Best Electric Griddle

Electric Griddle1
The Presto 07061 22-inch is our pick for the best electric griddle, which has a base part that is made from heavy cast aluminum for extra durability. In addition to that, the nonstick surface provides a good cooking experience while making it easy to clean. You can also easily remove the tray on the side to remove the grease.

Our step-up pick is the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 and this one also has an integrated drip tray for grease removal. You can also make use of the 5 feature in one unit, in which you can also make it useful for Panini recipes. The plates are nonstick and the whole unit is quite portable. Additionally, there are also indicator lights on the temperature controls that can be easily adjusted.

The budget pick is the BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized and this one also has an easy to use adjustable temperature knob for you to simply control the heat of your current cooking session. There is also a drip tray that can help you to cook with less grease on your food. For serving purposes, there is also a slide-out warming tray.

A Little Background

The electric griddle is a kind of grilling cooker that you can use anywhere due to its portability. Safety has always been a concern when it comes down to kitchen work, and the biggest problem lies with the use of gas tanks and other petroleum products that are used for heating up food, to which an outlet powered modern grilling cooker can potentially solve the problem because of its abundance of features made for apartment dwellers.

This kind of device can help you to grill even when you are indoors and even more when you are outdoors. The problem with most people living in apartments is that they are not allowed or it is not safe to grill anything, unless they have an outlet powered modern grilling cooker that can be watched over and will not easily cause smoke and heating problems. Therefore, it is recommended for you to try an outlet powered cooker.

This kind of modern grilling cooker has advantage over gas powered ones because of its unique power source, which is electricity. The advantage to the outlet powered modern grilling cooker is that it is powered by an outlet and not by your gas tank such as liquefied petroleum or natural gas, which can be harmful to the environment and can also be dangerous when it explodes. Having a outlet powered modern grilling cooker makes the task of cooking/grilling easier.

It has a smoother surface as compared to other cookers out there. The unique thing about the outlet powered modern grilling cooker is that it is a no-mess cooking application and situation so that you do not have to fuss over with scrubbing away the debris of your food, especially the sticky egg bits or sausage bits that have been left over onto your cooker. Like a nonstick pan, it will be easier to clean as a modern grilling cooker.

Some of these modern grilling cooker have covers and some don’t. The cover can make a difference with the outlet powered modern grilling cooker due to its ability to either cook fast or slow. Having a cover makes it easier to cook in no time while having no cover can slower cooking time but will also let you see what you are cooking and enjoy the same benefits of outdoor grilling with the comfort of an outlet powered grilling cooker.

Like a nonstick Teflon pan, some of these modern grilling cooker can also be non stick for ease of cleaning. This is important for those who are living in a very hectic schedule job, in which they might not have enough time to wash the dishes and clean up their pots and pans. Having any kitchen utensil or cooker that is nonstick in the coating entitles you to less jobs in the kitchen.

Among the kinds of foods you can grill on this kind of modern grilling cooker can be a burger patty as well as breakfast meals like omelets, pancakes and sausages. A good way to use the outlet powered modern grilling cooker is for when you have guests at hand and you need to grill some hamburgers or anything that you would normally grill outside. The cooker can be used indoors when you don’t have an open space or area outdoors.

How we Picked

When you want to choose the best electric griddle, you should keep in mind of the following:

Size of the cooking area: the modern grilling cooker should have a decent cooking area, which can be somewhere from 21 to 23 inches in total. If you want an outlet powered modern grilling cooker at home then you should consider a larger cooking area so that you can save time in the long run. A great advantage of a larger area is that you can save time instead of having to place the next food later on.

Materials used: most of the higher end priced modern grilling cookers can have a stainless steel construction. The outlet powered modern grilling cooker should be made out of quality materials so that it will not easily warp or get corrosion in the process, especially if you will use it on a regular basis. Having a durable but affordable outlet powered modern grilling cooker is important for selecting your preferred product.

Dishwasher safe: you may also want to consider a modern grilling cooker that is dishwasher safe on most of its parts for ease of cleaning. Some people simply do not have the privilege of having a lot of time to clean their dishes or cooking utensils, and this is why a dishwasher safe outlet powered modern grilling cooker can help to resolve the problem, if you do have a dishwasher at home and don’t want to fuss over your utensils.

Nonstick: most of the modern grilling cookers that you will find nowadays are nonstick so that they will be easier to clean, but keep in mind that the nonstick coating should not easily come off for the safety of your food. Take note that if your outlet powered modern grilling cooker is nonstick then you should read the instructions on how to clean it, as some may not be allowed for dishwashers.

