Best Waterproof Flashlight

The BlueFire 1100 Lumen XM-L2 Diving Flashlight is our best waterproof flashlight. Its waterproof rating is IPX-8 which means it can take up to 80 feet of underwater immersion. You can use this waterproof flashlight for catching crabs and various water activities as well. With an L2 LED light bulb that is bright underwater, it has a wide angle beam.

Our step-up pick is the OxyLED 500 Lumen LED Waterproof Flashlight and it is a great contender for a flashlight which can face extreme temperatures just fine. With over 3 light modes to choose from so you can conserve battery life, it is also a useable unit for boating and hiking purposes. Giving you a solid grip in wet environments, divers and snorkelers will benefit from it.

The budget pick is the Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight and as a uniquely floating flashlight at a small price, it can float on the water so it’s great for fishing as well. You can also feel at ease with this waterproof flashlight getting banged around due to its impact resistance and shock absorbing rubber material.

A Little Background

Waterproof flashlights are designed for the rainy days and for aquatic sports, or anywhere you know you’ll get wet. There are many other factors that makes a waterproof flashlight ideal for outdoor use. For instance, considering a flashlight that is shockproof or impact resistant is important for your safety and also for the point that you won’t waste money over a broken flashlight.
The lowest standard is IPX1, which translates to 10 minutes of 1 mm water exposure. The highest possible rating is up to IPX8 which can survive almost indefinitely underwater, which makes them okay for scuba diving. However, most consumer flashlights will have a range of IPX5 up to IPX7, which can be soaked in water for a certain period of time and still survive, which make them great for the rainy days or for boating.
Waterproof flashlights can be powered by either alkaline or lithium ion batteries. Alkaline batteries are good for emergency situations where it will be hard to find power sources for your flashlight. Lithium ion batteries also make less waste on the environment, since they are rechargeable and you won’t have to throw alkaline batteries away too often.
In addition to that, campsite lighting and walking at night where there are no streetlights around is a good use for a flashlight with high lumen or brightness. It is also applicable as a vehicle work light for those times where you have a flat tire or your car breaks down in the middle of the night and you have no mechanic to call or stop by on.
Waterproof flashlights can fall into different categories. Tactical flashlights are used in the military, for hunting game, for police operations and various instances, but it does not mean that they can’t be used by civilians, because they can also be great self-defense tools during emergencies or even for camping and hiking. They have a brightness of up to 500 lumens and have a rating of IPX6 to IPX8.
Emergency flashlights can sometimes be confused with tactical flashlights due to their portability and outdoor use, but they can be powered using solar panels that are either built-in or connected to them. They are a must-have for blackout-prone areas or in the wilderness. They can also fall at IPX6.
Bigger flashlights that are of industrial grade means that they are ideal for factories, garages, workshops and so much more. They are still handheld but can be a bit heavy and long, reaching up to 14 inches and may require bigger batteries to power them up. Most them can be from IPX4 to IPX6 and may also be dust-proof in addition to being water resistant.

