Best Ironing Board

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The STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop is our pick for the best ironing board, which has a roomy ironing surface so that you will be able to iron anything with great ease. It is also built with a rust-resistant steel frame so that it can withstand the test of time. It can be able to fit in smaller spaces due to the slim profile and the low tabletop design.

Our step-up pick is the Homz Durabilt DX1500 and it has hanger slots and silicone pads to make life easier when it comes down to organizing your items. What’s more, these silicone pads can also help to keep heat at bay without hurting the other parts of your platform and/or your clothes or items.

The budget pick is the Whitmor Tabletop Ironing and it has the ability to fold flat for compact storage so that you can be able to put it anywhere when it is no longer in use. It has protectors against skidding to avoid scratching your flooring or table.

A Little Background

An ironing board is a kind of household tool that lets you iron clothes. The ironing board can be a helpful wrinkle removing platform. It is meant to be unfolded and stand up or can be attached to a recess in the wall. The standalone has an advantage of being portable and you are able to place it anywhere and anytime. However, it can be space consuming for some homes.

For those who lack space, you can try the wall attached wrinkle removing platform, which can be ideal for those who don't need to move the platform around too often.

It is a wrinkle removing platform that is usually made of solid materials to make sure it can withstand the heat of the wrinkle removing appliance. Metal parts usually make up the frame. The metal part should be free from corrosion as much as possible and should be lightweight so that it will not be too hard for you to handle and move from one place to another.

It is important for durability as well as for stability. A good wrinkle removing platform should have a durability to handle any kind of possible weight or heat settings that is used on top of it. Aluminum alloy is mostly used for the frame parts to give these properties.

Choosing an appropriate wrinkle removing device that will match the platform is important. There can be many kinds of devices, from steam powered to electric ones. While steam irons are much better for completely removing creases, some people do not prefer the hassle of refueling the hot water for steam, which can be finicky and troublesome for some, hence they may prefer the expertise of an electric powered wrinkle removing device for the wrinkle removing platform.

Most of them will have an adjustable height when you set them up. The setup is usually easier with the wall attached one, as you can just flip it over to use it. However, the ones that require you to get it to stand up on its own can be a bit troublesome, but nonetheless sturdy and mostly adjustable.

It also keeps the wrinkle removing platform stable without getting uncomfortable with the height, so that the user of the wrinkle removing platform will not feel uncomfortable at all times while they are using the wrinkle removing platform.

The cover of the cloth wrinkles removing platform can vary depending on the manufacturer, but it should be durable to withstand heat. Covers are in a simple or plain design, but when you iron your clothes, you need to consider a wrinkle removing platform that will be able to take the heat and will not stick to clothing. A special kind of cloth or cover is used for such wrinkle removing platforms.

They can also vary in size, such as with the brabantia ironing board. The size refers to the total length of the board itself. The length matters if you are considering what you need to iron and the remaining space in your home. For those with very little residential space, they can settle with a smaller wrinkle removing platform for their needs.

People who might not like the standalone one may get one that is attached to the wall instead of being a standalone mechanism. Longer ones allow you to work on bigger clothes and items of clothing, or even bed sheets and the like.

How we Picked

If you want the best ironing board, you should look for the following:

Size or length of the platform: the size is usually measured in inches, which can have an impact to how much cloth items you can process in one go. The wrinkle removing platform that is usually longer is also much more fitting for those homes with a bigger space and room for ironing clothes. You should also consider a shorter or smaller wrinkle removing platform if you think your home or work area is too small or cramped.

Standalone or attached to the wall: a wrinkle removing platform mechanism that is attached to the wall is much easier to deploy or set up than the standalone one. The standalone one is ideal for those with larger or medium sized ones while the ones that are attached to the wall are the ones that are meant for smaller homes or cramped spaces.

Height of the platform: the height of the platform can be adjusted depending on the manufacturing process and the mechanism, but you should definitely get a wrinkle removing platform that is adjustable other than having the proper height, so that the user will feel much more comfortable when using the wrinkle removing platform.

