Best Bandeau Bra

Bandeau Bra1

The Ahh By Rhonda is our pick for the best bandeau bra, which has 5 colors to choose from, has a center front ruching, has a wide band on its back and is made with a seamless design. It can be easily machine washed and is made with spandex and nylon.

Our step-up pick is the Fashion Forms Women's and it has no closure so it is easy to slip on. It comes with removable pads and can be easily machine washed. The seamless design makes it very smooth and it is also made with spandex but with polyester.

The budget pick is the Luna Flower Women's and it comes in a wide assortment of colors, made with spandex and nylon. It has a pull on closure and it is made with a padded top. It only needs to be hand washed and it comes with light shirring.

A Little Background

The bandeau bra is a kind of lingerie that has basically no straps, and you can make this kind of lingerie from a convertible type by removing the straps. It also gives you a more natural feel and it does not constrain you within padding, allowing your boobs to breathe better. Bandeaus are a great choice for women with not so large breasts and can provide you with ample support altogether.

This word comes from the French word “bande” which means to strip. It is usually worn similar to that of a tube top due to the strapless design. They are typically seen in beach bikinis as well as for summer fashion, in place of a regular bra. This kind of lingerie is usually associated with old traditions and have been around since the ancient times as a form of contouring support for women’s breasts.

If before, bandeaus have always been something worn with comfortable and casual dresses, today, they can be part of formal wear and fashionable items, such as long skirts, pants and the like. Most celebrities have worn them to show people that it’s okay to wear a bandeau top in place of a long, formal tube top.

How we Picked

For the best bandeau bra, here are some criteria you need to consider:

Ease of washing: most often, you only need to hand wash it, much like with other lingerie, because of being made out of delicate fabrics and materials. It may need to be cleaned with a different detergent, usually depending on the kind of material that is used for it.

Material: while others can be blended with cotton, polyester or nylon, depending on how it was made and its design, most will be made out of spandex material. Whatever it is currently made of, it should be hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear for your typical usage.

Color choice: if you want to make your bandeau a fashion item that’s probably worn with a summer dress, consider making a good color choice other than nudes, which is less likely the case with most bandeaus, anyway, since they’re mostly made to stand out from the crowd.

Wearing ease: the design should also not very prone to wardrobe malfunctions, especially if you’re attending a social event where you need to look presentable without checking your dress too often. Since it is a less supportive type of lingerie, it needs to have wearing ease and less likelihood of nip slips.

Size of the cup: most women who wear a bandeau could have a cup size of AA to B at the very most, since it is meant for minimal support and more breathability.

Size of your band: most people underestimate the band size for the cup size, but in order to have a properly fitting bra, you have to know both of these sizes. The band size goes around under your breasts and is usually around 28 to 48. Most bandeaus are worn by smaller breasted women.

Design and features: while it is true that most bandeaus don’t have a lot of extra features like lace and ribbons, some of them can, which can add some attraction for when you want to make it a part of your semi formal or formal attire. Most bandeaus usually stand out more than a support item and can be a part of your main look.

Our Pick                     

As our top pick, the Ahh By Rhonda is a good choice for those who don’t want any hook and eye mechanism to close. It has a band that is wide around your back and has a good underwire support despite being a bandeau style it is made with spandex and nylon and has center front ruching.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a major deal breaker, the Ahh By Rhonda has an underwire that might not work well for everybody and depends on your body type.

Step-up Pick

The Fashion Forms Women's is our step-up pick, which can be easily machine washed, has no closure for ease of wearing, and is made with spandex and polyester. It has a gathering on the front center and has a seamless design.

Budget Pick

With our budget pick, the Luna Flower Women's, you have many colors to choose from. Made of nylon and spandex, it has a middle front light shirring and has removable padding as well. Its material si quite stretchy and comfortable.

Best Bandeau Bra with Lace

If you want a crop top that has lace on it, the Khanomak Lace Bandeau is a good choice. It has 7 inches of space from your underarms and it is made with spandex and rayon material. It can be easily hand washed and has a lot of colors to choose from.

Best Bandeau Bra that is Wirefree

The Curve Muse Women's has no underwire and is made with soft cotton and flexible spandex. It comes in a multi-color pack and it is clad with many designs other than plain color.

