Brightest Flashlight

The YIFENG XML-T6 Portable 1600 Lumen Flashlight is our pick for the brightest flashlight. If you love fishing then this is a handy flashlight to have. You can also use it hiking as well as for camping and other outdoor activities in the dark. With a large area illumination for its flood light, it will be useful in the wilderness and it will fit in your pocket due to its small size, making it easy to carry.

Our step-up pick is the PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight and with an easy on and off button switch, you will find it helpful as a flashlight on search missions. This is a nice tactical flashlight that has an adjustable focus so it can function for different situations. As an LED flashlight with enough brightness for an emergency light, it can light up to 600 feet ahead.

The budget pick is the Uoline Tactical 1000-Lumens Portable LED Flashlight and it can be zoomed so it can adjust to your situation. It can also work as a makeshift tent lantern for emergency situations. The flashlight is made with aluminum alloy so it will not rust and will withstand the rain and dropping.

A Little Background

Flashlights are a great necessity of humanity because they can save lives and help people work at night and in dark situations. Consider bringing a flashlight with you, because it will not just save your life but you can also save other people’s lives when you see them in danger. Having a flashlight sheds more light to a dark situation, especially when you’re out jogging at night or before sunrise.
Emergency situations can be addressed well if you use flashlights and keep them with you at all times. Simple flashlights like these are often in the bags of most people going to work or at school for emergency purposes, especially if they live in an area with less street lights.
Moreover, most EDC (everyday carry) flashlights nowadays are made with LED bulbs in comparison to older flashlights, making them more energy efficient. Most EDCs are also small enough to fit in pockets. Lower lumen flashlights are those you often see on EDC flashlights while higher ones are ideal for tactical flashlights.
There are many kinds of flashlights out there. A waterproof flashlight is very useful when it rains, so that you can shine down light in the streets without the worry of corrupting your batteries and rusting them. Tactical flashlights need to be bright and at the same time durable. Since they consume more wattage, they may require more heavy duty batteries to use. Tactical flashlights are usually more expensive than an EDC flashlight.

How We Picked

If ever you want the brightest flashlight, here are some pointers you might want to consider when choosing the best out there:
Brightness: if you want the brightest flashlight, you need to consider the Lumens, which is about 1,000 or more if you want a really bright one. Most brightest flashlights can be in the form of tactical or camping flashlights. Having a bright flashlight is a good thing if you want to use it for longer distances and for emergency situations where small, EDC flashlights might not work well.
Bulb type: they can come either in xenon lighting or LED lighting. A flashlight that has a xenon bulb can be good for your eyes but can me quite expensive and not last as long as an LED light flashlight, which is cheaper and claims to have more lifespan than the xenon bulb. In addition to that, xenon bulb flashlights are also rarer to find nowadays.
Battery type: most brightest flashlights can be powered by your usual AA or AAA batteries or special lithium ion batteries.
Weather resistant: consider a brightest flashlight that can be waterproof or weatherproof so that it will be used for really tough situations.
Intended purpose: consider where you will use the brightest flashlight. Some will be used for military purposes, for camping, for fishing, for jogging, for rescue operations and others.
Average battery life: most high-lumen brightest flashlights can last for months or even almost a year, depending on the kind of battery you install on them. Most lithium ion battery flashlights have more battery life than AA and AAA types.
Portability: you should consider a flashlight that is easy to store in your pocket or bag.
Durability: a good flashlight to have is something that is shock resistant so that in case you drop it, the whole flashlight will still be functioning just fine.
Adjustable focus: it’s good to have a flashlight that has an adjustable focus, so that you can save its energy for specific tasks.
Rechargeable: some flashlights can also be rechargeable through a USB or wall charger, or you can recharge the batteries separately. This is helpful if you are in an emergency situation and you can’t find batteries but you do find a wall outlet or have a power source such as a power bank.
Included accessories: some flashlights that are portable come with a carabineer to attach it to your other tools or keys at home or for your car. Some flashlights also come with a case to protect it.
Light colors: some flashlights that are immensely bright may also have the option to switch between colors. This is helpful if you want a flashlight to help you while fishing, doing night photography and other work in the dark where super bright white light might not be the best option.

