Best Gas Range

Cooking with gas ranges offers an immediacy and responsiveness you just can’t get with electric cooking, making them the choice of professional and home cooks alike. Gone are the days of the white enamel-clad, industrial-looking range cooker with modern, sleek and smart being the new order of the day. Modern gas ranges offer not only rapid, reactive cooking but stylish looks, high-tech smart features, versatility and, above all else, value for money. All this and much more can be found in our Top Pick in gas ranges: the LG LDG3036ST.

Top Pick: LG LDG3036ST

Offering powerful, functional cooking with a range of smart features and value for money, the LG LDG3036ST is one of Amazon’s best-selling has ranges with good reason.

A gas range for the serious home chef comes in the Verona VEFSGG365NDSS, offering the very best of Italian made stovetop and convection cooking. Large enough to easily cater for a banquet while being remarkably easy to use and with a price tag to match its build quality and features, this range might have your family arguing over who wants to cook tonight.

Classically styled and offering the best in utilitarian function, the Danby DR201WGLP is a budget priced gas range ideally suited for those without a lot of spare room for less than $500.

Now you’re cooking: gas ranges

While cooking with fire is as almost as old as we are as a species, the gas range is a significantly more recent invention. First developed towards the end of the industrial revolution, gas stoves originated in England in the 1820s but didn’t really become a commercial success the 1880s when piped gas become more widely available in larger English cities. This new cooking technology had the advantage of being easily adjustable and could be turned off when not in use and the gas stove became widespread on the European continent and in the United States in the early 20th century. Innovations came in the form of enamel cladding for easy cleaning, pilot lights for ease of use, flame failure valves for safety and integrated ovens to make what we call today ‘the gas range’.

Gas ranges come in two different models: freestanding and slide-in. Due to its versatility the most common type is freestanding, called such because it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen given that it is finished on all sides. Slide-in or drop-in models are designed to sit flush against cabinetry, making them seem integrated into the space, giving a kitchen a fully customised look.

The benefits of gas

There are several advantage that come with cooking with gas as opposed to its electrical powered counterparts. Many people, especially professionals, prefer the responsiveness of gas cooking as it provides instant and uniform heat. The heat output can be easily assessed by simply looking at the size of the flame and it can be instantly adjusted rather than having to wait for an element to heat up or cool down. Unlike induction cookers, gas is compatible with all types of cookware and is usually cheaper to run than electric cookers.

Helping you choose

Shopping for a new gas range can be a daunting experience as gone are the days where gas ranges were ‘the ones that aren’t electric’. With so many different models and options available, there are some important considerations you will need to keep in mind before it becomes time to start cooking.

The first consideration will be one of size. If you’re looking for drop-in or slide-in range, your choice will probably be limited to the size allowed by the cabinet recess. If you’re not bound by this limitation, the standard width of a residential range is 30 inches with higher-end ranges extending to 36 inches and beyond. The oven compartment on a typical range is 5.0 cubic feet, compared to just over 3 cubic feet in a typical wall oven.

The first deliberation you’ll need to make is what you’re most likely to use your range for. If your time in the kitchen is primarily spent baking or roasting, then you will want to put the most emphasis on the style of oven the unit has rather than the cooktop. Conversely if you’re more into soup, stews or frying, then you’ll want to pay the most mind to the size, output and configuration of the burners. This can significantly narrow your field of selection.

Feel the burn: options for burners

A typically-sized gas range will have four burners that vary in size. Higher-end models may provide a fifth burner; either an ultra-low warm-and-hold burner or a ‘bridge’ burner that sits between two main burners, creating a large casserole-size heating surface. A convenient gage of gas burner power is the standard unit of measurement for heat output: the British Thermal Unit per hour (Btu). Burners generally fall between 5000Btu for small burner on low heat and 17,000Btu for high heat on a large burner.

An increasing number of gas ranges are incorporating sealed gas burners as opposed to open gas burners. Sealed burners have a seal between the burner and the frame that holds the pots and pans above it, and rather than exposing the flame to the open air, the burner components are covered so that no spills or crumbs can fall onto the flame. There is usually a one-piece surface around these types of burners, and this helps make cleaning easy. An open burner has its components exposed, which means the flames are easily visible and exposed to the air as well as anything that may fall into them. While sealed burners are far easier to clean, they are generally thought to be slightly less efficient and don’t provide quite as even heat as an open burner. They are also generally the more expensive option.

