Best Balconette Bra

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The Panache Women's Jasmine is our pick for the best balconette bra, which has straps that are fully adjustable, a wing set made of power mesh for added smoothness, and support panels for better projection and style.

Our step-up pick is the Panache Women's Clara and it is roughly made of lace and other fabrics. It is a 4-section construction and is made with power mesh wings as well. The hook and eye closure is sturdy along with the adjustable straps.

The budget pick is the Panache Cleo Marcie and this one is a 3-section design with a power mesh fabric set for the wings. The straps are easily adjustable and it comes in many colors to choose from. It is also able to support J-cup sizes.

A Little Background

These lingerie are connected using hooks, which should be durable when it comes down to it. The hooks can come in 2’s or 3’s depending on the design that you have and the thickness of the band or strap. Usually, designs nowadays come in 3’s, but lower profile ones have 2’s in their design. The hooks should be easy to hook on and should also be not easy to rust.

The balconette is a classic type bra that comes with a half design that exposes the top for a sultry feel – good for lovemaking. They are great when it comes down to support and can also act as push-up types. They can also add a lot of spice to any evening gown or dress when worn with the right size and proper fitting technique. Some of them can also be customizable with the straps being removable.

The word balconette actually has a meaning – “little balcony”, which can be seen in its design and shape, sort of like your boobs peeking out of the “balcony”. In some other reasons, the balconette design also allows an illusion when you look from it downwards – like the woman is not wearing lingerie at all.

How we Picked

For the best balconette bra for your needs, here are a few pointers:

Choice of color: if you want something that can easily go through thin material, it should be a similar shade – wearing a black one for a light dress or gown can make it easier to see, so go for a lighter shade for that.

Ease of wearing: it should be easy to put on as a regular lingerie and should not be over complicated with the location of the hooks and straps.

Band size: the band size can be somewhere from 28 to 52, and is referred to as the under boob measurement, in which your lingerie band goes around for a perfect fit, so it is important to know your band size.

Cup size: the cup size, often dictated in letters, come from AA to A, B, C D and others, and refers to the over-the-boob measurement, which is calculated in inches and then subtracted from the band size to know which letter you fall into.

Hypoallergenic: most balconettes could have lace over the top to give that fashionable look and a nostalgic or vintage feel. The lace should not feel itchy to wear overall and the materials for making the whole lingerie should be skin friendly.

Ease of washing or caring for: you also need to know the instructions for washing or caring for the product. Take extra caution in using detergents for it as well so as not to deform padding, if present.

Design: this aspect depends on your level of comfort whether something is plain or with intricate designs all over. Most have laces but there are also some that don’t have them.

Customizable: the fact that it is customizable means that the straps can be removed or you can add an additional extender for the hook section so that your band size won’t be a problem later on in life. Having customizable lingerie means that it is versatile for nearly all kinds of outfit styles.

Choice of material: most people will have a spandex made lingerie because of its ease of stretching. For most balconettes, they are padded and have spandex.

Strap type: there can be many kinds of straps out there, such as the basic ones, the strapless designs, the convertible, the racerback and the halter type. They can also come in various widths, from thin to thick, and most of them are easily adjustable.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Panache Women's Jasmine is made with polyester, elastane, polyamide and other materials that make it sturdy and supportive, along with its fully adjustable straps. The panels that support you on the sides on the wings are soft yet sturdy.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only small con but not a deal breaker with the Panache Women's Jasmine is that if your shirt is too thin, it might not be very stealthy.

Step-up Pick

The Panache Women's Clara is our step-up pick, which is easy to hand wash and has power mesh wings as well as adjustable straps. The 4-section design makes it supportive and strong for a lace lingerie and it has a durable set of hook and eye closures.

Budget Pick

With many colors to choose from, the Panache Cleo Marcie is a 3-section budget pick that comes with easy to adjust straps. The clean but intricate design makes it durable yet comfortable. The wing fabric is made with power mesh.

Best Balconette Bra for Plus Size Women

For plus size women the Curvy Couture Women's is a good option, which is made with lycra spandex and nylon. It is easy to hand wash and has a durable hook and eye closure with a set of luxe power mesh wings for added support.

