Best Biometric Gun Safe

The Sentry Safe Biometric QAP1BE Pistol Safe is our best biometric gun safe which is more convenient than others due to its gas piston door and reliable entry. It is an easy to use and heavy duty biometric gun safe that can be modified to run on AC so it does not fail on battery so you can access to your firearm.

Our step-up pick is the Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe and with just the right amount of heaviness, the design of this biometric gun safe can handle many types and sizes of guns for as long as they fit in. It is a great biometric gun safe that is easy to maintain and holds quite a lot of guns and ammo. Moreover, the safety features are there whenever it is needed.

The budget pick is the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe and it is a stealthy and reliable biometric gun safe that is solid and heavy that will leave you really impressed overall. It comes with everything you need and is ideally more capable than others. You will be very pleased for the years of life you can get out of it.

A Little Background

Biometrics is a standard of security that pertains to scanning fingerprints in order to access a door or a vault or even log in their time as a replacement for traditional DTRs in offices. Biometrics is very prominent with most gun safes nowadays due to its accuracy, reliability and fool-proof design that will help gun owners be more responsible with the safety of their firearms.

How We Picked

In order to choose the best biometric gun safe, you have to consider the following first:
Dimensions: this refers to how many guns you can fit in the biometric gun safe. It is measured usually in cubic feet on inches depending on where the biometric gun safe came from.
Fingerprint storage capacity: you have to know how many fingerprints and codes can be entered and stored in the biometric gun safe. This is ideal for those who have many people in their facility, such as an office space.
Override key: there should be a backup or override key for the biometric gun safe, in case the battery of the biometric gun safe dies down.
Authorized accessibility: the biometric gun safe should have great accessibility for only the authorized users of the biometric gun safe, preventing kids and intruders from taking your guns or valuables.

Our Pick

Sentry Safe Biometric QAP1BE Pistol Safe

Our best biometric gun safe is the Sentry Safe Biometric QAP1BE Pistol Safe. Being made out of high quality materials, the durability is right on target with this biometric gun safe. With ammunition compartments and various spaces, the biometric gun safe is very reliable and is constructed very well.
With a solid feel, the biometric gun safe also offers a durable feel which makes it a very authentic biometric gun safe. Moreover, you need to try it due to its highly accurate biometrics that you will absolutely love keeping guns in it. In addition to that, the manufacturing quality gives you a reliable gun keeping experience and all of the designed features are really worth the price of this biometric gun safe.

With so many functional details, the design and craftsmanship of this biometric gun safe cannot be rivaled. With a lot of great mechanisms for safety, the biometric gun safe is also praised for its automatic safety features. You can be hunting all day with no problems at all with this biometric gun safe for keeping your firearms safe.

With an internal storage space that is flawless, the biometric gun safe can help your stealthy weapons remain hidden for emergency purposes. It works great without compromising the firearms that you have. It can hold a J&K revolver and it also functions perfectly as a biometric gun safe with no clanging bolts or noise at all.

It is easier to use than other biometric gun safes out there so this is a great safe to hold any semi-automatic hand gun. The integrity of the safe is almost never compromised by the 4 AA batteries you can put in it. You will be well pleased with the override keys in case the battery fails.

The whisper quiet hardware makes it a stealthy biometric gun safe and it also has a solid steel construction. With the right size and weight, the safe has a zero feedback lock and it is also pry-resistant. Bolting it down is a great way to keep the guns safe.

With no loud locking mechanisms at all, the biometric gun safe is easy to open in an emergency. The top lid design makes it easy to access for when you need it. With more internal space than other biometric gun safes out there, the biometric fingerprint sensor works well.

It is a great tool for having single handed access to your firearms to address potential threats. It allows you to access your weapon quickly and is also approved by the California Department of Justice standards.

You can use the biometric gun safe in or out of drawer to provide quick and quiet access to your firearms. What’s more, the box is very sturdy and you can install the batteries easily. With great usage, the biometric pistol safe works every single time with its reliability.

You could bolt it down for the best results so you can be dialing 911 while unlocking the safe. It measures 3 x 12 x 9 inches (outside) and 2 x 9 x 5 inches (inside) overall and is also simple to program and operate. Mounting on the floor is so easy with the 12-gauge solid steel that can prevent unauthorized access and prying.

