Best Soft Mattress

The Signature Sleep 13-Inch Pillow-Top Coil Mattress is our best soft mattress, which is good at relieving pressure points so you stay comfortable in the middle of the night and fresh during the daytime. What’s more, the soft mattress can be used for platform beds as well to give you the best of comfort.

Our step-up pick is the Olee Sleep 13SM01Q 13-Inch Hybrid Mattress and as a soft and fluffy soft mattress, it has a subtle mattress firmness so it is not too soft to sink in yet not hard at all. The mattress goes with the curves of your body so it is quite comfortable. The soft mattress can be used on an adjustable metal frame for versatility.

The budget pick is the Olee Sleep 10FM01F Memory Foam Mattress and the mattress has a soft top as well as a very calming and comfortable material to lay on. It gives you a temperature balanced feeling when you sleep due to being able to give adequate ventilation. It also maintains your body shape with its support and comfort material.

A Little Background

When deciding the feel of a mattress, you can pick between soft and firm but some people will just go for a medium firm feeling. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks and not everyone will enjoy the same feel of a mattress. For instance, kids and teens will like firm mattresses but the elderly will prefer a soft mattress, so it pays to have a medium firm mattress and then maybe add a soft pillow top for it.
Some people think of a water bed when the phrase “soft mattress” comes in, because the water bed was a thing in the ’80s and in the ’90s, when it used to be hip and cool to have a water bed at home. It’s squishy and cool in the summer and is a unique way to show off your room with party friends. However, it may not give you the right support, which has led to bed makers to develop memory foam instead.
Some people think that having a soft bed benefits them more because a firm bed will not give support for your shoulders and side. However, a soft bed will get you to sink in which will be bad for your back because of the intense pressure. The soft and the hard beds will have their pros and cons in general.
Having to buy a mattress can be a big decision if you do not pay attention. You should get a mattress and test it out before you buy it. Most manufacturers offers a 100-day trial for a sleeping period for you to test out if the mattress is very comfortable for your needs.
A mattress that is not too firm will actually benefit you if you have back pains because it has a hugging comfort that will help you to feel relief from back pain. Soft mattresses are good for people who have a lot of hard time when lying down on a firm mattress.
A good soft mattress needs a good mattress cover, and wool is a good choice. Wool helps to keep you comfortable and dry all night and it will also be a great advantage in the cold winter. It does not give you too much warmth so it is just right for its breathability. It also has good moisture wicking properties.
If you want to have a good blood circulation then you should not make your mattress too soft or too plush. Blood circulation can be cut off if you sink into the bed, which can also block lymph flow and make you unhealthy and suffocate you at night. Soft mattresses should be just right in softness when it comes to preventing sinking, just as with firm mattress so as not to hurt your spine or other body parts.

How We Picked

When you want to have the best soft mattress, you should consider the following:
Type of mattress: most people prefer a memory foam mattress for a soft mattress due to the comforting and the soft properties of memory foam. However, if you are not very much into memory foam then you can try a regular foam for a soft mattress. You can also try latex in Talalay form so that it will be very soft and not too hard.
If you want an innerspring mattress then make sure it has a pillow top or is a hybrid to be a soft mattress. For those who want a memory foam soft mattress then you should consider a gel memory foam mattress so that it will not be too hot at all to lay down upon.
Cover material: due to the allergens that might cling to the cover material, it should be easily washable. A fully washable and organic material for the cover that will help protect the soft mattress is something to look forward to. Most soft mattresses have a comfortable material such as wool or cotton.
Sizing: there are many kinds of soft mattress size choices such as Twin, Full, King, Queen, California King, Split King, XL and many more. Choosing the right size for your soft mattress is important so that it will be easy to fit into your box frame, bed frame or any kind of bedding platform that you currently have at home or wherever you are.
Top style: consider a soft mattress that has a soft top style, such as pillow top, which is essentially what you would want for a mattress that is very soft and comfortable. The top style dictates how much plush or firm feeling you will feel in any mattress. It will also help you to feel more comfortable and cool in general if you choose a good soft mattress with a nice top.
Certification and eco-friendliness: consider a soft mattress that is eco friendly by looking for certification bodies such as CertiPUR-US Certified or Green Guard certified for it to be free of flame retardants, artificial elements, harmful chemicals, heavy metals like lead and mercury, phthalates, formaldehyde and many other ozone depleting materials.
Packaging: you should consider a soft mattress that is smartly sealed, packaged and easily delivered into your doorstep. The packaging should be neat and should be easy to pull out and setup. Most soft mattresses, like most mattresses out there, just needed to be expanded after it arrives to your doorstep.
Thickness: consider a soft mattress that has just the right thickness such as from 6 to 14 inches in general. A soft mattress that is thicker will lead to a more comfortable sleep but you should consider not making it too thick to avoid getting too hot in the bed.
Pricing, warranty and trial sleeping period: the soft mattress should have a decent pricing so that it will not break the bank. The warranty period should be reasonable for the soft mattress and the exchange policy should be clear and concise. Last but not the least, there should be a trial sleeping period so that you will know if the soft mattress will be just the right softness for your needs.

