15 Health Benefits of Passion Fruit, According to Science (+6 Delicious Recipes)

Passion fruit looks somewhat odd developing on its creeper vine, which can stick itself around any surface and stick on, looking for the daylight. Be that as it may, don't give appearances a chance to trick you, this organic product is generally celebrated and eaten the world over for years.

This tropical and subtropical fruit is in fact taken as a type of berry, according to botanists. This fruit is the lovely product of the Passiflora vine, a type of passion flower. Its outer is tough but inside it is filled with numerous juicy seeds. There are many types of passion fruit around the world depending upon size and color but most common are the purple and yellow varieties. (1)

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The organic product is frequently pressed for the exceedingly helpful juice, and it is regularly observed that this juice is added to different juices to enhance the flavor and include an outlandish taste. Considering the fact that passion fruit is cultivated in many countries with different varieties, this fruit is used in cooking as a regular ingredient. From the prospect of usage, it is a common breakfast item as juice and adds delicious flavor to snacks, salad, and desserts.

1. Passion Fruit Enhances Immune Strength In Pregnancy

As the pregnancy is confirmed the first thing to listen is to take care of diet and increase the intake of fruits. If a pregnant woman awakes with the aroma of passion fruit and starts her day with pulpy juice and pitted seeds of this fruit her immune system is going to support her at its best during pregnancy.

Passion fruit is a decent wellspring of vitamin C, which is expected to bolster development and improvement of a fetus in the early phases of pregnancy. Vitamin C is likewise an effective cancer prevention agent and can help keep your insusceptible framework solid. This fruit likewise has a high fiber content, which can help in case you're experiencing constipation in pregnancy. (2)

Passion fruit has extraordinary resistant fortifying properties due to its vitamin A, vitamin C, and phytochemical content. A strong immune system will help the body in battling against different pathogens: poisons, microorganisms, and infections in pregnancy. (3)

Key Takeaway: No side effects of eating passion fruit in pregnancy are seen. This nutritional pack takes care of all pregnancy health issues. The fruit is also rich in calories and even the diabetics can take it but in limited quantity only after consulting the doctor.

2. Passion Fruit Restores Antioxidant Enzyme To Control Diabetes

Diabetes is an ailment in which the body's capacity to create or react to the hormone insulin is debilitated, bringing about anomalous digestion of sugars and lifted levels of glucose in the blood.

The exterior or peel of the purple passion fruit which is not edible and normally ends up in the garbage has the secret to keeping human body safe from the dangerous ravages of diabetes. The sub-acute administration of passion fruit can control the blood glucose level in the diabetics. (4)

Additionally, passion fruit extract protects by restoring the anti-oxidants enzyme and considerably increasing superoxide dismutase level (SOD) and reducing catalase (CAT) and TBARS level in visceral organs. In conclusion, that passion fruit extracts showed anti-diabetic and antioxidant potential against streptozotocin-induced diabetes. (5)

Key Takeaway: Utilization of passion fruit extracts in limited quantity is recommended for diabetes. The purple passion fruit peel extract lowers both blood pressure and fasting blood sugar. And the best part is that even a single adverse side effect is not reported from diabetics. The purple passion fruit peel performs the job reducing blood sugar content in the body for keeping the condition in control.

3. Iron And Vitamin C Present In Passion Fruit Keeps Anemia Risk Low

The red color of our blood is because of an element present in the blood called hemoglobin whose main substance is Iron.

Hemoglobin completes the fundamental capacity of blood which is transporting blood to all parts of our body. At the point when specialists discuss the low level of blood, it more often than not alludes to a lack of hemoglobin called Anemia.

