Best Small Gun Safe

The Honeywell 5101 DOJ Approved Small Safe is our best small gun safe to gain the ultimate protection with this small gun safe as this sturdy case can store a gun. Moreover, with this case, you can expect a durable small gun safe that will protect your investment at all time. For easy transportation, the small gun safe has neat designs. It also has lined panels inside for extra protection and to assure you that your gun will be safe. The small gun safe also comes in with mounting hardware.

Our step-up pick is the Stack-On PDS-500 Electronic Lock Drawer Safe and this particular safe provides storage and is made with a solid construction in mind. The small gun safe also has a fast opening mechanism and you can use it if you are part of the police. The small gun safe fits for most guns of most sizes and is great for home defense purposes and the like. Most offices can also keep this small gun safe in their vicinity for emergency purposes as you gain access in seconds to your guns and other emergency items.

The budget pick is the Top Open Keypad Safe by Barska and having a low profile design, the small gun safe can also proceed to keep your checkbook safe and sound. Most people have realized that this is a nice gun safe when they used it. The small gun safe can also work well in the basement and stores easily your ammunition and guns. People will really like this small gun safe as it stores easily and is great in closets and the like.

A Little Background

The gun safe that you have in your home could be a bit bulky and for those with limited space or want to keep their guns in a very discreet and stealthy place, they might need a small gun safe instead of a bigger one that is in the way of your everyday life. It is important to have a stealthy small gun safe for emergency purposes and for travel purposes as well.

How We Picked

Overall Design – The small gun safe that you will have should be at least one that is designed to keep the gun in its place without hassle at all and the small gun safe should be also able to handle other items when possible and applicable to keep your valuables and items safe and sound.
Portability – the small gun safe should be highly portable because it is small and secure all the time to keep your most important items on the go.
Safety of the Gun Safe – The small gun safe should also be hard to break in by tools and unauthorized users and should have a great amount of security for your gun or valuables as a nifty and helpful small gun safe.
Accessibility – The gun safe should be greatly accessible and it should be very simple to set up and straightforward with its security features so that you can access your gun, ammunition or valuables easily without the hassle at all.
Simple and Straightforward – It is important to have a small gun safe with a good security feature to keep it from being stolen or lost forever, along with your precious gun and / or ammunition and goods.
Size, dimensions and room – Depending on the type and size of small gun safe that you intend to buy, you should pick the right gun safe for you. The small gun safe should also at least house it perfectly and may also have room for ammunition and other belongings as you wish.
Stability, durability and resilience – The small gun safe should withstand bumps in the road and all kinds of unexpected events that might happen to you in the future.

Our Pick

Honeywell 5101 DOJ Approved Small Safe

Our best small gun safe is the Honeywell 5101 DOJ Approved Small Safe and with its powerful locking system, the locking latch of the small gun safe keeps it a secure place even for your electronic gadgets to keep them safe and secure for your little secrets. With a locking system that is reliable, the gun safe can be tethered securely to keep valuables and for people to store their firearms properly for easy transport in the long run.
It is foam padded inside as a small gun safe yet still safe to access. As a great storage solution, the small gun safe can keep your home defense weapons as a safe choice. With the internal storage space, it is an excellent pistol safe and you can quickly defend your home as your gun fits like a glove. It is solid and easy to use and you will be very pleased with this safe.
The small gun safe is also scratch resistant and it has a digital lock that is programmable. The small gun safe can be safe from little kids and it can keep a gun safe for a pistol. The small gun safe is greatly durable and is also easy to use. Measuring 12 by 7 inches, the small gun safe is ideal for your safety and security and it can be used for your home or office.
Any gun fits nicely with the small gun safe as well as important papers. Moreover, the firearms storage device is DOJ approved and is a great security safe to invest upon using its solid steel cabinet. The double bolts are great on this small gun safe and it is not too heavy and only weighs 13.1 lbs. It is a decent safe with an easy setup using the two holes in the back of the safe.
The door design of the small gun safe is okay and the LED display panel is helpful. You can keep essential documents in the small gun safe as it has room for up to 0.36 cubic feet. You can feel protected in any invasion of your home with the override key access for emergency purposes. The small gun safe also has a powder coat finish and is a great small steel safe for the purpose.
As a nice quality safe, the small gun safe has tremendous amounts of prying resistance and is a great safe for your small valuable items. It has mounting down capabilities and is great for valuable possessions. The small gun safe is easy to install on a closet shelf and can be locked away from the children and only accessed during the event of a disaster.
With concealed hinges, the small gun safe is great and the battery life is about 1,000 hours and has 4 AA batteries required that comes along with the unit. Keep important documents with a peace of mind with this small gun safe as it can also store prescription medications. It is a well constructed small gun safe with a recessed door and is the perfect size safe for your needs. A very nice small safe, it can couple of handguns and is backed by a 7 year limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Small flaws but not really limitations about the Honeywell 5101 DOJ Approved Small Safe include the fact that it lacks a shelf to organize things, but is okay for a small gun safe otherwise.