Our Pick

Signature Sleep 13-Inch Pillow-Top Coil Mattress

Our best soft mattress would be the Signature Sleep 13-Inch Pillow-Top Coil Mattress. It gives you moisture regulation that is enough to keep you cool and comfortable all night. You can also place this soft mattress in the living room on a sofa or any kind of bed frame.
The soft mattress is so comfortable and if you are having a hard time sleeping then this soft mattress might help you. Currently available in multiple size options, it has a foam pillow top and it will give you the comfort no matter what position.
It is great at contouring your body and it is also made for sofa beds. The soft mattress can work well for trundles for a better sleeping experience for kids. It is equipped with a 1-inch mattress foam with 3 zones for better comfort without staining quality.
If you want a bamboo rayon fabric cover that is eco friendly on a soft mattress then this is a good choice so that it is fresh and kept away from odors. Being made from CertiPUR-US certified foam means that it is also environmentally friendly without the use of harmful chemicals.
The soft mattress can be used on most box spring beds that fit well. It is quite soft to lay on and it is also good at moisture absorbance for those who experience sweaty nights. With over 3 inches of high density foam to support your back or side, it is totally comfort for your upper and lower body.
What’s more, the soft mattress is low on VOC so it is environmentally good. It comes with independently encased coils at 10 inches each in one layer to support your back as well. Made for the whole family in terms of comfort, the firm mattress center makes it okay and won’t let you sink in too much.
As a soft mattress, it can also be used for futons and similar beds without sacrificing equal weight distribution. It can easily support your lower back without much discomfort. It also comes with a soft mattress cover to add to the softness. You can also use this soft mattress for bunk beds.
It is also a good choice to support your hips while relieving pressure points other than giving you a good night sleep. The soft mattress comes compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed and is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Signature Sleep 13-Inch Pillow-Top Coil Mattress may have some flaws but they are not really deal breakers, such as the fact that there is a bit of smell, but it easily dissipates anyway so it is not really a big concern at all.

Step-up Pick

Olee Sleep 13SM01Q 13-Inch Hybrid Mattress

Our step-up pick for the best soft mattress would be the Olee Sleep 13SM01Q 13-Inch Hybrid Mattress. You can place it in the bedroom without much hassle and it provides you with a consistent firmness all through the night. Giving you a good night’s sleep, it has heat treated coils that measure 7.5 inches each.
Giving couples no motion disturbance at all, the layers include: gel foam (1 inch), soft memory foam (1.5 inches), high density foam (2 inches) and poly jacquard fabric (2 inches). The soft mattress can help well with hip and shoulder pain so you can say goodbye to your sleeping problems.
As a luxury mattress on a step-up price, if you spend a lot of time in bed then this is a good soft mattress choice for durability. Its encased coils give you a lot of support without sacrificing softness and comfort so that you can sleep well.
Made with high density memory foam layers, the soft mattress is good with its comfort and surface. It also gives you a good and equal weight distribution so it helps you to sleep properly through the night. The soft mattress can help you attain proper temperature even when it’s hot or cold.
If you have a platform bed then this soft mattress can be easily placed. It can support for your spine and it will also relieve your neck and shoulders. It really supports your body shape and it also conforms to your body while you sleep.
The soft mattress will work well for stomach sleepers due to the just-right support which absorbs your weight properly. It is greatly made for side sleepers as well due to the comfort and support. The soft mattress can alleviate your back and hip pain and it can help out with ventilation.

