Best Fishing Shoes

The Dreamcity Men’s Lightweight Sport Water Shoes is our best fishing shoes. With a rubber outsole, the fishing shoes are so comfortable that you can wear them without socks. Moreover, you can get yourself walking with these fishing shoes for over six hours without discomfort. It will last a few seasons due to being durable and breathable.

Our step-up pick is the Columbia Men’s Bahama Vent Boat Shoes and it can be worn as an everyday shoe and is easy to tie up as a lace-up shoe. The fishing shoes give you no fatigue at all around the water due to being comfortable for boating and fishing. With enough cushioning, the fishing shoes are also lightweight at only 8.1 oz.

The budget pick is the Aleader Men’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes and as a slip on system shoe pair, you can enjoy water aerobics with the fishing shoes as the insole is also mesh in its material. Made of a solyte midsole, you can use the shoes for mud runs as well. They will not slip off in the water due to the stability and they have a lightweight midsole for comfort.

A Little Background

Having a pair of appropriate fishing shoes instead of your regular everyday rubber shoes is a must-have for fishing. Fishing shoes may look and sound expensive but you are paying for your safety while you are in your boat. Comfort is also another factor why you need fishing shoes because they are more breathable and dry quickly.
If you think you have a greater risk of losing your beach sandals then consider wearing fishing shoes instead but make sure they are meant for fishing and quickly dry up. Wearing fishing shoes can feel restrictive but it is a great way to ensure that your feet stay as protected as possible, especially if the fishing grounds are full of rocks and rough surfaces (where sandals don’t really work well).

How We Picked

When choosing the best fishing shoes, consider the following factors:
Sizing: the fishing shoes should have an appropriate size chart for you to pick. There is no one size fits most or all for shoes and this is why you need a pair of fishing shoes that work. Consider fishing shoes that are not too tight for comfort and not too lose so they won’t get lost in the water or get sand in them a lot (especially for surf fishing).
Design: consider many color options for the fishing shoes so that you can feel more personalized with your pair of shoes. Like most running shoes and athletic shoes, the fishing shoes should have a functional style.
Waterproofing: the fishing shoes should have some decent waterproofing or water resistance. If not, it should be at least quick drying to add a lot of comfort for your feet and your socks. Make sure that the fishing shoes will not feel badly soaked for too long and it should not smell bad as well.
Comfort and breathability: the fishing shoes should have a decent amount of breathability as a pair of shoes for use out on a boat while fishing. Having perforations and breathable mesh components make a fishing shoes greatly breathable for use out in the sun or any weather of fishing.
Durability and materials: the fishing shoes should be made out of durable materials. Synthetic leather is a good choice for fishing shoes because it does not get worn out by water in comparison to real leather. Moreover, the fishing shoes should not get brittle too easily.
Traction and stability: the fishing shoes that you should choose are the ones that have a lot of stability to keep you from slipping off the boat, deck or rocks. The fishing shoes with studs or spikes is a good option. Rubber soles will also work but they have to be extra stable and worn strategically.
Who will wear them: consider if you want fishing shoes for men, for women or for kids. Shoes for men have a different sizing than those for women so consider who will wear the fishing shoes first. Some parents and grandparents may want to take their kids along for fishing so they may need to buy special fishing shoes to ensure the safety of their children or grandchildren.
Fishing style: some fishing shoes are meant for surf fishing and some can be used as wading shoes or boots. Others are more commonly used for regular boating, kayaking or canoeing. Some fishing shoes can also be used for surf fishing or inshore fishing, where the sand must not get in the shoes so easily.