Best Balconette Bra with No Lace

The Cleo Women's Mimi is available in cute designs and is an option for women who just don’t like lace but want a balconette design. It has a 3-section design and has a bow in the middle gore section between the cups.

Best Balconette Bra that is Unlined

The Varsbaby Women's Lumiere is not only unlined but also comes with a panty as a set. It comes with an easy to use hook and eye closure and is currently available in 3 colors. It is unlined so it goes with most kinds of outfits.

Best Balconette Bra with Lace

The b.tempt'd Wacoal Women's is a good choice for those who prefer lace. Made of spandex and nylon, this balconette style has spaghetti straps that add minimalism and simplicity to the wearer, plus a nice ribbon in the middle.

Best Balconette Bra made of Nylon

The Cleo Women's Hettie is made out of nylon, polyester and elastane. It is easy to hand wash and can also accommodate large cup sizes such as GG+ and even has a mesh that is stretchable for added support along with the straps.

Best Balconette Bra that is Lightweight

If you want a lightweight one, go with the DKNY Women's Sheer, which has a hook and eye closure and uses spandex and nylon in a combination material. It feels very comfortable to wear for a long period of time due to the lightweight foam.

Best Balconette Bra with Underwire

The Betsey Johnson Longline comes in a 2-pack so you get a pair in one with 2 colors. It is made with spandex, polyester and nylon and has a classy design with lace for added style and chic feel, especially for occasions.

The Competition

There were others that did not match our criteria, since they had lack of size options for both the cup size and the band size. It is important to pick a brand or model that has a lot of stock for their size choices as well as their color and design choices.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the differences between full cup, balconette and plunge types?

A: These three types of lingerie are all similar to each other, and are the most common types that you can see in the market today whenever you go shop for one. Here are their specific differences:

1. A plunge type has a deeper neckline so it enhances your cleavage more than the other types. It is meant for most sultry dresses and is also called a demi type. This is the one that you would want to go for if you want a curvy figure and they are sometimes mistaken for push-up bras.

Compared to the balconette, it has a deeper center so it gives you a nice cleavage, and compared to a full cup, it covers only the sides of your boobs, making it not that good for support but great for slightly revealing your stuff.

2. A balconette type is much like a balcony – it allows your boobs to peek through the cups halfway. The straps of this kind of lingerie are typically wider and they are usually decorated with lace and other things to make it look more attractive.

The main use of a balconette is to wear it with slightly more revealing outfits and for a classic or vintage style ala 1950s fashion or pin-up girl style. They are typically less revealing than plunge types, since they don’t form too much cleavage. They also offer less coverage than a full cup as well.

3. The full cup is one of the most common types of this lingerie, as it offers full coverage without being too revealing. It is perhaps best worn by those with bigger boobs or just need full protection when they are doing strenuous activities such as working outside or going through bad weather.

One of the key advantages of a full cup is that it can protect your assets from the chilly winter cold. It has a fuller set of cups compared to plunge types and balconette types, and are the best for when you don’t want to have that bra faux pas where your boobs tend to spill out.

Q: What are the different styles for this lingerie and what are their pros and cons?

A: These different styles of lingerie can have various purpose as well as advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some of them:

a. The demi style is known to be a sultry design in which both cups of your lingerie act like a push up bra and support your boobs from the sides, creating a deep v-shape in the middle. This large v-shape can make room for a nice cleavage, although not as defined as a real push-up bra. The demi style is also known as the plunge style, and can be worn with plunging necklines. Here are its advantages and disadvantages:



a. They offer a nice cleavage to your boobs.

b. They can be worn with most party dresses.

c. They tend to be widely available as a design.

d. They are also available as t-shirt bras, which can be worn in your casual wear.

a. They may not offer a lot of coverage compared to full cups.

b. It’s not as good as a push-up style when it comes down to creating a cleavage.

b. The unlined style is also known as the t-shirt or seamless design, which doesn’t have padding at most and are meant for naturally contouring to your boobs (unlike a contouring type). If you simply don’t like the idea of having padding then the unlined style would be the best for you. Here are its pros and cons:



a. They tend to look more natural than cups with padding.

b. They are a lot more breathable than those with padding.

c. They offer a good amount of support.

d. They do not form unsightly lines on your shirt.

e. They tend to be more lightweight.

a. The support they offer is not as much as padding types.