It works well with its compression gas strut. It also has an accurate scanner and it can keep children out when you program a fingerprint or two. It could not be opened by the kids as the gas strut opens only for authorized use. It is quick to setup and the holes in the bottom allow for easy mounting.

When you bolt it down, it can give you a peace of mind for keeping a medium sized handgun to defend your home and family whenever you need it. With slightly recessed buttons, the biometric gun safe is very easy to use and this works very well along with the easily programmable digital keypad.

With a solid construction, the biometric gun safe is absolutely amazing and mounting it on a shelf is a breeze. With zero audible feedback, the safe measures 0.08 cubic feet, allowing you to secure a handgun in a highly durable safe with an override key.

It can wall mounted and using the biometric lock is also easy to store your home defense weapons. There are many ways to enter the safe so you cannot get locked out. It has some good instructions and it can be installed in confined spaces. Moreover, kids won’t be getting access so you can feel confident that your family is safe.

You can install this biometric gun safe on a night stand. The fingerprint lock or electronic lock is easy to use and the safe is heavy so your burglar won’t pick it up easily. Great for an emergency, the biometric gun safe can allow you to open the door silently for stealth. The strut is quite strong and the code pad responds instantly for quick access to your firearm. It has a 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

A couple of flaws or cons but very minor to say about the Sentry Safe Biometric QAP1BE Pistol Safe may include the fact that the battery life may not be as great as with other biometric gun safes out there, but you can simply purchase a better battery set for it to work better and last longer.

Step-up Pick

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe

Our step-up pick is the Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe and you can use it in a semi-urban setting due to its stealthy design and it is well crafted with its material that is highly durable and very impressive. Moreover, the biometric gun safe is well made when it comes down to the structure.

It is very well constructed and is powerful enough as an impressive biometric gun safe with a carpeted interior. It is a nice and solid safe with 2 insertion slots overall. It is a very well made safe with a biometric fingerprint sensor that is not easy to pry open at all.

Weighing 27 lbs, the biometric gun safe works perfectly and it has an neat fingerprint reader that measures at 500 dpi for high quality purposes. Working greatly, the biometric gun safe is also a great place to store ammo and firearms and it measures 10 x 14 x 10 inches overall.

Having an optical sensor, the biometric gun safe can keep ammo boxes and a wallet as well. With a very nice mounting technique, the keypad is stealthy and the steel locking bars deter theft. It is easy to program and is great for the protection of your family. The safe is sturdy and is made of steel.

It will prevent children from getting into the safe and it also has an accurate fingerprint reader. You can keep in passports and documents enclosed by the 5 mm door as it is solid for its construction. As a great safe for the money, it is also nice and reliable and it has less than a second of opening time for easy access when you need it.

The quality is very high with 1 pin code storage and finger print scanning in its non-volatile memory. The biometric gun safe is quite heavy to deter theft so you will pleased with the safe with a competitive price. It can record different fingerprints and it has motorized deadbolt locking.

You will like the durability so you can also keep some cash when bolting it to the floor. While the 2 insertion slots are anti-pry, it is finished with military coating for longevity. What’s more, the light inside keeps things in order. It is easy to set up with the digital keypad and the exterior finish helps keep contents protected.

It has a far better quality than others out there and is ready for home burglaries. With the LCD screen to guide you in setting it up, the biometric gun safe is absolutely amazing and it can store jewelry as well. With 4 to 8 digits of pin code, any operation works every single time for this biometric gun safe.

A key unlocks the safe for emergency purposes in a pretty easy way. The battery status can also be shown. Other items you want to store can fit in this biometric gun safe and it can also store up to 32 fingerprints overall. With tons of features, it is a winner with biometric gun safes.

You can replace the batteries easily and the sound is programmable for stealth. The carpet inside keeps gun polished and the locking system is dependable for those who want a biometric safe. When the door is left unlocked, there will be warning beeps as well.

It is also easy to see in the dark with the light and it also does not scratch your guns due to the carpeting. The interior light works well and the laser cut precision design of the biometric gun safe ensures no prying.

You can even use it in a camper and you will be happy with the quality of this biometric gun safe. With one inner shelf and a fully carpeted bottom, it is great for the valuables and for multiple guns as well. It holds a ton of finger prints and it works great with the integrated LED light.

Also perfect for ammo as well as personal documents, the biometric gun safe is ideal for multiple people with its black powder coating finish and great storage features for guns.

