Best Golf Bag

If you are ever in a debate on which to choose as the best golf bag then look no further than the TaylorMade 2015 Catalina Cart Bag. We picked it because of its many pockets, the awesome design, lightweight and many other awesome capabilities.

But for those who can spend a little more extra budget for a golf bag then they might want the Callaway 2015 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag that has more pockets and more features than our first mentioned golf bag. The Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag on the other hand is for people who would like to spend less and are not very picky with number of pockets and only carry a few golf clubs and accessories on their way.

The Best Golf Bag: TaylorMade 2015 Catalina Cart Bag

TaylorMade 2015 Catalina Cart Bag

If you only want the best of the best then surely you want the TaylorMade 2015 Catalina Cart Bag as the best golf bag. With its integrated top and base grab handles, you are surely going to enjoy carrying golf stuff.

It has a removable ball pocket for user’s choice on embroidery as well as a single shoulder strap. The golf bag’s base is compatible for push cart. With the design available in 7 colors, it has a total of 10 pockets to put your stuff in. The whole thing weighs 5.6 pounds and measures 10 by 12 inches size. It also has insulated cooler pocket for beverages

Step-up Pick: Callaway 2015 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

For our step-up pick, we chose Callaway 2015 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag. With its 10.5 inches size, it has 2 convenient molded grab handles and the base runs on an e-trolley base system. It has more spaces with a total of 13 pockets, includes single strap and also comes with an umbrella holder.

Budget Pick: Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag

For budget people, you can spend less with a smaller sized Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag made from polyester material. Working great as a travel companion, it is equipped with a padded shoulder strap for carrying and as a whole; it takes up little space so you can store it almost practically anywhere. It is currently available in 5 inches or 7 inches.

A Little Background

Golf has been a sport casually played by people for a long time, and most especially people who are at the peak of their age and about to sit back, retire and enjoy life from the big couch. Coming along with golf playing is the accessory that we call a golf bag.
An ordinary bag would be too bulky to carry if it is not shaped specifically or made for storing golf equipment, and thus, golf bags have been manufactured ever since people learned how to play golf. There are different kinds of golf bags:

A Carry Bag is for the casual player who will usually carry his or her golf equipment around the course. It comes usually as shoulder strapped and comes in two varieties: Sunday Bag and Stand Bag. A Sunday Bag is a flexible type that allows for many pockets and are the most common type of golf bags. On the other hand, a Stand Bag is one that helps the bag stay steady on the turf much like a tripod. Both these types of Carry Bags are the most common golf bag types and are mostly the ones in this article.

Cart Bags, on the other hand, are more for the travel side due to its carry strap for transport. These bags are usually meant to be loaded on golf carts or pull carts. Other types of golf bags include Travel Bags and Staff Bags, which are usually bigger and much more expensive due to the fact that they can carry more equipment than these commercial Carry Bags and Cart Bags.

These bags all depend on how the golf player wants to keep the convenience in his or her side and the travel distance as well as how many accessories or clubs are needed for the course.

How We Picked

We picked the best golf bag according to the following criteria:

Number of pockets is the most important factor. You would want a golf bag that is able to take in a lot of equipment all at once – for balls, towels, tees, refreshments and other golf stuff you will need to take out on the course, other than the clubs and putters.
Size does matter, but this factor largely depends upon your usage and preference. Ideally, we would want a golf bag that will cater to the general needs of golf players and will be able to carry around the standard and usual number of clubs and accessories as a golf bag.

The durability of the bag is also looked at. Golf bags are taken in and out of the course and under the heat of the blazing sun or other weather factors and they also must endure heavy weights of golf clubs, putters and other accessories. Durability is very important in any golf bag – this is what they were built for, anyway.

The bag should be lightweight and easy to carry. It should not at all add to the overall weight of the golf equipment, otherwise you are just wasting your money for extra weight that you do not have to carry with you.

It should have many features other than the ones mentioned above. Golf bags with insulated or water proof pockets are a big plus, as well as padded shoulder straps for carry bags.

Last, but not the least, it should be just right for its price and received a fair amount of positive reviews from buyers. Always review before you buy, so that you know what to expect in the golf bag that you are about to try and buy.

