Best Steam Inhaler

The Gurin Latex-free Flexible Mask Steam Inhaler is our best steam inhaler. As a soothing device, it can also take saline as an inhaling solution. Moreover you can use the steam inhaler for your sinusitis symptoms to relieve yourself from clogged or irritated nose. It is also a good nasal steamer for those who need it and may also work for those suffering with bronchitis.

Our step-up pick is the MyPurMist Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer and those who have laryngitis can also benefit from this steam inhaler due to its good effects on your lungs and respiratory systems. You can mix the water with essential oils with the use of this steam inhaler to create your own home treatment remedy.

The budget pick is the Vicks Compact Adjustable Personal Steam Inhaler and with a self-regulating heater in its design, you can add oil directly with this steam inhaler in its system. The plastic hood is not toxic and safe to use. You can definitely depend upon this steam inhaler for colds and flu decongestion. Moreover, you can use the dual scent pad slots to add your flavored pads.

A Little Background

A steam inhaler is a device that is mainly for medical purposes. One of the main goals of using a steam inhaler is that it’s a good healing and soothing device for those with nasal allergies, asthma and miscellaneous nasal or breathing ailments. The main purpose of having a steam inhaler at home is to act as an emergency medical device to help any patient breathe properly during times that he or she is unable to breathe, such as those with asthma attacks and the like.
The most common use of steam inhaling is for colds, when our nose cannot breathe properly because it is clogged. People with asthma would be another good example for steam inhalation, for them to breathe better, especially during asthma attacks. People with nasal allergy, hay fever or allergic rhinitis can also be alleviated in their sneezing with steam inhalation.
Aside from these benefits, steam inhalation is also great for helping you keep a blood flow that is healthy and circulating well, because it heats up the body when you feel really cold, especially if you’ve caught flu or fever. The warm steam is like the warm compress that can help sick people recover easily.
Congestion in your nose due to colds, allergy or any other blockage can be easily removed by using a steam inhaler to relieve your symptoms. Basically, anyone who feels unable to breathe properly can make use of a steam inhaler and not just those with colds or allergy symptoms.
Steam inhalation can be done with a hot bowl of water and essential oils or you can use a steam inhaler device or machine to help you get the steam directly onto your nose and lungs. If ever you do not have a steam inhaler device, you can settle for a towel to cover yourself so that the steam doesn’t get away out of the bowl. Essential oils can be your own choice but you may also just use commercially available vapor rubs such as Vicks, if you don’t have essential oils at home.
Asthma is a serious medical condition that needs proper care. Like nasal allergies, hay fever and allergic rhinitis, asthma isn’t something that can be cured easily, and you need to maintain a certain lifestyle, by keeping away from dust, fur, extreme activities and more. This is why if you or someone you know has asthma or some signs of it, getting yourself a steam inhaler is a good choice for emergency purposes.
For coughs and colds, try some rosemary, ginger, peppermint or bay leaves. Bronchitis can be alleviated with these as well, but you can also add cloves, basil and eucalyptus to the mix. For those who can’t breathe properly, eucalyptus seems to be a general favorite as well as pine. Lemongrass, lavender and chamomile are great extracts to add a sense of relaxation. Tea tree oil is also ideal for inflamed sinuses and allergies.
In addition to health and respiratory problems, some beauty experts also use a steam inhaler for managing a youthful face because it is known to remove blackheads and to enliven blood circulation. Steam inhalers are great addition to home therapy for natural beauty procedures.