Best Bandeau Bra that is Seamless

For a seamless lingerie, the SodaCoda Boob Tube is a good choice, which is made with nylon and spandex and is ideal for small boobs. It does not have underwire and has removable padding.

Best Bandeau Bra with No Closures

The Coobie Strapless Lace has no closures so it is very smooth at the back. It is a nice budget saver as well and has a simple lace design in white. It is good for most strapless dress needs.

Best Bandeau Bra with Nylon

The Hanky Panky Lined is made with nylon and spandex plus some mesh and lace for added glamour and grace. It comes in many colors and sizes and it has a lined design as well.

Best Bandeau Bra for Plus Size Women

For plus size women, the Dona Michi PLUS-SIZE is a good choice, with materials made of spandex and nylon. It has a bandwidth of up to 25 inches and has a seamless construction for comfort.

Best Bandeau Bra with Silicone

The Cosabella Women's Dolce is made with silicone for holding your boobs in place and for support. It is made with cotton, elastane and polyamide as well and is made with soft material for your boobs to breathe properly.

The Competition

While others were almost worthy for this list, they did not pass because they did not have a lot of choices for color and size, which were both important in choosing this lingerie. They should also offer some good amount of support, as they do not have straps at all due to the nature of the design.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the advantages of using a bandeau bra?

A: This kind of design for the lingerie has its share of pros or advantages that will make you want to try it. Here are some of them:

a. Design choice – they can offer you many kinds of fabrics for the material, as well as different colors and styles to choose form. You can choose one with lace but you can also choose one that does not have lace to make it cleaner in design and less irritating for some women with lace issues.

b. No strap goodness – since they do not have a strap, they will not easily bother you when you’re at a party where your strap might be falling off. If you enjoy the benefits of going strapless then this is the type to go with. It also makes you feel less sore on your shoulders, which is usually the result of depending on the straps for too long.

c. No cup goodness – one of the biggest benefits of having no cups in the design means that you can take good care of them in an easier way. The no cup goodness comes from the fact that you can easily toss them in the washer and you don’t have to worry about them deforming and stuff. They can also be easily tossed into the dryer because of that very fact – caring for no cup designs is a lot easier.

d. Comfort – let’s face it, having no straps and no cups means near absolute freedom without having to go braless in public. You get the best kind of comfort without these restraints and yet you still get a decent amount of support at hand. In fact, if nursing moms don’t have a specific nursing style lingerie, they can opt for this option. In fact, you can wear it for a very long time due to its comfort factor.

e. Ideal for teens – the bandeau is great for teens and pre-teens who still have developing boobs. They can also appeal to those with naturally smaller assets as an easy and breathable support. If your child is around the age of 12 to 17, chances are, they’ll need a training lingerie, in which the bandeau would be the best suit for it.

f. Versatility – if you have a wide open neck top, you can consider this option, as it works like a strapless or backless lingerie would. The versatility of this kind of lingerie makes it ideal for almost any kind of outfit without sacrificing comfort, support and style altogether.

Q: What are the pros and cons of wearing a strapless lingerie?

A: We all know that strapless can be an uncomfortable experience for some people, but some also greatly prefer them over strapped ones. Here are their pros and cons, and when to and when not to use these kinds of lingerie:

Benefits of Strapless Lingerie

Wide necklines

For those who have a wide neckline that requires you to go strapless, this is a good choice, since it will not be awkward for you.

Some deep necklines

If you also want to go for a deep and plunging neckline, this is also an ideal lingerie to go for.

Strapless tops

If you want to go for a strapless top, such as wearing a tube or any kind of strapless dress, such as a wedding dress, this is a good choice.

Fits most cup sizes

Because they tend to come in many sizes and choices for you, it is a lot easier to find the one for you because of its ease of sizing.

Drawbacks of Strapless Lingerie

Not enough support for large cup sizes

While it is true that it accommodates a lot of cup sizes, there are those that have large cup sizes that might find it too weak for support.


It can get awkward to jump up and down or to raise your arms without those straps.

Q: What are the health benefits of going braless?

