Best Organic Baby Formula

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The Enfamil ProSobee Soy Infant Formula lets you add plenty of healthy nutrients in your baby’s diet. It’s the perfect soy-based infant formula for your lactose-intolerant baby. It supports growth and the immune system. It’s also the best organic baby formula for kosher diets. The final verdict is that this brand is honest, reliable, and effective at taking care of your baby.

The Similac Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula is our advanced pick for those who aren’t on a strict budget. This powder is best for babies that are less than a year born. It is one of the best non-GMO products to buy on the market. With lutein, omega-6s, and vitamin E, this baby formula aids brain and eye development. Plus, none of the ingredients are genetically engineered to suit the needs of your baby’s nutritional needs.

The Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief is best for budget-minded buyers. For the best performance, if your baby has digestive issues or a sensitive stomach, the ingredients in this product offer immediate relief. The ingredients contain no traces of lactose or GMOs; making it the best organic baby formula that’s also vegan! It comes with omega-3s and omega-6s which is best for digestive relief and overall health.

Is It Safe?


The main ingredient present in non-organic baby formula are fatty acids. This is to mimic the health benefits of essential fatty acids that are present in natural breast milk. However, baby formula-manufactured fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid, also known as DHA and ARA, do not share the same health benefits. The way they are manufactured can cause increase in toxicity in infants and inhibit proper cognitive and physical development.

According to research, the FDA does not take into consideration the numerous clinical studies of the negative health effects of DHA and ARA in baby formulas. The clinical analysis has been regulated on a national, regional, and global level. This to illustrate the significance of a safer alternative to these fatty acids. Even though these substances were introduced to mimic the ingredients of breast milk; they cause more harm in infants than provide nutrition.

This, in relation to why the FDA do not approve products before they are sold, dictates the importance of buying certified organic baby formula now more than ever. According to NCBI, the FDA does not approve baby formula products before they hit the stands. In the United States, products must meet the standard nutrient requirements for infant and baby formulas. And if a brand choose to review their formula recipe, they’re supposed to inform the FDA for approval of said formula. But this has nothing to do with the recent health claims of certain additives used in baby formulas. (1)

DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, is a fatty fish oil present in breast milk. It is best for the baby’s brain development. In simple words, it’s the building block for your baby’s cognitive, nervous system, and overall brain growth. Some studies also suggest that it’s best for improving eyesight. DHA also supports proper immune health and the respiratory system. (2)

However, DHA supplements present in formulas influence the baby’s neurological development and his or her postnatal environment. It can also cause dizziness, neuropathy, vertigo, and signs of anorexia. (3)

That said, the board of Natural Organic Standards has completely disapproved the use of DHA in said formulas for babies.

ARA, or arachidonic acid, is a fatty acid which is responsible for muscle development. It also assists metabolic growth and immunity. ARA has numerous functions in the brain; for neuronal signalling and boosting neurotransmitter strength. One of its primary functions is to maintain a healthy neurological and immune system against diseases and infections. ARA is one of the two main fatty acids found in breast milk. (4)

As much as ARA is best for infant development, it’s bad for cardiovascular and immune health. It can also cause many cognitive problems such as loss of concentration, mood swings, and insomnia.

The use of DHA and ARA in formulas is toxic because it is chemically-processed and extracted. So, the health effects of both fatty acids such as neurological development, better eye sight, and cognitive development are depleted because of the use of a neurotoxic chemicals that is used in their extraction.

Palm Oil

The second main ingredient used in conventional baby formula is palm oil. Palm oil is best for digestion as it is cholesterol free. It aids in nutrient absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, which reduces signs of constipation, gas, bloating, and vomiting in children. However, toxic palm oil that is processed with additional chemicals can make matters worse. A baby’s immune and gastrointestinal system is weak as it is still development. Hence, something this powerful can potentially harm the stomach lining.

On the other hand, non-hydrogenated palm oil is organic and healthy for babies. It contains antioxidants such as vitamins which help with digestion and beneficial gut bacteria.

What Does Organic Baby Formula Contain?