Our Pick

Dreamcity Men’s Lightweight Sport Water Shoes

The Dreamcity Men’s Lightweight Sport Water Shoes are our best fishing shoes which are made of 90% fabric. They look fashionable and they weigh less than 1/4 pound. The shoes also look fashionable and will withstand some small pebbles while on the trail or rocks.
With a solyte midsole, the fishing shoes is a lightweight water shoe pair that can also be used on light hiking. It is easy to pack and is light as a feather with a lightweight midsole construction. You can use the fishing shoes for landing the boats as well as some water sports on the go.
Equipped with a Comfordry Sockliner, the fishing shoes can be depended upon during hikes of light usage and can be great for beaching. The design is quite similar to tennis shoes and they have cushioning performance. Being solid on the bottoms, the fishing shoes are great for boating and for walking all around the resort.
The traction is excellent in these fishing shoes and you can head over to the water slide area of a resort or go boating in a kayak or canoe. With surprising traction, the fishing shoes can also appeal to those with plantar fasciitis and wear orthotics.
With superior breathability, the fishing shoes can also be used on other outdoor sports such as zip lining or even for casual walking in the rain. The fishing shoes can easily dry up within 5 minutes or less so they are quick drying indeed with the mesh-type material that is breathable.
Any rain in the summer will not leave these fishing shoes smelling bad because of the quick drying feature. With over 4 styles to choose from, they can be used on a pretty extensive hike and rafting. When you go boating and sailing, do consider these fishing shoes for water covered ground.
It can survive a pool of water and then dry up easily. A tad better than traditional boat shoes, mud can wash out easily out of these fishing shoes which come in a plastic ziplock type bag, well-packed.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some cons but not deal breakers to say about the Dreamcity Men’s Lightweight Sport Water Shoes include the fact that it may run a little big, so make sure you order a size down or half a size down.

Step-up Pick

Columbia 1
Columbia Men’s Bahama Vent Boat Shoes

Our step-up pick are the Columbia Men’s Bahama Vent Boat Shoes. Keeping your feet cooler and drier, you can also head over to the waterfalls with these fishing shoes that are really comfortable. It can also be used on hot springs.
Any gravel in the shore can also have less impact for the fishing shoes, which can survive wet and slippery conditions. You can also go for slow strolls with the shoes and your orthotics should fit just fine in these fishing shoes. Moreover, the toe liner inside the shoe keeps you comfortable.
Moreover, you can still feel the breeze with these fishing shoes due to being comfortable to wear around and having a lot of ventilation. You can use it on the water, on the beach and on a boat while fishing.
You can feel that the fishing shoes will facilitate airflow all the time with the mesh and leather upper construction. Also made for lake fishing, the razor siped outsole ensures an all day fishing trip that is very comfortable.
Any angler will also love the techlite midsole due to the stability. As light shoes that are ideal for fishing, you will not have a funky smell due to its quick drying capabilities. The superior cushion of these fishing shoes are great while on vacation or on a boat with the ventilated top design.
Great for its water evacuation, the PFG low top is awesome as a boat shoe that can be worn with low cut socks. The omni-grip outsole is non-marking and has a wet grip feature and the fishing shoes will definitely appeal to those who love fishing.
Keeping you cool and protected, the fishing shoes offer a great grip on wet surfaces with the razor siping design for all-day comfort and stability. Also made for the surfer, the techlite midsole keeps a good grip while the synthetic leather and mesh enables your feet to breathe properly.
Anyone who loves the outdoors will find these fishing shoes very comfortable overall, with added superior gripping power for fishing or even hiking.

Budget Pick

Aleader Men’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes

Our budget pick would be the Aleader Men’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes which are made rubber outsole and fabric material and great for kayaking and kayak fishing. They can be used without socks and can be worn while swimming.
With up to 12 colors and designs available, the fishing shoes can be used for the ocean and any waterpark as well. The fishing shoes will work great for pools and the like with the articulated flex grooves for added traction and a supportive fit to keep you comfortable all day.
You can use the fishing shoes near the beach or while fishing and it also has a bounce-back feature. The fishing shoes are easy to clean and have a thick but light sole. They can be used over any rocky beach with their durability.
In addition to that, the top covering is mesh so you get a lot of breathability. The fishing shoes will help you be free of sand and they are comfortable enough to wear. They are breathable and can be used while swimming in the ocean as the water drains fast and easily.
Made with a combination of an EVA and rubber outsole, the natural range of motion can be achieved with the fishing shoes worn well due to the bounce-back feature. You can wear socks with them (or not depending on your preferences) and they are lightweight at about 4 oz each.
They fit like a glove and can be flattened for packing. Made with a comfordry sockliner, the quick drying properties of the fishing shoes provide comfort. They give you excellent traction on any surface and are also soft like memory foam due to the cushioning properties.
The design of the fishing shoes is not slim or fat at all so it is a perfect fit. It washes sand right out when dipped in the water so getting out of the water is so easy. With enough breathability due to the tread holes, the fishing shoes are very flexible and are also for wading.