Anemia is not a serious matter, but rather in the event that it stays unchecked and undiscovered for long, it can prompt intense results. Normal indications of low hemoglobin incorporate steady tiredness, shortness of breath, sluggishness, blackouts and drowsiness. (6)

Passion fruit contains a high volume of iron which is 20% of day by day required an incentive alongside Vitamin C. Vitamin C is indispensable for ingestion of iron in the body. It counteracts the loss of iron and expands hemoglobin in the blood. (7)

Key Takeaway: Our body needs a certain quantity of red blood cells or hemoglobin to keep the body in working condition. Passion fruit enhances hemoglobin ratio in blood as it is rich in iron content and improves organ functioning. It reduces the threat to develop anemia by proper blood circulation. Vitamin C present in passion fruit helps in iron immersion and in turn avoiding the loss of iron.

4. Fiber Content Makes Passion Fruit Highly Recommended For Constipation

Constipation means solid discharges are intense or happen less frequently than typical. Nearly everybody experiences it at some point or another.

In spite of the fact that it's not typically serious, you'll feel vastly improved when your body is back on track. The typical timeframe between solid discharges differs generally from individual to individual. A few people have them three times each day. Others have them just a few times every week.

In such cases, your body needs the high content of fiber present in fruits, especially passion fruit. Passion fruits possess a high volume of dietary fiber specifically the soluble fiber. Passion fruits contain high amounts of soluble fiber that increases bulk laxative and improves digestion. These fibers improve the capacity of the body to absorb the nutrition from food.

Fiber absorbs water and softens the stools to make for an easy and healthy bowel movement. Passion fruit is not only rich in fiber but also has a high water content that is a must with fiber for improving digestion.

A regular and essential quantity of fiber is 25 grams per day for women and up to 38 grams for men. Unluckily, almost all of us get only about 15 grams per day, which explains why so many people get constipated. (8)

Key Takeaway: Passion fruit stimulates digestion with the help of inherent enzymes that support a number of digestive juices created in the stomach and helps in proper and regular bowel movements. It is also known to relieve the body from many other gastric diseases as a result.

5. Passion Fruits Defends Body From High Blood Pressure

When the heart beats, it pushes blood around the human body to provide it the energy and oxygen it needs. As the blood circulates, it puts pressure against the sides of the blood vessels. The strength of this pressure is called blood pressure. If blood pressure is too high, it puts excessive strain on arteries (and subsequently the heart) and this leads to heart attacks and strokes. (9)

High blood pressure (hypertension) is not something that is felt or noticed usually. Moreover, there are no obvious signs or symptoms of high blood pressure. The only way to know about your blood pressure is by measuring it.

One serving of passion fruit each day can satisfy 1/4 of potassium needs instantly. Passion fruit is rich in potassium content with almost no sodium which makes it highly effective in protecting from high blood pressure. (10)

Potassium is an essential mineral in the human body for many reasons, one of which is its function as a vasodilator. It relaxes the blood vessels and helps increase blood flow. This reduces the pressure on the heart and increases overall cardiovascular condition.

Additionally, potassium is also necessary to keep the proper fluid balance of the body. Potassium-regulated channels allow movement between membranes, so right volumes of this mineral are of paramount importance. (11)

Key Takeaway: Passion fruit juice contains alkaloids which help keep the blood pressure low and have sedative and antispasmodic action. Passion fruit through potassium normalizes electrolyte balance and pedals the muscle function of entire body including cardiac muscles. Therefore ensure to make passion fruit an essential part lunch once in awhile to keep heart healthy and blood pressure in control.

6. Passion Fruit Guarantees Cardiovascular Health

Cholesterol is the foremost enemies of the heart, it blocks veins and also creates variations in blood pressure initiating increased strain on the heart. Passion fruit is rich in nutritional fiber that decreases cholesterol in the blood. The dietary fiber increases HDL which is the good cholesterol and reduces LDL which is the bad cholesterol.

Passion fruit juice is high in beta carotene which is responsible for the yellow and purple color of passion fruits. It is also a rich source of vitamin A as its pro-vitamin A is converted to vitamin A in the liver. Being an antioxidant, it aids in the prevention of cancer, cardiac diseases and as earlier said high blood pressure. (12)

Potassium present in passion fruit protects the heart from irregular heart beat and also helps control the contraction and expansion of cardiac muscles. The high antioxidant content keeps the arteries from hardening and it also cleans stubborn blockage formation.

