37 Best Christmas Gifts for Mom

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If anyone deserves a perfect Christmas present, it is your mom. They literally made you, brought you into the world, then kept you alive up to this point. It is safe to say this year she deserves to be spoiled a little. Let us help you find the most amazing gift that just make her whole holiday season!

1. Loving Family Necklace

The Loving Family Mother's Loving Embrace Necklace is an absolutely stunning piece of jewelry crafted from sterling silver and swarovski crystals. Your mom will adore the simple, elegant design and her heart will melt when she sees the sentimental touch Loving Family adds to each piece. You can choose to customize the necklace with one to four additional stone charms that represent the birthstones or favorite colors of all of your siblings, along with yourself. I actually gave my mother a similar piece and she genuinely teared up at the thoughtfulness of the gift. This piece is truly something your mom can cherish for a lifetime.

2. Mommy Juice Wine Glass

If your mom has a sense of humor, this may be perfect for her! This wine glass features a clear, classic shape with a white printing that reads, "Mommy Juice" with a baby’s footprint. If your mom still has little ones in the house, this gift would be an amazing lighthearted jab at the struggles of being the mom to a toddler. If all of her kids are grown, it still suits the situation because you will always all be her babies. The Mommy Juice Wine Glass is a perfect gift for any mom who loves a cheeky laugh.

3. "Remember I Love You Mom" Cuff

Does your mom ooze grace and elegance with ease? Then this may be the exact thing you need to pick up for her. Many mothers do not like wearing super loud, bold accessories that scream, "Look! I am a mom!". This dainty, versatile piece of jewelry looks like an unassuming, classy cuff bracelet to the outside world but contains an inscription which reads, "Remember I Love You Mom" on the inner part that sits against the wearer’s wrist. This little touch of sentimentality will make her smile everytime she catches a glance of her wristwear through the day and accent any outfit your fashionable mama may choose.

4. Eight Piece Bath Bomb Kit

If anyone deserves a little pampering, its your mama! Give it to her with this stunningly presented eight piece vegan bath bomb kit. Each bath bomb in the kit serves a different purpose and features a different scent, making each bath a unique experience that your mom will adore. From relaxation to head to toe skin softening, these bath bombs will make her feel luxurious and at ease.

5. Aromatherapy Diffuser

One of the most common things people say they miss about their parents’ home is the clean, fresh smell. It is a little thing that made them feel safe and comforted; we often take for granted how much effort goes into making a home smell amazing all day, every day, until we have our own place. It can be some seriously hard work! Make your mom’s efforts easier with an aromatherapy diffuser. Using water and essential oils, these pose none of the fire hazard that come with traditional candles and incense and are entirely customizable by mixing oil fragrances. As an added bonus, essential oils have shown to bear a myriad of health benefits ranging from relaxation to headache management.

6. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Being a mom can really do a number on your hands. Scrubbing, scraping, lifting, and playing can lead to dry, cracked, uncomfortable skin that is hard to restore to its healthy previous state. Give your mom the gift of baby soft skin with the Burt’s Bees Gift Set. The six piece kit comes with a selection of best selling products including the incredibly popular Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream. The best part? The products feature all natural, body friendly ingredients and are kind to sensitive skin, making this gift a good idea for almost any mama out there. A personal favorite of mine is the Coconut Foot Cream. Slather on a healthy amount and pop on some socks overtop just before bed and you see legitimate results the next morning. It seriously softens your feet overnight and with repeated use removes every bit of dead, unsightly skin. All of the products included are wonderful and will make any mom feel gorgeous.

7. Water Infusion Bottle

Kicking your body back into shape after having kids is a dream many women struggle to achieve. Give your mom a helping hand in a delicious way with a water infusion bottle. We should be taking in around two liters of water every single day which can be a struggle because, let’s face it, water gets boring. An infusion bottle lets you add the natural flavors of sliced fruits directly into your water, cutting out any sugary, artificial middle men. All she has to do is chop up her fruit of choice (watermelon, lemon, and lime are all delicious) and add it to the insert. Fill the bottle with water and let it sit overnight for a healthy, tasty beverage guaranteed to make skipping that midday soda much easier.

