Best Electric Kettle

The Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is our best electric kettle, which has an attractive design and it is a lot safer than traditional methods and plastic ones. It has a power indicator light to tell you if it is working and has a removable mesh filter for easy cleanup. The water stays warm afterwards with the body construction of the electric kettle.

Our step-up pick is the Epica 6-Temperature Stainless Steel Electric Kettle and it is ideal for those who prefer stainless steel and who like to make Japanese green teas. With 6 temperature settings for your custom tea needs, the electric kettle’s variable temperature settings makes it a super versatile kettle which can heat water quickly.

The budget pick is the Ovente KG83 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle and you can make the purest tea or coffee with this electric kettle and you can prepare any hot beverage with this electric kettle. Perfect in any home or office, the electric kettle can be used for afternoon tea. It also protects from accidental burns due to its safety features.

A Little Background

Electric kettles are simply the sped-up version of a tea kettle that whistles. Instead of whistling, an electric kettle simply turns itself off when it has reached the boiling point for its water content. The heating element is what heats up the water inside the electric kettle and its sensors detect the temperature. Electric kettles are super fast and convenient for people on the go and want to have tea.
Electric kettles are best known for their speed and precision as compared to traditional kitchen kettles that whistle. You don’t have to hear the whistle to turn it off, as it is an automatic kettle that turns itself off when it reached its peak temperature (but most models also include a manual switch). On some higher end models, you can also set the temperature of the water for specific teas and beverages that require a specific temperature.
Contrary to popular belief, even if electric kettles consume a lot of energy due to its heating element, it only does so on a very short period of time, much like ovens and toasters, so it is not too alarming for your electric bill. Electric kettles can heat up water in around 60 seconds more or less depending on your settings so it’s not going to be something to bother your energy bill anyway.
There is more to an electric kettle than just making tea as you can also use the boiled water to have a traditional hot bath if your house or current staying area does not have a heater in its bath system. Electric kettles are also good for camping and trailers as well as mobile homes because of their versatility in heating anything.
As not all people have coffee makers in their home or living area, electric kettles prove to be a cheaper option for making coffee as well. Aside from making tea, you can also used the boiled water for making nice and hot coffee as well as other hot drinks like milk, chocolate and the like. Electric kettles are greatly versatile for anything you need to heat up in the kitchen.
Electric kettles can be used to cook noodles as well as instant noodles for people who are in a rush at work or in school, especially those in apartments, condo units and dorms. Electric kettles are convenient not just for tea and coffee but also for food items like noodles and soups.
Electric kettles are so versatile that you can also cook eggs! You can bring the eggs to a boiled state if you include them with the water on the electric kettle. Boiled eggs are great additions to salads, pastas and the like and that also makes the electric kettle a great on-the-go cooker for your needs.
Boiling the water in the electric kettle can take about 30 to 60 seconds on a 2-liter capacity on the average, but may take 3 to 4 minutes if you have a larger capacity electric kettle. Moreover, the energy consumption of the electric kettle plays a role in the length of boiling, as those with more energy consumption means that the heating element will heat up faster, bring the water to a boil quicker.
Aside from boiling water to make tea or coffee, you can also make other recipes safely with a food-grade electric kettle, such as soups, pasta, veggies and the like. For those who are in a camping trip or just feel lazy to cook on a stove, you can quick-cook anything in a food-grade electric kettle.
Stainless steel, according to most who owned one or many electric kettles in the past, is the best way to go if you want the best electric kettle. Unlike plastic, stainless steel will not easily melt and will not leave a bad aftertaste to your tea, coffee or instant noodles. While plastic is non-conductive with heat, it should only be reserved in the handle and the other parts and not in the inside part.
Electric kettles come in a variety of sizes and capacities depending on your needs. Most models have a minimum of 0.5 liters and a maximum of 2 liters or even just 1.5 liters, but it all depends on the size and the capacity of the electric kettle anyway.
When it comes to power consumption, don’t get fooled by what some people say. Sure, electric kettles consume a lot of energy, but that’s only for a few seconds of usage and not for hours unlike your fridge. Medium sized models that are about 1.5 to 2 liters can be around 900 watts while bigger ones can have up to 1,200 watts of power consumption.