How We Picked

The best steam inhaler for your needs should have the following criteria:
Portability: a steam inhaler should be portable in terms of its design and its size. Having a steam inhaler that is not too bulky would mean that you can carry the steam inhaler when it comes down to emergencies and the like. A steam inhaler that has a little size also means that it will be easier for smaller kids to use it as well and to carry it with great ease. Moreover, bulky steam inhalers can also potentially cause danger due to their size and weight.
Ease of use: consider a steam inhaler that is easy to use with its settings, with setting up the vapor, putting the water and essential oils on, and many other features that you need on a steam inhaler. It is important to have an easy to use device because this steam inhaler can save lives due to being an emergency health response medical item that can help those with difficulty in breathing.
Safety features: having a steam inhaler that has all the safety features recommended by doctors and pediatricians is important so that your kids can stay safe while using the steam inhaler. Most steam inhalers that are substandard can cause burns and you should avoid it as much as possible by having a steam inhaler that is safe to use due to its secure inhaling part. In addition, the parts of the steam inhaler should also be of health-grade and not some flimsy plastic.
Steam adjustment: a steam inhaler that is equipped with a steam adjustment or vapor adjustment setting is important as well. This allows you to control how much steam you can use for inhaling. This is also beneficial for kids, babies and the elderly who may find it hard to inhale steam from the steam inhaler due to its concentrated strength. You should be able to adjust the amount of steam coming out from the device for the best results and the most comfortable relief possible.
Durability: do consider a steam inhaler that is very durable or at least sufficiently sturdy against plastic melting to avoid accidents and the like. Having a strong steam inhaler in terms of material buildup means that you can be able to use it for the years to come, especially for your children and grandchildren in the future.
Mask quality: consider a steam inhaler that has a flexible mask so that anyone, especially kids, will feel at ease when using it. Moreover, a mask that is easy to wear on the steam inhaler makes it appropriate for people of all ages due to its flexibility. Additionally, the material used for the steam inhaler’s mask should be of medical grade so as not to cause allergic reactions to your skin.
Timer function: do consider a steam inhaler that is equipped with a timer function, much like in the steam adjustment function. This kind of feature is important because it will determine for how long you want the steam to activate to be inhaled. This is important for those with busy schedules and want to set a time for a person’s steam inhaling session, which is not really too long but still needs the right amount of time in order to get relief results.

Our Pick

Gurin Latex-free Flexible Mask Steam Inhaler

Our best steam inhaler would be the Gurin Latex-free Flexible Mask Steam Inhaler which is great for those who want to relieve cold symptoms. The measuring cup ensures that you put just the right amount of recommended steam or aromatic or essential oils for your steam inhaling session.
It can also potentially alleviate allergic rhinitis or hay fever so that your clogged nose will be calmed down for less sneezing. What’s more, you can easily purified or distilled water to alleviate your flu symptoms . in addition to that, you also get variable steam options for this steam inhaler. Moreover, the flexible mask is quite soft for most kids to use and it also has an indicator light to know if it is working or to adjust the timer and vapor settings.
During cold and flu season, this steam inhaler is a good device to have for your medical needs and for nasal problems. It provides a very steady vapor and it can also help to relieve symptoms of sinusitis as much as possible. The drain tank is also so easy to use and one session can last from 6 to 9 minutes.
If you have allergies then you can count on this steam inhaler for your needs. It also has an internal water chamber that is very spacious and also safe to use and easy to clean. You can also add aromatic oils to the chamber of this steam inhaler to effectively soothe your senses and alleviate symptoms.
It is also capable of variable steam adjustment so you can set how much steam will come out. Great for colds and flu, the steam inhaler also comes with an easy to use extension tube. Ideal for aromatherapy as well, the inhaler can be plugged into the wall for you to use.
The included power cord measures 5 feet so it is sufficient for most home spaces. It also comes with an easy to clean aromatherapy tank that is latex free an all of its parts. The steam inhaler is also backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Gurin Latex-free Flexible Mask Steam Inhaler may have some cons but they are not really serious, such as the fact that the switch placement could be better, as it is near the power cord rather than on the body of the steamer.