Our Pick

YIFENG XML-T6 Portable 1600 Lumen Flashlight

The YIFENG XML-T6 Portable 1600 Lumen Flashlight is our brightest flashlight which has an adjustable focus so that you can use it for different situations. For instance, you can make it smaller but reach a farther distance for traveling the road at night or make it wider for camping and room lighting.
This flashlight is also a great contender in heavy rain due to its water resistance. The bright LED bulb of this flashlight makes it an ideal pick for the brightest flashlight. It can be switched between the spotlight or circle floodlight option and it has a water resistant level of ipx-6 so it can be soaked in the rain.
You will love the telescoping feature so that you get a spotlight and a flood light in just one flashlight. If you ever travel across a road that is dark at night then this flashlight will be helpful long range of lighting up to 600 feet.
It also has a skid-proof design so it will not easily slip from your hand when it rains. With a total of five light modes, the flashlight allows you to check on the trees easily. If you are looking for a great flashlight that has a good amount of brightness at 1600 lumens then this flashlight is a good pick. It also has a strobe function for emergencies and self-defense.
Those who are living in a rural area will find this flashlight very useful. Made with 6061T aluminum alloy so it does not rust in the rain and still packs a punch in durability, it can be used with a 18650 lithium on rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries.
The flashlight also has an SOS light function so you can use it for search and rescue operations and emergency situations during storms or earthquakes. Being easy to operate, it has an estimated lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. It is so bright that it can light up an entire room when powered up by a high quality battery.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not really flaws, the YIFENG XML-T6 Portable 1600 Lumen Flashlight does have a few caveats that are not deal breakers, such as the fact that the battery compartment needs to have more adjustments for the coil, but you can solve this problem by straightening it out.

Step-up Pick

PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight

Our step-up pick is the PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight. Also great for tactical use such as for police and military operations, the flashlight light up an entire backyard due to its high lumen power. It is useful for outdoor activities and it can be helpful for patrolling as well.
It is powered by either a 18650 lithium ion battery (3.7 volts at 2200 mAh), which is included, or 3 AAA batteries. It is made with aluminum alloy for its body and casing so it is quite durable. It also comes with a sleeve and case package so you can keep it in the case when it is not needed for protection.
A great self defense flashlight to consider due to its strobe and SOS functions, you will find it a nice flashlight for outdoor activities like camping. Its charger for the lithium ion battery is at 100 to 240 volts AC so it is suitable for traveling. With only 6 hours of approximate charging time, the flashlight has a nice zoom function.
The flashlight is a great survival must-have as well as for both military and home use. It also has an AAA battery holder so you can use regular AAA batteries instead of the lithium ion battery during emergencies. With a high brightness output, the flashlight can be used for camping and fishing.
It is better than most ordinary flashlights in terms of power and adjustability. The soft touch tail switch for ease of operation makes it a simple and straightforward flashlight. It is of heavy duty and can be used for running and jogging at night.
Being a water resistant flashlight for both hunting and hiking, it is also nonslip so it is okay to use under the rain. With a rated output of 10 watts, walking your dog at night will be easy with this pocket flashlight. You can conveniently store the accessories inside the case. The unit also has a user’s manual for your reference.