Budget Pick

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

Our budget pick is the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe. Absolutely worth the money, the biometric gun safe is well manufactured for its price and it is extremely durable with its safekeeping features.
Moreover, this biometric gun safe is outstanding due to its space-saving design with a sturdy feel for keeping guns protected. It is also nice and smooth design and the biometric gun safe feels nice and everything functions as it should. The biometric gun safe can also provide a solid construction to house in your favorite and precious firearms on a budget.

The substantial weight of this biometric gun safe makes it a very high end safe that is sturdy and is also beautifully finished. For those who like to hunt or keep guns safe, this is a quality and trouble free biometric gun safe that will leave you very impressed for decades to come.

Giving you quick access to firearms, you won’t regret this easy to install biometric gun safe that renders your guns ready for action. With a digital keypad, it is ideal for responsible gun owners as it comes with an electronic entry.

Ideal for home or business use, it is a great gun vault and it has a fast activation mechanism. The design will blow you away with its design and flexibility and it can also be ideally attached to a nightstand. It has a drop down drawer and it is also easy to program.

Fairly quiet for stealth purposes, the biometric gun safe is quick access and is a serious gun safe to consider to secure your firearms. Quite roomy, it is made out of 18-gauge steel for added security and it has an internal floodlight for easy viewing.

Installing it is a breeze while the construction is superb for securing firearms. Being fully operational with a revolutionary design, it is quite protective of firearms. You can also turn the keypad sound off for stealth. As a unique design, you will never have an issue getting in this biometric gun safe.

It can be a well hidden biometric gun safe to consider. It is friendly towards guns with the foam-lined interior. It is super easy to use to keep your handgun safe and is the ideal choice for guns due to the soft interior foam. It has multiple mounting options and it gives you quick access to firearms.

With a programmable electronic entry, it is it is discreet and has all hardware included. Producing very little noise, the biometric gun safe is a quick solution that really works and the perfect solution to house guns securely and safely. A backup override key is also included for a physical key backup.

You can install it in a bedroom and have it accessible in an emergency as a handgun safe. It can keep guns more secure than ever so you will be happy with this gun safe. It is powered by a 9-volt battery and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Best Biometric Gun Safe for Handguns

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Biometric Safe

Great for handguns, the Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Biometric Safe is reliable and is the perfect size as a biometric gun safe. It is well constructed so it can resist pry attacks. With its biometric system, this safe works well to keep your valuables inside safely.

The safe is fire rated to last from 1 to 2 minutes and you will have no problems at all with this biometric gun safe. It is quick and secure for storing firearms such as a long handgun. It can protect your firearms with a finger swipe access and simple fingerprint opening. It is a great buy for the money with anti-pry tabs for protection.

It is easy to mount and is smart with its finger swipe mechanism. Being well built and secure, the biometric gun safe comes with easy setup as a vault for your guns that works flawlessly. You can also use the AC adapter for longer power. Measuring 7 x 11 x 12 inches, the biometric safe can be a great hand gun vault for a full sized pistol.

The biometric gun safe works flawlessly and safely with its reinforced latch system. Access can be obtained in 1 second in AC power so it is very fast. With a sturdy steel construction, you can secure your valuables and your family with the fingerprint scanner at hand so that you can keep kids out of accessing your handgun.

The door opens very quickly for a quick and secure access and you can also keep special items and the like as a home defender. It is a great handgun box and the 9v battery gives you access in under 2 seconds so it is also quick. Everything is well built in this decent gun safe and the memory stores 15 fingerprints.

This safe is awesome with its quality built. It seems very reliable and has an auto-open door. It is very easy to open and it is also solid in construction. It can store more than one firearm and has a lighted interior. Using the fingerprint technology, it works properly with supreme accuracy. You can store it in the night stand and it has a tamper resistant design.

With no problems on opening, it has a reliable biometric system and it is easy to program. Moreover, the biometric gun safe fits most handgun sizes and it is well constructed that it fits a 9 mm. It is so simple to operate and is quite sturdy.

It has a key backup and it is a reliable and tough. With a peace of mind, this is awesome as a one of the best handgun safes. It also includes an AC adapter for uninterrupted power. With a tamper resistant design, the biometric gun safe is a high tech safe that opens so fast so it is a great investment with a 5 year warranty.