8. Sweet Message Cutting Board

If you are like me, you love a home cooked meal. Nothing in the world can beat my mom’s stuffed mushrooms; they are literally the perfect appetizer. For that reason, I have been eyeing this cutting board for quite some time. Featuring a lovely poetic recipe about what makes a special mom, this board is sturdy and kitchen ready (that is, if she can bring herself to actually use it). Another really neat feature is that for a bit more money you can have a custom message engraved into your board under the typical writing, giving the option to make your mom’s birthday truly one of a kid.

9.Paddywax Candle Jane Austen Edition

If your mom is a bookworm but buying her another novel seems lazy, try giving her a book inspired candle! Paddywax candles are soy based and feature powerful, long lasting scents. Their regular fragrances are a staple in my own household, as they linger for hours and completely fill any space. The Jane Austen candle is scented with gardenia, jasmine, and tuberose. The hand poured candle is packaged in a stunning box featuring information on the illustrious Jane Austen and her works. The light, floral fragrance is similar to perfumes worn during the time periods of Austen’s books, creating a perfect homage to the writer. Any book lover will be proud to have this unique piece illuminating their home. Tip: the jar can be cleaned out after the 50+ hour burn time is finished and used as a decoration.

10. At Home Movie Projector

One of my father’s favorite childhood memories is curling up on the couch and watching "A Christmas Story" with his mother. Little things, like enjoying popcorn and a film together, can vividly remain in our hearts and minds forever. If your mom loves relaxing with a good movie, an at home projector just might be the perfect gift! Epson’s Home Cinema 2040 is a high performance model that can even be paired with 3D glasses for a true movie theater experience! Sleek and visually appealing, this projector avoids being the eye sore that many similar products can often be without compromising excellent video quality. It is definitely a gift your mom would adore and use time and time again.

11. Harry Potter Cookbook

The Harry Potter franchise easily bridges all age gaps. Everyone from grandmas to toddlers adore the underdog tale featuring wizards, dragons, and more. One of the most incredible things in the books is the food. From Harry’s favorite treacle tart to the well loved butterbeer, the edible facets of Hogwarts and beyond have captured readers’ imaginations for years. If your mom loves Harry Potter, this book would make a magical addition to her kitchen. The book features over one hundred and fifty different recipes that will bring you right into the center of the Wizarding World. Any geeky mama would love it!

12. Herschel Supply Backpack

Herschel Supply Co. is a household name in many outdoors and hiking groups. Herschel backpacks are high quality and incredibly fashionable, making them an amazing gift option for any forest loving, trail hiking mama. This specific style comes in a ton of stunning colors and even features a padded laptop sleeve, making it great for office usage too! As an added bonus, every product Herschel Supply Co. sells comes with a free lifetime warranty.

13. Space Heater

A warm home is a happy home. No one likes having to wrestle with a throw blanket while trying to change the channel or hopping out of a nice,hot shower only to become a human ice block in the frigid bathroom air. Make sure your mama stays nice and toasty with a new space heater. I recommend the Pelonis NT20-12D to get the most bang for your buck. Not only will it keep you feeling great, but it is also a safer model due to its automatic off switch to prevent overheating. It runs quietly and is energy efficient, saving mom money. Pair it with some nice, thick socks and you have the perfect winter gift!

14. Art Set

Did your mom ever stick your drawings up on the fridge to proudly show them off? It is one of the most common, lovely childhood memories. It inflated our pre-adolescent egos and we totally immediately went and drew another. With the whole "Pinterest Mom" trend booming now more than ever, a high quality art set would be a lovely gift. Many mothers are now returning to the once unpopular pastime of scrapbooking. Do it yourself projects are more popular than ever. Let your mom play with her artistic side and relive those college painting classes. Bonus points if you sit down and join her.

15. Polaroid Zip Printer

Having a mom is basically the same as having your very own horde of paparazzi. Growing up, one minute you are eating a bowl of cereal and the next there is a camera flashing in your face. Now, you probably get the urgent, "how do I upload these pictures from the phone to my computer, it just will not work and  I need them printed by tomorrow to send to Grandma", call. Simplify this by grabbing your mom a Polaroid Zip Printer. All you have to do is pair it with her iOS or Android device and she can snap away all night then immediately print photos from her phone. The neat little gadget is pocket sized and prints quickly and easily, making it a great gift for even the most technologically challenged mum.

