Best Food Processor

The Hamilton Beach 70730 10-Cup Food Processor is our best food processor, which saves time when it comes to preparation in the kitchen such as for making pureed baby food. It really does the work for you as a fast and reliable food processor that can do most jobs in the kitchen such as chopping. It can help you make dessert crusts and leave less mess in your countertop.

Our step-up pick is the Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro 11-Cup Food Processor and it has a pulse option and is an 11-cup food processor to count on. It can process whole fruits and vegetables and has a spatula included as well. Great for family use, it has a brushed chrome finish so it is protected against rust and staining. As a food processor, it can be used in making dough.

The budget pick is the Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor and the food processor is quite easy to clean and store and whether it is mincing garlic or processing veggies with super sharp blades, the food processor is great at mincing herbs and making pizza and pasta dough as well. It has a truly working and reliable reversible disc and can be used in making apple sauce.

A Little Background

Food processors are kitchen appliances that have been used for decades and because they are, more and more households have owned them. Food processors simply blend your food like in a blender, but with different sets of blades.
The food processor is usually smaller than a tall blender, and is usually associated with making thicker sauces that require tougher ingredients that don’t qualify in a blender. They can take a variety of items. For instance, you can make pasta dough with it and even turn whole grain into flour with it.
Food processors are made for the tough veggies and fruits in making your favorite meals your way. Blending and grinding anything can be done with a food processor that will sit in your kitchen countertop. Food processors are ideal for larger items and for larger batches of food items.
Food processors are best for hard and solid food such as garlic, onions and the like but might not do well if you use it to process liquids, as the rocking motion might get the liquid to spill out. Liquid mixing is ideal only for blenders and the like while food processors are best for mostly solid food items and ingredients.
Blenders and food processors are different, not just in construction but also in purpose. A blender is mostly for making liquid items like smoothies and anything that can be easily blended. Soups are best made with blenders but anything with more solid food items are best suited for the food processor.
Food processors are best known for the interchangeable parts such as the blades and attachments, which makes you able to work on just about any kind of ingredient possible for your food preparation needs. The blender, however, is only ideal for liquid and soft food because of the very fact that it might only come with just one blade set.
You can make a variety of foods with a food processor. For those who work with herbs, spices and vegetables to create salads, spreads, dips, salsas and the like, you can skip the fine chopping and get a food processor instead. Meat grinding for specialty meat recipes like corned beef and spring rolls.

How We Picked

If you want the best food processor, you should check out these facts first:
Capacity: from 1 to 16 cups, you can get a decent food processor that is specifically tailored to your needs. Smaller kitchens and tasks may ways to get a food processor that is about 1 to 4 cups in size while those that are sized 5 cups and above are ideal for medium to large batches of food prep, especially maybe for restaurant work or on-the-go serving for large families. It is important that you choose the appropriate size of food processor for your needs and depending on the ingredients that you most likely prepare often.
Included blade attachments: dough blade, slicer, shredder and the like are the most common blade attachments you will find on a food processor. The slicer and shredder can be found on most along with the default s-blade, and can be used to process most garlic and onions and vegetables as well. The dough blade is made for kneading dough and for making pizza, pasta, bread and cookies.
You could also have other blades such as for vegetable julienne, for egg beating and so much more. Having many attachments for a food processor is important if you work on a professional kitchen or if you simply prepare a wide variety of food recipes from time to time.
BPA-free: having a BPA-free food processor means that it is safe to use for food and also healthy for preparing foods. Anything that is free from BPA is free from chemicals and will make you worry less about the food that you prepare and eat.
Home or professional kitchen: do consider a food processor that is ideal for your needs. Whether you work at a professional or commercial kitchen or simply cook at home, make sure that the food processor is fit for your intended use. A food processor that is for restaurant use should be of heavy duty and should be larger and longer lasting for it to be functional and won’t fail you during tough times.
Ease of cleanup: a good food processor is something that is dishwasher-friendly so that it will be very easy to clean up and maintain in general. Having additional blades is good, but you should have a blade storage, either included in the food processor or bought separately.
Ease of setup: a simple setup is all you need for a food processor so that you can be able to use the unit right away. Simple and hassle-free kitchen machines are also great if you are often multitasking not just in the kitchen but also in the house.
Chute size: do consider a food processor that has a big enough chute so that it will be easier for you to process foods and food items that may be too large to handle. You can be able to fit a lot of food items in all shapes and sizes for you to chop or process conveniently into the machine.

