Best 22lr Scope

The BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope is our best 22lr scope andwith a matte black finish, the 22lr scope is adjustable up to 150 yards and is also fog proof for some serious optical power as a dedicated target scope. It is reliable and has a very useful magnification range with a hand-adjustable windage and elevation. As a varmint killer, the 22lr scope exceeds everybody’s expectations. With 20 ounces weight, the 22lr scope is dead on accurate for its trajectory compensation.

Our step-up pick is the Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-22 Riflescope and the 22lr scope will fit any rifle and it has specifications of 2-7x 32 mm with 11.3 inches in its length. You only need the correct rings with this 22lr scope yet it has razor sharp clarity and it has a parallax wheel as well. The focal plane is at second and the pinpoint precise adjustments are so great for every tactical scenario. With unmatched light transmission, the maximum accuracy and reliability can be achieved with this great and reliable 22lr scope.

The budget pick is the Tasco .22 Rimfire 1x30mm Red-Dot Riflescope and with an unlimited eye relief, the 22lr scope has been tested extensively for your satisfaction. Likewise, the build quality is really nice on this 22lr scope and it has a red dot system. The windage and elevation is at 1 MOA and it is truly a good scope for the price. With a beautiful design, the 22lr scope can get you on your target with lightning speed overall. The 22lr scope also works great on 22 lr rifles and it has only6 ounces of weight for ease of use and will mount to a picatinny rail with all of its features.

A Little Background

A 22 LR is one of the most common types of rifles out there and you definitely need a scope that will put up to the test to give you more accuracy in the long run so that you will not run into problems later so that you can definitely achieve your very best in shooting with accuracy.

How We Picked

When it comes down to the best 22lr scope, here are some tips to find out the best:
Optic quality – the 22lr scope should have dead on accuracy and optic quality beyond compare to cater to the needs of the person who needs the 22lr scope.
Size and form – the 22lr scope should have a good size that is just right for your 22lr rifle and such so that it will fit well.
Easy attachment – the 22lr scope should be easy to mount and attach onto the 22lr rifle as a decent and reliable 22lr scope to have for accuracy and the like.

Our Pick

BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

With no guesswork at your hands, our best 22lr scope is the BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope and it is a very user friendly optic scope to have with an adjustable objective. This 22lr scope has a 10.8 to 3.6 mm exit pupil and this is for you if you own a lot of .22 rifles.
It can hold the lenses in place and has a1 inch tube at hand. The field of view at 100 yards is 36.6 feet and you can mount it easily. With 3-9x magnification, the 22lr scope is waterproof and you get excellent value overall. It is ideal for 36, 38 and 40 grain bullets and spans at 13 inches length.
A highly recommended 22lr scope, you can save big with this scope with its 3 inch eye relief. The scope is dead accurate and is also a 40 mm rifle scope which includes lens covers for your convenience. With crystal clear precision, the 22lr scope has an adjustable objective and has fully-coated optics.
It holds zero very well and is also shockproof. You can use it for squirrel hunting as it has quick-change turrets with a clever design overall. The clarity of the glass is great and all you need to do is to buy rings separately. With an adjustable objective, the 22lr scope has a low price and has a 40 mm objective.
Applicable for any rimfire application, the 22lr scope has separate swappable turrets and you can definitely have it for your gunsmith shop. It is pretty good and is probably the best rimfire scope around. It is very easy to use and is definitely calibrated for the .22 lr round. This is awesome as a 22lr scope and you will love this scope that is holding up fine to its durability.
With oversized windage and elevation knobs, the clear optics is great and the 22lr scope is made for common bullet weights with great value and spot on dedication. It is well made and with no faulty parts at all. It is an excellent rimfire scope for the occasional hunter for such a low price. Moreover, the adjustable yardage is helpful as you can switch out the turrets. Every part of the 22lr scope functions work nicely and you can adjust your yardage easily. It does everything advertised and it has many other cool factors to boot.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope may have a few hiccups but they are not deal breakers at all, such as the fact that the elevation cap can have a bit of problem but this can be fixed easily.