Step-up Pick

Stack-On PDS-500 Electronic Lock Drawer Safe

Our step-up pick is the Stack-On PDS-500 Electronic Lock Drawer Safe and it is lightweight and it can hold some cash and it also does not take up too much space. Keep your guns in good condition with this space saving small gun safe for high security and easy operation. It also has sufficient capacity for holding pistol and small accessories and it can well protect the pistol from being stolen.
The small gun safe uses 2 steel locking bolts in live action and it is a must-try for all gun enthusiasts. With 2 keys, the small gun safe also has concealed hinges and it is also approved by the California department of justice. You can also keep your ammo and valuables with this small gun safe and it can provide greater security overall.
The small gun safe delivers greater security like no other with a heavy but solid case. It also beeps can be turned off for stealth purposes. There is a time out period after 3 wrong attempts and the small gun safe also does not sacrifice quality or cost. Moreover, it only uses 4 AA batteries to run.
Likewise, the unit is mountable and is made from thick steel. The finish is a matte black in this small gun safe and it has dual capability purposes for your valuables at home. The small gun safe has a drawer safe and it has pre-drilled mounting holes for ease of set up. Using a button, it is easy to program. The small handle of the small gun safe makes it portable.
The small gun safe can easily be programmed and is a great security for pistols. It comes with all the hardware for mounting. You will be extremely pleased with this small gun safe as it can be used in the office. With an electronic lock, it can store pistols and is an easy and secure small gun safe through the years with its fastening hardware.
Attach it to the bottom of a drawer and it is pretty roomy. It can slow down children and can also be used on the road to deter theft as a small gun safe. The plate steel doors are pry resistant and it is backed by a limited 3 year warranty for defects in workmanship and material.

Budget Pick

Top Open Keypad Safe by Barska

Our budget pick is the Top Open Keypad Safe by Barska and it can be used for emergency to save your life for keeping in your handguns or valuables. Gaining easy portability, the safe fits perfectly and the security cable keeps it together and does the job. With a slim to fit in, the authentication of this small gun safe is really something you can rely on. The security cable is a neat extra measure and the user manual tells you everything you need.
The construction is made with 12-gauge sheet steel and it has a compact size. It can store wallets and is also a great bedside safe. It is easy enough to carry around but you can bolt this safe down for safety and the pin code access is okay with the secondary access.
Gain peace of mind for your passports as well with this safe. It uses 4 AA batteries and is hidden in a discreet manner. The body thickness is at 1.5mm and it can be out of the way due to the design. It also keeps cash and / or guns in the house and has 2 back-up keys for emergency purposes. It can be mounted on a flat surface with the included mounting hardware.
As a keypad safe, it keeps your valuables permanently secure and is an adequate gun safe. It will lock you out after multiple incorrect attempts as a security against tampering. It is a great safe and a great value and it can be secured to the floor or wall.
It can keep money to be concealed and it measures 11 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches as a perfect size for your needs. It has been pre-drilled anchor points with lots of room to spare. It is a nice small safe even for jewelry and an excellent value for money. It feels solid and has an easy set up.
There are two 3/4 inch bolts of solid steel included plus steel locking bolts. The safe can last up to 2 years on battery and your small valuables are secured better with the protective floor mat. If you don’t want your guns to get scratched, this is a great user-friendly digital keypad gun safe to consider.
With easy instructions, it can keep compact electronics and it has all the tools and hardware. You can keep multiple items inside. It has a 1 year limited warranty.