b. When they get small on you, they tend to be very restrictive, whereas padded ones can feel less restrictive when the time comes.

c. They don’t push your boobs or create cleavage.

c. The balconette is a style that has been around since the 1950s fashion era, and is widely known to be a balcony-style lingerie that covers half of your boobs. It is a sensual style that is mostly used in the bedroom between couples and can also give you that pin-up girl look. Most of them have added lace on the top. They can also be good for most plunging necklines and revealing outfits. Here are its pros and cons:



a. They offer a sense of classic or vintage style.

b. They’re sultry and hot and make you look like a calendar girl.

c. They add a touch of luxury to your getup.

d. They usually have lots of details such as lace and ribbons.

a. They’re not that good for support compared to a full cup.

b. If padding types aren’t your thing then this might not be the one for you.

d. The push-up type is the one to go with if you need an extra push for your little assets. They are typically combined with plunging necklines as well, much like the balconette and demi types. If you want a natural breast lift without spending a lot and compromising on your boob health, consider the push-up as an alternative option, since they can be the best when it comes to cleavages. Here are their pros and cons:



a. They are the best when it comes down to creating cleavages.

b. They can also be easily found on most stores worldwide.

c. They provide confidence for wearers who do not have naturally large boobs.

a. If you wear them for too long, they can be uncomfortable (but that’s the price of beauty and glamour).

b. Of course, unlike unlined lingerie, they won’t really look natural on your boobs.

e. The plunge type is similar to the demi type but has a really deeper plunge line in the middle. If you like demi types but want to go for a more revealing outfit for your party, consider the plunge type. They are roughly similar with the demi type but the difference is mostly seen in the v-shaped neckline. They can also be similar to push-up types and contour types due to their shape. Here are their pros and cons:



a. They offer a good amount of cleavage.

b. The design is perfect for dresses that have a plunging neckline.

c. They can also add contour to your boobs, making them look more curvy.

a. As with all padded types, they don’t make your boobs look natural.

b. They’re not that good with coverage as compared to having a full cup type.

f. The full coverage or full cup type is the one to go with for large boobs. If you really need a lot of support from the cold weather or just need something better to carry those babies then this is an option that’s best for you. Most of them can have padding or no padding, depending on the type that you have, but they usually come with padding. Here are their pros and cons:



a. When it gets cold, your boobs are kept warmer and protected.

b. They give you the best kind of support compared to other types of lingerie.

c. They’re great if you need to cover up your girls without the plunging neckline.

a. When it gets hotter, it could make your boobs feel uncomfortable.

b. Obviously, you cannot wear them in revealing outfits, especially those with plunging necklines.

g. The longline design is made for a more natural coverage and does not have a lot of padding, compared to others. The underwire design of this one is usually very sturdy and comfortable. In general, this design is fashionable although it is not that popular with other types. Here are its pros and cons:



a. The longline design offers a good amount of support.

b. The underwire is usually great when it comes down to support and comfort.

c. It doesn’t have a lot of extra padding to make you feel uncomfortable.

d. It has a vintage style similar to that of a balconette.

a. It is still second best compared to a full cup style in terms of support.

b. It’s not that popular yet compared to balconettes and the like.

Q: What are the pros and cons of wearing this lingerie?

A: This kind of lingerie has always been a topic of discussion or debate among women. Is it good or not good to depend on them? Here are their specific pros and cons:


a. They can be good at eliminating back pain, which is crucial for most women who have desk jobs and may need to support their large boobs throughout the day but don’t want their back to ache.

b. It also promotes good posture, which most women tend to have in their desk jobs slouching in front of the computer. A good posture helps you to become healthier and promotes better blood circulation in the process. Not to mention, a good posture helps keep a positive attitude and it helps you breathe much better.

c. No matter how you look at it, some women are just going to feel much better and a little more confident if they wear these lingerie, especially those with padding, so that they can give their goodies a bit of a boost, especially if they are not that big compared to others.

d. In most cases, they can also be a fashion statement – or something that can be used when making love to your partner. Trying out different designs like balconettes and demis can help you experiment in the bedroom without the same old lingerie you have.

e. They can also potentially shield you from the cold and protect your boobs from getting damaged by outside factors, especially if you wear a full cup type. This is important if it always or often snows in your area and your assets need to be warm from the cold weather.