A: Most people go braless for many reasons, and here are the different health benefits and other advantages of this kind of activity:

1. Your boobs won’t really sag too much if you don’t wear this lingerie too much.

2. Most studies link too much usage of the lingerie to breast cancer due to trapped toxins.

3. Your sleep won’t be as pleasant as you would without these lingerie.

4. Blood circulation can flow better without these lingerie due to the free flowing.

5. You don’t have to spend a lot in new lingerie due to not using them more often.

6. Perkier breasts are also the result of not always using this lingerie due to the breast tissues in effect.

7. If you have a bandeau, you can use that as an equivalent to going braless.

Q: What kind of lingerie goes best with my breast type?

A: Different women have various kinds of breasts depending on the shape and other factors. Here’s a list of the most common breast types and how to deal with them in choosing the ideal type of lingerie for your best needs:

Breast type


Ideal lingerie

East west

Both your boobs point outwards through the nipples and you basically don’t create cleavage naturally.

Consider a t-shirt type for added contouring and shaping naturally.

Separated siblings

Still doesn’t create cleavage naturally but tend to be much fuller than the first boob type.

Consider plunge types with deep v-shaped necklines.

Bell of the ball

Shaped like bells, your boobs might tend to have more mass at the bottom and less at the top, creating a drooping effect like bells.

Full cups are your best friend for this kind of shape.

Globe trotters

In this shape, you have an ideal alignment of your boobs and nipples with a pretty round shape.

Unlined lingerie would be the best for this shape type.


This one is mostly for the teens, pre-teens and those with smaller sizes. They tend to be more elongated vertically rather than horizontally.

Consider plunge types as well for added lift and curve to your assets.


If your boobs are just generally imbalanced and you can clearly see the difference, this can be a problem.

Use lingerie with pads that are removable.

Q: What are the different types of lingerie to wear for your specific occasion?

A: Various occasions and events may call for different lingerie to be worn. For you not to get confused with what type of lingerie to wear, you can try the following:

1. Evening balls – if you want to consider a long neckline for your evening ball or some other glamorous event, consider a deep plunge style or anything with a deep neckline that will be hidden in plain sight when you wear your top. You can also make sure to steer clear of wardrobe malfunctions with the right fastener. If you wear something without straps, you can go for a strapless design.

2. Social gatherings – most social gatherings can only require you to wear most everyday lingerie but when you want to wear a top that has no straps or thin straps, you can opt for a strapless type or pads that can be sewn onto your boobs or silicone / adhesive pads that act like strapless types. They make the job easier and make you worry less about strap management. A type of lingerie known as the bandeau works for that.

3. Workouts and physical activities – if you want to exercise but want to wear something to protect your boobs, go for a sports lingerie. It has the best support for keeping your breasts protected from muscle sprains and strains. They are also usually comfortable and can take some sweat from your workouts for longer periods of time. They are also generally easier to care for compared to your padded types due to having no pads in their design.

Q: Are there drawbacks to bandeau lingerie?

A: The bandeau lingerie, while it has some good points, does have a few drawbacks, such as the following:

1. They might not give you ample support. Because they may not have padding at all due to the fact that they are made of thin material, they may not be the best when it comes down to support. Those with larger boobs may not benefit from it due to that fact, and so this kind of lingerie is perhaps best used for those with medium to small ones. The fabric is usually thinner and more breathable.

2. They might not be ideal for women with big boobs. Like we said, if your size is somewhere around a G cup or more, then you might have trouble when it comes down to fitting yourself with this kind of lingerie, since it does not have a lot of support, and your boobs could spill out and eventually break through the fabric, resulting in a wardrobe malfunction or some other unwanted scene.

3. For those looking for padding, this isn’t your ideal type. Since most bandeaus do not have padding at all, it will not give you the support that you need or the confidence boost that most girls look for in padding enabled lingerie. Padding usually adds more volume to your boobs, but the bandeau type is more bent on just making your small to medium sized breasts safer and protected.

4. They may feel like going braless, which can be awkward for some people. While this can be an advantage for women who want to not use this kind of lingerie but don’t completely want to do it in public, using this kind of bandeau lingerie as an alternative to regular ones, this can feel awkward for those who are not used to strapless and padding-less types of lingerie out there.

Q: When are the best times to not wear this lingerie?

A: Most people think that they cannot go around not wearing this lingerie all the time. This is because the outside world can be dangerous, and other people might not feel too comfortable with you not wearing this lingerie due to exposed nipples and other potential aspects like nip slips or wardrobe malfunctions. For you to make the best out of not wearing the lingerie, here are the best times for you to do so:

Morning routine

If you are just getting yourself prepared for the day, you obviously don’t need to put on a bra right away, unless there are visitors on your doorstep. In a liberal country, most women don’t even bother to wear them even around boys.

