Broadly speaking badminton training is similar to conditioning for the other racket sports such as tennis and squash. A simple movement analysis however, reveals a few key differences that will affect the competitive badminton players training regimen Many shots in badminton are played overhead more so than tennis or squash for example. Badminton players also … Read more

Best Badminton Shoes

All the badminton shoes we’ve seen so far have ensure proper comfort and improved traction at an exceptional value. The Asics GEL-Rocket 7 are one of the best badminton shoes with impressive traction and grip, good cushioning, and a light weight. Most people who play badminton require something along those lines, especially ample of traction … Read more

Best Badminton Racket

We’ve contented with over 20 badminton rackets ranging from different skill levels to build quality to comfortable grips, and we’ve found that the Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray Series is the best badminton racket for beginners and experienced players today. It features a comfortable fit, strong build quality, and sufficient flexibility for a professional-level player. Before … Read more