Best Skillet

The Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is our best skillet, which is a nice cookware to have for making Panini and it has a wide diameter that gives you enough space for your favorite food. Those who like simmering and roasting on an skillet can use it for their daily meals. In fact, it can fight iron deficiency due to being a properly seasoned skillet made of cast iron.

Our step-up pick is the Lodge 12 inch Cast Iron Skillet and the skillet can be used on the stove with great ease and the handle doesn’t get too hot when you use it for a very long time. What’s more, the skillet is absolutely okay with the use for induction cook tops so it is okay to invest in such. The skillet gives you an easy release for your food with nothing left behind.

The budget pick is the T-fal E93802 8-Inch Nonstick Fry Pan and with its great versatility, the skillet can be used to cook a lot of food types. It is also easy for food release so it is easy to clean up afterwards. The skillet is also a dishwasher safe kitchen tool for cooking so it is very good at giving you the cleanest skillet cooking experience.

A Little Background

Skillets or frying pans are a staple in most homes because you can’t cook eggs without one. Skillets are like slightly flat plates that have a long handle for you to cook your favorite food, usually by frying. Frying pans or skillets are a must-have for most kitchens due to their versatility in most recipes and due to their ease of cleanup.

Skillets can come in cast iron or coated inner surface with a nonstick coating. The purpose of nonstick coating for your skillet is that it will be easier for you to clean up your frying pan. Nonstick coating is usually Teflon but there can be other alternatives that are more eco-friendly.

The slanted styled pan is the skillet or frying pan while the straight side pan is the sauté pan. Both of these pans are great when it comes to various cooking needs but some recipes are better off with a skillet and some are better off with a sautéing pan.

Skillets and sauté pans have something in common – their looks. However, the purposes are a bit different, as those recipes that require more heat retention might be better off with a sauté pan, especially those with sauces. Otherwise, for general frying needs, you can just go for a simple skillet or frying pan.

Skillets come in a wide range of materials, but if we say skillet, we will usually mean the cast iron skillet. This kind of skillet is made of iron, can take excessive heat, naturally nonstick with the right seasoning (good for those trying to avoid Teflon made products) and are a super healthy way of cooking your food.

Cast iron skillets are the best to use over stainless steel ones because of how authentic they are and how healthy and delicious they are due to the natural nonstick finish and the fact that most of them have already been pre-seasoned.

Cast iron skillets, or most skillets or frying pans in general, can cook eggs, especially sunny side up eggs and scrambled eggs (even more beautifully if you use a shaping tool). Skillets can basically fry anything such as chicken and fish, and can also stir-fry noodles and vegetables on the go.

Some people may also confuse the wok from a frying pan. The wok is bigger than the frying pan in a general sense because you will mostly use the wok for larger batches of fried rice, fried noodles, stir-fry veggies and more, whereas frying pans are usually smaller and aren’t enough to hold saucy recipes.

Skillets are not just limited to cast iron and stainless steel ones. If you are on a budget, there are carbon steel skillets or frying pans available on the market, but may not be that good with withstanding rusting, unless you season it regularly. There are also expensive ones, such as those made of copper, which are only ideal for special induction stoves that have an induction disk.

How We Picked

If you want the best skillet, here are some facts and figures you should know about first:
Material used: cast iron is the most popular but some also use ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, copper or a mix of most of them. The skillet that is cast iron is the most prized of all due to the slow heating ability that makes it much better for healthy foods. The only downside to using skillets that are cast iron is that they need to be properly seasoned to avoid rusting. Coated skillets that are made of aluminum or stainless steel are okay but they should be watched when it comes to handling the coating of the skillet so that it will not mix with food.

Compatibility with your stovetop: gas, electric or induction: consider a skillet that is compatible with your stovetop type. While most skillets are okay with gas and electric type, induction heating is another story. If you use a skillet that has aluminum or copper or even glass then you might want to rethink your option. Cast iron skillets and those made with any material that can be magnetized is okay for an induction stovetop.

Dishwasher-friendly: do consider a skillet that is dishwasher-friendly and safe to clean there, although it is still the best to wash your skillet by hand with a mild detergent at all costs. But if you are in a hurry and want something that is dishwasher safe then you should by all means get one that can be throw into the dishwasher and yet its coating will not easily break down.
Finish: non-stick finish is the best way to go but there are also brushed, sealed and enamel for the finish or coating. The nonstick finish of a skillet is a good thing to help you with cleanup, as not everyone can keep the sticky food out of the skillet. It is important that the finish of the skillet is easy to clean and also easy to maintain. A nonstick finish for a skillet is good, and is mostly Teflon, but there are also more eco-friendly alternatives, such as pre-seasoned cast iron skillets.