How We Picked

The best electric kettle for your needs should have the following important criteria:
Heat resistance and safety features: an electric kettle should be made of materials that are heat resistant and can withstand melting. Moreover, the auto switch off feature is a must and should not fail because it can cause terrible accidents like a house fire if it fails to work. Always value safety once you consider an electric kettle. Those that are mostly made from stainless steel are the best because they won’t easily melt unlike mostly plastic ones. The durability of the auto switch should also be in mind and it should also have a manual switch.
Stay cool handle: do consider an electric kettle with a stay cool handle so that you can find it easier to control and handle when it is super hot. Mostly tough plastic is used because it does not conduct heat but make sure it is quality and food grade plastic. In most great designs, the handle of the electric kettle is quite separated thoroughly from the metal parts to avoid conducting heat.
Amount of water you can put in (capacity): most electric kettles can hold from 1.5 to 2 liters of water and this all depends on your needs. If you simply need an electric kettle for your hot morning drinks (especially if you don’t have a coffee maker) then go for small to medium sized ones. However, you might need a larger electric kettle if you live on a cabin or trailer home that doesn’t have a heater in the bathroom so you need to heat up water for bathing, especially in the cold months.
Ease of use: it is important that the electric kettle will be quite simple to operate and also very intuitive in its user controls. The user’s manual should be available with the purchase and should be detailed enough for small troubleshooting. The switch should be conveniently located on the electric kettle.
Peeking window: a peeking window for an electric kettle is a good addition because it will help you see when the water starts to boil. Some electric kettles also have internal lighting in their peeking window so you know that the kettle is working and the switch is on to give you a peace of mind (and also a cool effect).
Voltage rating: not all electrical systems are the same around the world, so make sure the electric kettle adheres to your voltage rating, which is 120 volts in the U.S., 100 in Japan and 220 in Europe and some Asian countries. Make sure you know your voltage system and that the electric kettle will be okay with it to avoid unwanted accidents.
Warranty policy: returning any electronic product that involves heating can be a hassle. An electric kettle should have a good warranty policy because many parts of the product can be potentially damaged when not constructed well and carefully. A faulty switch is among the most common problem you will encounter with an electric kettle. Most often, cheaper plastic made kettles tend to break easier than stainless steel ones.

Our Pick

Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Our best electric kettle is the Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle and it boils water faster than traditional methods to give you the best cup of tea possible. This electric kettle has a 360-degree rotating base so it is easy to handle and it is made for those who did not want a plastic kettle.
It has a push-button lid to make cleanup and pouring easy. With a stay cool handle for ease of handling, the electric kettle is way better to use than a microwave or stovetop kettle. If you are a person who doesn’t have a coffee maker then this is a must-have in your kitchen.
You can get your tea or coffee ready in minutes with this electric kettle due to its powerful 1500 watts for faster heating. It has a nice measuring window and also features cord-free serving for added convenience.
As a 1.7-liter capacity or 7.2 cups capacity electric kettle, it can heat water quickly and it also clicks off when the boiling finishes for notifying you without the whistle. It has 2 water level windows for easy filling and serving for your tea or coffee.
Having an auto shutoff feature for safety, the electric kettle can heat water in no time and the on and off switch is convenient to use. Moreover, it has a boil-dry protection feature for safety so you can heat up water anytime.
It automatically turns off when the water boils and its included small plastic parts are BPA-free and safe for food items. The electric kettle works fast and has a drip-free spout for you to make it easy to clean and get less spills in the countertop.
A great addition for the kitchen, the electric kettle can also make a great gift to your loved ones as it comes in red and silver finishes. It is a bit heavy for more quality so it is a lot more stable. The rapid-boil system makes it easy for you to make tea or coffee on the go.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only known con about the Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle that is not really a deal breaker is the fact that the top opening is not as wide as other brands, but otherwise, the overwhelming pros still make it our top pick anyway.