How We Picked

Many factors are present if you want to choose the best waterproof flashlight, such as:
Waterproof rating: consider a waterproof flashlight that has a tough waterproof or water resistant rating, such as from IPX5 to IPX8 to make it a great waterproof flashlight for various outdoor activities and even in the heavy rain. A good waterproof flashlight with sufficient water rating can also be great for fishing and other aquatic activities done in a lake, river or ocean.
Shockproof or impact resistant: being shockproof means that the waterproof flashlight can be smashed onto anything or dropped onto the floor without breaking it apart, which is an ideal feature to look for in a self-defense or an outdoor flashlight. The tactical flashlight should be impact resistant so that even when the going gets tough, your unit can take the impact without a lot of damage at all.
Brightness in lumens: it is important to have a waterproof flashlight with bright light, especially for underwater operations or for fishing. Having a bright tactical flashlight would be essential for those moments that you are in total darkness or want to temporarily blind an intruder.
Durability and housing: having a waterproof flashlight that is made with quality materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum or galvanized material, makes it usable against bad weather or water-related activities. If the switch of the tactical flashlight is stainless steel made then it will ensure that the switch will function at all costs and will less likely to fail.
Moreover, the housing of a waterproof flashlight that will be used for diving underwater should be bright in color to make it easy to spot when you accidentally drop it.
Functions for emergency purposes: if you ever get stuck in the middle of the sea or be like the character in the movie Castaway, you will need a waterproof flashlight that has an SOS mode. Having additional functions such as these for a tactical flashlight will make it a good flashlight to have in times of disaster or a power outage.
The strobe function is also important for self-defense for warding off attackers in a dark street or area by temporarily blinding and ditching them.
Mode changing: having different modes of lighting for a waterproof flashlight is important to conserve the battery life of your unit. For instance, switching from high intensity lighting to low means that you will save more energy and be able to use the tactical flashlight for longer periods of time without having to charge or replace the batteries.
Color options: if you ever go fishing at night then color options on a waterproof flashlight is important to consider. Fishes don’t like bright lights and prefer red lights or other colors. Do consider a tactical flashlight that has options for colors, such as red, green or blue, or even infrared to make it less visible.
Zoom option: a waterproof flashlight can also be equipped with a zoom option to change the width of the beam. Having a choice between a narrow and a wide light makes it great convenience depending on the situation that you are in. If the light is narrow then it makes it easier to see what’s up ahead on the road while a wider light makes it easier to cover more areas.

Our Pick

BlueFire 1100 Lumen XM-L2 Diving Flashlight

The BlueFire 1100 Lumen XM-L2 Diving Flashlight is our best waterproof flashlight which clearly withstands thunderstorms, snow, rain or really hot weather so it is very sturdy. All of the needed items to get the unit to work are included with this waterproof flashlight.
Also great for hunting and other outdoor sports, the waterproof flashlight is decently bright underwater for you to explore and dive with great ease. It can also work as a safety light for camping and other outdoor activities.
Greatly ideal for water exploring, the waterproof flashlight can also be used for water sports as well. With no leaking problems due to its tightly sealed design, it has an aluminum alloy head so it is definitely waterproof with no condensation problems as well.
Powered up by any 3.7-volt battery (lithium ion) for longer lasting battery life, the waterproof flashlight has a fluorescent ABS body that is easy to spot while you are underwater. Moreover, this is able to cast about 6 to 8 feet of beam distance.
Using either 3 AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery, the waterproof flashlight has a total of 3 modes to choose from and switch. It also includes a lanyard to keep it with you at all times. You can find fish hiding under a diving spot easily with this waterproof flashlight.
With 2 brightness levels to choose from, you can conserve energy with this waterproof flashlight for scuba diving for longer periods of time. It is also a good flashlight to use for search and rescue operations due to the strobe light feature.
It can function as a great underwater torch and it can take 2 to 4 hours of immersion underwater. With a hand strap included, the flashlight is good for professional diving as well as for field work. Moreover, it allows you to swim underwater with great ease.
You can also use this waterproof flashlight for a submarine light source as well as for camping and hiking. It might also be used if you are currently enrolled in a scuba diving training class.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The BlueFire 1100 Lumen XM-L2 Diving Flashlight may have some caveats but they are not really breaking the deal, such as the fact that the instructions aren’t as well written as should be, but nonetheless, the waterproof flashlight is very simple to operate anyway.