Lid or no lid: while most skillets have no lid, there are variations of skillets that do have a lid (but they aren’t sauté pans!) and this helps you to keep the food fresh and safe from outside factors. Having a clear and breathable lid for your skillet that is durable means that it will be easier for you to maintain your food as it cooks.

Color: the color choice of a skillet if you have a skillet that has a color then it should be attractive. The color of the skillet should not easily wear off after significant amount of usage. The skillet should not have a paint finish that will be bad for your food and the paint should be durable in its finish.

PFOA-free: a skillet that is PFOA-free means that it is free from chemicals that might harm your food. You should look for a high quality skillet that will not sacrifice the safety and health of your family and home by using low quality finishes and coatings that will make your food quality suffer.

Stay-cool handle: do consider a skillet that has a stay-cool handle as much as possible, so that it will be a lot easier for you to handle so that it will not hurt your hands when you are in a hurry. However, the skillet should have a stay cool handle that is food-safe in its material.

Our Pick

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Our best skillet is the Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet which is made out of cast iron and it is great at maintaining heat for better cooking capabilities. It can help you cook anything you like with its heating properties and it can also be used for an oven for your pizza and the like.
It also gives you a perfect cooking temperature every single time so you not only get delicious meals but also get healthier cooking in the long run. It can be perfectly preheated as a skillet with an even heating for your needs of browning and sautéing all the time.
You can make baked pizza with the use of this skillet which has been given a factory pre-seasoning for your convenience and your healthy lifestyle. The skillet is great for sautéing as well and for preparing meat recipes as well. It is great with vegetables and also has a heat retention that is very good.
Being a perfectly sized skillet for most needs, it is ready to be used out of the box and it is also great for both searing or frying needs. It gives your food a nice charred flavor that makes it authentic. It is great for steaks and for improving your cooking experience, as well as for braising and baking.
Rust can be rinsed and scrubbed away with this skillet as long as you can maintain the seasoning. This helps your skillet to be a healthy cooker for you and your family and it is possible to keep your food warm longer with the use of this skillet and it is also made for frying or cooking beef, pork and chicken and the like.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only concern about the Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet that is not a big deal is that it can be a little bit too heavy for others, but that is given for most cast iron skillets anyway.

Step-up Pick

Lodge 12 inch Cast Iron Skillet

Our step-up pick is the Lodge 12 inch Cast Iron Skillet which can be easily seasoned with oil for your best needs. As a big skillet, it can pass many decades of cooking due to its highest durability as much as possible with proper care and seasoning. It is also great for its natural cooking flavor.
You can use the skillet for your specific fish and vegetables recipes and it will work well without leaving behind a trace. It has a nearly non-stick surface that makes it easier to clean it up afterwards. You can also get a nice and controlled finish with the use of this skillet.
The skillet can also be used well in the oven for making your pizza or baked items with absolutely no harmful fumes at all. The skillet is also easy to clean for easy care due to its authentic and high quality materials. What’s more, the heat retention of this skillet is very good for our step-up pick.
There is nothing to worry about with durability because the skillet is quite sturdy and well made and it can help you fry or grill just about anything that is okay with a skillet. It also improves with use due to its qualities as a cast iron skillet.
You can also broil some foods such as chicken with the use of this versatile and reliable skillet. You can just easily hand wash this skillet when you have done using it. In general, the skillet gets the job done whenever you need something done over the campfire or over your stove.
The skillet can help you sear and sauté just about anything with a lot of room to cook due to its large 12-inch pan size. The skillet also allows you to bake and braise your favorite meals at home. The even heating also makes it an easy skillet to use with plenty of room to stir. It can also be used on the grill.

