Best Mattress

The Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is our best mattress, which puts just the right pressure on your shoulders without hurting them. It is made with a comfortable memory foam and is available in Full, King, Queen and Twin sizes. It can also be installed on a box spring bed and you will be sleeping soundly on its high density foam and memory foam.

Our step-up pick is the Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress and the mattress is okay for all sleeping positions and it is also well made for an adjustable frame as well so it is quite versatile in all bed formats. The mattress brings you comfort as it is cool in temperature all the time in any weather. It is easy to move it to your room due to the decent density.

The budget pick is the LinenSpa 8″ Memory-Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattress and it is made with CertiPUR-US certified foams so it is guaranteed safe for you and your family. It also retains shape and resistance even for a long time of usage to remain as a comfortable mattress that will not break the bank. The mattress has good responsiveness and motion isolation for sleeping couples.

A Little Background

A mattress is an important aspect of the bed. It is what makes the bed a sleeping place. A good mattress is something that lasts for a long time, easy to maintain, doesn’t smell bad, doesn’t make your back hurt a lot and does not contain a lot of harmful chemicals in it. A good mattress does not sacrifice price for comfort. Most mattresses can be expensive but the durability and comfort will be all worth it in the end.
A mattress pad and a mattress topper may be a good addition to your mattress in terms of durability. Mattress pads are like covers that keep your mattress in tip top shape, kind of like a fitted sheet. On the other hand, the mattress topper sits on the top that is great for protection as well. Both of them are good in terms of protection and can help your mattress stay firm or soft for a very long time and protect against allergens and dust mites as well. Some of them can also be waterproof.
Choosing the best mattress can be a hassle if you do not know the different types of mattress. The most common type of mattress is the foam or polyurethane one, which is simple, cheap and also easy to maintain. If you want more support then you can try the memory foam, which conforms to your shape.
However, if you don’t want to sink down then you can try the innerspring mattress, which has a sufficient bounce. However, if you want both bounce and comfort then you can try the hybrid mattress. Finally, if you want to go green and you’re not afraid to spend cash then try the latex mattress.
It is important that you choose the right size of mattress for your bed. All you need to do is to measure the area of your bed and find the closest measurement from the standard sizes available worldwide. Twin size is about 39 x 75 inches (80 inches in XL) while Full size is usually in 54 x 75 inches. Queen and King are about 80 inches long, with King slightly wider and California King slightly narrower than King. Different companies may have different size standards, but these are the most common ones.
An innerspring mattress and a foam mattress are two of the most common mattresses around the world due to their wide availability and cheap pricing. Innerspring has been the longest selling of all because of their bounciness while foam is good for those who want to have comfort in sleeping without the noise of the springs.
If you want to have good pain relief without the worry of moving and waking up your partner then a memory foam mattress is a good way to go. Memory foam is different from regular foam and is a little bit more expensive because it is a special type of foam that is used for a mattress or even a pillow. It leaves your contours behind but it easily reverts back to its original shape.
While most people believe that memory foam is the best kind of mattress material, others who are concerned with the environment switch to natural latex mattresses simply because they don’t cost a tree and some harsh chemicals to make.