Our Pick

TaylorMade 2015 Catalina Cart Bag

TaylorMade 2015 Catalina Cart Bag

So what makes it our top pick? Well, for instance, it has an integrated top and base grab handles so you can have a better grip and this feature also gives the bag more stability. In addition, there is also a removable ball pocket that is specifically made to cater to the user’s choice on embroidery. As a golf bag, it has a single shoulder strap. For those golfers who like to travel in style, this bag’s base is compatible for a push cart.

The TaylorMade 2015 Catalina Cart Bag is currently available in 7 color combinations to choose from:

  • black / gray / red
  • navy / black / white
  • red / black / white
  • white / black
  • blue / gray / black
  • jade / gray / white
  • black / yellow / gray

This bag has a total of 10 pockets so it is able to carry a lot of things all at once, especially if you are the meticulous type of golfer who wants all golf equipment carried in one go. Remember that having more pockets means more accessibility and more worth for your money. There isn’t such a thing as “too many pockets” in golf bags – one way or another, you will need to put extra golf equipment and accessories to take with you, even extra tees.

At only 5.6 pounds of weight, it is truly a lightweight bag so that it will not bring you down further on its weight and make carrying heavy golf equipment a lot easier. The golf bag measures a 10 by 12 inches size. Among its pockets, it has an insulated cooler pocket for beverages, so you don’t have to get thirsty while on the playing field.

Who Else Likes It?

The TaylorMade 2015 Catalina Cart Bag will be greatly enjoyed by nearly every average golf player out there due to its fair amount of pockets and features. Because it is a cart bag, it will be for the player who would want more stuff put in and travel in style around the course rather than just carry it around like a Sunday bag.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Perhaps the only flaw of this cart bag is that it has not as many pockets as other bags. But for those who are not too meticulous about it, 10 pockets should be enough space for you and your golf equipment and accessories. Some users seem to complain that it might not work on some carts, although this might be just depending on the kind of cart, since the description says that it works for a push cart.

Step-up Pick

Callaway 2015 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

If you want to upgrade your golf bag then you might want to try the Callaway 2015 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag for its higher features (and price).

The bag is equipped with 2 molded grab handles for an easy handling mechanism. As a cart bag, it makes the use of an e-trolley base system, making it very mobile and convenient. Unlike our first pick, this one has a total of 13 pockets to put in your stuff. Remember that the more pockets you have on your bag, the more equipment and accessories you can put in.

Having a single strap, the cart bag also includes an umbrella holder, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a bulky umbrella to shield yourself or your co-players in the vast heat of the midday sun or the pouring torrents of the rain. It is currently available in the following colors: black / white, navy / charcoal / white, red / charcoal / white.

Budget Pick


Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag

For those who do not want a cart bag, they might opt for a less expensive carry bag such as the Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag for carrying around the playing course and requiring only a few clubs and accessories to put in.
The durability of the product is measured by its material – it is made from polyester to withstand wear and tear from heavy woods and irons you will use it for.

With this easy carry golf bag set to become a faithful travel companion, it has a convenient padded shoulder strap for carrying, so that you no longer have to carry with painful pressure on your shoulders. Because of its convenient size, available in 5 inches or 7 inches, it only takes up little space so you can fit on any compartment or space. As mentioned above, this budget pick is made from a very sturdy material and is a good choice for minimalist golfers.

Great Base Contact System for Keeping it Stable

Callaway 2015 Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag

If a stable stand bag is what you are looking for then you’d better try the Callaway 2015 Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag because of its flex activation with greater turf contact to keep the bag stable to the ground. The technology of XTT base system keeps it stable.
Weighing at 5.2 pounds, it has a total of 10 pockets to fit in your equipment for golfing and also includes water resistant pockets, especially if you intend to keep beverages in there.

This stand bag also has an e-trolley base system much like a cart bag. It also comes with a rain hood for those harsh torrents out there in the playing field. Overall, this is a high quality and lightweight bag that is bound to keep it stable on the turf. It has a total of 6 colors available.

Lightweight Bag that Uses Suspension System


Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag

For those who want an ultra light stand bag then you would want the Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag which also has a flex base bottom system for better turf contact. This one has a double strap attachment and makes the use of its technology called Xtreme suspension system that altogether keeps the bag lightweight to carry. Added to its lightweight cause is its weight of only 4 pounds.

