Best Travel Guitar

The Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar is our best travel guitar which is easy to tune and it sounds especially nice as a quality instrument for travel purposes. It has a solid spruce top and stays in tune for a long time. As a great guitar for a beginner, it is a neat backpacker guitar and the back and sides are made from solid tonewood. Moreover, the clean lines of the travel guitar are awesome and its great portability is what makes it a great travel guitar.

Our step-up pick is the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric Guitar and it will fit in most airline overhead bins and it will be your favorite guitar due to its features. Moreover, the lap rest is detachable and the travel guitar spans only 28 inches in its length making it portable. The travel guitar has a 1 3/4 inches neck width at nut and has a standard 1/4-inch output. It is so accessible and it uses Eastern American hard maple for durability.

The budget pick is the Washburn RO10 Rover Travel Acoustic Guitar and you can feel the difference with this travel guitar with its overall quality and you can enjoy it whether you are a beginner or pro. It pays attention to details and allows you to feel the details of the travel guitar that is seamlessly constructed. You will be very happy with this product and it is a travel companion in an inexpensive way.

A Little Background

There are many benefits to owning and playing a guitar. People also have sharper minds if they learn to play the guitar and also improve their cardiovascular systems in the long run. Playing guitar also allows you to express yourself as an artist or as a person with your music – or to seduce the ladies better.
The keys to learning guitar are practice, dedication, patience and resilience. Practice until you get it right but set times and schedules so it does not interfere with your daily life. Make sure you balance between theoretical and practical applications of the instrument.
Travel guitars are quite unique because they are portable and light weight such that you can take them to the airport without problems on over-baggage and without the worry of losing thousands of dollars of investments during your vacation or trip.

How We Picked

In choosing the best travel guitar, here are some of the criteria we depended upon:
Portability – the travel guitar should be very easy to carry around as it is a travel guitar that you will take on your road trips to camping grounds and the like so it should be quite light and handy.
Design – the travel guitar should have a good design so that it will be easy to play, especially for those people who are beginners at playing guitar and should be easily accessible.
Sound quality – the sound quality of the travel guitar should not be sacrificed despite the portability of the travel guitar overall.

Our Pick

Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar

Our best travel guitar is the Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar and you get a comfortable playing feel with the guitar and you can adjust volume, tone and others. It is ideal for a basement studio with thumping bass as a less expensive guitar which looks beautiful. This quality guitar packs power and versatility and is great for those into flat picking. You will love the full sound on this guitar.
With the wood and hollow body, the unique contour neck shape of the travel guitar is so great that it can be used in the aviation industry or even while camping. Producing a rich sound, it has 24 inches of scale length and it can be useful when out camping. It is a beginner friendly travel guitar and is an adorable little instrument.
Having a sturdy construction, the travel guitar has 15 frets and you will like it for travel with its silk and steel strings. It comes with bag and is a quality backpacker guitar overall. The neck is durable and this travel guitar is simply flawless with its features. You will be so happy with this guitar due to the great possibilities from it.
Measuring 36 inches, the tune seems to be holding up fine and with the perfect size and tone it is a backpacker travel guitar that will get you playing regularly. The sound and playability of the travel guitar matches full size guitars and the hardwood fret board is built to high standards. It holds tune true to the regular sized guitars and its expertise can be passed down for generations to come.
The steel string travel guitar is just as loud as full size counterparts and is also bright sounding, making it capable of a great performance. As an ambidextrous travel guitar, it is one of the best travel guitars out there that maximizes the sound overall.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar does have a few hiccups but not really serious threats such as the fact that it might not be great for shorter armed people.