Buttoned up jacket

When you have a buttoned up jacket, you can basically hide anything. The tightness of your jacket can conceal whatever boobage you are hiding underneath.

Wearing layers

If you want to dress up in layers, e.g. for the winter, you can go free your boobs from padding and stuff. This is because it will only constrict your breathing even more, so it is important to just, like Elsa, let it go.

Neoprene top

If you have a neoprene top, such as when you’re competing for athletics, working out or doing other things that require a neoprene top, especially diving, you can go for not having to wear this lingerie at all, since it is already snug around your boobs, anyway.

Shelf tank

This one usually has a built-in bra, which makes it less of a necessity to wear anything underneath. Most shelf tanks already come with a shelf lingerie so you don’t have to do much about it.

Form fitting body shapers

If you do want to use any form fitting body shaping stuff for your dress, you can try to get one that already has padding or cover for your boobs so that you don’t have to repeat with a lingerie at all.

Vest or motor jacket

The vest that you may have or motor jacket can be easily sealed, like a regular jacket, so you can definitely hide your stuff underneath without being too obvious or awkward.

Walking the dog

If you want to go walk your dog (or cat), you can go for this kind of non-lingerie activity. One thing for sure is that it’s almost like a household chore, so you don’t have to always look presentable in front of the neighbors, especially in a quiet subdivision.


If you do wear a bodysuit whenever possible, you can go for not wearing this lingerie at all. The bodysuit will definitely conform to your breasts and you won’t need much support for it.

Household chores

Consider not wearing your lingerie at all when you do your household chores such as washing your dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning and sweeping the floor, cleaning the windows and doors, etc.

Trench coat

If you do have a trench coat, especially one that is overly thick, then there’s no need for boob coverage, since it already does the job for you.

Q: What are the different ways to wear this bandeau lingerie?

A: There are many ways for you to wear this bandeau type lingerie:

1. Use a low cut top and then wear this lingerie to keep it hidden.

2. When you’re on your pre-menstrual period and your boobs are swelling.

3. If you have cutouts on your top, you can use this kind of lingerie.

Q: What should I do if I want to keep my straps from falling?

A: You can sew some snaps in your dress or shirt. In this way, the straps can help fasten your straps. This can work well if you absolutely cannot go for a strapless option. These snaps can be fastened in anyway, but the goal is to make your straps stick to your shirt, dress or any other clothing.

Q: Is there a way to make a DIY a racerback from a regular lingerie?

A: Yes, your regular straps can be changed into a racerback with the use of a paperclip. If you don't feel comfortable with a paperclip, you can upgrade with the use of a special clip that can be used specifically for these kinds of normal straps.

Q: What are the different kinds of this lingerie?

A: With so many styles to choose from, looking for the ideal lingerie can be hard, especially if you don’t know the different kinds. Here are the various lingerie types and their properties:

Type of Lingerie


What it is

Push up


They are the best for those girls who want an extra push from their lingerie to their boobs. If you don’t have really large assets and want to push them together to create cleavage, this is the one to go for. It pushes your boobs inwards to create cleavage, which is usually perfect for evening dresses and sultry wear.


Partial to full

If you want the support of padding, this is the one to go for. Most lingerie today are padded because they are meant for support and for covering your nipples. Padded ones aren’t always very comfortable but they are very supportive overall, especially in cold weather or during a lot of physical movements and the like.



The t-shirt type is usually partial in coverage but very breathable. T-shirt types don’t usually have padding but some of them do. They are mostly seamless in design and are meant to be worn over regular shirts, especially those with a thinner fabric or a tighter, snug fit over your boobs.


Partial to full

The convertible can be made into any kind of lingerie. For instance, the straps can be removed and the whole thing can be made into a strapless option. In other terms, you can also have a clip to clip the back into a racerback. In other ways, you can also use clear straps to make it seem like it is strapless, but it’s not.



The strapless can come in two types: the ones with clear straps and the ones with absolutely no straps at all. The ones with clear straps are more comfortable, since it gives the illusion of not wearing straps at all, which is perfect for evening dresses. For morning and afternoon wear, consider those with a back wing connector only.