Best Fishing Shoes that are Lace-Up Shoes

Speedo Men’s Seaside Lace Water Shoe

Our best lace-up fishing shoes would be the Speedo Men’s Seaside Lace Water Shoe. If you are spending time at the pool then the fishing shoes are great. Most beach and pools can be great walking grounds for the fishing shoes as the outsoles are perforated for drainage and quick drying.
Made with synthetic outsole and mesh materials, the tops are mesh on these fishing shoes and you can wear these while boating. With over 3 colors to choose from, these fit true to size and have good drainage for easy wearing on a boat.
With enough arch support, the fishing shoes can be worn on a boat deck and the foot pad insert is removable for orthotics. With enhanced airflow, the TPR outsole makes the fishing shoes unique. They can be also used as casual shoes for walking or strolling around the street.
Ideal for boating on lakes and streams, the bungee strap is quick-adjusting on the fishing shoes and they can also function as a shower shoe pair that will not leave marking at all. They will stay secure on your feet and they dry quickly for a water shoe pair.
With the toggle closure for easy adjustments, the lining stays fixed on the fishing shoes and they are stable for rocky or sandy terrain, bringing you total comfort. Whether you are at a pool, lake or ocean, the fishing shoes depend upon the s-trac outsole to enhance stability and yet will keep your feet dry all day and all night.
You can put some replacement insoles with these fishing shoes for added comfort. With an athletic styling design, you can walk on coral and rocks just fine with the shoes and they can also be taken on short hikes.
With enough water flow dispersion, walking on the beach will be safer with the fishing shoes. The water grip outsole enables the fishing shoes to be super stable and the fishing shoes also have enough arch for support. They are also very compact fishing shoes for backpacking.
You can easily get the sand out of these fishing shoes due to the design. They can also work as camp shoes or trekking shoes with their exceptional traction. They are easy to clean through any washing machine on delicate and then let it air dry.

Best Fishing Shoes that are Slip-On Shoes

Viihahn Men’s Breathable Mesh Aqua Shoes

If you want fishing shoes that have a slip on design for easy wearing on and off then you can go for the Viihahn Men’s Breathable Mesh Aqua Shoes. With over three colors to choose from, the shoes are made of a latex outsole for extra grip and stability.
Suitable for all day wear, you can use the fishing shoes while walking over underwater rocks. They are also hydrophobic so they will not retain water at all. With better slip resistance, the fishing shoes are great for walking on water surfaces.
Being ultra lightweight, the seaweed message foot bed adds a lot of comfort and the fishing shoes also offers adjustments on the fly or on the go. Easy to use and convenient for any snorkeling trip or fishing trip, the water shoes come with outsoles that are fairly thick.
Appealing to beginner kayakers and anglers, they fit well and can be considered stylish water shoes overall. With support on wood and steel docks, the solyte midsole adds comfort if you are going boating. The fishing shoes can help you explore beaches and feel comfortable while surfing as well.
With a lightweight midsole, the fishing shoes will give you no issues or discomfort at all. You can walk on gravel on the marina or have yourself running on the beach with these fishing shoes due to the excellent bounce-back and support.
The fishing shoes also have a lightweight mesh to keep you comfy and feel like you are not wearing anything. They are very comfortable due to the midfoot webbing system and function very well in the ocean. The fishing shoes are also absolutely waterproof and the mesh top is a little stretchable.
With an RB/EVA outsole, the spaces in the sole for drainage add on its quick drying properties. Also ideal garden work, the fishing shoes have soft cushioning and they slip on nicely. Filled with drainage holes, you can easily dry up the shoes in direct sunlight.
The pair wears well into your foot and can be used around the house just fine due to being breathable. You can use the fishing shoes for several miles of hiking and can be worn well with water socks. Being adaptive in terms of design, you can also use the shoes out shopping or strolling.