Step-up Pick

MyPurMist Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer

As a fast relief inhaler for your nasal congestion, the MyPurMist Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer is our step-up pick. It is great for your sinuses for you to feel relieved from inflammations. If you have the common cold then you can try this steam inhaler for a soothing relief.
With no boiling water needed, the steam inhaler is super safe to use and also provides you with a natural relief. It is also a handheld and portable inhaler to consider because of its slim size and ergonomic handling design. It is easy to put into your nose for instant relief from nasal congestion.
For respiratory ailments, this is a good inhaler to consider as well due to its benefits from the steam. Because it is portable, you can also use it while traveling conveniently. It is great for any sinus congestion and throat problem that you may encounter because it penetrates deep in your lungs.
Using the Capillary Force Vaporizer (CFV) technology, the steam inhaler helps to get your respiratory problems alleviated and your nasal congestions relieved as well. Great for colds and similar nasal symptoms, you can use this portable steam inhaler anywhere and anytime due to the design.
Ideal for any kind of steam therapy that you may need such as for allergies, it can be used at home and while outdoors as well. As an effective drug-free therapy that you can use for the kids and for adults, the steam inhaler is a convenient thing to have at the office as well for emergencies.
With no maintenance at all needed for the construction of the inhaler, it is also beneficial for those with sore throat or with chapped lips to help them get rehydrated. In addition to that, you can expect a run time of 10 to 15 minutes.
Any brand of distilled water can be used so you can instantly use this steam inhaler on the go as it is meant to be used for portability. Giving you relief from nasal congestion, it also has an instant on feature and produces germ-free steam. It is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Budget Pick

Vicks Compact Adjustable Personal Steam Inhaler

If you are on a budget then we suggest the Vicks Compact Adjustable Personal Steam Inhaler which is our budget pick. Great when it comes to vapor therapy, the Vicks brand is a trusted brand when we are talking about vapor, steam, coughs, cold and nasal problems.
It is great at improving your voice as well due to the steam penetrating your lungs and vocal cords, so it is effective for sore throat as well. You can count on the menthol and eucalyptus effects of the steam inhaler for alleviating bronchitis symptoms.
The steam inhaler is also a great device to help with asthma attacks as well as for sinus congestion. Moreover, the form of humidification that you can have for this inhaler is just fine due to its fine mist. If you have sore throat as well as climatic conditions such as hay fever then this is a good choice.
In addition to its convenience, the base is easy to fill with water. You can naturally help alleviate your respiratory ailments with this steam inhaler. The design of the inhaler makes an easy storage solution for your needs, such as for a small house or apartment.
You can set from 5 to 15 minutes of treatment can be done with this device for your customized inhaling needs. It also gently boils the water so it reduces the risk of burning. With a soothing steam overall, the steam inhaler feels comfortable.
When you have dry nose conditions, you can find relief with this inhaler due to its ability to alleviate sinus congestion as well as severe bronchitis. It also allows you to uses different scent pads for your customization. It goes through nasal passages with an adjustable steam control.
The steam inhaler uses 120 volts for its working voltage. It has a compact size and is also soft on its hood. Moreover, it gets through your sinus passages thoroughly. Also made for travel use, it easily regulates the flow of steam and targets dryness and irritation. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Best Steam Inhaler with a Humidifier Feature

Crane White 2-in-1 Humidifier Steam Inhaler

The Crane White 2-in-1 Humidifier Steam Inhaler is made for dry skin or for those who are looking for treatment for congestion. It has the capability to relieve you from your sinus irritation and it can also work well for both small and medium rooms.
In fact, you can also use eucalyptus oils and it is also great for throat passages. With over up to 8 hours of runtime, it can also guarantee you with a good night’s sleep because of its relaxing feeling. As a warm mist humidifier, you can also use it as a personal steam inhaler if you have asthma attacks.
You can definitely use it for longer hours of sessions due to its good durability. With 1.8 gallons of moisture for each session or fill, there is no need for a filter due to the design of this steam inhaler. Once you have flu symptoms, you can make use of this steam inhaler and its germ free mist to help you out.
If you have sinus infection then this steam inhaler may be able to help you due to its Clean Control antimicrobial feature. If you have experienced nose bleeds then this steam inhaler can also make it less painful for easier breathing. You can also use the steam inhaler for stuffy nose symptoms.
The 0.5 gallon tank is removable for cleaning so it is easy to maintain. As a 2-in-1 device (humidifier and steam inhaler), it is BPA Free so it is safe to use. You get a warm mist humidification experience from this unit so it provides some relief to a certain extent while being whisper quiet in its motor.
As an alternative to OTC medicine, the steam inhaler can reach up to 250 square feet for its humidifying capabilities. Built with steam inhaler functions for cough and cold, it is also an FDA registered product. There is also an auto off function if the tank is empty ensures safety of operation.
Perfect for dry hair, the steam inhaler produces bacteria-free mist with long term benefits. If you have nasal congestion then the warm mist from this steam inhaler can help you out. It can also significantly reduce mold and bacteria.
If you suffer dry cough then this steam inhaler offers comfort and relief and it also increases air moisture for a less dry feeling. It is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Steam Inhaler for Respiratory Problems

