Best Electric Razor

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The Philips Norelco S3310 is our pick for the best electric razor, which runs on lithium ion power for uninterrupted and energy saving power. The blade system can easily glide over your skin for a smooth and close shave. It also comes with a pop-up trimmer and an LED screen.

Our step-up pick is the Braun Series 3010BT and this razor and trimmer works well on various purposes, as well as edging for a fully detailed and sharp look. It has a comb range of 1 to 7 mm in thickness and all of its shaving components are great for sensitive skin.

The budget pick is the Philips Norelco OneBlade and it has a bunch of trimming combs included and it can also help you edge your specific beard or stubble look. Its moving cutter is super fast at over 200 times per second. The pressure from this razor is very gentle on your skin.

A Little Background

An electric razor is a kind of razor that is usually battery powered or can be corded in operation. Most of these electric razors are very convenient because they can be adjusted accordingly depending on the length of hair, beard or stubble that you want to maintain. The purpose of an electric razor is to easily trim hair or beards with minimal effort plus precision and power at a convenient pace.

One of the key features of an electric razor is the adjustability of its length of shaving so it is ideal for those who maintain certain stubble and beard lengths. They usually have custom combs so that you can choose the appropriate length or style for you. Another feature to use is the fact that it is most likely waterproof or water resistant, so you can easily rinse it off under tap water. It must have a specific IPX rating.

Not only men can use an electric razor - some women who also have body hair may use them. An electric razor is an essential for any man, nonetheless, due to its handiness and in its usefulness. Furthermore, an electric razor can be pocket sized for use while traveling, so you can groom yourself whenever possible or when in a business or formal event. Proper grooming is one of the most important aspects of manhood.

For an electric razor to be completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower, it should be fully sealed in its motor and bearings so that it will not get wet and broken due to frequent use under tap water or in the shower. The rating is usually IPX4 or higher to make it water resistant for use in the washroom or bathroom.

An electric razor can be different from a portable battery operated razor, as they are mostly corded ones, but some can also be cordless depending on where you buy them from. The advantages of cordless would be the fact that you can take them wherever you go but if you want more power and uninterrupted shaving, you need an electric razor that is corded.

How We Picked

The best electric razor for your needs should be selected with the following criteria:

Voltage system used: the electric razor can be rated for 120 volts (North America) or for internal use (up to 240 volts) for those who need to take the electric razor during their travels abroad. If you plan to go on regular trips, consider an internationally rated electric razor for its voltage system.

Waterproof or water resistant rating: do consider an electric razor that is waterproof or water resistant of at least IPX4 or higher. Having a water resistant or waterproof electric razor is important for those who need to use the razor in the shower. It will also make it easier to clean up afterwards under tap water.

Type of shaver: the electric razor can be a foil shaver or a rotary shaver, depending on the type of razor that you need. Each of these electric razors can have a different purpose. Rotary types have 3 spinning blades while foil razors look like manual razors.

Hypoallergenic: it is good to consider an electric razor that has a hypoallergenic touch so that it will be okay to use for those with sensitive skin. To prevent razor burn, you should go for an electric razor that is okay for all skin types so that it will not cause rashes and the like. This is also very much important for those who are new to shaving with an electric razor.

Cartridge replacement: you have to consider an electric razor that has an easy replacement for the cartridge and that the cartridge will be available in most common stores. You also need to have an electric razor that has a cartridge system that is easy to install.

Ergonomic design: having an electric razor that is easy to handle with an ergonomic design makes shaving super simple. It is also ideal for those who are not used to shaving or are new to shaving. If you want to use the electric razor in the bathroom or in the shower, consider nonslip grips when choosing one because it is safer to use.

Accessories included: do consider an electric razor that has a many accessories included, such as a comb set of many different lengths. These accessories can help you trim specific body hair and facial hair in the exact length that you want. Some electric razors also have eyebrow detailing kits for added convenience.

Our Pick

The Philips Norelco S3310 is our best electric razor, which is easy to contour to your face due to its flex heads that can move into four different directions. The easy to open system makes this razor super simple for most people.

You can get up to 45 minutes of use from this cordless razor, which can charge easily. It can be fully submerged underwater for cleaning.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only known con but not a deal breaker about the Philips Norelco S3310 is the fact that since it is a rotary shaver, it might not appeal to those who are not used to using rotary shavers yet.