Step-up Pick

OxyLED 500 Lumen LED Waterproof Flashlight

The OxyLED 500 Lumen LED Waterproof Flashlight is our step-up pick. Operating this unit is also simple due to the easy off/on function. You can also use this flashlight in the pool for summer games. Moreover, it is a reliable flashlight to use outdoors. A whole room is lighted up nicely due to its quality. You can easily light up any campsite with this flashlight in the most convenient way.
With over 2 brightness levels, the waterproof flashlight uses a Cree LED light bulb to light up your darkest snorkeling areas. It is also lightweight so it puts less stress on your arms and hands. It is powered by either 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries so you have a choice of batteries.
Made for actual diving, this waterproof flashlight also features a strobe light function for self-defense and getting help. It has over 50,000 hours of lifespan for its LED light bulb. It is also shockproof so you can use it as a weapon and it can survive great impacts.
The included wall charger has a couple of foldable prongs so you can easily keep it for traveling. Moreover, the waterproof flashlight is made with a combination of aluminum alloy and plastic so it is quite durable. Also made for camping or hunting, it can also work as a great pocket-sized flashlight.
The flashlight comes with a Velcro wristband and a lanyard for accessibility. It can also be used for snow plowing or doing any task that requires extreme weather conditions. Running at up to 2 hours on high mode and 5 hours on low mode, it is a nice waterproof unit for the great outdoors.
The flashlight is at IPX8 waterproof level which means it is safe up to 80 feet of water and also great for outdoor use. The aluminum alloy material makes it durable and easy to carry. It also comes with a hard case for protecting it when not in use. It also has an anti-abrasive coating and a 12 months warranty.

Budget Pick

Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight

The Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight is our budget pick. The high quality lens makes the light from the flashlight as clear a possible so you can beam up anything with great ease. It has a waterproof rating of IPX7, so it is considerably good for diving and submerging as well.
You can even use the waterproof flashlight in the shower when the power is out and you need to take a bath. It can be used for emergencies such as big storms with its waterproof design. This waterproof flashlight is simple yet more reliable than expensive ones.
If you are stuck in crazy weather then this is a dependable waterproof flashlight to have in your arsenal. With a yellow finish so that it is clearly visible during bad storms or under the water, the waterproof flashlight depends upon its rubber design to make it slip-free.
This particular flashlight runs for about 8 hours and 45 minutes on the maximum level for its batteries. It can be a game-changer during a flood and it is powered by 4 LED bulbs. It can save your life or someone else’s life.
Powered up by only 3 AA batteries, it is easy to change the batteries or find batteries for it. Also ideal for the bedroom or at home for emergency purposes, the waterproof flashlight shines at 55 lumens of light output. You can have it on a boat for when the night comes or for emergencies.
With a bezel diameter of 2.5 inches, the waterproof flashlight is clearly usable in the rain and in bad weather. It also has a tail cap carabineer clip for easy attachment and accessibility. Made with tactical quality in mind, it was also made with clear polarity markings to make it easy to install batteries.
You can simply attach it to your belt or backpack so it will be there whenever you need it. As a straightforward waterproof flashlight, it has a comfortable grip so you can use it for longer periods of time while on the water. It is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Best Waterproof Flashlight for Camping

Komking Waterproof Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight

If you want a good waterproof flashlight that is ideal for camping then do consider the Komking Waterproof Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight. Great for both commercial and residential use, this waterproof flashlight is useful for power outages and various emergencies.
When the moment requires you to get into a watery situation then this is a good flashlight to have. It can also be used on recreation purposes such as snorkeling. With an adjustable focus, this waterproof flashlight is suitable for outdoor activities due to its aluminum alloy material that is very sturdy.
The battery life of this waterproof flashlight gives you high-efficiency for emergencies as well as to save you more time on charging or replacing the battery. It uses a 18650 lithium ion (3.7 volts) or 3 AAA batteries (using the AAA battery holder).
It can be a good small emergency flashlight for various purposes and is also skid-proof so it feels sturdy and keeps itself in your hands even when it rains really hard. The strobe and SOS functions of this waterproof flashlight makes it ideal for search and rescue operations as well.
The light is strong for this waterproof flashlight so you can use it for instances when you need help from someone in the middle of nowhere. You can keep it in your car for vehicle repairs in the middle of the highway ad night. It also has low, med and high power modes to conserve your battery.
With 5 light modes to choose from, this waterproof flashlight not too heavy to carry outdoors. You can keep it at home for emergencies as well. The waterproof flashlight has 3 brightness levels and zoom options such as the intense spotlight up to 600 feet and wide floodlight for large areas and campsites.
Being water resistant up to IPX-5, the waterproof flashlight is great for boating or a lake house and various water activities. Being easy to carry yet made of heavy duty materials, the on/off button is easy to operate. It has over 1,000 lumens on its max brightness.

