Best Mop

The Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Floor Spray Mop is our best mop that gets rid of dirt and mud and it is also easy to remove the strip when dirty so it is so convenient. Even if your floors are linoleum, it will easily and deliberately trap dirt and grime. It is powered by 4 AA batteries for effortless mopping to easily clean your floors.

Our step-up pick is the O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop System and the mop has a sturdy handle is made of aluminum and it has a built-in wringer like most spin mops nowadays. You can easily maneuver this mop and it doesn’t come off easily unlike other cheap and flimsy ones out there. The mop can be fully extended from 33 to 51 inches long.

The budget pick is the Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Dry Wet Mop and it is an easy to assemble mop that gives you 3 times the cleaning action compared to regular mops and leaves a nice clean scent as well. It can be used in the kitchen and can conform to surfaces to remove dirt and the like on your ceramic tile and grout.

A Little Background

The mop is an essential tool in the house and in almost any establishment. Similar to how a broom sweeps the floor out of dust, the mop cleans up your home from dust and debris that may get into your home or household or even business establishment. Mops are traditionally made of wringed cotton and some are made of sponges (like the ones you see on TV and on commercial establishments). There are also newer mops like the spin mop that has a special bucket included. All of them use water clean up your home or establishment’s flooring.
Mops are usually manufactured by hand, especially when purchasing from local markets that get their raw materials from natural and local sources. Most mops that are really durable are the old fashioned ones or the wet mop that is made with wringed cotton. This is great for all purpose and all terrain cleaning, even on uneven surfaces. There is also the sponge mop that can be easily cleaned due to its built-in wringer so your hands won’t get as messy as it is with a regular mop.
Mops that are most commonly found in the household include the string mop or the traditional mop, as well as the sponge mop, that can be easily wringed after usage. The dust mop can also be seen on some households but they are the best for even floors, much like the steam mop, which is electronic, and is usually made for carpets and the like. If you want an all purpose mop, however, you might want to stick with the string mop instead of the others, which are only the best for flat surfaces like tiles.
Mopping with hot water is actually more efficient than with cold water. This is because of the very fact that hot water cleans better than cold water as it kills germs and the like. Hot and soapy water is the best way to clean up your floors and you can also use vinegar to clean up stains and the like on your flooring.
One of the most common mops that you will find in the store nowadays (or in any home or establishment for that matter), is the spin mop or the microfiber twist mop. It is simply like your good old cotton mop – only with an awesomely designed bucket that wrings the microfiber twist mop when you dip the mop in the water. This is a very handy solution when it comes down to mopping the floor easily and effortlessly with a more modern tool at home or in your establishment.
Depending on your floor type, the size or area of the room or house, the pollution levels and traffic in your home or where you are, you may need to mop the floor a certain point in time. Usually, once a week is ideal for those with heavy traffic and every other week is ideal for those with smaller homes with less traffic and pollution at hand.
The microfiber twist mop can be a handy and versatile mop, but some people claim that a traditional mop is a lot better when it comes down to durability. Both of them are durable but the deciding factors are usually how they are made, where they are made from and how often you use them. It really depends on the usage of the mop on how durable it is or how awesome it is in general compared to the other mop types out there.
The sponge mop and the yacht or string mop have their own pros and cons. For example, the sponge mop is easy to wring out compared to the bulky and heavy yacht or string mop. But on the other hand, when it comes down to durability, the string mop has a lot of advantage over the sponge mop in general. Both of them can easily clean your flooring but it also depends on the type of flooring that you have for their effectiveness.
One of the basic mistakes that people often make is that they forget to sweep the floor before mopping, which is really crucial and essential because if you don’t sweep the floor beforehand, you’ll end up with a sloppy and sticky mess when you mop the floor, especially if you use one of those sponge squeegees (and the dust and dirt will stick to the sponge, yuck!). This is why sweeping beforehand is important if you want to mop your flooring.
Most people don’t know when to use steam mops and when to use regular mops. When you want to clean up the floor in general and there are really no spills at all, you can just stick to a steam mop due to its ease of use and convenience. However, traditional mopping is highly recommended if your dog or kids mess up the floor really bad.
Different flooring materials need a different mopping procedure. Mopping a linoleum floor is possible but you should also ask the manufacturer on how to properly mop it and which detergents to use for safety. Consult your manufacturer to make sure you’re using the right cleaning materials for it. Laminated wood floors react the same way with super wet mops.
Most people who are used to cleaning their bathrooms use bleach solutions to clean up and disinfect the tile grout. However, make sure that this cleaning solution won’t damage your tiles at all. Dry mops are like brooms and vacuum cleaners, in a way that you should also clean them up to avoid spreading dirt from one spot to another.
On the bright side of things, using a mop to clean up the house is beneficial for your health. Since water has a very strong force and most mops are pretty heavy, it can be a great physical workout to lose the calories, carbs and sugar levels altogether.

