers out there with a number of unique advantages and some basic features. Luckily, whichever one you opt for is going to be a suitable pick for you based on your specific needs and requirements, but to better narrow-down your preferences (and ours too) we have the M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer which is the best water ionizer on the market to-day. Following this appealing pick, we have further narrowed down our search into numerous selections and have listed our detailed review for each. In complete hindsight, this useful review will help you understand what to expect from these water ionizers in terms of performance, design and warranty.