Let them eat cake: options for ovens

If you’re leaning towards putting resources towards the oven side of your gas range, you’re certainly not going to be wanting for options. Generally considered to be an indispensable feature for the serious cook, convection ovens use an internal fan to circulate hot air throughout the oven compartment, improving heat distribution and reducing cook times. Convection options typically add around $200 towards the cost of a range with higher-end models featuring an additional heating element around the fan, often called ‘true convection’.

Another option being adopted by increasing number of ranges is replacing the clunky storage drawer found at the base of the range with a second oven. These ‘split-oven’ ranges normally feature a smaller upper oven ideally suited for pizza, casserole, cookies or grilling, with a larger full-sized oven below that.

Oven are controlled by either one of two or a combination of two methods: dials or digital touchpads. Ovens controlled via dials are usually very easy to use, with one dial controlling the oven cooking setting and another regulating temperature. Ovens controlled by digital touchpads generally offer more cooking features and can be programmed for detailed variable cooking cycles, but can be more complicated to use until you get to know them.

A popular feature in higher-end ovens and the subject of some debate is a self-cleaning option. Self-cleaning ovens typically use high temperature, around 900 degrees, to burn off residue left from baking or roasting without the use of any chemical agents. This is used in conjunction with a pyrolytic ground coating which reduces foodstuffs to ash with exposure to high temperatures. A self-cleaning oven is designed to stay locked until the high temperature cleaning process is completed, which lasts approximately three hours, and usually have more insulation than standard ovens to reduce the possibility of fire. While self-cleaning ovens are considered more convenient, they can produce smoke and odours during the cleaning process – in some cases enough to set off smoke detectors. Some people also contend that using the self-cleaning cycle can shorten the lifespan of the oven.

Infrared grilling

One more feature becoming more prevalent in higher-end gas ranges is infrared grilling, which utilises a ceramic plate that focuses a flame through thousands of small holes in its surface. This allows the plate to distribute heat evenly throughout the burner which produces a uniform temperature on the grill’s cooking surface. The main difference between an infrared grill and a conventional gas or charcoal grill is the infrared burner is designed to heat only the grilling surface and not the surrounding air, as hot air dries out meat while it is being grilled. By heating the cooking surface only, the juice and flavour stays locked inside the meat.

How we picked

Even with our helpful guide, the hundreds of different gas range options can make choosing one a daunting task. In our selection of the best of the best, there were several considerations that we looked for in each and every device.

Construction, durability and reliability were perhaps first and foremost in our selection process. While the online market places the upmost importance on lightweight construction and materials and a low price, gas ranges can cost upwards of $3000 ‘ certainly an investment you won’t want to be making too often. More than this, safety was the key considering in quality in construction ‘ we are talking about flammable gas, after all. Additionally, a well-constructed and well maintained gas range will last for several years and keep cooking your meals to perfection every time.

Versatility and user friendliness were also essential considerations in our selection. Of course freestanding gas ranges will always be the most versatile as far as installation goes, but in choosing our preferred list, we looked for a balance between cooktop and oven power. Ranges with two oven add more versatility as you can cook different dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. Lots of oven rack positions were also looked highly upon to create more space and options for cooking. Gas burners with a high range of heat outputs were given high praise, especially those with ultra-low simmer settings. Ovens that offer cooking cycles with and without convection were also given praise, further adding to versatility.

Our Top Pick: LG LDG3036ST

Top Pick: LG LDG3036ST

Featuring the versatility of a freestanding gas range, the latest in technology, premium features, sleek design and ease of use while still be exceptional value for money, the LDG3036ST absolutely earns its place as our Top Pick in gas ranges.

Measuring 29.9′ wide x 47.5′ high x 28.8′ deep, the LDG3036ST truly offers the best of both worlds, featuring five sealed gas burners as well as two convection ovens. The four single-ring burners range in output from 5000Btu on the smallest to 17,000Btu on the largest burner, while the oval-shaped centre burner has an output of 8000Btu and comes with a cast-iron griddle. The smaller top oven is 2.2 cubic feet in size and feature two heating elements: a 14,500Btu baking element and a 13,5000Btu broiling or grilling element. The larger, lower oven is 3.9 cubic feet in size and has a heat output of 16,000Btu. As is the case with all gas ranges that offer convection oven cooking and ignition, the LDG3036ST require a dedicated 120 VAC power connection.

The LDG3036ST boasts an equally impressive list of features that make it extremely easy to use as well as keep clean. The stovetop burners are controlled via the dials on the front of the range while the two ovens are operated via a touchscreen control panel with a handy LCD display. With a single button press, you can select dedicated cycles for cooking pizzas, baking, roasting, broiling, warming and proofing dough. A handy feature for bakers is a delayed baking timer which allows for dough to prove for a set time before the oven starts the baking cycle, making your next artisan loaf a set-and-forget experience. The LCD can be scrolled with the push of a button to let you know the ovens’ temperature, cooking time left, or even what the time is. You can also activate the oven lights and select between two self-cleaning cycles for both the upper and lower ovens ‘ the fastest of which takes only ten minutes.