Step-up Pick

Epica 6-Temperature Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

The Epica 6-Temperature Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is our step-up pick for an electric kettle, in which you can make green tea easily with its 1500 watts of power. It can also help you make white teas on the go as it is a fast to use kettle for your home.
In fact, you can also make instant soup or noodles in this kettle. You can also make hot chocolate with this electric kettle due to the concealed heating element that makes it safe for soups and noodles. It also looks great on the counter due to the design.
The 360 degrees rotating base makes it super convenient as a cordless kettle for your kitchen countertop. What’s more, it automatically shuts off when there is no water so it is safe. It is great at making your mornings better for your tea or for your coffee or any hot beverage.
Keeping the water temperature to the required level, the kettle has an automatically opening lid for convenience. You can make black and red teas with its quality, style and endurance and it can help you achieve the best flavors for your tea without the worry.
You can even make aero press coffee with this kettle. It has a cool to touch handle for convenience which makes making oolong teas super convenient with a one-hand grabbing system. If you are a tea enthusiast then this is an inevitable tool you can have in the kitchen with enough safety.
Heating water whenever you need it, the electric kettle can also be used for French press coffee and it can heat up to 7 cups at once. It is perfect for homes and ideal for making herbal and fruit teas. All the settings are simple to set and it allows you to program with ease with the correct temperature.
The base is wide enough and moreover, it has a stainless steel body so it is very durable. It has a 30-minute keep warm button which is ideal for hectic morning tasks. It pours perfectly as a kettle with a 2-minute setting memory and is backed by a two year warranty.

Budget Pick

Ovente 1
Ovente KG83 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle

As a budget pick electric kettle, we chose the Ovente KG83 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle, in which having an electric kettle like this is very convenient due to the illuminated light that looks cool. It is also quiet and fast and is made with heat resistant borosilicate glass. It contains 1.5 liters of capacity.
When you wake up in the morning, you can get your favorite cup of tea or coffee in a breeze with the stay-cool handle of this electric kettle. It is a nice cordless electric kettle that has a cord storage underneath the base that is cordless.
As an ergonomically designed electric kettle, you can even cook instant noodles in its design and it is also rated for 110/120v systems. It also eliminates lime scale deposits due to the design of the electric kettle that enables easy cleanup.
It is quite a convenient electric kettle for making coffee or tea that holds 1100 watts of power. It has a washable filter as well and it is BPA Free on the plastic parts. Its heat resistant glass body boils water super easily and safely. It is also available in a multitude of colors for the body.
With a water level gauge for indicating your water level, the electric kettle is more efficient than a stovetop kettle and can also help you prepare hot cereal. As a comfortable kitchen tool for your hot cup of coffee, its concealed heating element made of stainless steel makes it food-grade and food-safe.
It also has blue LED lighting for a cool effect while you are making coffee or tea. The tough high borosilicate material is heat resistant and the electric kettle has a safe automatic shut-off feature for a longer lasting kettle with no harsh chemicals at all.
The electric kettle also has boil dry protection and can help you make oatmeal as well. It boils from 5 to 6 minutes at maximum level of water, is quite durable and is convenient to clean up. Pouring of water is easy with this stain resistant electric kettle.

Best Electric Kettle Made with a Glass Body

Aicok Glass Electric Kettle 1.7 L

The Aicok Glass Electric Kettle 1.7 L is a fast electric kettle that has boil dry protection and can boil water in just a couple of minutes. As a great water boiler that lets you hide the cord under the base for space saving, it can make coffee in minutes and can take up to 8 cups of water with its 1500-watt power.
It has a convenient 360-degree swivel base for serving coffee and oatmeal easily and with safety. It is better than your stovetop kettle and microwave and it is also easy to clean up. It has an LED indicator light and a large capacity for bigger heaps of noodles, oatmeal or pasta.
With a wide opening to make it easy to clean up, it controls the temperature using a British strix kettle thermostat. Having 1.7 liters of capacity, it has a stay-cool handle which can help you pour instant soup without burning yourself. With a 27 inches of power cord, the kettle is made for the whole family.
You can cook a cup of noodles conveniently with this electric tea kettle as it heats up really fast for your convenience. It boils within 5 to 6 minutes and it automatically shuts off after boiling and there is also a lock feature for the kettle top for safety. You can use it for tea and coffee.
There’s a blue light for indicating that it works. The kettle is perfect for someone who drinks hot tea all the time and you can also use to make your favorite hot chocolate. It is backed by a 2 year warranty.

