Best Backless Bra

Backless Bra1

The HONGFUYU Adhesive Silicone is our pick for the best backless bra, which is made out of silicone that is of medical grade so it is friendly towards most skin types. It comes with a self adhesive design and can also act as a strapless design. It can be easy to attach as well.

Our step-up pick is the YONSHOW Push Up and it has a front closure that is easy to adjust and attach. It is also made out of silicone material that is of medical grade so it won’t hurt your skin if you wear it. The lingerie also comes in 2 colors and it has a breathable appearance.

The budget pick is the Lobinsun Women Adhesive and it has a stylish design for the gore part that joins the two cups. It has 2 colors to choose from and has a deep v-shaped design. It gives the impression of fuller breasts due to the cleavage push-up that it can do.

A Little Background

A bra is a kind of feminine undergarment that is used for breast support among women, especially when going outside. There are many kinds of bras out there, and one such is the backless bra, which is typically used for parties where there is a need to wear something that has a backless design.

Another term for the backless type would be the adhesive, strapless or stick-in type. It is usually worn in a manner by which you attach the padding to your dress or evening gown, so there is no need for a strap or anything to fasten it.

A variety of designs for the material could be used for this kind of lingerie. For instance, most will have simple designs with padding, but some will have no padding to ensure comfort for the wearer, especially when the weather is hot. Some also have lace on them, either on the side or over the cups.

Most girls do not wear a proper fitting bra because they have no idea how to measure their size. It is done by measuring your band size and cup size, which gives you two numbers to subtract and then consulting charts to determine whether you’re a 34B or a 36C. It gets confusing sometimes, so it’s best to ask someone who’s knowledgeable with this kind of sizing thing, such as salesladies or your mom.

What makes these backless types unique is the fact that they use straps that are clear so they cannot be easily seen when you wear backless gowns or tubes. These clear straps make it low profile in design so that it will not be visible yet are made of materials that do not hurt your skin. These straps can be flexible and elastic so they will be easier to wear for people.

How we Picked

When we chose the best backless bra, we considered the following:

Band size choices: the band size is the size around the bottom of your breasts and is usually somewhere between 28 to 58 inches. Your band size is usually smaller than your cup size, but the two are important in finding out your cup size category (A, B, C, D, etc.) so it is crucial to know your band size first and to have many choices as much as possible to find a properly fitting bra for your best needs.

Cup size choices: the cup size refers to the size over your breasts, and is usually larger than your band size, so they are subtracted, and the number falls into a standard cup size, from AA up to G and even more letters depending on what’s available. The usual norm is from A to D cup for most women.

Color choices: you also need to know what colors are available for it. Color choice is also an important thing so that you will know which lingerie you have already worn and need to toss into the laundry room.

Design: there can also be different design choices for a single lingerie product, such as if you prefer lace or no lace. Most people could have allergies to lace material, so they prefer something that has little to no lace at all.

Ease of wearing: the most frustrating thing about lingerie for women is putting it on, which can also be hard for backless types. Wearing this kind of undergarment can be hard, so its design must make it easy to strap on.

Ease of care: it is true that most lingerie need to be carefully washed. Some cannot be put in the washing machine and needed to be hand washed due to the fact that it is made out of delicate materials.

Strapless or underwire: there can be 2 kinds of backless varieties: the strapless or the underwire. Underwire means that it can be connected at the back with a clear and not so obvious strap. Strapless means it uses no strap at all, especially on the shoulders.

Materials used: the usual kind of material used for this kind of lingerie would be spandex, since it is stretchable, and is usually blended with cotton or polyester.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the HONGFUYU Adhesive Silicone is made with a self adhesive mechanism that easily sticks to your boobs without hurting them, so that you do not have to wear straps on a backless dress or even a tube top dress. It is made with medical grade silicone that is okay for most skin types.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only con but not entirely a deal breaker with the HONGFUYU Adhesive Silicone is that since it is a silicone adhesive type, it is not suitable for really hot weather, since it might slip down, or you can just wear something with a lot of support for it.

Step-up Pick

The YONSHOW Push Up is our step-up pick, which has a breathable design and has strategically placed adhesive parts so that your boobs do not feel uncomfortable. It can be worn with nearly any kind of sultry dress without showing off and embarrassing you.