16. Pineapple Pet Bed

If your mom is quirky and also has fur babies, this might make her day. This pet bed, made by the brand Little Kings, is plush and well structured, making it long lasting and comfortable for both feline friends and small dogs. It is also shaped like a brightly colored pineapple. If your mom loves fun, weird decor accents, this will be a great pick for her. The bed even has a small hanging ball inside to encourage her pet to nap and play inside, potentially saving the sofa and chairs from becoming fur covered danger zones for anyone wearing black pants.

17. Deep Fryer

Everyone knows that absolutely anything will taste better when dunked in batter and tossed in a deep fryer. It is a fact of life. While absolutely awful for you, fried foods in moderation can be a really nice treat and are much cheaper to cook at home as opposed to popping down to KFC. The T-FAL FR8000 EZ Clean 3.5 Liter fryer is an excellent option, as it features wonderful safety and temperature setting, as well as an easy clean function. It filters the oil, making it last longer by removing sediment and debris and only leaving fresh tasting, clean oil for further cooking. If you know your mom loves fried food, do her a favor and pick up this kitchen addition as soon as possible.

18. Retro Hot Dog Toaster

This one's for all of the kitchy mamas out there. Nostalgia is a brand that makes kitchen products based off of the designs of those from the 1950s. This fun little product is cherry red and looks like it popped right out of a vintage magazine. The nostalgia retro hot dog toaster both toasts the buns and cooks the hot dog sausages, making the ballpark favorite a one step ease. If your mom loves goofy, weird little gadgets, she will adore this cute little throwback piece.

19. Universal Car Mount

Distracted driving, be it texting, calling, or just looking around for your lost cell, is one of the leading causes of accidents. Help keep your mom’s driving hands free by picking her up a universal car mount like this highly rated one from WizGear. The mount simply snaps into her car’s air vent and she can just push her phone against it to magnetize it to the mount. Zero damage is done to her phone by using the WizGear mount and i keeps her safe and focused on the road, as she can quickly just use voice commands and not have to frantically search her console for her phone every time she receives a call while on the road. You may even want to pick one up for yourself, too. At only a little less than seven dollars a piece, you really cannot lose with this neat little product.

20. Sewing Machine

As I mentioned before, do it yourself projects are becoming more and more popular with the growing interest in sites like Pinterest and crafting YouTube channels. If your mom loves looking at homemade clothes, blankets, or other fabric crafts, maybe consider getting her a sewing machine. Many options, like the Brother XM2710, are affordable while still performing at a high level of quality. A few added bonuses to picking up the Brother XM2710 include its ability to handle multiple cloth thicknesses and weights and its accessories and attachments to make sewing easier that are included in a handy accessory bag. This timeless gift would make a wonderful addition to any craft room!

21. Bluetooth Speaker

As a mother, I find nothing makes doing dishes go by faster than dancing around the kitchen to my favorite bands. If your mom is a music lover, a bluetooth speaker would be an excellent gift. The Fugoo GO is an entirely waterproof, compact model that will be absolutely perfect for any home location. Its tiny, wireless form makes it super easy to carry around and simple to use. The Fugoo GO sports a ten hour battery life and even comes with a mounting cord so your mom can take it with her on bike rides, kayaking trips, or anywhere else life leads her, making it an excellent present for travellers or physically active mamas.

22. Portable Hammock

There are few things that are more relaxing than kicking back in a hammock and forgetting the world for a few moments. You can find the most peaceful sleep while swaying gently in the breeze as if you were light as a feather. Gifting your mom a portable hammock is gifting her the ability to stop and rest wherever she is, be it at the part, out camping, or just in her own backyard. The Yes4All Lightweight Camping Hammock weighs only fifteen ounces total despite being able to support over two hundred pounds of weight. The set comes in a tidy carrying bag that contains everything you need for set up. Just pick a spot and get comfortable!