Reversible: there are some unique and more expensive modern grilling cookers that can be reversible so that you can cook or grill with the other side as well. The reversible feature is helpful if you want a outlet powered modern grilling cooker that is a dual purpose and if you also don’t want to purchase a different set with a unique surface for hotdogs, fish, meat, steak and the like.

Ideal usage: there are some modern grilling cookers that are only ideal for home use, while there are also others that can be used for camping and other outdoor adventures. The larger the area of the outlet powered modern grilling cooker, the better it is used for indoor use. However, there are also those for outdoor usage that are large enough for a big feast or family gathering, if it fits your budget, that is.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Presto 07061 22-inch has a nonstick surface so that it is easier to clean after you have cooked in this kind of device. It also has a drip tray that can be easily removed whenever needed so you can clean it after releasing the grease. The heavy cast aluminum construction also makes it durable to withstand the test of time and avoid warping. It is also fully immersible to make it easy to clean.

There are also handles that can be removed so that you can easily store it whenever possible. Also, the heat control automatically sets the heat levels to a good cooking temperature so that it will not burn or undercook your food. It consumes 1,500 watts of power and uses 120 volts AC of power at 60 Hz phase. Moreover, it is ceramic coated and does NOT have PTFE or PFOA so you will be safe against chemicals on your food.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the Presto 07061 22-inch may not be that big for large families, but it will be enough for medium sized groups, such as up to 8 to 12 sandwiches.

Step-up Pick

The Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 is our step-up pick, which has an integrated drip tray that can be useful for taking out the grease from your food. The cooking plates measure 9 x 11 inches all in all so it has some great space. It is also a convertible design that can also be used to cook or bake Panini breads in place other than for burger patties and the like. A scraping tool is also included for convenience.

What’s more, the stainless steel housing is brushed so it is durable to withstand heavy usage. Along with the product package is a set of gourmet recipes for you to enjoy using for your indoor or outdoor venture in grilling. It also has easy to use temperature controls for simple cooking whenever and wherever you can. A floating cover can also help to protect your food from dust and debris and can also be adjusted depending on your food thickness.

Budget Pick

The BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized is our budget pick, which has a useful slide-out warming tray that can be ideal for serving later for guests and keeping it warm. The adjustable temperature knob makes it easier to cook for it at a no-brainer level. There is also a thermostat that features a click and lock mechanism for ease and safety of cooking anytime and anywhere. With a total of 200 square inches of cooking area, it is a 8-serving modern cooker.

The tray at the bottom can be used to take out grease and fat drain from your food that has been cooked. It allows you to heat up foods at the perfect temperature without being undercooked or overcooked, and it can be essentially used for breakfast meals like bacon, pancakes and sunny side up eggs. It also has handles that are cool to touch to avoid accidents in the feature. This product is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Best Electric Griddle that is Reversible

If you want a reversible cooker for grilling then you can try the Wolfgang Puck Reversible. It measures 207 square inches for the cooking surface and this makes it wide in terms of cooking space for your needs. It is also safe to cook on due to the heat-resistant handles included in the construction. Moreover, transferring it from one place to another is a breeze due to the interlock system to avoid the likelihood of burn injuries.

A healthier cooking experience can be achieved due to the grease catching removable drip tray that can be used for your cooking or grilling needs. What’s more, the temperature control can be adjusted as desired. The whole grill consumes 1,800 watts of power so it cooks pretty fast as compared to other kinds of models out there. The level of excellence lives up to the famous chef’s Wolfgang Puck’s expectations and standards for kitchenware.

Best Electric Griddle made of Ceramic Material

Made of ceramic material, the Hamilton Beach 38519 can be easy to use due to the reversible design that makes it simple enough to use the other side for other grilling activities. It is also PTFE & PFOA free for the nonstick cooking part of the whole kitchen device. This makes it safe against harsh chemicals that might leak into your food. The total cooking surface is fairly big at 200 square inches.

With the design of this kind of cooking device, cord reversal and cleaning is super easy. The ceramic nonstick coating won’t easily peel off due to the extra care and durability it has been given during production. What’s more, the temperature control can be set from 200-400 degrees depending on your cooking needs. There is also a dishwasher-safe drip tray underneath for grease catching. It is also greatly suitable for common griddle foods like pancakes and fried eggs.