Best Biometric Gun Safe with a Top Opening Mechanism

BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

The BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe measures 14 x 11 x 5 inches and it has a motorized locking mechanism. With pre-drilled anchor points for extra security bolting it down, the top opening mechanism makes it a well designed safe.
It is a well built biometric gun safe with a heavy metal construction and it has up to 2 years of battery life. This is a biometric safe that fits nicely on a nightstand and it has a biometric lock for security. The setup is very easy and kept out of reach of children.
The drawer safe is a great biometric safe which has emergency open keys so it works very well to secure your items. With fingerprint control, there’s lots of room inside so it is a secure means to access and store firearms in a quick and clear way.
With up to 30 users to register, the safe opens properly and you will have no problems opening it. Using 4 AA batteries, it can require some assembly but it already has pre-drilled holes for mounting. It is easy to program and it will bring you relief. With a motorized deadbolt lock, it can be mounted to the floor for stability and anti-theft issues.
It will last a couple of years and is great at keeping valuables. You can have this biometric gun safe mounted to a shelf. One of the best biometric hand gun safes, it can store credit cards and valuables as well. It is a safe for a handgun with stored fingerprints that can be mounted to a counter top.
Being a straightforward biometric gun safe, it has room for several items and it has 2 emergency back-up keys. You can keep passports and the like in this biometric gun safe. Its 2 locking bolts are made of solid steel for durability and it is also very good at registering fingerprints. With a steel body material and the biometric technology as well as the motorized deadbolt lock, you will be very pleased with this biometric gun safe for security and performance.
With special access keys, it also has a protective floor mat and it really works as expected. The construction is sturdy and the emergency back-up keys do their job well. It is great for extra security for your guns and the mounting hardware also work well. There is also a user’s manual to help you get through the troubles of this biometric gun safe. It is also backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Best Biometric Gun Safe for Office Use

Tenive 20″ Large Fingerprint Scanner Safe

The Tenive 20″ Large Fingerprint Scanner Safe is big enough for most handguns and office use. Made of low-carbon steel, the biometric gun safe opens with just the fingerprint and it is also pry-resistant. Moreover, it reacts very quickly for easy access and long-lasting strength for durability.
It is easily programmable and it has a soft padding mat for protecting your guns. With a steel inter layer for protection, the pass code can be easily entered. It has plenty of open space inside to keep valuables safe from harm. You can use the numerical pad for easy access.
There are 3 ways to open it to provide easy access. With a solid construction, the biometric gun safe measures 20 x 12 x 14 inches and it has 2 emergency keys for backup. You will be happy with it due to the construction and the 8 pre-drilled holes for ease of setup.
It’s a good size for most guns and its reliability is outstanding. You can put a gun inside and ensure its safety when you open the safe. You can access your valuables easily as there is an emergency key when you forget your pass code.
As an excellent safe, the biometric gun safe is great for a heavy box that will be theft-deterrent. It is a heavy duty biometric gun safe without any problems at all. With easily installing procedures and identification procedures, the 4 mm thick biometric gun safe is also a nice safe for a hotel.
This lock box comes with a ready manual for your needs. There is a handy emergency key when the keypad batteries run out. You can easily install the safe to the wall and it will be backed by the solid steel front door for protecting your gun and supplies.
It is a large safe that runs on 4 AA batteries and can handle up to 32 fingerprints. The fingerprint scanner is superb that it picks up a fingerprint in the quickest way possible. It is very easy to set up for home use or for office use and it grants you quicker access than other biometric scanners out there.
You can program multiple fingerprints in this biometric gun safe so it is applicable for office use. The padding mat helps protect your guns inside. With 4 expansion bolts, the biometric gun safe is a great safe for gun enthusiasts with a black finish that keeps this security safe looking new.
This digital gun safe is a great biometric gun safe that offers greater security than others. With the electronic fingerprint system, you can bolt it down to the floor or the shelf and it has 2 emergency keys for easy access when the power runs out.