Best Electric Kettle Made with a Stainless Steel Body

COMFEE 1.7 Liter Cordless Electric Kettle

The COMFEE 1.7 Liter Cordless Electric Kettle is quite durable and has a concealed heating element for food safety. With no plastic in the interior, this 1500 watts kettle is made of stainless steel and has an easy pop up lid. What’s more, the capacity is very large for more coffee and tea in one go.
With a removable and washable filter for easier cleanup, this electric kettle holds up to 1.7 liters of max capacity. The easy operation makes it convenient for processing your tea bags. Made of 304 stainless steel that is of food-grade, you can also purify your drinking water with this kettle.
You can use it to mix coffee and it will turn off automatically for safety. With a stainless steel interior, exterior, rim and steel, you get a safe food prep procedure with a one-touch operation for this kettle. It has a drip-free spout to avoid spills and accidents.
With a British strix thermostat in the system, it is rated for 120V 60 Hz. As an energy saving kettle with a convenient 360 degree cordless base, it has BPA free parts so it is food-grade and also time saving with a fast heating rate. Clean up is a breeze with this kettle as it features no rusting at all.
Water measuring is done easily due to the included water gauge. It is great for household use with no unpleasant taste from the water. It has a blue indicator light as well. You can make oatmeal and the like with no leaking from the one touch switch procedure of this kettle.
It will not pollute drinking water and it can even result in healthy drinking water due to the heating. It is also UL and cUL certified and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Electric Kettle Made with a Double Wall Construction

Secura Stainless Double Wall Electric Kettle

The Secura Stainless Double Wall Electric Kettle holds 1500 watts of heating power and it is also still energy efficient due to the quick heating. It has an automatic shut-off feature and it also comes in a variety of colors to choose from. It is a nice electric tea kettle with no scalding hazards at all.
As an ETL approved product, it has a capacity of 1.7 liters and it also saves energy in the long run. The construction has a solid feeling due to being made of stainless steel plus with a British strix control. It has a cool touch exterior for safety and the added rubber foot pad makes it stable.
It is a double wall kettle that is easy to clean up the inside of this kettle. Moreover, it is rated for 120V 60Hz. The boils water quicker on this electric kettle and it can result into drinking water or hot water with its BPA-free materials. It is slightly heavier but lasts longer than others.
The kettle keeps warm longer and is made with a stainless steel interior, pot, lid, spout and rim, which makes it safe to use. The kettle will never boil dry so it is absolutely a safe kettle to consider. In fact, no plastic goes into the hot water as it is mostly made with 18/10 stainless steel for a safe and healthy environment and cooking and heating kettle in your home. It is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Best Electric Kettle with a Keep Warm Function

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle

The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle has a total consumption of 1500 watts and it has a boil-dry protection so it is powerful and safe. Rated for 110 volts, you can make your favorite herbal teas with the 2-minute memory function of this stainless steel kettle.
The 360-degree swivel power base makes it super convenient as a cordless electric kettle that can help you make black teas with great ease. The scale filter is removable and washable for ease of use. It is made for quick and easy filling with its 1.7 liter capacity interior, made for making oolong teas.
It has a 30-minute keep warm feature and has a concealed heating element for keeping your food items safe. It is more convenient than other kettles out there due to the cordless convenience. You can even make French press coffee with this kettle as it has 6 preset heat settings for various teas and coffee.
You also get a backlit water window with this kettle which is great for steeping tea and making white tea and green tea. It has an auto safety shutoff and is made with BPA free materials. Keep your tea at just the right temperature with this kettle.
It also has a sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity and generally prevents mineral buildup in the long run. It has a cool handle for avoiding those unwanted accidents. With blue LED indicator lights for added attraction, it has a 3-year limited warranty.

Best Electric Kettle with a Gooseneck Designed Spout

Willow & Everett Electric Gooseneck Kettle

If you want a traditional looking kettle then you can try the Willow & Everett Electric Gooseneck Kettle, which allows you to brew better coffee with over 1000 watts of power. When you flip the switch, it definitely works well in any kitchen with its STRIX temperature controller to enjoy a good cup of coffee.
The lid is airtight and is also spill-free and is a great companion for the pour-over method for coffee and tea. It can get the job done as it heats the water very quickly. With a mirror finish stainless steel for being attractive, it also passed ETL standards and has a long neck design.
Your hands are kept safe with this food-grade kettle that is made for those who want to brew coffee or tea. Containing 1 liter in capacity, it is rated for 120 volts and has a BPA-free plastic handle. This electric kettle also conveniently boils your water with its just-right size and style.
The gooseneck design makes it more traditional than other electric kettles for those who specifically want precise pouring. It also easily lifts off the base and it allows you to have a slow and controlled coffee or tea pouring with no chemical linings at all.
The lid is easily removable on this kettle and it gives you a precise flow of water with no Teflon as well. It is easy to wipe down and to clean and it can guarantee you the best in extracting the most flavor.