Best Electric Griddle with a Nonstick Cooking Surface

For those who want a nonstick cooking surface for their grilling kitchenware, the Kenmore 88916 10x18 might be a good answer for you. It will fit well in most small apartment kitchens due to the slim profile and compact design. It may also fit well in any college dorm room due to the same reason. Its power consumption is fair at only 1,500 watts so it will fit in your monthly bill and expenses.

The cooking surface all in all is 10 x 18 inches so it is pretty big. It is enough for making any sausage and pancakes for breakfast. You can also use it for meat, veggies and the like, fit for any breakfast, lunch or dinner course in the comfort of your home. It also heats uniformly and has no hot or cold spot for you to feel frustrated about. A grease tray also comes in handy included with the unit.

Best Electric Griddle with a Warming Tray

The Oster CKSTGRFM18W-ECO DuraCeramicis a great choice for those who want a warming tray bundled with the package. It has a cooking surface that has a size of 10 x 18 inches. It keeps food warm until ready to serve due to the warming tray and the large surface makes it ideal for making family sized meals on the go. What’s more, it is known for saving time/energy due to the 20% reduction in cooking time due to the design.

It is also safe and free from PTFE & PFOA chemicals because it is made with durable ceramic material on the top layer of its cooking surface. This kind of kitchenware also accurately sets cooking temperature so you don’t have to fuss with the controls and end up with unevenly cooked food. The use of control and serving methods on this kind of kitchenware is easy because of the unique design. Additionally, the included trays are removable to wash.

Best Electric Griddle that is Compact

The Dash DMS001WH Mini is a cute choice for a mini kitchen or a small area or space for cooking at home. It consumes only 350 watts of power so it is very economical in the long run. What’s more, cooking and cleanup will be a breeze due to the cooking plates being made with nonstick cooking material to make sure that washing it will be a piece of cake. The heating elements are also fixed for no cold spots.

There is also an indicator light to make sure you are notified when the cooking process has finished or has been done. You can make pancakes, grilled cheese and other healthy snacks on the fly with this portable designed kitchenware. You can even introduce it to your kids as a fun cooking activity. If you only mostly cook small items then this should be sufficient for your needs. You can also make breakfast items like sunny side up eggs here.

Best Electric Griddle mad of Stainless Steel

The Yescom 1500W is made of stainless steel for its body construction so you can tell that it is also used for commercial purposes, such as for setting up a mini grill in a closed area. An easy and quick cleaning experience can be achieved due to the removable drip tray for catching grease. It will also not topple over or wobble due the four feet on the bottom of the kitchenware, and is a compact and sturdy cooker.

The thickness of the cooking plate is 8 mm or 1/3 inch so it will not deteriorate easily. You can also adjust the temperature of the grilling station so that you can adjust for different kinds of foods and recipes at hand and quickly, with a temperature range of 122°F to 572°F or 50°C to 300°C. While it is true that it is heavy duty, it can be both for home and commercial use. It works well for scrambled eggs.

Best Electric Griddle for Large Families

If you are in a large family, the MLITER 2-in-1" template may be suitable for you. It is big enough for use on grilled meats and fish, as it is a combination of flat hot plate and ridged grill areas for versatile grilling indoors.

You can also use it for stir fry food, barbecues, veggies, omelets and many others. The nonstick surface also makes cleaning a breeze overall, with a grilling surface of 27 x 37 cm or (10 x 14 inches).

You can also use it for individual meals other than for serving foods to the guests, especially for family reunions. A variety in temperature for different foods can be achieved due to the easy to use knob on the side. It consumes 1,120 watts of power and it comes with a user’s manual for safety purposes. There is also a drip tray for removing grease and a thermostat for keeping the temperature.

The Competition

Unfortunately, some modern grilling cookers did not make it to our list because they had safety issues as well as less cooking space so it does not really help when you need to cook many items at once. Some also consume too much electricity, which can be bad for your bill overall.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a flat-cooker?

A: A flat-cooker is a kind of device that it used for cooking your food and making certain breakfast items, such as eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausages and the like. You can also use a flat-cooker for making hash browns and other kinds of sandwiches. It is also a great cookware that can be used for various flat food items. Some of them can be portable enough to be used indoors with sufficient ventilation.

Q: How is a flat-cooker different from a grill?

A: The flat-cooker and the grill can be both confused for each other, but they do have distinctive differences, such as the following:





The surface of a flat-cooker is usually flat and smooth. It is also often nonstick and can be easy to clean overall. There are flat-cookers that also have a reversible side with a grill surface for grilling.