Non-toxic or organic baby formulas contain the following certified ingredients:

Organic Whey Protein

Whey protein for babies is the healthier alternative to synthetic proteins. It’s essential for boosting metabolism, nutrient absorption, and for digestion. Many conventional formulas contain synthetic proteins such as taurine or nucleotides, which can cause undetectable levels of toxicity in the bloodstream. If you’re feeding your infant man-made formula during the first year, it better be made up of organic whey.

Vegetable Oils

As a healthier alternative to palm oil, vegetable oils are best for babies. It shows progress in improving both visual and cognitive development in infants. For mothers who are unable to offer breast milk, buying baby formulas with such non-toxic ingredients is best for maintaining healthy immune levels. (5)

Organic Lactose

Organic lactose contains no genetically modified ingredients. It offers carbohydrates without the toxic chemicals concentrate. Plus, it’s best for the brain and the eyes. They contain higher number of nutrients as compared to synthetic products. On the other hand, consider the kind of environmental benefits the processing of organic lactose promotes. When it’s free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, the produce is fresh, longer lasting, and full of healthy minerals and vitamins.

Organic lactose is used in baby formulas to increase sweetness and thickness without relying on synthetic additives. So, the formula is easier and tastier to digest for babies. And as an alternative to refined sugars, lactose is more natural and healthier.

Organic Milk Powder

Consider milk produce that is not the result of feeding cows with GMO ingredients, hormones, and other medicines. When the produce is fed natural ingredients such as organic hay and grains, it gives healthier milk. Plus, drinking non-organic milk can cause upper respiratory problems, allergies, and other sensitivities.

Our Best Pick

We liked the Enfamil ProSobee Soy Infant Formula for its special ingredients. It contains plant-based proteins that are best for lactose-intolerant babies. The lack of diary in this powder doesn’t mean it lacks the right nutrients needed for your baby’s growth. It contains healthy nutrients such as organic omega-6s and choline that aid brain and eye development. On the same note, it even contains traces of iron increasing your baby’s stamina for powering through. Energy is very important for your baby as it helps and supports muscle and bone development. Plus, it influences your child’s attention and focusing abilities.

The plant-based proteins present in this pick is the perfect kind of baby formula to bring home for vegan or kosher families. It also nourishes your baby’s sensitive stomach with abundance of nutrition and good taste.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Apart from aiding digestive problems, if your baby has bad constipation problems, a soy-based baby formula might not be a good option. Soy protein may worsen your baby’s constipation.

Our Best Step-Up Pick

If you prefer something expensive and reliable, try the Similac Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula. This was one of the first brands to get certified as non-GMO and organic. It is best for infants with gastrointestinal problems such as gas, bloating, food sensitivities, or allergies. It is a good blend of omega-6s, vitamin E, and lutein; each of which aren’t genetically modified to suit nutritional needs. It contains the kind of nutrients found in natural breast milk, without the chemical processing and artificial fillers found in most conventional baby formulas.

And even though this pick is more expensive than others, it’s worth investing in. It can become the best choice for parents who are all too insecure about other baby formula brands on the market. This pick beats down the competition with its prebiotics, non-GMO ingredients, and unique OptiGRO blend to reduce discomfort after consumption. The final verdict is this is our favorite GMO and chemical-free infant formula on the market.

Our Best Budget Pick

After extensive research, the Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief knows what’s best for your baby. It is organically certified with no harsh chemicals, fillers, GMOs, and palm oil. It doesn’t contain genetically altered DHA or ARA compounds; which makes it the best in class at a reasonable price. If your baby needs supplemental nutrients and calories for overall development, try this. Its nutritional profile contains only organic and natural ingredients.

It isn’t soy-based, which is best for babies with digestive problems such as gas, bloating or constipation. And on the plus side, it contains milk proteins which is best for babies struggling with protein intolerance. The final verdict is that the Baby’s Only Organic offers the best organic baby formula with high-quality ingredients and effective health results. If you’re finding it difficult to get the right formula for your baby to digest, the powdered formula for this pick won’t cause any such discomfort.