Key Takeaway: When joint with the vasodilation properties of potassium, the high iron and copper of passion fruit indeed create an impression. Furthermore, Iron and copper both are vital elements of red blood cell production, so when the RBC count increases and the arteries are stretched, then heart can easily ensure the free flow of healthy oxygenated blood to the body. Healthy blood flow is crucial for proper heart functioning also.

7. Passion Fruit’s Alkaloids Protect Against Insomnia

Insomnia is the disease of facing difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep, even when the patient is willing or has the chance to sleep. Individuals with insomnia are not satisfied with their sleep and normally go through one or more of the given symptoms: fatigue, difficulty concentrating, low energy, mood disturbances, and very little or diminished performance in office or at school. (13)

One thing that is usually ignored about the elements of passion fruit is medicinal alkaloids, including Harman, which also is a sedative. This component of passion fruit functions to control restlessness, insomnia/sleeplessness, and nervous anxiety.

Passion fruit contains medicinal alkaloids and phytonutrients that have a slight sedative property. Regular consumption of passion fruit by insomnia patients can relax the nervous system and encourage restful sleep and by all persons can reduce the risk of insomnia. (14)

Key Takeaway: Passion fruit is an excellent mood enhancer and doctors have started prescribing natural supplements containing passion fruit to treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia. The drugs to treat these diseases have many side effects. That’s why food items having medicinal alkaloids are emphasized to be included in the diet to avoid these ailments.

8. Keep Asthma Under Check With Passion Fruit

On the off chance that you have asthma your airways are constantly aggravated. They turn out to be much more swollen and the muscles around the airways can tighten when something triggers asthmatic symptoms, for example, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath as well as trunk tightness.

It’s a fact that asthmatic patients experience wheeze, cough, and breathlessness but the frequency of all these symptoms declines if passion fruit peel is used and it is because of the antiallergic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit. (15)

As it is highly nutritious and healthy, this juice can calm asthma attacks. It covers vitamin C that helps in stalling histamine that causes asthma. Use of passion fruit peel relieves the cold, cough, asthma and wheezing symptoms and works as a great expectorant. (16)

Key Takeaway: Studies have revealed that combination of various extracts from passion fruit peel creates a unique mixture of flavonoids that have medicinal sedative and soothing effect on the respiratory system. The flavonoids of Purple Passion fruit are in particular beneficial in keeping the asthma symptoms in control.

9. Beta-Carotene Of Passion Fruit Preserves Eyesight

Weak eyesight is associated with partial blindness also known as myopia or farsightedness (hyperopia). Factors such as hereditary properties, poor dietary choices, maturing and unreasonable pressure on the eyes and worsen the condition.

Aside from other benefits of passion fruit perseverance of eyesight is most important. Passion fruit is rich in beta-carotene which is also an important antioxidant. In the human body, it is converted to vitamin A, which is vital for preserving good eyesight especially related to old age. (17)

Passion fruit is one of those healthy fruits that prove advantageous for eyes. It has a high amount of antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and flavonoids. Moreover, beta-carotene is a non-toxic form of vitamin A. However, excessive intake of vitamin A can be toxic. (18,19)

Key Takeaway: Passion fruit contains high measures of antioxidants like vitamin A, C, and flavonoids. These supplements can help shield your eyes from free radicals that cause harm. They additionally look after the mucous layers that monitor the cornea of the eye; the beta carotene content likewise affects eyes and vision wellbeing.

10. The Anti-Carcinogenic Properties Of Passion Fruit Help In Reducing Cancer Risk

Cancer is shaped by free radicals that develop and harm cells. Free radicals can be tidied up by consistently expanding cancer prevention agents before they have room schedule-wise to harm the solid cells. Passion fruit is high in vitamin A and C, which are strong cancer prevention agents (antioxidants and flavonoids). These vitamins kill the free radicals and shield our bodies from growth.