The balconette is a classic style in which half of your boobs are exposed, creating a lovely 16th century cleavage. Usually laced (some aren’t, though), they are the best for when you want to look like a cover girl – or not. Basically, they’re really elegant and are very stylish overall.



The bandeau works well for boobs that aren’t too big, and may not really need a padded type. Bandeaus usually fit well on slimmer figures, such as for teens, pre-teens and smaller frame women. Bandeaus are also worn for beach going, for the summer season and many other times where you don’t want to feel suffocated with padding.



This kind of lingerie is best used for chilling at home or when you’re so confident of your boobs that you don’t need a lot of coverage. It is known as the comfort lingerie yet some designs allow you to wear them even on your summer vacation at the beach.



A sports type is usually the one that looks like a regular top that isn’t too much padded and usually snug fit. The sports type is usually very comfortable and not restrictive. They are usually very easy to fold and clean, compared to the ones that have padding on them.



The plunge type is the best one to use for plunge dresses, such as those with deep v-neck designs. If you want to show your epic cleavage in any occasion whatsoever, go for a plunge type for that purpose.



The adhesive type is mostly used as a backless type due to the fact that it not only lacks straps over the shoulders, but also lacks a strap on the back, making it ideal for dresses with backless features. If you want to go for a totally revealing outfit, go for an adhesive one.


Partial to full

For women who have survived breast cancer, the mastectomy type is the way to go. It has pockets for breast prostheses so you can feel confident wherever you go.



Maternity specific or nursing types are the ones to go for if you’re nursing a child. It has flaps that can easily open so that you can feed your baby with no fuss at all. It is usually very comfortable and non-restrictive, with full coverage.



The minimize is also another full coverage, and is meant for pointy boobs that point too much, especially breasts that are too big to handle even for most padded ones. Minimizers work well for that job of keeping your epic boobage tamed well.



This one is mostly used for camisole outfits and are great for concealing your cleavage.

No sag


This one is meant for those with sagging problems due to its durable frame, much like a full cup. If you do have back problems and you blame your boobs sagging as the cause, you can try this type.


Partial to full

This one has a unique webby neckline in which is used to support as straps from your neck to the pads. It is meant to be a sultry, sexy and provocative (think BDSM) type of design, and it’s also usually meant for red carpets as well.


Partial to full

In the longline type, the band of this lingerie is usually much wider and it is also ideal for most everyday and casual wear.

Q: What are the common cup sizes for different common band sizes?

A: If you ever know what A, B and C means, here’s a chart to help you determine your cup size, which is based on the measurement of your band size or under bust measurement, and your bust size or your over bust measurement:

Band Size

Upper Bust

Over Bust








26, 27, 28

32 1/4 to 33

33 to 33 3/4

33 3/4 to 34 3/4

34 3/4 to 35 1/2

35 1/2 to 36¼

36 1/4 to 37


28, 29, 30

34 1/4 to 35

35 to 35 3/4

35 3/4 to 36 3/4

36 3/4 to 37 1/2

37 1/2 to 38 1/4

38 1/4 to 39


30, 31, 32

36 ¼ to 37

37 to 37 3/4

37 3/4 to 38 3/4

38 3/4 to 39 1/2

39 1/2 to 40¼

40 1/4 to 41


32, 33, 34

38 1/4 to 39

39 to 39 3/4

39 3/4 to 40 3/4

40 3/4 to 42

41 1/2 to 42 1/4

42 1/4 to 43

Q: Which lingerie type should be best worn for specific cup sizes?

A: If you are in doubt for the right cup size for your best needs, here is a list of possible things you can try for your cup size and the type of lingerie that you may want to grab onto:

Type of Lingerie

Cup Size







Push up

Contour type

T-shirt or seamless

Full cup

Demi cup

Q: What happens if you pick the wrong lingerie?

A: Many bad things are bound to happen if you pick the wrong lingerie for you cup size and band size. Here are some of them:

1. Your back could have strains and pains as a result of sagging.

2. Your shoulders could also have pains due to excessive strap pressure.

3. Your neck may also get stressed with having to carry your boobs a lot.

4. You may also get rashes or skin allergies if the fabric or material doesn’t match your skin.

5. Many faux pas for breasts could happen, such as the quadraboob or the big standoff.

Q: What's the normal frequency of washing this lingerie?