The grill has a rough surface with indentions and protrusions to make the grill marks that you get from grilling anything.

Foods you can cook

With a flat-cooker, you can use it for pancakes, eggs, bacons, sausages, home fries, grilled cheese, French toast, sandwiches and the like.

Grills can be used for a wide variety of food, but most especially meat and fish. Burger patties are more commonly done on grills than in flat-cookers due to the flame grilled marks.

Choice of heating source

Flat-cookers can either be gas or plug-powered.

Grills are usually charcoal or gas powered, but some can be plug-powered or can be part of a reversible flat-cooker.

Q: How do you know whether to choose gas or plug-powered appliances for restaurant use?

A: For a good cooking appliance that can be applicable for restaurant use, here are some tips on whether to choose gas or powered for it:

Q: Which is better: a stovetop or an flat cooker?

A: There are specific pros and cons to having a stovetop versus an flat cooker, such as the following:

Flat cooker



1. An flat cooker is usually much easier to clean and maintain.

2.  An flat cooker can be used in any place whatsoever as it is usually portable and movable.

3. It is a good choice for those who live in an apartment or limited space areas.

4. Having one can free your stovetop space so you can cook more food.

1. Some flat cookers can have hot spots and cold spots, which can result in uneven cooking.

2. Some flat cookers can take too long to heat up.

3. Your powered bill can also spike up if you keep using the flat cooker for longer periods of time.

4. The flat cooker may not be ideal for commercial use, only for home and apartment use.

Gas Flat-cooker



1. A gas flat-cooker can be used for quickly heating up any food so that it cooks quickly in less time possible.

2. The gas flat-cooker can be used for commercial purposes due to the savings you can get.

3. You can use the gas flat-cooker for longer periods of time as long as you watch for possible leaks and burning.

4. Most gas flat-cookers do not have cold or hot spots so that involves evenly cooked food in the process.

1. The gas flat-cooker can be hard to maintain due to being a bulky to clean and wash kitchenware.

2. The gas flat-cooker is not as portable as the powered grill due to the bulky appearance.

3. It cannot be used for spaces that have less spaces, such as apartments, dorms and other small homes.

4. You are only limited to the space you have on the gas flat-cooker, unless you have an flat cooker as a backup.

Q: What are the different kinds of flat-cookers out there?

A: A flat-cooker can have different kinds out there, and all of them have their own purpose depending on how they were built and how they look like. Here are some of them, sorted according to usage and categories:

1. Utility – this refers to how the flat-cooker is being used, such as with the following:

Commercial gas flat-cooker

This one has a bigger and wider space and is usually easier to heat up. They are generally cheaper in terms of overall cost and for the cooking time. The recovery time for this kind of flat-cooker is usually faster.

Commercial flat cooker

The commercial flat cooker can be slow in terms of heat building but it can heat up really hot in terms of temperature, and is generally safer. However, the catch is that powered models tend to be more costly than gas type ones.

Induction flat-cooker

The newcomer to the scene is the induction flat-cooker, which is a new technology that makes the use of induction elements to help generate heat. It significantly heats up faster than a regular flat-cooker with gas or powered models, and can be used for restaurant or kitchen needs.

2. Style – this refers to the physical style of the flat-cooker as to how it is made and what the unique features are used for. Some of the unique styles of flat-cookers include the following:

Countertop flat-cooker

This kind of flat-cooker usually has good use for those with spaces that have enough ventilation. They can be used in most restaurants out there as well as your standard and average burger stand for cooking burger patties and the like.

Drop in flat-cooker

The drop in flat-cooker is mostly used for achieving a flat look in your kitchen. They look like a simple rectangular box and are very minimalistic. They are ideal for places in your kitchen and for areas that do not have enough space for a large countertop model.

Teppanyaki flat-cooker

Hailing from the Japanese side of cuisine and culinary arts, the teppanyaki flat-cooker is meant for hibachi-style recipes out there. It usually has a thinner cooking surface and is often used for cooking and warming by making use of the sides of the cooking area as a warmer. Only the center part has the heating element in this case for the flat-cooker.

3. Style of the plate- the plate is the most important part of the flat-cooker because that is where you will cook your food. Here are some different variations for the style of the plate:

Chrome flat-cooker

These ones are great for delicate food items, such as eggs, crepes, pancakes and the like. They have better heat retention and are ideal for those who want a better recovery time.