Our Best Lactose Powder

The Earth’s Best Organic Infant Powder is an original and kosher-specific product. It has the nutritional profile that aids brain and eye development. But without the use of genetically modified hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics. This is a good nourishing formula for parents to take home. Plus, some say it’s a more affordable choice when you want to buy organic. The bottle packs organic lactose, non-fat milk, organic whey, vitamins, and proteins. And it’s best consumed within 3 years from manufacturing. Interestingly, this formula contains anti-inflammatory compounds necessary for your baby’s growth and development. And the powered formula dissolves easily without lumps. Finally, you’ll be very happy feeding your kid this instant and nutritional formula.

Our Best Formula with Good Bacteria Strain

The Gerber Good Start Soothe Powder contains proteins that help with your baby’s bodily development. It also contains organic probiotics that aid digestion and prevent constipation, vomiting, and acidity. Collic, which is a common digestive condition, affects 50% of babies. The main reason why your baby is not immune to this condition is because he or she lacks good bacteria in the body. With this baby formula, you can increase the amount of good bacteria strains. It contains L. reuteri which is a good bacteria strain, effective at fighting such harmful immune and digestive conditions. On an ending note, it also contains omega-6s which is best for eye and brain development.

Our Best Formula for Nutritional Development

The Honest Co. Organic Infant Formula is a good choice if you prefer something of a nutrition package. It contains the right carbohydrates, proteins, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, and fats to support bodily growth. This brand supports and promotes the use of organic ingredients that aren’t genetically modified. So, it uses no hormones, antibodies, steroids, fertilizers, etc. This is best for babies because it ensures protection from allergies and other infections. Another reason why you should consider buying this product is because it uses fewer ingredients than most brands. It mixes easy and doesn’t cause too much gas bubbles; so, stir gently.

Our Best Formula for Immunity

The Vermont Organics Milk-Based Iron is an USDA-certified product with organic coconut, vegetable oils, non-fat milk, and soy. It even contains many vitamins and beta-carotene that help fight inflammation and signs of infection in the body. If you ask us, this is the best organic baby formula for boosting immunity. It also helps with nutrient absorption while the minerals help with digestive relief in case your baby is prone to gas, acidity, constipation, or stomach cramps. This would make a great transition from breast milk, and studies suggest the same. After researching nine products, the Vermont Organics Milk-Based Iron is best for nourishing and protecting the immune system against bad bacteria.

Our Best Baby Supplement Formula

The Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula has all the necessary ingredients you need for your baby. It contains only non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients. On top of that, no traces of corn solids or artificial syrup or hormone-fed milk extracts. The nutritional profile of this baby formula includes vitamins, calcium, choline, zinc, and other minerals. It acts as the best baby supplement with omega-3s, omega-6s, and other nutrients. The organic lactose helps boost stamina without the use of any artificial sweeteners or sugar. It has the right calories needed for your baby’s growth and overall nourishment. We like this product because it contains good proteins for muscle growth, calcium for bone development, and prebiotics to support healthy gut bacteria.

Our Best Formula for Older Babies

The Plum Organics Grow Well Organic is an USDA-certified product that’s also non-GMO and BPA-free certified. It contains no harsh chemicals, be it food-based or artificial additives, such as corn syrup, growth hormones, antibodies, etc. it’s the best organic baby formula for babies with a big appetite. Also, if your baby has digestive problems such as constipation or gas, this might help. Its flavour, texture, and smell is comforting and easy to digest. With the right nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals, this product supports cognitive, muscular, and complete bodily development. It is especially convenient for first-time parents who want something for older babies.  

Our Best Formula for Toddlers

The Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Toddler is a good choice if you want to continue feeding your baby after 12 months. It is gluten-free and 95% organic and certified. It contains healthy omega-3s and omega-6s for brain and eye development. Plus, the lack of chemicals such as pesticides, growth hormones, and other additives reduces risk of infection or gastrointestinal discomfort. While other toddler picks feel heavy because of the high number of ingredients, this one feels light and nutritious. This will give you a more balanced nutrition for your baby; better than cow’s milk. It’s organic and a better supplement to solids.