Step-up Pick

The Braun Series 3010BT is our step-up pick, which can be a wet and dry shaver that can be used with gel, foam or water without breaking. It has a total of 5 combs to choose from so you can get the look that you want easily.

You can use this to shape your sideburns, stubbles, moustaches and the like. It even has a nose trimmer attachment and can give you 45 minutes of shaving.

Budget Pick

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is our budget pick, which has a replaceable blade that can last up to 4 months for less replacement efforts. It is great for those who are prone to razor burn and irritation due to the design.

Because it is a wet and dry razor, you can take it to the shower. It also has up to 45 minutes of battery life on a single charge.

Best Electric Razor that is a Foil Shaver

The Remington F5-5800 is a great foil shaver that can have a charge time of only 2 hours. It runs up to 1 hour of operation and can be either corded or cordless for your convenience. It has a pivoting head for easy shaving around your facial contours as well.

Best Electric Razor that is a Rotary Shaver

The Hatteker Electric Shaver is a rotary type razor that can go with the contours of your jaw line and neck. It can be charged with any USB port and it is cordless for convenience. It is also applicable for shower use due to being a wet/dry shaver.

Best Electric Razor for Wet and Dry Shaving

The Braun ProSkin 3040s is applicable for wet/dry operation because of its design, so you can take it to the shower or with your favorite gel, foam or water cleansing technique. It comes with 2 batteries and components that are also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

Best Electric Razor for Women

For women, the Braun Silk-épil 9-579 is the best way to go for replacing manual tweezers for less pain when removing body hair. This trimmer and razor can be used for the bikini area and other parts of your body, and can be used in the shower.

Best Electric Razor for Travel Use

The Philips Norelco PQ208/40 can be your travel buddy due to being a pocket sized razor that offers up to 1 hour of cordless operation with its 2 AA batteries. Its floating heads are great design additions to help adjust to the contours of your face.

Best Electric Razor with a Pivoting Head

If you want a pivoting head electric razor then you can go for the Panasonic ES8243A Arc4. It is a wet and dry shaver that even has an LCD screen for seeing your battery life. You can make up to 13,000 cuts each minute with this 4-blade shaver that operates cordlessly for added convenience.

Best Electric Razor for Stubble Maintenance

The Remington MB4040 can run up to 120 minutes or 2 hours with its lithium ion battery. It  comes with precision ground titanium coated blades for sharpness you can depend on. It has a total of 9 length options. Do note that this unit is only for dry use.

The Competition

Other electric razors did not make it to this review list because they did not have an ergonomic design plus the handles were not nonslip so they were potentially dangerous. They were also not very waterproof so they were hard to clean overall. Most of them also lacked in accessories and were hard to replace the cartridges.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the two types of electric razors?

A: An electric razor can be classified into two types: rotary and foil shavers:

A rotary razor has three wheels that spin and have blades. The rotary shaver is usually more expensive than the common foil shaver because of its motor. The good thing to know about the rotary shaver is that it meets your face contouring needs so that you can be free from potential razor burn or injuries. This is ideal for those who are inexperienced with shaving or have unstable hands.

A foil razor is the more common type of electric razor that works much like a manual razor with horizontal blades to help cut or trim facial or body hair. Foil razors may make your skin prone to shaving burn if it is not built properly, but most of them can shave faster than rotary shavers depending on how many blades or foils are in the system. Some have 2 to 3 in the razor.

Q: What are the different parts of an electric razor?

A: An electric razor has the following important parts:

Blade: this is the most important part of the electric razor that shaves your facial or body hair. The blade system can depend on the type of electric razor you have, either rotary or foil. Rotary blades have three in the set while foil shavers can have 2 to 3 or even 4 depending on the model that you have.

Switch: this is the part of the electric razor that turns on the power of your razor blades, motor and gear system. The switch should be located in an area that is not easy to potentially deactivate it while you are shaving.

Motor: an electric razor should have a sturdy motor so that it will not easily get broken with frequent use. It is wise to consider an electric razor that has a properly sealed motor so that it will not get any kind of debris or water on the gear and motor system for a longer lasting electric razor to use. The motor is powered by the battery or power source.