Stainless steel flat-cooker

This is the traditional version, which is usually more common. They can be durable and can be rust-resistant all in all. However, they may not be that good in comparison to chrome flat-cookers when it comes down to recovery time as well as with heat retention.

Single thick flat-cooker

This one makes the use of a single flat-cooker that can have better recovery time that is meant for hamburger patties and anything that has been stored in the freezer for more than hours of time.

Single thin flat-cooker

The ones that have a thin plates can be great for most breakfast items like eggs, pancakes and crepes. They are easier to heat up and are not that much in terms of BTUs as compared to higher intensity thicker flat-cookers.

Separate flat-cookers

The separated flat-cookers can be used for when you are preparing more than one kind of menu item for a given time period. For instance, if you want to cook breakfast items and lunch items on the same flat-cooker, you might want to consider the separate flat-cooker style.

Varied thickness of plates

These are the guidelines that most manufacturers use for flat-cooker plate thicknesses:

1 inches – for heavy duty and commercial

3/4 inch – for medium duty use

1/2 inch – for home and light cooking

4. Style of the control – this refers to how the heat is controlled in the flat-cooker, to which we have the following various types:


The controls for thermostatic are more precise than manual controls, and are ideal for those who follow strict recipes and breakfast items like pancakes and eggs.


For manual controls, you need to be a little more creative with the controls. They are for those items that do not burn quickly, such as meat products. They are ideal for burgers as well, and have a general low-med-hi setting.

Q: Aside from pancakes, what else can you cook on a flat-cooker?

A: Pancakes are so last year – here are some great new recipes you can cook on a flat-cooker:

Crab cake

This one is a mix of crab meat that has been made into something like meatballs but with the use of crab meat and coated with bread crumbs and some parsley.


This is a kind of bread that is a little similar to pizza due to the flat surface. However, the catch is that it does not make use of sauce.

Cheese steak sandwich

This one can make use of roast beef and provolone cheese, along with other ingredients, gathered together to make a nice sandwich using French bread or just your ordinary hotdog bun.


Making tortillas can really kick off some Mexican cuisine vibe it makes use of masa harina, a special type of flour, as well as other ingredients like salt, vegetable oil, hot water and regular flour. Tortillas can take some effort and expertise in order to make properly.


This southern American recipe makes use of unique corn flour specially made for arepas recipes, as well as ricotta cheese and warm water. It also makes use of a chicken filling recipe, that is usually made with shredded chicken, ground turmeric and other spices like cilantro, paprika, kosher salt, cilantro and the like, for flavor.

Scallion meatballs

This one is a simple yet elegant meatball recipe that makes use of rice wine, soy sauce, ground turkey, a large egg and some other spices. It has a rich sauce that gives it a nice taste.

Q: What are some common mistakes you should avoid when making pancakes on flat-cookers?

A: When you are cooking on a flat-cooker with a pancake recipe, here are some common mistakes that you might encounter, in which you can easily avoid:

1. Forgetting to rest the batter – this can be resolved by getting more patient when it comes down to mixing the batter. Make sure you give the batter enough time to settle down first before you cook it on your flat-cooker.

2. Mixing the batter too much – some people have fun with mixing, but did you know that mixing the batter too much can make the pancakes too tough and chewy? The best solution is to resist the urge to mix and just mix when there are no visible flour wisps.

3. The heat may be too high – you can use a lower heat setting so that you will not burn the pancakes altogether. Having a too high setting will most likely burn them, so make sure to take extra caution when preheating your pan or flat-cooker.

4. You may not be flipping your pancakes right – some people flip too often and too soon, which may ruin the consistency of the pancake. To avoid this consider only flipping them once so that the fluffiness will not be lost.

Q: What are some common mistakes you should avoid when cooking eggs on flat-cookers?

A: Pancakes aren’t the only things you can cook on a flat-cooker – you can also cook eggs there. Here are some recipe mistakes you may encounter on flat-cookers when cooking eggs:

Not whisking

Whisking can make your egg recipe much fluffier than before.

Not enough seasoning

Adding just enough seasoning can make your eggs taste better.


Medium heat is enough for frying your eggs onto a skillet or flat-cooker.

Wrong poaching technique

Poaching eggs can be done simply with vinegar to keep the eggs in shape.

Using a cold pan

Eggs will drift to the side if you put them in a cold pan. Make sure your pan is heated evenly.

Wrong pan for the job

Use an appropriate cooking utensil such as nonstick pans to prevent sticking.

Old eggs

Do a water test to see if your egg is still fresh or not.