Best Waterproof Flashlight that is of Military Grade

LETMY 2-Pack XML T6 Tactical Flashlight

The LETMY 2-Pack XML T6 Tactical Flashlight is a great military-grade waterproof flashlight you might want to consider. You can use this waterproof flashlight to monitor things at night. As a day and night waterproof flashlight at home or at work, it also offers an easy operation method.
What’s more, it can function as a camping light or a trekking light. With over 50,000 hours on its approximate life span for the LED light bulb, the waterproof flashlight can zoom in or out so you can get a wide light or a narrow light for different purposes.
This waterproof flashlight is given IP44 on its waterproof rating, which also means that it is dust-proof. It is a decent unit for hiking, boating or fishing purposes with its bright intensity. With a nice handheld design for portability, it can be used when camping as well.
The aluminum alloy and steel combination is of military grade. The waterproof flashlight is perfect for emergency purposes with up to 826 feet of beam distance. It has been given a hard-anodized finish so it can withstand the elements. The lanyard makes it easy to access in your backpack.
Great for hunting and camping purposes, the waterproof flashlight can reach up to 800 lumens or more with its light. It also has anti-abrasive features to keep it steady in your hand. You also get high, medium and low power modes to choose from.
Ideal cycling and other outdoor sports as well, the waterproof flashlight is easy to carry and has significant drop resistance for those outdoor adventures. The o-ring keeps the water out so it is also a nice tactical flashlight.
With a black lanyard included for ease of attachment, the waterproof flashlight can save you from danger. It can be powered up using 3 AAAs (using the AAA battery holder) or 1 18650 lithium ion (3.7V) battery. You have 5 modes to choose from with this unit.
The waterproof flashlight also slides smoothly on its zoom head so it is easy to operate. You can also use this flashlight for household use for emergency blackouts. As a portable waterproof flashlight, it is backed by 2 years warranty.

Best Waterproof Flashlight for Hunting

Newsight T6 Handheld Tactical Waterproof Flashlight

If you want a waterproof flashlight that is great for hunting purposes then you might want to consider the Newsight T6 Handheld Tactical Waterproof Flashlight. It has various lighting modes that can adapt to any kind of situation that you are in.
You have a choice of 600 to 1,000 lumens on its brightness depending on the mode that you select for its power mode, either to conserve battery power or to light up really dark areas. It is a great waterproof flashlight for hunting and similar kinds of outdoor leisure activities.
You can easily switch from low to high brightness with the mechanism of this waterproof flashlight. It is made with light weight aluminum that is not just durable but also impact resistant and rust proof. It is great for traveling and it comes with strobe and SOS light modes so you can use it for rescue operations.
As a nice skid-proof waterproof flashlight that is easy to grip, it has a cold white color so it is not too blinding for you to use. It has an adjustable focus range so you can use it for lighting up a path or lighting up a campsite or room. The waterproof flashlight can go for up to 200 to 500 meters of lighting distance.
Great also for hiking and climbing, the waterproof flashlight has a switch on the tail cap for easy on/off. The waterproof flashlight is highly dependable for search and rescue operations so the authorities can use it as well. It is powered by either a 18650 lithium ion at 3.6 or 3.7 volts or 3 AAA batteries.
The waterproof flashlight uses the T6 light bulb for its LED bulb so it is quite durable and bright. Bearing a water resistant design, the waterproof flashlight is not very hard to carry around and can be used for survival purposes. The unit only takes 4 hours to charge with the lithium ion battery.
Made with a very solid, the waterproof flashlight is so portable that you can take it to a camping trip without being too bulky in your bag. It can also act as a home emergency light to use when there are intruders in the house or when you need to repair something.