Budget Pick

The Lobinsun Women Adhesive is our budget pick, which has a deep v-shaped design and an elegant fastening technique that uses strings instead of a hook for the middle part. It can fit most dresses, gowns and the like.

Best Backless Bra with a Drawstring

Having a rope or drawstring to fasten the middle part of the pads, the Smartprix Women's Strapless is a great choice for those who want a little push without having straps at all. The can be ideal for most backless outfits, strapless tubes and the like.

Best Backless Bra for a Wedding Dress

The Melldci Women's Backless is great for those who want to be in a wedding dress, a tube top or any other outfit requiring no strap. It is made of spandex and nylon and is also tied with a drawstring in the middle to fasten it.

Best Backless Bra with Push-up Capabilities

The Babyonline Women's Foam is a good choice for those who want something soft that is made of both cotton and skin friendly medical grade silicone. It can be used for most revealing outfits and comes with a good shape on its wings or band for better and improved support.

Best Backless Bra that is Lightweight

If you want to feel less troubled, the NuBra Feather-Lite is a super lightweight one that is about 70 percent compared to its original model. It is a self adhesive type that can be available in various sizes and looks very discreet under any dress or item of clothing.

Best Backless Bra that is Self-Adhesive

The RURING Silicone Invisible is a great choice for those who want a self adhesive that does not hurt your gentle parts, yet provide you with the important support that you need from a lingerie. It is made with medical grade silicone as well, so it is safe for your skin.

Best Backless Bra for Evening Gowns

Coming in a myriad of color choices, the ROOSEE Strapless Self-Adhesive is a cool choice for adding cleavage to your look. It is also a push-up type and comes in many sizes to choose from. It can be worn in most revealing and party outfits as well.

Best Backless Bra with a Deep V-Shape

The PURE STYLE Girlfriends has a deep v-shaped neckline for your plunging cleavage, which is good for most party dresses and social gatherings, when you really want to stand out from the crowd without the straps getting in the way. The whole pads are made of spandex and nylon.

The Competition

There were others that did not make it to this list because of the fact that they had limited size choices and color choices as well, which can make it hard for anyone to pick the ideally fitting lingerie. It is also important that it’s both attractive and functional for its features.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different kinds of bra?

A: This kind of lingerie has many types and variations according to use, such as the following:

1. Convertible– this is a good kind of variety that can be customized depending on your needs. The straps are usually very thin and this makes them ideal for converting into a crisscross, a racer back or a halter style so you can completely use it for various dresses.

If you have something that requires you to hide the straps, such as in tubes or backless dresses, you can use this kind of lingerie. It also usually has many sizes, whether band size or cup size, so you can choose accordingly depending on your specific size and needs.

2. Adhesive – also known as the sticky or backless type, this one is known to be worn for when you have a backless dress or tube, where wearing straps would be otherwise not ideal. Adhesive ones are usually made out of silicone material that is of medical grade so that your breasts would not be compromised, especially those with skin allergies.

These kinds of lingerie are ideal for those times when you want to wear something revealing, sultry or pretty much bare compared to your other fashion items. Since they do not use straps at all, not even clear straps, because of the fact that they are, well, “adhesive” in a way, you can use them in basically anything that you have in your wardrobe.

3. Balconette – this type originated in Europe during the medieval and renaissance times, and they were worn by most women as one of the oldest types and designs. They are usually the ones that have a lace decoration on the top, over each of the cups, and can be in various colors, but most commonly black and white.

Great for medium-sized breasts, they offer half coverage so it shows a nice cleavage, as compared to that of a full cup type. If you want an extra push for your medium sized assets, consider this option for your specific size.

4. Full cup – contrary to the balconette type, this one covers all of your breast area so it is a great choice if you want the best kind of coverage. This is a good choice if you have a larger cup size or if you just want to protect those things, which is something that plunge or revealing types cannot easily do due to their lack of coverage.

A full cup is a great one to use if you want to survive the winter, since they will offer the best kind of support. They are also by far the most common type that you can buy in any store because they are so easy to make and they are very much in-demand due to the support that they offer. If you’re looking for something tough, durable and won’t compromise on showing cleavages, this is the one to go.