Best Biometric Gun Safe with Non-volatile Memory

LockSafe 9 gauge Biometric Pistol Safe

The LockSafe 9 gauge Biometric Pistol Safe is a 9-gauge gun safe that is one the best currently on the market. As a biometric safe, it is made out of 3 mm steel with a quick set-up so it works flawlessly as a no brainer with setup.
With a weight of 22 lbs, you will be very happy with this safe as it works like a charm with no more worries at all. Intruders will have a tough time stealing because of the 4 pre-drilled mounting holes and the heavy and sturdy construction. The safe works perfectly and is also very difficult to pry open. Moreover, it only uses a 9v battery to defend your home and give you accuracy in accessing it.
With 2 mechanical keys, it gives you easy and quick access yet it stays away from unwanted access. This is an excellent safe and it can be situated in your nightstand drawer. It has a non-volatile memory for storing data. With fingers at different angles, you can easily access the safe and not worry about the children at all.
It is completely safe and can store up to 10 fingerprints. You can secure a hand gun and it has a very heavy steel construction. It can fit two handguns and it measures 10 x 13 inches. With a foam padding inside, it is solidly built and it is easy to secure the safe. With unique finger print biometric scanning, you’re in good hands.
This safe works great that it can provide secure protection as well as quick access to your firearms. It is easy to use and it has plenty of space. It can hold some documents and a pistol safe as well. It can keep the guns from being accessed by kids.
The beep is very quiet for stealth purposes and it truly protects your pistol. You can fit in four magazines and two handguns and it can store many firearms and valuables. With a large drawer inside, for a biometric safe, it’s sturdy.
As a biometric fingerprint safe, it is also designed to protect your items and it does its job well. Made with thick metal construction, it comes with easy access as a biometric gun safe. It is easy to program and it comes with extra space. It is a great pistol safe and it is made with quality protection, backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Best Biometric Gun Safe with a Large Size

Barska 0.82-cu.ft Large Biometric Wall Safe

The Barska 0.82-cu.ft Large Biometric Wall Safe is a great biometric safe that has a little compartment inside for ammo and the like. It is a well built wall safe for extra convenience and it also comes with a removable shelf and it is also very easy to install.
With a large design, you can house important items and firearms and the instructions are simple. It can store up to 120 fingerprints with its fingerprint scanner and you can place a canvas in front of it for stealth purposes.
The safe is easy to install and it works as an in-wall unit. Moreover, you can also put in medical supplies and other emergency items. The interior locking compartment is very reliable and it can grant access to the safe whenever you need it. There are also 2 back-up keys for emergency purposes.
Being easy to program, it has an interior LED light and it is also nice and large with an interior lock. With an extra locked compartment, the safe is heavy and sturdy and it has a fold out tray. You can also keep other personal valuables and register multiple users.
It is so easy to program and use with its biometric memory system and it also has a removable shelf for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Best Biometric Gun Safe with a Foam Interior

Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe

Holding a maximum of 120 fingerprints, the Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe is a great storage for your handgun and is perfect for home and travel. It handles invalid entry attempts and the included security cable measures 4 feet. With many accessories, if you need quick access then this is a sturdy little gun safe with a security cable included.
With a 18-gauge steel construction, it has a tamper indicator and it can house multiple magazines. The foam-lined interior is protective and it has great battery power. With speedy identification, it also blocks access after several invalid entries.
Great for transporting, it has a high-strength lock mechanism and it measures 12 x 5 x 8 inches. With an audio disable feature and the high-performance algorithm, it has an easy portability and it is also quite reliable in opening for quick access to your firearms.
This great handgun safe has a high strength lock mechanism and it is also impossible to pry open. With a 9v battery, it has silent modes and it is great where there are children to protect your firearms. It mounts almost anywhere and holds 2 guns at the most.
With security and reliability, it can accept fingerprints in any direction. Made with a decent strength steel, it has a visual feedback with its biometric technology for easy access. With a patented keypad design, there are pre-drilled holes for easy setup.
Any gun owner can also be storing cash with this fingerprint scanner safe. Great for home and RV use, it fits anywhere and stores other items such as documents. With electronic controls, it also comes with elastic straps for maximum security. Perfect for home and travel needs, it has pockets for extra storage.

Best Biometric Gun Safe with Interior Lighting

Verifi SmartSafe Fast Access Biometric Safe

The Verifi SmartSafe Fast Access Biometric Safe measures 13 x 13 x 7 inches and has a neat 3d imaging system. The safe comes with a key for fast access whenever you need to access to the safe away from intruders and kids.
With great battery performance, it has a stealth mode for a finger touch that does not cause commotions. It automatically locks whenever it is open for a long time and it is very fast and secure. Made with a thick gauge steel, you can also manage individual users with this fingerprint safe.
It can keep items safe and sound and it gives you access to your firearms. With a silicon sensor, this is an FBI certified safe that can register up to 40 users.
This type of safe is sturdy with 2 secondary access keys for emergency purposes. With nice biometrics, the fingerprint sensor has a notification system and it is stealthy in the middle of the night. With a back-up key and 3d imaging technology, the door is motor actuated.
The scanner handles dry fingers and it has 2 locking bolts for high-security purposes. It is better than cheap sensors and it has a access and event log and some self check features for children’s safety. With built-in tutorials, it has an auto-lock feature.
This safe is amazing and it has an internal light. Seemingly secure with tamper alerts, the battery operation is superb and the solid steel construction is great. It has an LCD screen display.