Aqua Healthcare Respiratory Steam Inhaler

The Aqua Healthcare Respiratory Steam Inhaler is a great soothing steam vapor machine that can act as drug free treatment for home use. It is also made out of non-allergenic polypropylene for the hood part so it is safe for kids and adults alike. If you suffer throat irritations then this steam inhaler can be useful.
It is also made for sinus issues as well as any kind of home therapy. With an easy to open and close mechanism, the steam inhaler can be filled with your favorite eucalyptus oil pad for treating headaches and pains as well as for relaxing. The design of this steam inhaler restores free breathing.
What’s more, it is easy t setup as the unit only uses tap water. Great for alleviating coughing symptoms quickly, the steam inhaler can give you 15 to 30 minutes of steam. It is also easy to keep clean due to the simple and hassle-free materials. Bring you immediate relief, this inhaler is perfect for nasal congestion.
Running at 120V AC, the steam inhaler is also UL approved so you feel less worried about burns and other potential injuries that can only be caught with substandard steam inhalers out there. You can also help your sinus trouble be put to rest with this corded inhaler.
The fold away design also makes this steam inhaler so simple to store away when it is not in use. In addition to that, no vinyl parts and no risks of allergic reactions at all. It also easily operates no issues with cracking for a fast and soothing relief.
The device works very well due to its multi-position hood so you will feel comfortable wherever you are. The steam inhaler also opens your pores for a healthier skin, which is why most people who are into beauty treatments also use a steam inhaler like this.
If you have sore throat then this steam inhaler can be a great way to stop bacterial growth to get back your voice quality. There is also a metal bowl for the water that will not crack with hot water. It is one of the best ways to naturally unclog your nose.

Best Steam Inhaler for Colds and Flu

Sizet Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer

If you want a steam inhaler that is made for colds and flu then you can try the Sizet Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer which is meant for vapor therapy. It has an adjustable steam control and is a great steam inhaler for colds. You can also use it as a personal steam inhaler for asthma.
The steam inhaler comes with mask attachment so you don’t have to worry about buying one. Great for storage or travel due the portability, if you have flu or fever then this steam inhaler can be a benefit for you. Within 5 to 15 minutes of natural treatment, you will be able to feel improvements already.
With the warm steam inhalation, the steam inhaler is an effective, safe, compact and portable way to help resolve your nasal problems with asthma, bronchitis or allergies. It is also of a compact size so you can take it anywhere with you to soothe your throat.
If you have respiratory ailments then this is a good steam inhaler to consider, as it can naturally help you to achieve a good breathing treatment due to the soothing steam. With a plastic hood included that is soft and accommodating (and also allergy-free), the steam inhaler penetrates passages with its steam.
The unit is capable of 100 to 240 VAC so it is also great for traveling due to the very fact that you can switch between electric systems. Moreover, it is a safe and effective way to treat nasal problems in a comfortable manner. The steam inhaler comes with an electric wall plug and it can also be used for facial therapy other than for sinus problems. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Best Steam Inhaler that is Rechargeable