Budget Pick

T-fal E93802 8-Inch Nonstick Fry Pan

Our budget pick is the T-fal E93802 8-Inch Nonstick Fry Pan which is a nice skillet that has a thermo spot heat indicator to ensure the most even heating possible with a skillet. Moreover, the durability of this skillet provides enough strength to fill up your kitchen duties at home or in the kitchen.
What’s more, the skillet is totally safe for induction cooking so for those who have moved onto this kind of cooking method won’t have to worry about it. the pro metal pro nonstick interior does the job very well for everyday use and it is also coupled with a riveted silicone handle that stays very cool.
The skillet also has no-warp protection so it will cook as evenly as possible. What’s more, the skillet is friendly for your kitchen and for your health because of the very fact that it is absolutely free from PFOA, lead and cadmium when it comes to the manufacturing, yet it is a durable skillet to have.
Great for your general frying and searing needs, the skillet is absolutely and totally oven safe up to 400 degrees F. The fact that you get little to no fat or oil for this skillet makes it a super healthy option for your cooking. It is also scratch resistant, making it a breeze to maintain.
The skillet works well to trap in heat and moisture so it cooks everything evenly and it also cooks well any kind of food. The silicone handle makes it easier for you to control your food and monitor it. The skillet is also safe for metal utensils and it is a convenient tool that is safe for all cooking methods.
Being quite a breeze to clean, the skillet also includes a stainless steel disc that makes it easy to use and for you to monitor the cooking process well. The skillet will work with an induction cook top just fine and the even heat distribution makes cooking easy. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Skillet that is Made out of Cast Iron Material

Camp Chef Seasoned Cast Iron Pan

The Camp Chef Seasoned Cast Iron Pan is our greatest pick if you want a skillet that is made out of cast iron or a cast iron skillet. It is perfect for making pancakes so that you can make your favorite foods in no time due to the very fact that it can distribute heat evenly.
What’s more, the skillet is specifically made for aebleskivers which is a Dutch style dessert or food that you can simply make at home, so if you want to try this recipe then this is the pan to do it with. The skillet is also very much compatible with your glass top stove due to its versatility.
The durability of this skillet can stand for generations of usage and it is also great for those who are basically trying new recipes. It is a nice iron skillet that is durable with a seasoned interior that can help you easy to remove anything that is coupled within the skillet after using it for a long time of cooking.
Creating golden and delicious meals for you and your family, the skillet can also make cornbread pans for your needs in an affordable skillet that can be part of your cast iron cookware collection. What’s more, the skillet is scratch proof so it is a lot easier to maintain and to clean up.
You can make batches using recipes with the use of this skillet. You can start cooking right away with this ready to use skillet due to its simplicity. What’s more, the durability will stand the test of time so you don’t have to worry about your investment. The natural skillet material gives off no odd flavor.
The skillet is absolutely okay for a flat top stove due to its design that it is absolutely okay for your needs of an out of the box skillet right away. You can place the skillet onto the stovetop without a lot of problems due to its versatility as a cooking tool.
In addition to that, the skillet quite easy to clean so it is very simple to maintain and you can rinse it off when you finished using it. The skillet is a perfect match for your cabin kitchen needs.

Best Skillet that is Safe for Induction Cooking Stovetops

Cooksmark Copper 10-Inch Nonstick Frying Pan

The Cooksmark Copper 10-Inch Nonstick Frying Pan is a great skillet to use if you want to use something for your induction cooking stovetop. It is made with a nonstick ceramic coating that is totally safe for your food and your stovetop and presents an even heat distribution that will cook food more effectively.
You can expect minimal oils or fat from the use of this skillet due to its design and coating that will meet most consumer expectations in a restaurant or in a household. What’s more, the food can easily slide off with the coating of this skillet fry pan for your best needs of ease of cleanup.
The stainless steel handle is dual-riveted so it is very durable and it is also very stable and easy to use. Moreover, the skillet fits well for a few eggs due to its decent size. In fact, it’s made for all stovetops as a versatile skillet to have.
It also has an ergonomically designed handle that makes it easier for you to handle food whenever and wherever. You can make any recipe in no time with the quick and even heating method of the skillet. The unit is also quite wear resistant so you can expect it to last for the many years to come. In addition to that, the skillet can be part of your good cookware collection at home.
With an induction compatible base that makes you worry free if it will work on induction stovetops or not, the skillet works fantastically in almost any stove and it is also PFOA, lead and cadmium free for your safety, to make healthy and good meals all the time. The comfortable grip also ensures stability.
As a a great skillet to use for your family and guests, the copper interior also makes it easily heat up when you use it in the kitchen. The skillet is also quite oven safe up to 450 degrees F for your favorite pizza and corn bread. It is also coupled with a stainless steel base for an extra durable design.
The ceramic induction stove top skillet finds you an easy way to cook all the time due to its smart design which is also scratch-resistant so you can worry less about the cleaning. It is dishwasher safe for those who will be cooking every single day. The skillet is also FDA and NSF approved.