Budget Pick

Olee Sleep 10FM01F Memory Foam Mattress

Our budget pick for the best soft mattress is the Olee Sleep 10FM01F Memory Foam Mattress which has a good top layer support for comfort. It will not make your back hurt due to being comfortable. It is currently available in almost all bed sizes possible and it can support your body weight very well.
If the pain wakes you up at night more often than it should then this is a considerable soft mattress to have for your bed. Having bad pain in your back can be alleviated if you have a soft mattress when you sleep at night.
Made with a total of 3 layers: memory foam at 8 ILD (1 inches), high density foam at 25 ILD (1 inch) and gel foam (1 inch), the mattress is super comfortable and it is also packed with a lot of breathability. The mattress eagerly supports your body to enhance your sleeping experience all the time.
It also lessens flattening so it is very durable. The mattress is easy enough to handle and not too heavy. Having a durable soft mattress is important even if it is soft so that you can lay down on it and it will not easily sink in and it will not break down in a matter of months. Durability is important in anything that you lay on so that you can have more value for your money.
You can sleep in the proper temperature even in the summer with this soft mattress. It can also handle your back pain and maybe even your neck pain. The right temperature for any season is important for the soft mattress that you should have because it will dictate how cool or warm you sleep in a bed.
Due to its memory foam, the soft mattress can contour to your body when you sleep at night.. it keeps a constant temperature and it is not too hot at all. Giving you pressure relief that is enough for a good rest, the soft mattress can also sit over an old mattress. It is backed by a 10 years limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Soft Mattress Made of Memory Foam

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress

If you want a soft mattress that is made with memory foam then you can try the Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress that is absolutely plush. It is made for just about any sleeping position so it is guaranteed to give you a cool sleeping experience when you sleep on it.
The soft mattress is made with gel memory foam so that it will help you keep a very cool and comfortable sleeping experience. Because it is CertiPUR Certified, it is eco friendly and it will not cause any bad smell or harmful chemicals. The soft mattress is also equipped with a textile stretch knit cover.
The elegant cover of this soft mattress makes it very soft and luxurious and it will also help you sleep better. The thick top of this mattress will also help you sleep better without sinking in and cutting off your blood circulation. The soft mattress gives you a cool and cloud-like feeling.
It is made up of 3 layers: memory foam (1.5 inches), gel memory foam (2 inches) and base support foam (6.5 inches) for 10 inches in total thickness. The soft mattress is also dust mite resistant so it is great for fending off allergens in the household. It also has an air infused memory foam for breathability.
Adapting to nearly all sleepers, the soft mattress can be great for your sleeping experience due to its conforming qualities. In fact, this mattress can be used as a hotel bed mattress due to its good quality. Aside from being a body conforming soft mattress, it will keep you fresh and cool with its materials.
It has a fully removable cover for easy cleaning so you can maintain it much easier. It also has a mesh gusset to add to its comfort while its materials keep you fresh and easy when sleeping. The soft mattress is also a low VOC mattress so it is eco friendly. You will also sneeze less because it is hypoallergenic.
As a perfect way for you to regulate your temperature when you sleep at night, the soft mattress accommodates nearly all sleepers because of the just-right firmness and softness. The resilient materials make it tough and durable through the layers of support that will give you a good night’s sleep. It is backed by a 25 year limited warranty.

Best Soft Mattress for Side Sleepers

Sleep Innovations Alden Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Innovations Alden Memory Foam Mattress is a good soft mattress for side sleepers. It has a luxurious feeling yet it will give you the gentle support that you may need. In fact, it is not too hot or cold so it is just right for an excellent support while sleeping during the night.
Made with a lot of comfort in mind, the soft mattress is made up of 3 layers: base foam (9 inches), air channel foam (2.5 inches) and memory foam (2.5 inches). It will keep you comfortable and cozy every single night while it has extra durability so you will not easily sink into the mattress.
Great for alleviating the pain on your hips and knees, the mattress has a medium soft feel and it will help cradle you during the night with the ventilated layers. The triple comfort design of this soft mattress is ideal for side sleepers and it will give you the best sleep possible with a mattress of this caliber.
You can also switch beds with this soft mattress due to its sheer comfort on your shoulders as well as on your back. Having a mattress with a soft and plush top is good for those who cannot sleep properly due to their back aches. It also helps you to give off the bed to someone who needs therapeutic comfort.
If you want a soft mattress that is specifically made for pressure point relief then this is a good choice for you. It is quite comfortable and not too firm such that it is just right for cradling you when you sleep. The soft mattress can help you get the right temperature whenever you need to sleep at night in the most comfortable way possible.
The mattress helps you to stay warm on cold days and cool on hot days. It is a good adapter when it comes down to any climate or weather, which is good so that you do not have to do much to treat your room in terms of temperature regulation and comfort needs.
The mattress may be firm but also soft so it is just the right softness for a soft mattress. Having a mattress that is too soft can be bad for your circulation. In fact, you may not need a mattress cover after all with this mattress. It is backed by a 20-year limited warranty.