Adjustability of the platform: the wrinkle removing platform should have a good mechanism in terms of adjusting the height overall, so that it will not compromise on the user's comfort when they are ironing clothes. You should consider one with an easy to use leg lock mechanism in the adjustability so that it will still stand stable overall.

Materials for the frame: the materials should be at least aluminum alloy so that it will be durable and lightweight at the same time. Plain metal may tend to rust but alloys will get corrosion less likely in general. Also, aluminum has the capability to make the wrinkle removing platform much lighter to carry from place to place without sacrificing durability depending on the quality of aluminum used.

Materials for the cloth cover: you should also consider the wrinkle removing platform with a durable material for the cover, such as with the household essentials fibertech, so that it will not easily burn when it gets hot and so that it will not stick to your items of clothing when you are using the wrinkle removing platform and the device for it, especially if it is steam powered with its heat source.

Durability: among its features, it should be a durable wrinkle removing platform so that it can withstand the test of time and with processing clothes or other items of clothing. The durability comes from the construction of the materials and the type of materials used. It should be made with quality materials that will not make it wobble.

Ease of setup and use: you should consider a wrinkle removing platform that is easy to use and to set up, so that it will not be too hard for you to work on it with your items of clothing. It should also be an easy to use and easy to put together wrinkle removing platform for your intended purpose. You should also keep in mind that a wrinkle removing platform that is attached to the wall is much easier to set up. Most have an iron rest.

Our Pick

The STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop is our top pick, which has a total length of 23 inches and a height of 7 inches, with a depth of 14 inches. The folding legs assembly allows you to make it easier for you to store when you don’t need it anymore. It is made with a cotton cover that will make it very smooth but durable due to the thickness of the pad. It is also made with a rust-resistant steel frame.

The cotton cover can also be easily washed and removed whenever you get it dirty. Also, it fits into small places due to the low profile design, making it easier for you to store anywhere. It is also great for those with specialized sewing rooms or arts and craft rooms that they use for personal or for business purposes. Also, it is worth noting that the mesh top is very smooth, not snagging, in terms of material.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only con with the STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop is that it might not be ideal for homes with no tabletop, but that depends on your home space or area.

Step-up Pick

The Homz Durabilt DX1500 is our step-up pick, which has good exceptional stability due to the expansion ability of the front legs, for up to 25 inches in length. You can also adjust the height of this standalone platform, which can go all the way up to 39 1/2 inches in total height. The top has a total length of 54 inches and a width of 14 inches. It combines polyurethane foam padding and fiber of 1/4 inch each for covering.

You can also get rid of excess heat due to the hanger slots and silicone pads included. The cleverly designed platinum color frame is not just stylish but also durable in terms of paint finish and the durability. There is also an iron rest that does not damage the material because of the angular design to prevent steam flow in general. It also has a carry handle for easily putting it away anywhere you like.

Budget Pick

The Whitmor Tabletop Ironing is our budget pick, which can easily fold flat for compact storage due to the portability and the small size. It is also meant for tabletop ironing like our top pick. Those who are unfortunately living in small spaces can make use of this travel sized and minimalistic platform. It has a cotton cover and foam padding that can easily resist scratching for better durability. The retractable hook also makes storage super easy.

In addition, the legs made of steel can be collapsed to keep it in a safe place without taking too much space in the long run. When assembled, it has a length of 29 inches and 5.5 x 12 inches for the total depth. A protective foam padding under the board cover can make it protective against heat and the like. There is also a leg lock for the leg parts so that it becomes super stable when you use it.

Best Ironing Board with Shoulder Wing Folding

The Parker Extra Wide is a shoulder wing folding style platform that comes with a tray that is heat resistant to make sure that your steamer device will not cause any kind of injury whatsoever. It can be used for industrial work as well as for household purposes. Its metal structure or frame is made with quality metal and a powder coated finish to make sure that it will be durable against constant use.

