Best Storage Shed

Placing a shed in your garden or outdoor space, no matter how big or generously modest it looks, is always a great idea, especially if you’re including a shed that is as exceptionally practical and British-looking as the Suncast Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage Shed. This best storage shed is very easy to assemble and offers plenty of room for storage with a clean, classy and sophisticated British design. Cut out as the top pick on our list of the best storage shed, this super elegant structure will arrive at your doorstep well-equipped with screws that perfectly fit into their receiving ends, which ensures stability along with durability.

The Suncast Storage Shed is solidly built with durable double-wall resin material with a remarkable wood grain texture. Our research team was quite impressed with this best storage shed’s metal reinforced shingle-style roof panels along with a well-supported and efficiently backed floor plan that can withstand the load of heavier items. The metal handles built on this thing may look delicate and dainty but are built pretty firmly. We were quite taken aback with delight by the beautiful design of this best storage shed due to its special features like attractive door windows and a practical vent.

Another best storage shed, but with an exuberant price tag, is the Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed. More often than not, homeowners are pretty confused about whether they should buy or build a shed, so they feel a tad skeptical in making all the effort to actually build one. So our research team has concluded that the Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed is created for such consumers. This best storage shed is very basic and easy to put together with absolutely no maintenance cost and a sturdy design with lots of room. Although the price is pretty feisty but it’s all worth the money once you build this thing and start utilizing it for your many storage purposes. Doubtful customers will be very pleased to know that this best storage shed is constructed using high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE), which means no wood rot, splinters or termites to tackle with, and a strong and stable steel backup that can stand the test of time, and stormy weather as a matter of fact. Upon putting this best storage shed to use, we discovered that you can store your garden and outdoor tools and appliances, such as the lawn tractor, snow blower, garden tiller, and lawn mower all in one place, under one roof, literally.

There’s no limit to how easy it now is to find an inexpensive product that will suit all your needs and requirements, just like the other top-rated products on the market. In this case, it is the Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Outdoor Resin Storage Shed. Even though it has a comparatively low-cost price tag, this best storage shed has certain high-quality features that make the unit perfect for packing away furniture, sundries, garden tools, and other equipment. This best storage shed offers a maximum volume capacity of 845L, not too shabby for a budget-friendly pick after all. The Keter Storage Shed has a pretty satisfactory locking mechanism, although the padlock hasp lock is sold independently. Our team of testers didn’t come across any sort of product failure due to possible errors in production or materials that undermine product use. And even if they didn’t and you do, there is a highly reliable 2-year warranty that covers such failures in manufacturing. This best storage shed is one of the very few outdoor storage units that aren’t too small for the price that you pay for it.

Why buy the best storage shed

As history suggests, a home with little or large garden, patio or outdoor space looks more organized and traditional with a storage shed. And not only does it look good but also packs away all your tools, appliances, and what not. The best part about the best storage sheds are that they are manufactured in many different sizes, ranging from super small to house-sized units in order to fulfill your specific needs and requirements when it comes to storage. The best storage shed has the ability to safeguard your precious belongings against extreme climatic conditions, such as rain, ice, and wind. With an outdoor storage shed, irrespective of its size and material, you get the delightful opportunity to not only protect your equipment from harsh weather but also from thieves and robbers. Each and every best storage shed comes with a locking mechanism that allows you to store away your tools in the most secure manner. Upon reviewing, using and researching about many different types of best storage sheds on the market, we now know that an outdoor shed plays a pretty significant role in making your outdoor space look clean and shiny. We also read many reviews where happy customers stored some home items in the shed so as to make some space inside the house. So you see how versatile and practical this piece of unit can be.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Our Top Picks for Storage Sheds