Budget Pick

Uoline Tactical 1000-Lumens Portable LED Flashlight

Our budget pick is the Uoline Tactical 1000-Lumens Portable LED Flashlight and it can also be a great self-defense flashlight to consider if you’re in a dark neighborhood. It is also a great flashlight to have if you live in the mountains and it’s always dark at night.
As a compact and durable flashlight, you can shine it on distant objects to see in the dark better. Great for either close or long range operations, the compact design makes it easy to put in your pocket. With over 1000 lumens on its maximum output, it is a considerable bright and compact flashlight.
The unique thing about this particular flashlight is that the head of the flashlight can break glass so it’s great for emergency situations. It will surely survive wet weather conditions due to its body construction and it is also 20% brighter than regular flashlights.
With over 5 modes of lighting to switch from, the flashlight has a water resistant level of ipx-6 so it can take some rain and is ready for anything. Acting well as an emergency light, the flashlight can shine light up to 600 feet yet it has a power saving mode to save up on batteries.
You can switch between brightness modes so it is a good EDC flashlight with all the great features at a low price. Ideal also for fishing and hunting, the flashlight features both fast strobe and SOS modes for emergency purposes. You can shine a long range light with this flashlight for military purposes.
With an aluminum carabineer screw lock to attach your other items like keys, the flashlight has a rechargeable power source so you can use it conveniently for emergencies. With an intense spotlight feature, the flashlight is also shockproof so it is great for family safety.
Using either 18650 lithium-ion or 3 AAA batteries, the flashlight is built tough on its entirety and can last up to 100,000 hours of lifespan for the LED light bulb. Police and rangers will find it a good flashlight for night patrols. It is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Brightest Flashlight with Stainless Steel Parts

Fenix FX-PD35TAC Flashlight 1000 Lumen Black

The Fenix FX-PD35TAC Flashlight 1000 Lumen Black is our ideal brightest flashlight made smartly with stainless steel parts such as the switches. As a good survival kit flashlight in emergency situations, it will light up the trees in your yard or area.
The flashlight can also function as a bike light and is also anti skid for the rainy days. It is of heavy duty and can be used for either household use or outdoor activities. It also has a tactical mode which makes it ideal for police and military operations.
When it comes down to the output and tint, the flashlight is sufficiently good because of its lighting quality, which makes it a good LED flashlight for both home and outdoor use. It also has a strobe function that can be used defensively when an intruder attacks at night.
There are a total of 6 output modes using the side switch and the rear switch is for the on/off operation. Perfect for outdoor use, there is also a turbo mode for intense lighting needs.
For those who have a public safety job, having 1000 lumens on a flashlight like this is a good advantage for staying in the job. With a smooth beam, you will also find it portable to carry it everywhere due to its size at less than 14 cm long so it is quite compact to fit in your pocket.
If you work at the fire or police department then this is a well-recommended flashlight to use at night or during operations. The battery life is quite long so it’s a good tactical flashlight to consider with a digitally regulated output that keeps it lit at all times when needed.
This flashlight has a lanyard and clip included for ease of accessibility. The lamp body is quite durable so local cops can make good use of it as a duty flashlight with constant brightness. The included carry clip can rotate up to 360 degrees.
As a good EDC flashlight with higher performance than others, you can use it while you’re on patrol as a sort of duty light. With a throwing distance of up to 200 meters, the flashlight is a good law enforcement light for the dark places in your neighborhood. It comes with spare o-rings and a holster and is an amazing flashlight for the money.