Best Small Gun Safe that is Fireproof

Gardall MS912CK Small 1-Hour Fireproof Safe

Measuring 13 by 15 inches, the Gardall MS912CK Small 1-Hour Fireproof Safe is an excellent choice for a gun safe which also protects documents. It measures 0.72 cubic feet inside and it is a bolt down ready safe. Working against catastrophic loss, it is 1 hour fireproof and also has a convenient pull-out shelf.
You can keep valuables in this safe as it is also UL fire impact test passed. Weighing in at 85 pounds, the safe can handle business records and has a 350° f label. Moreover, it prevents the removal of doors and has a powder coated paint finish. It is UL listed for 1 hour fire proof and can be easily used for your home or business needs.
To prevent tampering, it has great features such as the dual security key. It really works perfectly as a gun safe with greatly increased durability to keep your valuables safe. It has a nifty dual security key to maintain its integrity at all times. Likewise, this safe is tested for all the needs and has a center bolt down option.
Passing a lot of fire endurance tests, the safe uses a 2 dial combination as well as a combination lock. It has all the hardware included to keep it safe and secure all the time. The safe has a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty and it also has a lifetime warranty after fire.

Best Small Gun Safe for Office Use

TOMTOP Small White Digital Electronic Safe

The TOMTOP Small White Digital Electronic Safe is a great office gun safe and the material is made from solid steel. Mount it onto any wall or cabinet. It also has a time out period after 3 attempts and accepts from 3 to 8 digits of pin codes.
The color is either black or white depending on what you buy and it also has a keypad lock. It can be fitted inside another larger safe and it has an easy operation for locking and unlocking. The body thickness is 2mm solid steel and it has a depository opening for convenience.
It is a safe for all kinds of valuables and it has 2 keys for backup. You couldn’t be happier with this gun safe as four AA size 1.5v batteries are included. You can choose between digital pin or override key and there is a hidden lock with one key.
Mounting to the floor is a breeze on this electronic safe box as well. It has a 0.75 inch thick door bolt and it measures 9 by 6 inches all in all. It has bolts in place and is a great little safe to consider. The door thickness is 4mm solid steel and it may be really small but is a reliable safe for home and office use.
With tamper-proof hinges, there is also a carpet padding inside. It can be used for hotels and the like. It has a total of two 1/4 inch anchor bolts. You can even use the safe for medication and the like and of course for keeping guns. It is just the perfect size for a small gun safe for secure locking. It has a velvet cushion inside for your valuables and an instruction manual to set it up properly.

Best Small Gun Safe with a Depository Slot

Viking VS-25DBL Small Depository Security Safe

The Viking VS-25DBL Small Depository Security Safe has an optical biometric fingerprint sensor which has 500 dpi. If you need protection for your valuables, this is a gun safe to consider as it stores up to 32 fingerprints. It has a keypad and it also does have a key for emergency. It can accept 4 to 8 programmable digits and is also pry-resistant for your needs.
With a fully carpeted interior, the safe also complies with FBI requirements. For additional convenience, the safe also opens in less than a second and is also scratch resistant. It can be easily bolted to the wall and has a neat digital keypad LCD.
The depository slot is deep and anti-fishing and it also has non-volatile memory even when batteries are removed. The body thickness is 2 mm and is finished with powder coating. There are warning beeps if door is left unlocked for security purposes and it is able to store more than one fingerprint. There is an integrated LED light as this safe can store a couple of pistols.
There is a neat time out period for this safe. In addition, the safe is made of steel for added security and the black powder coating finish keeps it durable. The 5 mm door is great and it also has 2 anti-pry incretion slots. There are also override cross keys and you can turn the sound on and off for stealth purposes.
The size is small enough for this safe and you can mount it almost anywhere. It is programmable and it has a depository door. It also has a seamless welding and it is equipped with anchor bolts. The battery status can be seen on this safe and it also has a motorized deadbolt locking system.
As a top of the line safe with laser cut construction, it has 2 anti-pry insertion slots for convenience. You get better quality than other gun safes due to the small depository and extreme flexibility. It also has 4 pre-drilled holes and displays operations as they go. You can fit this gun safe under the desk and it only needs 4 AA batteries to run.

Best Small Gun Safe with a Keypad Lock System

Steelwater AMSWEL-310 2-Hour Fireproof Home Safe

The Steelwater AMSWEL-310 2-Hour Fireproof Home Safe has been fire rated for 2 hours at 1850° f or 1010° c and has an excellent solid construction. It has an external battery compartment and can be your home and document safe. Measuring 0.52 cubic feet indoors it has a 1 1/2 inch deep removable tray.
It has 4 AA alkaline batteries and measures 11 by 16 inches with 4 to 16 digits combination electronic keypad. It has a non-volatile memory and has 1/2 inch diameter anchor hole that is pre-drilled. With the digital pad option, it is convenient. The drawer at the top is also secure and the electronic keypad is easy to use. The two stationary rectangular locking bolts are secure and the steel inner walls and door are durable.
The keypad is reprogrammable and the safe has two active rectangular locking bolts as well. You won’t be disappointed with this gun safe as it is ksg4500 tested for 2 hours. It has two layers of steel and the warranty is lifetime fire and burglary and 1-year warranty in home repairs.