Best Skillet with a Safe Nonstick Coating

Tramontina Professional Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan

The Tramontina Professional Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan is ideal for those who want a nonstick skillet that measures 12 inches in diameter. With a quality satin exterior finish, you can make your favorite recipes in a breeze with this professional quality skillet that is also PFOA-free to make it safe to use.
For ease of cleanup, the skillet has been coated smartly and is made out of heavy gauge aluminum so it is very lightweight to handle while cooking. It is a skillet that can be used for a lot of years to come due to its durable build. It can be part of your professional kitchen and can be oven safe up to 400 F.
Great for the home chefs out there, the durability of the construction is something that you will enjoy for effortless cooking with the use of this skillet. The slippery nonstick of this skillet will get food cooking and moving easily out of the pan. The skillet is fit for both commercial use and non-commercial use.
You can expect an even heat distribution with the use of this skillet for scrambling and sautéing just about anything. As a NSF certified skillet that is also dishwasher safe for the ease of cleanup, the nonstick coating will last for a long time, provided that you use the right cooking tools for it.
Anyone can cook delicious eggs with this skillet and it can be used in and out of the oven without getting too much damage at all. Great for those who need something for frying and searing, the skillet is quite durable because the riveted handle is made out of cast stainless steel.
For cleaning purposes, the skillet is customizable as the soft grip silicone sleeve is easily removable. Moreover, the skillet can fit well on cook tops such as gas, electric and ceramic glass due to its versatility. It is great for home chefs and also cleans up well so you can worry less about the maintenance. The skillet is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Best Skillet that is Made out of Anodized Aluminum Material

Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Fry Pan

The Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Fry Pan is made out of heavy-gauge aluminum and it has a wide bottom that makes it ideal for almost any gourmet dish that you prepare for it. great for handling sticky foods, the sturdy construction can last for a long time for any stovetop possible.
Tossing and rolling any food will be quite easy with the domed design of this skillet. As a 10-inch and 12-inch set, you can find the right size for your foods for a busy kitchen with this set of skillets. It has been made with brushed stainless steel handles so you can have stability and an effortless cleanup.
The skillet can evenly heat your food and it can be greatly used in the kitchen and the stay cool handles help keep you in control of your food. The design of this skillet is using less fat so you get a healthier cooking way for your food. Its hard anodized finish makes it highly durable and stain resistant.
It will not crack or peel easily due to the durability and the easy release will be expected to the nonstick quality and the durability of the pan. Great for an even heating for your cooking, this is a great gourmet cookware to consider that is also dishwasher-safe and is also quite oven safe for your pizza.
With its quality designed sloped sides, you can expect to cook healthier foods with its 3 layers of nonstick coating in the interior. You also have plenty of room for cooking due to the size, which also adds to its durability and stability. It has a full lifetime warranty to back it all up.

Best Skillet that is Made out of Ceramic Material

Hommate 9-Inch Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan

The Hommate 9-Inch Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan ensures a healthy and safe cooking experiences that presents an even cooking for your food with is convenient design that is simple and easy. Being a PTFE and PFOA free pan with a lot of durability, it can be great for multiple cooking uses.
It is dishwasher safe as well and is also scratch-resistant for ease of cleanup. As an FDA approved pan that is made for easy cooking, it is non-wobbling for stability and can also help you cook cheeses and the organic ceramic coating is water-based for ease of cleaning.
Giving you a hassle-free cooking experience due to the titanium element, it stays away from rust and corrosion and that makes it a safe and natural skillet to use for up to 400 degrees F in the oven. Great also for making vegetables, it also prevents cracking due to the durability.
It can help you achieve a healthy dining experience and it has a light aluminum body for your needs of an even heat distribution in a non-stick surface. Made for professionals, the skillet gives you a quick and easy cleanup method and is okay for cooking messy foods. It has a reinforced flat bottom.
You can use it in the kitchen easily with its scratch-proof surface to cook eggs. It is also oven safe so it is durable to make your favorite omelets.