Best Soft Mattress for Kids

Englander Finale 10 Inch Innerspring Mattress

A good soft mattress for kids to consider is the Englander Finale 10 Inch Innerspring Mattress, which has a quilted cover over it to keep it comfortable. With its plush top layer, it is good in terms of comfort. Providing you with luxurious comfort, the soft mattress can be used for achieving a personalized alignment. It is also true to size no matter what kind of size you choose for it.
Having a 3-zone support system, this soft mattress is quite comfortable with its CertiPUR-US certified foams that are not only breathable but also eco friendly and environmentally responsible. This mattress is very comfortable in terms of all of its layers and the 14-gauge coil springs add to the support.
If you want a soft mattress to eliminate pressure points then this is a good pick because the mattress is not too firm and not too soft. Almost any set of sheets can easily fit well with this soft mattress due to its right size. It is also quite easy to bring up my stairs when it arrives due to the smart packaging.
Giving you absolutely no motion disturbance at all, the soft mattress is also an innerspring mattress that is good for couples to keep them refreshed in the morning. It may also be a good soft mattress for who sleep alone. If you have lower back pain then this is not a bad mattress to consider.
You may even want to put up this soft mattress for your day bed or as a trundle mattress for the kids. To get a good night’s sleep, this mattress is packed with a lot of comfort layers with no smells whatsoever. It is also quite comparable to an expensive mattress due to its luxurious comfort and support.
It is also strong and durable enough despite being a soft mattress. It is free from toxic chemicals so the soft mattress will give you no horrible smell and no harsh materials at all. Giving you no indents, lumps or sagging at all, the soft mattress is great for the kids.
You can also use the soft mattress for a adjustable hospital bed. You can also put it up for guest beds due to its ease of setup. It comes compressed and rolled when you order it and it has a 1-year warranty to back it up.

Best Soft Mattress for Therapeutic Needs

Night Therapy Memory Foam Comfort Mattress

The Night Therapy Memory Foam Comfort Mattress is a good therapeutic soft mattress to consider in which the foam is CertiPUR-US certified so that it is eco friendly while being comfortable to sleep on. The soft mattress has 3 layers include: 2-inch memory foam, 2-inch comfort foam and 4-inch base foam.
It has a less likelihood of wear and tear due to being durable and made with high quality materials that are conforming to your back and sides. It is also made with natural green tea extract so it will keep your soft mattress as fresh as possible without the bad odors at all.
Great for giving you pleasant dreams when you sleep at night, it gives you a customized level of support as well as therapeutic comfort. The soft mattress is also made with natural active charcoal so it is good to keep your mattress clean, fresh and odor-free.
Designed for back sleepers, the soft mattress is also a good mattress to use while watching television . With its comfortable memory foam, it can absorb moisture so it is good for the sweaty nights. It can be used with bunk beds so you can attain a refreshing night’s sleep.
You can also use this mattress on a day bed and it will eliminate odors easily. You can address your aches and pains with this soft mattress. In addition, its freshness will be maintained due to the bio foam with natural plant oil. Perfect for a whole platform bed, it uses open cell memory foam to keep it cool.
The soft mattress will also fit into a truck bed. It can also fit on an adjustable bed frame so it will be easy to install. Giving you air flow and movement, the soft mattress comes compressed, rolled and shipped to your doorstep and has a 10 year limited warranty.

Best Soft Mattress for an RV

Customize Bed 6-Inch Gel Memory-Foam Mattress

The Customize Bed 6-Inch Gel Memory-Foam Mattress is made with gel infused memory foam and can address your lumbar problems. Being a uniquely foldable and portable mattress, it is hypoallergenic and can be situated in your cot sleeper. Being antimicrobial, it is also totally comfortable and refreshing.
It will also fit on an RV and most bed trundles, measuring 30 x 74 inches. It can also be set for the floor for sleepovers or even on an roll away bed. The mattress can be used during rainy weather due to its comfortable support. It gives you a good night therapy as well as spine support.
Great for most daybeds, it is quite soft but great in supporting your body so it remains comfortable all the time to give you a balanced body temperature. You can also put it on guest beds. Those with back pain will absolutely love this mattress with little to no waste space.
It also sits on a breathable base and is made with organic materials to keep it fresh. During windy and cold weather, this is a good folding topper that you may want to consider for guests or for a tent or a camper. It is made with a 6-inch memory foam that is cool and comfortable.
It is also quite easy to store and transport and can support achy backs for the best restful sleep possible. Due to its cooling control gel, it is comfortable and it comes with a floor or frame cover.