f. For its other use, obviously you cannot go braless at work or in public places, so they are a must so that people will respect you, just as some girls wear makeup, especially in occasions. What they do is they hide your nipples and they also protect them from unwanted injuries.


a. Wearing this kind of lingerie for too long may not be that good for your breast health. It can actually make your boobs sag more later in life than if you go braless. This is because tissues that give support or perkiness to your boobs actually lose their meaning if you use a support such as a lingerie.

b. Let’s face it – they can get uncomfortable at times. Most women don’t sleep with them, since they can get hot and suffocating at night or when you’re a toss and turn sleeper. In most cases, climates with really hot weather at the very most can also get tricky for women who often wear these lingerie.

c. They’re also not as natural as going braless. If you want a more natural feel for your assets such as for when nobody’s home and you’re just chillin’ at home, you can just go for this route. After all, most of them have padding and they can feel unnatural. To go over this con, you can choose unlined or t-shirt styles so they don’t give your boobs too much pressure.

Q: Are there pros to using the balconette style lingerie?

A: Yes, this kind of lingerie, known as the balconette, has its share of benefits for women:


The look of the balconette is very captivating and will make you feel like one of the girls from Playboy magazine or any kind of pin-up publication, for that matter. It has a sultry and sensual design that will add a touch of the classics without sacrificing comfort and style.


Most of these balconettes can go with almost any kind of outfit due to its good neckline and cleavage offering. Much like a plunge lingerie, it works well with deep necklines so it’s a good choice for when you have a party dress like that.


You get a lot of color choices as well as different designs for the lace of this kind of lingerie. It is another addition to its versatility and appearance and is great for mixing and matching outfits – or lovemaking in the bedroom.


While not as good as a full cup in terms of support, it does offer some under boob support, which is crucial to girls who often do jobs and tasks that require a lot of movement.

Q: What is the center gore?

A: The center gore is the part of the lingerie that connects the two cups. They can vary in style and design depending on the type of lingerie that you have, and their primary purpose is to add connection to the two cups. The two types of gores are:

a. Stretchable – this one is commonly found in most lingerie, however, they do not provide that much of support compared to non-stretchable ones.

b. Non-stretchable – as we said, these are the ones with better support for your cups, since they cannot be stretched that easily, giving stability to your boobs.

It is also worth noting that there are also kinds of center gores that are thinner, which can be found on demi types and plunge types, because they need to have more space for the v-shaped plunge for the cleavage, e.g. for wearing plunge neckline gowns and dresses.

Q: Aside from lingerie styles, what are the different cup styles I can find?

A: The style of the cup can vary depending on the type of lingerie that you have. This aspect refers to how the cup has been made. These are the different styles to choose from:


This one refers to any kind of lingerie that has padding, usually to either add volume to your boobs or to add some support and contouring to them.

Multi part

The multi part is often found in supportive lingerie because of the different materials that are used to make them. They are usually the ones that have lace on their top part and other fabrics at the bottom for added support.


This kind of cup is best for those with big and pointy boobs, so that they don’t stick out too much. It reduces the projection so that they look rounder and more subtle.


This kind of cup is found in full cup lingerie, which is great for adding the best kind of coverage, especially for busty women.


This kind of cup is usually meant for the juniors or the pre-teens who are still too young to wear full sized ones. They usually have a smaller frame and the size is less than your standard and average cup.


Also known as seamless, they are often produced using molds so they look completely seamless in design. They are often used with t-shirt or seamless lingerie.


Much like the lingerie type associated with it, the demi cup is meant for going half a cup and having support at the bottom. It is usually meant for adding cleavage for wearing your low tops and necklines.

Cut and sew

These types are the opposite of seamless or molded ones. They are typically sewn together and can either be 3-part or 4-part depending on how they are made.

Panel or sling

These ones are great for added support and perkiness and they work in a similar fashion to hammocks.


This kind of cup is similar to the molded type, but it is mainly made without seams at all. A molding machine is also used for this kind of cup.


This is the kind of cup that would be seen in most push-up lingerie, since it has the ability to push your boobs inward to create a good cleavage.