Step-up Pick

Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-22 Riflescope

With BDC, our step-up pick is the Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-22 Riflescope and its click value is 1/4 inch. With incredible brightness,you will really like the scope as it has a rimfire reticle. Likewise, the mounting length is at 4.6 inches and it also has fully multi-coated optics. The field of view at feet @ 100 yards / meters @ 100 meters is at 50/15 @ 2x / 17/5 @ 7x and its adjustable range is +50 inches at 100 yards. It also has neat target turrets and has been nitrogen purged for convenience.
It zeroes at 50 yards and it is also o-ring sealed with a caliber-specific reticle. Having fully multicoated optics, the 22lr scope can be used with accuracy and reliability all in all with optical precision. You can receive beautiful complements with this 22lr scope due to its fast focus eyepiece and its high durability aluminum alloy construction.
The eye relief is at 3.7 inches and it is able to take high velocity loads with windage and elevation adjustments. The fast focus eyepiece is on the edge on the optics and its nice features work like a charm. The 22lr scope’s construction keeps features from moving and the 22 rim fire bdc reticle is great.
Having been anodized and finished, the 22lr scope can provide the clearance that you need with rugged reliability. Weighing in at 19.6 ounces, it can prevent dust or moisture and it has a 22 lr bullet drop compensating (bdc) reticle. The unit is also rustproof and good and smooth in its construction.
Made for 38-40 grain, the tube diameter is at 1 inch and it hits dead on as a 22lr scope. It can be protected from elements and it also has a side focus parallax adjustment. It can eliminate contact with cap and can also remove internal moisture. With a matte finish, the glass is very clear and it has adjustable long range accuracy. With a scratchproof body, the 22lr scope has been sealed to protect with uncompromising performance overall when you are mounting it to your rifle. With nice and bright optics, it has a fast focus eyepiece.

Budget Pick

Tasco .22 Rimfire 1x30mm Red-Dot Riflescope

Made with quality optics, our budget pick is the Tasco .22 Rimfire 1x30mm Red-Dot Riflescope and the scope mounts up like it should. It has great accuracy within 50 yards as a 22lr scope and it has a 11-position rheostat for all of your needs.
Possessing stunning HD clarity in terms of imagery, the dot is adjustable on the 22lr scope and it has a 38 mm tube diameter with good accuracy overall. The 22lr scope also goes on target quick and the quality materials make the 22lr scope study overall. The scope has 3 3/4 inches of length and it is also ideal for long distance shooting.
Durability is excellent on the 22lr scope and it has great brightness control and it also has 1x30mm specifications. It can get you on target and it is a built to last 22lr scope overall with 5 MOA. The parallax setting is at 50 yards or 45.7 meters and the 22lr scope fits standard weaver-style centerfire bases.
Moreover, the 22lr scope is ideal for .22 rimfire ammo and is lens coating is R/ML FC. Filled with lots of features, the 22lr scope can work on Marlins with no additional mounting base. The 22lr scope is also for shotguns up to 3-inch shells and its field of view at feet per 100 yards / meters at 100 m is at 57 feet / 19 meters. The 22lr scope will work great no matter the game and is truly amazing for the price.
It can support handguns up to .357 magnum and it is a nice and reliable little scope for the money. Moreover, the 22lr scope has a dovetail rail and it is covered with matte or AWF finish. With an extra bright optic quality, the 22lr scope already comes with the cr2032 battery and it is super ideal for short to medium ranges.
With a crisp and clear dot, the 22lr scope possesses a wide field of view and you can use them on air guns with no problem at all. The windage and elevation screws are excellent and the fully coated rubicon optics that are multi-layered on this 22lr scope.

