Best 308 Rifle Scope

The Nikon P-308 4-12×40 Matte BDC 800 is our best 308 rifle scope and as a fantastic value scope, it is thinner than most Nikon BDC’s and has a distance of 2680 feet per second. Able to make new champions, it has a a fixed reticle and incredible clarity that is hard to beat with multiple layers of glass for dead on accuracy with 4-12 magnification.

Our step-up pick is the Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope BDC 800 and very well made with flip up covers, it gives long range shooting accuracy and has a quick-focus eyepiece. This scope is awesome and it works great and very crisp for instant target acquisition with its magnification range that is awesome in accuracy. It holds zero great and has bright optics to have you blown away. Ideal for 168-grain bullets, you just need the correct rings and it can give quality and performance with a fully multi-coated optical system. You’ll be happy with the image quality.

The budget pick is the FSI AO Adjustment Sniper 6-24x50mm Scope and the windage and elevation adjustment is easy and it is tough and durable. The parallax setting is at 15 to infinity and it has 15.0-4.0 field of view with great precision. With a zero reset turret, it uses a cr2032 3v battery and has adjustable windage and elevation knobs. The exit pupil is at 8.0-2.0 mm and it is superior with its flip cover. the eye relief is at 3.3 inches and it comes with an Allen wrench.

A Little Background

A 308 rifle is one of the most powerful rifles of all and when used properly, it can be a great rifle for its optics once you have the proper scope to be used for the rifle. This rifle should have a great scope so that you can use it for accuracy shots.

How We Picked

In choosing the best 309 rifle scope, here are the criteria to know about:
Optics – the 308 rifle scope should have clear and crisp optics and such so that it will be able to do a great job when it comes down to accuracy of the rifle overall.
Ease of setup – the 308 rifle scope should be very easy to use and to set up for your 308 rifle overall so that it can be used right away.
Brightness and clarity – the adjustability of the 308 rifle scope should allow great clarity and brightness of the image that is shown on the 308 rifle scope.

Our Pick

Nikon P-308 4-12×40 Matte BDC 800

Developed specifically for the .308, our best 308 rifle scope is the Nikon P-308 4-12×40 Matte BDC 800 and is lightweight and works as advertised for any farther target. The trajectory of the 308 win or 7.62 nato round and you can adjust it for windage and elevation. With fully multicoated lenses, its clarity and brightness is great and it can take any 168-grain HPBT match bullet.
You can’t go wrong with the scope which is a good option due to its anti-reflective compounds which make it extremely accurate at longer ranges. It does not obscure the target and every glass surface is treated extensively for everything you need. As a 4-12×40 mm scope, the scope tracks well and is bright with an incredible system for a long distance rifle to hit the target with its 40mm objective.
Producing vivid pictures and a clear view, it accepts 1 inch scope rings and has great optimum light transmission and holds zero perfectly. With crystal clear images, it has a matte finish and you can’t go wrong with this scope from dawn to dusk operations.
Having a BDC reticle, it is a highly recommended scope in which optics are awesome. Optimized for use with Nikon gear, you get quick target acquisition and you can’t beat this scope. It comes with a manual and it has spot on ballistic match technology. Great for shooting steel targets and to focus on the bull’s-eye, its optics are clear with its skinny cross hair. It is a great scope with incredible clarity and this scope is awesome and distortion free and performs as expected. It is easy to make adjustments with easy adjustable turrets to reset them to zero.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Nikon P-308 4-12×40 Matte BDC 800 may be our top pick but it does have a few shortcomings that are not threatening such as the fact that it is not ideal for mil-dot shooting.