Best Soft Mattress for a Futon

Customize Bed 30×74 CertiPUR-US Foam Mattress

The Customize Bed 30×74 CertiPUR-US Foam Mattress is a good foldable mattress to give you no aches or pains and it will cradle you with its therapeutic foam that remains comfortable for sleeping all night long. You can also place it cots and guest beds and you will get no harsh smell due to the quality.
Perfect also for RVs and daybeds, it has antimicrobial properties to keep it fresh during most sleepovers on the floor or even when guests visit to your house. It can also fit on a futon very well due to being lightweight. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage, it is also fitting on a roll away bed.
Made only with soft materials, you can use it for kids’ bunk beds without the hassle of installation due to the custom cot size of 30 inch x 74 inches. It also works well for trundles due to being durable yet soft with its fabric pad included. It has good thickness that is firm enough for sitting so you will not sink.

Best Soft Mattress for a Daybed

Signature Sleep Memoir 10 Inch Mattress

The Signature Sleep Memoir 10 Inch Mattress is good for daybeds and has 2 layers: memory foam (2.5 inches) and high density memory foam (7.5 inches). Great at relieving pressure, it can provide balanced support as a 10 inch memory foam mattress that will easily mold to the body’s natural shape.
With no issues of sagging, it is made with CertiPUR-US certified foam and is also perfect for kid’s beds. I is quite soft and breathable and you won’t toss and turn that much due to the quality of material. It can also be used on sofa beds.
Made with good memory foam material that is soft but durable, you can rotate it and use it bunk beds. It ships compressed, rolled, and vacuum sealed so it is easy to setup.