Best Fishing Shoes with a Casual Design

Mohem Men’s Poseidon Mesh Water Shoes

If you want casual designed fishing shoes then the Mohem Men’s Poseidon Mesh Water Shoes may be your best bet. You can wear the fishing shoes all day and they also give a high energy return which also makes them great athletic shoes.
What’s more, you can also put insoles in these healthier shoes in which the bottoms are grippy enough for safety. As ideal shoes for fishing , you can wear these on the boat and they can be worn with shorts or jeans.
Made with a high-traction rubber outsole, you can use the fishing shoes for other activities in the water with the amazing look and feel. They can be worn informal and they dry nicely after a day’s fishing. Being totally supportive, the fishing shoes come with easy on and off and have vent midsole ports.
With small nubs that grip well, the fishing shoes can be used to walk over gravel and are very durable. Great for kayaking, the fishing shoes have enough arch support and the outsoles do not mark. Made for comfort also while hiking, the holes allow water to drain.
These lace up shoes can be taken to the river and are ultra lightweight. Moreover, if you work as a kayak guide or spend more time in the ocean then these fishing shoes will work well. It is easy to get the sand out for inshore fishing.
Weighing less than 8 oz per shoe, the fishing shoes can be used for spearfishing and can also stay on a surf board very well as soft shoes that are durable on rocks. With a rubber bottom, the fishing shoes have pretty good traction and are lightweight in terms of design.
Made with lycra net cloth, if the trail is muddy and slippery then these water shoes provide excellent grip in a very comfortable way. As a handmade fishing shoes, the tread is very stable and there are many colors to choose from. Great for urban walking, the laces can be replaced and the fishing shoes are easily washable.

Best Fishing Shoes for Wading

Hodgman 3.5mm Neoprene Upper Wade Shoe

If you want fishing shoes for wading and fins then you can go for the Hodgman 3.5mm Neoprene Upper Wade Shoe. Great for keeping your feet totally dry, the fishing shoes drain well and work well on a boat or kayak.
With great traction, the fishing shoes are also portable so you could pack them. In other occasions, you can also feel the board while surfing. They drain nicely and are made from very substantial material. Made for wet and slippery places or at the beach, the fishing shoes do feel like sneakers overall.
With its water grip outsole, whether you are fishing or walking around the town, the fishing shoes have you covered. With some arch support, there is nothing there to hold moisture so it is quick drying. The neoprene upper measures 3.5 mm in thickness and you can be fishing from a float tube with these.
Great for creek beds as well, the fishing shoes prevent debris from entering the shoes and there is also a cuff adjustment. With non-marking rubber outsoles, the fishing shoes go well with your waders for extra comfort and stability.
With a well constructed upper heel, wading will be a breeze with these fishing shoes. There is a hook and loop strap system for adjustability. Great for trout fishing in the summer, the fishing shoes are made with a YKK durable zipper that is very durable.
As nonslip fishing shoes that can be taken to your fishing spot, these fit snug and can be worn with neoprene socks. With a rubber outsole, the fishing shoes will survive most logs and branches and have adjustable cuffs for protecting against rocks and adjusting to size.
With great toe protection, the fishing shoes can also be river shoes and can be used for clamming. Also ideal for warm weather wading, these waterproof shoes come with a strap adjustment. Great for surf fishing and flats fishing, you can also use the fishing shoes for steelhead fishing.
These fishing shoes can protect your toes and keep it comfortable around your ankle. They can be worn with fins for wading. You can also use them outside of fishing such as for metal detecting. With good rock protection, these shoes are an easy on and off and can be worn in a float tube.