It has a single club compartment on each side and has a putter sleeve and full club panels, making it a very convenient stand bag to carry around. It has 3 colors available. As this is a casual stand bag, it might be a bit too small for other golfers who might require more space for more golf clubs, so it is only recommended for those who have only a few golf accessories and equipments to carry with them to the course.

Golf Bag with Waterproof Pockets and Strap System

Callaway 2015 Aqua Dry Golf Stand Bag

If your biggest problem out in the playing field or course is constant heavy rain then there is no need to worry about it – the Callaway 2015 Aqua Dry Golf Stand Bag is here to be your golf companion. With 3 colors and designs available, it measures 9.5 inches on top and is equipped with waterproof straps and 6 waterproof pockets to give your equipment protection from the rain (and your beverages) that they deserved. Weighing at only 5 pounds, this waterproof golf stand bag uses an e-trolley base system much like cart bags, equipped with foot pads that prevent the bag from slipping, especially on a slippery turf.

Among the included pockets, there is also a pen holder. The bag is just perfect for any weather and also includes a hook and loop glove holder. In addition, the pockets also have an insulated cooler pocket.

Supersize Golf Cart Bag for Bigger Travel Needs


Mizuno Golf- Eight50 Cart Bag

Are you in dire need of a bigger cart bag? You might want to try the Mizuno Golf- Eight50 Cart Bag. With over 4 colors and designs to choose from, this cart bag has an insulated chiller pouch for drinks, much like our previously reviewed golf bags.

But what sets it apart and makes it unique? It’s pretty big for a cart bag and is fit for golfers who want bigger needs for their golf equipment. Having a large pelican pocket, it also includes a shower cap on its accessories. The golf bag is very lightweight despite its large size so you will find it a very useful cart bag. It also has a big sized divider for better organizing, large grips for better handling and the whole thing is made from heavy duty construction, dedicated to serve you with every game and withstand heavy equipment and travel damage.

Golf Bag for the Ladies


Karsten PING Golf Serene Ladies Cart Bag 2 Color Options

Who says golf is just for men? The Karsten PING Golf Serene Ladies Cart Bag 2 Color Options is a bag made for the ladies and specifically tailored to their needs. You can choose from 2 colors and designs. The bag has a shoulder strap so it can be easily carried around. Being a lightweight bag, it also has a good price range and is a 14-way golf cart bag.

Has a Graphite Safe Top


Orlimar UL 14 Cart Bag

The Orlimar UL 14 Cart Bag is an ideal cart bag for those who want a smooth finish 14-way graphite top. The bag also includes a soft handle for lifting so that you do not have to feel weary about handling it to and from the course.
As with most golf bags, this one also comes with a rain hood so that you can protect your golf equipment and accessories, especially your irons and woods, from harsh weather and corrosion by the rain. The bag also comes with velcro glove holder and includes a total of 9 pockets to place your accessories for golfing.

With an extremely comfortable padded shoulder strap, you can travel in both comfort and style and at ease without getting shoulder pains. The color combination of the bag is of black / charcoal color.

A lot of Colors and Designs to Choose From


Datrek Lite Rider Cart Bags

If you are a little bit choosy when it comes to color combinations, then you would totally love to choose from the various options of the Datrek Lite Rider Cart Bags. Available in 12 colors, color combinations and patterns to choose from, you will no longer have to mistake your bag from someone else’s because of the many choices of colors.

The bag has a 14-way organizer so you can fit in more stuff at the top. The handle has a lift assist so even if you are tired from the game, you will not get tired of handling your bag. Among the bag’s pocket features include a pen holder, which is useful for scoring the game. It also has a towel ring so in case you or your golf clubs get sweaty, you can have a handy dandy towel with you.
Whether it rains or shines, you will definitely need an umbrella and the fact that an umbrella is too bulky to carry around the golf course is a complete hassle, and this is why the bag also has its umbrella holder for your convenience. And since we are talking about weather conditions, one more awesome thing this bag includes is the rain hood for corrosion protection for your golf clubs.
Having a total of 7 sturdy and well-fitting pockets, the material of the golf bag is made from fabric and nylon that is set to make it both durable and comfortable to carry around and includes a velcro patch for golf glove. It only weighs surprisingly at 4.7 pounds and has a 9 x 10 inches diameter.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you properly take care of golf clubs?
A: According to this article from golf , one of the best things that you can do to keep your golf clubs safe and damage free is to keep them indoors in a garage or other storage place. Wiping off your golf clubs after each shot also help decrease the chances of rusting or corrosion. If you have wooden clubs then you should use head covers to keep them from getting accidentally damaged during your journey with a golf bag.