Passion fruit holds a rich amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both are strong antioxidants. They neutralize free radicals and protect from cancer. (20)

The flavonoids contribute to the strength of Passion fruit in providing antioxidants to the body and thus protects from cancer. Modern studies resulted in that flavonoids can neutralize the cancerous cells in cancer patients. (21, 22, 23, 24)

Key Takeaway: Passion fruit contains vitamin A, various flavonoids, and phenolic compounds and all of these possess anticancer properties, particularly in terms of prostate, colon, stomach and breast cancer. Regular use of passion fruit will not only provide relief but also prevent the condition from getting worse.

11. The Antioxidants Of Passion Fruit Also Aid Arthritis

Arthritis is a term regularly used to mean any ailment that affects joints. Signs and symptoms generally encompass joint ache and stiffness. Other symptoms can also include redness, high temperature, swelling and reduced variety of motion of the affected joints.

Research has discovered the effects of purple passion fruit peel extract on joints pain and relieves pain in people with knee osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a painful condition caused by irritation in the knee joint. (25)

Beta carotene contained in passion fruit helps bone and tooth development, keeps body tissues in good condition and reduces the risk of arthritis.

The beta-carotene can reduce the chance of developing arthritis. Antioxidant champion vitamin C is helpful against cell-damaging free radicals that cause soreness in those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Key Takeaway: The antioxidant capacity of passion fruit can help the body in several ways. Passion fruit enhances mineral bone density and aids in making of bones strong because of iron, magnesium, phosphorus and copper content held by this fruit.

12. The Vitamins Found In Passion Fruit Prevents Skin Damage

Human skin is continuously exposed to internal and external impacts that may adjust its situation and functioning. Therefore, the skin may additionally go through changes like photoaging, inflammation, immune dysfunction, imbalanced epidermal homeostasis, or different pores and skin issues.

Fruits like passion fruit which is having a high antioxidant level are proved to be extremely beneficial for the skin. Passion fruit is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A antioxidants.

Vitamin A & C and particularly beta carotene contained in passion fruit juice is required for healthy skin, skin cell development and reproduction. (26)

In a nutshell, passion fruit delivers protection against free radical damage, subsequently preventing premature aging and keeping the immune system strong.

Key Takeaway: Regardless of what number of pores and skin care creams and lotions you apply to the skin, if you aren’t ingesting wholesome food to nourish your pores and skin from within, your skin will appear rough, gray and undernourished. So a jug full of passion fruit juice will provide tons of Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A to improve skin.

13. Alkaloids Are A Natural Mood Enhancer Encased In Passion Fruit

One among other components that everybody should recognize about passion fruit is that it contains an adequate quantity of sedative content material referred to as alkaloids. (27)

That’s why consuming passion fruit at the side of alcohol isn't advocated.

However, in moderate quantity alkaloids contained in passion fruit is effective to be temper enhancer that would treat a mild symptom of despair.

Huge proportions of alkaloids mark it as a very effective mood enhancer and indeed, doctors are prescribing these natural supplements to treat issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia and resultantly treat moods.

Key Takeaway: As passion fruit is highly helpful as a mood enhancer, why shouldn’t we try to replace a glass of warm milk with passion fruit whenever an attack of depression is felt? However, in severe attacks of depression, doctor’s advice is still essential because of the high dosage of alkaloid could damage the nerve system.

14. Low Calories Of Passion Fruit Aid In Weight Loss

The key part of a successful weight loss program is strong metabolism and healthy digestive system. Passion fruit is rich in fiber which contributes in refining and improving the digestive system.

Likewise, the adequate amount of water provided by passion fruit keeps your body from dehydration and hydrated body, in turn, proves healthy metabolism. Passion fruit is rich in carbohydrate and produces energy after a heavy workout and passion fruit is also low in fat, calories and sodium.