Best Electric Kettle with a Free Tea Infuser

Chefman Electric Glass Digital Tea Kettle

The Chefman Electric Glass Digital Tea Kettle is a precise kettle that has LED lighting and is made with quality glass. It can give you up to 60 minutes of keeping it warm for your tea and coffee needs. It has an accurate temperature control and is made with stainless steel.
It also automatically senses when there is no water in the kettle and is great for optimal brewing for tea such as loose leaf tea. Made with borosilicate glass kettle, it can help you with various beverages and it has boil dry protection.
You can even make instant oatmeal with this cETL approved kettle which boils water faster and it also beeps when done. It also gives you a bonus tea infuser for tea enthusiasts. It is an improvement over microwave and stovetop methods and is also stain-resistant in its body.
Boiling water is fast with this kettle which has a 360-degree swivel base that is non-slip for safety. As a versatile electric kettle, you can use it for your favorite bagged teas and for cordless pouring with great ease. You can also steep at the proper temperature with this electric kettle.
Having a 1.7-liter capacity, you can ensure a safe and secure kitchen with this kettle. After boiling, the kettle shuts off automatically. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Best Electric Kettle with a Variable Temperature Feature

Adagio utiliTEA Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

The Adagio utiliTEA Variable Temperature Electric Kettle is our best electric kettle for those who want a variable temperature. It allows you to heat to your preference for the tea enthusiasts and the concealed heating element makes it food-safe as an electric kettle.
With 30 ounces (1 liter) of water in capacity, it gives you the optimal steeping temperature that you need for specific teas. The kettle itself is metal so it is tough and the water level gauge helps you determine the water level. It has a temperature control system for various teas.
Great for black tea, there are no plastic parts in contact with the water so it is safe. Made with stainless steel, you can make your perfect pot of tea with this electric kettle for the best food service. Heating water to the right temperature is so easy with this kettle and its flip-top lid button.
You can keep tea and coffee fresh with this electric kettle for your green and black teas. Great for restaurants as a cordless carafe, boiling water is a breeze with this kettle. It is a must-have for tea lovers and has a power indicator light.