Best Small Gun Safe for Home Use

Steelwater AMSWD-500 2-Hour Fireproof Home Safe

As a well built safe, the Steelwater AMSWD-500 2-Hour Fireproof Home Safe has been 2-hour fire rated at 1850° f. It also has a combination mechanism which is smooth with its layers of steel. It has a removable and adjustable shelf and this safe is no joke for durability and safety.
You can sleep well at night with this 13 by 19 inches safe which is definitely one serious safe to consider. It has a combination dial 4-wheel that is non-changeable and it can keep valuables and guns. The steel door and inner walls are durable and the fire protection is superb.
It seems very secure and it has 2 hinge side stationary rectangular locking bolts. You can easily bolt it to the floor and it has an optional extra shelf with an order. With pre-drilled 1/2 inch diameter anchor holes, it also has two active rectangular locking bolts. It is a solid device and it can fit your valuables easily. Moreover, the removable tray that is 1 1/2 inches deep.
As a very well made gun safe, it is quite roomy inside and the key lock retracts bolts for locking. Moreover, the key and combo system is very useful. The unit includes 2 keys and it is also a great home and document safe for your own protection. The small gun safe is backed by a 1-year warranty for home repairs against manufacturer’s defects and a lifetime fire and burglary warranty.

Best Small Gun Safe with a Keyless Lock

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Quick-Access Safe

The V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Quick-Access Safe is an extra heavy duty small safe that is worth the money. With the welded pin as well as the steel lock block, it is quite durable. It comes with spare keys for emergency purposes and has a pistol box.
With black powder coating, the safe has an easy access and a quick access keyless lock. It gives a reliable and quick access with great results and is also virtually pry-proof. Keep extra magazines inside as the foam interior is fully customizable in its clamshell design.
As an excellent gun safe, it is made with 10-gauge all steel construction and a 12-gauge handle that are tough and secure. You can keep high end watches and it can be bolted down to a solid surface. With a continuous hinge, the build quality is excellent for full size pistols.
It has a 360 degree rotation clutch knob and is a super safe and a heavy duty safe with its anti pry clamshell design. It is also silk-screened as a heavy duty safe with a heavy duty and quality. There are 2 full size pistols and the opening strut is gas assisted.
With no visible faults, the pistol case is great and robust and well built. It is best to bolt it down for its superb quality. If you are looking for a non-biometric type of safe, this is a great safe where you can’t see the welds. It has four pre-drilled holes for mounting and it has a 1 year material defect and workmanship warranty from the date of purchase.

Best Small Gun Safe that is UL Listed

SentrySafe 1200BLK UL Classified Fire Chest

For your important papers and passports as well, you can have the SentrySafe 1200BLK UL Classified Fire Chest as a great small gun safe. It is fire-safe for safety and serves the purpose at the event of a small fire. It is a fire resistant storage box and great for papers and documents. It can’t be locked without the key and is UL classified.
Use it for a few items before and during an unfortunate disaster. It is an entry level fire box that can easily fit most compartments. It is safe for traveling or at home and is a good fire box as the fire protection for 1/2 hour is proven. You get a pretty good value as it can also keep your computer backup drives. It is also ETL verified for digital media for its 1/2-hour fire protection and it does the job to keep your valuable assets safe.

The Competition

Other small gun safes are not really small and can be a bit bulky, or are completely flimsy in material. Small does not mean weak – the small gun safe should be sturdy and not easy to pry open but easy to access for those who need it. Fireproof safes are also okay and recommended.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should you invest on a fireproof safe?
A: According to Patch , it can be a great and helpful safe to keep your important documents other than your guns and ammunition in case of a fire and an emergency.

Q: What are the benefits of keeping a safe in the house?
A: According to Gagne Law , it is great for hiding your valuables such as guns and ammunition as well as money, jewelry, important documents and the like.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap things up, the Honeywell 5101 DOJ Approved Small Safe is our best small gun safe with enough portability to spare and a lot of space for your needs.