A single passion fruit of about 18 grams contains only 17 calories. (28)

Key Takeaway: For all those keeping an eye on their body weight or even trying to lose weight, passion fruit is definitely the suggested culinary food. The high fiber content ratio indicates that the fruit not only satiates hunger but keeps the belly full so that you do not overdo on other food items.

15. Impressive Hair Benefits Of Passion Fruit Juice

Protection of hair depends upon the transport of oxygen and critical vitamins from the circulatory system to the hair cavities. Healthy hair is at once associated with a healthy body and hair problems are a result of dietary deficiencies or prolonged illness.

As already mentioned, passion fruit contains heavy quantities of vitamin A, vitamin C and minerals like copper and potassium that support healthy hair. So, consumption of passion fruit juice is beneficial for hair and help in hair problems.

As passion fruit is rich in powerful antioxidant (vitamin C). This vitamin helps in the creation of collagen, which stops hair splitting and breaking. (29)

Key Takeaway: Vitamin C and antioxidants injected in passion fruit intake protects the body from free radical damage, which in turn eliminates external effects that can cause stress and depression which lead to hair loss.

6 Delicious Passion Fruit Recipes

Passion Fruit is normally eaten fresh but may be cooked for use in sauces and fillings. Its pulp can be used with ice creams and fruits. The pulp is also used to make jellies and jams. Moreover, seeds add a crunchy effect to the food.

Passion fruit is full of nutrients which are beneficial to heart, skin, hair and eyes. It is a rich source of vitamins, alkaloids, antioxidants and fibers which prevent constipation, boost digestion, and regulate blood pressure.

Passion fruit is one of the most delightful fruits of the world. The thing that makes them even cooler is that they can be used in different combinations for cooking and adding taste to juices. So let’s now learn how passion fruits can be added to different dishes.

1. Coconut & Passion Fruit to Create Mini Lamingtons

The tasty and classic teatime treat of white chocolate and tangy passion fruit make the evening delightful.


1/2 cup of fresh butter

3/4 cup of caster sugar

2 medium-sized eggs

1 cup of flour

2/3 cup of dry coconut

1/3 cup of fresh sour cream

1/4 cup of passion fruit pulp

3/4 cup of milk

3/4 cup of white chocolate

3 3/4 cups of icing sugar

225g pkt of coconut, shredded

2 tsp of corn oil

1/2 tsp of ground ginger

2 tsp of whole or fat-free milk

1 1/2 tsp of almonds


  1. Heat oven up to 180°C.

  2. Beat butter and sugar in a bowl with eggs.

  3. Add sour cream, coconut, flour and half the passion fruit pulp.

  4. Put all material in a cake pan and bake for 30 minutes.

  5. Heat milk, add chocolate, extra pulp and sugar and stir.

  6. Trim the sides of cake into 16 even squares

  7. Now garnish baked cake with chocolate and pulp mixture

2. Passion Fruit Panna Cottas and Lychee

To serve highly delicious creamy set dessert with a tropical jelly topping ensure you keep your measurements exact to get the right taste.


3 cups of double cream

1 cup of milk

1/2 cup of caster sugar (golden)

1 tsp of fresh vanilla paste

1 cup of peeled and sliced lychee, plus some extra to garnish

5 sheets of fresh gelatine

6 tbsp of passion fruit curd

2 whole passion fruits to serve

1 cup of passion fruit juice2 tbsp of passion fruit seeds

1/4 cup of caster sugar (golden)

2 sheets of gelatin


  1. Heat the fruit juice with sugar until it has dissolved. Then add the gelatin to passion fruit and sugar solution. Then add in the fruit seeds.

  2. Transfer into moulds and cool for 1 hr.

  3. Add the cream, sugar, vanilla, milk and lychees in a blender and heat it.

  4. While it’s becoming hot, soak the 5 gelatin sheets in cold water.

  5. When the cream is about to boil put it off from heat and add gelatin sheets to the cream, then stir well.

  6. Keep at room temperature. Stir well, then transfer mixture into the moulds.

  7. To serve, take out panna cottas from moulds and Serve the panna cottas with lychees, curd and some juicy passion fruit flesh.