A: There’s a saying that you may need to wash your items of clothing after any wear, but when, exactly? Here’s a small guideline:

a. If you didn’t do a lot of activities for the day, you can just wash it every 10 days or after 3 to 4 wears. This can be the case if you work on an office job or any desk work with no sweat.

b. If you’re a gym person or just sweat a lot for the day due to the nature of your work or activity, you might want to consider washing it after 1 to 2 wears because sweat is something that can stay in your lingerie and cause mold and funky smells.

Q: Is it possible to put your lingerie in the washing machine without damaging them?

A: Most people believe that putting your lingerie into the washer is not good. However, if you really don’t have time to hand wash it, what can you do? Here’s a small list of guidelines:

1. Your washer may have a gentle or delicate cycle – now is the time to use that. This cycle can make the spin slower so that your delicates like your lingerie won’t easily wear out.

2. A good detergent that is not too strong for your lingerie should be enough. Consider eco-friendly ones or the ones that do not contain a lot of harsh chemicals. There may also be detergents that are specifically formulated for lingerie out there (e.g. for delicates).

3. If you have a mesh bag, you can use that for shielding your lingerie. This can not only make them clean without deforming their cups, but can also guarantee that your straps won’t easily get tangled. If possible, you can wash the straps separately.

4. Avoid mixing the lingerie with your jeans, towels and the like. Consider going for just one cycle with all the lingerie that you have and other delicates like handkerchiefs, panties, briefs and others. This will isolate them and keep them safe while in the cycle.

5. Air drying is a must – never put your lingerie in the dryer because it will not only deform the padding but its elasticity will also decrease. Air dry it, no matter how long it takes, especially on a sunny day. Consider hanging them by the center gore instead of the straps to prevent the straps from loosening.

6. You can also do it the good old fashion way – clean up your lingerie in the shower. Most people tend to wash or launder their underwear right when they’ve used it.

Q: What lingerie should teens and pre-teens wear?

A: Most pre-teens and teens can be confused as to what kind of lingerie they should wear. For starters, here’s a good list of what to buy for them:

1. Training bra – these look like a t-shirt or sports lingerie, which can either have padding or not. Most will have no padding at all, since lingerie for teens are usually soft and subtle.

2. Sports – these are also excellent for your young ones, since they offer good support for smaller and yet to develop breasts, and they are very breathable.

3. Regular – your teen can also benefit from regular ones that have cups and padding but only if their boobs are large enough to be contained in such regular ones.

Q: What's the average cup size of pre-teens and teens?

A: Teens can have a hard time determining what’s the average boob size for them. Girls get insecure because other girls in their age often have larger boobs than them, even if they’re older than them. The average boob size for young girls around 12 years old is an A cup, which can increase up to their early adolescent years, such as 19 years old.

Note that just because another girl has bigger boobs doesn’t mean you’re left out – there are many factors that can make up how a girl’s breasts grow. Some are due to genetics, due to weight and maybe other factors, so it’s perfectly normal.

Q: What are the parts that make up this lingerie?

A: The lingerie is made out of different parts, which are the following:

a. Cups – these are the stuff that go over each of your breasts and cover them.

b. Frame and band – these help you tie up your lingerie around your body.

c. Bridge – this connects the two cups together.

d. Underwire (if present) – this is designed to support your boobs and are around the cups.

e. Straps – these help you wear your lingerie over your shoulders.

f. Hardware – this pertains to connecting hooks, rings, slides, etc. that are in the lingerie.

Q: What faux pas should I avoid with wearing this lingerie?

A: Common faux pas for fitting lingerie for your boobs are the following:

1. Saggy cups – this is where your cups get wrinkled. You should get a smaller cup size.

2. Quadraboobs – this is known as boob spillage that looks like 4 boobs. Consider a bigger cup size.

3. Big standoff – the center of your lingerie isn’t flat on your chest – consider a smaller size.

4. Super drooper – your boobs droop a lot, so consider a band size lower.

5. High rider – the band rides up your back so consider a smaller band size.

6. Sideboob – happens when your boobs spill out to the sides – get a bigger cup size for this.

7. Ledge – your boobs form a cleavage that look like a ledge – consider a bigger size (band and cup).

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Ahh By Rhonda is our pick for the best bandeau bra due to the wide color choices, the strong spandex and nylon and the machine washable design.