Brightest Flashlight that is Portable in Size

Prosvet A100 1200 Lumen Cree-XML Flashlight

The Prosvet A100 1200 Lumen Cree-XML Flashlight is a good flashlight to consider if you want the brightest flashlight that is portable. With the power of this flashlight, you can light up the whole backyard on its turbo mode in the night for easy clarity during dangerous situations.
You can see what’s in the trees or hiding behind them with this reliable flashlight. Being skid-proof means that it will be okay to use in wet environments. It is a good flashlight to have in your emergency box due to being water resistant for tough times during camping and outdoor activities.
The wideness of the flashlight’s light can be adjusted so it can light up an entire room or light up the path in front of you. With over 5 settings of lighting to choose from, the flashlight features a 6061T aluminum alloy body so it is durable to the test of time and outdoor activities.
Great for RV camping, the flashlight can be zoomed due to its adjustable focus feature. It has good shock resistances so it is intended for the great outdoors yet it is lightweight as a good EDC or power outage flashlight.
It will fit in your pocket just fine due to its size. The flashlight has an estimated lifespan of about 80,000 to 100,000 hours. It is easy to operate with one hand and its brightness reaches 900 lumens or 1,200 lumens depending on whether you use the wide or narrow focus.
Being quite bright, especially on fully charged batteries, the flashlight also features strobe and SOS modes for emergency purposes. As an LED flashlight with sufficient power and construction, you can choose between wide and narrow beams due to the zoom feature.
The portability of this flashlight lets you take it with you anytime and anywhere. It can shine up to 660 feet or 200 meters of distance so it’s great for night trekking. It consumes 10 watts of power like most flashlights out there with a high output so it’s great for shining light on street signs and roads.
The flashlight may also reach 1000 feet at full power and can be kept in your car compartment for emergency car repairs. If you’re in places with no electricity then this is a considerable flashlight to have. Working with 18650 lithium ion (3.7 volts) or 3 AAA batteries, it is backed by a 24-month warranty.

Brightest Flashlight with a Handle

STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 920-Lumen Spotlight

The STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 920-Lumen Spotlight is a great flashlight to consider if you’re on a work area such as a garage or jobsite. If you simply have the need to carry a good flashlight then this flashlight will do.
It can take some rough handling which makes it great for general camping and trekking. The tail switch of this flashlight is easy to operate so you can turn the flashlight on or off and change modes, such as using low mode for battery saving purposes.
The 3 mode trigger system makes it simple because you can just switch between high, low and off options. As a great flashlight for emergencies, it can also be used for self-defense due to its strobe feature. It has a bright LED lamp at 10 watts of power and the distance is great for walking at night.
With a DC and AC charger included for travel use and international use, the ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold. This flashlight can about 4 hours to charge on the average and 6 hours for the first charge. It also reaches up to 920 lumens so it is great for a boat spotlight which reaches up to 100 yards.
If you have power failure for many days then this is a considerable flashlight for emergency purposes. It can also be used for work areas and job sites. It will make tall trees brighter outdoors at night and is also a good flashlight to use in a remote area other than being a power failure flashlight.
People who live in a wooded area or on a farm will find this flashlight ideal for its handiness and power. It uses a lithium ion battery which means that this flashlight can hold a charge for up to 12 months more or less. Moreover, it is reliable in almost every weather due to its materials and construction.
Blinding an attacker will be easy with the brightness option of this flashlight. Providing you long-lasting power with a good spot and focus, seeing animals on the road will not be as hard anymore with this flashlight.
Moreover, the flashlight can also be plugged into 12 volt systems. It is great for camping and for your boat at night. In almost any outdoor occasion, this flashlight can be a great accessible spotlight and a backup flashlight for vehicles for roadside emergencies.

Brightest Flashlight for Tactical Purposes

Gold Armour 1000 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

The Gold Armour 1000 Lumens Tactical Flashlight is our ideal brightest flashlight to consider for tactical and military purposes. You can also use it at home for repairs or for walking at night. As an LED flashlight, it also features SOS and strobe functions for emergency and dangerous situations.
The fact that this flashlight is portable makes it both for tactical and for everyday carry and its power and brightness is enough to light up an entire room. In addition to that, the flashlight is great for emergency purposes as well as for backpacking adventures.
This flashlight can stand up to 100,000 hours or more on its average lifespan and it can address any emergency situation accordingly with its high intensity brightness. With a total of 5 light switch modes like most bright flashlight, it uses a 18650 rechargeable lithium ion battery for longer lasting life.
As a water resistant flashlight, it can be used under the rain and other torrential moments when you go outside or camp out. It is a great flashlight for patrolling and search missions and it comes with a battery sleeve to protect the battery from harm.
The charging light indicator from red to green means that the flashlight is full on its charging status. It has an adjustable focus or zoom using the cylinder of the flashlight for various purposes. With a battery charger that can also take 3 AAA batteries, the flashlight is great for different emergency situations.
A good hiking and cycling flashlight to consider, its AAA battery holder makes it ideal for those times that you only have stores that sell AAA batteries. With up to 1000 lumens on its power, this makes an torch flashlight for various purposes.
It also comes with a free keychain and bottle opener so it is a great flashlight for survival tasks. It gives you a great output and can also be a great EDC flashlight. The flashlight takes about 6 hours of charging time and its rugged 6061T aluminum alloy construction will make it last a long time with proper care.
Great for both fishing and camping, this water resistant is flashlight is also anti-abrasive so it is easy to hold during rainy days and for emergency camping purposes. The flashlight is backed by a solid 10-year warranty.