Gear system: the gear system is what drives the electric razor's blades from the motor. Do consider an electric razor that has a gear system that runs as quietly as possible so you get less noise and disturbance while you are shaving.

Power source: an electric razor can be either corded or cordless. A cordless electric razor is one that depends upon battery power to run, which can be handy for travel use but not for shaving in an uninterrupted way. Corded electric razors, on the other hand, aren't good for bathrooms and in the shower but can provide you with longer lasting power.

Q: If you are new to shaving, what are the things you need to do first?

A: For those who are new to shaving, here are some tips on using the electric razor and shaving in general:

First, you need to prepare your skin with a pre-shaving product. These will usually be made with alcohol to help free your skin from dirt and excessive oils, which can make shaving a little unsafe. Aside from being alcohol-based, some can also include vitamin E or some other skin calming product to prevent razor burns, irritations and the like.

If you are not yet experienced with wet razors, you should stick to regular dry razors instead. Some people like to use wet and dry shavers but this depends on your preferences. These razors can be used in the shower for easier rinsing and can be rinsed under tap water. However, they can be dangerous if you are not used to them yet, since your skin becomes more sensitive when wet.

The right angle should be held when you position your electric razor. You can also pull your skin a little bit so that you can prevent snagging of hairs while shaving, which can really hurt. This is true with shaving any part of your body. A circular motion should be used for the rotary shaver, while back and forth movements should be used with foil shavers. Getting more contact with the skin makes shaving quicker.

Go for the neck areas first before the rest of the face because the neck areas are more sensitive. An electric razor can heat up eventually as you use it, so it's best to use it while it's still not hot - to use it on your sensitive areas so you won't feel a burning sensation there.

Make sure you clean the electric razor regularly and if it does come with a cleaning kit, use it. Having a clean electric razor is important so that you can avoid snagging and other troubles due to improper handling of the razor blade and components.

Replace the shaver as needed or replace the cartridge, if it uses one. A foil shaver needs to be replaced of its cartridge or foil every 1 or 2 years depending on your frequency of usage. Don't be lazy in replacing a razor because it will irritate your skin in the long run if you keep on using a dull razor blade.

Whatever your electric razor shaving style is, stick to it. Depending on your preferences, you may pick a corded or cordless one, or pick a wet operation shaver or dry one. You should stick to the style that gives you less irritation in the long run.

Q: When should I shave, when should I trim, and when to do both?

A: Shaving or trimming can be a hot debate for most men who are new to grooming their face. Here is an in-depth explanation on when to use a razor for shaving or trimming, or both:

Shaving should be done if you want a totally clean face and you want to maintain a youthful and clean look overall. Shaving is good for those who don't want to maintain a stubble or beard and want a fresh look all the time. Look for an electric razor that does the closest shave if this is the case.

Trimming should be done if you maintain a stubble or beard or anything like that. Trimming is done with special combs or attachments at the end of your electric razor so that it will only trim the hair to a certain millimeter to maintain your beard or stubble. It is mostly for maintenance purposes, so look for one with a lot of attachments.

Trimming and shaving should be done together if you are maintaining a beard or stubble and haven't shaved in awhile. In addition to that, if you have a really thick beard and want to completely get rid of it, trimming it first is the best way to go before actually shaving so as not to get snagging hair. Consider an electric razor that provides both a closer shave and a set of trimming attachments, or an all-in-one unit.

Q: What are the pros and cons of electric razors?

A: The electric razor or shaver for men can have different pros and cons, such as the following:

Electric Razors



·         They can give you a close shave as much as possible.

·         Within a few passes, they can easily trim or shave faster than manual razors.

·         Some models are hypoallergenic, which make them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

·         They don't directly contact your skin, preventing potential cuts and irritation.

·         An electric razor removes hair differently and safer than a manual razor, which makes it safer and less likely to cause ingrown hair.

·         They can be used on the go due to their ease of use.

·         They can be a little more expensive at first.

·         If you often forget to charge them, you won't be able to use them.

·         It might not be as close as with a regular razor when it comes down to shaving.

·         The noise levels can be loud in some models, which cannot make you feel comfortable while shaving.

·         It might take some practice to get used to electric razor shaving.