LFS Feellife 360+A Portable Steam Inhaler

The LFS Feellife 360+A Portable Steam Inhaler is your best bet if you want a steam inhaler that is rechargeable. It also has a replaceable cup so it can be easily cleaned. Moreover, the low power consumption at less than 3 watts makes it eco friendly.
You can also use this steam inhaler as a personal atomizer. It comes with a detachable head so you can clean it up easily. Moreover, the compact design allows you to recharge via USB for portability. It is also great for easy cleaning due to the design.
It can also give you inhalation anywhere and the medication cup is removable. Moreover, it has a handy design for travel use. It is a handheld steam inhaler with mesh technology for a comfortable inhaling experience anytime. The cordless operation makes it okay to take outdoors.
With fine particle spraying from 1 to 5 um, the steam inhaler holds 10 ml of maximum water capacity. It can be able to bring out steam in all directions for direct inhalation needs. It is also quite portable and you will experience the benefits of treatment to the lungs or for your nose.
The silent operation makes this inhaler and vaporizer very convenient to use. With a micro USB cable, it also delivers medication right away. The lithium batteries also make it last longer than most battery operated inhalers out there.
What’s more, the one button operation makes it very easy to use. Being pretty quiet at only 29 dB or less, this steam inhaler is also portable and light weight and it can potentially shorten treatment time for those with asthma or nose related illnesses. It releases an ultrasonic frequency of 110 KHz ± 10 KHz.

Best Steam Inhaler for Facial Treatment

NanoSteamer 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

The NanoSteamer 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer is our ideal steam inhaler if you want to go for a facial treatment. Great for any steaming session needs, it can be a part of your skin care regimen for a healthier skin with improved blood circulation.
You can use it for 30 minutes of working time and it will also clear your sinuses and airways for those with allergies. Using nano-ionic steam, the steam inhaler can also humidify a room due to its ability to diffuse an essential oil, which is perfect for those who want to remove skin impurities.
The heating element is safe and there is also a control knob for a customized spa-like experience to remove blackheads and blemishes. This ultrasonic vaporizer is also multifunctional such that it is not just for nose problems but also for beauty treatments when it comes to penetrating your skin.
When it comes to the steam, the water tank has a capacity of 200 ml. You will find this steam inhaler very comfortable due to the easy design. It can also take from 800 to 1000 square feet of coverage so you can use it for your room for daily care with its silent operation.
The steam inhaler is also a beauty kit such that surgical grade stainless steel tools are included for you to remove your blackheads and the like. Ideal for large rooms, the steam inhaler brings about skin refreshment like you want it.
The steam inhaler lets out negatively charged ionic particles. You can add a quality moisturizer to your routine after using this steamer and it can have a long running time. Giving you a treatment similar to a facial at a salon, it brings you a healthier complexion. It can also act as a towel warmer and it also comes with a bonus 5 piece skin kit. It is great when it comes to oxygen absorption as well.

Best Steam Inhaler for Skin Hydration

Beauty Nymph Spa Home Facial Steamer

The Beauty Nymph Spa Home Facial Steamer can work well for 8 to 10 minutes and it also has an auto off function for your safety. You can add aromatherapy oils to this inhaler as it uses ceramic heating element for the water.
With an inhalation attachment included, the steam levels are adjustable as well. It can take up to 50 ml of water as a full face steamer to help you eliminate fatigue with the help of essential oils and by adding water for skin conditioning. It also easily clears your blocked nose.
You can vaporize distilled water in a breeze for sensitive skin types with this steam inhaler. It is made with an aluminum vaporizer pot and you can sue it with incense as well to get visible results and a relaxing vibe to hydrate your skin.
It also works as an interior humidifier for steam face care. A measuring cup is included and it also has overheating protection. Great for your regular skincare regimen, it is rated for 110 to 240 volts AC use so it is okay to travel with it.