Step-up Pick

Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope BDC 800

Our step-up pick, the Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope BDC 800, has a large magnification range and it can adjust accordingly. An excellent scope for the price, it has positive feats with an oversized lens for any steel target range. Its barrel length does not affect the scope and it has anti-reflective devices. Anyone using an AR 10 platform will be satisfied as it is great for heavy caliber rifles with no difficulty.
Easy to use, this 4-16×42 mm scope has clear optics and is fog proof with great optics with its BDC 800 reticle. You can get it close using the side focus for long range shooting. It is waterproof and very well made and seems plenty rugged. Well worth the money, it works perfectly and is shockproof with exceptional optics that is clear and bright. This scope is amazing and looks good and is worth the money. The adjustments are smooth and the BDC is accurate.
As a great scope to have you thoroughly impressed, it is a mid range rifle that is very good at an amazing price. The eye relief makes it a great scope for any application and the best scope with a lifetime warranty.

Budget Pick

FSI AO Adjustment Sniper 6-24x50mm Scope

The FSI AO Adjustment Sniper 6-24x50mm Scope has multi-coated optics as our budget pick and has great eye relief. You can adjust your elevation and windage and it is worth every penny with an aircraft grade body that is fine for the price. The objective is at 50mm and it has a objective cap with ball and bearing. With a heavy duty ring mount, you can mount this scope easily.
A shock resistant scope, it is a mil-dot infinity reticle type with crystal clear optics. Every option and adjustment makes it an excellent scope package with raw power for .308 rifles. The eye view through this scope makes it a good scope for the price and the technology with no need for a spotter scope.
The length is at 16 inches and it was test fired on .50 cal 150rd. The locking turrets are great and the locking adjustment plate is reliable. The magnification is at 6x – 24x and it has a front AO adjustment with extended sunshade. As a great scope, any AR can handle this scope mil-dot reticle and it looks great.
A decent target rifle scope with clean and crisp clicks, all the adjustments are easy. With red, blue and green illumination, it is a great scope at a mile away with a front AO adjustment that is good to go for the price. The optics is clear as a target scope and is very accurate on an m1a.
Easy to use, it has truly good quality and is a great scope. The eye relief is less than 3 inches and is easily adjusted with no problems with it. Working on a Remington 700 it has good optics, excellent functionality and it holds zero. If you want a great scope, this one looks well made with a limited lifetime warranty.

Best 308 Rifle Scope with Dual Reticle

Feyachi 3in1 4-12X50EG Dual Illuminated Riflescope

With unsurpassed light transmission, the Feyachi 3in1 4-12X50EG Dual Illuminated Riflescope has separate sighting systems and seems better than expected with mechanical performance. The reaching distance of the red laser light is 100 meters and the laser comes with the cr2 battery.
Having optical clarity, it has lens caps and the power of the laser is 2 mw. Great for moving targets, the cleaning cloth comes along with it. The magnification is from 4 – 12 times and it has an independent switch. With 4 Allen key wrenches included, the wavelength of the laser is 650 nm and it has a 50mm objective diameter. For an AR style rifle, this goes spot on after zeroing.
For any range session, it has a fast focus eyepiece that is able to shoot at all distances around on the range. It has 1/4 inch windage and elevation adjustments that are fingertip resettable and has the instruction for rifle scope and for the holographic dot sight. It can be used for multiple applications such as hog hunting with its green and red illuminations.
It works for all distances with an interchangeable switch. The eye relief is 3 inches ~ 3.4 inches and it has a multi optical coated sight. With 5 brightness adjustments, you can use picatinny or weaver rails with it. There are 3 ag13 batteries for the red and green sight and the scope is fog proof for guaranteed clear visions. Ideal for home defense, it is waterproof with a dual illuminated range finding graph reticle plus 4 different reticle patterns to give you a wide field of view
The red laser can reach 100 meters of distance. As a mil-dot reticle scope, the length is 13 inches and the matching red laser sight is great. The weight is 750 grams and has a detachable red laser sight. The exit pupil is at 10mm @ 4x or 3.3 mm @ 12x and is ideal for normal and rapid-firing shooting which helps you to aim better. It comes with the cr2032 battery and is easily mountable and shockproof.
Giving you better vision, the magnification 1x for the red and green sight and the field of vision is at 10′ ~ 27′ @ 100 yards. The brightness control is 9 levels for the red sight and 9 levels for the green sight and it can work in the darkest environment. It has a 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee.