5. Deep plunge – also alternatively called the plunge type, it is the best to use when you want to wear something with a plunging neckline, such as those dresses with a long v-shaped neckline down to the center, exposing your cleavage. If you’re good with such necklines then this is the kind of lingerie is probably the best way to go with.

Also, this type is ideal for when you want a little push for your assets from the sides and from the bottom, since it usually has good padding and support as well, so it’s great for those with not-so-big ones and want them to stand out a little bit.

6. Demi cup – this is also another popular type that can be found in most stores, similar to that of the full cup and the balconette. They are known for revealing half of your breasts, much like the balconette, but the difference is that it has a plunging neckline for giving you some boost in your cleavage. It might not give you the best support compared to the full cup, but it really works for most people.

Like all types out there, it is made for nearly any popular size and even unpopular ones. They also usually come with padding so they are great with both support and added lift or perkiness. If you’re thinking of something that isn’t too much on full coverage but don’t want a balconette, you can go with this one, as it does give a sensual feel as well

7. Push-up – this type is also a very popular one because of its abilities as its name inscribes – to push up your breasts to make them look bigger, perkier and add cleavage due to its padding. The push-up is very useful for those who may have small or medium sized ones and want to add some spice to their getup without having to get implants or surgery.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to make an illusion that your boobs look bigger, this is the type to go with. Other than those with not-so big assets, even those with asymmetrical ones, or those with imbalanced sizes, could greatly benefit so long as removable padding is a part of the whole thing, which can be helpful to balance your overall look.

8. Mastectomy – this one is for those who have gone through mastectomy, which is usually the case for those who want to get cure for their breast cancer or some other purpose. The design of this kind of lingerie is usually different from the ones that you could buy at the store. Because mastectomy is the act of removing one or two of your boobs due to cancer, breast prosthesis is fundamental.

Breast prosthesis can be done by fitting them into this special bra to make it look and seem like you haven’t gone through surgery at all. It adds confidence to yourself, much like wearing a realistic wig or a set of false teeth, especially for older women.

9. Nursing – if you’re a nursing mother or plan to be one after you give birth, this is the option for you. The cups have flaps that can be opened for breastfeeding. They are typically soft and easily expandable so they can grow along with your boobs once you’ve delivered your baby. The bands of this kind of lingerie is usually wider compared to store types, especially since they provide support while you are nursing your child.

The goal of nursing your baby is to give him or her enough nutrients to be healthier later in life. It can be hard to feed your newborn with a regular bra, and this is why nursing types are specifically made for that purpose, so that the whole act doesn’t look awkward and can be done without stressing over your straps and cups.

10. Sports – if you’re occasionally at the gym and need all the support you can get, go for a sports type. They are usually smooth on the top that covers your boobs so they look more like baby bras rather than real ones, but they are definitely the best with supporting you during exercise and other physical activities. They are usually made with materials that don’t make you feel uncomfortable.

The sports type is usually made from soft and flexible material, unlike other types out there, and the padding isn’t as defined as the ones you would probably wear to a party. They are meant for comfort in general, rather than for looks, so they won’t have all of that lace you probably have in your lingerie for lovemaking purposes.

11.Minimizer – this is the type to go for when you want something like a full cup but don’t want your big boobs to stand out too much. If your breasts are on the way and don’t want them to bother you throughout the day, you can go for this type, since it helps flatten them a little bit so they don’t become too bothersome.

This is the type to go with if you want full coverage and you also want to minimize your cup size. Not everyone is happy with big assets, especially when they get in your way during work or some other activity. Just as women with smaller breasts like to push things up, big breasted women can also temporarily reduce them using a specific bra type.

12. T-shirt – this can either come in full cup or demi type, and are usually made of the same stuff as your t-shirt, hence the name. They are typically constructed without a lot of fabric so they are the best for breathability, similar to that of a sport type.

The comfort of this kind of lingerie is what makes it look like a t-shirt or something that would fit under your favorite shirt. If you have something that is too tight fitting around your body and don’t want the lines of your lingerie to ruin the look, this is probably the best type to go with.