As well as being packed with some excellent features, the LDG3036ST also looks a treat with its stainless steel finish and matching handles, nickel-plated dials and porcelain cooktop for easy cleaning. Perhaps it most striking feature is the brilliant blue oven interior, which may being unlike anything you’ve seen in an oven.

All in all, the LDG3036ST is an excellent all-rounder, providing both a premium in stovetop and oven in one versatile gas range. The aesthetics aren’t the only attractive thing about the LDG3036ST either: this gas range is remarkable value for money.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

While the sealed gas burners the LDG3036ST features may offer the advantages of easier cleaning, they don’t offer the full efficiency of open gas burners that the exacting home chef might crave. Due to the twin oven design, the LDG3036ST doesn’t have any designated for storing pots and pans as you’d typically find in a single oven range.

Our Step Up Pick: Verona VEFSGG365NDSS


If you’re serious about what happens in your kitchen, the Verona VEFSGG365NDSS is definitely something to seriously consider. A full 36 inches wide and featuring five burners, dual side-by-side ovens with a huge range of cooking options as well as integrated storage, the VEFSGG365NDSS is a superior gas range with a price tag to match.

Definitely one for larger kitchens, the Italian made VEFSGG365NDSS measures 36′ wide x 37.3′ high x 25.6′ deep. It is, however, perhaps the last word in versatility being a freestanding gar range with the additional option of purchasing a 3-inch island trim to turn this gas range into a stand-alone appliance. The VEFSGG365NDSS also offers the best of both worlds, featuring a five sealed gas burner cooktop as well as a two large side-by-side convection ovens. The porcelain cooktop features two single-ring burners capable of outputting 6000Btu each and two three-ring burners that offer enhanced heat distribution each capable of 12,000Btu. The centre burner is the real standout: a dual-ring burner that features an optional wok attachment capable of a heat output from 1000Btu to 16,000Btu, making it ideal not only for flash-frying but for the slowest cooked stews, soups and casseroles as well. This centre burner also features specialised controls, with options for cooking with only one ring as well as a simmer setting.

The VEFSGG365NDSS’s oven features are equally impressive, with two side-by-side convection ovens with infrared broilers. The main oven is 2.4 cubic feet in size and is a full 18 inches wide with an oven heat output of 13,000Btu with a broiler capable of putting out 8500Btu, with the second oven being 1.5 cubic feet in size and 11 inches wide with an oven heat output of 9000Btu with a broiler capable of putting out 8000Btu. Both ovens come with two heavy duty grill racks and a broiler pan each. The range of cooking options here is extraordinary, with both ovens featuring options for defrosting, traditional convection cooking, ventilated cooking, convection baking, and normal, dual and convection broiling. Being able to choose simply between multiple styles of cooking in just one unit is perhaps the VEFSGG365NDSS’s biggest selling point; while it may not sound like much, the difference between traditional convection cooking and ventilated cooking is that traditional cooking is best for foods which require the same cooking temperature both internally and externally such as casseroles and cakes, while ventilated cooking is best for food which has to be well-cooked outside and soft or rosy inside such as meat roasts. It’s this versatility that will have the VEFSGG365NDSS effortlessly turning you from a home cook to a fully-fledged chef.

All cooking functions of the VEFSGG365NDSS are controlled exclusive via the nine chrome dials, making is extremely easy to use. The VEFSGG365NDSS also features an electrical programmer with a digital display that features as a clock and time as well as programs for automatic and semi-automatic oven cooking. These programs allow you set the cooking time/s and temperature, and when to turn the ovens off for the ultimate ease of use. The VEFSGG365NDSS also features adjustable legs, a dedicated storage compartment for your pans and a liquid propane conversion kit if you’re off the piped gas grid.

Our Budget Pick: Danby DR201WGLP

Danby DR201WGLP
Danby DR201WGLP

A well-built freestanding gas range without any frills at a budget price can be found in the Danby DR201WGLP. The DR201WGLP is just 20 inches wide, and is ideally suited to those without a lot of kitchen space to spare.