Step-up Pick

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric Guitar

Our step-up pick for the best travel guitar is the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric Guitar and with perfect action and a very balanced tone, the understated class guitar has a sturdy body and neck design, this travel guitar is a true keeper for all ages. The guitar lasts longer than most guitars out there. It can make a huge difference in the sound and makes your sound at the best point.
This electric travel guitar with a 24 3/4 inches scale and it has steel strings with a 14:1 gear ratio. If you are looking for the smallest travel guitar at a good price and excellent quality then this travel guitar will do. It has a standard 1/4 inch jack and it is also lighter than a full size electric guitar. Moreover, the travel guitar can make a great practice guitar.
You can use the travel guitar in conjunction with a recording device and you can use the travel guitar when you arrive at the airport. It has a tough neck-through body and it has a compact design for easy transport overall. It has an ultra light body and the travel guitar can be used when you play through headphones. The travel guitar will fit inside your overhead compartment as well.
With a neck through body, the travel guitar weighs 3 pounds and it has a bunch of vintage clay style finger board inlays. It feels like a full-scale travel guitar and it can be plugged into your favorite amp. Moreover, it is unwilling to compromise as a whole and it is made with a dual-rail high-output hum bucker. You can take it anywhere as a travel guitar and it is able to produce killer tones.
The travel guitar comes with a gig bag to help you pack it and it is a gig-worthy instrument. As a light weight guitar, it has a dual-rail hum bucker pickup and it also has an ebonized rosewood finger board. Moreover, it is a smaller package than most travel guitars out there and it is thoroughly durable.
As the lightest solution available for a travel guitar, it is extremely portable and it has been made with an Eastern American hard maple body and neck. Moreover, you can play it softly as you like and it uses an in-body tuning system. With 22 medium frets, the travel guitar weighs less than 4 pounds and is a great solution for traveling players.
With an adjustable tune-o-matic style bridge, the travel guitar is able to produce a huge tone to enhance your playing experience overall. Coupled with standard tuning machines, the travel guitar has a natural satin finish as well as a minimalistic body. Coming in a compact package, the travel guitar gives you full-scale playing experience in portability.

Budget Pick

Washburn RO10 Rover Travel Acoustic Guitar

The Washburn RO10 Rover Travel Acoustic Guitar is our budget pick for the best travel guitar and it is ideal for a traveling musician and a much finer instrument than other guitars out there. Let your dreams come true with sounds that are tailored for you. The balanced mid tone is great and the guitar can sing for itself. If you are a musician on the go then you will be very impressed with this item.
From a little guitar, you can expect a lot from the travel guitar even as a great practice instrument. Moreover, the travel guitar has a scale of 24 inches and it also has neat storage pockets. You can play enjoyably with this travel guitar due to the normal guitar sized neck and you can even enjoy this travel guitar on a boat or a car.
It is a wonderful travel guitar and a tiny guitar to boot with its mahogany body. It is a great travel guitar for the price and purpose and it has a neat molded interior and a solid spruce top. Coming in complete with case, the travel guitar can fit in an airliner overhead and is easy to play with the Cordura case included.
Producing big sound even at camping and the beach, the travel guitar has extraordinary value and amazing sound with a plush line interior. Use it as a vacation guitar and feel comfortable for fingering. It is designed to fit to your body. Made with steel string, you can fit the travel guitar in any back pack with plenty of room to spare.
Made with only the best quality materials, the travel guitar is extremely playable and useful when travelling on business. The straps are sturdy and the quality of construction is great. Use it wherever you may roam for a travel guitar and for easier travel overall. The guitar strap is so reliable when you’re on a plane and the action is unbelievable. Made with hard foam lined material, it is light and compact and comes with 3 picks.
This guitar is awesome and perfect for travel and it is the ultimate travel guitar. With a CD ROM tutorial to help you out, the travel guitar seems sturdy as a travel acoustic guitar and it has a bound body. The neck has a nice feel and it is at an amazing price. The body isn’t bulky and the finger board is just fine.

Best Travel Guitar for Left-Handed Players

Archer AC10 4/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

The Archer AC10 4/4 Size Acoustic Guitar is a unique acoustic guitar that is made for dorms. It is an all-around dreadnought in terms of design and is a high-quality instrument with a solid construction overall. It can be used while camping and has been made with a rosewood moustache bridge.
You can use it in the home studio and the natural manner of playing this travel guitar is so convenient. It is a travel guitar with great sound and it will motivate you at all times. The cedar top is sturdy and you can perform complex techniques with this guitar which holds tune well.
The classical shape is very familiar and you can use it in schools. It is equipped with a steel-reinforced neck that is adjustable and has a slotted head stock. It sounds as great as full sized guitars and works well for apartments needing quiet time for others. It has outstanding playability as a guitar with nylon strings and it is totally an efficient instrument with great playability overall.
Having a very durable cedar top, the aspiring performer can benefit from this great guitar that is very adequate for giving you the performance you need. With a natural finish, it has linden back and sides and it is a truly high-quality instrument beyond compare.
As your traveling companion, it can be depended upon for a mellow sound and it uses high quality nylon strings. It accompanies musicians of all ages and it has easy string changing as a ready-to-go guitar. With a rosewood bridge, it is ideal for the classical guitarist with a full size scale even in reduced in size.
With opportunity for variety, the steel reinforced neck adds durability and the professional features make it great. With less energy from the string, it also has a modest price. For added stability, it has great durability even at 4/4 size. If you want to play an instrument for smaller hands then this is a real classical guitar to depend upon which projects its sound very well. The classical nylon string guitar is meant for any guitarist and it can be used while traveling. It greatly maintains a well-balanced sound and it has been performance-tested as a great acoustic guitar overall.