There is also a child safety lock system to make sure that your little ones will be safe from harm. There is a cord holder to make sure that the storage capability is very good. The size of this platform is 58 inches by 19 inches. While the holder is made of heavy duty plastic, it will hold any kind of device or steamer without question and can even hold other items when you are doing your wrinkle removing business.

Best Ironing Board with a T-Leg

The Bartnelli Multi layered is a T-leg style platform that measures 19 inches by 51 inches in total. It is a freestanding platform that is proudly European made. It is made with a foam cotton top that makes it durable against burning and damage due to the added felt layers. You also won’t have to worry about the wobbling since it has a sturdy and reliable design. There are a total of four heights that you can adjust this platform.

It also has protective legs so that it will not scratch the bottom flooring and will also keep it as stable as possible. What’s more, there is a transport lock that makes it easy for you to pull it together when you place it somewhere else, or whether you want to keep it in the storage area. You get a total of 4 adjustable heights of 30 to 38 inches. It is also backed by a 3 year warranty.

Best Ironing Board for a Tabletop

The Honey-Can-Do Tabletop is a good tabletop unit that can be used for those who live in dorm rooms, apartment areas or any other smaller space. The durability of the wood and cloth makes it a good product because the cloth does not easily get ripped apart and the wood is also very well-designed. Because of the collapsible nature, the unit stores easily as a portable platform for your closet. It is also made with poly cotton board cover material.

It can fit in any 500 square foot apartment or anything similar. You can work on your formal clothes, especially your collared shirts, in this kind of platform. In addition to that, the height is also enough for most people and heights, and it easily collapses and opens up whenever you need it. Furthermore, the design makes it very sturdy when sitting on a flat surface. The total length is 32 inches and the width is 12 inches.

Best Ironing Board with an Extra Cover

The Mabel Home Extra is a good choice for those who need an extra board cover to change the original one. In addition to that, the cotton surface layer makes it durable and also safe for ironing with steam. There is also a durable and heat resistant platform support tray to place your steamer whenever you are not using it. The setup, taking down and mobility of this kind of product makes it hassle-free for people on the go.

Perfect whether you want to use it for household or industrial use, you will also find it very durable in the frame due to the powder-coated metal finish. What’s more, stability is the name of the game as brackets underneath the platform are present to keep it from wobbling and toppling over, so it is very safe. It is also an easy to work with platform and the customer service is very good for replacements.

Best Ironing Board with Different Cover Designs

The Brabantia Size B is a good choice if you want different covers for your platform. There is also an ivory frame that is present, with a thickness of 0.89 inch. The whole size of the platform is 15 inches by 49 inches. To help with the circulation of the steam, the white coated steel mesh makes it breathable. The design also does not slip on hardwood floors or tiles due to the fact that it has nonskid feet.

Additionally, the durability is added by the powder-coated painted steel for a nice finish. If you are a seamstress and needed a stable work or just a DIY person who needs to do some platform wrinkle removing work, this will definitely work well for your purposes much better than traditional ones.

You can work on your blouses, t-shirts and many more items of clothing in this kind of platform with great ease while maintaining safety because the black silicone strips are highly heat resistant. It can be situated in any laundry room.

Best Ironing Board for Small Spaces

The Household Essentials 131210 is a great choice for those who need something for small spaces, as it only has a size of 30 x 12 x 8 inches. It has a hook that makes it easy to store, which also makes the task of set up and take down super easy. The fiber is made of cotton for the cover and has a thickness of 5 mm, which is durable enough for most steamers.

There is also a slide-out wire shelf for storing your steamer so that it will be much easier for you to keep things organized. It is so low profile that it can fit in most tables, flat surfaces and counters at home. It has a matte-free = surface and it can be used by any person – professional or novice, with a surface of 30 x 12 inches. You can use it for button-down shirts and it will also stand stable in a room that is carpeted due to the feet’s design.

Best Ironing Board for Sleeves

For those who need to work on sleeves, the Newhouse Specialty Co is a good choice. It has the capability to withstand high temperature due to how it was built with quality flannel. Also, the aluminum frame makes the whole thing stable without being too heavy to lift from one side of the room to another. One side is narrow and one other side is standard in size. Also, the bracket on the sleeve boards is made of cast aluminum.