How We Picked

If you want the best mop, here are some criteria for you to help you decide and consider:
Wet or dry mop: the mop should be either wet or dry depending on your needs. Dry mops are ideal for wood floors while wet mops can be used on tiles and linoleums and those floors that are not too delicate. Dry mops and wet mops are all available in most stores out there but wet mops are the most common ones.
Type of mop: spin mop, squeegee mop or regular mop are the most common types of mops out there. Do consider a mop that is sufficient for your needs. The squeegee mop or sponge mop is ideal for those with little time in their hands for mopping the floor and have truly flat surfaces. Spin mops are great for those with tiles due to the microfiber design of the mop. The regular mop or the string mop is ideal for those with floors that are pretty much regular or uneven, such as linoleum or concrete. The mop that is best for your flooring should be chosen wisely.
Handle grip: do consider the handle grip of the mop to be ergonomic so that it will cause you less user fatigue. A mop that is excellently designed is one that is not too much strenuous when it comes to holding the mop for a long time when you clean the floor. The weight of the whole mop should not weigh down the structure of the handle of the mop.
Ease of use: an easy to use and easy to control mop is one thing to look forward to. This is because it will be less of a stress to handle a mop that is pretty straightforward. Today’s mops have many bells and whistles but they should also be easy to operate, especially the spin mops or microfiber mops out there.
Weight and handling: do consider a mop that has just the right weight. Having a too light mop could mean that it is not durable at all while having a too heavy mop means that it will be so hard to mop he floor with. Do consider a mop that is just right for your capacity and capability to lift a mop.
Material: most mops are made out of cotton strings while some are made of sponge and some are made of microfiber. Cotton mops are ideal for general cleaning and sponge mops are the best for easy cleaning or time saving purposes. Microfiber, on the other hand, is best for tiled floors as a mop so you can be able to clean up the grout part.
Ease of absorption: do consider a mop that is easy to absorb the water. Most cheaper mops out there do not absorb water as much as higher priced ones, making the mop pretty much ineffective. It is important that no matter what material the mop is made of, it should absorb the water well.
Included bucket: most mops today have a bucket included, especially those that are spin mops or microfiber mops. The bucket that is included in the mop should be easy to operate, simple to fill up and a breeze to clean up and maintain as well. It should also be durable for rigorous purposes.
Home or commercial use: last but not the least, will you use the mop at home or for a janitorial service? Most janitorial mops are supposed to be of heavy duty, especially if you will have to clean an entire hallway of a university building or office building! Make sure that the durability of the mop that you will buy will suffice your everyday needs.

Our Pick

Our best mop is the Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Floor Spray Mop which can easily absorb water and suck up dust and dirt with its spray and clean mechanism. If your floor is really dirty then this is a great mop to use on virtually any floor due to its design and its lock strip that is easy to use.
It is quite durable that it can last for a number of years and it also doesn’t get dirt and grime pushed around unlike other mops. The included cleaning solution lasts even longer than with other mops out there due to the design of the mop.
The mop has a dual nozzle sprayer design and it can work well even on cement floors. It is also deemed safe on all finished wood floors and it can target most dirt and stains. It easily loosens dirt and is helpful for cleaning the kitchen while it is also not on water sensitive floors.
You can use this every single day as a mop that contains 500ml bottle of cleaning solution for free. It will give you a great cleaning experience even on hardwood floor and it also dissolves tough messes with just a quick spray and the mop. The mop is also a great laminate floor cleaner.
It effectively cuts your clean time and works well even if you have a cat or dog around the house. The mop is a great tile cleaner as well and it keeps the floor clean all the time. It also does not hurt the wood finish and is a great mopping system overall.
With a power floor spray mop like this, you can maintain the cleanliness of your house even with a lot of dirt all the time. With 3 extra power pad refills included, the mop is also very lightweight but not too light that it will be flimsy. Its cleaning solution bottles can be refilled to save more money. The mop also includes 2 mopping pad refills.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only slightly off thing but not a big deal to say about the Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Floor Spray Mop is that it only accepts WetJet refill pads and not with dry Swiffer pads (that is for another version of the Swiffer). But for those who don’t really need a dry mop, this will suffice.