·         Not all models are shower proof so they are only acceptable for dry use.

·         Maintaining the parts and components of your electric razor can be a hassle versus reusable disposable razors.

In addition to that, whether you choose foil shavers or rotary shavers can also have specific advantages and disadvantages, such as with the following:

Foil Electric Razors



·         They are ideal for everyday shaving because of their ease of use.

·         If you're going to try a new look or beard / stubble style, this is the way to go.

·         They are easy to use for beginners in shaving, and even those who frequently shave.

·         It works like a manual shaver so those who are used to manual razors will find it familiar and easy.

·         Generally, a closer shave will be achieved with a foil type razor because of its design that uses two to three blades like a regular manual razor.

·         They are ideal for people who want to maintain their fine stubble.

·         They don’t contour to your face due to the straight blade design.

·         They are not ideal for super long beards and stubbles.

Rotary Electric Razors



·         They are great for those who want a comfortable contouring shaving experience.

·         If you want to shave really long hair then this is the razor type to do it with.

·         For those with really wider hair growth then this is a good razor type.

·         They can also be good with stubbles.

·         They may be difficult or intimidating for people who are used to manual or foil shavers.

·         They may not be ideal for everyday shaving and the best only for special shaving days.

Q: How often should I replace the blades on my electric razor?

A: The blades on your electric razor needs to be replaced after 1 year or less, depending on the following factors:

·         How much facial hair you have

·         How frequently you need to shave

·         How fast your hair grows

·         The quality of the razor blades

·         The coarseness or thickness of your facial hair

Q: What are the steps to getting a close shave without the razor burn?

A: An electric razor can give you a closer shave in a safer way without the razor burn if you follow these basic steps:

First, consider charging your electric razor first before you use it. If it is a corded electric razor then just plug it in. Don't attempt to use the electric razor if you think the battery is low. Usually, some units have an indicator whether you need to charge it or not. Having the electric razor suddenly stop while you're shaving can be dangerous.

Next, make sure that you do your shaving before you wash your face. This is because water can make your face softer and more sensitive when you shave, causing potential injuries and irritation to your skin. Keep your face clean and free of liquids or oils before shaving.

If you have a really long beard or facial hair and you forgot to shave for a long time, trim it first before shaving with the electric razor. This makes it easier to shave overall and it also puts less stress on your electric razor, thoroughly eliminating the potential of snagging and ingrown hairs.

Make the electric razor glide smoothly over your skin by holding your face with your free hand to ensure all of the hairs are passed thoroughly by your electric razor. Stretching your skin can help you shave easily and cover all of the areas with hair.

Be careful with sensitive areas and make sure you go for them first when you use the electric razor so that the unit is not too hot yet when you pass through them, to prevent the instance of potential razor burn.

Don't go over the same areas when you are using an electric razor. While this is okay for manual razors, it can be different from electric razors because they can potentially irritate your skin. The electric razor is only meant for single pass usage so it is not necessary to go back to the areas you have already done.

Maintain an even pressure whenever you shave with an electric razor. There is no need to push harder because it will just get your skin irritated in the end, just like how you would on a regular razor. Hold the electric razor firmly with your dominant hand and ensure that the pressure is the same throughout your shaving.

Cleaning your electric razor is important because any loose hair or debris that can gather in the blades or parts can make the electric razor ineffective and dull, which can cause potential injuries and razor burn. Depending on the user's manual of the electric razor, make sure to clean it properly and regularly.

Q: How long should I wait before I get use to using an electric razor?

A: This depends on your skin type and the razor, but most of these electric razors can be easily accepted by your skin in a matter of two weeks of regular usage. If you really want to go for electric razor then you have to make an effort to keep using it to get the results.

Q: Aside from the pros and cons of electric razors, what are the pros and cons of other types of razors?

A: The other types of razors include the manual razor and the dual edge razor. Here are their pros and cons for your knowledge:

Dual Edge Razors



·         They are the cheapest solution to shaving facial hair, with the blades being quite cheap in price.

·         If your skin is prone to ingrown hair then this is the razor for you.

·         For those who shave often and need a powerful manual razor then this dual edged razor is the best one for them.

·         If you are looking for a super sharp razor then a dual edge razor is the way to go due to its unique design of the blades.