It has a size of 24 x 4.5 inches, with a nose length of 3 inches. You can also use it for substituting an old single arm collapsible board that you may have at home. You should definitely get this sleeve platform if you don’t really worry much about the price and consider more for the functionality out of doing shirts and anything with sleeves on them due to being a well-padded designed platform.

The Competition

There were other wrinkle removing platforms that did not make it to our list, since they were not durable and did not have enough features. It is important for any wrinkle removing platform to have the good stability to withstand many uses.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a wrinkle removing board?

A: An wrinkle removing platform is a kind of device or platform material that is covered with cloth. It is usually flat and can either stand up on its own or be wall mounted as a sturdy in-wall ironing board. It is basically used to remove wrinkles on clothes or to straighten them out.

It has been used during the 1800s and is still being used today as a necessity in most homes. You ca wrinkle remover device t-shirts, any item of clothing, bed sheets, linens and the like. The wrinkle removing platform is usually collapsible.

Q: What are the types of wrinkle removing platform?

A: Various kinds of wrinkle removing platforms have different features to consider. To pick the right one with great features, whether it is a mount ironing board or an ironing board cabinet, you need to look into ironing board reviews. The different types of a wrinkle removing platform include the following:

Portable ironing platform

This one is the most commonly used ones for those with medium sized spaces. They are used in homes where you need to move the wrinkle removing platform from one place to another and not have it in a stationary spot.

One of the biggest pros to portable ironing boards is that it can be moved anywhere without much hassle. It can also be folded for ease of storage and you will also find it collapsible at most points, depending on the manufacturer of the wrinkle removing platform itself.

Tabletop ironing platform

These ones have shorter legs than the portable ones. They are only used in apartments where you don’t have a lot of ceiling room in order to iron your clothes. This works well for those with a tabletop or any kind of smaller space flat surface area.

If you are at a dorm, in an apartment, in a condo unit or in any space where it is cramped and a standing portable wrinkle removing platform would not work well otherwise, consider the tabletop wrinkle removing platform as your best option.

Wall-mounted ironing board

This one is made for those with homes that have the option to attach your wrinkle removing platform to the wall, specifically those with recesses. They can help with time consumption as you don’t have to set them up unlike portable and tabletop ones.

They are mostly found in smaller spaced homes as well. They are usually called a built-in ironing board

They are usually just half folding unlike the full folding portable and tabletop type ones. They are super easy and convenient to use, but attaching them to the wall is another side of the story, in which you need to do attach it with certain tools and expertise

Q: Why is wrinkle removing important?

A: Removing wrinkles on clothes is important because of the following reasons:

1. It helps keep a good appearance to the public.

2. It helps you to protect your clothes from the effects of dry cleaning.

3. It helps you to save money from getting them dry cleaned professionally.

4. Removing wrinkles on clothes can be a relaxing experience altogether.

Q: What are the pros of standalone wrinkle removing platforms?

A: The freestanding, standalone or portable wrinkle removing platform has the following pros:

Portability and mobility

A wrinkle removing platform can be moved from one place to another if it is not attached to anything, such as your wall or other parts of the house. It is helpful for finding a good TV spot.

Adjustable height

There are many kinds of wrinkle removing platforms out there that do have the capability to adjust their height accordingly.

Great for steam irons

You can definitely make the use of a wrinkle removing platform for steam irons to keep them in place without burning anything.

Usually more durable

The durability of the portable wrinkle removing platform makes it withstand the test of time due to the sturdy legs, making it quite sturdy.

Q: What are the pros of wall attached wrinkle removing platforms?

A: A wall attached wrinkle removing platform has the following advantages:

Ease of setup

They can be easy to set up without the hassle of bringing out a whole entire large wrinkle removing platform.

Less time consuming

They can take less time to set up as compared to the portable wrinkle removing platform.