Step-up Pick

The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop System is our step-up pick mop with a nice bucket design and a mop that can on any hard floor surface. The mop can extend and collapse due to the 2 telescoping sections of the mop. It cleans up your floor without the need for chemicals.
Giving you hands-free wringing, this spin mop has a removable and machine washable microfiber pad. You can also control how damp or dry the mop is with the wringer and foot pedal. The mop is a great deep cleaning microfiber mop that is simple and easy to use and great for large areas of tile floors.
As an easy to use mop that constantly removes dirt, it can also fit under furniture and you can also launder the mop head when needed. It absorbs tough grime and dirt and is great for wood floors to provide you with streak-free cleaning.
You can activate spin wringing with the use of the included high quality foot pedal on the bucket. The mop is so easy to use and can be mopped to the sidewalk. You only need to replace the microfiber pad every 3 to 6 months. The level of moisture can be controlled due to the foot pedal as well.
The mop allows you to work comfortably and you will love how this mop cleans. When wringing the mop, you won’t get too wet due to the splash guard inside bucket. You can also clean corners with the triangle mop head design as the design of this mop also gets under furniture without much effort.
People of any height can use this mop well and it is also compatible with the easy wring mop refill. The mop gives you an easy storage solution due to being collapsible.

Budget Pick

The Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Dry Wet Mop is our budget pick and comes with dry cloths to wipe out dust and allergens in the house. Including 7 dry sweeping cloths in total, you can clean up your bathroom floor with this mop so easily and it also replaces your regular broom.
As a 2-in-1 mop to remove dust and hair as well, you can also do a bit of dusting with this mop and it works on finished hardwood floors, tiles and laminated wood floors. The mop comes with textured wet mopping cloths as well and a flat duster head for your dusting needs.
You can be ready to clean your home floors and dissolve dirt with this easy to use mop. It is also great for cleaning up dog hair and if you need to sweep and mop your floors at the same time. It can lock grime away and can work on any hard surface.
With this mop, you can just simply buy more wet and dry cloth refills and then remove the refill when dirty. Sweeping and mopping can be just in one starter kit with this mop to remove grime from your grout lines from your tiles. Also as a sweeper, this mop works effectively including 3 wet mop cleaning solution cloths.

Best Mop made of Microfiber Cloths

For cleaning the home, the Microfiber Wholesale 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop is a great mop with a 360 degree swivel mop frame and is economical in its design for your daily chore of cleaning your floors. You can also use it for office floors and it works in just a few minutes to collect larger debris.
It can be great for everyday use even on hardwood and has a machine washable mop head. The stainless steel mop handle is adjustable and measures 6 feet long and it will fit under the couch as well even on laminate floors. It is a quick and easy mop solution for pet hair, dirt and dust and for your tiles.
As a microfiber dust mop with a pad that can clean thoroughly, it is made with a heavy duty aluminum mop frame for durability. It can work on stone and concrete floors and around furniture as well and there are 2 free microfiber cloths with this mop to save you cleaning for a fraction of the time.
You can make your life easier with this mop for stubborn dirt with less effort in the long run. It can quickly and thoroughly clean the house floors with its 2 microfiber wet mop pads. In fact, there are also replacement mops available for your needs.