How We Picked

For the best mattress for your needs, here are some things you should consider when choosing:
Type of mattress: a mattress can be of different types, such as a regular foam, memory foam, hybrid, inner spring, latex, organic and others. Regular foam is the cheapest and most widely available and usually made of polyurethane or similar foam material. Memory foam is conforming and soft, usually more expensive than regular foam. Inner spring mattresses are made with spring coils for bouncing while hybrid mixes spring with foam or memory foam. Latex is a fully organic mattress while there are also other organic variants of mattresses such as soy bean, charcoal or green tea infusion.
Mattress feel: the mattress feel refers to how soft or how firm the mattress is. A firm mattress is good for people who often spend their days at work in the office and want to have a fast cure for their bad back, albeit hurting a bit at first. Softer mattresses are good for the elderly who do not want to have a super firm mattress. If you are in doubt then you should go for a medium firm mattress instead.
Size options: consider a mattress that has a variety of sizing options, such as King, Queen, Twin, Full, California King and XL versions. You should measure your bed frame first before you purchase a mattress so that it will be easier to know what size category your mattress falls into.
Thickness: consider a mattress that has just the right thickness. A mattress will usually have somewhere between 6 and 14 inches of thickness depending on your preferences. Have it too thick and it can be supportive but hot for some climates. Have it too thin and it will be lacking in support but will be cooler. It depends on your comfort preferences for the thickness of the mattress.
Layers and composition: do consider the different layers of the mattress and the compositions. For instance, some mattresses are made with memory foam but they need to be evenly distributed. The base foam should be sturdy while the top foam should be soft and comfortable. If it will have a cooling gel or organic material then the mattress that has a thicker layer of natural material will be pricier.
Coil type and count (inner spring mattress): if you order a mattress that is spring made or innerspring then you should consider how many individual coils are in it. The gauge of the coils in the mattress is also a consideration to give you a better support without constraining comfort and durability. Usually, a mattress that uses springs is designed for an even weight distribution.
Latex type (latex mattress): if you want to order a mattress that is a latex type then you should consider whether it is a Dunlop (traditional way of making latex) or Talalay (newer way of making latex). Dunlop is firmer while Talalay is softer so it is your decision on which mattress to choose if you want a latex type.
Cover material: the mattress should have a good cover material that is easy to wash and to maintain as well. Among the many choices for the cover material of a mattress include cotton, wool, bamboo and the like. Choosing a good mattress cover is important because it will help you keep your mattress protected against bed bugs, allergens and other things that can deteriorate the quality of the whole mattress in general.
Top style: consider a mattress that is comfortable to your needs. You will have a choice of a tight top, pillow top, Euro pillow top or Euro and box top for most mattresses out there. It is important to choose the right one because it will help you to give the appropriate comfort for your needs.
Eco-friendliness and certification: a mattress that is CertiPUR-US certified for its foams is important to make sure that even if your mattress is not really that eco-friendly due to the use of synthetic foams, it should at least adhere to certifications so that it will not be too much of an impact to the environment.
Intended use: a mattress can be used for a regular bed, a master’s bed, a guest bed, a vehicle (RV, camper, trailer or SUV) or even a children’s bed (trundle, day bed, bunk bed or a crib). The mattress that you should buy should best fit your intended bed frame, box spring, platform bed and the like depending on the size. RVs may have a different sizing from a regular bed so you should consider the size first before you buy a mattress.
Warranty and pricing: consider a just-right pricing and warranty policy for the mattress. Usually, an organic mattress will be much more expensive than the synthetic foam mattress because of its materials. The warranty period should also be reasonable and there should be trial sleep nights for you to test if the mattress is worth it.

Our Pick

Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Our best mattress is the Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress which is made up of 2 layers of foam: memory foam (3.5 inches) and high density foam (8.5 inches) with a total of 12 inches in thickness. This mattress absorbs most movement so it is great for couples as it also distributes weight evenly.
It is also available in 6 and 8 inches thickness and it gives you a personalized form all the time. The mattress molds to the natural shape of your body and is also great for day beds and trundles. If you want an eco-friendly mattress then this is a good mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep.
Providing good support during sex for couples, the mattress also alleviates tossing and turning at night with almost no sagging at all. It is made with a breathable knit fabric cover that is easily washable and zippered for ease of maintenance. It is also low VOCs so it is eco friendly.
What’s more, the mattress meets federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 and is also great for bunk beds. Made with CertiPUR-US certified foam so it is environmentally friendly, the mattress gives you a balanced support and is a good mattress to consider for both parents and grandparents.
Made with no PBDEs, TDCPP and heavy metals so it is safe for the environment, the mattress is a good one for platform beds with absolutely no flame retardants at all. The mattress comes compressed, rolled, and vacuum sealed so it is ready to setup and be used in no time. It is also backed by a 1 year limited warranty for all your return needs.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not really breaking the deal, the Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress does have a few caveats, such as the fact that it can get hot like all memory foam mattresses, so be sure to put up a cotton mattress pad or some cooling pad for it.