3. Passion Fruit Slushy with Pineapple and Orange

Satisfy your thirst with this passion fruit slushy and feel like you are on holidays.


4 passion fruit

2 cups of pineapple juice

2 cups of orange juice

2 cups of crushed ice

1/4 cup of mint leaves


  1. Pour passion fruit pulp into a jug without seeds.

  2. Now blend pineapple, orange juice, passion fruit juice, ice and mint until smooth.

  3. Pour into glasses and garnish with mint leaves.

4. Sea Bass with Passion Fruit Juice

It’s a dazzling and mouth-watering starter for a lunch with fish added with passion fruit juice having an impressive and refreshing taste.


3 whole passion fruit servings

2 lemons

1 peeled orange

1 fresh vanilla pod

4 fillets of sea bass

1 each - red chilli and yellow chilli

handful of chives and coriander


  1. Squeeze out the juices of the passion fruit, seeds, limes and orange in a bowl. Add in the seeds of vanilla pod and stir well.

  2. Pour over the juice thin pieces and arrange neatly on a large plate submerging the fish. Sprinkle over slices of red and yellow chilies and cover the plate and leave in the fridge for at least an hour or for night.

  3. Before serving, add finely chopped chives and pick some coriander leaves for garnishing the fish.

5. Passion Fruit Tart with Coconut

This is passion fruit tart can be served with vanilla ice cream.


1 ½ cup of flour

80g of butter (cold)

¾ cup of sugar

4 eggs

½ cup of coconut cream

¼ cup of rum

½ cup of passionfruit pulp and extra passion fruit for topping

Fresh cream


  1. Put the flour, butter and sugar in blender and mix until it looks like breadcrumbs and add the egg to make a dough.

  2. Now put dough in pastry tin. Bake in 180 degrees preheated oven for 15 minutes.

  3. Mix well the eggs, sugar, coconut, coconut cream, rum and passion fruit pulp to make the filling. Pour into the tart tin and place in the oven for 35 minutes.

  4. Remove and cool. Add whipped cream and drizzle extra passion fruit saved for topping.

6. Dessert of Passion Fruit with Mango, yoghurt and Honey

This is a quick and delicious recipe to serve unannounced guests.


1 cup of yoghurt

1 tbsp of honey

1 peeled and cubed mango

2 whole passion fruits

Fresh mint for garnishing


  1. Mix the honey, yoghurt, mango, seeds and passion fruit pulp into a bowl.

  2. Pour the mango and yoghurt mixture in half into two glasses. Chill for 8 hours. Garnish with fresh mint when serving.

Wrapping It Up

This fruit is low in energy and wealthy in vitamins and minerals. The pulp and seeds of passion fruit incorporate the most fiber. Passion fruit is wealthy with water soluble antioxidant, nutrition C, or ascorbic acid. This diet helps the body to present resistance towards infectious diseases and pro-inflammatory loose radicals. One serving provides you with a hundred percent of the recommended daily quantity.

Passion fruit is a charming and baffling natural product that has a shocking number of well-being and curative advantages for those fruit lovers who like to add it to their eating routine.

Some of these advantages incorporate energy natural product's capacity to anticipate carcinogenic development, invigorate assimilation, support insusceptible capacity, enhance vision, increment skin wellbeing, control liquid adjusts in the body, bring down pulse, help dissemination, and enhance bone mineral thickness. Moreover, it decreases indications of untimely maturing, diminishes aggravation, enhances resting propensities, and takes out asthma.

Last but not the least, I hope that this article would help you improve your eating habits. As this fruit is highly beneficial with the prospect of health, it should be a part of your daily menu. Because it’s a single solution for so many health problems, it should be regularly used in juices, desserts, and tarts.