23. Surround Sound System

Viewing a movie in a theater can be awe inspiring. When the sound is just loud enough, the crowd peaceful, and the popcorn perfectly buttery, everything just feels right in the world. Unfortunately, all three events of the perfection trifecta rarely happen at the same time. Help your mom circumvent any unforeseen disappointments by making your own theater right in her own living room! Picking up a high quality surround sound system, like the Vizio S5451w-C2 can really up anyone’s movie watching game. Your mom will experience total immersion into the fictional movie world on her screen. Who knows, if you are nice to her maybe she will let you come watch too.

24. Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is wildly popular right now in the realm of tablet users, and for good reason. This compact device holds all of the power of a laptop in an easy to use, touch screen device. With easy to use home screen functions, teaching your mom to use apps will be a breeze and maybe even end the, "hey, I think the computer has a virus" when nothing is really wrong calls. The Fire 8 comes in four different colors: black, canary yellow, punch red, and marine blue. If none of those appeal to your mom, cases can be easily found at tons of retailers, many of them with screen protecting capabilities. You can even get one with your mom’s favorite family photo on it!

25. Nine West Tipping Point Satchel Bag

Nine west is one of the top selling bag companies in the world. With high quality, stunning products, it is no wonder that their popularity has held up so well over the years. Surprise your mom with the classy and elegant Nine West Tipping Point Satchel Bag and she just might squeal with joy. Featuring large compartments and a stunning, sleek outer design, this bag is incredibly popular among business women and those looking for an elite, streamlined look. Give your mom a little taste of the life of luxury with this gorgeous purse, available in several beautiful color options. If you do not want to ask for fear of giving away the gift, just know you can never go wrong with the universally matching white version.

26. Wooden Wine Rack

One of the absolute worst first world problems is coming home after a long, exhausting day at work and finding that you are entirely out of wine to help you unwind. Keeping multiple bottles on the counter leads to clutter and popping them in the pantry makes you forget they are there and while finding a long forgotten surprise bottle is a great pick me up on a bad day, it can get a little costly. If you agree and your mom shares a love of wine, pick her up a stunning wooden wine rack from Oenophilia. The Bali Wine Rack is crafted of wood and features a modern, sleek design that is understated enough to suit any decor scheme. The high quality storage unit holds up to ten bottles at a time, making it perfect for any mom who likes to have a mix of reds and whites on hand to suit her mood. Gifting tip: give it to her with a bottle or two of her favorite blend. If you have the time, maybe even make her a nice dinner to compliment the bottle you included.

27. Fitbit Flex

Fitness is important and if your mom is already hitting the gym and eating right, kudos to her. This gift would be a wonderful addition to her health routine due to its ability to keep workout records, sugar intake, calorie count, and other important measurements right at her fingertips. If your mom wants to get fit but needs a little help, please buy this for her. It simplifies getting healthy by allowing you to record and maintain changes in your everyday life. It is also stylish and comes in a variety of colors with interchangeable bands, making it easy to wear everyday without looking tacky. No matter where your mother is in her fitness journey, be it racing along or just starting, a Fitbit Flex will be valued and appreciated.

28. Cute Indoor Herb Garden

If your mom loves cooking with fresh herbs but does not have the time or yard to maintain a full herb garden, perhaps surprise her with a mini indoor planter full of her favorite cooking additions. The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden is an excellent choice for a tiny garden bursting with fragrant and flavorful herbs. It uses LED lights as its artificial sunshine and can even grow small fruits and vegetables! A small control panel allows you to tinker with the lights and notifies you when your plants need nutrients or water. Even someone with a certified plant killing black thumb can work some magic and produce a beautiful garden with this handy little planter!

29. Ravioli Maker

Do not tell Nonna but making flavorful, perfect ravioli does not have to be a labor intensive, all day process. If your mom loves cooking generational Italian food but hates the work, pick her up the Norpro Jumbo Ravioli Maker. This cool little kitchen gadget simplifies the usually intense, difficult process of making scratch ravioli via molds. The maker is actually two pieces of metal cute with patterns that will press out raviolis easily and quickly. Simply lay a sheet of pasta over the side with the rounded holes and press down to create little bowls in the noodle. Fill the newly formed bowl with a filling of your choice then place another sheet of pasta on top and press with the second piece of the maker. You will be left with perfect, ready to boil raviolis that are just waiting to be topped with your favorite sauce and maybe a little (or a lot) of freshly grated parmesan.