Best 22lr Scope made with Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Sightmark Core SX 4×32 .22LR Riflescope

As the perfect optic for the .22lr, the Sightmark Core SX 4×32 .22LR Riflescope has a diopter adjustment that is from +2 to -2 and has been made with super quality optics. The adjustment value is at 1/4 MOA and there is 40 grain support for this very durable 22lr scope.
It is also fog proof as a 22lr scope and the eyepiece diameter is at 1.62/42. It is truly much more than expected than other 22lr scopes out there with its BDC reticle. Moreover, the 22lr scope supports up to 29 grain high velocity and it is also ideal for small game hunters. The 22lr scope is also waterproof and its elevation range of adjustment is 70. Moreover, the 22lr scope can reach up to 200 yards reticle holdover points and is of good quality for the price.
The 22lr scope shoot targets extremely fast and it has been made for a reasonable price. Likewise, the length is at 11.26 inches and the 22lr scope has a sturdy single piece construction. Moreover, it can make hunting exciting and fun and it is great compared to hunting rifles. With a 1 inch tube, the 22lr scope has multi-coated lens coating and it is far more fun than others with aircraft grade aluminum.
Having multi-coated lenses, the 22lr scope is also ideal for target shooters with a 4×32 construction. The parallax setting is at 50 and it has a hard anodized finish. With increased accuracy than others, the 22lr scope is dependable come rain or shine and is also shockproof. With support for 40 grain standard velocity, the max recoil is at 600g’s on this rimfire riflescope.
The IP rating is ip67 as it is waterproof and dustproof and it is covered with a matte black finish. With resettable turrets, the 22lr scope seems tough in construction and it is a nice specialty scope. The wide field of view makes it great as a 22lr scope and it also has capped turrets. Working in a variety of conditions, the 22lr scope has exceptional dependability overall.

Best 22lr Scope with BDC Feature

Nikon P-22 2-7x32mm BDC 150 Scope

Built and made with optical excellence, the 2-7×32 mm scope from Nikon is great and the Nikon P-22 2-7x32mm BDC 150 Scope has a parallax set at 50 yards. It allows you to move like lightning and it is great with its BDC 150. Having a fully multi-coated optical system, it has 1/4 inch click adjustments and has been given a matte black finish.
With 11 1/2 inches of length, the 22lr scope can help you find the perfect shot with tactical excellence overall. With a 3.8′ eye relief, the scope has been o-ring sealed and all you need to do is to buy rings separately. With a a zero-reset feature, the 22lr scope is ideal for .22 lr rifles and it has a 1 inch tube diameter. It is also fog proof and has a high light transmission. You can definitely take aim better with the 2-7x magnification of this scope.
Having optimized versions of scope features, the 22lr scope is also waterproof and has tactical style turrets that allow you to move at extreme sighting speed. Being consistent as a 22lr scope, it works well for low-light environments. The exit pupil is at 16-4.6 mm and it has superior accuracy. Weighing only 16 ounces, all magnifications are dead on and its 32 mm objective lens is just fine.
With large magnification, the field of view at 50 yards is 22.3 feet at 2x and 6.4 feet at 7x and the nitrogen-filled body makes it clear and clean. With generous amounts of features, the 22lr scope is super easy to adjust.