Our Pick

Hamilton Beach 70730 10-Cup Food Processor

Our best food processor is the Hamilton Beach 70730 10-Cup Food Processor which has a scraper attachment for your ease of cleaning. The food processor can easily slice or grate cheese and some veggies in a breeze. It is a nice basic home food processor that can process a whole block of cheese.
Having a compact design, the food processor also features reversible slicing with some of its blades. There is no need to stop the unit due to the scraper of this food processor. Moreover, there are also suction cups on the bottom to keep the food processor as stable as possible when you are operating it.
It includes the standard stainless steel s-blade that all food processors will have for your convenience. You can process peppers, bread, celery and herbs in a matter of minutes with this unit due to its fast capabilities. It also has a nice bowl scraper for your convenience of cleaning.
Having a dishwasher safe bowl, it can also process your pepperoni, mushrooms and potatoes for your need of making hash browns or some other recipes at hand. It is quite a powerful food processor that can also allow you to make meat, soups or sauces
Giving you an easy storage option, it is quite better than most expensive food processor and runs on a 450 watt motor. It is also applicable for most crumbs, garlic and onions and has the capability to chop and puree anything with 2 speeds.
Having a BPA-free bowl, the food processor allows you to shred and slice and there is no need for pre-cutting all your ingredients. With a pulse feature, it has a large feed chute for fitting in large items. The shredding disc can work wonders for your cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage and the like.
It has a 10 cup bowl and can be set to either low speed or high speed, giving you less prep work. The food processor is made out of stainless steel on its blades and is big enough for most kitchens.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some flaws but are not deal breakers about the Hamilton Beach 70730 10-Cup Food Processor include the fact that it only has 2 blade attachments, but that is okay because if you want more blade attachments, you should go for a pricier one.

Step-up Pick

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro 11-Cup Food Processor

The Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro 11-Cup Food Processor is our step-up pick which has a decent chopping blade and can be also used in a small kitchen. Having a low profile lid for less mess in the kitchen, the food processor can help you in kneading bread with ease and also includes 3 slicing and shredding discs.
Moreover, this food processor is excellently designed as the lid and blades are dishwasher-safe so you can clean it up easily. When it comes to pureeing, the food processor is a great unit to count on. You can also process nuts and Parmesan cheese with this unit due to its powerful motor.
Great for general shredding and mixing, the food processor can be used for mostly slicing vegetables and also for making bread dough. Also ideal for industrial use, the food processor can be used for shredding cheese and comes with different blades for different purposes, all made of stainless steel.
Mixing batters is a breeze for this food processor for cakes and the like and for different purposes. The food processor is also good at emulsifying so you can get the job done in no time. The base is heavy so it won’t cause spillage and accidents in the kitchen. You can also make a decent size loaf with this food processor and perform the quick work of slicing with less hassle.
With sufficient speed and accuracy, it is also easy to clean between tasks and can make larger food slices in a breeze. You can depend on the BPA-free work bowl and the machine that can work very well. There is also a shorter lid for storage and yet the capacity is large enough for a family.
The food processor has rubber feet for stability when you make bread and pizza dough. Moreover, you can also make salsa and hash brown potatoes while on the countertop of any kitchen. It has a large feed tube for less prep time. It has a 5-year full motor warranty and 3-year limited unit warranty.

Budget Pick

Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor

The Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor is our budget pick with stainless steel blades and a lot of dishwasher-safe parts. You can put a whole block of cheese in this BPA-free plastic bowl food processor and also chop tomatoes for salsa in no time.
Getting the job done faster than cutting by hand, the food processor has a safety flip lid design for ease of cleanup and getting your ingredients. You can also make biscuits with this food processor as it can quickly chop ingredients and can also be used in making nut butters.
As a versatile food processor, the food processor can make onions and dips and prepare anything for a large family meal. With a pulse function for ease of use, it can shred and slice almost anything and slice your veggies in 2 speeds. It can also help you with a pie crust and many other salad ingredients.
With a large feed chute for convenience, the food processor can fit just about anything with its powerful motor to shred cabbage on the go. It can help you process cashew and almond as well for your other needs. Giving you a compact storage solution, the food processor can be used to grate cheese.
Moreover, the food processor is quite easy to use compared to other food processors out there to puree and mix anything. You can mix sauces in no time with a great kitchen appliance like this. The stainless steel s-blade is also quite sharp and effective to save your time in food prep in the kitchen.
Great for those who want to puree soups, the food processor can inevitably chop anything or even make tomato juice and process onions and peppers as well. The food processor is powerful as the slicing and shredding disc is made of stainless steel. The unit is powered by a 450 watt motor that will get your job done in no time due to its powerful force. If you’re looking for a decent food processor that will fit the bill then this is it.