The Competition

Other soft mattresses did not make it to our list because they were not as soft as the promised to be. It is important also for a soft mattress to be not too hot when it comes to lying down on it, especially when you want to choose memory foam for a soft mattress.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different kinds of mattress firmness?
A: A mattress firmness refers to how hard or how soft it is. The mattress that is firm is usually made for people who prefer to have a back massage and support for when lying down on their back or tummy. On the other hand, a soft mattress is made for orthopedic and therapeutic needs, such as for the elderly or seniors and those with back ache that cannot stand firm mattresses.
Soft mattresses are most preferred by people who suffer back aches and the like. A soft mattress is usually made of foam or memory foam and it will have a softer feel in comparison to a firm mattress. Soft mattresses usually have a pillow top to make it soft and comfortable to sleep on.
Q: Which should I pick if I can’t decide between firm and soft mattresses?
A: You can pick a medium firm mattress that sits between firm and soft, if you cannot decide between a firm and a soft mattress.
Q: Why did the water bed immediately get phased out?
A: The water bed was a big thing in the ’80s and the in the ’90s because of the really cool design, comfortable feeling and cooling temperature that is more appropriate in the summer. While it is great for people to feel cool and calm with a water bed, it eventually got phased out due to the lack of support.
Q: Is a soft bed good or bad?
A: There are pros and cons of a soft bed or mattress in general. A soft bed can be greatly supportive and conforming for people who want to have pain relief in their back and neck but the disadvantage is that if you sink in, it can put pressure on your lower back in the long run.
Q: How long should I test a mattress before buying?
A: A new mattress should be tested thoroughly before buying it. A mattress should be thoroughly tested from 10 to 15 minutes or more. In fact, if you order online then you can also go for a mattress that will have a trial period.
Q: Which pain is the soft mattress best for?
A: The soft mattress is best made for back pain because of its support that hugs your body and contours to your curves, providing you with a good support.
Q: How can organic wool help keep a soft mattress comfortable?
A: Organic wool is a great mattress topper or cover to have if you want to have a soft mattress. Organic wool is not just eco friendly but also very breathable and comfortable during the cold months. Wool is also a natural fire retardant so you get absolutely no chemicals in your mattress cover.
Q: Can you get proper circulation with a soft mattress?
A: Unfortunately , a soft mattress may not be that good with proper circulation, because your body may sink into the mattress, which can be bad for your overall blood flow. The soft mattress that hugs your body can result in lack of lymph and blood flow.
Q: What’s the benefit of using memory foam for a soft mattress?
A: People choose memory foam at the very most if they want a soft mattress. This is because a memory foam mattress is usually very soft, conforming to your joints and very soft to touch in general.
Most people choose a memory foam mattress if they want a soft mattress. This is because of the fact that memory foam conforms to the body’s natural contours and curves and can reduce your body pressure to relieve joint pains and back pains. It is also quite soft and yet it retains its natural shape when you get out of it.
Q: If I choose memory foam for a soft mattress, what drawbacks can I face?
A: Most people report that memory foam can be hot at times depending on how it was made. This is why more and more manufacturers often offer gel infused memory foam with a more breathable material composition to prevent you from getting hot when using the memory foam mattress.
Soft mattresses made of memory foam may not always be cool, unless you have a gel infused memory foam mattress. Regular memory foam is good with cold climates but not when you live in Florida or California. Memory foam may have hot tendencies but you can top it off with a cooling topper to minimize the heat.
Q: Can soft and medium firm mattresses help treat lower back pain?
A: Yes, most soft and medium firm mattresses can actually alleviate lower back pain, aside from the hard and firm mattresses. Those who are not very good when it comes to tolerating the pain from a firm mattress may want to resort to a mattress that is not too firm so it will be soft enough for their comfort needs, especially for post-surgery patients and the elderly.
Q: Why should a mattress be hypoallergenic?
A: A mattress that is hypoallergenic means that it is less likely to give you allergens because it has some protective layer to keep away the dust and debris that may cause you to sneeze. Most organic materials can be hypoallergenic so they can keep your skin away from dust mites and an itchy night of sleep.
Q: Why is it so hard for experts to decide which is the better mattress feel?
A: A mattress can be different in perception to anyone because everyone has their own comfort preferences. One person may like firm mattresses but some may like soft mattresses, and this leaves most experts arguing on whether soft or firm mattresses are the best in terms of alleviating back pain in general.
Q: Why should I choose a mattress with more room?
A: Feeling cramped is something no one wants when sleeping. Having a mattress with more room to spare and to wiggle around is important, especially if you are a person who often wiggles around when sleeping or changes sleeping positions all throughout your sleeping routine or schedule. People toss and turn and it’s normal, so you need to consider a mattress that will give you more room to sleep on and feel more comfortable with.
Q: What common sleeping problems do seniors face and how can a mattress help out?
A: A mattress may actually help your senior out when it comes to common problems like insomnia, reflux, hypertension, heart problems, arthritis and people with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Women who are going through menopause will also lead to sweaty nights. Consider a mattress that will be super comfortable for your senior member of the family so that it will be less painful for them.
Q: Why should I choose a bigger mattress size for my child?
A: A child with a bigger mattress and bed set can help out with setting privacy and a sense of personal space for your kid. It also helps you to join in for story time in case your child can’t sleep at night and need someone to keep him or her comfortable and safe in the dark.
Q: What are the different kinds of mattresses and which one is suited for softness?
A: A mattress can be made of memory foam, regular foam, innerspring, latex or even unconventional ones like air mattresses and water beds. Memory foam is the best with softness but latex can also provide a soft support if you choose Talalay latex instead of Dunlop latex. Innerspring is usually firm and hard, unless it is a hybrid with a softer top.
Q: What are the different sizes of mattresses I can choose from?
A: Most standard mattress sizes can come in King, Queen, Twin, Full, California King, Split King and XL variants. Some may also have Double and Single sizes depending on the manufacturer and the standards in the country of origin or in your country.
Q: Does a name-brand mattress automatically mean that it’s good?
A: Not all mattresses are comfortable and it still depends on your preferences and not on your budget. Name-brand mattresses that can be quite expensive may actually be just as comfortable as cheaper mattresses out there, so take your time to shop and choose carefully before you buy a new mattress.
Q: Can a good mattress alone help you sleep properly?
A: A good mattress is okay to have, but you should also have supportive pillows to complete the package. For a good night’s sleep, there are other factors such as the room temperature and the bed sheets, mattress toppers and so much more to play a role in helping you sleep more properly at night.

Wrapping It Up

Overall Signature Sleep 13-Inch Pillow-Top Coil Mattress is our best soft mattress that is CertiPUR-US certified, good for all sleeping positions and soft but not sinking.