Best Fishing Shoes for Boat Fishing

adidas Outdoor Mens Climacool Boat Shoe

If you want shoes for fishing on a boat then go for the adidas Outdoor Mens Climacool Boat Shoe. As water shoes, these do not need socks at all and they dry quickly for those riding a boat and dragging the kayaks. The fishing shoes overall bring a supportive fit.
The fishing shoes have a low top design, made with an EVA tongue top and have a heel insert that is quite stretchable. The rubber outsole and synthetic material make it great for water resistance. This lace up water shoe can be used on coral beaches and rocky areas where you want to fish.
The air mesh upper is quite durable and the fishing shoes are better than the average water shoe due to the adaptive and quick drying properties. You can use the fishing shoes for any sandy beach and it can get rid of beach sand easily.
Also ideal for snorkeling, the fishing shoes have bottom holes for added breathability. Optimal for boats, the fishing shoes can be submerged and easily drain out and get dried quickly unlike regular shoes. These shoes can also function as regular sneakers or outdoor adventure shoes.
With a minimalist construction, you can use the fishing shoes on a boat and the RB and EVA outsole is quite breathable on the shoes. Keeping you cooler and drier, one can climb on rocks easily and you will not be disappointed. They are similar to sneaker outsoles and are easy to walk around with.
The open mesh on the upper adds breathability and sufficient drainage. If you have sensitive feet then the fishing shoes are great for reasonable arch support. Being totally snug and comfortable, there are also holes on the sole to keep you feeling fresh.
You can pair these fishing shoes nicely with your swimwear or fishing attire. It gives zero burden on your feet and gives you more cushion when walking. Take it to the beaches with no stress on the material at all and they will keep pebbles out.
The shoes can be worn on the beach, at a water park and various adventures. They are indeed comfortable and lightweight and can be worn in a river that is rocky. They have excellent gripping and traction and the fabric mesh is breathable as well.

Best Fishing Shoes for Women

Lxso Multifunctional Quick-Dry Women’s Aqua Shoes

With the Lxso Multifunctional Quick-Dry Women’s Aqua Shoes, you can even wear socks with these shoes as they are light and flexible even when in the water. The air mesh upper is durable on these shoes and they are extremely ventilated.
Made with water resistant polyester material, the fishing shoes are made for women and come with drainage holes for easy water clearing. You can use the shoes for surfing, water aerobics, boating, kayaking, at the beach and many other water related activities. The rubber outsoles of the fishing shoes give you the best kind of traction against slippery boats and rocks.
Very easy to rinse out, the fishing shoes can support you over rocky and dusty hills and can allow you to walk through a puddle with great ease. Moreover, the upper has an open mesh for breathability. It is safe and perfect for carpet with decent support and the hole on the sole adds quick drying.
You can wear the fishing shoes around the camp and the pair offers adequate support with webbing lacing overlays for added breathability. Also ideal for pool use, you can get from shore to surf easily with the fishing shoes. Also ideal for light hikes, the breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool and comfy.
Made of neoprene material for insulation, the fishing shoes are very comfortable and they can be used on any beach vacation due being breathable and durable. With a standard size chart for easy fitting, the fishing shoes can work well through puddles of water.
It will also work on reefs and has a breathable air mesh upper for everyday use other than fishing. The fishing shoes are also pretty soft and padded to keep you comfortable even for hundred meter sprints. Moreover, the foot can breathe properly with these fishing shoes.
The air mesh upper is quite breathable on these fishing shoes which make them usable after heavy rains and walking on rocks. The fishing shoes have a minimalist style which lets the air flow. The synthetic leather for ocean adventures and fishing makes this pair of shoes great.
Perfect for boating, the foot can breathe well with this pair of fishing shoes.