Step-up Pick


Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress

Our step-up pick for the best mattress is the Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress which is quite bouncy yet supportive. It is highly compatible with most frames and it is made with 2 layers of polyurethane foam that is CertiPUR-US certified and Green Guard certified so it is not so environmentally harmful despite being synthetic.
Maintaining just the right amount of pressure relief, the mattress cover is also OEKO-TEX certified without heavy metals and harmful chemicals. If you have back problems then this is a considerable mattress that won’t disturb your sleeping partner due to the lack of motion transfer.
If you have trouble sleeping at night then we recommend this mattress as it can also be used for a box spring as well. It is made with an adaptive foam that is better than most aftermarket standards out there. It also provides good temperature control for those who often get too hot or too cold with other brands.
The mattress has 10 inches of thickness so it is just right. It is also made with a high-grade foam that gives you comfort with bounce so it is quite balanced. It is also relatively easy to unpack unlike other mattresses and it is not too soft and not too hard as a firm mattress.
Made with rayon and polyester blend for the cover for an organic surface, the mattress can guarantee you a good night’s sleep due to its design. Those with difficulty sleeping will benefit from this mattress very well. It is also widely available in all standard bed sizes so you can choose according to your bed frame, platform or box spring.
Giving off little or no chemical odor, the mattress is very eco friendly and is made with a soft foam layer. It is backed by a 100 night sleep trial and 10-year warranty.

Budget Pick

LinenSpa 8″ Memory-Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

The LinenSpa 8″ Memory-Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is our budget pick for the best mattress which contains 4 layers: quilted memory foam, comfort foam layer, felt pad and tempered steel coils. This is a hybrid mattress so it is a mix of memory foam and steel coils or innerspring.
The mattress combines memory foam with an innerspring mattress so it can provide back support without compromising on longevity as it is packed with spring mattress durability and yet with a medium firm feel. It is also widely available in all standard bed sizes for your needs.
Being rather quiet while not flimsy as a hybrid mattress, it is made with 6-inch steel coils for its innerspring part to help with pressure relief all the time whenever you sleep or lie down on it. The knit fabric mattress cover makes it comfortable.
It is also applicable for an adjustable bed with great reliable support. The mattress can help minimize pressure points for those with aches and it has a total height of 8 inches. There is no odor on this mattress due to being of high quality while being form-fitting.
Being compressed and shipped in a box when you get it delivered to your house or place, the mattress gives enough pressure relief. Moreover, this mattress doesn’t need a box spring and it is also backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Mattress with Gel Infused Memory Foam


Classic Brands Cool Gel 14-Inch Mattress

If you want a cooling gel infused memory foam mattress then you can try the Classic Brands Cool Gel 14-Inch Mattress, which is great at pressure relieving. It is also a CertiPUR-US certified memory foam so it is eco friendly while retaining support during the night with its soft and cooling foam.
For a restful night’s sleep, this mattress is made with high quality memory foam that can regulating your body temperature without getting too hot. It is also resistant to allergens so it is good for allergy sufferers. With a high density construction, the mattress easily relieves pressure points.
Made with 4 layers: gel memory foam (2 inches), memory foam (2 inches), comfort foam (2 inches) and base foam (8 inches), the mattress is packed with a cool gel memory foam that can help you sleep better. It is also hypoallergenic for babies and sensitive skin, providing essential support.
As a comfortable sleeping surface that keeps away mold and bacteria for health and safety, the mattress has a total of 14 inches of thickness to provide comfort while keeping you ventilated. It is also antimicrobial to keep kids healthy for a a deeper night’s sleep.
The mattress also reduces tossing and turning and it easily conforms to your body without reducing on comfort. It has a stretch knit fabric cover and it keeps away dust mites as much as possible. The knit side panels also keep the mattress okay to sit on the edge unlike other mattresses out there.
Made with a high density base foam, the mattress also comes with freebies such as 2 shredded memory foam pillows. This particular mattress ships compressed and rolled so it is ready to setup. The mattress is backed by a 25 year warranty.

Best Mattress with a Folding Mechanism

Milliard Tri-Folding Mattress with Removable Cover

The Milliard Tri-Folding Mattress with Removable Cover is a considerable choice for you if you want a folding mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep even when away from home. It has an anti-slip bottom so it will not move anywhere and has a washable zippered cover for ease of maintenance.
Being easy to unfold the foam bed, the mattress will make you feel like a real bed when you sleep on it plus it has a soft jacquard cover that gives you easy cleaning. It also fits into a sofa bed or on the floor without discomfort when sleeping due to the high density construction.
It also provides ventilated for air flow for the best support and comfort in any room or living space. The mattress can also be a good mattress to consider for a dorm room bed or while in another friend’s house. It is also made with CertiPUR-US certified foam so it is environmentally friendly.
You can put this mattress for a mobile home for ease of sleeping without much space. It also works well on a cot or even as a camping bed for your tent or trailer or even any kind of vehicle. The mattress is cool enough to regulate sleep temperature with no odd odors at all due to being eco friendly.
Made for your sleeping needs, the mattress can be used for a sofa bed and it will not lose its shape at all even for a longer period of usage. It is also quite a therapeutic mattress that has low VOC emissions. You can also use it as a guest bed as it provides adequate and comfortable support.