Brightest Flashlight for Work Areas

Ryobi P704 18-Volt ONE+ Area Light

The Ryobi P704 18-Volt ONE+ Area Light is our ideal pick for a good flashlight for work areas and jobsites such as garages and the like. This flashlight has a total of 18 volts of power so it is enough for lighting up the back of the yard or any similar indoor or outdoor space with great ease.
Because this flashlight has interchangeable batteries, it is quite easy to power up if you have other Ryobi tools out there. Using a high intensity light bulb, this flashlight packs a lot of brightness and power for the darkest of nights and work spaces as a good area light.
Moreover, the design of this flashlight ensures that it does not drain battery at all so you can just charge with less time and use it right away. The flashlight can also work as a makeshift dirt bike headlight in case your headlight is dead. This flashlight has up to 1,000 lumens of brightness so it is considerably bright in its design.
As a great addition to your toolbox, the flashlight can function well as a general purpose work light and can be sufficient for the commercial electrician or garage worker. The flashlight greatly illuminates any work area due to its industry standard components yet light weight design.
The batteries for this flashlight work with other ONE+ devices from Ryobi so if you have tools such as the Rechargeable Drill Battery then you can interchange batteries with it. In addition to that, the flashlight features an adjustable head so it is versatile for almost every workplace out there.
Perfect also for camping, the flashlight works with various Ryobi batteries from P100 to P107. It has a bright center beam which goes up to 10 feet in distance. Ideal for jobsite use and car repairs, the flashlight can also be useful when the power goes out in your home or establishment.
It has a wide beam that reaches up to 160 degrees and it is good at aiming light for where you want to shine it on. Great for use both indoors and outdoors, the flashlight is bright and durable and yet it is very compact in design so you can use it on the go.

Brightest Flashlight that is Rain-proof

URPOWER 1000 lm LED Tactical Flashlight

If you want a rainproof or water resistant flashlight then you can consider the URPOWER 1000 lm LED Tactical Flashlight as a good bright flashlight to have. With an aluminum alloy casing for durability, it can stand well under the rain and it has over 1000 lumens on its max output.
The flashlight uses Cree LED for its light bulb so it is quite durable. It also runs up to 5 hours for low mode and 2 hours for high mode so it is economical in its battery life. The flashlight can reach up to 1150 feet for its max lighting range and it also has 5 lighting modes to choose from.
With O-ring water seals to make it truly rainproof, the flashlight is ideal for cycling and outdoor sports and has a battery sleeve for added durability. The short circuit protection ensures that the flashlight stays safe in its internal components.
With indicator lights for the charging status (red and green), the flashlight includes the 18650 lithium battery (2800 mAh) but also accepts AAAs using the AAA battery holder so it is versatile for emergency purposes. Great for hiking adventures as well, it has a strobe/SOS mode for emergencies.
Great for camping and for terrible weather, the flashlight can easily switch from a narrow to a wide beam with a turn of the flashlight. It is also applicable for 100 to 240 volts AC systems so it is great for traveling and for emergency purposes.
Made with a rechargeable battery and a wide angle of light, the flashlight also features a reverse connect protection and an over charge protection feature. The flashlight has an overall rainproof rating at IPX5 so it won’t get easily broken over water exposure.