Our best pickOur best pickjenrtbl-table__imageSuncast Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage Shed
  • English-style
  • Made of durable double-wall resin
  • Efficiently stand the test of time
Our step-up pickOur step-up pickjenrtbl-table__imageLifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed
  • The toughest shed that we tested
  • High-density polyethylene plastic
  • Slip-resistant flooring
Budget-friendly pickBudget-friendly pickjenrtbl-table__imageKeter Store-It-Out MIDI Outdoor Resin Storage Shed
  • A cost-effective design
  • Customizable wooden texture
  • Exceptionally reliable
Best for the moneyBest for the moneyjenrtbl-table__imageLifetime 60057 Outdoor Storage Shed
  • Ideal for smaller-sized gardens and backyards
  • Well-constructed walls
  • Provides stability and durability
jenrtbl-table__imageArrow Sheds HM86 Hamlet Steel Storage Shed
  • A great value metal shed
  • Inexpensive
  • Practical best storage solution
jenrtbl-table__imageSuncast Vertical Utility Shed
  • Packed with a competitive design
  • Low price
  • Comparatively small and sleek
jenrtbl-table__imageLifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed
  • One of the best value sheds
  • Constructed with plastic
  • Built pretty big in size
jenrtbl-table__imageDuramax 06625 Side Mate Shed with Foundation
  • Built with metal
  • Perfect for homeowners living in colder regions
  • It’s a good shed for the price
jenrtbl-table__imageArrow WL65 Woodlake Steel Storage Shed
  • Authentic look
  • Well-constructed
  • Efficient functionality
jenrtbl-table__imageRubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed
  • A double-walled and heavy-duty model
  • Quality plastic construction
  • Clever design
jenrtbl-table__imageLifetime 60005 Outdoor Storage Shed
  • Reinforced steel doors
  • Reliable internal locking mechanism
  • Provides maximum security

What to look for in the best storage shed

As goes with any storage unit that you want to buy, first you need to figure out the purpose of your purchase. Do you want to invest in the best storage shed to store your gardening tools or are you buying the best storage shed to pack away your precious fishing gear? Or both? So, keeping this mind, it is always a brilliant idea to buy the best storage shed that is multi-functional. This way you can store whatever you have to store now while at the same time be able to store whatever else comes up in the future. A multi-functional storage shed will provide you with your money’s worth and you won’t have to buy different sheds for different storage purposes.

Many homeowners have a knack of picking the best storage shed that simply looks good and has a sufficient capacity to store their present day belongings. They fail to realize that the size factor must be taken into consideration if you want your best storage shed to be a practical purchase. Ask yourself the questions; does your best storage shed pick provide the kind of room to store all your tools and equipment? And will it be able to store some additional items you might want to add in the future? And most importantly, ask yourself; how much space do you have to spare in your backyard or garden in order to perfectly fit in the storage shed?

Upon reviewing many best storage sheds on the market, our research team and testers highly advise you to check with the setting up process before buying. But we would also like to tell you that putting together the best storage shed is not such a difficult task but it can be a tad annoying due to the amount of time you will end up wasting if you don’t know how to do it right. So our list of the best storage shed has units that are pretty easy to assemble and they all take a comparatively lesser time to be assembled.

The whole purpose of buying the best storage shed gets defeated if you don’t take this factor into consideration. Your goal is to ultimately store your garden tools, appliances, and other useful and expensive equipment safely and prevent them from getting damaged or being stolen. Our experts would recommend you to purchase the best storage shed that is teamed up with lockable doors and padlock latches to ensure maximum security.

Types of materials of the best storage shed

The best storage shed made of wood is the most customizable outdoor shed anyone can have. These kinds of sheds can be painted with the color of your choice. You can install multiple cabinets and shelves inside the shed in order to increase the storage capacity of the unit. Since our testers did a thorough research and various experiments on all types of best storage sheds, they found that wooden shed accessories kit costs more than any resin or metal shed kits. Also, we all know that wood is extremely susceptible to damage, mainly caused by rain, tough weather conditions, and insects. So a wooden shed, even if it the best storage shed on the market, will wear out sooner than you’d expect it to.