Best Mattress for a Bunk Bed

Zinus Sleep Master Bunk Bed Mattress

The Zinus Sleep Master Bunk Bed Mattress is a great bunk bed mattress that is quite conforming for the kids yet firm enough to support them. It is made with a Terry cloth cover that is easy to wash and memory foam that is very supportive and soft without much heat.
The mattress can be a great way to let your child sleep on most daybeds and bunk beds. It is a combination of comfort and support to the natural shape of your body and it is made with different layers of foam for giving you a better night’s sleep compared to other foams out there.
It can also fit on a car or SUV bed and it is made with 3 mattress layers include: memory foam (1 inch), comfort foam (1 inch) and support foam (3 inches). Made with a moisture barrier so it is a lot easier to clean up without getting mold all the time, the mattress is good for kids who are having trouble sleeping.
As a conforming foam mattress, the included foam is CertiPUR-US certified so it does not harm your environment and your family with harmful emissions. The mattress can sit on the top of a bunk bed or on the bottom and it will work just fine in comfort.
Made with BioFoam with natural plant oil, the mattress produces no smell at all so it is fresh. It is currently available in khaki, blue and pink for matching with kids’ room decor and bunk bed. It is also applicable for kids’ trundle beds and it comes compressed, rolled and shipped in a box.
Packed with durability and stability all the time, you can also add a waterproof liner cover to it. The mattress is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Best Mattress with a Medium Firm Feel

Mattress America Revive Gel Memory-Foam Mattress

The Mattress America Revive Gel Memory-Foam Mattress is currently available in King, Queen and Full sizes and it is firm yet comfortable. It is made with CertiPUR-US certified foams and has a total of 12 inches of thickness. It eliminates back pains and degenerative diseases and has no weird foam smell.
It is quite easy to wash the cover on this mattress so it is hassle-free for maintenance. It provides good support for your back and it is not too firm at all. The mattress is made with cool gel infused memory foam with no harmful chemicals at all on it. The mattress is supportive enough yet it is firm and soft with a comforting feeling that keeps you cool at night.
Made for almost every room, the mattress is more breathable than other brands out there and provides you with the support you need. It has a zippered design for the cover and it will work an adjustable bed. The layers include gel memory foam (3 inches), air flow foam (2 inches) and base foam (7 inches).
With an open cell design for the best cooling possible for your shoulders and hips, the mattress is made with quality visco elastic foam to add to its airflow and support. The mattress will work on any bed foundation, box spring or platform frame and it is well ventilated. With no sinking issues at all, the mattress is backed by a 25 year warranty.

Best Mattress with a Euro Top Style

Classic Brands Gramercy Euro-Top Hybrid Mattress

The Classic Brands Gramercy Euro-Top Hybrid Mattress has a euro top mattress with a hybrid construction of innerspring with gel-infused memory foam. With a cushion firm feel, the mattress is quite comfortable to give you a good sleeping experience for aches and for pain management.
Made to shield against dust mites, the mattress has a Euro top knit cover and it is a lot better than traditional memory foam. This mattress is good for its top because it is a lot comfortable than others out there. Protection against dust mites is important because the mattress can be great for those with hay fever or nasal allergies.
Moreover, it has a corded edge to prevent sinking when sitting. Quite a hypoallergenic mattress, it draws heat away from the body so it is cool and comfortable. Being anti-allergens is important for a mattress because it is beneficial for people who are always sneezing.
With no chemical smell at all, the mattress easily conforms to your body and it is quite refreshing for the summer. Great for side sleeping, the mattress can resist mold, bacteria and allergens for health reasons and it can prevent motion transfer for couples.
Anyone can wake up more refreshed, especially those with lower back pain, when they sleep on this mattress. If you have back aches, for the seniors and the adults who often have joint pains, then you can rest easy on this mattress due to its high quality foam.
It is made with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam for eco friendliness and for various sleeping positions. It is also antimicrobial and it arrives compressed, rolled and shipped. This makes delivering and setting up the mattress super easy unlike having to carry it to a truck.