Best Food Processor Made with a Stainless Steel Construction

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor is our ideal food processor if you want a fully stainless steel construction. It has a decently sized pair of 16 cup large bowl and mini 2.5 cups bowl for your mixing and prep needs. If you needed a food processor then there are 5 discs that are multi-function.
The food processor also comes with an accessory bin for making it easier to store when it is not needed. A great unit to slice vegetables with, the food processor also reduces the chance of leakage due to the tightly sealed container. You also get a total of 3 blades in this unit for a variety of food prep needs.
Having a unique design, the food processor is super stable thanks to the non-skid rubber feet. The food processor also has an auto timer for you to easily perform multitasking in the kitchen. It can be used right out of the box as a food processor and can be used in making dough as well.
With an intuitive LCD screen display the food processor also has a feed chute safety system that allows you to fit almost anything. The food processor has a 5.5 inch screen to make it easier for you to navigate through the controls. The food processor can help you prepare foods in different shapes and sizes.
You can also grate cheese with the use of this food processor and it can also make you some soups and the like. It has a wide feed chute for eliminating food prep item. It has a safety braking system for your safety needs. The food processor can be used if you make a lot of shakes at home or in the kitchen. You can also be able to make large servings in no time with this processor.
It has a silicone seal to keep the water from flowing and leaking out. You can greatly chop fruits and vegetables with ease. The food processor is also quite stable that it locks onto the motor base. It can be stored horizontally or vertically and can be used to process nuts.
As a BPA-free food processor, it can also help you with parmesan and Romano cheese and other large ingredients. With its decently sized processing bowls, you can also process liquid ingredients and sauces without spilling. This food processing unit has a 1 year limited warranty.

Best Food Processor that Runs with a Quiet Motor

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor

The Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor is quiet food processor that lets you chop almost anything such as veggie stalks and yet it locks onto the motor base to keep it safe and stable. You can inevitably slice a lot of items with its 600 watt motor in a much quicker manner.
For those who love to cook, you can whisk and knead away with this food processor. There is nearly no need to pre-cut items with this food processor due to the chute. The ease of removing contents is also convenient so you can work quickly in the kitchen.
This food processor is quite energy efficient and it is a great workhorse in the kitchen with a juicer attachment for those who like juicing. It works great on hard vegetables and is a good addition to your kitchen gadgets. It has a wide range of tools for your needs and is also dishwasher safe.
Rated for 110v use, the food processor has a dual control system and can be used for a variety of things in the kitchen such as for shredding and mixing. You get a lot of control over your food with the use of the variable speed option of this food processor.
You can make recipes that require chopping and mixing with this food processor that is also easy to clean afterwards. The speed function allows you to quickly prepare food yet it is super quiet when it runs on its low power consumption.
Moreover, you can get even results with the consistency of sauces or nuts or anything else. As an ultra quiet unit that is made for processing foods, you can be mixing several ingredients in a breeze and also use it for processing carrots and beets. You can choose from 11 speeds for this food processor for your specific needs. It is backed by a one year warranty.