Consumes little space

They also easily fold up when not in use.

Q: What are the disadvantages of standalone wrinkle removing platforms?

A: A standalone, freestanding or portable wrinkle removing platform has the following disadvantages:

Can be heavy to lift for some people

The problem with a portable wrinkle removing platform is that it can be too heavy to lift, especially for the senior people.

Takes too much space

They don’t work out well for apartments, dorms and other smaller areas.

A hassle to setup and fold

They may be too tough to fold and to set up in general.

Stability is not always good

The stability can be different if the design of the legs of the wrinkle removing platform is not generally good.

Q: What are the disadvantages of wall attached wrinkle removing platforms?

A: A couple of known drawbacks to a wall attached wrinkle removing platform include the following:

Attaching it requires hardware

You need a bunch of extra hardware in order to attach the wrinkle removing platform to the wall.

You need an expert to attach it

The problem is that you need a hardware guy or girl in order to attach the wrinkle removing platform to the wall, which is both costly and troublesome.

Not enough wrinkle removing space

The wrinkle removing platform for the wall does not compare with the portable one in terms of space.

Q: How much electricity does an electric powered iron consume?

A: The usual power rating for an electric powered iron is about 1,000 watts up to 2,000 watts, but that is normal because it is a heating appliance. It is also only used in a considerably short period of time, hence it does not make you consume too much electricity.

Q: What are the pros of an electric iron?

A: An electric iron is something that is powered by electricity instead of merely just steam and hot water. Electric irons are often used in countries where steam powered ones aren’t popular. Here are the benefits of an electric powered iron, as found in its features:

Heating takes very little time

The electric iron can take only a few seconds to heat up as compared to the steam powered iron.

Less time consuming

The electric iron heating up fast makes it less time consuming.

Adjust the temperature

You can also precisely adjust the temperature in an electric iron.

Automatic shutoff feature

You can use this feature to keep yourself safe from household fires.

Some are cordless

A cordless electric iron is a good choice for those who don’t want cords dangling around.

Q: What are the drawbacks of an electric iron?

A: There are, however, some disadvantages with the use of an electric iron, such as the following:

Can start a fire

If you left it plugged and it heats up, it can potentially burn anything.

Burn your fabric

This will ruin your shirts and may also cause fire.

Hurt your hands

You will most likely get injury if you are not careful around an electric iron.

Q: What kind of water does a steam powered iron need?

A: A good mix of water that you should power your steam iron would be the following formulation:

1. Obtain regular tap water

2. Get distilled water that is pre-boiled

3. Mix them together in equal parts

4. Fill in your steamer reservoir according to its capacity

Q: What are the benefits of a steam iron?

A: The benefits or advantages of a steam iron, which is powered by a hot water reservoir, are the following:

Straightens wrinkles much easier

The steam iron is advantageous over a regular electric iron that is dry due to being able to straighten out wrinkles faster and easier.

Great for vertical wrinkle removing

Most steam powered irons can be great for vertically wrinkle removing delicate items like gowns.

Automatic shutoff

Like electric powered dry irons, even steam irons nowadays already have an automatic shutoff feature as well.

Most have good tank capacity

Some can hold p to 1000 ml of water on its reservoir.

Q: What are the drawbacks of a steam iron?

A: There are a few things that might turn you off to using a steam iron, such as the following:

Trouble of refilling

The problem with steam irons is that it can be messy to refill for most people who are on the go or in a hurry with their lives.

Some fabrics work poorly with steamers

For example, wool and polyester will not be ideal for steam powered wrinkle removing, but for cotton and linen, it is just fine.


Leaks can happen if the reservoir has a defect in terms of keeping the water inside.

Q: What are some misconceptions about removing wrinkles on clothes?

A: If you ever remove wrinkles on clothes with a steamer, here are some myths that you might encounter:

“Only use tap water for your steam iron.”

Actually, tap water alone might ruin your iron because the minerals might interfere. If you are not sure, consult your manual and add some level of distilled water along with tap water.