Best Mattress for an RV

DynastyMattress10GEL QUEEN RV
DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV CoolBreeze Memory Foam Mattress

The DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV CoolBreeze Memory Foam Mattress is a great RV mattress to consider which is comprised of gel memory foam (2.5 inches), two layers of air flow foam (2 inches) and base foam (3.5 inches). It is a CertiPUR-US Certified foam mattress so it is free from heavy metals.
Made with a open cell memory foam, it is great for breathability and for comfort in the summer. The white cover with brown suede is a lot easier to wash and maintain. The mattress can be used in the camper and will have a medium firm feeling.
If you want a good support for pressure relief then this is a considerable choice for a mattress. It will give you a cooler night’s sleep due to the design of the mattress layers that make it super breathable. It also comes with a zippered washable cover which is less of a hassle to clean and maintain all the time.
The 4-layer construction of this mattress makes it very comfortable and so that the distribution of weight is not very one sided all the time. In addition to that, the layers of the mattress all contribute well to the comfort. Moreover, you also get less night sweats with this mattress due to its moisture wicking properties that make you feel comfortable.
If you want a mattress with an improved airflow than the rest then this is a good choice. You also get 120 days trial of sleeping on it and 20 years limited warranty so you can test out if you feel like you really love this mattress after all before you buy it.

Best Mattress with a Bamboo Cover


Cr Sleep Twin Memory Foam Mattress

The Cr Sleep Twin Memory Foam Mattress is a bamboo covered gel infused memory foam mattress that stands at 8 inches deep so it is pretty decent for a mattress. It works well for all sleep positions due to its versatility and it will keep you cool all the time in almost any weather.
The mattress has a total of three layers: gel memory foam (1.5 inches), air foam (1.5 inches) and base foam (5 inches) and it will give you less motion disturbance, which is great for partners and pets who sleep together. The mattress is also made with CertiPUR-US certified foam.
Giving you a good pressure relief system all through the night, the mattress is a considerable choice if you need a soft mattress on a trundle or a regular bed. With excellent support, the mattress can treat joint-related issues and it also helps keep you sleeping comfortably. The mattress is also good at support as it eliminates pressure points.
It is a very comfortable mattress that is packed inside a poly jacquard and bamboo cover for added protection. In addition to that, the outer cover is antimicrobial for health reasons, which is good for the safety of your family and the cleanliness of the mattress and bedding. It is backed by a 20-year warranty.