The Competition

Other biometric gun safes were not totally safe at all due to the lack of mounting options, the lack of integrity and accuracy of the biometric system and other flaws. It is important for any biometric gun safe to be made out of solid material and also be kind to the guns that you will keep in it.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a fingerprint biometric gun safe and how does it work?
A: The biometric gun safe works by using a person’s fingerprints to gain access to the safe and its contents, eliminating the need for keys or codes.
Q: What should I do if I can’t fit my guns in a gun safe?
A: You can try to break down your gun if it can be disassembled, such as those rifles with scopes and the like.
Q: Why do you need to invest in a gun safe?
A: If you have a ton of expensive guns that are more than the price of a gun safe then you should definitely buy one to protect your investments (and your kids).
Q: How do you measure the thickness of a gun safe?
A: You look at the gauge in a reverse scale so that means 12-gauge steel is thicker than 14-gauge steel.
Q: Why should you point the muzzle of the gun in a safe direction when storing it in a gun safe?
A: The gun can be accidentally discharged and injure someone if it is unintentionally loaded, or someone forgot to unload it.
Q: Why do you need to store rifles upside down?
A: If you oil your rifles regularly , the oil can go to the wood stock and ruin the quality of your rifle in the long run.
Q: Why should you unload your gun first when you store it in the safe?
A: Because accidental triggers may occur if someone else accessed your gun by mistake or by intention, so keep it unloaded unless it is time to use it and take it out of the gun safe.
Q: Where is the best place to keep a gun safe?
A: It should be in an easy to access place but stealthy and hidden such as a nightstand.
Q: What is the ideal temperature and humidity condition for storing guns in a gun safe?
A: The area should be around 70 degrees below and have at least 50% humidity level so that it will not rust at all.
Q: What makes a fingerprint biometric gun safe better than a regular key-combination safe?
A: It does not require combination codes so you can easily access your guns whenever there’s trouble around.
Q: Why can’t many people go for a biometric gun safe just yet?
A: These gun safes are rather expensive in comparison to regular safes so most people don’t invest in them yet.
Q: Why should you buy a gun safe that is heavy?
A: This is so that burglars will find it hard to lift and therefore give you more time to react.
Q: Should you use WD-40 for cleaning guns from a safe?
A: It should be used sparingly and only to displace water. Don’t overuse it to avoid oxidization.
Q: Can you store a safe in the car?
A: Yes, there are mobile safes that can be bolted down to your vehicle so that it is ready for action.
Q: Why should you store the ammo separately from the gun?
A: This is so that if someone gains access to your gun , he or she will not be able to load it right away.
Q: If you can’t afford a safe but need a stealthy way to conceal your guns, can you DIY a gun storage?
A: It is possible, but it should be stealthy , such as a DIY bookcase that is actually a gun storage.
Q: How many people in the U.S. keep guns in a household with children?
A: About 40% of Americans have guns in their homes with children, so it is quite alarming and there is a need to practice gun safety for the kids.
Q: Should you use a gun sock when storing guns in a safe?
A: It can be useful for preventing rust and scratches onto your gun due to the humidity inside the safe.
Q: How should I handle children’s curiosity to access guns?
A: You should talk to them about gun safety honestly instead of keeping it a secret that is forbidden so that they will not be curious and try to open the safe. Your children should know all of the dangers that can happen if they used the gun in the wrong way.
Q: Is a biometric gun safe effective to keep kids out?
A: Yes it is! Biometric gun safes are better than code safes because they require parental access instead of inputting codes, which your children can guess randomly.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Sentry Safe Biometric QAP1BE Pistol Safe is our best biometric gun safe for the price and features because of its ample room inside, the reliability of the safe and the locking features that make it a dependable gun safe with biometrics.