Best Skillet that has a Unique Square Shape

TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Egg Pan

The TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Egg Pan is ideal for your Eastern cooking needs and the quality of the pan makes it ideal for making pancakes as well. Made with Dupont Teflon, it is sufficient for making omelets and for a healthy family due to the food-safe nonstick coating.
Cooking tamagoyaki will be a breeze in this skillet made without PFOA. The pan is non-stick so it is easy to clean and the unique sloped shape makes it easy to cook with it for one or two people. It has an aluminum construction for ease of use and easy flipping.
You can make fluffy tamagoyaki with this skillet which has a sturdy stainless steel bottom for your healthy food needs such as for sandwiches. It is great for general household cooking usage and presents a even heat distribution. It is also very easy to wash and can have more room for 3 large eggs.
For those who love Japanese culture, you can cook with this skillet and expect less sticking even when on an electric burner stove. It can be searing hot and is a great pan for beginners. It is a durable cookware that contains no cadmium so it is safe to use and to rinse clean.
Being approved by the FDA, EPA, ANSES and the European Food Safety Authority, it contains no lead at all so it is healthy and environmentally safe. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Skillet that is Made with Carbon Steel Material

Lodge CRS12 Carbon Steel Skillet Pre-Seasoned

The Lodge CRS12 Carbon Steel Skillet Pre-Seasoned is made for high heat temperatures yet provide an easy release of food. This carbon steel skillet comes pre-seasoned and ready to use and it is great for both low and very high temperatures and is great for browning and searing.
With excellent heating properties, the pan is quite lighter than cast iron and is great for searing and sautéing. Made with 12 gauge carbon steel, it has a stable and long handle that can help you handle pork chops and is great for both gas and electric stovetops as well as being used on a campfire.
Ideal for both roasting and frying as well, the skillet heats quickly and many rugged materials are used in making this frying pan or skillet. It appeals to residential kitchens and even on camping in an open fire. It also retains heat very long and is also sufficient for braising and baking at 12 inches of space
It is okay for professional kitchens, induction cooking and very high temperatures and great for outdoor grills. It can provide you with decades of cooking.