Q: What exactly makes a good golf bag?
A: There are many criteria that you should consider, but according to this article from Street Directory , it all depends on the course you are usually playing on and the number of clubs you usually carry around. If you have other needs such as for towels, drinks and other conveniences, then you really need a bag that can carry all of that. The more pockets that the golf bag has, the more useful it will become, since going out in the open can be tiring.

Q: How much clubs should be included in my golf bag?
A: Again, this all depends on how you play the game. But if you consult the guide found in PressBox , you will find some tips on what to consider when putting in your clubs in your golf bag. For instance, you need to know and determine factors such as distance and yardage to choose the most important and useful clubs only, so as you do not carry too much and rip your golf bag apart.

Q: What else should I include in my golf bag?
A: Of course, you don’t just carry clubs, balls and tees. You should also include these essentials in your bag:
You will need drinks, of course, so that when the going gets tough on a hot summer day or even in a cold, drizzling afternoon, you will have a nice cup of hot or cold drink to cheer you up and rejuvenate you from your casual or professional sport. A golf bag with insulated pockets for drinks is something to look forward to.

Towels, both for clubs and for wiping your sweat away, are needed. Iron clubs need to be wiped off with almost every swing so that it does not get moist and get rust easily. And of course, you will need towels for sweat. A golf bag with a towel rack is useful and convenient.

An umbrella works for shielding you and your co-players or spectators in your game throughout the playing course from the hot sun, or from unexpected rain. A golf bag that has an umbrella holder is really handy.

Other golf equipment and accessories such as pens and markers for scoring and others will be needed for the game, and for your convenience.

Q: What is the difference between a carry bag and a cart bag?
A: Specifically, cart bags are bigger and usually more expensive than regular carry bags. They are set to be used along with pull carts or push carts, motorized or not, so they can be taken over long distances from around the playing field or golf course. They usually have a trolley system at the base making them very convenient in carrying stuff around, especially if you have a lot of golf equipment, clubs and accessories to choose from.

However, a carry bag can be small and convenient and usually priced cheaper but can only fit the most standard and basic of golf equipment. It is meant to be for short distances and meant to be just carried around by the player on his or her shoulder, so it should not be too heavy, must have padded shoulder straps and a comfortable feel. It does not usually have more pockets than cart bags, but should be able to house in anything and everything you need, including a pocket or two for drinks.

Q: Some people say that the more pockets that a golf bag has, the better. Is this necessarily true all the time on every golf player?
A: Not at all. The numbers of pockets actually depend on the user and the kind of bag. If you don’t really need a big cart bag and will just spend time playing casual or minimalist golf then you may not need a big bag filled with many pockets, especially if you are just going to include a few golf clubs and a few accessories. Always think before you buy, so that you will know which kind of bag that you will need and if the features of this bag will be very useful to you in every possible way.

Q: Is a waterproof golf bag really that necessary? How about a rain coat or rain hood?
A: Yes, protecting your golf equipment against the cold rain is very necessary because of its material. Iron can rust quicker than you think so make sure it stays off moist – and this means having to wipe it off with a towel when it gets slightly watery on the surface to avoid corrosion. Wood may also deteriorate too with rain and water, so it is still a great idea to protect your bag with a rain coat or rain hood, especially if the bag comes with such an accessory. This is especially the case if your bag is not waterproof. Having an insulated pocket for your drinks is also important so that your drinks do not spill out and ruin the quality of your golf clubs and putters.

Wrapping It Up

So when you want to look for the best golf bag in town then you should pick the TaylorMade 2015 Catalina Cart Bag as the best golf bag and you can never go wrong when it comes to price and number of pockets as well as durability and stability and comfort during your time in the golf course, come rain or come shine.