The modern yet highly reliable sheds on the market are the best resin storage sheds. They are also referred to as plastic sheds, vinyl sheds, or polyethylene sheds. Constructed with an excellent plastic material, our testers found these best storage sheds to be far lighter yet long-lasting and more powerful than their wooden counterparts. Even better are double-wall resin sheds, as opposed to single-wall versions, as they are well-guarded with integrated steel beams that provide additional stability and durability. Our testers were also quite impressed with the quick and easy process of putting together the best resin storage sheds. The only drawback is that we were unable to hang too much weight on the walls of the best resin storage sheds, unlike the best wooden storage sheds.

Constructed with steel or galvanized aluminum, metal storage sheds are considered to be the popular choice for newbies who don’t want to spend a lot on their first purchase. The best storage shed made of metal is not as strong as the other two materials but, nevertheless, you can purchase the unit in order to test the waters. There are many flaws that you simply can’t overlook if you want to buy the best storage shed that provides stability as well as durability. Even the best storage shed made of metal is prone to get damaged due to moderately tough climatic conditions along with scratches and rust. They are not easy to assemble, so our testers would recommend you to purchase a pre-built metal shed if you really want it to work.

Our best pick: Suncast Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage Shed

Suncast Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage Shed

Our research team is here to help you to make your garden or outdoor storage space look like a traditional home with the best storage shed on the market. The Suncast Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage Shed provides that additional space you need outside your home to pack away all your useful and practical tools and belongings in style, thanks to its classy Vanilla color. This English-style best storage shed grants 171 cubic feet of extra storage capacity that is housed in a structure made of durable double-wall resin, which can quite efficiently stand the test of time.
Our experienced team of testers found the size (7×4) of the Suncast Storage Shed perfectly practical and fitting for small as well as big home outdoor areas, backyards, or gardens. Some other sheds that we tested, in order to thoroughly select our best pick, were not able to match up with the kind of high quality, reliability, and security that this best storage shed has to offer. The Suncast Storage Shed is well-equipped with lockable metal handles and its double doors include tough metal hinges that provide the exact kind of security you need. One other striking feature of this best storage shed that we found pretty neat and practical is its reinforced elements such as metal shingle-style roof panels along with a reinforced floor design, which confirms the manufacturer, Suncasts’ claims of constructing stable and durable products.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Once built, we were totally impressed with the design and effectiveness of the Suncast Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage Shed. But the part before this, where we had to assemble the piece, was a tad troublesome. And not because of any physical aspect of the actual storage shed but because of the manufacturer’s unclear and confusing instruction manual. So in order to avoid such a minor inconvenience, it is highly advisable to have a helping hand, as did our tester. And once the two of you figure it all out, assembling this best storage shed will be easier than you think. Please note that you can just as easily put it together all by yourself without the help of a second person, but that would take a slightly longer time. Our skilled tester took around 2 to 3 hours to build this thing alone as opposed to 1 to 2 hours with help.

Our step-up pick: Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed

Many of our readers, especially the ones who are a tad confused about investing in such home tools and products, rely on our upgraded pick in order to spend more so they get a product that will last longer and will work very efficiently, as compared to the other less expensive products, and with a comparatively longer warranty. The Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed perfectly fulfills this particular demand, making it not only a costlier and prettier pick but also a practical and useful one. This best storage shed has the wonderful combination of appearance, special features, durability, size, and price. Upon evaluating the size of this best storage shed, we were quite impressed with the unit’s generous storage space. Being the most expensive product on our list of the best storage shed, the Lifetime 6402 was the toughest shed that we tested.
Built with high-density polyethylene plastic that is well-supported with strong steel beams, this best storage shed stands on powerful and heavy walls which can withstand any type of a rough and tough climate. Our team of testers was pretty taken aback by the slip-resistant flooring, which looked as flawlessly smooth after being put through various stress tests as it did when this best storage shed arrived brand new. Many storage sheds have a knack of looking worn out due to rust over a period of time, but the Lifetime 6402 is considered to carry a coating that will never fade or rust. The best part is yet to come; many shed owners have to take the trouble to visit 10 different stores in order to find the perfectly fitting accessories for their sheds so you will be surprised to know, as were we, that this best storage shed comes fully equipped with a complete kit of accessories. And with a 10-year warranty, what more do you want with such a reasonably-priced ‘Lifetime’ product!