30. Iphone Battery Case

Does your mom’s phone always seem to die because of the ten thousand apps she accidentally opens and then forgets to close? Help save that poor phone from power source abuse by getting her an Iphone Battery Case. It extends a phone’s battery life by several hours and can easily be recharged. The slightly bulky looking bump on the case that houses the battery can actually act as a sort of grip, preventing her from dropping her phone as much, as well. All in all, a new battery case is both a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone, especially your mom.

31. Memory Foam Mattress Cover

A good night’s sleep can change your entire demeanor. Seriously, being fully rested can take you from having a case of the grumpy mondays to being fresh and ready to start a new week. Give your mom the gift of a comfortable sleep with a brand new memory foam mattress cover. It will take her old, worn mattress to an almost like new state by adding an extra layer of cushy memory foam that will adhere to her every curve, guaranteeing a perfect sleep every single night. This gift is practical and honestly kind of life changing. If your mother struggles with arthritis or soreness, let her give one a try. It very well could make a huge difference and help unwork all of those inflamed pressure points.

32. A Nude Lipstick Set

One of the hardest things to gift to anyone has to be makeup. Everyone’s tastes vary so much and so many products exist that it can be a bit of a gamble to pick out a new lipstick or eyeshadow palette if your recipient did not specifically hint that they are interested in the item. A way to circumvent the gifting confusion while still getting your mom some stunning new cosmetics is to pick up one of the the incredibly popular Sephora’s Favorites kits. We recommend the nude lipstick set for moms who wear understated makeup regularly, as it includes one full size lipstick and several more deluxe sized products that all fit a natural shade range. Your mom is sure to find a lovely new everyday lip color inside to love!

33. Bold Lip Colors

If nude lips are not really your mom’s style, maybe pick up the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Bold Lips gift set. This kit follows the same idea as the nude version, as it has one full size lipstick (a stunning purple shade with a peach scent) and several other deluxe sample size products. The main difference? Every item included is a fun pop of color! From sultry brown to bold purple, there is something any quirky mama will adore in the stunning, out of this world fun kit.

34. Lenses For an Iphone Camera

If your mom is a shutterbug, she will adore this little trio of click on lenses for Apple products. The set includes a macro lens, fisheye lens, and wide angle lens. Reviews have shown high quality images being made from the VictTsing Three in One Lens Kit, especially the macro lens which gives a softening effect around the edge of the image to cut back on common quality issues associated with using lower end lenses. This affordable pick will make a great stocking stuffer or small surprise.

35. Homesick Candle

Moving away from home can leave you with a deep seated feeling of longing and nostalgia. If your mom often speaks of her home state with a sense of fondness, grabbing her a Homesick Candle would be a lovely gesture. Each candle is themed after a state or location (the grandma’s kitchen scent is incredibly popular) and features scents that are specific to that area. For example, the Louisiana candle smells like magnolia (the state flower), honeysuckle, jasmine, sweet citrus, and sweet potato. All of these are common scents in the state and will evoke a calm remembrance of your time there. Another popular product is the Book scented candle. It smells like a leather bound book and a wooden desk, alluding to a library scene. Bonus: the candles also come themed as countries outside of the United States of America so even immigrant moms can enjoy them. The Countries line currently carries candles for Canada, India, Australia, Brazil, France, Mexico, and the United Kingdom but is likely to expand in the future.

36. One Line a Day Memory Book

Yao Cheng outdid herself with this gorgeous celestial print memory book. If your mother loves sweet, sentimental gifts, she will be over the moon when gifted this lovely little book. Everyday for three hundred and five years, she will fill in a single line of text with a lovely moment from that day. After five years, flipping back through will be heartwarming and remind her that even though there were some bad days, beauty still always existed. Studies have shown that these sort of exercises can help with memory related health issues as well, so it may be a good investment if your mother struggles with one of these disorders. This book is a truly beautiful, personal gift that will create long lasting, timeless joy.

37. Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook

If your mom works in an office or enjoys writing or drawing, the Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook would be a perfect present for her. The scannable smart notebook is a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows you to write something on paper then easily transfer it to a computer or mobile device to share or work with it further. Any business woman or artist will adore this handy little gadget, especially due to its high reviews across the board.