The Competition

The other mattresses that did not make it to our list lacked in quality in terms of its construction and also did not have a decent shipping method, making it very bulky to setup. It is important that a mattress is comfortable and it will deliver you the right size and firmness that you want right on your doorstep for less hassle in ordering online.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a mattress used for?
A: A mattress is a pad that is laid down on a bed frame or box spring for sleeping. It is mainly made with foam but there are also other materials such as spring, memory foam, latex rubber and other materials. Mattresses can come in different shapes and sizes and have a variety of uses.
Q: What is the difference between a mattress pad and a topper?
A: A mattress pad is like a cover for the mattress on all sides but the topper is only something that sits on top of the mattress, hence its name. Both the mattress pad ad the topper are important things to consider to preserve the life of your mattress.
Q: What are the most common types of mattresses?
A: A mattress can be of different types. The most common and popular is the regular foam mattress, made with polyurethane foam, and are the types you can find in almost every store. The innerspring mattress is the oldest type of mattress while the memory foam is the newer type of mattress. Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam and innerspring mechanisms while latex mattresses can be heavy and expensive but are purely organic and comfortable.
Q: How do I know if a mattress is firm or soft?
A: The firmness of a mattress depends on your preferences but generally, they are classified as soft, medium or firm. Most people will go for a medium firm because of its comfort and firmness, which are both beneficial for your health and back problems.
Q: What are the different sizes of mattress to choose from?
A: A mattress can be classified into different sizes, all of which may be available for your chosen mattress brand or type. The usual size categories are: Twin, Full, King, Queen, California King and XL variants.
Q: Which is better: spring or foam mattress?
A: A spring mattress or an inner spring mattress is usually better in terms of support and bounciness but a foam mattress can be better when it comes to comfort. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they are both great in their own way so it is up the sleeper to see for themselves.
Q: How is memory foam mattress better than regular foam?
A: A memory foam mattress is usually advantageous to regular foam because it conforms to your body and contours so it is great for back aches, less motion transfer and for pain relief without a lot of stress.
Q: Which is better: memory foam or latex?
A: A memory foam mattress may have its great advantages of being soft but some people prefer natural latex as an eco friendly alternative because of its similar qualities with memory foam minus the hot feeling. Latex is lot more eco friendly than memory foam and they are also generally cooler than memory foam (unless the memory foam is gel infused).
Q: Are latex mattresses organic?
A: A latex mattress is only organic if it is expensive because it is naturally derived from the rubber tree. It is gathered from the tree with the use of tapping as a process. There are two processes: Dunlop and Talalay, and both of them make great mattresses without a lot of chemicals involved.
People nowadays are looking into the benefits of latex mattresses due to their similar qualities to memory foam, making them a greater alternative to such a synthetic foam as memory foam, or even polyurethane foam. Natural latex is expensive and sometimes heavy, but it can all be worth it because natural latex is eco-friendly and also soft and cool.
Q: Why should I buy a new mattress if my old one is worn out?
A: A new mattress is a great way to improve your sleeping habits, help you relax better and also eliminate the chances of allergens and harsh chemicals. Old mattresses were made without much screening for chemical content unlike newer mattresses, which are more eco-friendly and considerate to the environment.
If you think your mattress is worn out or old then you should definitely replace it. When your mattress is flatter than it should be or if it smells, has some loose springs around or some other signs of wear and tear then you should buy a new one to replace it. Investing in a new mattress helps you sleep better, be more productive when you wake up in the morning.
Q: On the average, how thick is a regular mattress?
A: A regular mattress can sit somewhere from 6 to 14 inches. Thickness depends on your preferred comfort but do not go for a mattress that is too thick or else your bed support or frame might not be able to take the weight. In addition, thickness should also be considered if you live in a very hot climate area.
Q: What materials are usually used to make a mattress pad or mattress cover?
A: A mattress pad or a mattress cover is usually made out of high quality cotton or sometimes wool or latex. Cotton is the most common type of mattress pad because it is easily breathable and easily washable. Wool is good for insulation as well as latex, but they are not good for the summer and hot areas. However natural latex is good with durability and both latex and wool give you less allergies.
Q: What are the different types of inner spring mattresses?
A: A spring mattress or an innerspring mattress can be made with pocket spring coils, Bonnell coils, continuous coils or offset coils. Pocket coils are the most popular while Bonnell coils are the most effective in terms of support. Continuous coils are more expensive but durable while offset coils are good for contouring.
Q: Is memory foam expensive?
A: A memory foam mattress can be expensive in some countries but they are generally less expensive when comparing them to natural latex and other types of organic mattresses. They are slightly more expensive than polyurethane foam and can be harder to find, but they are not too expensive.
Q: Which type of mattress is the most expensive?
A: It depends on the materials but commercially, the latex mattress is the most expensive, ranging from thousands of dollars each. This is because it can be hard to gather latex despite being a sustainable material. They are usually more expensive than other mattress types and materials out there due to their great advantages of weather versatility, as they don’t get hot like memory foam.
Q: If I’m going to buy a mattress for a highly humid area, what should I buy?
A: A mattress for a humid area should be something that is of low maintenance. Humidity can cause springs to rust, so innerspring may not be a good option. In addition to that, mold and mildew can appear in your bedding, so make sure you get a mattress that has natural anti-bacterial properties to avoid mold and mildew.
Some people prefer mattresses with bamboo covers. Consider a mattress that has a good air flow. If your temperature is hot then memory foam mattresses aren’t going to be good, unless it has gel infusion.
Q: Why do tropical countries have very firm mattresses in their beds, as opposed to colder and Western countries with softer beds?
A: This is because box spring beds and innerspring beds aren’t very ideal in a tropical or hot climate because of the humidity, hence they are mostly resorting to firmer beddings and mattresses.
Q: Why should I rotate or flip the mattress?
A: A mattress can be improved on its lifespan if you rotate or flip it on a regular basis. Because you will often sit or lie down on a side of a mattress and make it sag or flattened, you should consider rotating the mattress once in a while or flipping it as well if possible. This makes the mattress even in shape all the time.
Q: Why should I give my pet a separate bed instead of letting them sleep on my bed?
A: Your pet may shed hair and dander which can get into your mattress, causing it to deteriorate faster than ever. To protect your mattress and its quality, it is more advisable to get a separate bed for your dog or cat.
Q: Why should I vacuum my mattress as well?
A: If you think that vacuuming is only limited to carpets then you are wrong. Vacuuming can also be done for your mattress as well to keep it away from dirt, dust mites, hair and other debris that can get into your bedding and mattress.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is our best mattress that is made with memory foam, is CertiPUR-US certified and has a breathable cover.