Brightest Flashlight with a Zoom Function

Lighting EVER 1000lm LED Tactical Flashlight

The Lighting EVER 1000lm LED Tactical Flashlight is a good zoom capable flashlight that uses an XM-L2 LED bulb. With a skid-proof design for outdoor use, it packs 1000 lumens and is great for outdoor activities with its spot and flood beam choices.
With an IPX4 water resistance rating, it is great for climbing. The included 4.2V charger is UL listed for safety and it can also use 3 AAA batteries for emergency purposes. The design of the flashlight allows you to zoom in and out for multiple purposes.
Lighting up the darkest of environments with its adjustable beam focus, it is great for cycling and other sports. With 5 modes, it has a strobe and flash feature. Great for camping, it uses a 3.7V 2200 mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium battery.

The Competition

Other flashlights that we did not include in this list are the ones that did not have enough brightness in lumens. They were also a hassle to install the batteries on and did not last long enough compared to the ones we picked here, in terms of durability and weather resistance.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is carrying a flashlight important when going outdoors?
A: The purpose of a flashlight when going outdoors can be measured during critical situations when there are a lot of pickpockets in your vicinity. Imagine if someone tried to steal your wallet and not know because it is dark or there’s a lack of street lights in your area, or you pass by a dark area where there’s really not a source of light around.
Q: Can flashlights be used on outdoor adventures?
A: Definitely, you will need flashlights during camping, hiking, trekking and almost any outdoor adventure where and when you will most likely spend days and nights outside. Flashlights come in handy in the dark when you hunt for firewood, look for a camping ground to stay in and be wary of any kind of danger such a bears and other wild animals.
Q: How can a super bright flashlight become a form of self-defense?
A: The bright light of a flashlight may be enough to temporarily blind someone whom you think is planning something bad towards you or someone, like your family or friends. Most LED flashlights nowadays are so bright that they are effective at blinding people, so you can use that as an advantage to ward yourself against an attacker, and maybe even strike back so you can run away during times of danger.
Q: How are everyday flashlights different from other flashlights?
A: They are usually more lightweight than emergency or tactical flashlights and are cheaper and easily found at most stores. Most everyday flashlights have enough power and brightness for simple night walks and can be less bright than big camping flashlights or survival flashlights. Everyday flashlights can also be charged using a USB port other than its battery power. Some can even be attached to a carabineer or tool belt, so you’ll have them alongside your keys and other important items such as a Swiss knife or multi-tool.
Q: Why should you keep a flashlight in your car?
A: Having a flashlight in your car is important because it will be useful when it comes to auto repairs at night when your car accidentally breaks down in the middle of the road. Having a good flashlight that is bright enough to help you see what’s under the hood and underneath your car can help you see what’s wrong during an emergency. Consider a bright flashlight kept in the dashboard compartment of your car to have during emergency situations.
Q: What is the typical brightness of a tactical flashlight?
A: The usual brightness of most tactical flashlights out there are about 60 lumens in its brightness and are generally used for law enforcement and rescue operations, but may also be used by civilians for other situations. The wattage of this kind will be around 6 watts or more.
Q: What is the difference between xenon light bulbs and LED light bulbs on flashlights?
A: A flashlight can either be made with xenon light bulb or LED light bulb. LEDs are cheaper while xenon bulbs are more expensive. LEDs also have more life expectancy than xenon. However, xenon has a significantly better light than LEDs, while not brighter. Xenon light matches our eyes better in contrast to LED lights.
Q: If I have a flashlight function on my phone, why should I still carry a flashlight?
A: The regular flashlight does its job solely for lighting up the path or any object and it will have more battery power and more lighting power than your flashlight in your phone. During emergency situations, when your phone has run out of battery, it is good to have an extra flashlight in your pocket or bag so that when the darkness comes, you will be ready with a flashlight at hand.