The Competition

We spent a long time searching for the best organic baby formula. And in researching on the best and most expert products, we found that the top 3 things that make an organic baby formula are: non-GMO, USDA-certified, and corn-syrup-free ingredients. It’s true that conventional organic baby formula has been used for many years and proven the best and most effective. But this is before organic farming and organic food processing came along. So, it’s important now more than ever to look to healthy and best products for your baby’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is best – breast feeding or bottle feeding?

A. It’s scientifically established that breast feeding your baby can reduce signs of infection, prevent allergies, strengthen the immune system, and protect the body against a number of diseases. Hence, many scientific health organizations recommend breast feeding for at least the first 12 to 16 months after birth. That is, if the mother and the baby are able to breast feed. The nutritional choice of breastfeeding is good because is also helps create a better bond between the mother and the baby. This is true on both a psychological and physiological level.

Here are some of the health benefits of breast feeding babies:

  • It helps prevent ear, eye, and nose infections.
  • It leads to fewer infections that can only be treated during hospitalization.
  • It promotes the passages of antibodies and infection-fighting substances from the mother to the baby.
  • It also helps against diabetes, obesity, respiratory diseases, and asthma.
  • Breast milk contains natural lactose, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients that aid digestion. These nutrients are also easily digested by the baby.
  • On an economical basis, breast milk is free of cost.

Here are some of the disadvantages of breast feeding babies:

  • It needs to be done more often than bottle feeding.
  • If you’re taking medication, it could pass on to your baby through the breast milk. This includes anti-depressants and other similar drugs.
  • Avoiding foods that are too spicy or fried or unhealthy is essential.
  • It’s difficult to quantify how much milk your baby is getting.

However, if you’re unable to breast feed your baby due to medical conditions, or if your baby is unwilling to, bottle feeding is a healthier alternative also. Bottle feeding with the help of a baby food maker is the only healthy alternative to breast feeding.

Q. Is iron-based infant formulas best for my baby?

A. The answer is yes. Iron is important for your baby’s growth. Many new parents often contest the idea of including iron in their babies diet. But studies suggest that iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which leads to reduced number of red blood cells in children. It can make your child lethargic, weak, and tired. This can also have an impact on your child’s muscular and cognitive development. Low levels of iron in the body is usually the outcome of improper bottle feeding. Or it may also be that the baby formula you’re feeding your child lacks the proper nutrition needed for overall growth and nourishment. (6)

Unless your paediatrician advices you against an iron-based diet, you can continue to feed your baby iron as an essential nutrient in the best organic baby formula.

Q. Is tap water safe for my baby or should I use bottled water?

A. It’s only natural to want to use bottled water for making the powder formula. But, studies suggest that tap water is also safe to use. This is because bottled water doesn’t come with any standardized filtering process that we know of. This also applies to its water production techniques. So, as a result, your bottled water may be much worse than tap water.

Tap water contains an essential nutrient needed for an infant’s development – fluoride. Many commercial bottled water companies often extract fluoride from the water. So, if you’re using bottle water for your infant’s formula, you might want to consult the paediatrician with the implementation of fluoride drops for a few months.

Regardless of the kind of water you use – bottled or tap – sterilizing the water is essential. This means boiling the water in a deep pan for 60 seconds. This is to neutralize the minerals present in water. However, over-boiling the water can kill the healthy salt and minerals present in water.

Q. Can I feed my baby both breast milk and bottled formula?

A. While breast milk comes with many health benefits, giving your kid a combination of both can be a good idea. Combination feeding is a good practice for mothers with twins. And every little shift in diet makes a big difference for your baby. For example, combination feeding supplies all the required nutrients your baby needs. The best way to implement combination feeding is to blend breast milk using a breast pump in the same bottle as the infant formula.

Wrapping it Up

The Enfamil ProSobee Soy Infant Formula is the right choice for anyone looking for something healthy and effective. It’s the perfect match for your baby as it contains nutrients that support gut health, brain and eye development, and immune function. It’s the closest an organic baby formula can come to breast milk. Now, isn’t that a relief for you and a delicious treat your baby?