Best 22lr Scope for Long Range Use

Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 6.5-20x50mm M1

The Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 6.5-20x50mm M1is ideal for long range shooters and the precision parallax adjustment from 50 yards to infinity. The 22lr scope can give you faster windage and elevation adjustments and gives you all of the usable light that you need.
This tactical riflescope has been given a matte finish and is optimal for the target shooter with 6.5 to 20x magnification. The 22lr scope can also minimize reflections for easier accuracy and it has a zero knobs after sight-in feature. The 22lr scope can give you more clarity and brightness and it has a 50 mm objective lens. With a durable construction, the 22lr scope has 1/4 MOA click adjustments as well.
You can easily protect your lenses with this 22lr scope and its large-scale calibers compatibility. With an index matched lens system, the 22lr scope is also waterproof and it outlasts any other scope with its turret-mounted knob. With unsurpassed sharpness, the 22lr scope is also finger-adjustable and draws in light for maximum optics and visibility.
Having 14.3-5.5′ of field of view at 100 yards, the 22lr scope has incredible brightness and repeatable accuracy that you can depend upon. With no room for error at all, the contrast of the 22lr scope is great and the non-illuminated mil dot reticle works just as expected. The glass type is definitely made for the competitive shooter and the 22lr scope only weighs 22 ounces.
With a side-focus parallax adjustment, the 22lr scope also has a zeroed adjustment clasped in a solid one piece construction. Made for the long-range accuracy needs, the fast focusing is reliable and the standard of toughness is undeniable. It has great audible and tactile clicks and it definitely makes every shot count as a 22lr scope.
Being fog proof, the 22lr scope gives easy parallax focusing and it is tough enough for the elements. It has a 5.5-3.8 inches eye relief and it is ideal for low-light operations in the field out there. With a parallax from 75 yards to infinity, the 22lr scope is also applicable for high-end long range rifles and completely dependable for the toughest tactical situations.
With tactile clicks, the mil dot reticle is dependable and the elevation and windage can be adjusted. Ideal for heavy recoil weapons, the 22lr scope is made for the worst environments with proven accuracy all in all and edge sharpness.
Having a rugged 30mm main tube, you get absolute recoil resistance with the 22lr scope. The eyepiece length is at 3.2 inches and it has a lens surface. The power adjustments function well and it has 14.5 inches of length with a fully waterproof construction. The 70 MOA elevation and windage adjustment range is great when you really need it and it has an outstanding brightness. With neat lens coatings, it also has standard flip open lens covers.

Best 22lr Scope for Hunting

Firewolf 1×40 Hunting Tactical Holographic Riflescope

In the Firewolf 1×40 Hunting Tactical Holographic Riflescope, the dot colors are green and red and are selectable. The light weight scope is great and its length is at 96mm. With a free eye relief and a wiping cloth, it uses a cr2032 battery in a compact design.
With an adjustable windage and elevation, its telescopic sight is great and it has an integrated mount for 11 mm and 20 mm weaver rail. The magnification is at 1x and it has a specification manual. The reflective coated lenses with anti-glare quality are great and the anodized matte black finish is clear. With good optical clarity, it is made with high grade aluminum alloy and it comes with an adjustable wrench as an optical sight scope.

Best 22lr Scope with ACSS Reticle

Primary Arms Fixed 6x32mm Rifle Scope

Having a fixed 6x magnification, the Primary Arms Fixed 6x32mm Rifle Scope is totally waterproof while its exit pupil is at 5.2 mm. It is ideal for your plinking or hunting needs and is totally protective. With ACSS (advanced combined sighting system) 22lr reticle, the length is at 9.25 inches and it also increases first hit ratio in its reticle design.
The click value is at 1/4 MOA and it is also fog resistant. Likewise, it is specifically designed for 22lr rifles and it has a 1 inch tube diameter. Being clear and calibrated, it has great range estimation and it has a black anodized matte finish.
As a 6 x 32 mm scope, it is for standard velocity ammo. The eye relief is at 3.2 inch and the rifle scope can hit cans and bottles easier with excellent value. With crystal clear optics, the field of view is at17.5 ft at 100 yards. It has bullet drop compensation that is pretty much spot on. The magnification is just right and it has no illumination at all.
You will never experience fogging issues with this scope and this is a very good scope that gets the job done. With an awesome design, its weight is at 12 oz and it can be used to view at different distances. As a lightweight scope, it can be used for shooting soda cans as well as range clays in one simple system. It decreases time on target and is a great value for the money. It has the perfect optic system that works great. It has a 3 year warranty.