·         For those with thick facial hair, it might not give the closest shave but it can depend on the quality of the blade.

·         It can be a little tricky to use for some men due to the blade design, which is different from the average manual razor.

·         The handle of this shaving razor can be expensive and hard to find because of the lack of popularity of this kind of razor.

Manual Razors



·         They are great for those who travel often.

·         They are also easy to clean compared to other types of razors.

·         If you want an easily accessible razor type that is available in any market or store then this is a good choice.

·         They are also cheaper as compared to electric razors.

·         You can easily replace the blade or the cartridge of the manual razor whenever needed.

·         They are the easiest to use out of all the types of razors out there.

·         It requires water, unlike shaving with an electric razor, to reduce pain.

·         Ingrown hair and snagging can potentially happen if you're not careful.

·         You also need to add shaving cream and various aftershave grooming products.

·         The blades get dull after 4 to 5 shaves so it's kind of frustrating to manually replace all the time.

Q: How do you keep your skin free from irritation when using an electric razor?

A: There are various ways to stay out of irritation, other than to just prevent razor burn when shaving, such as the following:

Use the right razor for the right job. Do consider that having the wrong shaving tool can cause ingrown hair as well as razor burning. Choose a razor that does not easily heat up so that you can reduce the instances of inflammation on your skin while you are shaving. Some razors tend to get a closer shave while others don’t, so it’s best to experiment on each brand or type to determine which is the best one for you.

Your shaving technique matters. It takes a lot of practice in order to achieve the perfect razor shaving, so make sure you get it right with the technique of making an even pass through your facial hair so as not to irritate the areas that you have already gone through.

Soften your skin using gel, foam or similar products. Gel can help soothe your skin and will definitely relax and cool down your shaving experience overall. Consider ones that are hypoallergenic, skin friendly and are free of harsh chemicals that might be bad for your skin. If you do prefer dry shaving, keep it dry and don’t add water because it can make your skin more sensitive.

Always add aftershave grooming products to prevent irritation. The aftershave or post-shaving product is of great importance because it helps to cool down your skin after the shave. Do consider the pH level of your skin and the product to make sure that it does not irritate your skin at all. Like with gel and foam, consider skin friendly grooming products that do not contain harsh chemicals.

Q: Why is a 3-blade razor better than a 2-blade razor?

A: The increased number of blades on a razor can give the following advantages:

·         You can work on a single area faster

·         There is no need for multiple passes

·         It save you time and effort

·         It prevents irritation due to repeat passing

Q: Why do people still continue to do manual shaving versus electric razor shaving?

A: There are still many benefits that are argued by traditional people, especially your dad or grandpa, when it comes down to manual wet shaving:

Shaving with a manual razor will most likely get you a closer shave because you can control the blades better. Because they actually cut the hair rather than just break it, they can help keep a smooth and close shave in the end. This is why most men prefer the real deal instead of the modern electric ones - which are only probably used for convenience and on the go situations.

You get a touch of class, aesthetics and a sense of completion with manual shaving. Most men can relate to this, especially because manual razors take a lot of processes such as applying products, whereas electric razors are only ideal for those who don't have a lot of time to shave. If you do have more time in the bathroom then traditional shaving is always the best.

Wet razors also help in exfoliation, which is good because you remove the dead skin cells right when you shave your facial hair, considering you applied a good amount of shaving cream and aftershave products. This is essential to keep your skin smooth and facial hair cleanly shaved (or maintained if you have a stubble or beard).

However, there are still some downsides, as to why you should still use an electric razor from time to time:

·         If you don't have a good shaving technique and don't have a quality razor, you are prone to razor burn, rashes and irritations. Make sure you know how to shave properly if you want to do regular or manual shaving.

·         The cost, while not really alarming at first, when accumulated, the blade replacement can be kind of expensive in the long run. However, it still depends on the kind of razor that you have and the frequency of your shaving needs.

Q: Can women also use an electric razor?

A: Yes, most women can also use electric razors for various things such as their underarms and their bikini line. While it is true that razors are mostly a man's thing, even women who also shave their body parts may want to use an electric razor if they want a fast and painless solution while on the go.

Do note, however, that electric razors that are specifically tailored for women can be hard to find. It may be best to go through different websites and merchant sites, or ask a friend who knows where to buy the best electric razors for women.