Best Waterproof Flashlight for Diving

YOHOOLYO Professional Diving Waterproof LED Flashlight

The YOHOOLYO Professional Diving Waterproof LED Flashlight is a great diving flashlight. You can also use this waterproof flashlight for outdoor sports and especially water sports as well. It is also applicable for tactical and combat use for the military and police as well.
If you want a waterproof flashlight that is good for camping, fishing and cave exploration then this is a decent consideration. With a bright LED, you can see the fishes in the water when you dive with this waterproof flashlight.
Great for safety and security in dark areas or when diving, it emits a strong light that can help you find your way back to the campsite or to the surface. The lighting distance can go over 650 feet or more so it is pretty powerful.
Consuming 10 watts of power, the waterproof flashlight is a good diving flashlight to consider in which the lifespan is up to 50,000 hours for the LED bulb. It has the highest IPX-8 rating which means it can go for up to 80 feet. The waterproof flashlight is also perfect for camping.
With 2 level of brightness to save up on battery, it is also shock proof so you can hit a troublemaker with it and it will still work. The waterproof flashlight runs on 5 hours on its lowest setting and 2 hours on its highest setting. There is a flash or strobe mode for getting someone’s attention as well.
You can also be assured of a hands-free operation due to the included wrist band. The waterproof flashlight can take a lithium ion (rechargeable) or 3 AAA batteries using the AAA battery holder. As a great diving light, it can work for a swimming pool as well.
The aluminum alloy head ensures that it is a durable waterproof flashlight. Moreover, the ABS body has a fluorescent color for easy visibility at night or under the water. It can also work as a great outdoor flashlight for various purposes. There is an AC charger for the lithium ion battery with this package.
Made with anti-abrasive coating for easy gripping, it is also suitable for hunting. It has a lanyard for easy attachment. With the tail cap for switching between modes, you can depend on this flashlight for rescue operations. It is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Waterproof Flashlight with a Zoom Function

Favormates Adjustable Focus Mini Waterproof Flashlight

The Favormates Adjustable Focus Mini Waterproof Flashlight is a cool waterproof flashlight that has a zoom function or feature. If you travel often at night or walk your dog, it is a good self-defense flashlight as well for the rainy days.
With sufficient shock and vibration resistance, the tail cap switch of this waterproof flashlight makes it easy to operate. It is a nice handheld flashlight that will not get you tired of carrying it all the time. It also has scratch-proof lens so it is ready for action.
It uses the Cree Q5 LED lamp and is quite portable in terms of size so you can use it for hiking and fishing. The waterproof flashlight accepts an AA or a 14500 3.6v battery and is perfect for biking or camping purposes. Quite simple to use with 3 modes, it has a lightweight design.
The waterproof flashlight can be zoomed from wide to narrow on its light beam. Moreover, it is applicable for hunting, climbing and other outdoor sports. It has up to 300 lumens on its maximum output and the aluminum alloy construction makes it durable and rust-free.
Ideal for an emergency kit, the waterproof flashlight can be used with its SOS mode for emergency lighting. It can also fit into your backpack for camping, trekking and hiking on a long journey. The waterproof flashlight can be used by a mechanic for car repairs.
Also a great emergency light when you are out of electricity, it can fit in the glove compartment in your car for emergency repairs on the road. It is not too heavy to carry around and is of heavy duty and sturdy quality. It is easy to hold and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Best Waterproof Flashlight with a Strobe Function

Wsiiroon LED Tactical Zoomable Waterproof Flashlight

The Wsiiroon LED Tactical Zoomable Waterproof Flashlight is a great go-to waterproof flashlight that has a strobe option, which is important for getting rescued off the wilderness as well as for self-defense when walking alone at night.
This waterproof flashlight can use 3 AAAs or a 18650 lithium ion battery to power it up. You can also choose between flood and spot beam widths using the zoom feature of this waterproof flashlight. The shape of the tip of the unit allows you to break glass in an emergency. If you go on a camping trip then this is a considerable waterproof flashlight to have with you.
Being a shockproof waterproof flashlight, it is made with aluminum alloy so it is quite tough for the great outdoors. The light of this unit can reach up to 400 lumens and even up to 1,600 lumens on its higher modes. Moreover, it can reach for up to 12 hours of battery life when used in its low mode.