These are the ones that are also called wireless or those without an underwire. Usually, it is the underwire of a lingerie that makes it uncomfortable to wear for most women to wear, especially for prolonged hours. This kind of cup solves that problem.


These are found in contour lingerie which are made of foam that is thin enough not to be uncomfortable. They work similar to push-up lingerie but aren’t as uncomfortable as them. They are meant for contouring your boobs in general. You have a choice of seamless or cut and sew.

Q: What are the different parts of this lingerie?

A: This lingerie has many important parts that every woman should know, such as the following:

a. Cups – these are the parts where you put each boob in.

b. Band – this is the strap that is used to wear your lingerie around and under your breasts.

c. Wings – this refers to the part of the band that goes around the armpits to the back.

d. Center gore – this is the connecting fabric between the two cups.

e. Apex – this is the material between the cups and the upper strap.

f. Hook and eye – these are the hooks that connect your lingerie at the back (or front in some models).

g. Underwire – some lingerie have these for added support on the cups.

h. Straps – these help your lingerie stay in place by connecting your cups to the back wing.

Q: How do I know which cup I am?

A: To know the cup that you want to buy, you must know your band size (your under boob measurement) and your bust size (over boob measurement). Subtract those two numbers together and consult this chart:

Difference between bust size and band size

Cup Size Letter

United States


United Kingdom

less than an inch




1 inch




2 inches




3 inches




4 inches




5 inches

DD or E



6 inches

DDD or F



7 inches




8 inches




9 inches




10 inches




Q: What different fabric materials are used for it?

A: These materials are used for this kind of lingerie, depending on the part:


a. duoplex

b. simplex

c. woven cotton

d. woven silk

e. satin

f. lace

g. other grid fabrics


a. woven fabric

b. stretch fabric


a. lycra

b. powernet

c. stretch lace

Q: What mistakes could I be doing with it?

A: Most people wearing this kind of lingerie might not be aware of certain mistakes that they may be committing, such as the following:

1. Hook problems can occur if you buy lingerie that’s fit on the tightest hook.

2. Not getting fitted in years can mean your boobs won’t fit in the lingerie anymore.

3. Demi bras should be best used by those with medium boobs to avoid over spillage.

4. Band size should be reduced if your fastening band goes up your shoulders.

5. Make note of the underwire if it gets exposed too quickly or pokes through.

6. For support, go for seamed but for a clean look, go for seamless.

7. Some people forget to rotate their bra or don’t have a spare, so it pays to have an extra.

8. Using the dryer can mess up the elasticity of your lingerie.

9. Folding cups over each cup can damage the lingerie – consider letting them loose instead.

10. Don’t wear contrasting colors with your shirt or dress to avoid making it visible.

11. You may need to change lingerie every year or two depending on how much they get loose.

Q: Can you sleep with this lingerie on?

A: While most people may be too lazy to take off their lingerie before going to bed, it is actually much better to leave it out of your sleeping routine because of the following reasons:

1. It can suffocate you during your sleep due to its tight fit around your body, causing breathing problems when you wear it for too long.

2. It may also make your blood circulation less effective because of its tight fit, so it might not make you sleep more comfortably and may cause nightmares or pains when you wake up.

3. Wearing it for too long can not only harbor mold and bacteria when you sleep, but could also make your lingerie wear out much faster than when you don’t wear it often.

4. It doesn’t really make your boobs any perkier as they do when you’re awake and standing. This is because breast tissues and gravity are at work when you lie down horizontally.

Q: Do sagging breasts have an effect on your back?

A: The reason why most people go for a lingerie to fit them is because of sagging breasts, which can affect your work and daily lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why you could have a bad back due to sagging breasts:

1. Choosing the wrong lingerie can make your boobs sag, especially if you pick something that is too loose and not too snug fitting.

2. Having a bad posture can also contribute to sagging, and this is why you should exercise good posture by wearing a lingerie or using a chair with a support.

3. Your muscles may also need to be strong enough to support your breasts, and this is why proper exercise is important, especially if you’re a busty woman.

Q: What are the benefits of not wearing this lingerie?