Best Travel Guitar that is an Acoustic Guitar

Cordoba Mini O Travel Acoustic Guitar

As a great sounding guitar, the Cordoba Mini O Travel Acoustic Guitar is a great companion for one who needs a guitar around all the time. With a loud voice, this travel guitar is so versatile and it has zero fret buzzes all in all. It can be used for one finger picking and is equipped with a full-sized neck.
Moreover, it has a great sound and it has a lightweight body that is easy to carry. With this guitar, the sound is amazing and it has pretty good workmanship overall. Whether you are hanging out at home or outdoors, the construction of this guitar is superb. With a 1.96″ nut width, it is an excellent buy with a rich and warm tone.
As a stunning travel guitar, it is comfortable to use and it is packed in a compact way. With a semi-gloss finish, this miniature guitar is so great and it is made with abalone-style rosewood rosette material. It is relatively easy to play and it is very satisfying, offering the playability and portability.
This is a serious instrument for those who need it and has ovangkol back and sides. Take note that it is a real guitar which can be used over a year or more and it can be handy for vacations and such. With a full-bodied frequency response, it has a matte finish and a vibrant tone overall.
With rosewood purfling, it has been made with a solid ovangkol top and is the ultimate travel instrument for some. It is a beautiful little guitar and it can produce the classical sound that people need. With an exotic appearance, it has great definition and projection and is so portable that it fits in an overhead. As the perfect companion for traveling, it uses nylon strings and a rosewood finger board.
It has a mahogany neck and it is ideal for the six string player. It is a full size nylon string guitar and it can be great with every construction detail. The string spacing is great and the comfortable u-shaped neck adds depth. The snappy high end adds a lot of optimal playability that it sounded much better than other travel guitars. The instrument is flawless and is backed by a cordoba gig bag. It has a regular body and yet it can be used for road trips. It has a fuller sound which makes the overall verdict that the guitar is beautiful. It is meant for right-handed guitar players.

Best Travel Guitar Hybrid Acoustic Electric Guitar

Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III Guitar

The Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III Guitar is a great acoustic and electric travel guitar combination which can be used for private practice session or on the road for travel. It measures 25 1/2 inches on the scale and it is loud enough even as a travel guitar. It is made with a rosewood finger board and an alder body composition.
It is a perfect solution for traveling musicians and it is quite perfect for practicing quietly. It is built with a bolt-on maple neck and it is one of the best traveler guitars out there which looks great. Likewise, the guitar is comfortable to play with. As a comfortable guitar, it has been given a natural finish with a maple neck.
Giving you a full-scale playing experience, it has a 14:1 closed gear and a custom shadow preamp that will boost your playing experience. It can preserve playability and it has a headphone out connection. If you are looking for a compact guitar with a clean signal then this is the best bet to connect to your favorite amp with a 1/8″ aux-in and a built-in chromatic tuner.
Equipped with strap pins, the guitar can be heard through headphones and has an effective chromatic tuner. You can take it anywhere and it has great standard tuning machines. The headphone output is so convenient and the high fret access is very great.
It comes with a deluxe gig bag and is made with sturdy material ebonized rosewood on the finger board. The guitar can be used for private practice sessions and has pearloid dot finger board inlays. It is quite thinner than a full-sized acoustic and you can install locking tuners into it. You can jam with your favorite tracks with this guitar without the bulk by adding playability and portability altogether.
You can even use a headphone amplifier and it has a total of 22 medium frets. Providing treble and bass with equal levels, the vibrations of the strings are great and there is no need for a headstock due to the design. It has a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Travel Guitar that is Small