“Only use distilled water for your steam iron.”

Actually, distilled water alone might also ruin your iron because of the possible corrosion that is due to the lack of minerals present in the distilled water. This is why you should mix it with tap water instead.

“You can use deionized water for your steam iron.”

It is not advisable because the lack of ions that are supposed to be in the water might interfere with the electronic parts of your iron, as well as the metal working parts.

“You can use spring water for your iron.”

Also not true, because spring water may be even worse than tap water due to the abundance of minerals. Too much minerals can build up in your reservoir and ruin the quality of your clothes and your iron itself.

To wrap it up: use filtered water, which is partly distilled and partly mineral based, just to be on the safe side of things for your wrinkle removing device.

Q: How do you stay safe with a steam iron?

A: To stay safe when you are using a steam iron, you should take note of the following:

1. Make sure you fill your tank’s reservoir properly.

2. Read the garment’s label for wrinkle removing instructions.

3. The iron should be pointed away from you to avoid injury.

4. Don’t press too hard or too long to avoid cloth burns.

5. Always unplug after using the iron.

6. Be careful when emptying the iron’s reservoir.

7. Use the heel of the iron to cool it down while standing, before storage.

Q: How do you stay safe with an electric iron?

A: For those with an electric iron, you should take note of the following safety tips:

1. Make sure that the cord is kept away from all the hot surfaces.

2. Keep your iron away from water as much as possible.

3. Only use the iron on the wrinkle removing platform to avoid burning and accidents.

4. The cord should be kept in a place where no traffic will happen.

5. Don’t use the iron if you find damage in the cord part.

6. Always stay alert when you are wrinkle removing and with children around the house.

7. Always unplug the iron after using.

Q: What are some dos and don’ts with removing wrinkles on clothes?

A: To make sure that you take good care of your clothes before, during and wrinkle removing them, here are some dos and don’ts that you should know about:



Be patient with your task

Wrinkle removing in a circulation motion, which can cause some fabrics to badly stretch

Wait for the iron to heat up properly

Using a low temperature steamer, which can leave rust trails on your clothing

Organize your clothes first

Forgetting to clean your iron

Adjust the height of the wrinkle removing platform according to your comfort level

Not using a pressing cloth for delicate items

Use rainwater for steam irons

Not wrinkle removing delicate fabric inside out

Read the instructions

Forgetting to unplug the power cord when the unit is not in use

Q: Which cloth items deserve which wrinkle removing setting?

A: Different cloth items and fabrics can have a different iron setting, which is recommended to be the following:

Type of fabric

Natural or synthetic

Temperature levels

Steam function















Low or medium






























Q: How do you prevent iron marks on clothes?

A: To avoid these wrinkle removing marks, here are some things that you need to do:

1. Make sure your wrinkle removing platform is padded just right.

2. Take extra caution if you are wrinkle removing anything made of wool.

3. Use the in and out technique when removing wrinkles on clothes.

4. Keep a low temperature for wrinkle removing delicate items.

5. Try using a press cloth for delicate fabrics.

6. Dampen the press cloth for wool fabrics.

Q: How can you successfully make clothes wrinkle-free in a small apartment or dorm without the use of a wrinkle remover device?

A: Most people who live in an apartment or dorm cannot or don’t want to use a wrinkle remover device for removing wrinkles on clothes. However, here is a good tip to easily remove wrinkles on clothes or straighten them without ever bringing our your wrinkle removing platform:

1. Hang your dress or garment openly in a hanger onto any open area.

2. Get yourself a spray bottle with an adjustable mist option.

3. Use tap water to fill up the spray water bottle.

4. Turn it to the finest mist option.

5. Go 12 to 18 inches away from it and spray onto the cloth item with downward strokes.

6. Let the cloth item dry and then the wrinkles will disappear eventually.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop is our pick for the best ironing board, due to the steel frame that is corrosion resistant and the low tabletop design that is of low profile. This makes it ideal for those homes with less space, and for those who simply do not have the luxury of standing up to having to iron clothing.