13. Shelf – perfect for lovemaking, this is a unique kind that covers the top of your breasts but has an under boob support, usually of a different color from the cover. They can be made with lace and other materials, and are usually made for, well, sultry moments.

If you’re looking for a good, sexy bra to show off to your significant other, this is the type to go with, as it is definitely unique and captivating. Just make sure it is properly fitted for your boobs, and it is probably best to go for it if your size is a regular cup.

14. Bralette – wonder why there are bras that look like something out of Playboy magazine? These fully laced ones are called bralettes, and they are super popular for those who don’t want to go braless but want some support for their home outfits.

The support of this kind of lingerie may not be at par with others, but it is definitely a good choice for when you want your boobs to relax from spending time with too much padding outdoors. It is also best with many other casual get ups as an alternative to not wearing a bra.

15. Bandeau – this type is the best to go around with during the summer season, mainly because of its minimal coverage and its soft and simple design. The fabric that is made for this kind of lingerie is usually thinner and are meant for comfort. They can either come in laced or plain designs.

If you want to go with something that resembles a tank top, this is a good option. It is a simple wrap around or tube designed lingerie that can come in various sizes, but are perhaps the best for small sized cups out there.

Q: What are the pros of getting a backless bra?

A: This kind of lingerie has many benefits, such as the following:


They can be worn with almost any kind of dress or gown that you might want to wear, including plunging necklines, tubes and many more.


Most of these can have no underwire at all, which makes them super comfortable in the event that you are wearing a gown or dress and it’s too hot around.

No worrying

You don’t need to worry about your hooks going off, which is very important if you’re out on a social event and you have barely time left to fix your straps, let alone look in the mirror to check on your makeup.

Q: Are there pros and cons to wearing this kind of lingerie?

A: Yes, this lingerie does have a few pros and cons, such as the following:


Minimizes movement

The fact that it can minimize movement can make you feel better without much pains on your back and on your boobs after a physical activity or exercise.

Good support

It greatly supports you during rigorous activities, just as it does when minimizing your movement.

Cover the nips

Most women use this lingerie to cover the nipples so that they won’t look provocative in public.

Confidence booster

Push-up types are one of the things that work like high heels – to give confidence to other women who lack in specific areas, in this case, boob size.


Increases sagginess later on in life

Wearing the bra too much can actually make your boobs less perkier. This is because when you go braless, that is actually when your breast tissues work harder to support the perkiness of your breasts. Using lingerie can prevent those tissues to work well, so it may not be advisable to wear one all the time.

Can be uncomfortable

In case the weather is scorching hot, your boobs would have a hard time coping with icky sweat.

Q: How do I know what size I should buy?

A: Buying the right size for your lingerie can be a tough thing to do. Here’s how to measure yourself for a properly fitting bra:

1. Make sure that when you measure yourself, you either go braless or use one that is not padded, so that you can get an accurate figure in your tape measure. For the purpose of standard measuring, we are going to use inches as the unit.

2. Measure your band size. This is described as the area under your boobs and should be a snug fit around it. Add 4 inches if it is an even number or 5 if it is odd. The result is your band size (e.g. 34 if your band size is 30, since that’s an even number).

3.Measure your bust or cup size. This is described as the fullest part of your boobs. Go around it all the way to the back to get your bust measurement. If it has a 1/2 or a 1/4 on it, simply round it off. This is the measurement that will be the basis for your cup size (e.g. 35 3/4 becomes 36).

4. Do some math. Subtract the band size from the cup or bust size. For the example above, 36 – 34 = 2.

5. Consult a cup chart. To know the cup that you should go for, here’s a chart:

Size Difference

Cup Size Letter

0 inches


1 inch


2 inches


3 inches


4 inches


5 inches


6 inches

DDD or F

7 inches


6. Combine everything. To get a proper size reading, use your band size and combine it with the corresponding letter that’s equivalent to the difference in the chart above. For example, since our band size is 34 and the difference is 2 inches from the bust size, we get a 34B.

Q: What materials are used to making this kind of lingerie?

A: The following are the most common materials that are used for making such a lingerie, depending on its different parts:




a. spandex

b. silk

c. polyester

d. nylon

e. cotton




can be made of any kind of lace, as long as it’s comfortable

Wings or band

a. power mesh

b. stretch lace

c. stretch fabric

Lining fabric

mostly nylon in different deniers

Q: What are the most common mistakes that girls make with lingerie?