The Competition

Other electric kettles did not meet our criteria because they were made with substandard material and had bad reports of faulty switches even for only a few day’s usage. It is important for any electric kettle to have full protection and safety against possible disasters and injuries it might bring up in your kitchen and home.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an electric kettle?
A: An electric kettle , unlike a traditional tea kettle or hot water kettle, boils water in just a matter of seconds or even 1 minute depending on its capacity, in comparison to traditional whistle kettles out there. The purpose of an electric kettle is to heat up water in a flash for food preparation needs, or even for bathing in a cabin or camper.
Q: Why should I get an electric kettle?
A: The many advantages of owning and using an electric kettle include the fact that it is super fast as compared to a traditional tea kettle. It also does not whistle or leak and simply turns itself off after boiling, making it super convenient. Traditional tea kettles also have lesser heat resistant material in the handle as compared to an electric kettle.
Q: Is boiling water on an electric tea kettle more energy efficient?
A: Since boiling water on an electric tea kettle or electric kettle for that matter takes only a few seconds to 1 minute in general depending on your settings, it is actually more of a time conserving thing rather than being energy efficient, since electric kettles use a lot of energy but only use it in a very short period of time, so it is just right.
Q: Can electric kettles be used for taking a bath?
A: Yes, most people who use electric kettles for heating and boiling water for their bath, especially if they live in a house that does not have a heater in the bathroom. Some may also want to convert their kettles into a DIY thermostat.
Q: Aside from tea, what else beverages can I make with an electric kettle?
A: An electric kettle is more than just a tea kettle but can also be made for coffee. If you don’t have the luxury of a coffee maker then you can easily make coffee and other hot beverages with an electric kettle.
Q: Can electric kettles be used in making instant noodles?
A: Yes, some electric kettles are made with food grade materials, such as those made with stainless steel or ceramic, for you to actually cook soups and instant noodles there like you would in a pot. If you are a busy or on-the-go person and mostly feed on instant meals then the electric kettle is your friend.
Q: Can you boil eggs with an electric kettle?
A: Because an electric kettle can heat up using its heating element, you can actually boil eggs with it! You can just boil some water along with the eggs to cook it like you would on a regular pot over a stove and voila – you now have boiled eggs!
Q: How long can an electric kettle boil the water?
A: An electric kettle can be quick to boil water in a matter of seconds or minutes but that roughly depends on many factors such as your kettle’s water capacity and its energy consumption. Higher energy consumption means the water will boil faster but if you have more water in the kettle then it will boil slower. It takes about 1 minute for a 2-liter kettle but maybe even 3 to 4 minutes on larger ones.
Q: Aside from instant noodles, can you actually make recipes and food prep with an electric kettle?
A: Yes, most soups require hot water and can be prepared with any electric kettle. If you are on a camping trip then you can use it to make soups, cook veggies, boil eggs, cook pasta and many more. Just make sure that the user’s manual specifically says that the electric kettle is food-grade material to be safe to cook with.
Q: What is the best material to use for electric kettle: plastic or stainless steel?
A: Stainless steel is still the best way to go because it is safer for your food compared to plastic. Even if the plastic material claims to be BPA free, it will eventually slowly melt due to the temperature, which can leave a slight aftertaste for your coffee or tea and can have some small bits of chemicals, unlike stainless steel.
Q: Will water boil faster on an electric kettle that is made of metal?
A: Actually, any liquid that is water based will definitely boil in the same temperature regardless on whether you used an electric kettle that is plastic or that is made of stainless steel. It is just a matter of safety when it comes down to stainless steel, as most people will definitely advise you against the usage of plastic because of its harmful effects to your health in the long run.
Q: Why is it not advisable to fill in an electric kettle past the maximum water level?
A: There is a reason why water level indicators are placed in any electric kettle – to help reduce the risk of overflowing as well as to reduce the instances of having to accurately measure your amount of water manually. The water level indicates how much water you can put in a single electric kettle.
Q: Should I go for a stainless steel electric kettle or a glass electric kettle?
A: While glass is considered the safest material to drink on, it can be dangerous if glass heats up. While glass and ceramic are things that are “microwaveable” and can withstand heat with no problem, it is sometimes dangerous to use a glass electric kettle because of the possibility of leaks. You can, however, purchase a hybrid electric kettle that combines glass (for you to see the inside of the kettle), stainless steel (for the outside and inside body) and a bit of plastic (for the handle only).
Q: What is the boil-dry protection and why is it important when purchasing an electric kettle?
A: The boil-dry protection is a kind of protective feature that any electric kettle should possess. This is important so that the device will not turn on when it does not contain water or does not contain sufficient water to prevent accidents like overheating and fires. Just to be sure, you can also ask an electrician or someone knowledgeable in the family with electrical things to make a DIY switch to cut off the electrical supply from the electric kettle to avoid having to unplug it altogether and also to avoid accidental triggers.
Q: If my water source is old, is it safe to heat it up in an electric kettle?
A: Yes, any water source , when boiled properly and thoroughly, will be just fine to drink because the microorganisms will die off anyway due to the very hot temperatures that will lurk in the water. Boiling old water is okay, but may leave some weird aftertaste if you boil it again and again. Otherwise, it is a safe water to drink.
Q: Is an electric kettle easy to clean?
A: Yes, the electric kettle is actually a lot easier to clean than the traditional kettle due to its larger and wider mouth. The inside space of an electric kettle is a lot easier to clean, especially if it is stainless steel or even glass, because of the nature of its design.
Q: Which is the best season of the year to go and purchase an electric kettle?
A: During the cold months , you may need a lot of hot water at hand for making tea, coffee or even bathing in your camper or cabin or preparing soups and instant noodles. You may need them sometimes for the summer but they will be most likely used in the winter and fall or during cold and rainy months.
Q: Can you control the temperature of an electric kettle?
A: Some higher end models of electric kettles could actually set a specific temperature for you, so that you can do other things in the kitchen without having to manually turn off the electric kettle and timing its temperature. Electric kettles today are so convenient and time efficient.
Q: What is the typical energy consumption of an average electric kettle?
A: An electric kettle can be consuming somewhere between 900 and 1,200 watts, which can be intimidating for some, but the fact that it boils water super quickly means that you don’t really spend a lot of kilowatt-hours for your electric bill. The energy consumption of an electric kettle may also depend upon its size, model and water capacity.
Q: Can the electric kettle be rotated in its base?
A: Newer versions of the electric kettle have models that have a rotating base, which is very convenient for those in a hurry. Having a base that can be rotated means that you save time having trouble on figuring out how to set your electric kettle onto its base.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is our best electric kettle which has a 360-degree rotating base, stay-cool handle and 1,500 watts of power.