Best Mop with a Stainless Steel Handle

The MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop is a double sided mop that works well and can extend and lock to any length for your comfort of wood flooring cleaning. It has a unique clamp lock system that easily locks the mop and the 2-in-1 plush mop cloth and microfiber system.
You can mop and buffer with its wet and dry mopping design and it can also be easily maneuvered around the house with its unique fabric clip-on design. It can be fully extend to 59 inches long and it can be used in the kitchen as a dirt removal scrubber.
It also feels very sturdy with its unique 360 swivel pole and it is also good for floor waxing for its other side. With a machine washable head, there is no need for a bucket of water due to the design. It has a double locking telescopic system that can also work well for slate flooring.
With an easy to release mop head, you can also find it easy to refill with the 3 microfiber cloth refills. It handles all kinds of fabric cloth as well.

Best Mop that is a Traditional String Cotton Mop

The Rubbermaid Commercial Universal Headband Blend Mop is a strong and durable traditional cotton mop that can give you the right amount of liquid for cleaning. It is a nice great mop head that effectively cleans the floors well and it will work even if you don’t have a bucket with a wringer.
This traditional mop has a lot of absorption unlike others and it is quite strong and effective for cleaning for general purpose cleaning such as on uneven floors, tiles and concrete. It also won’t easily break apart like some others do due to its durability and authentic design.
For those who need a regular mop, this mop will work fine for small jobs due to its simplistic design. It also avoids broken strings due to the durability of the material of the mop. In addition to that, it holds a lot of liquid so you don’t have to worry about mopping a lot of floors. It is also a fully absorbent mop.

Best Mop that has a Spray Mechanism

The O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop is made out of microfiber material and has a bunch of scrub zones for effective spot cleaning and general cleaning as well. It sprays the floor evenly and allows you to deep clean your floors more effectively.
There is also a refillable bottle in this mop for your dirty messes in the kitchen and the like. You can also choose your own cleaning solution due to the design of this mop for an improved performance and a custom cleaning formula for your tough grease.
What’s more, it’s washable in its mop head so you can use it for as long as you like. The mop is also safe for hardwood floors so it allows you to do the floors without having to worry about the wood finish. It is great for taking out dirt, dust and hair and has a machine washable mop head.
Taking out dirt and grime around the house, there is no need for expensive special cleaning solutions due to the design of the one touch bottle release to fill in with your cleaning solution. The mop head can be washed up to 100 times so it is super convenient. With this mop, you just pop in your favorite cleaning solution and you can clean right away. It has the capability to take washable and disposable refills as well.

Best Mop that is a Spin Mop

The Mopnado Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop spans as a 56 inch long handle mop that is great for keeping the task of cleaning your floors a breeze. The mop plates make rinsing easier to handle and the 180 degrees mop head swivel action makes it simpler to clean up floors with an even streak-free finish.
It also has a cleaning solution dispenser for your custom cleaning solution and the large wheels make it easy to move around. It has machine washable mop heads for effortless maintenance and it can work on hardwood floor as well. With 2 handles included, there are also 2 microfiber mop heads along with it.
You can work on tile and concrete floors with this mop and the stainless steel spin dry basket is quite durable. You can reach under furniture with this mop and fill in the soap dispenser with your preferred cleaning solution. What’s more, the handle is constructed out of stainless steel so it is not flimsy.
As a nice floor cleaning system for your needs, this mop can be extended to clean windows due to its telescoping action. It is also deemed safe for wood floors so you don’t have to worry about it. you can also work on laminate floors with this safe mop.
There is also a scrub brush attachment for your needs to save time while scrubbing or even spot cleaning. The spin mop is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Mop with a Ratchet Wringing Mechanism

The Libman Tornado Mop is a great wringing mop that won’t get your hands wet and sloppy with cleaning solution. It can also prevent tangling with the use of the specially designed green bands. The mop head is machine washable so it is a lot easier to maintain unlike other mops out there.
The mop is designed to absorb more water than possible so you can effortlessly clean without having to dip on too much water all the time. This mop is quite easy to use and it is also lightweight and durable without being too flimsy at all.
The fact that this mop has a built in wringer makes it super easy to use with absolutely no buttons to push, unlike in most electronic designed mops. If you want a simpler mop and have dogs and cats at home then this is a great solution for your cleaning needs.
The mop head is quite easy to change in this mop so you can doing the dirty work without having to expend too much effort for any mess to clean up at home or anywhere. The mop can also work well on laminate floors and your hands never touch the water due to the wringing design.
There is no need for squeezing with your hands due to the design of the mop that allows you to wring the mop easily. You will be cleaning up after any mess so easily with this mop. In fact, on rainy days when the floor gets muddy around the house, this is a great mop to have. If you want a satisfying mop that does not get your hands soaked, the wringing mechanism using a unique ratchet design that wrings out water with each twist makes it easier for you in the long run.