Best 22lr Scope with Red Laser

Pinty 3in1 Tactical 3-9X40 Rifle Scope

The Pinty 3in1 Tactical 3-9X40 Rifle Scope is easy to adjust as a tactical scope with 3-in-1 functionality. It can be turned with your finger and the scope is nice with a red laser sight that works in wet conditions. It has a torch plus 5 different settings for the flashlight. The laser wavelength is at 625 – 660nm and it is perfect for rim fire and for dark environments.
As a 3-9x40mm scope with a 40mm objective diameter, you get the best value. You can easily change the mounting rings and the laser output is < 5mw and it can keep your settings locked in light and dark conditions. With 3 modes of torch at high, low and strobe, it has a click-on of 1/4 inch 100 yards as a tactical scope to spot your target in a very functional way. It is bright with windage and elevation adjustments plus solid mounts. You can caliber center fire rifles with this super bright mild light scope. It has a tube diameter of 1 inch plus protective caps. With 4 mounts, it is fog proof to find your target easier. With anodized aluminum housing, the laser site is sturdy and it can reach 262 feet in the dark. There are 4 hex wrenches and it is very functional for hog hunting. There is a laser with remote control switch, it comes with 20mm rail mounts and it is super bright with excellent quality with an ultrafire 501b torch as the tactical light with good optics. The torch with an output of 120 lumens is great and the scope is rated to be waterproof. You will be impressed with the setup as the waterproof scope has a torch which only requires a 18650 lithium ion battery. With an 8 inch mount for the torch with a diameter of 25.4 mm, the laser is a nice addition. If you want good low budget optics, get this shockproof scope. The laser comes with 2 lr44 batteries.

Best 22lr Scope with 3 in 1 Functionality

Pinty Premium 3-in-1 combo 4-12x50EG Riflescope

As a neat 3-in-1 scope, the Pinty Premium 3-in-1 combo 4-12x50EG Riflescope is great and the optics are clear and everything works great for excellent optics overall. As a mil dot riflescope, it is a very nice scope that exceeds expectations with its high quality build.
With a red laser sight, the optics is better than others to hit the targets better. It is well constructed and has a red dot sight that is easy to set up. With better quality, it is made with aerospace aluminum alloy plus there are 3 Allen keys for sight adjustment and rail mounting.
It is ideal for any picatiny rail mount and is truly durable with lens caps plus a pressure remote switch. It has adjustments and is versatile with brightness adjustments. With 4 reticle patterns, it comes with a cleaning cloth. With unsurpassed light transmission, it only uses 2 cr2032 batteries and helps you to aim better. The exit pupil is at 3.3 mm ~ 10 mm and it has great mechanical performance in the darkest environments for the best value.
The field of view is 10′ ~ 27′ @ 100 yards and it guarantees clear visions with premium features with the laser sight. It is as good as expensive scopes and has o-ring sealing. The adjustments are positive and the scope is also perfect for hunting. The objective diameter is at 50 mm / 1.97 inches and has nitrogen filling. The windage and elevation click value is at 1/4′ @ 100 yards and it has green and red illuminations. This waterproof scope has an eye relief that is from 3 to 3.4 inches. On your next hunting trip, this is a fog proof riflescope combo system to have with better vision. The magnifications from 4x up to 12x and it comes with 2 free mounts and lens covers.

The Competition

Other 22lr scopes are no match for the quality of the ones we picked here. It is important for any 22lr scope to have great clarity and quality as well as ease of mounting and setup so that it can be used right away as a reliable 22lr scope.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the 22LR?
A: According to Wikipedia , the .22LR or the .22 Long Rifle is a very well-known rifle and ammunition that has a straight and rimmed case type with a typical bullet diameter of 5.7 to 5.73 mm and is a very low cost rifle for recreational shooting, game hunting and the like.

Q: What are some shooting tips with the .22LR rifle?
A: According to Arms Locker , the rifle should be fitted with good sights and you can also use a ghost ring for small game hunting. Make sure you havea good scope sight and you should also clean the bore when it comes down to the barrel.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap things up, the BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope is our best 22lr scope for those who are into recreational shooting, target shooting, game hunting and the like.