Q: What happens if you do not change the blades of your electric razor?

A: There are many bad things that can potentially happen if you don't change your blades properly or regularly, such as the following:

·         Your blades get dull, so they can potentially cause ingrown hair and snagging.

·         Since they are dull, they can also be less effective when shaving, and you will have to repeat passes on the same area.

·         Repeating these passes can cause irritation, which can be bad for you and your skin.

·         You won't get a closer shave at all if you don't replace your blades often.

·         If you see they get rust due to humidity or water exposure, don’t use them because they might irritate your skin as well.

Q: What is the importance of cleaning your electric razor after every use?

A: Your electric razor should be cleaned after each use because of the following:

·         Your razor can potentially catch loose hair, which can make the blade duller.

·         A dull blade can result in injury, irritation, snagging, ingrown hair and the like.

·         The mechanical parts and the motor might eventually fail if you don't clean it up right away and regularly.

·         It might also become noisier on its internal gears due to operating with less friction, in which you need to lubricate it.

Q: Aside from cleaning your electric razor regularly, what other maintenance should I perform?

A: When maintaining  your electric razor on a regular basis, here are other things you can possibly do to increase the lifespan of your electric razor:

Lubrication: this is highly important because it helps keep the gears and other internal components such as the motor well-oiled and working properly. It can help reduce the instances of corrosion, can help improve the performance of your electric razor and it will also make shaving faster throughout the years of usage.

Replacement: every 1 to 2 years, you should replace your electric razor components as dictated by your user's manual or depending on how frequent you shave. The blades should be replaced properly so that your face is saved from dull blades and potential razor burns. Do remember that with constant usage, blades get duller so it is important to replace them when needed.

Q: What should not be done when using an electric razor?

A: An electric razor is still a razor that can potentially injure anyone or cause irritation when not used properly. Here are the things that you should not do when using an electric razor:

·         If your electric razor is not wet rated, don't use it in the shower.

·         If you are dry shaving, don't apply oil to your skin, unless your razor is wet rated as well.

·         Don't forget to change the blades whenever they get dull.

·         Don't attempt to use the electric razor when the battery life is low.

·         Don't forget to keep it out of reach from children, if you have kids at home.

Q: How do I clean or sanitize an electric razor?

A: It depends on the cleaning instructions and whether the electric razor is wet rated or just dry rated. Nonetheless, here are a few tips you can do:

1.       Using your user's manual as a guide, take out the foil to reveal the internal components.

2.       To remove loose hairs, you can use a nylon brush or old toothbrush.

3.       If your razor is wet rated, simply run it under tap water to easily clean it up. You can also fill up a sink and dip it, if the razor can be submerged underwater.

4.       If your razor is dry rated, simply use a damp cloth in cleaning. Alcohol can also be a great cleaning solution for dry rated electric razors.

5.       Let the electric razor dry within 10 minutes or so before you use it again.

Q: How can women shave their bikini area with an electric razor? Is it safe?

A: Shaving with an electric razor  might not always be the safest way with bikini areas or bikini lines for women, but it's a sure-fire convenient way to do it if you have the right shaver for the job. Here's how you shave your bikini line with an electric razor:

·         If you have long bikini line hair, trim it first with scissors before you actually shave, to make it easier to shave and make your shaving experience less prone to snagging.

·         Go for a warm bath first because warm skin is easier to shave. Adding hair conditioner helps soften your bikini line as well.

·         Shave towards the direction of the hair growth to prevent ingrown hair.

·         Go for another warm bath to help rinse and soothe your bikini line from hair.

·         Adding aftershave products such as lotion, baby oil or Aloe Vera gel can help soothe your bikini line.

Q: How do I lubricate an electric razor?

A: An electric razor can be lubricated with the following steps:

1.       Look at your user's manual on how to disassemble the razor.

2.       Clean the foil and blades first with alcohol soaking.

3.       Blades and foil can now be sprayed or applied with manufacturer-approved lubricant.

4.       Put the razor back together and run it for a few seconds for the oil to circulate.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Philips Norelco S3310 is our best electric razor for having a good contouring effect, closer shave and sufficient runtime as a wet/dry razor.