Best Fishing Shoes for Kids

CIOR Mutifunctional Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Shoes

With great durability for walking and slight hiking, the breathability of the CIOR Mutifunctional Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Shoes work well on pavement and not just on the boat. With a water grip outsole, the fishing shoes feel like sneakers overall and can be used whether you are indoors or outdoors.
Perfect for kids, the shoes contain 8 percent spandex and 92 percent polyester material, making them highly flexible for the children who want to go fishing with their parents or grandparents. The rubber outsole also protects kids from blisters.
The fishing shoes feature soft cushioning and traction for boating and fishing and plush comfort for river walking and for the lake. You can address the wet and slippery areas with these fishing shoes which also work as shower shoes.
Your feet can breathe properly with these fishing shoes and you will not be sloshing around due to the quick drying properties. Also made for light hiking, the fishing shoes have a midfoot webbing system for a lightweight and comfortable experience.
Walking on the beach will be safer and a breeze due to the flexible design of the fishing shoes. Going fishing with these fishing shoes will not be a problem due to being similar to mesh on a sneaker on the construction. Being comfortable, they will not leave a blister at all and they are known for their durability. Made of heavy nylon material, the fishing shoes are extremely light.

The Competition

Other fishing shoes did not make it to our list because they did not have good materials person to feel breathable and they also lacked moisture wicking and quick drying properties. The durability of the other shoes were also not very good. It is important for any fishing shoe pair to be totally safe for the wearer yet durable and comfortable.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need fishing shoes for fishing?
A: Fishing shoes are different from regular shoes because of their traction and water resistance. A pair of fishing shoes will be different from your regular running shoes because of their material composition and quick drying features. Fishing shoes are also very stable so that you will less likely slip from the boat or the deck.
Q: If I will be fishing for long hours, what kind of material should my fishing shoes be made of?
A: The ideal material used for a pair of fishing shoes should be memory foam because it will address the comfort needs of the wearer. Nonetheless, the shoes should also be enclosed with insulating material other than memory foam such as neoprene and the like. It should have mesh ventilation to add to its comfort factor.
Q: What kind of fishing shoes should I wear for bonefish?
A: You should consider thicker shoes that will not get your shoes punctured. It should have some puncture resistance if you are going for bonefish. Choosing flats might cause injuries. Some people even use boots, especially serious anglers who are concerned for safety.
Q: What foot bed is ideal for fishing shoes?
A: Fishing shoes with an EVA foot bed will be very comfortable and durable. It will also add a lot of breathability. Make sure that the foot bed is filled with perforated holes so that it will be very comfortable for the wearer. Not to worry, as a lot of fishing shoes are designed this way, similar to athletic shoes that seek moisture wicking properties and breathability.
Q: Are fishing shoes better than wearing fishing or beach sandals?
A: It depends on what you are going to do out in the water. For tough action, you might need a pair of great fishing shoes, especially if you are going on an adventure over rocky areas.
Q: What should the bottom part of the fishing shoes be made of?
A: For it to be a nonslip pair of shoes , the fishing shoes should have a bottom that is made of some thick rubber material. Most brands of shoes nowadays do have that bottom but it is important to choose fishing shoes that are really nonslip.
Q: What fishing shoes should I consider for surf fishing?
A: If you are used to regular fishing shoes that can be used on boats, surf fishing can be a bit tricky because of the sand. Consider fishing shoes that do not get a lot of sand in them.
There are some fishing shoes that have zippers but they can be prone to corrosion. High top shoes are more ideal for surf fishing to avoid the sand. A lot of those will have neoprene as well to protect against the cold weather.
Q: Why should I wear socks for my fishing shoes, especially when saltwater fishing?
A: Socks are very important because of their ability to keep you warm and comfortable. Consider socks that are made of neoprene or anything that is warm and insulating for the cold water of the ocean. Wearing socks is also appropriate for surf fishing where you might get sand all over your shoes.
Q: Are fishing shoes better than boots?