Best Mop with a Detachable Scrubber

The OXO Good Grips Microfiber Spray Mop is a great microfiber mop that can work on nearly any kind of mess and it gives you an even consistent spray of cleaning solution all the time. The included squeeze trigger is straightforward in design and it has a machine washable head for less effort cleaning.
With a detachable scrubber, you can take care of the muddy footprints at home and the non-slip grip makes it easier as well. It is also easy to clean small spaces with this mop and you can go from mopping to spot cleaning in a breeze.
The mop has a powerful pump and also comes with scrubber head pivots so it generally makes cleaning so easy at home while it traps dirt and dust. You can use this mop to go under and around furniture due to its design for easy mopping and maneuverability as well.
With the use of this mop, you can use your own solution reusable bottle with measurement markings so it is a custom mop system for your needs. There is no need to bend down and scrub the floor with the design of this mop for removing hard stains, dirt and grime on the floor. Its comfortable handle is contoured to help keep your hands away from fatigue.

The Competition

Other mops were not included in our list because they had reports of easily breaking down and not absorbing well. Others were also not in our list because they were not very easy to operate. It is important that a mop does what it is supposed to do: clean up your mess in the simplest and easiest way possible even without all the extras.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is a mop?
A: A mop, more specifically a floor mop, is a kind of household tool that works like a broom to clean up floors and similar surfaces. The mop is usually and traditionally made out of cotton strings, but there are other types of mops, such as the sponge squeegees and the spin mops made of microfiber material. The mop utilizes water instead of just dry cleaning, although dry cleaning mops do exist.
Q: What are mops usually made out of?
A: That Depends on the type of mop but most mops are made out of cotton material that is great for general cleaning needs. Wringed cotton is a very common example of a mop due to its classic style and durability. Meanwhile, modern ones like the sponge mop and microfiber mop also exist. The dust mop or the dry mop is also made out of different materials.
Q: What are the common types of mops and where are they best used for?
A: The most common mops that you can use include the string mop, the sponge mop, the dust mop and the steam mop. The string mop is the most traditional one and is made out of cotton string and is greatly absorbent. They are the cheapest of all.
Dust mops are made for dry cleaning while sponge mops are great for flat surfaces and quick cleaning due to its easy wringing. You can use steam mops for those who need steam cleaning, such as for rugs and carpets.
Q: What is the best solution to mop the floor with?
A: The most common cleaning solution that most people use for cleaning their floors with a mop is usually hot and soapy water or one that is mixed with vinegar. Both of these ingredients can result in a cleaner and greatly disinfected flooring that can be easily cleaned out of dust and debris.
Q: How is a microfiber twist mop different from the other regular mops?
A: The microfiber twist mop has been a popular thing nowadays due to its convenience and the benefits of microfiber when it comes to fully detailed cleaning in anything (it probably started with carwash cleaning). Microfiber mops are efficient when it comes to cleaning a lot of surfaces and the wringer bucket combination with a spinning pedal is pure genius.
Q: When should I mop the floor and how often should I do it?
A: Many people often wonder when it is the best time to mop the floor. Actually, it really depends on the size of your home or business establishment or living space or area. It also depends on how much traffic you get in your area and if you have pets and kids at home. Mopping the floor can be done somewhere from once a week or every other week.
Q: Which is generally better: a microfiber twist mop or a traditional mop?
A: That depends on what you are cleaning and many other factors such as the build and design of the mop. Some microfiber twist mops are sadly not built well so they tend to be lighter and cheaper. However, there are still some of these mops that are of high end in terms of materials used.
Q: What is the difference between a yacht (string) mop and a sponge mop?
A: The traditional mop or the yacht mop a.k.a. the string mop is usually the most durable of all the kinds and types of mops out there, especially because they have been used for ages as a mop and usually found on boats as well. Sponge mops, on the other hand, are just great for tiled surfaces and other flat flooring systems. They are easy to wring out, however, but are not as durable as string mops in general.