Best 308 Rifle Scope with BDC Reticle

VORTEX Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 PA Riflescope

Ideal for long range, everything is extremely clear with the VORTEX Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 PA Riflescope and its precision glide erector system. The glass is as clear as Nikon for any predator or varmint without breaking the bank. It is a good scope for the money and you can dial in the elevation and windage easily for your target application on 100, 200 and 300 meter distances.
Very durable and tough you will be satisfied with the scope with its 95 percent light transmission as a long range rifle scope. With MOA turrets, it has a solid feel great for out in the field hunting and getting in the shooting position. With a matte black finish, the turrets are super smooth and it has great lens clarity in this price range.
This is the scope to get for attaining every function of the scope with its dead-hold bdc reticle and great magnification plus the clear cross hair. It is impressive with zoom options and a customized design using aircraft-grade aluminum. With killer optics, the glass is smooth and can eliminate guesswork with a heavy duty design that is usable day to day.
With tall capped turrets, have improved hold-over corrections with an excellent tactical feeling plus the fully multi-coated optics and a great vision for windage corrections. An impressive all around scope with greater strength, it is easy to use for any hunting or shooting and the reset feature is great for this premium riflescope.
Having improved windage and elevation adjustment, fellow gun enthusiasts will love its varying ranges and anti-moisture properties. The precision force spring systems are great and the 30 mm single piece main tube is useful for estimating hold-over. It reduces recoil and is great at the range as well as tactical and hunting with easy field adjustments. The side knob parallax adjustment gives a clear picture that will leave you very pleased. Great for use in the darkness, it has quick and easy parallax adjustments and still an incredible scope for more magnification with incredible performance with multiple scopes and the range numbers visible.

Best 308 Rifle Scope for Long Range Hunting

SOLOMONE CAVALLI 6-24x 50 Rifle Scope

The SOLOMONE CAVALLI 6-24x 50 Rifle Scope calls precision with a more crisp sight picture with an easy focus. The objective range is from 15 yards to infinity and it can be used for paintball. You won’t be disappointed with the multi-coated optics and distinguishing fine details. The high resolution scope is of excellent quality and illuminated to give a focus without carrying additional equipment.
Ideal for rapid range, this professional grade scope is great. The exit pupil is at 8.3mm @ 6x or 2.1mm @24x and does the job with easy reset turrets and a glass etched reticle. It is fog resistant for aiming speed to guess your target’s range. With different brightness levels, a military sniper can use it for scout rifle. You can’t go wrong as the eye relief is at 3 inches. As a mil-dot scope with high grade optical glasses, it adheres to all weather conditions with increased adaptability to the environment and accuracy.
For all atmospheric conditions, hunting and the like, it is great. With 5 batteries included, this combo set has long time durability and 10-level settings or 5 for the red and 5 for the green. With 5 cr2032 lithium batteries, this optical device is an amazing scope for the money with AO red and green of high quality for mid to long-range shooting. With a built-in rangefinder, it has fairly clear optics and comes with 2 high profile scope mounts. It is better than expected with a little practice due to the high optical clarity.
The adjustments are made simple and the red and green laser sight work great. Ideal for picatinny or weaver rails from 20 mm to 22 mm, it has 6 to 24 power magnification with quality control that matches the visual acuity of the user. With a 1.96 inch objective diameter, it can produce a sharp image as a great scope that can adjust to your needs. It is shock resistant with coated optics and a special design for shooting long range with perfect results.
Recoil resistant, it has a cleaning cloth and a durable metal construction with secure attachments. Being nitrogen filled, the percentage of hits can increase with no failures. With an Allen wrench, this fog proof scope is compact and lightweight and has optimal eye relief with good glass and coatings and a water resistant body.