Best Food Processor for Small Kitchen Uses

Hamilton Beach 72600 3-Cup Food Chopper

The Hamilton Beach 72600 3-Cup Food Chopper is a great choice for a small kitchen for a food processor. With it high quality stainless steel blades, you can be able to process onions and herbs with great ease and also speed up food prep with the use of this food processor. It is also quite easy to clean and store.
With a 3-cup capacity, the food processor is small enough for most smaller kitchen countertops. You can process nuts in a breeze and can also help you scramble eggs without much effort. With a total of 2 pulse speeds for basic needs, the food processor has a lightweight design for apartments and condos.
It can also help you process veggies such as celery and the like. It can also help you puree sauces as a food processor. It has a quick lock lid so you do not have to worry about spillage and leaking. You can also process garlic in no time with this food processor that is easy to use.
Great also for fruits, the food processor also has an oil dispenser in its design. You can also make small kibble dog food with the use of this unit due to its precise controls as well as the durable and reliable stainless steel blades. You can also make baby food in no time with this food processor.
You can process vegetables without much effort with this mini food processor. It is also easy to store due to the included hideaway cord wrap. You can make chunky salsa whenever you need it with this food processor. It also allows you to shred cabbage with enough consistency.
Not to worry because the bowl, lid and blades are all dishwasher safe for the ease of clean up. The food processor is also a lot less noisy than others out there, providing you no more chopping by hand. It is powered by a 135-watt motor that is quite reliable for your kitchen needs.
The food processor is also a great kitchen tool for coleslaw and is great for mincing and mixing other ingredients. It is a compact food chopper that also processes walnuts with absolutely no countertop clutter at all. The food processor finely chops or minces any herb with a powerful motor for breakfast needs and meals.

Best Food Processor for Large Kitchen Uses

Hamilton Beach 70579 14-Cup Food Processor

The Hamilton Beach 70579 14-Cup Food Processor can help you process whole foods with a large 14 cup capacity. It is also made with dishwasher safe parts as a food processor that makes it very easy to maintain. It has an additional 5 cup bowl for your smaller food items.
Great for shredding cheese, the unit is quite a versatile food processor and it has a continuous feed chute for your larger items. It chops cucumbers finely and can be used to make nut butters and the like. It is a reliable kitchen appliance for purees as well as slicing whole tomatoes.
You can make homemade spaghetti sauce in a matter of minutes with this food processor. It has a chopping blade included and can be dependable for a large family meal. You can chop nuts easily and insert any large food item into the big mouth feed tube.
You can also cooking for two due to the convenience of two bowls. You can also make some veggie pizzas and the like with this food processor quickly as there is no more need to pre-cut food. It is a fast and easy way to do some kitchen prep if you have arthritis.
Having a robust motor, the bowls can be nested for compact storage properties as well. It really fits your cooking style and can also process herbs like the garden rhubarb. The food processor helps you shred and mix anything with a great performance.
It has a reversible disc for slicing and shredding and is quieter than others with its 525 watt motor. Great for every kitchen, this food processor is easy to use and can get vegetables diced up in no time with its 3 speeds. It is easy to clean and store and can handle potatoes and sauces with its pulse function.

Best Food Processor with a Dough Blade Included for Bread

KitchenAid KFP1133CU 11-Cup ExactSlice Food Processor

The KitchenAid KFP1133CU 11-Cup ExactSlice Food Processor is a greatly adjustable food processor that can instantly make you dough with its dough blade. You can also quickly and easily make any kind of bread with it, and also for making pie pastry. The unit features continuous processing for convenience.
Also great for salad dressing and salsas, this food processor is versatile with its reversible shredding disc that is also made for shredding cheese and cabbage. With an optimized speed for your needs of food prep, the food processor can easily chop, mix, slice and shred just about anything.
With an adjustable slicing disc for your kitchen needs, there is also an external lever from thick to thin. You can be chopping and slicing veggies in no time whether with soft or hard ingredients. You can also make bread dough recipes with this food processor and its 3-in-1 wide mouth feed tube.
Made with multipurpose blades for your large items in the kitchen, it can precisely prepare your ingredients in no time. It also does well in grinding meat and is also perfect for sauces. The food processor can also process tomatoes with ease with its included 11-cup and a 3-cup work bowl.
Moreover, the food processor can process cucumbers with its multiple tools in a single appliance. You can fill the work bowl without the worry of spillage. You can use it for potatoes with its high, low and pulse speeds without making a mess.
If you want a little prep beforehand then you can depend on this food processor to cut and chop anything with its dough blade. It can properly handle your food with its tight seal and its BPA-free polycarbonate plastic for the bowls.
The locking system is good and the food processor is very versatile that it cuts down the time to prepare food. It has a leak-resistant ring to prevent spillage. It comes with a storage case and a 1 year warranty.