A: There could be many common mistakes that we could be committing with these lingerie, and not even know it. Here are some of the things we should stop doing to make our lives simpler while wearing, using or taking care of our lingerie:

1) Not wearing a properly fitting bra. This is the most common mistake that most people make when buying one, especially in places where fitting rooms are not a luxury. This is why you need to buy in malls so that you can better test them right away, since they are mostly a no-return and no-exchange item due to being lingerie and for sanitary purposes. Better yet, get a friend or your mom or big sis, to assist you.

2) The cup size alone doesn’t make your breast size any bigger. You should combine it with a band size. Most people just look for the cup size but forget about the band size, which is important because it is all up to the band size to make your lingerie properly fitting.

3) Not paying attention to the hooks. Not only do you have to choose durable hooks to hold your lingerie together, but you also have to choose one with configurations that are adjustable up to 3 levels, since there’s a rule that all of these lingerie might tend to stretch later on in life on about 3 inches. Consider one that fits on the first level hook rather than on the last to avoid wasting money.

4) Not considering seamed types over contoured types. Most contoured types are great for adding shape and perkiness, but if you have the wrong size or if your boobs are too small or too big, they tend to fit irregularly. If you want a more natural feel to your breasts, go for a seamed type, which contours naturally to your boobs, which are usually naturally conical and not fully round as the movies tell you.

5) Wearing your lingerie for too long can cause problems. Not only will it make your lingerie smell bad and funky with mold or other gross stuff, it can also make your back and boob muscles strained a lot. Most experts sometimes associate this with breast cancer, so be careful. Consider letting your boobs free while at home, and only wear them on really important things, such as when going outside or having a visitor or guest.

6) Only having one bra in your drawer can be a problem. Similar to just having one pair of shoes or sandals that you always use, it can be aggravating for your lingerie to always be used as a wash and wear item. To avoid getting damaged early on, consider at least 5 to 7 in your drawer so that you can rotate them (and choose your color and style for the day to match with your outfit).

Q: Is it okay to sleep with this lingerie?

A: There have been many rumors with this kind of claim. There are many people who associate them with breast cancer, and there are also those who associate them with breast perkiness. Whichever you believe in, it really depends on what style you are wearing.

For instance, if you are wearing a non-padded type then you will feel much more comfortable at night. Some people go for bralettes instead, especially for lovemaking. Underwire and padding can definitely make things uncomfortable at night.

Q: Does posture have an impact to your boob size?

A: In some ways, posture helps to make your boobs look bigger. If you often stand up straight instead of slouching, you can actually make your breasts appear perkier and bigger. Sometimes, it just takes the right posture for you to achieve a good figure.

Q: What are the most common faux pas for this kind of lingerie?

A: Indeed, many mistakes or faux pas that most women tend to commit when they wear the wrong size happen a lot, and here’s a list of them and how to fix them:

Faux pas


How to fix

Side boob

Your boobs become squished to the sides of your chest

Get a bigger cup size

High rider

The lingerie’s back portion tends to drift upwards

Get a smaller back size


This happens when you turn sideways and your boobs look like they come in 2 pairs instead of one due to spillage from improper fitting

Get a bigger cup size

Saggy cups

Cups become wrinkly because your cup size might be too large

Go for a smaller cup size


The gore or the front part that connects the two pads do not make contact with your sternum

Go for a smaller back size


Your boobs tend to droop due to the lack of support from your straps

Adjust the straps or go for a smaller back size


The basic way to tell that your lingerie doesn’t fit is that if it cleavages too much

Go for a bigger size in all aspects

Q: If I want to not use this kind of lingerie, what are the things I need to remember?

A: For those people who do not want to use the lingerie for certain occasions, here’s a guide on what to do and not to do when going for this kind of style (without using the lingerie):

What you should do

What you should not do

Go for empire dresses for added support for your under boob area

Not wear it during formal, work and guest activities

Wash adhesives with lingerie soap

Use a tube top without using the lingerie if you have a large cup size

Respect other women’s boobs regardless of size or form

Wearing loose tops, as they can threaten your boobs to be seen by other people

Add some sunscreen to protect your boobs from sunburn

Using silk or other soft fabrics, because they don’t give coverage to your boobs

Make sure your dress or halter tops can be easily managed

Using cotton clothing all the time, because it can be hard to dry

Q: Is it possible to turn a regular lingerie into a racerback?