Best Steam Inhaler for Kids

Healthsmart Kids Steam Inhaler Digger Dog

The Healthsmart Kids Steam Inhaler Digger Dog is a good decongestant for kids with a mask and drain in the package. It can give you 6 to 9 minutes of therapy and it has been created for kids to relieve symptoms of hay fever and the like. It supports 220 to 250 volt systems and comes with a measuring up.
For cold and flu as well as for bronchitis and laryngitis, the steam inhaler leaves a soothing effect on your nose, lungs and throat in a quick manner. The fun dog design for the kids makes it friendly for treating colds, flu and sinusitis.
You can get rid of congestion and allergies with the use of this steam inhaler with its steady vapor for allergies and allergic rhinitis. It works well for nasal symptoms and has a variable steam adjustment.

The Competition

Other steam inhalers did not make it to our list because they lacked in safety features, had a mask that is not too flexible and had problems with design flaws that might potentially cause accidents, especially for kids. Having a steam inhaler that is safe to use is important, especially if kids will use it.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is steam inhaling?
A: Steam has always been a curing agent since the old days of medicine and herbal cures. The process of steam inhaling is a way to help soothe the sinus, which is connected to our nose. Most respiratory and nose-related illnesses, diseases and the like can be alleviates with their symptoms with the use of steam inhalation.
Q: How does steam inhalation unblock clogged noses and congestion?
A: The warm air that comes from steam enters the nose and into the lungs, effectively getting rid of the blocked ways, so that you can breathe more properly, especially during a cold. Because steam is warm air, it has the capability to melt down debris and viruses in your nose to help alleviate the symptoms of cold and allergies. Most people may also use a steam inhaler as an emergency tool in place of an oxygen tank.
Q: What ailments, diseases, illnesses and medical conditions can be alleviated with the use of a steam inhaler?
A: The use of a steam inhaler amounts to many diseases and illnesses, such as colds, flu and cough. You can also use the help of a steam inhaler if you have asthma, difficulty in breathing, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, hay fever and many more nose-related and breathing-related conditions.
Q: Where can you do steam inhalation?
A: Any steam inhalation session can be done anywhere, especially at the comfort of your home. You do not have to go to a nearby hospital to do it.
Q: Other than being relieved from inflammation, how does steam inhaling help asthma patients?
A: Most asthma patients are perhaps the best to use a steam inhaler for. A steam inhaler not only reduces inflammation to your sinus but also helps you relieve your stress, clears the path in your lungs to prevent grave asthma attacks, and also helps in blood circulation.
Q: How is a steam inhaler different from nasal irrigation?
A: The difference between the two is that with a nasal irrigation method, saltwater solution is placed in your nose to clean up debris and congestion, and is quite an alternative to steam inhalers. Both of these methods, nasal irrigation and steam inhaler, are great ways to decongest your nasal problems and breathing difficulty.
Q: What herbs and essential oils can I use if I’m using a home remedy for steam inhalation?
A: You can try many kinds of herbs depending on what you want to cure, such as rosemary, eucalyptus (which is also commonly found on most Vicks vapor rub containers), lemongrass, peppermint and so much more.
Q: What’s the benefit of using a steam inhaler device over a traditional bowl and towl method?
A: The bowl and towel method can hurt your eyes. Trust us, whether you use Vicks vapor rub or regular eucalyptus oil in your mix, steam has the tendency to make your eyes watery, and the steam goes everywhere and not just your nose. For that problem, a steam inhaler is needed because it is concentrated.
The steam inhaler’s design of breathing the steam directly makes it much more efficient, especially for kids, to get temporary cure from asthma attacks and other breathing difficulties. Steam inhalers can also help you relax and be alleviated from such symptoms.
Q: What dangers can happen if you don’t use a steam inhaler device or method properly?
A: Most people believe that steam inhalation can cause burns if you don’t do it right. This is because steam comes from hot water and this hot water may cause burns if you accidentally poured it over your skin, especially for children.