Best Food Processor for Grating Cheese and Other Food Items

Proctor Silex 8-Cup Bowl Food Processor

The Proctor Silex 8-Cup Bowl Food Processor can be used for every meal and is ideal to grate cheese and prepare anything in the kitchen. It can chop and slice veggies as well as potatoes, tomatoes and pepperoni. You can work on vegetables and fruits as well as some soups or sauces.
You can shred, grate and mix a number of ingredients with this durable kitchen appliance such as peppers and celery in this BPA-free bowl. You can puree in seconds with this unit and also make hash browns. You can also be measuring and pouring liquids in no time.
Prepare cucumbers, apples, radishes and cabbage with ease with its space-saving design that also allows for hassle-free cleanup. You can process garlic and onions with this convenient unit and also fit all the items in the bowl when you want to keep it in the storage.
Pouring liquids through the chute is a breeze with its size. You also get an easy storage after you processed your mushrooms, firm cheeses and carrots. You can also prepare herbs and bread with the use of the stainless steel chopping blades.
You can put in up to 8 cups of dry ingredients and process with the reversible slicing and shredding disc. Make yogurt and batter with this unit and also prepare nuts, peppers and meat with a smooth consistency with its 300 watt motor. You can process carrots and cheese as well as chopped nuts with its pulse dial. Holding 2 cups of liquid, you can also make making dressings and sauces as well as some coleslaw with its dishwasher safe parts.

Best Food Processor Ideal for Commercial Needs

Waring Commercial FP25C Combination Food Processor

The Waring Commercial FP25C Combination Food Processor can fit 2 1/2 quarts or 10 cups and has a neat slicing disc which makes it a great commercial food processor. It is coupled with large and small pushers for the feed tube and clean up is a breeze with this unit.
You can use it every single day with its wide and continuous feed chute. Featuring an S-blade, it is great for large volume processing and has an easy on and off feature. You can process in the bowl with ease, ideal for a commercial kitchen as an industrial food processor.
Anyone can process through the chute with convenience due to the wideness. It has a pulse feature and a grating disc for cheese. You can find it easy to slice carrots with this high performance unit and there is a julienne disc for veggies as well. With a 1 horsepower motor, it is certified by the UL, CUL and NSF and is backed by 5 years limited motor and 2 years parts and labor warranty.