Best 308 Rifle Scope with Quick Release Mount

Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24 .308/175gr Rifle Scope

The Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24 .308/175gr Rifle Scope has a green segmented circle reticle and constant eye relief for the long distance marksmanship. With 6 adjustable brightness settings, it has a centered crosshair and can work for any 1913 picatinny rail.
You can quickly and accurately estimate the range with this VCOG (variable combat optical gun sight) rifle scope tht is a variable powered riflescope. Ideal for 175-grain 308 loads, it is nearly indestructible with an integrated dial fin for the magnification range. With superior glass quality, it has bullet drop compensating properties. With a first focal plane, it has light gathering capabilities with zero distortion.
With ranging reticles at any magnification, it has quick release mount plus premium optics. With 700 hours of runtime, when you apply the correct hold, its aircraft aluminum alloy housing (7075-t6) can make it last with no head adjustments or stock position adjustments. Using a lithium AA battery, this sighting system gives you close quarter battle (CQB) and is waterproof to 66 feet.
The ballistic reticle can be used at any magnification and its illumination electronics are mil spec tough. Great for any application and exceptionally durable, it gives good extensions and drops and has full 90 MOA of windage and elevation adjustment with 1/2 inches per click increments at 100m for adjustment.

Best 308 Rifle Scope with Red Laser

AR15 Holographic Tactical 4-12x50EG Rifle Scope

The AR15 Holographic Tactical 4-12x50EG Rifle Scope is dual illuminated with 3 different sights and would work on any type of gun. You won’t be disappointed with the red laser plus the elevation and windage adjustments. With 3 Allen keys for rail mounting, it has a decent quality and 4 tactical holographic red and green dot sights.
It works awesome with aluminum construction and supports standard rail mount systems. A high grade scope, this scope looks great with 3 ag13 batteries and a detachable red dot and laser sight. With fully coated optical lens, it is great especially for the price. With 2 cr2032 batteries, it has different colored crosshairs and a high quality matte black finish. The wavelength of the laser is at 625 ~ 660 nm and you can install a flashlight. It has long range targets and has been dry nitrogen filled.
Very clear and highly recommended with its zero power quick sight, it is waterproof and is the best rifle scope to have it on an ar15. The tube diameter of the laser is at 26 mm. It comes with a cleaning cloth and is shock proof. It can hold up with the lens caps. The eye relief is at 3 inches ~ 3.4 inches and is also fog proof with the tubeless holographic sight.
The magnification at 4x-12x and you can take it to the range as it installs quickly and easily. Ideal for ar15, 308 or any other gun when hunting, it is great for shooting of moving targets and is ideal for any 22 mm rail mount picatinny rail.
With intense small dot options, it has a detachable red laser sight with an independent switch plus red and green multi-x reticles. One of the best rifle scopes with a wide field of view, you can take it to the range with 5 levels of brightness. The laser class is IIIa and the red laser has a reaching distance of about 100 m. Windage and elevation click value is at 1/4′ @ 100 yards and it has 33 mm reflex lens aperture.
The exit pupil is at 3.3mm-10mm and the objective diameter is at 0.9 inch or 22 mm. The output power of the laser is at ≤ 5 mw and you can go hunting with it. The field of view is at 10′ ~ 27′ @ 100yards and it has a fast focus eyepiece for rapid-firing with a 1 year guarantee.