Best Waterproof Flashlight running on a Lithium Ion Battery

Hausbell 7W Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

If you want a long lasting waterproof flashlight that uses lithium ion batteries to power it up then you can try the Hausbell 7W Ultra Bright LED Flashlight. It is made with a compatibility with the 14500 battery as well as an AA so you can also power it up during emergencies.
The whole unit is made with aluminum alloy material so it is quite sturdy against the elements and especially against water splashes. It can reach up to 300 lumens on its brightness and has a convex style reflector, which gives more depth to your lighting.
An SOS mode is also included for this flashlight so it is able to send help to helicopters in case you get stranded on a boat or deserted island. Powered at 7 watts, it also has an adjustable beam so you can use either a narrow or wide beam with it.

The Competition

Other waterproof flashlights did not make it to our list because they had a very low waterproof rating and were also not shockproof and not durable at all. It is important for a waterproof flashlight to have sufficient water rating and strength to withstand the elements, whether you’re on hot or cold weather.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes a flashlight waterproof?
A: The waterproof rating defines how a flashlight is waterproof depending on the rating it was given by ANSI standards. IP is an acronym for ingress protection and it is used to give a scale of IPX1 up to IPX8 for flashlights and other devices that can be waterproof or water resistant.
Q: Is it possible to make a DIY waterproof flashlight?
A: Yes, some guides can teach you how to build your own DIY waterproof flashlight, although this will only work on certain depths of water and may not be as durable as branded ones on the market. DIY waterproof flashlights can be cheap to make but may require some certain DIY skill to do.
Q: What material can be used for making a DIY waterproof flashlight?
A: If you have inner tire tubes that are lying around your garage then you can try to use that for a makeshift DIY waterproof flashlight. You also need a couple of other tools such as scissors, a knife, a strong glue, sewing tools (such as a needle and a thread) and others.
Q: How much can flashlights be dipped down if they are waterproof?
A: Depending on the ANSI standard rating , a flashlight can be waterproof or water resistant for its rating. If you have an IPX4 flashlight and you lost it under a stream, river or water reservoir at up to 1 meter or 3 feet deep, it’s not going to work anymore. However, it might survive if it is rated IPX7 (up to 30 minutes) and even longer for IPX8 (up to 4 hours or more). This is why choosing a higher water rated flashlight is important.
Q: Which ANSI rating would be considered water resistant and which is waterproof?
A: The water ratings that fall into the water resistant category would be those from IPX1 (or even IPX0) up to IPX6. These ratings can only take splashes of water, slight rain and the like. Only IPX7 and IPX8 water ratings are qualified to be called waterproof due to their capability to survive underwater for some period of time.
Q: What units are used for identifying the light output, beam distance and peak beam intensity of a flashlight?
A: A flashlight can be measured in lumens for its output of light, in which anything from 300 to 1,000 lumens is sufficiently bright to temporarily blind people or to cast a long light for areas that are yards away. Beam distance is measured in meters or feet, and is the distance from the 0.25 lux part (similar to the light of a full moon) of the beam up to the flashlight itself. The peak beam intensity is measured in candela (CD) and is the greatest luminous intensity of a light cone from the flashlight.
Q: How are beam distance and light output different?
A: Beam distance and light output are two different things for a flashlight. As we mentioned above, flashlights can be measured in light output (lumens) and in beam distance (meters or feet). To put it in layman’s terms, the light output refers to how much intensity does a flashlight give off when it comes to its light. However, the beam distance is how far it is from the 0.25 or 1/4 lux of light up to the flashlight. These are two different things but they are both important when it comes to deciding on a good flashlight.
Q: How are EDC, tactical, emergency and industrial flashlights different from each other?
A: A flashlight can be categorized in to different types. The most common one is the EDC or everyday carry flashlight, which can be powered up by your regular AA or AAA batteries in most stores and can fit in most pockets at a length of 3 inches or less. They are the easiest to store and to use and are also the cheapest of all.