Q: Why do some people use red colored flashlights?
A: The purpose of colored flashlights such as the red flashlight is for night photography, fishing, surveillance and various activities done at night that requires a lot of detail yet should not disturb other people with an immensely bright light. Red light is not very much seen when from far away so it is a good choice for most workers at night who want to go into the smallest details of work. Red colors enlighten the contrast of any object in the dark.
Q: Why are strobe flashlights beneficial for the police?
A: The strobe flashlight is a good addition to a police officer’s arsenal because it can help them immobilize the suspect by causing fear and disrupts their way of seeing things, which makes them more prone to being caught. Strobe lights are great when it comes to shining down a lot of light to the subject. Even if you don’t have an epileptic trace in your system, just watching strobe lights may induce momentary dizziness or vertigo, especially if it is from a very bright light source.
Q: What does EDC mean?
A: The term EDC means “every day carry” and it talks about an everyday carry flashlight that is mostly carried for regular use, such as walking at night and the like.
Q: Does a flashlight need to be waterproof?
A: At the very least you should get a waterproof flashlight, especially if you will use it in camping. Flashlights that are waterproof are more durable because you will not wear down its electrical components at all, especially the bulb and the battery.
Q: What are the two types of flashlight beams?
A: A flashlight beam may either be flood light or spot light when it comes to the shape. If you want a focusing beam that can reach very far even only at a small area, such as when walking at night, then you can go for a spot beam flash light. Flood lights, however, are ideal for camping because they can light up a large area even at a short distance, making them more ideal for stationary lighting.
Q: Do you need a flashlight for photography?
A: Yes, most handy and portable flashlights can be used for night photography, if you can’t see the settings on your camera and other gadgets. If you don’t have a headlamp, you can always go for a flashlight or a pen light to light up your way when you are setting up the camera, tripod and other items for your night photography.
Q: Why is it not recommended to mount a flashlight on your gun at all times?
A: This is because using a flashlight and shining it over someone will mean that you will also have to point the gun in that direction, which can be dangerous, especially if the gun is loaded. To avoid this, you can master a shooting technique in which you hold the gun and flashlight separately in both hands. This is for the safety of those people around you, especially your family and friends.
Q: What makes lithium batteries ideal for tactical flashlights?
A: The power of lithium batteries is so immense that it can last up to seven years or more, depending on how much you use your flashlight. Most lithium batteries are rechargeable and are the ones that you often see on high-end mobile phones and power tools, which make them last longer and work efficiently. Tactical flashlights should be all about durability and long lasting power so they should have long lasting batteries as well.
Q: On what kinds of activities can a tactical flashlight be used on?
A: The tactical flashlight can be used on military purposes, hunting, outdoor sports, fishing, hunting, rescue operations, police work and so much more. Some tactical flashlights might also be used for other recreation purposes such as camping or trekking, if you can afford them.
Q: How is light output or brightness measured in a flashlight?
A: Lumens is the unit of measurement for the brightness or light output for a flashlight, or any kind of light source, for that matter. The usual range of lumens for any source of light is from 20 to 3,500 lumens.
Q: Why should you have flashlights of different battery types?
A: In an emergency situation where stores can be limited to only a few or even just one type of battery, you will be sorry not to bring that kind of flashlight with that kind of battery. If you have AA and AAA battery flashlights and the store’s supply was sold out, your only option is to have a D-type flashlight.
Q: Is a flashlight significantly better than a laser pointer?
A: It depends on the application as flashlights are for simply lighting up things at night while laser pointers are smaller but can reach higher distances.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the YIFENG XML-T6 Portable 1600 Lumen Flashlight is our brightest flashlight a 1,600 lumens, with an IPX6 water rating and up to 600 feet of lighting distance.