Classically styled, the DR201WGLP measures 20′ wide x 43′ high x 26′ deep and features four open gas burners and a 2.4 cubic foot oven. The four gas burners are capable of a 9100Btu heat output and the oven, which also features a broiler, is capable of a heat output of 13,000Btu. The open gas burners provide the optimum heat output that gas ranges are known while a lift-up porcelain cooktop means cleaning is a breeze. The DR201WGLP’s broiler drawer includes a spring-loaded hinge that closes the drawer and comes with a three-piece broiler pan while the oven comes with two trays that be used at four different heights. Both the burners and the oven are operated exclusively through front-mounted push-and-turn safety dials, making this range child-safe and easy to use.

The DR201WGLP also features adjustable legs for a custom fit to the height of your kitchen counters, electric ignition and liquid propane conversion kit. The DR201WGLP is a slim, efficient, functional gas range at a bargain price.

Our Specialised Picks

Best in dual fuel: Cosmo F965

Cosmo F965
Cosmo F965

If you’re looking for the a range with the immediacy and responsiveness of a gas cooktop combined with the power and precision of an electric oven, the Cosmo F965 fits the bill in this sleek and stylish combination range.

Ideally suited towards a larger kitchen, the freestanding F965 measures 35.5′ wide x 35.8 high x 23.6 inches deep and features five sealed gas burners and a 3.8 cubic foot oven. Four of the gas burners range in heat output from 5000Btu to 8500Btu while the three-ring centre burner puts out an impressive 18,000Btu. The 220-240V/50-60Hz, 35 amp oven features two convection fans and is capable of eight control functions, including traditional, delicate and convection cooking, grilling with and without convection and defrosting. While the F965’s stovetop and oven functions are controlled via aluminium dials, it also features a digital timer and clock.

Stylish, functional, versatile and offering the best of both worlds of cooking, the F965 is an excellent buy for the price.

Largest oven in freestanding gas range: Thor HRG3618U

Thor HRG3618U
Thor HRG3618U

Whether it’s a family-sized pizza, a whole suckling pig or if you’re catering for a Henry VIII-style banquet, you’ll be well served by the aptly named Thor HRG3618U. Featuring a 5.2 cubic foot oven and no less than six burners, this is a gas range for the serious home chef or for those cooking for an army.

Measuring 36′ wide x 38.5′ high x 26′ deep, the freestanding HRG3618U boasts six sealed gas burners with four single-ring burners ranging from 12,000Btu to 18,000Btu and two dual-ring burners with ultra-low simmer settings ranging in output from 650Btu to 15,000Btu. The convection oven is positively massive, a full 5.2 cubic feet in size, and capable of a heat output of 22,000Btu with an infrared broiler capable of an output of 16,500Btu.

Working in conjunction with all this cooking hardware are some very smart design features, such as the uniquely styled continuous cast-iron cooking grates that provide for easy movement of large, heavy cookware. The cooktop also features black porcelain drip pans for easy cleaning and the oven interior is blue porcelain for the same reason. The oven features multiple cooking for options, including traditional and convection baking, convection roasting, defrosting and dehydrating.

This thunder god of gas ranges can be yours only if you have a kitchen that is worthy.

Best slide-in gas range: Samsung NX58H9500WS

Samsung NX58H9500WS
Samsung NX58H9500WS

If you’re building a kitchen from scratch and crave that seamless look that a slide-in gas can provide, the Samsung NX58H9500WS might just be the literal missing puzzle piece you’re looking for.

Measuring 30′ wide x 36.2′ high x 26.4′ deep, the NX58H9500WS offers five sealed gas burners and one cavernous 5.8 cubic foot oven. The burners include three single-ring burners with output ranging from 5000Btu to 15,000Btu, an 18,000Btu dual-ring burner with a optional wok grate, and a centre oval burner that comes with a griddle capable of an output of 9500Btu. The true convection oven is capable of an 18,000Btu heat output and features a 16,00Btu variable heat broiler. The NX58H9500WS also features an electric warming/proofing drawer with three temperature settings.

While the burners are controlled simply by stainless steel dials, the oven is controlled via a digital touchpad interface. This interface hosts a raft of cooking programs and smart features that make the NX58H9500WS the popular choice it is, providing for not only traditional and convection baking and roasting, but also allowing for six pre-set cooking programs, three personalised cooking programs, temperature conversion calculator, a child-safe oven lock, a ‘keep warm’ function, self-cleaning, several timer options and even a Sabbath mode allowing observant Jews to pre-program oven settings so cooked foods remain warm during the Sabbath when cooking is forbidden. The NX58H9500WS also comes with a temperature probe that plugs into the interior of the oven enabling precise cooking temperature to be displayed without having to open the over door and interrupt the cooking process ‘ a brilliant feature if you’re earnest about your Sunday roasts.