Q: What’s the difference between lithium powered and alkaline powered flashlights?
A: A traditional flashlight will usually be powered by alkaline batteries, commonly in AA or AAA types, which can be easily brought from your local convenience or hardware store.
However, lithium ion batteries are fairly new, pretty expensive and hard to find, but the result is more battery life and the ability to recharge your flashlight whenever and wherever.
Q: Where is it applicable to use a flashlight with high lumen or brightness?
A: A high lumen flashlight is great for self-defense, especially if you want to temporarily blind the attacker with an incredibly bright source of light then make a run for it or call the cops.
Q: What is the reflector and why is it important in any flashlight?
A: The reflector is the part of flashlight that extends the bulb’s light and reflects it into a steady beam. The reflector is made with part plastic and aluminum in its construction and sits around the light bulb and is the shiny part that you see around it.
Q: What is a shake flashlight and how does it work?
A: The shake flashlight is a special kind of flashlight that activates when you shake it. Similar to the concept of a kinetic wrist watch, the shake flashlight is great for emergency purposes because of their electromagnetic mechanism. The only disadvantage to using these shake flashlights (and why they are not very popular in the market) is because magnets can damage electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, TVs and the like.
Q: Why should you buy an LED flashlight over a halogen flashlight?
A: The biggest advantage of LED over halogen is the fact that it is cost-effective because it gives you a very bright light at a lower power consumption. LEDs are also eco-friendly when you use them and dispose of them, in comparison with using halogen bulbs, which contains chemicals when thrown away.
Q: What features would make a flashlight child-friendly
A: Any flashlight can be a great for children but you should consider a flashlight that can be operated by kids easily with the switches and yet has a very secure battery door to avoid getting the battery out of curiosity. Flashlights that are meant for kids should also have softer parts to avoid getting anyone hurt.
Q: What is the memory effect and how does it affect your flashlight?
A: The memory effect is an unintentional discharging rate that usually happens with NiMH batteries, especially if you don’t charge the flashlight batteries when they’ve reached total zero charge (and it happens to most phones as well). Lithium ion batteries don’t have this memory effect, and this is why most people go for lithium ion batteries for flashlights (and other battery-operated items) despite their high price.
Q: Why are rechargeable batteries better for your flashlight?
A: The rechargeable battery is not just better for your flashlight but also for the environment. By charging your batteries instead of buying new ones, you can save alkaline batteries from being thrown into the garbage dump and cause hazard to the environment with its leaking chemicals. It is also more economical and won’t really change the quality of your flashlight’s beam.
Q: Why should you keep the batteries of your flashlight away from children?
A: All batteries contain chemicals that are poisonous to people, hence children who might be at risk swallowing them can suffer serious injuries. You should keep the battery compartment of your flashlight clearly off-limits to kids to protect them and keep them safe.
Q: What makes the zoom feature on a flashlight beneficial?
A: The zoom feature which is present on most flashlights nowadays can reduce the angle of the flashlight and the width it covers. Wide angle lights are perfect for camping while narrow angle lights are ideal for trekking in the dark. Most flashlights activate the zoom feature by turning a ring mechanism around the flashlight’s body or near the lens.
Q: What actions can cause battery leakage in your battery?
A: A battery leakage can occur if you mix together old and new batteries, put together batteries of different capacities or trying to charge batteries that are not really rechargeable at all. Always read the instructions on the battery to make sure it does not leak.
Q: Is it possible to clean a flashlight battery out of corrosion?
A: Yes, a corroded battery can still be taken out so that your flashlight will still have the chance to work afterwards. Make sure the battery is thrown away properly and not into the fire where it might leak. You should also remove the rust that formed in the flashlight’s battery compartment.

Wrapping It Up

In the long run, the BlueFire 1100 Lumen XM-L2 Diving Flashlight is our best waterproof flashlight due to its lithium ion battery, IPX-8 water rating and various lighting modes to choose from.