The Competition

Other food processors failed to meet our expectations because the materials used for the blades and container are not BPA-free and are not durable at all. Safety and food friendliness is important when you are choosing the best food processor out there.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a food processor?
A: A food processor is a kind of kitchen appliance that runs on electricity. It processes food by putting it into a container and then the blades that are run by electricity to process your food. Food processors can take on fruits, vegetables, potatoes and most foods that can be mashed into any recipe.
Q: What food recipes can I possibly make with a food processor?
A: A food processor can be used to make anything from vegetables, fruits, bread or anything else that is quite solid and otherwise cannot be processed by a blender or even an immersion blender. A food processor is usually made for the stronger ingredients. You can use it to make salads and the like.
Q: When should I not use the food processor?
A: If your recipe involves high liquids then the food processor is not the ideal thing. Liquids are better off done with stand mixers, blenders and immersion blenders. This is because of the very fact that a food processor is only made for tough items like nuts, vegetables and solid items that will require a lot of rocking motion due to the powerful motor, possibly causing spillage of liquid all over the kitchen countertop.
Q: How is a food processor different from a blender?
A: A food processor is mostly for solid items while blenders are mostly ideal for liquid items. Smoothies are best made in blenders and frozen desserts are great for food processors, especially those made with fresh fruits.
Q: How different are the blades of a blender and a food processor?
A: A food processor has a ton of blades, attachments and the like, which makes it more versatile than the blender in terms of food prep. On the other hand, blenders are pretty much stuck with just one set of blades, so you can only mostly make liquid and soft food items with it.
Q: Is it okay to blend liquids in a food processor?
A: Some food processors do have watertight seals, which enables you to process liquids and the like. The design of the food processor should be specifically made to keep liquids in so it does not spill on the floor.
Since the rocking motion of a food processor will probably spill your liquids all over the kitchen countertop, having a watertight seal for your food processor is important to keep liquids from spilling. This will help you create sauces and the like that are mostly liquid while you also combine it with fully solid ingredients.
Q: Are food processors okay with crushing ice?
A: No, that is the blender’s job because blenders are ideally made for smoothies and shakes, whereas food processors are only great for vegetables and various solid foods, but ice can potentially break the container. The container of a food processor is not as sturdy as a blender.
Food processors and blenders also differ in terms of the material used for the container. Food processors usually have a thinner, plastic-like material (still food-safe, however) compared to the glass blender you may have at home. Glass is okay with shakes and ice but food processors are not very good with ice due to the potential of the ice breaking the container.
Q: What food items qualify for the food processor?
A: A food processor can be made to grind meat, herbs, vegetables, pasta dough, mayonnaise, nuts, bread (for making bread crumbs), cheese and flour making from whole grains.
Q: How do you clean or maintain a food processor blade?
A: While different blades and attachments exist for the food processor, they should all be cleaned and maintained, and replaced if needed. A food processor blade can sit in the top rack, for as long as they don’t get exposed in high abrasive cleaners.
Food processor blades, like most kitchen utensils, need to be cleaned. If you do want to get them into a dishwasher, they should be in the top rack with mild detergent. However, the best way to clean them is like cleaning kitchen knives – manually under the sink, so they don’t lose the sharpness.
Q: Which has a more powerful motor: a food processor or a blender?
A: A food processor has a more powerful motor in comparison to the blender. This is because of the fact that food processors are meant to take a lot of food pressure from the tough items like solid foods, such as garlic and onion. You can also fine chop herbs with a food processor.
Blenders are made for liquid items whilst solid foods are the expertise of a food processor. This is why a food processor bears a more powerful motor, which also makes it a lot noisier than the blender. Food processors also need to have a lot of pressure from the handler compared to a blender.
Q: What are the most common attachments or blades included in a food processor?
A: Your food processor may include the s-blade, a shredding disc and a slicing disc, for starters. You can also possibly have a dough blade and for some advanced and fancier food processors, you may have specific blades for julienne vegetables, egg beating, juicing and the like.
Q: What is the typical capacity of a food processor?
A: It largely depends on the size of the food processor and the type of food it can take. Smaller food processors can only take 1 to 4 cups of food but regular sized and bigger sized food processors can take from 5 to 12 cups of food. You can choose the appropriate food processor for your batch needs or whether you cook for a large family or restaurant.
Q: What is the slicing disk and what is it used for?
A: A slicing disk is an attachment that you will most likely find in a food processor. The slicing disk is ideal for sautéing foods and also for making salads. You can simply slice anything such as your favorite veggies like zucchini or some potatoes for chips or fries. The slicing disk typically goes on the top of food processor.
Q: What is the shredding disk used for?
A: The shredding disk is another kind of food processor blade or attachment that can be used for processing food. You can make latkes and coleslaw by shredding vegetables and the like with its small holes that simulate the shredding capability of cheese shredders.
Q: Can you knead dough and make bread with a food processor?
A: Yes, some food processors have a dough attachment that allows you to knead and process dough to make bread, cookies and the like with minimal effort. The food processor can help you make pastries and the like with the right kind of dough attachment or blade.
Q: How do I store the blades of a food processor?
A: You can invest in a storage container so that you can properly store your food processor blades without damaging them or laying them around, which can be dangerous in general both to the blade and to yourself and your surroundings. The storage container should be properly covered.
Q: Why should I avoid too much liquid material in a food processor?
A: The food processor will probably spill out if you put too much liquid in it. If you can’t really avoid having to use the blender for mixing liquid in your food processor, don’t overdo the liquid and work in batches instead.
Q: Can you perform whipping in a food processor?
A: Yes, most food processors nowadays do have a whipping attachment or whisk attachment that lets you beat eggs and whip egg whites as well. It works in a breeze with the use of this specific attachment for you food processor. However, cake batter is something that is more of a mixer’s job.
Q: Why should I avoid super frozen food to be processed in the food processor?
A: Frozen foods such as meat, fish, poultry and the like can be used in a food processor. If your frozen meat or fish , however, is super frozen that not even your knife can break it, you should let it warm first before you get it in the food processor, or else you might risk the motor and blade’s lifespan.
Q: Why are food processors great for people with kids?
A: Your kids could be picky eaters with vegetables and so you should definitely try a food processor so that you can assure that your kids will definitely taste and try veggies. If they help out in the kitchen in making your favorite veggie soup or recipe, chances are, you will find them trying the food they just helped you make!

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Hamilton Beach 70730 10-Cup Food Processor is our best food processor which is BPA-free, with 2 speeds and 2 blades.