Best 308 Rifle Scope with Holographic Reticle

Lirisy Rifle Scope with Red Laser

The Lirisy Rifle Scope with Red Laser is a great scope and the mount of the sight is tough. With 4 reticle reflex, it is easy to install or remove. The wavelength of the laser is at 625 ~ 660 nm and with fully coated optics, it is great for the price. As an optic sight with fast focus eyepiece, it works nicely. The eye relief is at 3 inches ~ 3.4 inches and it is very cool looking for wide range shooting.
An awesome addition to any gun, the magnification of the 308 rifle scope is 1x for the hd103 with 5 levels of unlimited brightness control with continuously variable brightness for quick acquisition of targets. With a cleaning cloth, the red / green dot and a laser is of very good value for close quarter targets. With two cr2032 batteries, the red laser jg8 has a laser class of IIIa and the laser distance is up to 100 m.
The 308 rifle scope comes with everything you need and three ag13 batteries. Ideal for fast moving targets, it has an aluminum construction plus suitable picture quality. The output power of the laser is at ≤ 5 mw and the field of view @ 100yards is at 10′ ~ 27′. With lens caps and fully coated optical lens that are clear and sharp, the tube diameter of the laser is at 26 mm and the mounts are solid.
The objective diameter is at 50 mm and it comes with Allen keys for rail mounting. With 5 levels of brightness for red and green multi-x reticles, the magnification is at 4x-12x for a long distance used separately or together. With multiple brightness intensities, it works for the ar15 and has unlimited brightness.
Nice for winter with its internal optics, the 308 rifle scope is ideal for the 22 mm rail mount picatinny rail and it’s very durable with the reflex-type dot sight that keeps its zero for windage and elevation adjustments. With good magnification range, it is element resistant and the 308 rifle scope has red and green multi-x reticles that make shooting very easy.
With 1/4 moa audible-click stops, it is a great scope and the adjustments are knobs. The exit pupil is from 3.3 mm to 10 mm with fingertip turrets and an integrated sighting system makes sighting in much easier. Great for hunting sessions, the red laser distance is about 100 m and it has a lifetime warranty.

Best 308 Rifle Scope for the AR 15

Aipa Tactical Combo 4-12x50EG Rifle Scope

With a 50 mm object lens, the transmission of light is 90 percent on the Aipa Tactical Combo 4-12x50EG Rifle Scope. With a high grade fully coated optical lens, it is ideal for wide range shooting and the 308 rifle scope is fog proof with a max out-put power laser sight.
The objective filter thread is at m 52 x 0.75, the 308 rifle scope is shock proof and the tube diameter of the laser is at 26mm. As a waterproof scope, the diopter compensation is at ±2.5 and it has a high quality matte black finish as a multi optical coated sight. The exit pupil is at 3.3mm-10mm and the range finding graph reticle that is dual illuminated is great. With audible-click stops, the reticle color is red and green and the magnification at 4x-16x.
The eye relief is at 3 ~ 3.4 inches and the 308 rifle scope offers a wide field of view with multi-x reticles with 5 levels of brightness. With a fast focus eyepiece, the 33 mm reflex lens aperture is great with resettable windage and elevation. Great for the 22 mm rail mount picatinny rail, the 308 rifle scope is dry nitrogen filled and has fingertip turrets. Ideal for the ar15 or 308, its windage and elevation click value at 1/4′ @ 100 yards.
Using a cr2 3 v battery for the red laser, it can hit fast moving targets as a 308 rifle scope that uses a cr2032 battery. Coming in with a cleaning cloth, the 308 rifle scope has fully coated optics and the laser distance is from 50-100m. Likewise, with this 308 rifle scope, the field of view is at 10′ ~ 27′ @ 100yards. All in all, this 308 rifle scope is backed by a super reliable 12 month warranty for your convenience.

The Competition

Other 308 rifle scopes were not cut out for the job and therefore were not that great as 308 rifle scopes. It is important to have optical clarity, functionality and all of those other important features to have a really reliable 308 rifle scope.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the .308 rifle?
A: According to Wikipedia , the .308 Winchester rifle is ideal for police shooting, military snipers, target shooting and is also a popular hunting cartridge ideally used for the black bear and a couple of deer, moose and elk.

Q: Any tips on rifle scopes?
A: According to Ammo Land , you must know the basics such as the eye relief, magnification, field of view, parallax, reticles and the zero knobs. Make sure you do not use too much magnification and make sure you get good rings and base for the mount.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it up, the Nikon P-308 4-12×40 Matte BDC 800 is our best 308 rifle scope for the job and for the most rigorous shooting experiences without questioning accuracy.