The NX58H9500WS was a very close contender for our Top Pick, missing out only due to not having the versatility of a freestanding range design. However, if a slide-in gas range is what you’re looking for, the NX58H9500WS is an absolute steal.

Affordable style: Frigidaire FGGF3035RF

Frigidaire FGGF3035RF
Frigidaire FGGF3035RF

The sleek, stylish and smudge free finish afforded by a stainless steel doesn’t have to set you back the cost of new kitchen. Case in point: the Frigidaire FGGF3035RF, offering not only sharp looks but first-rate performance and features.

Measuring 30′ wide x 48.5′ high x 29.3′ deep, the American-made FGGF3035RF features five sealed gas burners, a large 5.0 cubic foot convection oven and a dedicated compartment for storage. The burners are all single-ring and range in heat output from 5000Btu to 17,000Btu, while the 5.0 cubic foot oven and variable-heat broiler can produce a very decent 18,000Btu and 13.500Btu respectively.

The FGGF3035RF features digital touchpad oven controls, multiple cooking options, a variable self-cleaning cycle, a timer and continuous corner-to-corner cooktop grates that make moving heavy pots and pans possible without having to lift.

With its sleek looks and ability to boast features usually found only in more expensive gas ranges, the FGGF3035RF is exceptional value for money.

The competition


Measuring 30′ wide x 29.5′ deep and suitable for countertops 35′ to 36.5′ high, the PGS950SEFSS features five sealed gas burners and dual stacked convection ovens with a combined volume of 6.8 cubic feet. On the stovetop three single-ring burners range in output from 5000Btu to 9100Btu, one three-ring burner boasts an impressive capacity of 20,000Btu, while a centre oval burner generates 10,000Btu of heat. The uppermost oven measures 2.5 cubic feet with an output of 12,000Btu with a 13.5Btu broiler, while the larger lower oven has a volume of 4.3 cubic feet and an output of 14,000Btu with an 1150W broiler.

The PGS950SEFSS’s features include digital touchpad oven controls with multiple cooking options, a self-clean cycle, a self-cleaning rolling oven rack and a reversible cast-iron griddle for the cooktop. It is also one of the few ovens we looked that has Frigidaire FPDS3085PF
Frigidaire FPDS3085PF

Another very respectable entry in the dual fuel category is the Frigidaire FPDS3085PF, offering the benefits of a gas stovetop and an electric oven at a very affordable price.

This slide-in combination range measures 30′ wide x 36.6″ high x 28.3′ deep and features four sealed gas burners and an electric convection oven. The cooktop features three single-ring burners ranging in output from 5000Btu to 15,000Btu and one dual-ring burner capable of ultra-low simmering, ranging in output from 750Btu to 17,000Btu. The 4.6 cubic foot electric convection oven is capable of generating 2500W of heat and features a 4000W variable-heat broiler.

The FPDS3085PFs includes many features often seen in rangers many times more expensive, including digital touchpad oven controls with multiple cooking options, timers, programmable personalised cooking settings, a self-cleaning cycle with a steam cleaning option, a cleverly designed ‘half-rack’ system that adjusts to suit tall dishes and roasts and continuous cooktop grates. It is also ADA compliant and American made to boot.

Kucht KRG3080U
Kucht KRG3080U

Another popular and highly regarded freestanding gas range is the Kucht KRG3080U. Well-built and measuring 30′ wide x 36′ high x 28.9′ deep, the KRG3080U features four sealed gas burners and a convection oven. Raw cooking power is the order of the day on the stovetop, with three single-ring burners range in output from 12,000Btu to 18,000Btu and one dual-ring capable of a 15,000Btu output. The 4.2 cubic foot convection oven can output 22,000Btu of heat and features a 15,000Btu tube broiler that comes with a broiling pan.

Controlled simply via dial, the KRG3080U’s features include a black porcelain cooktop, electronic ignition with auto re-ignition, a 4-inch stainless steel backsplash, fully adjustable legs and continuous cast-iron cooktop grates.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully, through our exhaustive explanation section and selection process, we’ve made choosing the right gas range a little less daunting. Our top pick for the best gas range, the LG LDG3036ST should be suitable for most people. In our considerations for making our selection of recommended gas ranges build quality, features, versatility and ease of use were all paramount deliberations. In the LG LDG3036ST you will find all of this in a range that also offers stylish looks and excellent value for money. In the Verona VEFSGG365NDSS you will find a gas range that can cook for an army and packed with smart features that’s built to last. In the Danby DR201WGLP you will find a gas range offering excellent practical cooking and unparalleled value for money.