A: It depends on the weather but nonslip shoes will do just fine for regular and casual fishing. Fishing boots such as rain boots and the like will be more advisable if you are going out in the jungle or swampy area.
Q: Can you use tennis shoes for fishing shoes?
A: In some occasions, some tennis shoes can be used as fishing shoes due to their extreme traction. Some anglers will wear them with foot waders and they can be used as wading or fishing shoes altogether. Tennis shoes and fishing shoes have a lot in common and this is why they can be interchangeable due to their tough grip and anti-slip properties.
Q: Can fishing shoes be used outside of the water or the boat?
A: Yes, most fishing shoes can also double as your tennis shoes, running shoes and the like. A lot of fishing shoes are also applicable for hiking, camping, trekking and the like. In this way, you can simply go from the campsite onto the fishing grounds in the same pair of shoes. Make sure that you still wear the appropriate socks for the occasion if you want to use the fishing shoes other than for fishing.
Q: Why are fishing shoes today mostly made of synthetic materials?
A: Leather can get worn out by water but synthetic materials can help repel the water away from your feet, keeping you cool and dry. Synthetic leather is usually the kind of material that is used on most shoes, especially fishing shoes nowadays. Water resistance also goes as far as the laces, which are usually made of nylon. Wearing cotton while in the water is not a good idea because it absorbs water a lot and can be hard to dry.
Q: What is the most ideal pair of fishing shoes for rock fishing or rock angling?
A: You can consider cut off gum boots or gummies as a safer alternative for your regular fishing shoes. The cut off design of the gum boots will be great for protection and grip. Reef surfing shoes and boots will also be great because of the neoprene outer part and the soles that are made of rubber tread for extra traction.
Q: What kind of fishing shoes should I wear when jetty fishing?
A: Jetty fishing requires going through rocks that are quite slippery and dangerous. Consider fishing shoes that are very good with slippery rocks and have a lot of traction, especially for mossy rocks. Do not wear waders when jetty fishing because it is dangerous.
Q: Should I take my fishing shoes off when casting from a boat?
A: Yes, most anglers know that they should
take off their fishing shoes when they are casting a line. This is important because you do not want the fly line to be stepped upon and cause a bird’s nest or some other injury related to fishing. It is also more comfortable to cast without your shoes so that you can get the proper stance in a comfortable way and at a good angle, like how you would have proper form when playing golf.
Q: Can you convert your fishing shoes or boots into wading shoes?
A: Yes, by adding studs to make it easier to grip the ground. You can choose most steel studs that can be bought in stores but you can also use screws as a DIY set of wading shoe studs to install on your own. Having studs is important for any wading shoes to be great in its grip. Each boot or shoes should have at least 16 to 20 screws or studs on the average.
Q: How do you keep your fishing shoes free from bacteria that lurks from the water or from getting wet often?
A: Bacteria spread can be stopped on your fishing shoes by putting them in extreme temperatures. The most common method is by putting the pair of fishing shoes out in the really hot sun to dry or to put it in the freezer. In this way, bacteria buildup will not happen so that your shoes will be bacteria-free for the fishing trip that is to come. Surprisingly, vodka soaking also helps keep the fishing shoes away from bacteria.
Q: Can running shoes be used as fishing shoes?
A: It depends on the durability, water resistance and stability of the running shoes. Generally, regular running shoes are not ideal for fishing because they lack quick drying but if your shoes have features that are quite similar to that of fishing shoes then it is okay to use them while fishing.
Q: Is it okay to wear support insoles for fishing?
A: Yes, some support insoles are meant for fishing as well. You just need to make sure that the material is meant for fishing such as water resistance, quick drying and others. A whole day of fishing can be exhausting if you are not a shoe person (e.g. you wear sandals or slippers all the time, especially at the beach) so make sure you get some good support insoles if this is your problem.
Q: Why should fishing shoes have spikes or studs?
A: Spikes and studs are great for traction just like soccer shoes and golf shoes. Any sport or activity that requires a lot of traction on the ground may require shoes with studs and spikes.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Dreamcity Men’s Lightweight Sport Water Shoes is our best fishing shoes due to the solyte midsole, light weight and great traction which is needed by anglers on the rocks or on a boat.