HJUNS 28″ Guitalele Rosewood Travel Guitar

The guitar has great portability and the beauty of the HJUNS 28″ Guitalele Rosewood Travel Guitar can be seen while going out because its entire chord possibilities in which you can move smoothly with this travel guitar. It is classical guitar and ukulele mix and is made with mahogany neck material.
The body is made of cedar for the top and is easy enough to tune. It is an ambidextrous guitar and the quality of the wood seems decent. The rosewood plywood for the back and side is great and the cupronickel fret material seems sturdy. Carrying the guitar is a breeze and the beautiful sound hole produces great sound. The solid cedar is superb and the nylon and stainless steel strings are flawless.
The guitar is wonderful and it also has an audio cable to speaker. Enjoy the beauty and the quality with this guitar with a free bag for travel. The ox bone nut and saddle are sturdy and can be used in different circumstances. Being built as solidly as other travel guitars of higher price, it is made with a rosewood fret board and the matte fish covers it all.
The chromed machine head is of good quality and this acoustic guitar matte finish is exactly as described. Made with high-quality materials, it is meant for any musician and really allows the grains to go through. The unique design is great and it comes with a free string tuner.
The wood quality is wonderful and the guitar is made for novice or pro players. The heads feel solid and the inlay on the neck is great. Around the rim, there is a warm natural glow with an extra touch of class. It can be played by children or adults.

Best Travel Guitar that is an Electric Guitar

Traveler Escape EG-1 Electric Travel Guitar

With clean and distortion sounds, the Traveler Escape EG-1 Electric Travel Guitar has 24 3/4 inches scale and crown inlays with an ebonized rosewood fret board. It is an electric travel guitar that has traditional guitar features for the traveling guitarist. It can fit airline overhead bins and is a nice travel guitar for your speakers or an amp.
Having a chrome-covered hum bucker, it is a full-scale electric guitar and a timeless instrument. You will love this guitar as an ideal carry-on guitar with its single cutaway body and included deluxe gig bag that is heavily padded for protection. It is well made and has great onboard electronics for making clean and distortion settings. The standard strap pins are great and the cream pickup ring fit this travel-sized version of a guitar which allows you to jam with tracks.
The vintage looks and the gold bell knobs add style to the guitar and the vintage white finish is great. Weighing just 4 pounds, it fits airline overhead compartments with modern comfort and style. It has a fully adjustable truss rod and a mahogany body and neck.

Best Travel Guitar for Backpackers

Anygig Guitar Classical Backpacker Travel Guitar

The Anygig Guitar Classical Backpacker Travel Guitar is a compact travel guitar with a balanced design and an ideal choice for beginners anytime and anywhere. With a balanced design, students and enthusiasts can benefit from it. With a strap holder, it measures 25.5 inch scale length that allows you to practice anywhere.
With a heavy duty travel bag, you feel comfortable with this portable and durable guitar with 028 to 045 nylon classic guitar strings and a red finish. Having stable functions, you can assemble the armrest so easily and the armrest bone as well. With a user friendly design, this classical guitar has an output jack and is also easy to carry. With an audio cable, it also has a 2 way truss rod. A compact size guitar, it goes with an easy carry travel bag.

Best Travel Guitar made with Rosewood Material

Johnson JG-TR2 Travel Guitar with Bag

Made with a mahogany neck, the Johnson JG-TR2 Travel Guitar with Bag is great for anyone who picks. Take it with you on trips as it has a 22-fret rosewood fret board and is a great guitar for a beginner. You can practice at work and its dot inlays help this become a great instrument for the price.
As a very good choice for traveling, it’s quite valuable and a neat little guitar with a full body scale. It is a nice travel guitar with a pretty good tone that stays in tune. With its neck binding, you can fit it even under your desk. With a circle rosette, it is very portable and it’s got good action as a full size guitar that has a sturdy neck and fingerboard and a small button.
It’s got an awesome sound and is kept with a soft case and it plays just like a regular guitar. With a rosewood bridge, it is easy to play and is a full scale travel guitar with great craftsmanship among travel guitars. It comes with steel strings and a white wood top. Playability is great with the guitar, giving you more range, while the back and sides are made with white wood.

The Competition

Other travel guitars are not as great as the ones we picked here due to the very fact that they were bulky or not too good with sound, accessibility, dynamics and other important features that should be seen on a compact and reliable travel guitar.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the things to know when you want to travel with your guitar?
A: According to True Fire , loosening the strings on a guitar helps fight pressure due to airplane pressure changes. Make sure you stuff it so that it does not get scratches or dents while in air travel. Make sure you know which airlines can allow you to carry-on your guitar or you can also go for a travel guitar. A guitar case should be very sturdy when you want to take your guitar for travel.

Q: Any short tips on guitar care?
A: According to Gibson , it is important to change strings when they are worn out or clean them as needed. A lint-free cloth should be used when cleaning the strings. Also, do not leave your guitar out in the sunlight to avoid cracking and fading due to the sun exposure.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar is our best travel guitar for those who want to travel with music in their hands and not get worried at all due to the portability of the said guitar that is very versatile.