A: Yes, the racer back, also known as the x-style back lingerie, can be made into a DIY using the following easy to follow instructions:

1. Get a paper clip of any decent size that’s strong enough to hold straps.

2. Make an x-shape from your straps at the back by crossing together the center parts.

3. Use the paper clip to fasten the two straps together and voila – a racerback!

Q: What are built-in cups and how do they work?

A: The built-in cup is a kind of option that you will find on most dresses, especially tubes and other revealing outfits. The purpose of this kind of outfit is to eliminate the need for lingerie to be worn uncomfortably. If you don’t have this kind of dress, you can go buy yourself a cheaper set of padding and then place them inside your dress and sew them in place.

Q: Why should I store these lingerie with open cups?

A: There are important reasons for storing these lingerie with the cups open, such as the following:

1) They help preserve the lifespan of your lingerie.

2) They prevent the likelihood of bumps forming into the surface.

3) The molding is less likely destroyed with its fibers.

Q: Are there benefits to not wearing it at all?

A: There are some occasions in life where we don’t need to wear it, such as when you’re in a Netflix and chill mode and no one’s around. Here are some of its benefits:

1) It helps you to sleep better without underwire discomfort.

2) Your boob perkiness and shape can actually improve due to the tissue strength.

3) Not wearing something over your boobs helps it breathe comfortably.

4) It helps in your overall blood circulation as well.

5) It saves money since you don’t have to buy a new one that often from wearing out your old one.

6) It helps you to breathe better, especially in hot weather.

Q: What’s the best way to take care of this lingerie?

A: While most people fumble over tossing this piece of lingerie into the washer, here’s a list of things you need to know when taking care of it:

1. The best way to wash it is through your hands, since machine washing can potentially damage it.

2. Manual drying is important as well, since dryers can deform its shape and elasticity.

3. Detergents to be used for this kind of lingerie should be mild and gentle, e.g. free from alcohol.

Q: What’s the downside of not washing your lingerie often?

A: Here are some bad things that could happen if you don’t wash your lingerie often:

a. The bad smell can also make your clothes smell bad.

b. Mold, fungi and bacteria can form if you don’t wash it often.

c. There might be stains that could form, especially due to deodorants.

d. Acne can also happen if you wear your lingerie longer after sweating.

e. Rashes are also bound to happen if it is not washed properly.

f. Bouts of nipple chafing can also be a problem.

Q: How often should I wash this lingerie?

A: It really depends on how much you use it, how much you’ve sweated the entire day and other factors. However, the general rule is at least after 2 to 5 uses. Washing it more often when you tend to do activities like going to the gym or sweating away is important to avoid the formation of mold and other unsightly odors.

Q: How long can the elasticity of this lingerie last?

A: It also depends on how often you use it, but the norm is somewhere from 6 to 9 months. To prevent it from being loosely fitted, consider using the other hooks that are in your band. Usually, there are 3 hooks, and it’s important to use them when you think your band size is loose. The straps are also very important, so as not having to adjust later on.

Q: What’s the band test? How does it determine the proper fitting?

A: One way to know if your lingerie is properly fitting is through a band test. This is done by the following steps:

1. Get a friend or relative to slide their hand over your back, sandwiched between your lingerie back and your own back.

2. Ask them to turn their hand 90 degrees so it looks like giving a karate chop to your back.

3. Your lingerie is too loose if they are able to pull away from your back, otherwise, it fits just right.

Q: What are front hook types and what are they used for?

A: The front hook type, usually meant for beach wear and usage, is a special kind of lingerie in which the hook is at the front in the gore part between the cups, instead of at the back. This kind of hook placement is much more effective when you’re trying to remove the lingerie quickly, but it could be a little awkward to wear at first.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the HONGFUYU Adhesive Silicone is our pick for the best backless bra due to its medical grade silicone that’s skin friendly and the easy to use adhesive design for simplicity when wearing a backless dress.