A: If, like many people, you choose not to wear this lingerie for a long time, or for certain occasions such as going outside (explained in the next question below), here are its benefits when people ask you:

a. It helps you a lot when it comes down to feeling refreshed and relaxed after taking it off for the day.

b. Because you don’t have to use them a lot, they save you money on having to buy replacements.

c. They won’t have medical benefits except proper posture, but anyone can slouch with a bra, anyway.

d. You can actually make your boobs stronger because breast tissues breathe better without them.

e. Not only will they become stronger, but they can also get added perkiness.

f. If you take them off, your blood circulation can increase, which is good for your health.

Q: Is it possible to go outdoors without this lingerie?

A: If you think outdoor adventures without this lingerie is impossible – think again! You can definitely make this kind of act possible with the following tips:

1. Use pasties – they are also called nipple covers, and are a great companion when you want to go outdoors and don’t want to show your nips.

2. Use tapes – you can use toupee tape to keep your skimpy dresses to avoid wardrobe malfunctions when you go outside.

3. Tighter clothing – ideally, you’d want tighter clothes for added support, especially for larger boobs, so they don’t bounce uncomfortably.

4. Don’t let other people intimidate you – people often body shame those who don’t wear lingerie because they think it’s “uncivilized”, but today, it’s becoming more of a health benefit more than a trend. It helps your boobs get fresh air.

Q: What are the types of straps to consider?

A: Various straps can exist for this kind of lingerie, such as the following:

a. Balconette strap – these are mostly used for, you guessed it, the balconette type, in which they have straps that are further away so that they can go for your favorite deep plunge neckline.

b. Racerback – also known as the x-shaped back strap design, they are a favorite for summer outfits, bikinis and the like. They usually have a front closure instead of a back one.

c. Sports – these are usually part of your sports style lingerie and are thicker in design, so they are very good when it comes down to support.

d. Halter – these are styles that go around your neck and are similar to racerbacks when it comes down to style and support. Some convertible styles can also achieve this similar design.

e. Strapless – they can either have no straps at all (e.g. adhesive) or have a clear band strap that goes around your band area.

Q: What are the ways to store these lingerie properly?

A: To store these lingerie properly, here’s a list of configurations that you can do:

1. Line them up instead of putting one cup over the other.

2. Use shower rings to hang them from one single (usually large) hanger.

3. You can DIY a bra rack with a set of hangers.

4. Divider boxes can be used to arrange them.

5. You can also use them with clothespins to dry out in the sun.

6. If you have a wide drawer, you can use that as well.

7. If they have a matching underwear (e.g. a two-piece), hang them together.

8. Those lingerie that do not have cups can be folded easily (e.g. sports bras).

9. Use the center gore to hang them if you don’t have a lot of space.

Q: What washing mistakes am I possibly making with these lingerie?

A: When you wash your precious lingerie, you may be making the following mistakes:

1. Not washing it enough – only wash them if you think you’ve sweated a lot.

2. Washing it too often – too much detergent and washing can ruin the elastic parts.

3. Not storing them properly – the padding can deform.

4. Not having enough spares – make sure you have extras to rotate to save their lifespan.

Q: How do you prevent your boobs from sagging?

A: There are many ways for your boobs to be kept from sagging, such as the following:

1. Consider a sports bra if you often workout.

2. Work with pectoral muscle exercises.

3. Make sure your lingerie is properly fitted.

4. Skin exfoliating can help your skin’s elasticity to improve.

5. Lotions and creams that are herbal can make skin more supple and flexible.

Q: Which is better: front clip or back clip styles?

A: Front and back clip styles exist all over the world – racerbacks usually have the front clip styles while most normal lingerie have the back clip styles:

The front clip style is good for when you want a lingerie that has 3 levels of adjustments. This is important so that when you don’t feel comfortable with the first level, you can skip to the second and third levels.

The back clip style is good for when you need to change clothes quickly, such as when you’re going to the beach. Since racerback designs don’t have straps at the back that allow for hooks, they are mostly used in this kind of lingerie design.

Q: Which colors of lingerie go well with your clothing?

A: When choosing lingerie color, here are your best considerations:

1. Use colors to mix along with your other colored shirts and dresses.

2. Use nudes on basically anywhere – they’re pretty versatile, anyway.

3. Use black on darker colored clothes – obviously not on whites and light ones.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Panache Women's Jasmine is our pick for the best balconette bra due to its durable straps, smooth power mesh wings and support panels.