Q: What are some common grilling mistakes you should avoid in general?

A: Grilling may look like an easy job, but many people may tend to mess it up. Here are some common mistakes in grilling that you might be making already:

Temperature zones

Temperature zones need to be varied in all parts of your grill to ensure better cooked food.

Grill lid

The grill lid should be positioned properly so that the food will be smoked just right.

Grill check

Especially if it is a gas grill, make sure you check it before you use it for safety reasons.


Make sure you know which recipes take too long and too short to avoid getting them cold.


Don’t put too many items on the grill to avoid making it suffer a lot.

Q: What are the pros and cons of an powered skillet?

A: An powered skillet is somewhat similar to an flat cooker, and here are its pros and cons:


1. It is portable.

2. You can cook on it easily.

3. There are many recipes to choose from.

4. It is ideal for small kitchens.


1. Some models may be expensive.

2. It runs on power, which can reflect on your bill.

3. It may not be suitable for business use due to that reason.

Q: What are the disadvantages to gas charcoal grills?

A: A gas charcoal grill is different from an flat cooker or grill because it is the traditional way of doing so. Here are reasons why people believe gas grills aren’t convenient:

1. Controlling the temperature is very hard.

2. It can be dirty and messy to handle.

3. Charcoal can be costly in some areas.

4. It cooks slower than powered ones.

Q: What do experts say about PFOA and PTFE?

A: Most experts say that PFOA and PTFE are both hazardous to humans, although PTFE is less harmful because there has not been actual studies pertaining to cancer, however, PFOA has studies that are relating to cancer, which can be dangerous to people. This is why you should take caution when buying your nonstick cookware.

Q: How do you properly cook hash browns on flat-cookers?

A: A hash brown can be cooked properly by:

1. Shredding properly

2. Proper rinsing

3. Giving enough time to dry

4. Correct seasoning

5. Right butter melting

6. Good nonstick cookware

7. Not disturbing it

Q: How do you properly cook bacons on flat-cookers?

A: To properly cook bacons on flat-cookers, you should:

1. Never neglect the stovetop as your kitchenware

2. Use foil to make it easy to drain the grease later on

3. Leave an inch of space between bacons

4. Learn how to burn bacon bits

Q: How do you ensure safety in operating a flat-cooker?

A: To make sure you stay safe when operating a flat-cooker, you should know the following:

User manual

Never lose your user’s manual so you’ll have reference to the instructions.

Hot surfaces

Avoid hot surfaces at all costs.


Unplug the appliance when you are not using it to avoid trouble.


Keep liquids away from electronic parts like cords and plugs.


Make sure the handles and parts are all connected in the right way.


Don’t place it near your oven or burner.

Remove oil or liquid

When you move this appliance from one place to another, don’t keep the oil or liquid inside.

Q: How do you clean up a flat-cooker?

A: To easily clean up a flat-cooker, you can do the following:

1. Get a flat edged metal spatula, water and some paper towels.

2. Drop some dish soap onto the flat-cooker, with some water.

3. Scrub and clean when it is still hot.

4. Scrape off the debris from the flat-cooker.

5. Wash it off with water and then boil it.

6. Use a paper towel to dry it up.

Q: How are crepes and pancakes different from each other?

A: Most people mistake the two for each other, but here are their differences:

Crepes are thinner and are generally larger in diameter. They need to be cooked delicately as compared to pancakes, in general.

Pancakes, on the other hand, are thicker and fluffier, and can be smaller in diameter depending on the recipe. They are less delicate to cook.

Q: Can apartment dwellers grill and have barbecue?

A: Yes, you can grill in your apartment, as long as you:

a. Choose an appropriate grill for the job

b. Ask your landlord for rules

c. Practice safety measures

d. Get people involved in your parties

Q: What’s the usual power consumption of an flat cooker?

A: The usual power consumption of an flat cooker is about 1,500 watts, which can be about the same as an powered oven.

Q: Do you really grill marks?

A: In most cases, people won’t eat grilled food without the marks, but it is not nearly as important as the juices and the taste of the food that you cooked. There are, some occasions, when grill marks can be useful, such as with steaks and shrimps.

Wrapping It Up

All in all, the Presto 07061 22-inch is our pick for the best electric griddle due to the nonstick surface making it easier to clean overall. The grease tray also proves to be handy when it comes down to keeping grease out of your food and for ease of cleanup. Moreover, it is made from heavy cast aluminum for extra durability.