The Competition

Other skillets and frying pans did not make it to our list because their nonstick coating easily comes off, which can be dangerous for your foods. It is important for a skillet that will last for a long time and can resist certain high temperatures.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a skillet?
A: A skillet, more colloquially known as the frying pan, is a kind of cookware that allows you to fry items that are flat, such as pancakes, eggs, fish or anything that needs to be fried. Skillets usually come in the cast iron form while those that aren’t cast iron are simply called frying pans.
Q: Why do skillets have nonstick coating?
A: The nonstick coating of most skillets or frying pans help them cook without the worry of sticking and messing around. Most foods can tend to stick in an untreated skillet or frying pan which can be a hassle for those who are cooking in a very hectic schedule.
Q: What is the difference between a sauté pan and a skillet?
A: A sauté pan has a flat design while a skillet usually has a curved bowl like design. The skillet is usually made without a lid while a sauté pan has one.
Q: Is a sauté pan better than a skillet fry pan?
A: A skillet or frying pan may have its advantages of being much more lightweight than a sauté pan but it does have a few cons when it comes to heat retention and quicker cooking. If you are going to cook something with sauce then you’d better do it with a sauté pan instead.
Q: What is a cast iron skillet and why do I need one?
A: A cast iron skillet is said to be the best kind of skillet possible due to its durability and longevity. The only downside is to cleaning the cast iron skillet, but the result is healthier foods that can be enjoyed by generations of families.
Q: Why are cast iron skillets better than stainless steel skillets?
A: A cast iron skillet uses an age-old principle of cast iron plus aluminum, which not only conducts heat better but also reduces the instances of rusting all in all with proper care, as compared to stainless steel cookware.
Q: What common recipes or foods can I make with a cast iron skillet?
A: A cast iron skillet can cook up a lot of foods, especially fried ones. Eggs are the primary thing you can cook on a skillet, as well as vegetables, stir-fry recipes like veggies and noodles (like you would on a wok) and also for other frying needs such as for chicken, hotdogs and the like. You can even make cornbread in a cast iron skillet.
Q: How is a frying pan or skillet different from a wok?
A: The Chinese wok is a bowl-like frying pan or stir-fry pan that is mainly used for, you guessed it, Asian cuisine. You can stir-fry noodles, rice, dumplings and so much more. Woks are bigger than skillets and this is why they are more for the stir-fry application as compared to your regular frying pan.
Q: Aside from cast iron skillets, what other skillet materials are there?
A: Stainless steel is the most common material for skillets, aside from cast iron, due to the non-rusting ability of stainless steel. However, for the core part, you need some conductor of heat, such as aluminum or copper. Some skillets are also made of copper, anodized aluminum and even carbon steel for the low end ones.
Q: Which cookware works the best with induction stoves and which ones don’t?
A: An induction stove is something that not everyone can afford, but it is a cleaner and much more convenient way to cook in the kitchen without open flames for hazard. However, not all cookware works with induction stoves, such as those made of aluminum, copper, glass and the like, not unless you put magnetic material underneath. Most cookware like cast iron skillets, steel, stainless steel, ceramic and the like are all good with induction heating.
Induction stoves can be a threat to whatever kind of skillet you have, especially if you are unsure if it will work on the induction stove. The key to know if you have a skillet that works with induction heating is that it should be a magnetized material, such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel with iron and the like.
Q: Why should I avoid high heat with nonstick pans?
A: A frying pan that has a nonstick coating should be only sufficient with gentle heat so that you do not damage the nonstick coating of the frying pan or skillet. Using stainless steel or aluminum cookware for your nonstick pan can result in the nonstick coating getting ripped off, so it is important to only use wood or nylon utensils for the job.
Q: Why is a constant temperature required for frying chicken, pork and meat?
A: A constant temperature is highly important for any frying procedure so that the oil will not mess up the breading of your favorite chicken or fillet. You should go for a steady temperature and try not to build the temperature higher.
Q: How do I keep my frying pan from sticking into my food?
A: To keep your food and your frying pan separated without a trace afterwards, you should keep the frying pan hot but not too hot and not too cold. The frying pan has some pores like our skin, and they should be activated in just the right temperature so they don’t stick into your food. This is an important skill to learn if you don’t want a nonstick frying pan or don’t have one (e.g. stainless steel pans).
Q: How do you clean up a frying pan without damaging it?
A: The frying pan is best used with a brush or sponge that isn’t too harsh or abrasive, especially if your pan has a nonstick coating. Frying pans shouldn’t be in the dishwasher because of the harsh abrasives and detergents in there. Cooking sprays shouldn’t be used on nonstick pans because they might damage the nonstick part as well. Seasoning regularly also keeps the frying pan less of a maintenance to clean up.
Q: Which frying pan material heats up the fastest and which one heats up the slowest?
A: Actually, cast iron skillets work the slowest of all, but this is why they are praised by healthy cooking experts and gourmet experts because slow cooking is the best kind of cooking possible due to the retention of flavors. Aluminum frying pans are the fastest and ideal for the on-the-go person, but might have the tendency to burn your fish or chicken anyway.
Q: Why should I rest the steak or meat before I serve it and after I cooked it in the frying pan?
A: Resting is important to achieve the best steak possible. After using a frying pan or skillet to fry your steak or meat, its juices should lock in first before you try and taste it, and this is why you should let the meat rest for a while before you serve it to get the best flavors possible out of it.
Q: Why should I prevent too much oil or grease in the pan?
A: A skillet or frying pan can still induce healthier foods if you fry responsibly and shake off the excess oils from your food, such as your chicken or fillet, so that you will eat less oil or grease. In fact, some cookware today do have grease catchers in their system for a less greasy cooking experience and healthier foods for you and your family.
Q: How do I flip a frying pan food like those chefs on TV?
A: A frying pan is one of the best way for chefs to showcase their food performance, much like mashing the dough of a pizza. You should start off with a smaller to middle sized pan before you move on to a larger pan. If you want to flip something like a pancake from a frying pan, give it a good shake first before you attempt to flip the pancake.
Q: Why does heat level matter in cooking your favorite fried eggs?
A: The heat level in your favorite fried eggs is important because it will help you to cook your eggs more evenly. Too much heat will lead to a brittle egg surface, which can be hard to eat. The egg should be fried in a just-right temperature with gentle heat, so that the fried egg will be just fine as a result.
Q: How do I pre-heat a pan and why is it needed?
A: The process of preheating a pan is highly important because it will help you to cook your food faster. When you want to preheat a pan, you should put vegetable oil or whatever oil you use at about 2-3 tablespoons and then wait for about a minute or so.

Wrapping It Up

The Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is our best skillet due to its oven versatilty, ease of seasoning and healthy cooking surface.