Having a steam inhaler device is no different from the bowl and towel method, so you should still watch over your child when using the device so as not to spill out the hot water from the steam inhaler machine. Both methods can be dangerous, so it is best to be careful while using steam inhalation methods so that you won’t regret it later.
Q: Are steam inhalers electric operated?
A: Yes, most steam inhalers nowadays need to be plugged into an outlet and this is why they can be potentially dangerous if you leave a child unattended with the steam inhaler. Always make sure you read the manual of the steam inhaler before you use it to avoid causing injury and the like.
Q: Can steam inhalation be used to alleviate allergic rhinitis symptoms?
A: Allergic rhinitis , or sometimes called hay fever if you’re only sneezing seasonally, is a kind of nasal condition where you keep sneezing uncontrollably, especially when there’s dust, pet dander, hair and the like around you. It’s much like asthma, but on the sneezing part. Since it is a nasal condition, steam inhalation can definitely work for relieving its symptoms, since allergic rhinitis patients may also have difficulty breathing in the worst case scenario.
Q: Why should you protect your eyes when inhaling steam?
A: Any kind of steam vapor , especially one with eucalyptus or essential oils, may hurt your eyes and burn really bad, especially for children. This is why you need to cover your eyes and other parts of your face when using a steam inhaler, whether it’s the traditional or the modern machine method.
Q: Can steam inhalers also improve your voice quality?
A: Yes, most steam inhalers may also improve your voice quality, especially if you’ve just been through some cold, cough or flu or if you feel that you have a dry throat. Steam can help moisten your lungs and throat passage so that you will feel less irritated when you speak. This is highly important for radio announcers, singers, TV personalities and anyone who speaks to the public on a regular basis.
Q: If I’m going for a traditional bowl method, how far should the bowl be when inhaling steam?
A: The optimal distance of the steam bowl to your nose should be about 20 inches. This is to prevent your face from getting burned and also to protect the little hairs on your nose (cilia) because they are important in keeping dust away from your nose and protecting your lungs altogether.
Q: Can a steam inhaler be used to treat the common cold on a full scale?
A: The steam inhaler does have some benefits for making a patient feel relieved and relaxed due to the clearing of nose, but it is not intended to be the main cure for colds, as that is the job of decongestants and similar medicine for colds to destroy the virus. However, steam inhalers are a great first aid, especially for children, who can’t breathe properly because of a blocked or clogged nose due to cold.
Q: Can salt be used for a steam inhaler?
A: Yes, salt is also a good ingredient to mix with your hot water because it is great for its antibacterial benefits. In fact, if you don’t have a mouthwash, most people use salt as an emergency treatment for sore throat. This is a similar case for a steam inhaler, and this may also be the reason why people who experience difficulty problems are taken to the shores of the ocean to breathe salty air.
Q: How long should a steam inhaling session be?
A: It depends on how severe your condition is and it also depends on how much you can take the sensation. Most people can do it in about 2 minutes more or less, but you also need to remember to take frequent breaks from breathing the steam, especially if you’re having difficulty to take all of it at once.
Q: Can steam inhalation be used for kids?
A: While most steam inhalation methods and remedies such as Vicks vapor rub can be used for most adults and older kids, you should take extra care with younger kids, especially toddlers. Babies and toddlers alike should only be applied with the vapor rub as a subtle massage because a steam inhalation method may be a bit too dangerous for them.
Q: Can babies also make use of a steam inhaler?
A: While it is okay to give steam inhalation to babies , you should also take extra caution when doing so. You should keep away the steam inhaler in a safe distance, as babies still have little nostrils to breathe through. Some babies may not like it at first, either.
Q: How is a regular inhaler (pocket sized inhaler) different from a steam inhaler?
A: The steam inhaler uses steam, hence the name, while a regular inhaler is a tube-like mechanism that can be carried with you to work or to school as an emergency inhaler, especially if you have asthma attacks often.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Gurin Latex-free Flexible Mask Steam Inhaler is our best steam inhaler which is great for cold, cough, flu, allergic rhinitis and the like, and has a soft and flexible mask.