Our budget-friendly pick: Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Outdoor Resin Storage Shed

Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Outdoor Resin Storage Shed

The Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Outdoor Resin Storage Shed ranks high on practicality combined with a cost-effective design. This best storage shed may not be a walk-in entity, like the other best storage sheds on our list, but it definitely does offer that additional storage space that you’ve been craving for in your garden or outdoor space. Our testers found a silver lining with this best storage shed; you don’t have to go through the trouble of having to build a foundation for this unit, as you do while assembling other sheds. You simply have to place it on a leveled surface. Keeping the economical price in mind, we didn’t come across any noteworthy features that have been compromised in this best storage shed, which means that you can be rest assured with its stability and durability. We, personally, were quite impressed with the overall design of this best storage shed that has a customizable wooden texture on it to enhance the physical appearance of the unit.
Our least experienced tester was able to easily assemble this best storage shed in less than 45 minutes only. Once it was put together, the Keter Storage Shed lived up to our expectations by providing a storage space of 30 cubic feet, which obviously states that this best storage shed is not built for storing larger tools and equipment. Many shed owners worry about the security factor of their sheds and this is one characteristic in this best storage shed that we found exceptionally reliable. The Keter Storage Shed is well-guarded with a loop for a padlock in order to provide maximum security of your precious and expensive tools and appliances. Perfect for a small-sized garden or backyard, this best storage shed will hold up remarkably well under extreme conditions, providing you with your money’s worth along with reasonable practicality in terms of features as well.

Best storage shed for the money

Our research team had a hard time when it came to selecting not only the best storage sheds on the market but also the ones that provide consumers with the best possible value for their money. Earlier, when there was a lack of options and countless reviews on the internet, it was a lot easier to purchase the single best storage shed on the market, as people used to talk about it. But now with the flood of options and reviews from around the world, it has become a tad difficult as well as confusing to determine which best storage shed you should be investing in that will offer good quality at a good price. But once we tested a list of the best storage sheds, we couldn’t but wait to share it with you.

Lifetime 60057 Outdoor Storage Shed

We started with the best storage shed that is ideal for smaller-sized gardens and backyards, the Lifetime 60057 Outdoor Storage Shed. We were able to easily fit in a push lawn mower, wheelbarrow and some other garden tools, along with a hedge trimmer, leaf blower, and basically all kinds of long-handled garden items that can be quite efficiently hung on this best storage shed’s well-constructed walls that are reinforced with strong steel beams to provide additional stability and durability. This best storage plastic shed may be an expensive product but it has the ability to withstand any kind of an extreme weather condition, so you can be rest assured that you will get your money’s worth.

Arrow Sheds HM86 Hamlet Steel Storage Shed

Considered to be a great value metal shed, the Arrow Sheds HM86 Hamlet Steel Storage Shed has a pretty large floor plan that provides plenty of room to store bikes, snowmobile, and other garden equipment. Our testers examined the construction closely and found that the steel is galvanized in order to protect the unit from rust and corrosion. Even though you will have to spend a small amount of money on the accessories kit, it’s all going to be worth it with this totally inexpensive and practical best storage solution.

Suncast Vertical Utility Shed

Packed with a competitive design, construction, and overall storage capacity, the Suncast Vertical Utility Shed is not only priced reasonably but also offers a practical storage solution to homeowners looking to buy a small unit for their small outdoor spaces, or even in your laundry room or a larger shed. Our testers highly recommend this best storage shed if you have a lot of long-handled garden equipment to pack away as the 60lt unit is deep and tall enough. Don’t be fooled by its low price and comparatively small and sleek size, we found this best storage shed to offer the best value for money so far.

Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed

Yet another Lifetime product that is also one of the best value sheds that we’ve tested so far. The Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed is constructed with plastic, the most stable and durable material, and is built pretty big in size so you can easily store your bike and other large garden items. This best storage shed comes with a poor instructions manual but there are a few really helpful videos on YouTube that will guide you through the process. A heavy-duty unit with absolutely no maintenance cost; we read it as value for money.

The competition

Duramax 06625 Side Mate Shed with Foundation

We tested the Duramax 06625 Side Mate Shed with Foundation, that is similar to almost all the picks on our list of the best storage shed, except that it is constructed to be placed next to an existing structure, like a home or a larger storage system. This best storage shed is a walk-in unit built with metal that can even withstand up to 20lbs/sq.ft of snow, which makes it perfect for homeowners living in colder regions. Unlike painted metal surfaces, this best storage metal shed is not at all susceptible to rust or corrosion. Even though the Duramax 06625 comes with the foundation, we felt the need to add a plywood floor. Nevertheless, it’s a good shed for the price.

Arrow WL65 Woodlake Steel Storage Shed

The Arrow WL65 Woodlake Steel Storage Shed offers the authentic look and design of wood-grain. Our team of testers was quite impressed with how quick it was to assemble this best storage shed. It is well-constructed with strong and stable electro-galvanized steel along with a durable, baked-on enamel finish to add extra strength and lifetime value. This best storage shed is regarded as the most competitive product on our list due to its lightweight design, sliding doors, accessories kit, and efficient functionality combined with its affordable price tag.

Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed

The Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed, a double-walled and heavy-duty model, features quality plastic construction and comes in a variety of different sizes to perfectly fit in your home’s outdoor storage estate. So if you’re looking for a decent shed to safely pack away all your handy gardening tools in a weatherproof environment, then we would recommend this best storage shed. The clever design of this best storage shed has rigid elements that are pretty quick and super easy to put together, the fastest assembly process we might say. Our tester did have to cut away a bit of plastic that tends to escape the factory mold, but that job was a piece of cake.

Lifetime 60005 Outdoor Storage Shed

We’re sure that you’re not surprised to see yet another Lifetime product on our list of the best storage shed. With the kind of maximum storage capacity that can accommodate bikes, heavy-duty machines and tools, game and garden equipment, combined with skylights and shelving, this best storage shed ranks pretty high on luxury and practicality. The unit is packed with high-arched, reinforced steel doors and a reliable internal locking mechanism to provide maximum durability and security to the homeowner. After being put through many stress tests, our testers could not get the high-density polyethylene floor to budge, and it is also pretty impervious to oil and stains. So we finally understood that one pays such an exorbitant price for the best storage shed so as to reap all the benefits in the most pragmatic manner.

Wrapping it up

No matter how big or small, how shiny or basic your best storage shed looks, it is solely created as one of the most effective storage solutions in order to reduce clutter and make your outdoor space look clean and organized. So make sure that whatever storage shed you choose to purchase, it should help you put things away in their appropriate place. Our team of experienced testers have worked with many different types of storage solutions and can tell you that there is absolutely no such thing as too much storage. And our top pick, the Suncast Cascade Blow Molded Resin Storage Shed offers just the right kind of storage space you need for all your garden items, and other handy tools and machinery. And if this best storage shed is not available or you prefer to browse through some more options, then our list will prove to be quite helpful. So whether you wish to enhance the appearance of your outdoor space or build a more organized garden or backyard, storage sheds can and will definitely help you achieve that goal. And you will be pretty surprised to know that the traditional shed design is now being used contemporarily to create ‘She-Sheds’ for busy women looking for some quiet time out in the open.