Q: Why should I sweep the floor before mopping?
A: The act of mopping is highly crucial but you need to sweep the floor first. The dust and debris that are too large to mop can potentially ruin the floor and will result in a sticky mess. Even if it doesn’t look like your floor is dirty, make it a habit to sweep the floor first before mopping.
Q: What is the difference between steam mopping and traditional mopping?
A: The steam mop is ideal for light mopping while the traditional mop or the string mop is great for heavy mopping and messes in your flooring. For really bad spills of milk, coffee or dog stains, you need a really heavy duty mop. Steam mopping, on the other hand, is ideal for not so dirty flooring.
Q: Can I mop a linoleum floor?
A: Yes, linoleum flooring is okay to mop because it is not wood material that can rot. However, you should not use hot water when it comes to linoleum floors, as the hot water might warp the linoleum floor. Instead, use regular cold or warm water to keep the linoleum well-preserved for the years to come (and also to keep the colors and patterns intact).
Q: Why shouldn’t I always use a squeegee or sponge mop on tiled floor?
A: The grout of the tile floors can actually gather the dust and dirt from the squeegee sponge mop so you should also work on the tiled floor’s grout to clean it up.
Q: Why should I not use water to mop a wood floor?
A: For obvious reasons , wood floors should not be mopped with water or wet mops because the wood will rot and get brittle over time. Make sure that if you need to use water or a damp mop to clean up a really messy mess, the mop should only be slightly wet and not too wet to avoid damaging your wood floors.
Q: What is the best mop to use with a ceramic tiled floor?
A: Microfiber mops are the best way to work on a ceramic tiled floor, and this is why they are so popular nowadays because many people do have a tiled flooring or for their bathroom instead.
Ceramic tiled floors, as mentioned above, have grouts that can be tough to clean without the properly designed mop and this is why the microfiber mop is the best option for it. You can also use brushes for detailing your dirty grouts.
Q: Why should I mop in sections instead of the whole floor?
A: The mop can only take so much so you should work in sections rather than tire yourself out with the whole floor. It makes cleaning the floor easier and it is also a great way to consume less time and less effort. Tackling the floor in sections also makes it easy for you to spot clean anything.
Q: What kind of tile cleaner is the best to use for tiled floors?
A: If you need to mop the floor of your tiled surface such as your bathroom or regularly tiled household flooring, you might need to consider the kind of tile cleaner you are using.
Ammonia and bleach can be too harsh and should only be done on purely white tiles and purely white grout. If you have colored tiles and grout, don’t use them because they are pretty harsh. Mild cleaners are the best way to go or depending on the manufacturer’s suggestion for your tiled floors.
Q: Do dry mops need to be cleaned often?
A: Yes, dry mops or those flat mops that don’t use a lot of water should be cleaned thoroughly as well so that you do not spread the dust and debris from one place of the home or establishment to another.
Q: What happens if I soak my mop too much on water?
A: Just like having too much water for your watercolor painting , too much water on your mop is pretty bad because it will mess up your floor. It will also potentially damage your flooring, especially if it is a wood or laminate. Hot water can damage linoleum floors as well.
Q: Why is there a need to mop the floor when I can sweep anyway?
A: Some floors need to be mopped because some dust particles can’t be easily swept by your regular broom. Bad bacteria and viruses can spread if you do not mop your floor often. Unless you live in a less polluted place, mops are pretty important because they can help disinfect your home from bad germs and the like. The use of a mop is very extensive and the most common use is for the bathroom.
Q: Can mopping the floor be a good workout?
A: Yes, mopping the floor , much like many other household chores, can be a great way for you to relieve stress and mental anxiety and also present a good workout because you will tend to use nearly every muscle in your body when mopping the floor, even more than when you just sweep the floor.

Wrapping It Up

In the long run, we think that the Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Floor Spray Mop is our best mop due to its easy mopping action, inclusion of a cleaning solution and the lightweight but not flimsy feel.